Tonsillectomy bleeding

Tonsillectomy at 18

I’m 18 years old, female, and my tonsillectomy recovery has been some of the most traumatic stuff of my life […]

Tonsillectomy Diet

Ear pain Eating and Pain Medicine

Rebecca’s Tonsillectomy Recovery Story I’m 23 years old and had my Tonsillectomy 8 days ago! Boy oh boy has this […]

tonsillectomy tips

Tips for Tonsillectomy From Sydney

Sydney’s Tonsillectomy Tips Read about other people’s experience with tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy I got zofran and I haven’t thrown up […]

tonsillectomy tips

Tonsillectomy Surgery- Lucy’s Story

Adult Tonsillectomy Surgery and Recovery Having experienced a constant sore throat for roughly two years, it was finally decided, at […]

how long to recover from tonsillectomy

Corissa’s Tonsillectomy Recovery

Pain, constipation, and depression- oh my! This site is very interesting for many reasons 1) it makes me feel a […]