Corissa’s Tonsillectomy Recovery

how long to recover from tonsillectomy

Pain, constipation, and depression- oh my!

This site is very interesting for many reasons 1) it makes me feel a little better about the hell I am living 2) it makes me realize every story is different and I may not be in hell (so far). I had my tonsils out on January 5th, I am a 33YO female! Yesterday I said I would rather give birth again, maybe that is because the time frame is much shorter and u can talk through the pain and frustration. I believe my teenager and BF are really enjoying my inability to talk
My surgery went well, apparently better than expected with very little bleeding. This was my first surgery and I was terrified but I must say I don’t remember a thing, so if the surgery is ur anxiety it really is a piece of cake…the recovery not so much!
Day 1-had my surgery at noon and was on my way home by 2:30. They gave me Oxy in the hospital, I do not do well with pain meds so I tried but this is not something that I am interested in. This day I rotated ibuprofen and Tylenol along with my amoxicillin. Swallowing wasn’t too bad at this point. I drank a lot of watering ate some applesauce. Sleeping was not a thing for me.
Day 2-swallowing became worse. I just needed to get my meds down and drink water, I also tried warm tea, cold tea and chicken broth. I have found warm and salty work best for me. A little ear pain but tolerable. Sleep is a little easier. I do not have a humidifier but I have hot water heat so that helps. When I sleep I put the blanket over my face to keep in moisture.
Day 3 – Most challenging day so far, not sure if I’m just over this already or what. More broth, lots of water, only taking Tylenol ever 4 ish hours. My breath is horrific, my BF opened the windows last night and it’s 30 degrees out. Horrible taste in my mouth, I keep brushing my teeth with no toothpaste but doesn’t help. I cannot open my mouth or talk still. I tried scrambled eggs and they tasted great but I paid for it later with pain. Because I’m not taking pain meds I have diarrhea and am not constipated. I think this may b better than constipation.
Day 4-anytime I wake up is the worst, have not taken anything for pain today yet. Have zero desire to eat, my mouth tastes horrible and I am drinking a ton of water still. That seems to be the key here…drink lots of liquids. Anything cold hurts my throat and the Tylenol stings so bad I would rather just have the pain from the surgery. I will check back in a few days!
I’m trying to hang in there but this is some depressing stuff!!adult tonsillectomy stories

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