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Tonsillectomy Recovery

Holly says:
October 17, 2011 at 11:59 pm

How much bleeding is too much bleeding?
Holly says:
October 17, 2011 at 11:53 pm

So, I am on day 12 right now. Lots of bleeding from the scabs coming off tonight. I am gargling ice water and that helps. Anything else help with the bleeding from the scabs coming off? It last about 5 minutes everytime a scab comes off. I can tell as soon as the scab comes off. And there is some pain afterwards. I took some pain meds so hopefully that will help with the pain. Now I am just hoping I can get through the night without anymore bleeding.
Any suggestions for what helps with the bleeding?
How long does this whole scabbing thing happen?
Erin says:
October 17, 2011 at 11:31 pm

So, im 16 years old, just got my tonsils removed on october 13th.
Im on day 5 of my recovery (if you include the day they were removed).

Day 1: i had the surgery at 3:20 pm ( they were over an hour behind schedule).I woke up feeling like crap and the nurse had to give me lots of morphine through the IV drip. I spent the night in a hospital and it was the worst night ever. My throat was in pain all night even though they gave me the liquid codeine. There was only 2 of us in the “day surgery” ward ( where they keep the overnight patients) but the other lady was snoring all through the night! which made things even worse haha. I only got about 4 hours of on and off sleep. My mom picked me up at 6am and i went home and slept for a bit.

Day 2: i went home and slept and woke up at 9:30am and wasnt feeling too bad. I lost track of time and missed my timing for the meds and was in excruciating pain at about 12pm. once the effects of the t3′s came in, it eased the pain a little bit. I managed to eat 3 fried eggs and some soft meat thing. but i felt really nauseated after eating it. I also drank a lot of water even though it hurt like hell to swallow

Day 3-4: I woke up both mornings at 5am with really bad pain, my ears were aching and my throat was on fire and i could barely get my pills to go down my throat. I went back to bed until about 930am. When i woke up again i had to have ice chips, jello and a popsicle to sooth my throat. drank lots of water and some coca-cola and ate some noodles with Parmesan cheese.took my meds like clockwork so i wouldnt be in excruciating pain. although the pain was still pretty bad.

Day 5: so today i woke up feeling pretty good, my throat was a little tender but once i took the meds the pain was almost gone and i didnt need to have any ice or popsicles. i ate some noodles and pesto sauce. drank water and coca-cola and had some ice cream. I ate potato smileys for dinner. they went down pretty well although ther was a little pain but once i drank some pop it went away. The scabs fell off today aswell and i didn’t feel it at all just the occasional tickle and i could feel them hanging down but then i looked in the mirror and they were just gone, so i’m assuming that i just swallowed them :s ( kinda gross)

Im hoping that the hard part of the recovery is over and that everything is uphill from here.

**** My advice to people who are reading this before they get the surgery is: DRINK LOTS OF WATER AFTER THE SURGERY AND CHEW GUM, i know it hurts like hell but you have to do it, once you start swallowing the water it gets to be less painful, take tiny sips. Once your throat starts feeling a little better, just chew some gum ( i only ended up chewing with my front teeth, but it still helped a lot)*****
Natalie says:
October 17, 2011 at 9:57 pm

We don’t have any bananas unfortunately. Might have to go get some today, although they are very expensive in Australia from the cyclones. Haha. A bit off topic. I had some instant mash potatoes mixed with spinach. It went down great actually. Had to chase it with water so it didnt stick but I feel better with something on my stomach.
Can’t believe you have a virus on top of all this Sandra. And best of luck with work tomorrow! I had a look in my mouth and most of my scabs are gone. I just have a few in the very corners of either side of my throat.
Best of luck everyone
sandra says:
October 17, 2011 at 8:02 pm

Ryan, I started to feel better around Day 11 after my bleed, so it was acyually day 16. Try to eat. I think the weight loss and not eating makes for a tough recovery. I think you are at the worst point right now.

Natalie, yes, I do and did get a metallic taste. I believe it is the scabs coming off and tasting raw skin. Did you try some banana? What about Florstor, it is over the counter and is a probiotic that will stop stomach issues. Or, any probiotic for that matter.

Amanda, I understand with the pain. I believe that which ever pain hurts the most is the one that will get the attention.

I am on day 21 and 15. Throat is tight, still have scabs. Still drinking a lot. Still coughing. Saw my Dr and he said it is a virus. I am on Codeine cough syrup….can you say nighty night…lol…Makes me sleep, which may be good. Off to work tomorrow as my boss said no more days off.

till tomorrow. be well
Natalie says:
October 17, 2011 at 6:57 pm

I woke up today (Day 16) feeling less nauseas so I’m hoping something may stay inside me today. I might try some banana then. Maybe some mashed up veggies. I’ve never been a fan of apple sauce which sucks, as it seems to be working great for everyone.

Adam and Amanda: I didn’t start feeling better until day 9. Day 10 was a huge improvement and it got better from there.

Amanda have you tried chewing gum? Mint is very good for nausea. Also if you grate an apple then leave it to go brown (only takes a few minutes) then eat it, the the pectin (which colours the grated apple brown) is excellent for preventing nausea and vomiting.

How are you feeling now Sandra? Its actually good to know it takes about 2 days to get out of my stomach. Makes me feel a bit better really. Have you noticed since the bleed you keep getting that metallic taste (Probably from the scabs) that you have a little panic thinking it’s blood. I do that about 12 times everyday! Gets very frustrating.
Amanda says:
October 17, 2011 at 6:01 pm

Today, Day 8, was another rough day. I just cannot eat anything. I threw up again. It doesn’t hurt that bad during the process, but afterwards is another story. I was prescribed anti-nausea meds but they don’t seem to help. The past two times I’ve thrown up I had taken them a half hour prior.

Sanda-I don’t know that I’m feeling “better”. I feel “different.” It’s kind of a different thing hurting every day.

Nicole-I think that’s a pretty tough timeline to pull off. Even if everything goes crazy smoothly, putting strain in that area so soon after might not be such a good idea. I took two weeks off of work and am actually planning on possibly taking three. I am a restaurant server and I have to be strong enough to work and talk through 8 hour shifts. I was expecting not to feel like myself again for a full month.

Natalie-So sorry to hear about your troubles. Wishes for wellness!
adam says:
October 17, 2011 at 9:10 am

had my tonsils out thursday october 13th. the pain is rediculous. can hardly take it. thank god for this liquid vicodin and valuums. the pain and suffering hasnt got any better so far. is this normal ?
sandra says:
October 17, 2011 at 5:06 am

Sorry….meant to say regular food irritated my stomach for a few days. I ate some banana and apple sauce to combat.
sandra says:
October 17, 2011 at 5:04 am

Natalie, my Dr said that the blood swallowed passes in 2 days and that your body absos the nutrients. I felt that way after my first surgery. I was a nervous wreck during the bleed and i think i caused some of my currrnt illness. I had 2 days of nothing staying inside of mr and yes its always something. I wish I had the power to blink and make it Nov first. I also noticed that when i started eating regular banfoome,
Natalie says:
October 16, 2011 at 11:34 pm

Oh no Sandra! It’s always one thing after the next
I wish my ENT gave me a bit more information about this surgery. I was told that bleeding only happens in about 3% of patients, but it seems like that is not the case.
Day 15 for me and I feel so nauseas. I’m not vomiting but nothing is staying inside me. Maybe it’s my bodies way of getting rid of the blood from my tummy. Hoping I don’t have a virus.
I’m supposed to return to uni on thursday but with the way things are going I don’t think I will be.
Very over this.
sandra says:
October 16, 2011 at 8:35 pm

I had cauterization and im on day 14 and im ok. So far, no additional problems. The area is sore and there is a scab there. I was very weak and am just getting better. I called offf work tomorrow, going wed.

My ent said if i have no fever and its pretty dry then its rob viral. Just said stay hydrated. Both of my kids have colds so hope its just that.
katred says:
October 16, 2011 at 7:24 pm

Hello all,

I am day 5 from my big bleed and day 10 from when I had my tonsils out. I am getting scared that I am going to bleed again as the scab is present in my throat from where the my ent cauterized the vessel. He said if it is going to happen it will be around days 5-7. Has anyone bleed more than once? The thought of going into surgery again is awful let, starting over, etc…

I hope everyone is making a recovery. Who would know this surgery would be so bad! I am supposed to teach on this Wednesday night (adjunct psychology teacher). I am not even sure if I can make it back yet. The thought of lecturing is not going over so well even for a little while. I am still so tired and feel completely weak from the liquid only diet.


I would definitely give yourself longer. I thought I would be back to work in a week; I couldn’t have been more wrong. I am not going back to my day teaching job for another whole week and don’t even know if I can make it to my night class this week. Sorry for the news on recovery, but it was a shocker to me.
Natalie says:
October 16, 2011 at 6:22 pm

Thanks for your support guys and yes, it was a horrible day.
The blood on my tummy made me so sick however I did get a good night sleep. Just took me a couple of hours to relax, being that scared of bleeding again.
I always have a dry throat even though I literally drown myself in water everyday. I have no idea what causes it, or if it is even dry.
Sandra, did your ENT not want to check the cough out or does he just think its been tickled by the scabs?
Amanda are you taking nausea tablets? The pain meds and the antibiotics made me sick too, and I didn’t eat when I felt so terrible. The nausea tablets were amazing for that!
And Nicole I really do think it will be too soon to do a performance. By day 14 the pain should have subsided but on day 13 I had a big bleed which put me in hospital. Plus my voice still hasn’t fully returned to normal. And the cost for me was just over $1000 Australian. But my medicare gave me about half back.
I would say it would be different in the USA though.
Hope everyones feeling okay today!
sandra says:
October 16, 2011 at 5:02 pm

I would say you are pushing it with your timeline. I would make sure that your dr is going to be around after for a few weeks, since is the holidays. Im sure you are tough but read the posts here. Its a slow two weeks. Im not sure on the cost. Good luck on your decision.
NICOLE says:
October 16, 2011 at 4:00 pm

Hi all. I am a singer, planning (hoping) to get my tonsils out on a 2 week break (Dec 11-25) from singing. I am tough, I know it will be horrible but have very high pain tolerance.. If they’re able to schedule on the 12th does it seem feasible to sing again the 26th? Also, is 6 grand a good estimate for cost?? They could not be more specific with pricing, saying it varied, and we’re dreading the cost. Thanks. I am counting the days…

I am in so much pain right now from stones (my throat is ALWAYS draining, allergies) that I literally would cut them out myself if I thought I’d live. LOL
sandra says:
October 16, 2011 at 10:03 am

Day 14 &20: Scabs are still present on the right side. I believe the scabs on the left are gone. I still have this constant tickle cough in my throat. It is driving me crazy…. am on day three of this cough. I will be overdosing on tea and honey today 😉 . No pain to speak of, just tenderness where the cauterization was done and a few sore teeth…I am taking tomorrow off of work, due to this cough. I am sleeping better now. About 4 hours at a time. Still very very very dry mouth and throat. I am not dehydrated, so I am wondering why my throat and tongue are dry. I am still eating oatmeal, pasta, soups, chili, ice cream, soft bread, avacado and diced chicken, bananas and yogurt. Oh and still drinking an instant breakfast every day for vitamins and minerals. I am going to stick with a soft diet for a while. I feel like food is getting cought and I need to swallow twice or drink to get it down.

Natalie, how are you today? I’m sure you are exhausted. I hope you were able to sleep some, I know it is impossible. This has been the most challenging event to get through. It is difficult because you don’t really know how many more days until you are fully healed.

I called my ent about my cough and he said….”Oh…day 14 ???? Big day, huh?” Yeah, big day as I sit here feeling like crap with this cough and some congestion. I did offer my ent some advice, based on experience with this procedure, as to what they can tell patients to help them prepare, understand and cope. I do understand that if they told you “everything”…you would probably never go through with the procedure, however, there is more advice that could be provided. I am a healthcare professional and I pride myself on patient education. Anyhow…

I hope that everyone else out there has been doing well.

Amanda, I hope you are feeling better.

My goal is to physically heal and to put all of this behind me, so I can heal mentally. I believe this website serves a great purpose and has been part of my healing….it’s too bad more people do not blog!

Happy Sunday All (cough…cough ;()
Amanda says:
October 16, 2011 at 9:52 am

They just changed my antibiotic from amoxycillin to avalox which is apparently
heavy duty. I have been really nauseous which makes me unable to eat but then
I get sick if I don’t eat because of the pain meds so it’s a Catch 22. I am not really
a “light at the end of the tunnel” kind of person, so it’s nice to see from this forum
that life goes on P.T. (post tonsillectomy, lol). Upon waking up this morning, I have
a dry cough which is infrequent and I believe related to the scabs. I think it maybe
just worse than it should be from being ravaged by the bronchitis coughing.
I was able to eat some plain white meat chicken and some fruit last night. Only
A few bits of each. I have gone from 153 to 146. As far as whether I would do
it again, I think that’s a question better asked in a couple of years of hopefully
little-to-no severe sickness.
Natalie, I was really sorry to hear about your setback. That is
unfortunate. Just hang in there. Is it 2012 yet???
Natalie says:
October 15, 2011 at 10:43 pm

I thought that I was done too. Nothing I did made it happen, I was fast asleep at the time. They think that a big scab came loose. They didn’t see the need to use silver nitrate to stop the bleed as it had already begun to scab over. I didn’t sleep at all when I came back home from the ER, I was that scared. I’m glad you havn’t had any more complications. And I’m praying this is the last of mine. I’m not in any pain at all today, which is good, just scared another big scab will come off.
sandra says:
October 15, 2011 at 10:16 pm

Hi Natalie,
Ugh. I thought you were done!!! What happened? I have not experienced any more prooblems, knock on wood. Tomorrow is day 14. Scabs are coming loose. Some came off today. So what do you have to do now? Sorry that happened. I have not really slept since then.
Natalie says:
October 15, 2011 at 9:58 pm

Definately spoke too soon. Had to go to the ER at midnight. Woke up with a mouthful of blood which I swallowed, then the bleeding wouldnt stop. It did however stop when we got to the hospital and after an hour there it finally started to scab over. I thought I was almost there but I guess not. I feel so nauseas today and extremely scared. I can’t believe you’ve got bronchitis Amanda! That’s probably the worst thing for a tonsillectomy.
Sandra have you experienced any bleeding since the recauterisation?
sandra says:
October 15, 2011 at 3:20 pm

Amanda, what did they give you for the bronchitis?i am still coughing but its pretty dry. Like a throat tickle.
Amanda says:
October 15, 2011 at 2:09 pm

Well I ended up going to my doc because the coughing would not stop.
Turns out the tonsillectomy is healing fine but I have picked up bronchitis
somewhere along the line. Hence why I have been and still am coughing
violently. One of the nice little symptoms is the inability to take a deep
breath. So I guess I can’t really share my pain updates since mine are
skewed by the bronchitis but it is my Day 6. My ears hurt a little and
I can feel the scabs in my throat. My jaw still hurts like hell. I have been
quite nauseous but I think that is due to the fact I havent had a full meal in 1
week. Yesterday I ate a bit of a grilled cheese and some applesauce.
It’s mostly just been applesauce and pudding for me! I am 28, btw.
sandra says:
October 15, 2011 at 1:15 pm

Day 19 & 13. Worked half a day. Very tired. Eating more. Scabs are coming off. Still have this annoying cough. Im with Natalie, not sure it was worth it. Too many post op complications. Best to all going through this.
Natalie says:
October 15, 2011 at 5:39 am

Day 13 here, and yes I had a cough too. I definitely think it’s the scabs coming off, and the little bits tickle your throat. Very uncomfortable. I also had sneezing episodes most of the day around day 7, felt like I had hayfever. Day 13 has been really good! I went shopping all day and had pizza! Although it didn’t taste as good as I imagined, the feeling that I could eat it with minimal pain feels amazing. I keep yawning however and that hurts like hell!!! And it happens like 20 times a day! I still don’t think the surgery was worth it. I had a huge right tonsil that was painless but stopped me breathing when I slept in certain ways. However the recovery was horrible with bleeding, 10/10 pain and trips to the hospital because my temperature kept falling to 32.8 when it should have been 37 (due to fluid and blood loss). The tonsil turned out to me infected with chronic tonsillitis, even though I had never experienced any symptoms. Good luck to everyone, and my heart goes out to you all in this nasty recovery period!!!!
katred says:
October 14, 2011 at 10:14 am


Be careful with the cough that is what increased my bleeding episodes. It was like this weird spasm in my throat and I couldn’t help but to cough. The next thing I know, I am bleeding everywhere out of my mouth. Just keep an eye and you may want to call your doctor.
sandra says:
October 14, 2011 at 8:15 am

Amanda, I have been coughing and sneezing like crazy. I blame it on the scabs. It haa not affected healing..

Im day 12 and 18, still with fatigue and tummy problems. Anyone else experience this?
Amanda says:
October 14, 2011 at 1:58 am

Hey all. Day 5 post op here. So far, so good? Day 4 was by far the worst, with a fever
And nausea. Quick question though. Has anyone else had a chronic cough?
I have been coughing non-stop since yesterday. It hurts like hell and I am
not sure what it is doing to the recovery process!?
Courtney says:
October 13, 2011 at 11:03 pm

Well, it’s been less than eight months since my tonsillectomy and I was put on Clindamycin today for guess what? An infection in my tonsil remnant. I am getting stones again in the hunk of tissue left over by my doctor when he removed the tonsils. So, yeah, I basically have about 1/4 of a tonsil left on one side. I saw another doctor for a second opinion and it looks like a second tonsillectomy is in my future thanks to an incompetent surgeon.

So, be warned. If any of you have left over, lumpy pieces of pink flesh back there…you have tonsil remnants. Get ready for a re-do or back to the antibiotics and tonsil stones. Fun times.

I think I need a good lawyer.
Natalie says:
October 13, 2011 at 11:01 pm

I’ve lost 10lbs all together and weighed 130lbs previously. However now that I am beginning to eat more solid foods the weight is slowly coming back to normal. Have you tried re-refrigerated custard? Ice cream really stung me and left a thick mucous layer where as custard did not.
All the best
katred says:
October 13, 2011 at 8:10 pm

Thank you for the comments. Now I am just struggling to get fluids down. Ice cream seems to be the only thing settling and I know it is not the best to eat, but at least it is helping me keep some weight on (I look too thin at 110 pounds, I have lost over 7 pounds this week). I am measuring my water intake. I am dreaming about real food.

I use a cool mister. I guess it is doing something. It is better than dry air… I hope you feel better this is a terrible surgery to recover from
Natalie says:
October 13, 2011 at 6:48 pm

So it’s day 12 for me and I felt that the afternoon of day 11 was definitely the turn around day. A lot of people have had bleeding around the day 6 and 7 mark, I guess when the scabs are coming off. I always though I was drinking enough water until I bled, so I bought myself a 10L of spring water and aimed to drink at least half a day, so 5L. I have seen a HUGE improvement since doing this and although I feel completely floating in water, my throat is slowly improving. Also I started gargling with hydrogen peroxide (2 capfulls of the peroxide and 2 capfuls of water) I was supposed to do this from the beginning but it tasted disgusting so I didn’t. Since doing this I have noticed the swelling have significantly improved and the smell of the scabs is no longer present.
Best of luck everyone, and sorry to hear about your terrible experience Katred! Just drink and stick to a liquid diet for 48 hours after your emergency surgery. Also my ENT told me to eat toast the first few days after my surgery to thin the scabs and remove and bacteria. I felt like as painful as it was, it improved my recovery in the long run.
Best of luck x
sandra says:
October 13, 2011 at 3:12 pm

I use a cold mist with an attachment that blows it over my face. It helps. Morphine is a joke. It did nothing for me. Are you drinking non stop? How about popsicles?
Julie says:
October 13, 2011 at 2:56 pm

I guess no one else comes on here. Its my day 8 and I just went an bought a cold-mist humidifier. Has anyone else tried it? If so, did it help? Im still in pain, had the doc give me other meds, he prescribed me morphine, but it didnt help! Anyway, just want to know about the humidifier…
sandra says:
October 13, 2011 at 12:28 pm

i had a 2 am bleeder day 6. Im 11 days out of that emergency surgery. It was the scarriest experience. I as well have two children. I followed the rules as well. Im sorry that you are going through this. Please drink as much as you can and if not, call your dr and ask to get iv therapy. Dehydration is the worst thing for you. Was your surgery coblation? Gatorade has been my beat friend. I cannot sleep either as I am afraid of a bleeder. My surgery to repair was extensive as it was very close to the artery. Packings and stiches. I had my stomach pumped 7 times. I stayed at the hospital an extra day as i couldnt drink enough. Now, there is a huge scab therw and my jaw is wrecked. I cant imagine how my teeth are after spitting blood for 3 hours. Feel better. Hugs!
katred says:
October 13, 2011 at 11:22 am

I had my tonsils taken out last Thursday, so it has been a week today. I have been to the ER 3 times one time for being extremely dehydrated with very low blood pressure, and the last 2 for excessive bleeding. I ended up having to go back into surgery to stop the bleeding. Now, I am feeling back to square one pain wise. Last night I couldn’t sleep at all in fear of having another bleeding complication. My husband and I were completely freaked out when I was spitting up tons of blood into the sinks. I had to drive myself to the ER the second time as we have 2 kids in bed. This happened at 2:00am. I was in surgery by 3 at discharged the next day by 9:30am. Today, my one side of my face is swollen and very painful. I can hardly get fluids down. I am taking 2 pain pills every 4 hours with an extra 1000 mg of Tylenol. This has been by far the worst surgery I have ever had and by far and large much harder and more painful then my hysterectomy I had 5 years ago. I hate to freak people out who may have to get this done, but I think people should be prepared. I read a ton before I went in to have it done. Everyone said only the people who have horrible experiences post on the Internet. Well, that is true for me, but who as an adult has had this done and felt okay. I have done everything I was ordered to do and still am completely struggling to heal. 🙁
sandra says:
October 13, 2011 at 9:31 am

Day 11 after second surgery. Teeth and jaw hurt. Its tmj pain. Eating more now. Was up every 2 hours to drink. Still very dry at night. I hate that. Im hoping tomorrow is a corner turning day. Tylenol today.
Natalie says:
October 13, 2011 at 12:36 am

I found that sweet stuff burns, especially when my throat is raw. I had some over cooked pasta with cheese. The cheese made it all stick together and it hardly hurt to eat it all together. I find if I take big gulps it hurts a lot less, and the oesophagus dilates which cause a much more relaxed eating process.
Hope everyone’s doing well on the road to a fast recovery!
sandra says:
October 12, 2011 at 7:54 pm

Im always drinking. I had stomach problems yesterday that i believe caused some dehydration. I have scabs on the right side and fear them coming off. My throat is raw, i ate a pancake, maybe not a good idea. Natalie, Im glad u r healthy.
Natalie says:
October 12, 2011 at 5:13 pm

Just got the results from my doctor, turns out the enlarged tonsil was not malignant but actually infected with chronic tonsillitis, which came as a shock considered I never thought I had ever had tonsillitis! He said it was almost the size of a golf ball and looked normal from the front, but the experience was very nasty and infected looking!
Natalie says:
October 12, 2011 at 5:00 pm

Yeah I assume that’s the scabs coming off because I’ve had that taste a lot these past couple of days. I panic, rush to the bathroom to find there’s nothing there. I’m on day 11 now and my right side feels really good. I can’t feel it’s there. However the left side I have that sharp pain that I had in my right side on day 6. I wish they would just heal together!

I actually look forward to sleep now. I usually wake up once in the night and have about 3 mouthfuls of water and then wake up feeling a bit dry. I find if I drink a full glass of water before I actually get out of bed it starts off that hydration fairly quickly. How much water do you think you’re drinking Sandra?
sandra says:
October 12, 2011 at 3:54 pm

Yes, the taste is metallic and tart. I swear i was bleeding but found no blood. I assume it was a scab.
sandra says:
October 12, 2011 at 11:46 am

Day 17 & 10. Sleep os still the enemy. I slept all night, waking once to drink a sip. Big mistake. Hello dehydration. Woke up with massive hand and foot joint aches. So back to the drinking board. Im still pale. No paun really. Scab still on right side.
Natalie says:
October 11, 2011 at 11:12 pm

Hey, I called the ENT and he said that because the bleed stopped its not to worry about, however if it begins gushing out or cant be controlled go straight to the ER. I’m currently on day 10 and the right side doesnt feel too sore atm. The left side however has increased in pain, like the sharp pain that my right side experience. I guess the scabs are starting to fall of that side now. Cold custard has been my saviour these last couple of days. I was a little bit worried that I wasnt drinking enough. Apparently we’re supposed to have 18 oz every hour, I am certainly having at least this amount. I’m starting to feel on the road to feeling better now. I havnt bled today and its 2pm so things are looking up. Touch wood!
What does it taste like Sandra? I’ve have some really strange tastes in my mouth these past few days. Some really sweet, some kinda metallic.
sandra says:
October 11, 2011 at 4:54 pm

Today, (day 16 & day 9) has been ok. I had a scrambled egg for breakfast. Does anyone notice a funny taste when a scab falls off, that is not blood? I thought I was bleeding this morning but there was none. It feels a little raw. I have not taken any meds. The right side is sore along with my ear, but it is tolerable. I am sleep deprived but dont nap during the day because I want to keep hydrating. I am trying to eat some solid foods, pasta and cream of wheat. I am still afraid to have another bleed. Natalie, how are you doing?
sandra says:
October 11, 2011 at 8:01 am

Natalie, just to be safe, check in with your ENT. Better to ask now while its a small problem. 🙂
Natalie says:
October 11, 2011 at 6:44 am

Ryan! Definately giving me some hope there

Today (day 9), although the pain was much more tolerable I keep bleeding
It happened 3 times today and only lasted about 5 minutes but it was bright red and just kind of filled up my throat and then poured into the sink of a couple of minutes. After 5 minutes it completely stopped and then a couple of hours later it would start again. Maybe its the scabs coming off? I’m not sure. Has anyone had anything similar to this?
Ryan says:
October 10, 2011 at 11:34 pm

Day 11 and guys it’s done. I can’t guzzle fluids yet but I’m eating everything and just have sore throat. Mornings are sore but no pain med needed and I’m 100% better. Each day feels better. Today was the 2nd day of being able to swallow real food and honestly the more I push towards ripping the scabs off, the faster it seems to feel better. There is hope guys. Sandra I hope you feel better and coming from someone that didn’t see there being a better day insight, I’m here to tell you, it’ll be there soon. Goodluck everyone.
Natalie says:
October 10, 2011 at 10:44 pm

Hey Julie, it really is a horrible operation, but i found that day 7 i started to feel better
Day 8 was the same as day 7 for me
and day 9 (today i feel better again)
I had bled quite a bit last night before I went to bed which scared me a lot because it was more than a tablespoon, however I kept rinsing my mouth with ice water and sucking a piece of ice and after 5 minutes it stopped.

So far i’ve lost just over 11lbs. My ribs and my spine seem to be poking out of my skin and my face looks very thin. I’m sure this won’t last thought, considering my cravings for a big cheesy pizza!

I still have a lot of pain but it feels more like a really bad sore throat
Day 5 and 6 were terrible for me, but just think one or two more days and you’ll start to feel pretty good!

Sandra you are definitely extremely tough considering you had to go through it twice!

Best wishes everyone!
sandra says:
October 10, 2011 at 5:26 pm

Julie, drink instant breakfast and creme soups. I have bbeen liquifying my soups. Cut your med dose in half and shorten the time inbetween doses. I couldnt stomach a full dose of lortab. Drink gatorade.
Julie says:
October 10, 2011 at 4:28 pm

Today is my day 5 and still not getting better. When does it start getting better?! Im nauseous all the time because I have no food in my stomach but i have to take my pain meds because the pain is incredible! I started out weighing apprx 108lbs and weighed myself today and I weigh 101lbs. I hope I dont lose much more. This is depressing 🙁
Michael says:
October 10, 2011 at 3:45 pm

I had multiple things done besides my tonsils. I had my deviated septum corrected, polyps removed in my sinuses and my soft pallet reconstructed. I had no pain from my septum the biggest issue with that was that I could not blow my nose and I had all this drainage that was disgusting to deal with. Mostly because I could not breathe through my nose and sleeping was hard because breathing through my mouth would dry out my throat. On day 6 I saw my doctor and he said my throat was looking perfect and he “roto rootered” my sinuses and vacuumed out all the gunk. I could breathe again and once that happened I could sleep all night not waking up every two hours to drink water or take pain meds. I do have a really, really high threshold for pain and thought the worst pain was maybe a 7 which to me I can deal with. Only once did I wake up with about 9 pain and that was like day 9 or 10 and I just went and took pain meds and waited about 10 minutes for them to kick in. I saw my doctor again on day 14 and he cleaned out my sinuses again at that point he told me I could try and eat what I wanted there was no possibility I could damage anything. I have to see him again next week for the last checkup.

As far as weight goes it was a good thing I lost 15lbs I am still far from where I need to be. The only thing I have splurged on is a cheeseburger this last weekend. Today I am starting back to the gym doing light cardio hoping now that I can breath again working out is less of a chore.
sandra says:
October 10, 2011 at 11:50 am

Hi Michael 🙂
I have lost 12 lbs….not good and I’m sure my MD is going to freak out today. I have tried multiple times to eat a scrambled egg or mac and cheese and it just gets stuck and I have a coughing fit. Before I had this surgery I was 125lbs strong…very healthy…now, I am 5’7″ and 113lbs. My face looks so ugly. I have very dark circles and pale dry skin. I refuse all visitors, except mom. I feel like my mom is the only person who understands what I am going though. This has been very hard emotionally for me. Guess I am not as tough as I thought I was 🙁 I know what you are saying about that spot on the back of the tongue. I had a stich there and now a scab. I am living off of instant breakfast drinks and liquified tortilla soup (spicy) and hell yes it burns but I miss my spicy food.
Have you put any weight back on? I am glad you are eating…that must bring you some joy. Have you resumed a normal lifestyle? Did your MD want to see you again or give you any restrictions? I have to go back to work as of Saturday….I hope I am ready. I ended up taking three weeks off. Thanks for the note and congrats on getting through the recovery. PLEASE have a big slice of pizza for me.
Michael says:
October 10, 2011 at 10:59 am

Sandra, how much weight have you lost? I dropped 15lbs in two weeks. I am almost 100% but still cannot eat spicy food. I think my throat will be raw for a while. Right now I got a scab or stitch and when my tongue hits it right every now and then it is a little painful. I am 25 days post op.
sandra says:
October 9, 2011 at 9:13 pm

Hi Natalie ,,
Im almost on day 14 for the left side and day 8 for the right. No pain meds
Today. Left earache. Didnt sleep well last night. Emotionally this has been a
Drag. I miss playing with my boys and the ability to eat. Still have a very dry mouth. Hope you are doing well.
Natalie says:
October 9, 2011 at 8:46 pm

It really is such an unpleasant surgery. For me Julie days 3 and 6 were easily the worst. Day 6 wouldn’t have been so bad but a huge scab was coming off so I could feel it rip every time I swallowed. And to answer your earlier question, put the ice pack under your jaw, when that gets too cold move it right on top of the sore site (Where the tonsil used to be). I went the first 5 days without an icepack, wish i had used it sooner to be honest.
Also heat considerably helps ear pain.

What day are you up to now Sandra? It sounds like you’ve overcome the absolute worse of everything possible! I’m sure you will begin to feel an improvement now, especially considering you feel more positive!

Potitsa, it sounds like you’ve gone through a terrible ordeal! I’ve never heard of feet swelling from a tonsillectomy before! I do wish the doctor prepared me for this operation more too, or at least recommended me to some of these forums! For the ear pain try a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel, or one of those microwavable heat packs (The ones that smell like wheat). The heat definitely reduces ear pain!

I’m on day 8 today and I felt terrible when I woke up! The pain was like a bruised/burning pain. I also feel like I have hayfever(which I don’t). However it’s now lunchtime and I feel considerably better. It feels like day 7 which I can cope with. Hoping day 10 will be the major turnaround day. I swear this feels like the longest recovery!
sandra says:
October 9, 2011 at 4:08 pm

Hang in there JULIE. My ent made me “earn ” . He said he wouldnt remove them for stones. Ihad 10 cases of strep.
Julie says:
October 9, 2011 at 2:30 pm

its my 4th day and every morning its worse. im beginning to wish i didnt do this. ive never had strep or tonsillitis, only cryptic tonsils… i shouldve just dealt w/ picking the stones out instead of this surgery. hate this!
sandra says:
October 9, 2011 at 12:54 pm

Had enough energy to make mac n cheese…BUT, couldnt get it down. It stuck in my throat. I have not had anything thicker than creme soup. I have not neededd any pain med today. Dry throat, feel scabs on side
Potitsa says:
October 9, 2011 at 11:34 am

I got my surgery 9/27/11..I remember seeing my dr for the consultation and he kept saying surgery is hell..He also kept repeating himself, and then asked me in the end if I was sure I wanted to do this..Of course, having 3 strepth throats only in 2 months and losing my voice only that summer, and not being able to breath at night and Im sure my throat would close up on me, was me knowing YES this is what i want..Surgery day up until the 3rd day, was like, WHAT what surgery..pshhhh smooth sailing…and then 4th morning..and I was miserable…By day 6-7 I was wishing I had never done this…and by day 8..I thought someone had tried to bite off theback of my tongue and tried to scrape the white spots off with a nail filer…Also my feet were swelling, and I began to have a migraine and vomit, I was afraid i was going to rip my stitches..they had become so big me and my bf had named them shrek feet… I could no longer see my ankle, and he even said, “where did your bones go.” The DR had perscribed I think about 3x narco, I got 400 the big bottle of Lortab Liquid Eliquxir.. When my feet start to swell..I thought i was having an allergic reaction to the narcotics..On the 8th night at 2 am, my feet had swollen up so bad that i think my ass was swelling and bf, said enough is enough, i called the nurse practitioner earlier that day, and she had said its not the lortitab, its due to inactivity…because I had been perscribed so many times the narcotic, each time the my insurance company would put a hold on it..bc of there regulations..I felt like they were all saying i was a druggie…my aunt who is going thru chemo for breast cancer, gave me 2 percocets..and i had taken them 4 hrs between eachother..The worst part has been that for some reason the tylenol, or the lortab itself only last every 2 hrs..but you cant take that much medicine because you will kill your liver or overdose…I have been miserable…The nurse said the swelling was due to inactivity WICH WAS BS..Because i was cleaning to keep my mind off the pain, scrubbing..its how i deal with issues..instead of eating or not being able to work out, i get the bleach out..and scrub my thoughts out…We went to the ER, they gave me ear drops, they also gave novacaine to numb my throat,they gave me the highest narcotic, to numb out the ear pain..and NUTHING bestfriend who was with us..Is a shock trauma nurse..and was amazed that my tolerance to medicine either had become so strong or the pain was that extreme..I wanted to have someone stick a tranquilizer gun in me, and let me come to when the pain is gone..They gave me a sauna gram no blood clot, the ER dr concluded, some people due to surgery have feet swelling..On our ride home, talking in the car with my bf, one of the scabs started to fall of and then I swallowed the right scab and the pain left..and i realized why the pain had hightened..and the swelling of my feet went down.. Then the same thing happened with the left scab, and then it had created another scab on the left and same thing, now my feet are back to normal… it feels good to put my shoes on and not look down and see my feet looking like im 400 lbs and i could not even tie my shoes..I finally texted my dr to send in another perscription, and rights back ” your having a tough time with this tonsilectomy but the worst of the worst is almost over” I just want to clarify, my dr is very sweet and knows what hes doing and im very appreciative that I have laid in good hands..BUT i thought does everyone have a less painful process, i mean the dr’s in the ER made me feel like a drug addict, granted they r just doing there jobs..but everytime ive been perscribed the narco, my insurance put a hold on it…i mean i can handle pain, i had my gall bladder removed and when i awoke from a gall bladder attack it felt like someone was stabbing me, i have had a bowel obstruction, i have cut my thumb with a sharp knife 32 stitches, i have broken my ankle in 3 places and surgery, i have had open stomach gatric bypass..I have had surgeries and pain and i could deal with discomfort..this isnt is VERY excutiating pain..Thank god the popsicles head and chicken broth , it may sound disgusting cold cottage cheese with splenda n rice pudding, u get protien in and its cold and its texture is consistent..i drink vitamin water as well, i keep a glass of cold water by my bed..during the middle of my recover form the 5- to now the 10. The 9th morning til now, is the most sleep of gotten…for 4 days str8 i didnt sleep i had a total of 5 night i didnt sleep at all.. Now my pain has gone down im at 75 percent but now im getting a… So I CANT WAIT FOR THIS TO BE OVER… i think the worst part for me is the Ear pain… Im still dealin with alot of sure from hear on out i will be fine in dealing with it…BUT they should really come up with a better recovery plan for people…ALSO, they should be more sympathetic when a patien asks for narcotics and not treat them like a drug addict..when your in pain, and wanna cry like a child.. 🙂

Julie says:
October 8, 2011 at 7:23 pm

Is it true day 4-6 ish are the worst days for pain? I look at pictures of people throats after their tonsillectomy and mine looks much more severe with the WHOLE back and sides of my throat are white/grey along with my uvula! Now I am getting a headache. Where did you put the ice pack? On your throat?
sandra says:
October 8, 2011 at 7:21 pm

Hi Natalie, sounds like u are turning the corner!!! Today has been pretty good. Ive only used tylenol but will use norco before bed. Ill feel better once I get to Monday. Im afraid that I am going to have another problem. I just keep prayiñg. My neck is sore today but nothing to complain about. Im glad you are feeling better. One more week and its over!!!
Natalie says:
October 8, 2011 at 6:45 pm

Thanks Sandra! I agree with that for sure. Day 6 was terrible for me. Day 7 however (today) I feel really good. Still very sore but its more like a really bad sore throat than that razor blade feeling. I’m really hoping this is the turning point for me. How are you feeling now Sandra?

Julie, day 3 was terrible! Mornings are the worst too. I found waking up a few times in the night just for a sip of water really helped! Also for the first time last night I used an icepack! So much relief! It’s such a long process but there is a light at the end of this painful tunnel! Best of luck 🙂
Julie says:
October 8, 2011 at 11:28 am 3 and the mornings are the worst!!! makes me wanna cry!!!!
sandra says:
October 8, 2011 at 9:40 am

Id say days 4 & 5 due to ear pain day 6 to scabs coming loose and trouble with cold liquid.
Natalie says:
October 8, 2011 at 7:21 am

Thats how i feel Sandra.
What day would you say was the worst for you? x
sandra says:
October 8, 2011 at 6:45 am

Natalie, Im sorry about your pain. Brightide maybe with some food in your belly, u can take the pain med. I have felt clumps in my throat and then horrible pain to cold liquid
Natalie says:
October 8, 2011 at 6:37 am

Also to any readers who get that razorblade feelings when the scabs come off and can’t drink cold water like me
Switch to warm. Yes it’s still very painful but much less than ice cold.
Good luck everyone
Natalie says:
October 8, 2011 at 6:35 am

Hey Sandra
I thought i was pretty strong too, but tonight the pains excruciation, i can’t even begin to say how bad it is
I took a full dose of my strongest pain medication and thank God it didn’t make me nauseas.
I’m still in extreme pain, about a 9/10 but before my pain exceeded 10/10.

That gives me relief that it’s the scabs coming off, however i havn’t spat them out or even felt them come off in my mouth for that matter
Did you feel yours when they came off or was it just pain?
Thanks in advance
Liane says:
October 8, 2011 at 3:43 am

Hi Everyone, I’m now on day 5 and so far it has been pretty tolerable. First day I had only soft food and lots of coke and water but from day 2 I ate normally. Doctor prescribed Voltaren 100mg suppositories whic works like a charm for 8 hours, the 4 hours before the next dose however is excrutiating to say the least. The doc also prescribed Tramacet. This manages to take my pain level from a 10/10 to a 9/10 (whoop big difference) where the voltaren takes it from a 10/10 to about 3/10.

Anyways going to my GP now to see if he can’t inject me with anything to get me back on track, thought I was going to die from pain this morning.
sandra says:
October 8, 2011 at 3:43 am

IHi Natalie, I had a scab come off and stick in my throat for a while. It felt like razor blades till it went down. Can u switch to a different pain med? I cut my dose in half and take it twice. I cant do all at once. Or what about liquid tylenol? I do that but it does nothing for ear pain. Youre pretty strong to do this with no meds! Best wishes
Natalie says:
October 8, 2011 at 1:05 am

Hi guys
Sandra I’m so sorry to here about your terrible experience, you’re much stronger than I would have been!
I’m currently on day 6
The pain is rather terrible today, it was much worse last night.
At about 3am i woke up with pain, it was as if someone was stabbing my throat with a needle or pin
and i woke up this morning with blood in my mouth. Not a lot but it still scared me! I rinsed my mouth with ice water and sucked a piece of ice and it stopped.
I think last nights pain was the worse but day 2 was the worse for me. The pain was tolerable but the medications were so strong on my empty tummy that i vomited. Not fun!

Anyway, I’m doing this without pain medication and although it is rather unbearable at times i keep thinking to myself its only 2 weeks of my life and then its over.

Does anyone know if that needle like pain is from the scabs coming off? I can’t look in my mouth cause my tongues so swollen!
Best of luck everyone!
sandra says:
October 7, 2011 at 9:26 pm

Cross your wrists in a t shape.
sandra says:
October 7, 2011 at 9:25 pm

Holistic nausea trick…slow deep breath, smell peppermint oil, sip fluids flat cola
Or gingerale. Face hands toward one another while laying on your left side. Rest one wrist on the other and put a pillow in front of your bellly….just breathe.
Julie says:
October 7, 2011 at 8:12 pm

my day two started out rough, but has gotten better throughout the day. I had soup from panera today and some mashed potatoes this evening because i started feeling nauseous from the percocet. my neck is sore, im hoping that is just from the way i have had to sleep. good luck everyone else suffering right now!
Holly says:
October 7, 2011 at 7:30 pm

So this is day two for me. Started off kind of rough. I was up every four hours last night to take my meds. I knew immediately when they were wearing off. But I slept good in between doses. However… Today I am experiencing a rash all over my body. Doc said it is probably from the anesthetics used during surgery and to try benydryl. That has helped. I was able to eat some ramen noodles today and I have had about 3 bowls of ice cream. The main thing is keeping my throat as moist as I can. I think I am starting to scab up b/c I feel a really rough patch on the back of my throat when I swallow. But for day two I think that is pretty good. The pain in the ears has been managed with the ear drops. And the doc gave me some awesome nausea meds today that have helped. I was so nauseated last night. Anyways… I hope it just keeps getting better from here I am already sick of this! LOL! Who isn’t right?
Julie says:
October 7, 2011 at 12:48 pm

Sorry Sandra that youre having a hard time. I think Im doing ok so far @day 2, its just the finding a position to sleep in. My throat hurts worse than yesterday and I feel like I have to constantly cough up plem, which I know NOT to do. I like drinking water and eating ice chips, I think it helps!
Ryan says:
October 7, 2011 at 11:37 am

ok i’m on day 8 post op….the pain is just horrible in the morning. For the last few days I know I was close to dehydration but it’s so hard to swallow with these things UGH! But today after waking up I’m drinking gatorade and feeling better. The only pain I have now is when i Swallow. Nothing throbs or achs, but then again my Doctor is awesome and gave me the strongest Percocet made. I’m so ready to eat something real though….Ribs, Pizza, I want Subway soooo bad.
sandra says:
October 7, 2011 at 10:09 am

Michael, funny you mention that. I have one of Chicago’s finest ent ‘s and he is also head of the hpspital ‘s medical board. Thank you for the prayers. I dont lknow why things went the way they did. I told my husband I cant tale 3 or 4 more days of this. Im still up half the night to take my meds. I should be on day 12 not day 6 of healing. Again, thank you for the note and prayers.
Michael says:
October 7, 2011 at 8:28 am

Sandra, You poor girl. I have been praying for you. I am sorry for your bad experience and hope it all goes swimmingly from here on out.

I seriously think the only reason my discomfort was minor to mild and I healed real quick was because my surgeon is incredibly gifted. I researched and researched and visited 5 ENT’s before I picked my doctor. I inquired about him and talked to former patients. He and his staff have been incredible.
sandra says:
October 7, 2011 at 6:35 am

Julie, mine lasted @3 days. Sleep on your side im a recclined position. I use 4 pillows…
Julie says:
October 7, 2011 at 4:34 am

Did everyone else have a swollen uvula afterwards, and if so, how long did it last? It makes it very difficult to lay down and sleep bc I can barely breath that way….
sandra says:
October 6, 2011 at 3:24 pm

Hi HOLLY, thanks for the note. Things were fine until i had my second surgery. It wouldnt be a humane thing to post my experience. Lets just say I will need therapy after i heal. I think my depression stems from a healing time set back. Its not fun to do the recovery twice. I hope you have a strong recovery. You have been through enough.
Holly says:
October 6, 2011 at 3:09 pm

Julie I know the feeling I had mine about 8 hours ago… I just keep trying to think positive as much as I can. I had pharangytis a few weeks ago and I feel about like I did then. I hope it doesn’t get any worse. I don’t have a high pain tolerance at all. But I have been through some tough surgeries… I will just be glad when it is over… this chronic tonsilitis over the last six months was not fun!
Julie says:
October 6, 2011 at 1:13 pm

Just had my surgery approx 4 hours ago and this is horrible! my pain is excruciating! I hope this doesnt last long!!! 🙁
Holly says:
October 6, 2011 at 12:38 pm

It sounds like you have had such a terrible time. I know you said you were depressed. Sounds like a side effect from the pain medicine. I know that pain meds have that effect on me too after taking them for several days. I hope you fell better soon… and if the depression doesn’t go away talk to the doc about changing the pain meds.

Take care.
Holly says:
October 6, 2011 at 12:33 pm

Well I am a 27 yo female and I just had my tonsils out this morning. I am in a lot of pain as far as the throat goes and a little bit of an aching ear. I got some ear drops from the doc and just started using them. Hope they help. I am using the ice pack…don’t know how much it is helping… and I am trying to drink ice water…hard to do though.

I have had tonsilitis, strep throat, and pharangytis about every three weeks since April. I am a cancer survivor so…. my oncologist is concerned with a bad WBC. I am hoping it is all from this throat stuff and that by getting my tonsils removed the WBC will be better in a month.

Anyways… this is day one for me…. actually about hour 6 for me post op. I had a year of chemo and a bilateral masectomy for the breast cancer… so hopefully this won’t be half as bad as all that. I just worry about side effects and what could happen because I had a lot of side effects with all that other stuff.
sandra says:
October 6, 2011 at 10:05 am

When does the mouth dryness stop? Im on day ten left side day 5 right. My right ear and jaw are in pain. Started norco again. When does that white coat come off the tongue?
Amber says:
October 6, 2011 at 7:12 am

I am 33 year old female. I am day 7 post op. Liquid hydrocodone stopped working on day 5. Doc prescribed percocet and I got 20. I have one left and am asking for a refill tmrw. Excruciating pain every 4 hours. My meds wear off at exactly 3:40 every time. There’s no way I’m eating toast. I can only tolerate soy milk, pudding and ice cream. I have been adding whey protein to my pudding so I’m getting about 25grams per day of that which rly helps. Drinking water like crazy but it hurts too. My hubs has spent last two nights on the couch so I could have a still, silent bed. Have been icing my throat which helps. My neck, head, tongue and teeth and jaws are all knee dropping sore. I told my friend the other day that having a baby is more endurable than this. (ive had two. First one was ten lbs! Second was c-section and I went home with the flu throwing up and pelvic staples and a newborn ……) THAT WAS EASIER THAN THIS!
sandra says:
October 5, 2011 at 7:09 pm

Cant take one more day of this. Scab swallowing sucks. The scabs get stuck in your throat and you cant get them out. Im in huge pain where emergency surgery was done to cauterize. I tried to get off norco. Will take it tonight.
Julie says:
October 5, 2011 at 7:07 pm

Hi! Im reading some of these and some make me feel better and some more nervous. I am a 28yo female and having my tonsillectomy tomorrow! I have stocked up on ice cream, pudding, popcicles, and applesauce! I hope I recover well!!!
Jessica says:
October 5, 2011 at 10:38 am

My surgery was 9/22 and I had my tonsils taken out and sinus surgery. My pain has been minimal after the first week post-op. I developed a little bit of a sore throat yesterday, which I attributed to my scabs coming off. My scabs have been fairly light and I didn’t anticipate too much issue.

Imagine my surprise when I woke up from sleep at 2AM this morning, swallowing my own blood. I honestly figured that it must be coming from the back of my nose/sinuses. A trip to the bathroom and look in the back of my throat confirmed my fear; a tiny scab was coming off and my throat was bleeding. It wasn’t a huge amount, but enough that I was forced to either spit it out (yes) or swallow it (no) about every 15 seconds. I fought the panic that was rising and headed for the kitchen for a large glass of ice water ASAP. I probably gargled for 10-15 minutes before the bleeding stopped. I was also flipping through all my discharge instructions, looking for more info on when I should *really* consider going to the ER. I called the office and they paged the P.A.; she got back to me quickly and reassured me that this is very normal and that if the bleeding started again and did not stop after gargling for 30 minutes, I should probably go to the ER. Reassured and clot secure, I tried to go back to bed.

This morning, I was expecting a huge clot in the back of my throat and found: nothing. No sign of last night’s gusher. The only problem I’m having now is food and drink. Just the thought of what happened last night makes me not want to swallow anything, liquid or solid. Buttered toast and water it is.

if you do have any bleeding when scabs fall off, don’t panic! Ice water gargle is your friend and from what I can tell (and what the P.A. said), it will not set back your recovery. hang in there!
Kelly says:
October 5, 2011 at 3:49 am

Natalie, I suffered the same as you with being sick, I couldn’t keep anything down not even water until day 4, I feel for you because your going through enough.

Today im 3 weeks post opp, and feeling better by the day – i still have a slight sore throat but don’t need to take any medication for it, it’s a nice thought JUST having a sore throat and not that flu feeling that normally goes with it! Well here’s for a life without tonsillitis (fingers crossed). And a very big goodluck to all you who are suffering – the only thing I can say is now it’s over it seems like a life time ago I was in such pain, you will get through it… Day 7 for me was a turning point, so hang in on there.

Best wished to you all. x
Natalie says:
October 4, 2011 at 9:01 pm

Hi, I’m 18 had my tonsillectomy on 3/10 and have had terrible nausea. I was extremely ill last night, possibly from the panadine or maybe the anaesthetic leaving my body. I vomited a lot and the pain today is excruciating. I’m not taking my pain meds atm, just trying to bare through it. Anyone had any similar experiences. I’m only on day 3 and not looking forward to the rest of this recovery!
Angela says:
October 4, 2011 at 5:52 pm

Oops, I mean hours or minutes AFTER not BEFORE!
Angela says:
October 4, 2011 at 5:49 pm

Hi, I had my tonsillectomy last Friday (9/30), so if you count surgery day as day 1, then I’m on day 5. I’m very thankful that I’ve had a great recovery so far. No major pain other than a sore throat. Today I substituted a dose of the Hydrocodone for a dose of ibuprofen and am doing well. I’ve been eating since the very first day (applesauce, grits, milkshake). So my question has to do with the back of my throat, the area where the tonsils were. The white scabs of course are there, but it seems that all of the food I eat keeps getting stuck back there (so the area looks very yellow and cottage-cheesy and I can see what I eat hours or minutes before) and when I gargle, some of the food comes back out. But not all comes back out. So how do I get it out? Will it form into an infection? Thanks for your help. I’ve been reading this forum for a few days and have appreciated all the information.
Heather says:
October 4, 2011 at 5:25 pm

Sandra, I’m so sorry to hear that. I thought it was strange that you hadn’t post for awhile. I hope things get better for you real soon.
sandra says:
October 4, 2011 at 4:38 am

Surg 9/26. Sar 10/1 at 2 am? Emergency surgery to stop bleeding. All was well before then and did nothing to cause it. Dont want to go into details other than it was the scarriest moment of my life. Very depressed and regret doing the surgery.
George says:
October 3, 2011 at 3:19 pm

Hi, I had my tonsils removed on the 27/9, and can’t sleep at the moment due to nausea. Was improving fine up until yesterday evening (day 6), where I seemed to have a complete relapse and all the pain in my jaws and ears returned. I’ve spent most of today bringing up scabs and mucus – really not very pleasant! I did feel better this evening and managed to eat some chicken supreme and rice, but now my throat’s sore from coughing up the scabs ( I’ve only just found out that you should let them come off naturally). I hope I’m not too tired or in too much pain tomorrow as I’ve got a lot of coursework deadlines coming up!
Ryan says:
October 2, 2011 at 5:35 pm

I’m 4 days post op and today was the worst as far as just pain. I’m attempting Mac n cheese here in 5 min. But overall the pain isn’t too bad. 🙂 but then again I’m only 4 days out.


  1. Had my surgery 14 days ago and a cauterization 4 days ago after a really bad bleed. Apparently I had a clot hanging off of my main artery and when they pulled it off, it started spurting everywhere. I’m still in a lot of pain and I can’t eat much. I constantly crave food all the time and I’m always dehydrated. I try to drink and eat soft foods/liquid food, but I just can’t. The doctors say that makes is worse, but I’m not sure what they expect me to do.
    My biggest worry is that I’m going to have another bleed, so I can’t sleep. Has anyone had a second bleed? My doctor said he has had more than one patient that has. I can’t stand the idea of starting over again.

  2. I’m on day 8, I’ve lost 3 scabs now, was jus wondering how many exactly is there? Is there a definite number? The pain does suck from them but I see it as this is that bad pain before the good stuff so I’m crossing my fingers. Plus I’m really thirst fer a Mountain Dew n vodka mMmMm lol sounds so yummy right now… But plz lemme kno bout the scabs

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