Tonsillectomy Recovery Photos

Tonsillectomy Recovery Photos

Tonsillectomy patients often peer into their throats and wonder, “is this normal?”  What they see is never pretty.  For some it can be quite disturbing.  Since I’ve started the forum, the description of post tonsillectomy throat has been one of the most common discussions.  Believe it or not, people send me pictures of their throats all the time.  Of course I appreciate it.  Here is s series of photos from one tonsillectomy patient from each day of her tonsillectomy recovery.  A warning:  These tonsillectomy recovery photos may not be for the faint of heart! To enlarge the pictures simply click on the image.

The Dynamic Duo!

These two little machines will become your best friends.  Give tonsillectomy recovery a One-Two punch!  A humidifier is probably the single most beneficial item to have at your side as you recover.  Drinking ice cold slushies will feel good, reduce inflamation,  and keep the throat activated, thus stimulating the healing process.
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More tonsils pictures


Tonsillectomy Recovery


  1. 25yo female day 6 post tonsillectomy. I’ve been handling it pretty well until today. hurts to swallow, talk, or eat. been alternating my meds on schedule, using an ice pack, doing everything there is to do. there was like a red bloody looking goop on my right tonsil earlier, is that normal? i haven’t had any bleeding

  2. I’m a 37 year old male and I thought I had a pretty good pain threshold. I was wrong! I’m on day 3 and I slept from 8:15-10:20 pm. It’s the month of May and I’m freezing while I type this. I haven’t been taking my pain meds so as of now I started setting an alarm. I know swallowing is tough, I get that, but my uvula is the size of a golf ball. I wish it was removed along with my tonsils. To me that swollen uvula is the worst part of this experience. It’s right in my airway and rest in my tongue like a piece of phlegm. In summary, it’s horrible. I would never do this again without a uvulectomy. Pain and torture so far!

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