Tonsillectomy Recovery Day 7

Tonsillectomy Recovery Day by Day

Day 7

A collection of various experiences of adult tonsillectomy patients on their seventh day of tonsillectomy healing

I have assembled a sampling of various accounts and impressions of tonsillectomy recovery for each day. Below I share comments about tonsillectomy day 7. These comments are taken from tonsillectomy patients who were kind enough to share their experiences to help others as they navigate the bumpy road of tonsillectomy recovery.

Please feel free to add your own experience with tonsillectomy day 7.

Tonsillectomy Day 7 Recovery

Tonsillectomy Day 7 Recovery

Tonsillectomy Healing Day 7 Recovery :  Light?  At the end of the tunnel?

  • Tonsillectomy Day 7 :Breakdown. Crying, laughing, sucked into YouTube. Is there no end?
  •  During the night I noticed a weird sensation in my ears. It was a hollow feeling, kind of like I have water in my ears and they tend to pop really severely when I swallow. Other than the ears, the throat isn’t bad. I tried eating blueberry pancakes for breakfast and I was able to get a few pieces down, but then it was uncomfortable, so I stopped. The last thing I want to do is rush myself. I’ve made it this far, I don’t want to do anything that will negatively affect my progress. The swelling is finally gone – I think. My tongue and the scabs used to be white – or so I was told – but now my tongue is like a grayish color. If that is normal, I’m not sure, but I’m not that worried about it. I know I’m still recovering, but I noticed a weird feeling when I was swallowing today. The water just kind of flows down my throat now; before it used to touch my tonsils. I know I don’t have tonsils anymore and that’s why; I’m just curious if it is something I will have to adapt to once I’m fully healed. I guess I’ll have to wait and see. My ear pain is still there but it is definitely not as bad as it was from days 3-5.
  • It’s been one full week as of today that I had my tonsils removed. I saw the ENT yesterday and he said I was healing very slowly. The scabs still have not come off and every day seems to hurt more than the previous day. This morning has been almost completely unbearable. I don’t understand how some of you say you eat toast. How do you choke that down? Everything hurts! Warm, cold, it doesn’t matter it feels like swallowing knives.
  • Day 7 you did it! I mean I could barely stand due to the pain. Trying to coat my stomach with Ensure that morning so I could take my pain meds was like aggressively shaving my throat with a million shards of glass. And the ears! Not the ears!
  •  day 7 post-op and am doing amazingly well. I thought I would share my tips to help some of you out! It really is important to drink, drink, drink! Every time I woke up from my sleep I would be in such enormous pain because my throat had dried out. Every time I wake up during the night I take a sip of water which I found has helped. Twice a day I have done a saltwater gargle with a teaspoon of salt in 500ml of water for 30 seconds. This apparently removes the bacteria and the salt is good for healing. The day after my surgery I had a tiny little bit of toast.Are you concerned about pain medicine addiction? Read more…

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  1. I’m 22 and had my tonsils removed due to repetitive infections.. So just from reading comments, I assume my recovery is going to take longer than expected. Great.
    I am on Day 7: The pain is excruciating. I woke up at 3am crying my eyes out because my ear ache was that bad. I think if it weren’t for the earache.. I’d say I’m doing abit better. If there’s something that I’ve learnt, it’s don’t go on too long without having something to drink. Because when it is time to swallow..its going to kill you !

  2. I’m on day 7 and as long as I don’t swollow or talk there isn’t much pain 🙄 The right side is worse then the left side of my throat. Scabs on the left side started falling off but not the right side. Sleep is my worst enemy and I have been trying to avoid it. I have switched from liquid meds to pills due to the burning pain the liquid meds cause when I take them. My ears hurt but are better then they have been. Mentally however, I may be losing it! The lack of sleep and food combined with the pain is really getting to me at this point. One week left, I just have to keep telling myself that!

  3. On day 7, most of the excess scabs have fallen off, but there’s still a lot of white in my throat. Very little bleeding today compared to the last few days. Experimenting with extending the delay between doses of pain medication seem to be going alright. Walked around outside, ate oatmeal and rice porridge. I don’t feel any closer to being able to eat what I want, but I’m happy with the rate of changes in my throat. I go back to work (from home) tomorrow.

  4. Day 7 – for me the mornings are brutal. I sleep only as long as the pain meds allow. Usually 3-4 hours, then I wake in pain and take another pill and doze off. During the day pain is bearable. However, I do take a pain pill about 45 mins before I eat anything, because it’s still way to painful to swallow without. The tonsil areas are still barely white. I believe most of the scabs have fallen off during sleep. The worst part about swallowing for me is my uvula. It feels like a speed bag being beaten by a heavy weight. I was able to slowly down a cheeseburger and a baked potatoe loaded with butter and sour creme. It took about an hour and like I said I used pain meds 45 mins before I started. Banana popsicles have been my saving grace. I’ve gone through 3 boxes in 7 days. They really seem to help sooth.

  5. It’s been 7 days for me today and I’m doing well. I woke up in pain around 5 this morning in pain but I finally got some sleep last night. 1 more week to go! I’ve lost about 17 pounds but now i can chew so i have more options not as far as food. I can talk now too, I’ve been talking for about 5 days, it hurts but my ENT told me yesterday at my appointment to talk and stretch my muscles. My uvula id still swollen but it’s going down and the back of my tongue is swollen too. The pain is bearable during the day but at night it’s a little hard. One more week and it’s all over.

  6. This is day 7 for me and I’m in pain ….with exception of being on my meds which I’m almost out of 🙁 ..I’ve been ok for most of the day but when it hurts IT HURTS I’ve noticed that majority of my scabs have fallen off ….to make up for my lack of water intake I’ve been eating ice chips too soothe my throat and aloe water is easier to drink for me at this point

  7. Hello my name is hunter and I’m 15, I got my tonsils out a week ago and I’m on day 7, let me say it’s the best day! Not to scare anyone but yes it’s hell to have them taken out. I didn’t think so but I quickly learned. I lost 15 pounds from this also, crazy to think! But day 7 started with a painful morning then I took a small dose of my meds and I had no pain at all, just the pain of my tongue but that’s it. I thought man I don’t want the medicine to wear off but when it did I felt the same. We will see how tomorrow goes but I’m happy with how I’m doing!

    1. Who ever thought a 49 yr old woman would have her tonsils removed? Right? Well I’m on day 7 and today is the least pain I have been in. Don’t get me wrong, it still kills, but it is bearable. I still have a white throat. I’m not sure about the scabbing process. My ENT is not the best and really didn’t say much on what to expect. All I can say is DRINK PLENTY OF WATER!!!!!!!! Hope you heal soon!

  8. The night of day 7 almost all of my scabs came off and probably due to all of the blood thinning pain meds I bled waaaay more than a couple teaspoons. Maybe a cup. Maybe two. I refused to go to the ER to get it recauterized because earlier that day my doctor said everything looked like it was healing great, even though the pain especially at night and in the morning was excruciating. Anyways I hacked up gunk and blood for two hours and when I got it to stop with ice water and a cold compress immediately I sounded clearer, I was in less pain aside from the new stinging sensation from raw exposure, and the next day I could quit my oxicodone during the day and finally had a reasonable BM. Day 7 was the hump. Blood is scary but really try to stick it out before rushing to the ER I think!

  9. Today is day 6 post-op, and it by far the worst day I’ve had. First off, my liquid pain killer is awful. It does the job as far as controlling the pain, but it STINGS and burns like crazy. I take a teaspoon full and drink water, start coughing and choking and then do it again. So, I’ve added in crushed Advil to my applesauce to try to take away some pain between doses. Woke up this morning in excruciating pain. My throat was on fire, my ears felt like they were going to burst and the back of my tongue feels like it’s full of glass shards. Eating or drinking anything cold puts me in tears. And my diet for the last 6 days has been water, popsicles and applesauce. I feel like I’m at the end of my rope, and there isn’t an end in sight. Today was the first day I’ve cried…

  10. My daughter is on day 7 and is in so much pain. What can she eat that doesn’t hurt even swallowing water hurts

  11. Day 7 for me. Figured I’d better comment as it may help someone else. Eaten nothing for 2 days now and I’m down 11 pounds which is good because I was 45 pounds overweight, now only 34 overweight but one suck ass diet program…pain is still at an 8 but only when I try to swallow or my meds are running out and that includes water by spells, just depends on the moment. Ran out of meds yesterday and thank god they partially refilled my scrip because if they had not I would have been “almost” desperate enough to steal meds, the pain is that bad…Hope and pray this gets better before I run out again. Last night on day 6 I had almost 2 hours where I felt really good although I did not try to eat and I thought, this is it, I’ve turned the corner…WRONG! By 8PM it was back in the pain zone and stayed there through the night although the meds were at least working enough to make it a dull pain filled hell… it feels as if someone has packed my throat full of cotton and is giving me sips of battery acid to soothe it… Hope the day comes soon when I can come on here and reply to someone suffering and perhaps put their mind at ease a little. Well, time to go take my interim ibuprofen, peace everybody…

    1. Day 7.Im 37 on Wednesday hope I can enjoy cake but right now it feels like acid on my throat and ear pain but to mention trouble swallowing still. So when does it end day 12? It’s been interesting reading what people have experienced

  12. Hello everyone, it’s 530 in the morning here in Arizona. I am a 38 yo female, 7 days post op today.
    I tell ya what… I have one of the highest pain thresholds of anyone I know, but a tonsillectomy is for the birds!!! Not only did I get that done, My ENT also thought it would be extremely beneficial to remove my uvula too. So needless to say I’m hurting like the Dixon’s!
    I don’t understand for the life of me why any of your doctor’s told you to eat normal or how you can but I was advised that eating anything with any kind of substance to it is a bad idea… That’s what causes the scabs to come off prematurely and cause bleeding. I luckily have had no issues as far as that goes but the pain….URGHH! IT’S TERRIBLE! I understand that America is suffering with an opioid epidemic but all they are doing with their regulations is torturing the people that need it. I was only prescribed a 4 day supply of liquid Vicodin and when I asked the doctor for more ( since it’s the only thing that allowed me to get any sleep or fluids in me) , they acted like I was crazy! They told me to take children’s liquid Motrin… Haha, ” ok, that’ll work”! And since I ran out of my prescription I’ve been in agony. If they know recovery is in upwards of 2 weeks or more and know the pain is excruciating, why don’t they give you enough medicine to get you through? I’m so frustrated, I understand this is a painful, and lengthy recovery for adults but why does it have to be, this is LUDACRIS!
    Honestly, I hate to rant and rave like a 2 year old but there has to be a better way to recover from this. And out of curiosity,, am I the only one that has produced so much foamy, stringy mucous that I have literally went through over 4 boxes of Kleenex spitting it all out…??? That was one thing I was never warned about….
    Happy healing to all, hope you’re next week starts looking up and a lot less painful!!

    1. Dy 7 stinks! I cannot swallow even water without pain! It’s almost 2 in the morning and my pain meds have worn off over 2 hours early. I woke up and the pain was worse than the recovery room. I also had my adenoids out and my turbinates scraped. I’ve also gotten thrush from all the antibiotics I’ve been given before and after surgery. The amount of mucus going down my throat is alarming, and I’m told not to try to “hock it up,” just to swallow it or let it drain. Easy for them to say. I’m 38 years old, and I feel like a big baby for crying like this, but it hurts! I took a pictures of my throat each day, and today the white patches have receded a lot, but the red areas seems to be spreading. I’m very concerned, and if it doesn’t improve by morning, I’m calling the doctor.

      1. How did the rest of your recovery go? I’m on day 7 of the same procedure today, I had to go to the doctors yesterday for antibiotics and stronger pain killers the pain comes and goes but when it comes it is lethal and left me close to tears! I was told to eat crisps and toast etc after my procedure I tried but causes too much pain, I think this is a mad thing for them to say, I’m not eating at all apart from 1-2 Pots of jelly a day.

  13. Today is my week post op , I’ve been hospitalized for hemorrhaging and went home the next day because it was healing on its own. Now i feel like something is bleeding in my throat and I’m choking in my sleep. Has anyone else experienced this 😪

  14. Hey guys! I had my tonsils removed a week ago due to tonsil stones, and let me tell you, this recovery is terrible. I have never been in so much pain in my life. I am on day 7 and STILL can’t eat anything solid. I have gotten down Mac and cheese and velvetta shells down on a GOOD day. But any time I try to eat mashed potatoes or spaghetti-os or even cheddar broccoli soup it feels like knives in my throat. I have cried because I am so sick of being in so much pain and not being able to eat anything besides popsicles and sherbert. And I can barely talk! Have to talk through my teeth since it hurts too much, and I sound so weird. Is there really a light at the end of the tunnel because I just don’t see it! I know it will be all worth it in the end because no more tonsil stones and bad breath and I was very lucky to be referred to a ENT doctor who said if you want them out I’ll take them out but god does it hurt. I keep up on my fluids that’s no problem. I just wish the worst of it was over because I am to return back to work on Monday (even though I talked to my boss and asked for Monday off also). Anyways, that’s my story! Hope you all get through this recovery!

  15. UK patient 57 day 7

    Woke to left side pain in throat and ears, more than usual. So tired. Yawning and coughing is a killer. Trying to drink more water, and eat more normal foods. Definitely not easy. How people with commitments carry on i don’t know, I can hardly get out of bed. Shouldn’t this be getting better now??

  16. Day 7 today, mostly bearable but no progress. Just felt raw and painful when swallowing like tonsillitis usually does. I’m trying to keep the dopey meds down and I managed to get a little bit of food down my throat. However at around dinner time I got a bit adventurous and tried to eat some burger meat, it was really painful so I didn’t even enjoy it and barely made it through. Not sure I overdid it with the food, the drs advice was to try and eat as normal as possible so that’s what I tried to do, maybe too early though…
    The pain got worse after that and I had to go back on the codeine, I’m just about to go to bed and it’s really hurting. On top of that it seems to be bleeding quite a bit, I gargled with salt water and a lot of blood came out. I’m not sure this is just the scab coming off pain/blood, the bleeding seems to have stopped now so I’m going to keep it in check until tomorrow.
    I’m really exhausted, tired and a little depressed from this now. Good luck to everyone.

  17. My 15 year old is day 7 post off and in an extreme amount of pain from his ears?? Any homeopathic remedies anyone could recommend? Trying really hard not to give the narcotic dr prescribed.

  18. So it’s been a week since I had the surgery and I can tell you I woke up today and was able to use the bathroom for the first time(cuz of the pain meds) and so far since I’ve dealt with that issue my throat and ears and everything has just kinda stopped hurting. I’m glad bc I was honestly getting very annoyed at the pain I was having. I’ve been able to eat regularly which is by far the best thing in the world bc 5 days of nothing but yougurt

  19. WHY IS THIS SO PAINFUL!? I feel like i am bleeding out my ears and if i swallow my whole throat will tear. Please tell me this is the worst day i cant take this anymore.
    I am trying to eat a yoghurt so i can take my meds but its so painful, i am also alone today so i cant take my mind of this pain

  20. 36 year old mother of two here. This recovery has been slowly getting worse as the days go by. My husband was told by my surgeon that by “day 2 she should be back to her normal self” Except… it has been anything but that. The longer time passes th epain seems to get worse? And on top of that, my surgeon telling my husband such a thing has caused some issues and miscommunication in our household. I think my husband seems to think that I am faking my pain and I should not be lying around in bed or something and it’s added a massive amount of stress to this recovery. I really hope that the pain will start to go away soon because it’s making life really hard. Having to host a Christmas Eve party last night for 40 of my husbands family members on day 6 of my recovery was difficult. I’m very weak against opiates and I had to remove my scop patch after 48 hours due to side effects causing me blurry vision. I have social anxiety and I eat out of nervousness, and I can’t tell you how many times I did stuff like shove an hors d’oeuvre in my mouth while mid conversation last night only to swallow it and want to die immediately afterwards. When will the pain end? I slept most of the day today after we opened gifts from Santa Claus this morning. Is it outrageous of me to just want to watch HGTV and let my husband take care of our infant and 4 year old? 🙁 I just feel… so dizzy from the opiates and in so much pain from my throat and EARS!

    1. I really hope you reply to this. I’m literally in that boat now as far as pain. I ready thoughtvas time passes bye the pain would ease, but it’s the opposite. Please respond so I can see the light.
      Thank you
      A mom in pain day 7 post-op

  21. Yesterday I finally managed to force some mashed up sweet potato down, was feeling weak and sick from lack of food. Just bearable but it made my throat bleed..
    Woke up at 1am this morning unable to breathe cos my tongue had stuck to the back of my throat. Nighttime is bittersweet at least I am out of pain while sleeping, until the painkillers wear off and the agony wakes me up. Then i have to brace myself for each mouthful as I take the meds – which btw offer little to no relief, perhaps just take the edge off – the earache and toothache.
    On top of this ive figured out that all the ibuprofen I’m taking has actually been causing my headaches! 😳 so am just on the cocodamol every 4 hours now. Headaches gone.

    Light at the end of the tunnel? Maybe .. I can see an improvement visually. My uvula no longer touches my tongue and swelling is much less. Also 8lbs weightloss 😊💪🏻the only thing to smile about but definitely a silver lining for me.

    Xmas day will be day 10. Maybe I’ll be able to suck on a roastie or lick a sprout 😂🤷‍♀️ one can dream..

  22. I am on day 7 and I’m just so mad. I feel better at night usually but every morning i wake up in an unbearable amount of pain. I feel like there should at least be improvement in my pain levels now but nothing. There’s also so much mucus in my throat i can’t breath and i can’t get the mucus out because my throat is too sore. I’m praying this is over soon. I can’t handle pain like this much longer. And my 2 week mark is on Christmas…

    1. You’re not alone. I’m in the exact same boat. Except for me, nights are the most painful. I wake up every 60-90 minutes. Run to the freezer to get my ice collar to initiate my relief routine before repeating it again and again and again. Every once in a while I get a new norco.

  23. Hi guys! My name is Cameron and I got my tonsils out on the 8th. My recovery has been going pretty smoothly up until today. I dont know I figured it being the 7th day I would okay but I’ve been experiencing a lot of chest pain. Should I be worried? I keep seeing other blogs talking about it and I suffer from asthma but it doesn’t feel like I’m short of breath. Mostly just like something is pressing hard on it. I really don’t want to go back to the hospital and my post op appointment isn’t until the 21st.

  24. Day 7: I am a 21 year old, who had their tonsils removed on December 1st, it is now December 7th, at 5:30am and i just woke up feeling like my throat was getting re-cut open along with a great amount of ear pain. The night before i felt great, so great i unplugged my humidifier and stopped taking my pain medication, boy was i being far fetched. Do not, i repeat do NOT ever think the pain is gone and DO NOT take advantage of having one day with almost no pain. I did and now I’m paying for it. I just woke up and immediately grabbed my throat and started to panic. I threw back my liquid hydrocodone and drank a whole bottle of cold water. This is the most pain I’ve ever had yet, and it’s all because i took advantage of the fact that i was starting to feel SLIGHTLY better. I don’t have a doctors appointment with my ENT, yet and my medicine is on low, i probably have 2 more full doses and that’s it. I’m
    Not sure what I’m going to do yet and i just want to be better because i have work on the 15th, i know it’s 8 days from now but my recovery is slow and my job is demanding. There is no way i would be able to concentrate and work through this pain. Pray for me..

  25. I am on day 7 and it is straight up HELL. I havent noticed anyone else complain of this, so it makes me think this isnt normal…but I have been feeling sick in my body this whole time…yesterday and today being worse. Like…very nauseated, headache, body aches, dizzy, lethargy…then add the excruciating pain on top of it. Is this normal?? I had my post op appt yesterday and the doc had to recauterize 2 spots and says I prob feel nausea and dizzy from swallowing blood and the pain meds…I feel even worse today though. The pain meds take most of the pain away but then I feel kind of jittery and itchy and nauseas. Sucks. This just sucks

  26. I am on day 7 today. I have ear pain and razor blades when i swallow. I only take half dose of the pain meds just to take the intensity away.. my tongue is still swollen and feels sandpaperish, but swishing with the nystatin is good. The pain is a bit unmanageable when eating, but ice cold water does help, especially after the pain meds kick in.. I still have the scabs and I cough a little.. I have not tried the gargle with salt water yet, that might be what i try tonight.

  27. I am now on day 7. I have had to go back to the hospital twice for bleeding and clots. Yesterday they sent me back to surgery to recaterize?. I actually felt great after the surgery. Like day 2? But last night and today have been hell again. I have been sleeping a lot so I know that’s part of the problem. I’m going to try to stay awake today in order to not be in so much pain.

  28. Well tomorrow is my 7 days after surgery.
    Day 1. Was ok. Still drugged up. Day 2- 5 was hell. Couldn’t eat or drink…. trying take pain meds… ha….i invented a new move every time I swallowed a pill. I read alot of ppl saying to drink alot of water. But it’s hard… I know. So vanilla ice cream or crushed up ice pops will be your friend. Let it melt on your tongue and the cold on your throat is nice. It freezes the back of ur throat making it easier to swallow. An ice pack around the throat is relieving.
    Now day 6 (yesterday) I woke up feeling good. No earache, or tongue swelling minor throat pain… I thought to myself… the hard part is over… Don’t let it fool u.. I had some creamy noodles for lunch. I was starving. By dinnertime I was in tears… I’m not worried about the scabs or even ear pain. If i could get rid of the pain of swallowing I would be great. I have an appitite.. just too sore to swallow. I tried gargling just water… then salt water. Makes me gag. I hope it will pass soon or im going to be a big crying mess refussing to get
    outta bed. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  29. Does the pain get much much worse at night for anyone else? It’s Day 6 for me and I’ve actually been going to work starting yesterday and I’ve been coughing a lot the last three days and I think my scabs are almost all gone (too afraid to look but I can’t feel them anymore). I’m OK during the day for the most part but OMG the pain is unbearable at night. I almost passed out tonight because I had 5 minutes of the most intense pain in my life. I started eating soups with vegetables yesterday but am going back on a liquid diet tomorrow. Swallowing hurts so much that I have a spit cup with me. I’m so tired and hungry and when does this end??? And I only have one tonsil out..I don’t know how you’re handling this with both out. I think I would die.

    1. Yes. I am worried about night time. It’s like I brought this on myself… I just want to feel better. Tired of feeling great only like.1-2hrs a day

  30. Days 1-4 were great for me, I thought wow this isn’t as hard as what I read online. Them boom day 5-7 with 7 being the worst! I’m not sleeping very well and my ears and throat are throbbing today, and I can’t take anymore pain meds than I’m on now. If I could go back I wouldn’t have had the surgery and wouldn’t reccomend it because tonsillitis is 10x less painful that recovering from surgery. I didn’t realise how much would change afterwards with everything from my voice to the fact I couldn’t smoke anymore. I visit this site everyday just for some reassurance

  31. Two things different last night…
    1 pain wasn’t as intense
    2 I woke to a lot of blood in back of my throat.

    Two things I did different.
    1.i used anbersol which was like angels from heaven giving mercy
    2 I had a cool humidifier on for the first time during my short 3 hours of sleep.

    I only eat jello, pudding and water… nothing more added because I still can’t swallow without pain.
    The anbersol took a huge edge of pain off but I’m hoping that’s not the cause for the bleeding

  32. Btw I’m 48 years old and this is worse than any kidney stone broken bone or broken rib …. I’m on day 7 and I just woke up with some globs of blood and a bit of a bloody nose.
    It’s calm down and so far it’s just a few blood spots… but initially it was bad. Here’s the kicker… I went to the hospital earlier today for dehydration… they check blood levels and all was ok… filled me with fluids via iv and was on my way home.
    3 hours later I’m waking up to almost choking on blood clots.
    Some fairly red.

    It’s officially day 8 and 630 am
    Im gonna wait to chat with my ent about the blood.
    I’m praying it’s just scab coming off but not to the point I need to be sealed back up…. I can’t go through this again!

  33. Has anyone tried Anbersol numbing gel to ease the pain? And if so …. is there any drawbacks to it or anyone have warnings against it ?

  34. I’m 22 years old. This is day 7 for me, I think today is the worst amount of pain I’ve been in since my surgery. Sleeping makes me sad, I want to sleep because, hey, it feels great to sleep. Just kidding, I wake up with a throat so dry…my whole head is pounding, jaws locking, teeth grinding, ears ache, and my throat hurts so bad I wince just drinking water. I’m not allowed anything like oxycodone or Vicodin since I use to use heroin before I had my son. All my doctor gave me is a “Tonsil Fire Extinguisher” that numbs the area and ibuprofen and tylenol…. I’m hoping this get better soon. I can’t talk, can’t sleep, can’t eat, and just don’t feel like me 🙁

  35. I’m on day 7. Im 32 and The pain is unbearable. I now don’t sleep as waking up with the throbbing skull/jaw/throat combo is not worth the 45 minutes I get. The only thing that will ease it is ibuprofen and I can only take that 3 times in 24 hours!!!!! It is 4 in the morning and I’m just counting down till my doctor is open to either get something stronger or demand I go back into hospital. Oh and last time I went to thd doctor they told me to go to the shop and buy mouthwash….useless! Had a yogurt and 1 egg yesterday. That was it, so hungry! But again the pain afterwards is just not worth it. So reassuring to read everyone’s experiences when you are awake all night, slowly losing my mind. Oh and childbirth was a walk in the park compared to this.

  36. I’m on day 7 and feel fantastic! Hardly any pain haven’t taken any painkillers for 2 days! Check up with the dr today and he is very with my recovery and where I’m at!
    Just remember it’s different for all of us but the most important thing is to drink drink drink! Keep up with the pain meds don’t let it get too bad before taking them again try and stay on top of it!

  37. Just want to give a little hope. I had my surgery on Sept. 21 and Thursday Sept. 28 was my day 7 and also my first day back at work(accounting). I stopped taking my prescription hydro/acetaminophen on Wed. Sept. 27 and began taking over the counter (liquid) extra strength Tylenol and while it does not work as well it does help with the remaining pain. I am tired mostly from not sleeping well at night; not really from pain just more uncomfortable. The pain is tolerable for me and I have been eating regular food since Monday. It still hurts don’t get me wrong but it’s not debilitating. Oh and I have not had any bleeding as of yet. Side note: the pain of my tonsillectomy at any point day 1-8 so far has been nothing compared to the pain I was in when I had an abscess behind my left tonsil due to strep two weeks before I had my tonsillectomy, I was in the hospital for 4 days on iv fluids, morphine, antibiotics, and steroids. Best of luck!

  38. I’m on day 7 at the moment. I’ve been keeping daily pictures to see my progress and I’ve been on this site everyday!

    Days one and two were ok it was painful but bareable. Wrote in my diary that I was eating toast, cereal bars, quavers, breaded chicken and fish fingers. I thought my whole recovery would be that easy!

    Day 4 for me was the absolute worst In pain and I had bleeding but it was just the scabs breaking a little bit (nothing to worry about as i rang the hospital for precaution).

    I need to stress too that if there is only a small amount of bleeding that lasts a minute or two that it is not a cause for concern if your on days 4- 10 as it is most likely some scab breaking off. The time you will need to go to the hospital is when there is lots of RED blood that wont stop for a while. And I know its awful but check the back of your throat or get someone to look at it for their opinion on the bleed.

    it is common for people to bleed a bit from scabs so please dont panic like i did! Just get some ice water, relax and gargle it in your mouth and drink it.

    Hope everyone is hanging in there!!! Lets all get through the pain threshold together! 🙂

  39. Hi, it’s day 3 for me and over all mine hasn’t been that bad I can’t eat normal but am getting by on what I can eat! I dnt seem to b in much pain, it does hurt when I swallow and I can’t really talk but other then that am good, every1 on this says it gets worse but I was talking to my friend and he has had his out 2 weeks ago and he said it jst stayed the same thn got better, everyone is different and I think it all depends on your ages the older you r the long it will take to get better, plus I don’t understand hw it could get worse is it because the scabs fall off?

  40. I was hospitalized 2 times after i got mine out (8 days ago). Day 3 i couldnt stop throwing up. day 6, i started bleeding and pukijg it out. i rushed to the hospital, they stopped the bleeding and got 5 stitches. Today my neck is the so stiff and sorest its ever been, still have jaw and ear pain. With mu meds (two T1 500, liquid tylenol and liquid ibuprofen, which is 1 of the little one shooter things each) Worst recovery. Its like 1 step forward and 2 steps back. 😕

    1. My saliva is also very thick and seems to be mixed with phlegm? Also back of my throat feels like theres a lump or something. I am avoiding breathing through the mouth. Just really hoping tomorrow will be better.

  41. Day 7 – I feel like I’m never going to recover. It’s been 7 days I haven’t been able to eat at all. It hurts to even swallow the chicken noodle soup. I’ve dropped 15lbs so far and today my ears are on fire, my tongue hurts so much and I am super frustrated and hungry.

    I’m not sure how long this will take but I feel like it’s going to be a solid 2 weeks before I’m back to normal again!

    This sucks big time!

  42. Yay day 7! 🙂 I’m so proud of surviving a week of hell. I’ve spent last night in hospital due to bleeding that happened the day before. I was happy to be looked after in case of another bleed which thankfully didn’t happen. This morning has been the same as days 4-5-6 really just the regular pain in the ears, neck… feeling sick. Ear pain reduced once I started to drink so that’s great. I hope today will be kind to me. Also hoping that from tomorrow or day 9 I’ll start feeling better overall.

  43. 27 yr old female.
    I read a lot of posts on here and it looks like everyone is in excruciating pain day 4-7 warries, for some maybe even later. It’s due to your scabs falling off and honestly once the majority of it fall off, the whole life becomes easier. It usually takes about 3 days. What I’ve noticed and I think it’s really important is that no matter if people have taken Vicodin, oxycodone, Tylenol or ibuprofen the amount of the pain is the same for everyone during the first few days. The medicine lasts for about an hour to two max and you’re dying for the following 2 hours anyway, so why not go easy on your body and stick with smaller dosage of liquid ibuprofen every 4 hours instead of poisoning your body with stuff that’s making you even more miserable? One night I took 600 mg ibuprofen, the next I took 200mg- made no difference in pain level. Both nights I woke up 2 hrs later crying in pain. The best think I recommend is stay on liquid diet as much as you can, literally blend everything and drink it, gargle with saline solution 3 times a day, ice your throat and put heating pack on your ears and jaw. The light at the end of the tunnel is close! Hang in there


      The “tip” you just gave could get someone hurt, think twice before posting bad medical advice. Taking ibuprofen is literally the one thing you SHOULDN’T do in this instance.

      The primary complication with this surgery is hemorrhage during the period that the scabs come off. If you’re loading you body up with medications that thin your blood (aspirin, ibuprofen) then you are increasing this risk significantly.

      Although extremely rare, it CAN lead to DEATH from a bleedout if the bleeding isn’t caught soon enough.

      It blows my mind that people like you are ignorant of this, considering the ENT/Nurses/Surgery Center staff would have specifically told you this numerous times…

      1. Actually many ENT’s do now recommend NSAID’s. They didn’t 8 years ago when I got my tonsillectomy. I think the key is not to look for medical advice here or elsewhere on the web. Ask your doctor.

      2. First of all, no scientific data exists that suggests ibuprofen promotes post operative bleeding. NSAID means non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, not blood thinner. Get your facts straight before commenting or giving medical advice. Aspirin, on the other hand, will thin your blood as it is it’s primary purpose.

        The nurses, ENT’s, and other healthcare staff will not give you medically irrelevant data or incorrect and unsafe methods of care.

        Take it from me. I am an educated healthcare professional and I am sure that you are not.

      3. Your tone sucks! Better way if communicating your concerns. Btw Im a registered nurse and a nursing professor. And Yes though NSAID do have the capabilities to thin blood, post operatively it is unlikely. We alternate ibuprofen and Tylenol after this procedure as a protocol and it is very safe. There are different opinions about giving NSAID post op especially after t & a, but it is the opinion and preference of the doc.

  44. hey guys I’m on day 7 and last night was the worst night of them all for me. I was barley able to sleep maybe a good solid 4 hours😞 ,so im extremly exhausted. My pain seems to get worse at night so it sucks😫but I wonder why? I drink water during the night to keep my throat hydrated but it still manages to hurt really bad. I had soup today for the first time even though it was only acouple of bites I manged to get it down. No matter what I consume even if its water cold or warm my right side burns!!! Does anyone else have a digusting taste in there mouth? My breath smells like burnt flesh and the taste😵 ugh !!!! I usually chew gum but I ran out yesterday and havent had the chance to get more. I’ve aslo noticed that chewing gum helps with the ear pain alittle. Im so sick of eating jello and applesause and now soup😒 I just wana fast forward through the recovery and get to the part where im sinking my teeth into a fat juicy burger from my fave spot😫 And does anyone else feel like they sound like a charater from the muppets? lol cause I swear all this swelling makes me sound like miss piggy😂

    1. Omg my son called me toilet breath! But i get so focused trying to get that taste away, I stab the back if my throat with the tooth brush. My ENT got after me with a rolled up magazine when I told him yesterday. Also said I have thrush. Yay! On top of HELLA pain, starvation, and sleep deprivation, I now have yeast infection of the mouth?!?!? TFOH! Pain meds aren’t working. Had soup and the best day on day 5, but the rest have sucked tremendously! Good luck to you.

  45. I just have to say thank you to this website I found this prior to getting my tonsils out and couldnt read to much at that time because it was freakin me the hell out. But I must say since day 1 I check my recovery daily and everyone pretty much goes through the same situations the same days its like a “Tonsil Family” Im currently heading into day 7 its scary to think they all say day 8 is the worst because let me tell you I cant believe I made it this far and to hear it is going to get worse scares shit out of me I have never in my life experienced so much pain and discomfort.. My neck throat and tongue are extremely swollen It feels like razor blades in the back of your throat, the pain in my ears are so unbearable and even a sip of water is torture. I mean this is no joke…I forgot what sleep is and I gave up on food on day 3.. at this point Im in so much pain and agony I dont even think about food any more all I want is the pain to subside so I can get some decent sleep and feel human again. 😷😭😭😭😭😭😷

    1. I’m on day 5 or 6 not really sure. I’m really struggling for energy today as lack of food and sleep. Managed some noodles today and some jelly but didn’t taste the same. Sneezed earlier… bad idea… ouch!!! I’m finding it difficult as I still have a family to look after and they seem incapable of looking after me so it’s that or all goes to poop. So I had my op on Tues and it’s now Sunday. When’s it gonna get better?,?

  46. 20 years old and I’m on day 6 day 7 will be coming around the corner cause it’s almost 10pm. But today I saw my ENT and I got a steroid and took the last of my oxycodin and honestly I’ve been sleeping on and off all day. The steroid has helped out with the swelling in my tongue and throat. Help out a lot. I’ve actually at some rice today but my mom made it super soft and pasty. Honestly today started as the worse but ended pretty fine. Now that the steroid is dying down I know I’m the morning it will be hell but honestly the days are counting down and everything will be okay 😩🙌🏾

  47. 23/f
    it’s officially a week post op, my week hasn’t been too too bad but I’ll be honest I haven’t had anything to eat not even soft food. I don’t know how you people are doing it? Even after taking my liquid codeine my ear pain is way too excruciating to even want to eat. Maybe that’s why my scabs haven’t started to fall yet? It’s so frustrating I know it’s going to kill when they fall off and I’m a little scared about it but its progress. The only thing I occasionally drink other than water is a mango smoothie my mom makes for me, no milk just ice and a little juice but I like leaving it in the fridge and drinking it later so it’s more liquidy. Sadly I can’t really taste has anyone else lost all of their taste? I don’t have any taste except for this really bitter taste. This morning I got really scared because I noticed that the scab on my left side had parts that were red. So I just swished cold water inside my mouth trying to get it as close to my left side as possible I tried to lightly gargle but gargling without those massive tonsils it felt like I was going to choke so I just swished the water around. I drank a lot of water and my mango smoothie and when I went back to check the blood was gone. I wasn’t in that much pain today but I’m sure I’ll be in a lot tonight..
    last night was hell, just constant pain.
    I’m tired, hungry and ready for this to be over.
    I just miss work and being social.
    Also for some reason I feel like my right side is healing better than my left.. even when I drink water it KILLS when anything goes down the left side but on the right side nothing.

  48. I know this is random but does anyone wanna exchange numbers? It would be really nice to have someone to text who’s around the same stage. That way we can vent to each other and have that constant support from someone who knows how the other is feeling.
    I’m 23/f had my surgery July 21st today is day 7 for me from Canada but I’m able to text to us as well.

    1. Hi im a 14 year old female and im on day 5 and its been miserable for me😭 can you give me advice please. My name is Alexis and I live in Texas😂

      My phone numer is 940-736-1349

  49. Im 17 day 7 woke up with slight discomfort but thats because my throat was dry. Ate scrammbled eggs with bread for breakfast, chicken cutlet for lunch. Smoked a little bud from joints in the evening and i don’t smoke cigaretts, in my opinion smoking weed has not slown down recovery. Also i ate pizza in the afternoon.The more you eat and drink the faster you heal. Gargled with peroxide and saw the thin scabbing come off [very minimal] and after this i recieved light pain when i swallowed water for the rest of the night. Day 6 i completely stopped taking pain killer: acetamin/codeine. Still cant talk at my best but now im able to engage normally in conversations and raise my tone a little first few days i sounded stupid and it hurt to mumble

  50. 23 year old male. The operation was early last Wednesday 7/19, so this makes today day 7.
    I woke up with the same incredible ear pain as yesterday along with the feeling of glass in my throat. Mornings suck. What I do is take my prescription pain killer asap with a few extra sips of water. Turn the hot water on in the bathroom and steam it for a while and jump in and take a hot shower. It helps get the blood flowing with the medicine. After the shower, I put ice packs under my jaw on each side, on the front and back of my neck, and on my forehead for relief. Then I attempt to eat.
    With the medicine in the system for at least 30 minutes and with some icing done I think it really helps. Usually in the morning I eat oatmeal with extra hot water to make it as soft and easy as possible. Let it cool of course. And also, my go to is overcooked angel hair pasta. Super soft and mixed with butter in there.
    I stack the prescription medicine with Advil liquid cap ibuprofen. When my doses are far apart, it helps me subside the pain till the next dose. I take a max of 3 of these a day. And only water for me. Tea didn’t go so well neither did apple juice.

    1. Just fyi for people looking for advice. Ibuprofen should not be taken for at least two weeks after surgery because it is a blood thinner that can cause severe bleeding. It is on the list of medications not to take after surgery.

      1. That’s weird , the surgeon and the anesthesiologist both said for my son to alternate pain med and ibuprofen. Starting the night after his surgery. He’s on day 8 now and its helped a lot with the swelling

  51. Ok, scratch everything I said, post day 7 has been the worst day of my life having a baby was so much more easier! I had a bleed out ! I was sitting on my couch and felt something pop I could taste blood and ran to the restroom I spit out so much blood. The only way I got the bleeding to stop was drinking two ice cold water bottles. My pain at this point is a 25 It feels like I’m swallowing glass everytime I try so of course that resulted me into spitting into a cup! I haven’t talked since day 2 of my surgery,I’m literally tired of writing. I originally had a abscess on my throats which lead to the removal of my tonsils I jus can’t wait until this is all over . I am ready to return back to work keep in mind I talk for a living. Good luck to all!

  52. It is “comforting” to read that I’m not the only one who is still miserable. I am 24 and on day 7 post tonsillectomy. It is AWFUL!! Drinking or eating anything cold brings me to tears, so much stabbing ear pain it’s unreal (and swallowing glass shards is the perfect description). Drinking a small amount of warm water is about all I can do. Eating is out of the question. The first few days were a walk in the park in comparison to now.

  53. I’m 37 years old, today is a week since I had a tonsillectomy surgery…. the pain is absolutely horrible…. drinking water feels like I’m drinking a glass of glass chards… I can drink ice caps, I drink a chocolate protein shake twice a day but other than that… water is horrible!!!

    1. I’m 38 and had my surgery on the 7/20/17 and I’m just miserable. I had to come online just too see if I was just overreacting and I see that I’m not. This truly is something that should have been done in my younger years. I have given birth (4x) 2natural and 2csetion and had tubal ligation and hysterectomy that was way easier than this by the seventh day

  54. Friday will be my one week..
    This has been horror movie. I have not been able to speak bc of the pain. Every swallow is like knives cutting me.. I have to prepare to swallow. Pep talk.. Ok ur ready one two swallow. I have not been able to eat because of the pain.. Today I got applesauce down.. Yea.. But I’m still needing my meds and I’m running out fast.. I deff need them.. I have not been able to have a bm. Since surgery.. Ice I live on ice.. I eat it I have it on my face because the pain and swelling. This sucks. I would not recommend this .. Pain is soo bad. I have a high pain tolerance..

    1. I am on day 7 and in the same position as you! Prep talking to swallow and replying on pain meds for any amount of comfort. I slept through my alarms this morning and woke up 2.5 hours after my last dose of pain meds were due and have been miserable ever since. I can’t get on top of the pain, it is so bad..

  55. So just finished out day seven here. I’ve been reading up on tonsillectomy stuff, just like all of you, since having the surgery. It’s my first post though. Day 7 was not that bad really. Since the day I got my surgery I’ve been taking two 5/325mg Percocets every 4 hours. I set alarms for 12, 4, 8, 12, and so on. I usually cut them in half just because it feels like it gets caught in my throats and then I expierence acid reflux. 😵 Anyways, day 7 was okay. Just hung out all day. Took a nap about mid day. After taking the percs and waiting until they really kicked in I made two things of top ramen, had some applesauce and apple juice. Still haven’t pooped since the surgery though 🤔 Scans are still on, but the only time I ever really feel plain is after I wake up, it hurts pretty bad, and the only thing you can do is drink cold water and wait it out. It passes though. Yesterday was the Fourth of July, so I got ballsy and had a pulled pork sand which, it went down alright after heavy chewing and swallowing every bite with water. Anywho, day 7, not that bad, drink water and take the meds. ✌🏼

  56. I had a tonsillectomy and setoplasty surgery a week ago tomorrow. I have never been in so much pain in my life. I am taking oxycodone (liquid) every 4 hours for pain. Honestly the pain meds just make me sleep on and off. I am also on a 10 day antibiotic that I have to mix with pudding to take 2 times a day. I had to do a 24 stay in ICU the night of surgery before coming home the next day. I been living off Chicken and stars in the soup to go cup, jello, pudding and lots of Sonic ice. I finally starting walking around the house and even went riding to the store with my husband it felt good just to get out for awhile. I have found that ice is starting to make my throat and ear pain worse so i have been putting warm salt water in my mouth and spitting it out. That seems to make the pain go away for a little while. I am just ready to be back to normal and eat what I want instead of eating all soft foods. This pain is by far worse than I could have imagined. I had a C-section and came home and took no pain meds and was fine. I also had a tubal ligation and had very little pain….this tonsillectomy and septoplasty has been one hell of a ride.

  57. 18 year old female
    I’m on day seven of my recovery and things are looking pretty bleek. I have been able to eat okay up until this point, but eating takes me a really long time because I’m taking such small bites. Honestly right now all I’ve eaten since the surgery is chicken noodle soup, mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, and chicken pot pie that i stuck in a blender. Ill take a few bites of “real food” and then immediately wash it down with a bite of vanilla pudding, jello, or occasional ice cream. But eating is getting harder now that the scabs are coming off. Before every swallow i have to give myself a little pep talk because I never know when a scab will come off and ill be in pain. Talking is difficult too, but at least I can speak now- the first couple days I could barely get a sentence out it hurt so bad. I’m still not sleeping well, I wake up the moment my pain medication wears off (every 4 hours) and then have to stay awake for the next dose to kick in. I’m falling asleep constantly, i average two naps a day, usually lasting an hour or two (or four). But my main problem now is mucus. I can barely breathe because of the mucus buildup in the back of my throat. I’m constantly spitting it out but it just gets worse. I’m not sure if its allergies or some kind of summer cold, but it’s making me kinda miserable. Im really hoping it gets better from here, I’m starting to go nuts.

    1. I can’t even chew Mac and cheese. My throat hurts all up into my ears. Talking hurts so bad as well. I am just praying it gets easier because so far each day is worse for me

    2. Uhm heeey… you’re not suppose to eat dairy after a tonsillectomy it causes mucus lol but I’m sure you’re ok by now!!

  58. I’m a 19 year old female and tomorrow will be a week exactly since I got them out, I’ve been not too bad so far apart from horrible horrible jaw pain that can make it impossible to eat. My surgeon told me eat as normally as possible as soon as possible. So I have been and I’m managing it fine. However drinking is a different story, water makes me nauseous at the taste, diluting juice is slightly stingy, and soft drinks feel horrible so I’m scared I’m getting dehydrated but I drink as much as I can. My main issue is that, although I’ve been fine all night my uvula seems to have swollen right up again and I’ve got what looks like a red area next to it that’s swollen up a bit too and it’s making it really painful to swallow. I’ve taken my painkillers but they hurt so I’m scared to take any ibuprofen. I have a week of recovery left but I have things planned for that are kind of important and I’m scared that I won’t get any better and that I’ll need to go to hospital for fluids or something! Or that I have an infection 🙁

  59. Day seven:
    18 year old female

    Today was fine, I ate a piece of pizza, an apple, and some bread. The only time I’m in a decent amount of pain is when I sleep or take a nap, then I’ll need to take some Advil and drink water. Other than that my left tonsil is the only one that really hurts and my tonsils look way better than they did on day 3, I think my scabs are still on

  60. Day seven | 23 year old female
    I woke up at 11 this morning with tolerable pain in one side of my throat and ear (meds wore off) and I immediately sipped on apple juice and had my brufen 600mg. My uvula is still swollen and last night I had trouble sleeping because it felt like I was constatly trying to swallow it 🙂 freaky but I did my research and it’s not life threatnig unless you have trouble breathing. However, it wasn’t painful at all it just felt uncomfortable. I’ll stop taking my antibiotics and my other meds because my doctor prescribed them for me to take for seven days but I’ll stick with the Brufen just in case since it’s the last day I’ll take my meds.
    I tasted some blood in my mouth and there was actually no bleeding so I’m guessing it’s just the scabs since the white stuff is decreasing in amount.
    Yesterday (day six) I managed to eat for the first time! It was one of the best days post op as I managed to eat banana, nutella and ice cream waffle. I didn’t rush it and made sure I chewed my food very well and it went down smoothly, and I also had banana and strawberry shake.
    Make sure to take a pain killer before you eat it will minimize the pressure when you swallow your food.

    Days are passing by so fast. Hang in there.

  61. I am 7 days post op. I’ve read through a lot of forums about tonsillectomy recovery over the last few days and noticed a lot of people were given antibiotics along with pain meds. I wasn’t given any antibiotics to take, so wondering if this might prolong my recovery. Has anyone else not been given antibiotics? This recovery process has been terrible, I can’t wait till this is over and a distant memory!!

    1. My doctor said it’s important to take antibiotics in order to prevent infections and help healo your throat faster. Talk to your doctor.

      1. I definitely had to take them, it was not a choice. I would ask your doctor why – that way you can understand their reasoning and see if it’s sound .You can always get a second opinion. I am a big fan of 2nd and 3rd opinions. It’s made a difference over my lifetime to have that back up.

    2. I was also not given antibiotics. I’m assuming it’s because 1) I have been on so many in the last 6 months they were becoming ineffective and I’m allergic to quite a few of them limiting the options of them being able to switch them up. 2) the ones they could prescribe are HUGE pills and also upset my stomach. I feel bad for anyone having to swollen any additional medicine during this awful recovery period.

    3. Just an update. 20days post op. And without antibiotics my recovery has progressed fine, Day 9 was my ‘turn around day’ with significant decrease in pain. Day 7 and 8 were the worst pain wise and also mentally challenging, these were the days I questioned wether the surgery was worth it and couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, but if you are reading this, know that it gets better! I never reply to forums but reading these kept me sane during the worst of it lol my husband thought I was mad, sitting in terrible pain reading tonsillectomy forums over and over haha. Anyway cheers to whoever starting this blog. Your a tonsillectomy legend 😀👍🏼

    4. I didn’t get them either and i was wondering the same thing. I just had to have nausea pills ordered because the smell in my throat is killing me!

    5. I am on day seven and I have no been given any antibiotics just pain meds and anti nausea tabs that’s it. I have been in a lot of pain since but yesterday day 6 that was the best day so for accept night time right now hurts so bad. These posts are what help me get through the night. Thank you everyone get better soon!!!!!

  62. My daughter is 15 and has her tonsills removed a week ago.
    Her breath is terrible and tonight started vomitting.
    Is this normal.
    She has been eating and drinking ok until now.

  63. the cold sweats are almost unbearable. i wake up freezing and drenched in sweat. thought i was feeling better this morning so i took my pup on a short walk just to get outside (of course i brought my ice chips with me – lol)

    it was fine. now it’s the afternoon and i think i’m going to die from the pain. i don’t even know how to describe it: itchy, throbbing, poking, scratchy, terrible feeling.

    none of my scabs have fallen off – although they are starting to itch so i think it’s coming. i’ve los 10 pounds. pretty much anything other than ice chips stings

  64. I’m 30 years old and waking up to day 7. I’m pretty disappointed that I’m still dealing with excruciating pain episodes. I thought I’d be past the worst of it by now?!
    Sleeping is impossible, waking up every 1-2 hours with stabbing pain in throat, jaw and ears. There’s seems to be a magic hour or 2 during the day when the pain meds have kicked in just right… and I’m able to painfully gulp down a smoothie or pudding but besides that, swallowing water makes me want to cry.
    The scabs are starting to disappear which I guess it a good sign, but in some areas there are deep holes where it looks like the scab may have fallen off prematurely. Holy Hannah, this is hell. The pain is unbearable.
    I was hoping today would be my breakthrough day… fingers crossed for tomorrow 🙁

  65. Day 7, feels like I’ve taken a step backwards. I can feel the scabs at the root of the tonsils, sticking out like shards of class.
    Really hurts and I can barely eat.
    Anything I eat feels stingy on the back of my throat.
    Water is still okay but sometimes hurts to swallow.

  66. My 4.5 year old daughter is on day 8 today. I cannot see her in so much pain anymore, when does it end??? It is especially hard when she’s trying to eat even though it’s soft food. I stopped her hydrocodone and just do regular Tylenol, my heart breaks for her.

  67. I got my tonsillectomy on 6th April…And by far it has been the worst days of my life…The ear pain is unbearable…And how do people eat or drink after this…I can barely drink milk…Today the pain was less but it increased at night..I am on painkillers . But seriously man the pain is too much…It feels as if my throat has become stiff..There are sudden episodes of pain..Please suggest me some diet plan…I am seriously blank on what to eat..I only eat ice creams and drink milk.

      1. i took anything i could get down as a win – my surgeon told me the same thing. ice cream is so far the only thing that doesn’t sting going down. although i can tell it’s making more mucus – i just don’t care at this point

  68. 4/10/17
    I had my tonsils out 7 days ago.I’m 37 y/o .I’m in Recovery so I have not used any kind of drug for pain just your normal acetmetaphen.It has been tough.The worst part is eating day 2 I ate meatloaf,hummus & truth is Bread is the worst thing to eat I think because it kind of drags.early mornings are the worst.getting up taking acetmetaphen choking down a Nutri grain bar or pudding or yogurt than back to bed.ears,eyes,throat delicate balance.I have so much Respect for people who go through this.I’ve taken 2 weeks off work.for good reason.don’t lift much or do much the antibiotic & steroid will get you tired.Plus truth is we don’t want to bleed out our throats.You kind of gotta get Brave in reguards to eating.I thought the pain would go away day 7 lol I was wrong.Good luck god speed.
    Bobby P

  69. I’m 15 and had a tonsillectomy 7 days ago I think I’m starting to get better but I was in so much pain on day 4/5 I didn’t eat anything on those days because of the pain but after surgery I could eat a little,my ears have been in so much pain because of it and any time I would swallow it would hurt my thoart n ears,I haven’t had much sleep because I wake up screaming because of the pain and I’m too scared to go through the pain! I get about 3 hours sleep a night,ice lollys will become your best friend through all this,if your thinking about getting a tonsillectomy think long and hard because it is very painful your throt is on fire n so is your ears but if you really need to get your tonsils out than get it done and I recommend having liquid medication because tables for me were to hard to swallow

  70. I’m on my 7th day of recovery from a tonsillectomy and an adenoidectomy and it has been rough every single day. Im only able to eat soft foods like pasta or chicken noodle soup.the pain through out the day is more bearable than in the night time. I can’t sleep as much cause of the pain I feel. I am only ablw to sleep around 4 hours a night.I finished the hydrocoDene that they gave me (180 ml).I would take 15ml of it every six hours.once I was done with the medicine I started taking tylenol (325mg) every four hours. Now I am awake and wondering why my the left side is bleeding so much.from what I see it looks like a big clot of blood just sitting on the left that normal??is it a scab?should I be worried?

  71. Everyone is saying is there a light at the the end of the tunnel, and Day seven is my closets day to it! Day five was my utter torture day, but everyone’s is different. Tomorrow I am just starting to go back to school and I hope I feel even better than I did today!

  72. I got my tonsils out on Tuesday the 21st of February and I’m on day 7 and it’s 11:59pm. Last night I was in excruciating pain, it’s mainly night time when I’m in pain! And it’s effecting my ear very badly, I’m getting fed up of not being able to eat, sleep or talk without it being painful, day six throughout the day I wasn’t in any pain at all then that night, like I said I was in a lot of pain, I’m on calpol and ibrofen liquid form! I just want this to be over and done with, I’m so tired though out the day:(
    I’ve also relised that when I eat both side of my tounge, I can’t taste well or it won’t taste nice? I’m not sure what’s happened? And I also got half of my adinoids taken out too and my nose has been blocked since I had the operation, I’m not sure how long I can deal with this pain! Can someone help me and let me know how long it will take till it stops hurting???

    1. You are a day or two ahead of my recovery and it sounds like we are at the same step. To be honest I have found today so much easier but that could just be compared to the first few days that were hell and I had to go to a and e the second day. I think by the time you read this, you will already be feeling better than you were when you wrote that post. And when or if you come back again, you could be much much better. I also have that awful taste in my mouth a lot but lets be honest, we wouldn’t have expected it to taste like honey. My tongue is also a whitey grey but that’s due to swelling apparently. I couldnt breathe through my nose either for a few nights so I recommend you keep a drink by you all the time or get a humidifier. To answer your question about how long the pain will last, I can imagine we will be able to feel it still when we swallow up until about day 20 odd but when that pain becomes tolerable should be any day now. I think mine is tomorrow. I hope yours has already happened.

  73. I got my tonsils removed on the 10th of this month. It’s only 3am of day 7. Currently dealing with tingling sensations in the back of my throat after getting about an hour of sleep in (all I really get these days). Throat felt way worse than any of the other times i woke up, maybe because the scabs are starting to come off? I have a spit bowl that I used for almost all of day 6. Some pieces of the scab came off (saw them in the bowl, kinda gross). It was really hard to drink cold water after that happened, so I had room temperature for awhile. Not sure if the it’s already healed where those scabs came off but I’m back to ice water. Cried on day 6 because I’m sooo tired of the pain, the not eating, & not sleeping. I’m very irritable & can’t wait for this to be over. I’m really hoping that once these scabs completely fall off I’ll magically feel better. Also, been off my prescribed pain meds (hydrocodone w/ acetamenophen) since day 4 because it made me very dizzy & nauseated. Taking 600mg of ibuprofen every 6 hours & if needed I’ll take 1000mg of Tylenol in between. Still hate eating however during day 6 I got SOME relief & was able to manage some mashed potatoes, a pudding, & applesauce. Night of day 6 has been disasterous. Tingling. Coughing. I’m hoping it stops soon.

  74. Let me start off by saying I had the best support system I could hope for, my wonderful fiance.
    I am 24 years old and I had my tonsilectomy on February 1st. Counting that as the first day I am considering this day 7. Okay, tons of pain in the first four days: I dreaded swallowing anything so food was not an option for me. That on top of pain meds was not a good combo. Needless to say I spent some time vomiting. Not fun because my uuvula was actually the size of the back of my mouth. It was trying to make up for the space the lack of tonsils caused. Haha. I will admit I’m a bit of a baby when it comes to pain but wow this really hurt. I laughed at the fact the doctors recommend you to drink so much when it hurts as much as it does. I tried to eat a yogurt but it was too thick and hard to swallow. Applesauce and jello were my friends. Popsicles were nice for a moment of comfort. Day 5 was the best I had felt since surgery. My fiance got me some Ensure..I recommend Ensure from the beginning if you can because it has so many nutrients and probably speeds up healing, or a multivitamin of some sort. On Day 7, still not really eating as it hurts to swallow and still feeling rather drained and sleeping is when I’m affected most. I hated the phlegm the first few days but now that it’s gone I understand it’s purpose. My throat gets so dry and I wake up to some pretty bad pain and it puts me in a bad mood. I had some bleeding today, I think my scabs are starting to come off. I chewed up some ice and drank some water and it stopped. It’s easy to get depressed and discouraged through this healing process, but I believe it gets better everyday. I pray for strength and courage and a healthy recovery. God bless you all, I’m sorry we have to deal with this pain but it’s in his hands.

  75. Day 7: the pain is unbelievable, the throbbing, sharp pains when I wasn’t even swallowing, massive headache ( can’t even concentrate and I think the veins are popping out of my brain), the pain in my ears… don’t even get me started, someone might as well have been ripping them off, I slept for a total of 30 mins last night because I couldn’t take my meds the throwing up was just too much. It hurts too bad to eat and taking the hydrocodone on an empty stomach makes me hurl every time. Just the taste I nearly puke. I’m very sleep deprived and in pain so this comment is most likely full of errors and hard to read. My uvula got more swollen throughout the day because of too much talking, just swallowing is the biggest challenge of my life. My scabs are 3/4 of the way gone and everything just feels like an open wound back there. My teeth ache awfully bad too from clenching and grinding them together from the pain. I’ve been drinking nearly 10 bottles of 16 oz water bottles a day I feel like it’s speeding up the the healing process but the pain tells me differently. On day 8 I promised myself I will not speak once. Every word makes it feel like my throat is being torn in every spot. This tonsillectomy recovery is really making me regret the entire surgery. When they said it would be painful I had absolutely no idea it would be like this. Please make sure you are emotionally and physically prepared for this surgery and that it is at an appropriate time in your life to take a break from everything for two weeks. I thought I would be able to do small things such as color to keep my mind off the pain but just looking at the page makes me burst into tears because the pain in my throat hurts too bad to concentrate on anything. I’ve done nothing but lay and stare since I got my tonsils out. Good luck to everyone who is going through the same thing and I am incredibly sorry that your feeling this pain.

    1. Lucy, you have truly hit the nail on the head. My worst day was day 5 though. Haven’t really had any nausea and only been able to tolerate popsicles, water, apple juice and ice chips. Ive tried ramen noodles, needless to say that a piece of noodle got stuck in my throat. Which was scary but I did get it out. Mashed potatoe were deliousious. I strongly agree with you being EMOTIONALLY and PHYSICALLY ready. It’s definitely a must.

  76. Day 6 after tonsil adenoids and tubes on my 5 year old son. He is waking through the night in cold sweats and crying out in pain. He almost seems to be asleep but awake like a night terror. Active during the day but will not each much or drink. Refuses popciles and ice cream, only wants water. Had a little cold chicken and cheese. Scabs have not fallen off yet.

    1. My 3 year old son is doing the same!! He screamed in his sleep this morning. He wakes up every hour and just sits up and sleeps and is sweaty and shaking. Im so glad im not the only one to deal with this.was starting to scare me a little.

  77. I’m on day 7… best day so far! The first few days were torture! Swelling was really bad. I couldn’t eat anything. Even pop sickles were torture. Everything was horrible 😭. I was weak and had no energy!
    But today, I feel a lot better. I have a lot more energy! I think the main reason is because I’ve been drinking Boost in the flavor Very Vanilla for the past 2 days in place of meals. And it is actually gets me full. No pain while swallowing it, no nausea, no swelling after eating it, and I can actually finish it! I’m glad I found it because I had lost 15 pounds during the first 5 days because I couldn’t eat anything (I tried yogurt, mashed potatoes, etc.) but since I’ve been drinking boost my weight has been the same for 2 days! I’m glad too because I was losing my curves haha! So if your looking for a painless yet filling way to eat get Boost! It taste just like ice cream 😊 Also remember to drink water too! Ice if there’s swelling.

  78. Days one and two my tongue was so sore from the nurses pulling on it. Pain is weird because I feel like my uvula is gettin tucked away when I swallow. I had HUGE tonsils so the space where they had used to be feels enormous. Still getting used to swallowing. The less you talk the less it hurts. But drink as much as possible, swallowing speeds up the healing process.

  79. I’m a 23 year old female nearing the end of day 6. I had a septoplasty, turbinate reduction, and nasal reconstruction to better my breathing along with my tonsilectomy and adenoidectomy, so my recovery has been quite a ride so far.

    Days 1 was very hazy and heavily medicated. My amoxicillin antibiotic is in pill form so these had to be mixed in with pudding in order to be eaten.

    Days 2 and 3 I was taking my medication every 4 hours, eating only soup, pudding, and ice cream. My uvula was so swollen it was starting to scare me. I had tears running all day with a mind of their own, as I was never actually intentionally crying. This may have been from the nose swelling.

    Days 4-6 I’ve mostly been sticking with soup in the morning and an attempt at soft food at night just from rampaging hunger. Anything in between is just uncomfortable. It took me about an hour to eat a little oatmeal tonight. Granted, there was a nap in the middle, but I think the pain meds can be blamed for that. Liquid foods are really preferable as far as pain and ease of swallowing is concerned. Soup is great on the throat but with nothing too solid in it – no meat or veggies. I have to take the pain meds before I even think about eating. My uvula is still swollen, so it makes it feel like I have to swallow. My jaw is sore and I’m experiencing a little ear pain. Feels like there’s knives in my throat, especially on the right side. Overall just an unenjoyable experience. Every day has been painful so I can’t say it’s getting worse or better, I think I’m just getting sick of it. I can’t talk very loudly or respond quickly, and for the love of Pete I just want regular food!!

    Also, the doctor never really mentions constipation and I’m not sure about others’ medications, but I’ve been prescribed hydrocodone, and that paired with antibiotics most definitely stopped my bowel movements. Because I’m eating so little I’m not overly concerned about it, but it’s something to take into account.

    1. Day 7 for me… I just want the burning feeling to end!!! I’ve not had solid food since December 20th…. I’m weak when I first get up. The ear popping is the worst…I’m just praying that I wake up and all the pain is gone!

    2. Today makes days 7 for me day six was by far the best I was actually able to taste and eat my food and eat a good amount for lunch. Of course it was just mac and cheese but it was very very soft and boy it tasted so good. But as we all may know night time is the worst . Around 6;30-7pm is when my discomfort starts to kick in and it sucks. I over did it with trying to talk through the day and my eating. I took advantage with the eating bc no mater what I tried from day one til now it burned it hurt extremely bad after 3-4 bites. So I had been living on iced water. Of course lost 12lbs since. I tried to eat ice cream, popsicles, warm chicken broth, sherbert, pudding, Ramen soup just broth everything just hurt after a few bites. The warm chicken broth and ramen broth was not to bad. Just got tired of being soar after so long. This processes takes very strong people to get through this and I think people really need to heavily prepare themselves for the worst because to me nothing had prepared me for the amount of pain that I am going through. I have a pretty high pain tolerance and boy am I a big whimp now. Even the horror stories to me just didn’t prepare me for the pain. I pray for everyone to get well very soon and eat something delicious for your first time when you are finally able to actually eat when you are done recovering!!!!! Crab legs and a juicy avocado burger it is for me!!!!!!!

  80. Day 7, my first report. one week and it’s starting to look better. before i type any more. People, you have read just like i have, reading days ahead, reading behind. We are clearly looking for both stories. The horrible ones that scare us into taking it easy and trying to out last this thing, and the good ones which are few and far between. So we mostly find the bad ones. Well, we knew and we are still here. This does not heal in a day or 7. I can tell you that, but I am beginning to feel better and if you are at this point, you most likely will as well. Run the humidifier from the beginning, drink water, eat if you can. Apple sauce was it for me for the first 5 days. Take your pain meds and get someone to call the doctor already and get a refill of your pain meds. I have finished the pain liquid in 1 week taking every 4 hrs. Best of luck people. Just don’t read any more about the horror stories you can find regarding the whole 1 in 5 people who do this surgery apparently have after everything is healed up. If it is true that 20% of people have major issues once they heal, like eating and stuff, well, that’s just not right and this surgery should never be done. Positive thoughts and prayers however have a way of working in this world created by God.

  81. I just finished day 7. It has been one week since surgery (Tues-Tues) and so far day 7 was the worst. Yet today, I woke up with HORRIBLE pain. I think it is due to the scabs? Idk but I have bad breath, taste of metal and grossness in my mouth, and it burns so bad. The hyrdocodine makes me really nasueasated but its the only way that the pain is somewhat tolerable. I am going on day 8 now and it is 4:30 in the morning. I am afraid to sleep because whenever I sleep for too long, it hurts 10000x worse when I have the first swallow after waking up. I have a humidifier going too but it’s still pretty dry and cold. I AM PRAYING THE PAIN ENDS SOON. I need food! And I need to stop feeling weak!

  82. I had mine out as well as my adenoids. I wish I could not have. It’s terrible! I’m on day 7 and I feel like death. I wake up in the night in terrible pain. In the day my throat stings when I’m not swallowing and feels like I swallowed hot peppers and then sliced my throat open before drinking orange juice lol.

  83. I’m 30 and on day 5.
    First day I had no pain and was eating toast 30 mins after surgery, didn’t take pain meds, thought this is going to be easy!
    Second day have a wobbly bit of skin hanging down my throat, really annoying and making me gag, rang the hospital they sent me to my GP, he said he’d never seen that before but that it might shrink when the swelling goes away. Still no pain, did all my house work and laundry, ate Pizza Hut!
    Third day woke up in agony, all I could do was lie there making pathetic whimpering noises, pain killers (I was only given paracetamol and ibuprofen) don’t touch it, feel like my throats been cut, worst pain I’ve ever experienced, even drinking water very challenging. Cold makes it worse! I was drinking warm water and warm milk. During the night I had coughing fits and coughed up scabs (ew)
    Day 4 pain was moderate but better than day 3, managed to eat scrambled egg on toast, porridge and stew.
    Day 5 pain seems the same as yesterday. The tablets are giving me stomach cramps and making me nauseous now though.

    Just hope this is better soon 🙁

  84. I am on day 7 of recovery. I am healing which means my pain is worse. The scabs are forming so it hurts! The thing I am obsessed with is soup! Soup takes so good on the throat. I recommend not eating chicken with any soup. If you want something sugary, try vanilla wafers (the sandwich with cremey stuff kind) They are so good and they melt in your mouth so you dont really even have to swallow!! Remember to drink drink drink!

  85. Day 7 today including the day of the operation! Haven’t taken any pain meds today as they constantly make me feel sick and they irritate my throat when swallowing. Pain has been minimal today, kind of feels like someone gently has their hands around my neck constantly… weird. When I swallow it hurts but not as much as day 2-6! I also haven’t got as much mucous coming up today, i know… EWWW!
    My earache has also got better to what it was 🙂 Hopefully by day 10 i’ll be able to talk again…
    a positive for the surgery is that I have now gone a week without a cigarette and I honestly don’t even get the cravings no more!
    I haven’t checked how much weight i’ve lost because with how hungry I am I know I’m going to put it all back on in the first proper meal I can eat 😀

  86. I’m at the end of day seven including the day of surgery. Of course today is thanksgiving and of course I wasn’t able to eat anything. Day 4-7 has been extremely awful for me especially when I have to SWALLOW my PAIN MEDS. I have the LIQUID hydra and i would consider the PILLS! The liquid BURNS and TASTES AWFUL! I don’t know if I regret this surgery, but hopefully I’ll be better tomorrow. WHAT HELPS! Warm chamomile tea, hot chocolate etc and ramen noodles and MISO SOUP! It’s all amazing! It really feels like heaven! I’m 13 OK and I just wish I could of enjoyed thanksgiving!! If you have any questions feel free to ask!! Im a girl btw :))

  87. Day 7 post op & I still have horrendous jaw ache & sore throat! The best way to describe it is; I’m hungry so I eat, but chewing hurts too much so I try to swallow sooner, but then swallowing hurts more because I’ve not chewed the food enough. Vicious circle! I can’t quite believe it’s taking this long to recover! 🙁

  88. Surgery was November 4, 2016, making today my day 7. I seriously think I’m on a roller coaster ride.
    Day 1 pain was minimal (to be expected coming out of surgery)
    Day 2 I wanted to scream like bloody murder. Ears & throat felt like a jagged edge sword was stabbing me!
    Day 3 pain was mediocre…again
    Day 4 if I was in a 20 story building, I likely would’ve jumped out the window the pain was so bad.
    Day 5 NO PAIN AT ALL, just minor discomfort swallowing.
    Day 6 That jagged edge sword was back…& so were my meds (oxycodone that has 0 affect on my pain)
    Day 7 I can’t really account for the entire day since it’s only 3am

    I’m drinking a lot of H20 & sick of eating soup, applesauce, popsicles & ice cream but its not like I have very many options…I just really wish everything was consistent.

    My speech has also wavered with each day. On days I barely hurt people can understand me when I speak. On days that the scale of 1 to 10 where the pain is a 20 however, my tongue feels like it swells and it sounds like I have like 12 paper towels in my mouth. At the end of Day 6, I gargled with warm salt water & it burned like someone poured hotsauce down my throat, but oddly enough my swelling soon went down and the pain decreased as well.

    I knew this was going to be a wild ride…just not this wild, crazy & insane

  89. female, 18, had my tonsils out Oct. 26th 2016. it’s my first surgery so i had mtbkng to base it on. i kinda just assumed it would be like my wisdom teeth removal but a lot worse -how worse, i can’t tell.

    i woke up from surgery happy as a clam. sort of a sore throat but i was happily chatting with the nurses and thanking them for helping me. they were very happy to see me doing so good. i decided in my blurry haze of anesthesia wearing off that it would be a good idea to eat or drink as much of whatever they gave me while i was feeling this good. id been reading about some hospitals making you eat toast or jello before you leave. at my hospital they just gave me two of those red white and blue popsiclles in a cup smashed up with a bit of sprite. like a slushie. so i had two of those and two large foam cups of water. i didn’t stay long and went home that day.

    i was walking around a restless and a little hyper when i was home, also a little resistant to start my pain meds because i didn’t wanna run out when real pain set in. my step mom was really worried about my just roaming around chatting when i’d been discharged just an hour ago so she made me lay down and relax.

    i’m not sure when exactly the pain set in but god god GOD it was like nothing else. a pain in the mouth is vulnerable and just miserable. the pain medication i got was a liquid Oxycodone. 10-15 mg every 4 hours. i started out with 10 but it wasn’t long until i was slamming down 15 to knock me out. i had an old beach towel that i laid out on my bed and just drooled on because the horror of swallowing was just too much. sometimes i used paper towels as well. it sounds gross, but you couldn’t pay enough to swallow more than my medicine. honestly i think this helped a lot. just sleep and drool.

    days were going by and it wasn’t until day 5 that the pain was starting to take a back seat. as a result i lowered my dose of pain meds. i’m not sure if it was the pain actually subsiding or the dosage being pulled back but i saw the difference. i had clarity again and i wasn’t in this groggy nauseous loopy state. that actually helped a ton with how i felt overall.

    i didn’t eat anything from the 26th of october to november 1st other than those two slushees at the hospital. i was puking up bile and i lost about 12 lbs. Oxycodone will kick your butt.

    it’s been 8 days now but i’m writing this on day 7 because by day 7, i was able to walk, unload the dishwasher, go 24 hours without pain meds, and actually eat. (nobody can keep me away from good southern cookin and when i smelled a casserole in the oven i pounced!) now i wasn’t running around doing cartwheels. i still feel a little under the wheather. definitely better day 8 than 7. but it’s just kind of on the level of having medium intensity cold.

    i wanted to share my response because i know well enough that when you’re curled up in a ball praying your pain meds kick in, you’re reading these too. everybody’s recovery is different. i was losing faith when i saw people were miserable the entire two weeks and then scrunching my nose at people who were back at work after just one. but just do what’s right for you. i didn’t have a vaporizer. didn’t eat popsickles til day 6. didn’t drink no fancy teas or drink weird vegan soups or healthy recipes. a tuna casserole was my breakthrough and gatorade and water and apple juice were what got my by. just don’t think you have to do all these crazy weird things to heal. know your body best. if you have a vaporizer at your disposal, use it. if you wanna try weird teas, go ahead. but just take into consideration what your body needs and what your body does good with.

    (now i have no looked back in my throat. haven’t taken any pics nor will i. don’t want to know about what the scabs look like/if they’re off/ what color. nope i’m grossed out by it.)

    i hope everyone reading feels better and has a safe, healthy (and fingers crossed; quick) recovery!

  90. -Day 7-

    One week and still suffering. However today didn’t feel as bad as days 1-6. From what I’ve read, day 1-3 for some people went as bad, but boy did I suffer. It’s become eaiser to eat popsicles now, whereas before it was a painful challenge. What I don’t understand is why people say “cold” helps? Honeatly, as a person who’s had their tonsils out, I can say that for a fact “cold” does not help. You know what helps? The pain medicine and not opening my mouth. However water and food is important, so the one thing that helps, cannot be done. I tried yogurt for the first time, and I think it was too soon. Couldn’t get it down as smoothly so after one bite I stopped. I did, however, try chicken noodle soup (recommended by another person online) and I found the hot (well warm) soup to be very pleasing. Doc said to not drink hot stuff, so I didn’t eat it all hot (couple bites) but even super warm, the soup was easier to eat. If you’re bored of popsicles, I suggest trying that! Day 7 was pretty bad, but I hope that this long journey ends soon.

    *thank you for making this post. Really makes me feel not alone in this whole process. The person who’s been taking care of me has done a great job, but they don’t understand what I’m going through and tend to push the recovery, but it’s nice to know I have the stories of others to know if I’m heading in the right direction! Thank you for sharing!*

  91. 23ya Male
    Today is day 7 and it has been just like the rest of the days. I actually was eating more during day 1-3 than i am now. It really hurts to eat anything that is not borderline liquid at this point. I’ve been eating organic chicken noodle soups and 2 fried eggs for every meal but today i started with a Fage yogurt for breakfast and switched the chicken noodle soup for some mashed potatoes. I really couldnt finished dinner, i was trying to eat more mashed potatoes with organic chili (after putting it through the food processor) and a mashed banana. For some reason it stung my throat and i could not get it down. I ate the mash potatoes and threw away the rest. At this point i just want this to be over. it is hard to sleep and i miss waking up without the intense pain.

  92. 27 yr old femail tonsilectomy…. sergery 6/10/16 all went fine was down theater about 3 hours in total woke up was felling good just a bit sore and dry to swallow I was took back on the ward later that day were they give me mash n gravy to eat I eat it ok considering I just ad sergery. So they kept me in that night to make sure the pain wernt to bad so on the 7/10/16 they discharged me All went fine that day went home had my pain meds and went to bed for a few hours woke up in the evaning in quite a lot of pain so tryed a ice pop but cold stuff semed to make the pain a lot worse so took more pain meds had mash and gravy they headed back to bed I woke every 4 hours for my pain meds (( you need to never miss a dose)) all was fine thro the night woke up on 8//10/16 ad toast and my pain meds so thought to my self well this pain ain’t really that bad what was all the fuss about! Later that day I started haveing pains in my head and ears so I thought hear goes it all started! ! Well it settled after pain meds so on the 9/10/16 I woke up in agony couldn’t stick the pain atole I took double my pain meds and when back to sleep I woke up at about 1pm in agonising pain couldn’t swallow head n ears was hurting so much so I toke more pain med only to notice I was bleeding I went strait to my a&e waiting for for hours to see a doctor them to be told they had to put me to the main hospital in Cardiff because our hospital didn’t have a ent doctor on weekends! ! So I got to the hospital had bloods tubs down my throat ((witch Hurt like mad )) had bloods witch was confirmed as a really nesty infection was put on drip and pain meads for 2 days n strong antibiotics thro the iv on the 11/10 /16 in the night doctor sent me home as the bleeding stopped didn’t need further sergery. .. had planty of pain meds and antibiotics to come home with 12/10/16 everything seemed to be goin ok started to eat a Lil soft foods but still nothink cold was makeing my throat hurt like crazy iv still got a long way to go just praying I’m over the worse pain still really bad :'( good luck to every1 haveing the serguery soon wish you all the best 😀

  93. 26 yr old female. I had my tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy on Oct 4. Today is day 7 (if you count the day of surgery) and it’s been one of the better days so far. Last night, on the contrary, was horrible. I didn’t get any sleep at all because of the burning in my throat and ears. It was so painful to swallow, I finally took some Tylenol around 6am which has helped pretty much all day long. I’m resorting to Tylenol now because the hydrocodone/acetaminophen the doctor prescribed me had my vomiting like crazy on night 4 which sent me to the ER because of pain and dehydration. I haven’t been able to eat much besides popsicles, jello, and ice chips which is why the meds make me so sick. I had a couple bites of French toast yesterday and some chicken noodle soup in the evening but chewing and swallowing is so exhausting by the time I’ve had a couple bites, I’m not even hungry anymore just tired. My uvula is still swollen, not as much as earlier in the week, I literally felt like I was gagging on my own uvula. I think my scabs are starting to come off slowly but surely, I can feel them in the back of my throat which is really incomfortable but hey, that’s the least of my complains. I don’t have as much mucus anymore, which is good because the first few nights I could barely sleep because of all the phlegm build up in my throat. All in all, I’d say today was a good day. I just can’t wait to be completely healed up and able to eat/sleep normally. This was a horrible experience and I’m hoping it helps me in the long run because I was really starting to regret it. But just keep pushing. It has to get better eventually right? Good luck!

  94. I’m 18 on day 7, day 1 was by far the easiest day, day 2 was just a little hard to talk and swallow but no pain, day 3 I slept all day, day 4 was tough I had pain in my ears and some of the white stuff on my throat had come off which made it hurt to swallow, day 5 I went to school and felt fine with little bit of aches I had a tiny bit of nachos and cheese then later tried to eat ravioli I had a few before it started burning, biggest mistake yet. That night I couldn’t sleep kept waking up at 3 then 4 and 5 in the morning in excruciating pain in my throat and ears, there was blood and every time I lay down now it hurts I have to sit up. Day I couldn’t say a single word all day it burned my throat to speak I also didn’t eat a single thing until around 11pm I had a few otter pops, so far I’ve lost about 6 pounds, I took my coding went to bed and day 7 (today) woke up in pain again at 6ish my mom gave me an oxi coding so I could sleep it helped I slept for a couple hours and woke up with blood on my face tongue and hands, I know I should drink more water, but it hurts and slightly burns to swallow anything

  95. 23 years old. Female. I’m at the end on my 7th day (exactly a week from my tonsillectomy). Tomorrow I go to see my ENTbfor a check-up. The worst days for me were days 5 and 6, mostly day 5. I just felt like I couldn’t get the pain to subside no matter what I did. I developed a rash all along my jaw line on Saturday (tonsillectomy was on Tuesday) so I called my doctor and he said it was more than like the antibiotic (Amoxicillin) so I quit taking that, but I’ve also been having issue with my pain medication (Tylenol 3’s). It just feels like my heart is pounding so hard but when I take my blood pressure and pulse they’re fine!cita also given me a bit of depression and a side effect. So yesterday the pain fron day 5 had subsided so I quit the Tylenol 3’s and switch to extra strength Tylenol. Today I went with just regular Tylenol since the pain is only there when I swallow and it’s only about a 4-5/10. All I had to eat today was a couple of Popsicles a stick off of a kit-kat bar, and then a slice of butter bread which I did not finish. I tried making chicken broth but the smell of it made me nauseous so that was a no go. I haven’t had any bleeding *knock on wood* but it also looks like I still have pretty much all my scabs. Hopefully today is the beginning of the end of this whole recovery process. Time for some sleep! Hope this helps someone!

  96. I am on day 10 and I have no energy and started eating something other then ice pops and mashed potatoes however have weened myself off of the pain medicine completely( since day 7). The pain is ridiculous and was wondering when I would feel better.

  97. I’m 26 on day 6. On 4th day I had to go back to GP for proper painkillers and got morphine for few days. Day 5 I have no idea how maybe I took too much or maybe it’s because I haven’t eaten I was high all day and spent the day sleeping in bed. I have a numbness in my tongue still . Does anyone have the same? In overal right now I wish I’d never taken then out.

    1. Hi i am post op day 3 ears hurt a little and if meds are not kept on top of omg feels like razor blades but after reading everyones i am starting to think things are going to get really bad in next few day but i am praying not

  98. hi all! i started eating regular foods right off the bat, no yogurt or blended food! im on day 6 now (inc surgery day) and i have to say as long as i keep on top of my medication my pain isnt unbearable during the day! however i do dread going to bed at night knowing itll dry out my throat, however i recommend taking a warm bath right before bed to soothe the throat it helps me a lot and if you wake during the night, drink drink drink so that the pain isnt intolerable in the morning and you can face the day! ive been eating chicken, toast, ham , biscuits etc with mild discomfort but since ive been doing it from day 1 it feels okay compared to the morning after surgery!! my ears are the worst cause of pain for me at the moment but ive found that chewing sugar free gum is reaaaally helping with that. its been an overall horrible boring depressing experience so far but according to friends i dont have too many scabs at the back of my throat now but my tongue is still yellow as can be! i do recommend eating solids right off the bat as it may not seem like everyones idea of fun but getting over that initial hurdle really pays off! i cant say im not in pain because i am and if i go too long without a drink i feel like im swallowing razor blades. Im just so ready to try to get back to normality and i know its a long road, at what day would you all say that you started going out of the house etc?? I am unable to talk without pain at the moment but i know its early days…

  99. I’m at the end of my 7th day. I’m a 19 year old. And this surgery has been terrible for me at times. Some days I couldn’t even swallow anything. Not even water. And the only thing I can drink is apple juice. I tried eating before but couldn’t. I felt really good today and want to try to eat but my dad yelled at me and told me I wasn’t allowed to eat. Him and my mom told me they hope I lose more weight and not be able to eat which isn’t very encouraging. But today has been pretty bearable for me.

    1. Hang in there, Becky! I, too, had trouble eating and it was awful, I was so cranky. I think it’s unfair of your parents to say that. We all need nutrition and food to keep our bodies going. If it’s any consolation, I only lost about 5 lbs despite not eating right for two weeks.

      I hope you thoroughly enjoy your first meal!

    2. Hey im on day 5 now and my pain was the worst yesterday and isn’t too bad today. I was wondering if you think I’m just having a good day or if I just got over the hill. Im 19 and onownto be a fairy quick healer.

  100. I had my tonsils out on 31/07/2016.

    I am in such agony, the 4th day I had to go back to the hospital, the pain was crippling and I’ve had a child so this is far worse; like torture.

    I want to know when does that acid pain start to ease off, it horrible as it hurts to swallow and I think I have hurt burn too( which I don’t normally get).

    So back to my question when does this all begin to ease up, or look brighter???

  101. So today is day 7. Im 27. Feels like a bad case of strep really. Last night I woke every 20 mins or so coughing from the dryness. I have weened of pain meds and just taking advil. Really the only thing that hurts is swallowing bc of swollen tounge touching the hole where tonsils were. Other than that I feel fine. Suckers have been a life savor im able to get mac and cheese down or a boiled egg very slowly (30 mins per boiled egg) I have lost 8 pounds but I would rather be able to eat lol. Yawning is the devil. Overall its not so bad today
    P.s no scabs have fallen off

    1. My tongue was bad earlier in the recovery, probably peaked around day 2-5, the swelling has gone down tremendously for me, as far the as the tongue goes. Still have sharp and lingering burning pain when swallowing. It is common for the tongue and uvula to swell up and make swallowing not only painful but mechanically difficult. I would say if it doesn’t get better tomorrow see if your doc can take a quick look at you before the weekend to make sure there’s no infection.

  102. Day 7

    Today started as the previous days, waking up at some unholy hour in the am to take more pain meds, excruciating pain, hot shower to moisten the throat, the new usual! Went to urgent care in the am, got more pain meds and my day has carried on. Water and 2 Popsicles is all I’ve been able to get down with the exception of a small small piece of chicken that I got down painfully, like everything, by taking the smallest of bites, chewing the crap out of it and swallowing it with a mouthful of water. Really hoping that doesnt back fire cus last night i woke up with a mouth full of blood, spent the next half hour gargling ice water which took care of it, thankfully…VERY thankfully. Today has been different for one reason, with the exception of the chicken, today has been the first day that wasnt worse than the previous. What a concept! it wasnt better, but I’m hoping that things have plateud if nothing else, which will hopefully lead to symptoms and pain decreasing as my body finally starts to heal. I’ve had a couple breakdowns over the past two days, but for what ever reason I have a little bit of hope that my life will not always be a never ending cycle of medication, torturious hydration and severe pain. It will end. Or so i’m told. Will update on day 8 page with what tomorrow brings.

  103. Today is day 7, and let me tell you…. This is very deceiving! Last night I dared to eat a piece of sliced ham, I chewed very well and when I swallowed a piece of my scab on the right side broke off. Spit out blood for 5 minutes then it stopped. It was very bitter sweet feeling. Day 7 so far has consisted of eating hydro condone and praying this will end soon. Good luck to everyone out there of all ages. P.S SURE WISH I DID THIS WHEN I WAS 5!!!!

  104. Day 7 (17) This is by far the worst day for me. There is a constant ache and whenever I try to swallow it feels like trying to swallow hydrochloric acid and shards of glass. Pain meds don’t help. When will it end?

  105. I am on day 7 on my post op and this has been the best day for me so far! It’s 12:35 pm for me right now so that is not saying much. I am 19 years old and had my tonsillectomy last Thursday. I have started taking less of the pain medication, but still take them (God bless for pain medication)!!!! This morning I woke up in a lot of pain, but that was because of a dry throat and ear pain. I didn’t drink as much water as I should have yesterday. DRINK PEOPLE DRINK!! I had a BOOST drink this morning which actually doesn’t taste that bad and it has 240 calories in it! I have lost 6 pounds so far, so anything I can get into my system, I drink! Every time I swallow it hurts, which stinks. I first started out eating Cambells soups, but the consistency was too thick for me. I am eating Ramen Noodle Soups right now and it is sooooo much better! It doesn’t leave a thick taste in your mouth, and it goes down easier. PLUS, it has more calories! Hopefully it gets better and better each day! Keep pushing people!

  106. Day 7 (17)for me and the pain has good moments and bad, I’m a smoker and I smoke a whole lot less than I used to but I’m still smoking despite tonsillectomy. I can sometimes eat solid food not an issue! I had sausages, bacon and eggs for dinner last night and some Doritos this afternoon. Now I’m reduced to being in agonising pain whilst eating custard. Not fun at all.
    I can also drink coffee most days and I’ve been up and leaving the house since day 4, I haven’t taken my pain mess at all I’ve just had store bought pain killers. I haven’t had any sore ears or anything like that, I haven’t thrown up, I have however coughed up a huge chunk of dried up blood and mucus. That being the case when I got my tonsillectomy I also had my sinuses drilled out and an adenoidectomy. I should be fine soon ☺️

  107. I am 17 years old and am on day 7 of my recovery post tonsillectomy. Although I must say that this has been one of the most painful experiences, I am here to share that I am feeling better. After waking up this morning with a dry throat and horrible throat pain, I expected the day to be just like yesterday… HORRIBLE. I have been one of the very lucky patients to have only been prescribed Tylenol for the pain and in my opinion, it really does not help. The only thing that may be a plus is that I have not experienced any ear pain. A bit of throbbing from time to time but nothing major like what I have read. The key to recuperation is hydration. I personally have had a very hard time staying hydrated due to the pain, but I must say that at least drinking a cup of water or Gatorade every few hours is enough to help. Drink drink drink and a humidifier/ steam showers help with moistening the throat! I have had very little to eat up until today. Mostly pasta because it was the only thing soft enough to chew. BUT, around 3 pm today I was able to eat a chicken sandwich with French fries AND a milkshake, and to my surprise, it barely hurt! I have felt near to no pain in the past three hours and I am hoping that it stays that way. It might seem like you will never get better but keep faith! In 3 weeks you won’t even remember this happened!!

  108. My daughter is on day 7. She is hungry. Tired of ice cream and Popsicles. Just made her Campbell’s double noodle soup with ritz crackers to dip. She ate it all. Scaling back on pain meds because she doesn’t like the feeling of them. Her tonsils look better. Lots of pains in her ears this morning. Yawning really hurts. Day 7 wasn’t magical in terms of turning a corner like the Dr said. She did manage to go out with some friends last night. She needed to get out of the house. That really helped.

  109. Okay. So im 17 years old and i got my surgery on the 31st of may. Wow. Prior to the surgery i did not look up anything online about how the expierence would be or anything , i just knew what the doctors have told me. The first 2 days were a breeze , day 3 i couldnt eat and was throwing up constantly it almost felt like the scabs were gagging me .. Day 4 i felt myself swallow one of the scabs followed by bleeding . Day 5 was the same tourture and pain and day 6 i guess i swallowed the other scab and woke up in the middle of the night and threw up some black musucy textured

    1. Throw up.. Day 6 was really hard for me also .. Ear aches are a pain and im just so hungry! The only things i been eating are jello and warm pancakes with butter. I also reccomend slushies from 7/11 (they help i swear) and those ensure protien boost things . Overall i just woke up day 7.. Pray for me everyone. Hope everyone reading this has a fast recovery!! Goodluck

  110. Day 7: thankfully for me it wasn’t too bad! Now that I think about it (currently on day 8) I think day 7 was the first proper day I wasn’t a “zombie” – I was actually awake and able. That being said I was still in lounging in bed until the evening when I went out for dinner to an Indian restaurant. Still can’t eat properly although my appetite has came back :(. Also, I’m relying less on the painkillers now because I only had 2 doses instead of 4 yesterday! So pleased! Really really hope I don’t regress now!

  111. Day 7 and finally didn’t wake up crying! I’m a 20 year old female and had my tonsils out May 9th. Boy have the past few days been horrible! Day 1 I was perfectly fine, had a huge appetite and had no problems eating that day. Day 2 was similar, towards the night I started to feel slight pain, nothing I couldn’t handle. Then come days 3-6. Zero sleep, maybe an hour each night, couldn’t eat or drink ANYTHING without pain, so I pretty much drank when I had to. I was in so much pain it had me in tears (that’s not like me, I never cry because of pain)! Day 6 I was done, I wanted to go to the ER, so my mom called the doctor. He prescribed me a steroid which has been a lifesaver! Today, day 7, I woke up feeling fine.. NO TEARS! I was actually able to sleep for about 8 hours last night, waking up in the middle to take my meds. Cepacol has also been awesome. I take my medicine once every 4 hours, and it starts to wear off at about the 3 hour mark. I pop one of those bad boys in and they numb my throat until my next dose! Big thanks to ibuprofen too. I just can’t wait until all of this is over and no more pain or medicine!

    1. Omg we have the same experience! The pain in days 3-5 are the worst for me. Well, i really cannot tell that yet since I’m just into my day 6 today. At the start of day 3, i was bawling because of the pain and that surprised me because i know i have a high tolerance for pain. I was very emotional. Boy, what a rough ride this is going to be. Tell me it gets better, please.

  112. Day 7 was spent in a codeine and paracetamol daze and strict alarm timer to take 4hr meds. I also had migraine. When I realised this had kicked in on top of the rest of the Pain Drama and scary bleed, I cleared the migraine symptoms thankfully v quickly, with my normal prescription Triptans. And me eating anything, has turned into a Hideous Ordeal which my family watches with terror.

  113. Day 7 today, had my surgery on 20 April. This is an awful recovery. I’ve been reading stories both before and after surgery and nothing prepares you for this. The pain can be very intense at times, especially during the night, I’m guessing when my throat dries out. Tried a vaporizer but it didn’t seem to help, and my ears, especially the left one! I had a globus (lump) on my left tonsil which is why I had to have them removed. My Dr said it looked fine but as with any lump that isn’t supposed to be there it should go before it turns nasty. Btw I’m 42, mother of 3 kids, 15yo, 10yo and 2yo…. I sympathize with all the other mums who have had to try and keep going for the sake of their families, it’s hard going, but you are all doing a stellar job! This is worse than childbirth. There can’t be much more to go … trying to stay positive 😀

  114. I am on recovery day 7, finally a week since my operation,had my op done on the 11/04/2016. must admit quite happy to make it this far,even though I know theirs still a way to go, I thought by now the pain would stop,but honestly it feels worse! I find the worse pain is early in the morning and late at night. My throat isn’t that sore anymore,it’s painful but bearable,but I’m finding the earache is definitely getting worse! I am 18 and had to get aTonsillectomy due to tonsil stones and being frequently sick. I am overall a healthy girl,so being sick didn’t suit me,I would become like such a baby. I mean look at the time 2:12, I am so tired,but can’t sleep due to the pain,I have gone off my pain meds. I must admit I feel like I am regretting getting this operation as I feel like i am not getting better! Is their really a light at the end of the tunnel?? I love this page though helps me through my days of recovery,great tips and advice,helps to know people survived lol,anyways let me try get some sleep.

  115. Hi ..Iv been following this site daily too .. im on day 7 including day of surgery… so far it’s been the roller coaster everyone says it is ..Unfortunately i have good days and bad days which is difficult for my family to understand .. one minute mommy can make dinner and wipe bums and the next she is crying with the pain throughout her head .. im a single mom to 4 kids and thankfully my doctor gave me a fentanyl patch to help me cope .. I advise anyone who needs to carry on looking after things to ask for strong pain medication .. only some people will get them depending on their tolerance levels .. its been my and my children’s saving grace … I’d like to thank the founder of this site it’s been great … I find sleeping ok I take a periton antihistamine otc tablet before sleep and it knocks me out for bout five hours till I wake for my antibiotics and solphadol… my tonsils were inflamed going into surgery so ent has me on calvepen for a week ..scabs are still on fully but throat feels fine I can eat what I like but I drink bout two litre of room temperature water a day cold is no fun … i also filled two socks with rice and tied a knot it them. Then i microwave them for a min with a glass of water ..The rice filled socks make an ideal heatpack very comforting on the ears and neck .. im worried the pain will get worse before it gets better… ill stay medicated for another two days I hope then it’s safe to start reducing the dose?? or does anyone think it’s too soon to reduce pain relief after 9 days?? ..I don’t want to get overwhelmed with pain and not be able to get it back under control 😕

  116. Omg my throat is so sore. Everything just feels like stabbing pains. I’m trying to keep on drinking water though. I ate two Perogies today. It killed me but I couldn’t take anymore soup, jello, pudding, yogurt. This is the worst feeling ever because I still feel stabbing pain even when I’m not eating or drinking. I guess Popsicles for the rest of today and hopefully feel better tomorrow. Couldn’t sleep last night because of how bad the pain was. I’m so glad I’m not the only one going through this.

  117. I am 14 years old and am on day 5 counting surgery far it hasn’t been as bad as I expected. My throat pain has been annoying but not unbearable, I have been using this numbing mouthwash and its been a lifesaver. I actually think I’m recovering pretty well. I quit the pain meds yesterday after taking it on an empty stomach and later throwing up twice. I have been using a humidifier at night and sleeping through the night every single night, only waking up a couple times for like a minute. I’ve been making it a priority to stay hydrated, drinking a lot but unfortunately I haven’t had much of an appetite. For me the worst part has been my saliva and that awful taste in my mouth. I have been carrying around a cup to spit in, because my saliva is so thick and nasty. However I’m hoping to be recovered by day 7 (Tuesday) , and back to school the next day.

  118. I am 32/f and had tubes put in my ears and my tonsils/adenoids taken out on March 5th 2015 (its March 11th right now). Basically as all of my friends call it – kid surgery all in one. This website has been an absolute godsend; I sincerely want to thank the creator! You have done a very very good thing here for many people. I looked at it before surgery and that’s when I decided even at 32 years of age I was going to take a medical leave and fly home to be with my parents for the surgery. I’m single and live alone and from some of the other postings that sounded like the worst situation. I’ve been very fortunate to have done so, it’s so much easier having people around that understand you. You won’t be able to talk and you need that person that isn’t afraid to push you to get more fluids down and food in your system even if you don’t want it at all. Not to mention the scary possibility of bleeding. Trust me, you won’t be able to call anyone so you’d have to pray that someone could see your txt in the middle of the night if you needed 911 or a ride to the hospital. You won’t want to drive yourself if you’re on the same meds I’ve been on. Then there’s the bad breath smell… (maybe my parents are kind but I think I got lucky there… they said it hasn’t been bad, but it does sound normal for others)
    Since my surgery I have since been looking daily at this site to see how others felt during the same day of recovery I’m at. It’s amazing how comforting it can feel that you’re not the only one. This really is the worst surgery for such a seemingly simple thing. While I am most certainly not out of the woods yet (woke up and was miserable this morning a 7 on the pain scale at least!) I have learned a lot from here and wanted to pass on a few little gems that I found helpful:
    – Numbing spray – I haven’t heard anyone talk about that here. But I used it for the first time yesterday. Not going to lie it stings for a minute, but then it’s amazing. My doctor and pharmacist recommended the over the counter sore throat spray with phenol/oral anesthetic. It helps me hate life a little less – and yes you will hate life, and you will definitely hate living life the most – I want to live it so badly right now! But back to the spray – you take it ever two hours – so if you plan it right – it helps you when the pain medication stops. (if anyone is like me, percocets take about 15 minutes to kick in, lasts for about 3 hours or so and then about a half hour before your next dose you watch the minutes go by hoping it’ll go faster so you can feel better again – usually I sleep until that half hour before mark and like clock-work I wake up and realize I still have another half hour before the next dose).
    – Set your phone alarms for meds. It’ll help you stay on track. Just like the others said – worth it to wake up and take your meds on time every time then realize you missed a dose by 20 minutes. It really does make a huge difference in your recovery. Like I said this recovery SUCKS. so every little bit helps. this is one of the bigger ones. Do it for your own sanity and the others around you.
    – humidifiers – my room may seem like the tropics (definitely going to have to wash everything to make sure there’s no mold growing later!) but the humidifiers have been everything. Invest in one pronto. Helps my throat be a little less dry and therefore painful when I wake up. I actually have two in my room currently. I’m not ashamed. I love it.
    – I took non-acidic fruit and threw it in the freezer pre-surgery (ie. blueberries, bananas, etc do a google search for non-acidic fruit). This was amazing for quick smoothies that were nice and cold – like a milkshake that I actually could get down. in the beginning I just did the frozen fruit, protein powder, sorbet, water, and a touch of the Bolthouse Green Goddess in the blender (I knew id be too out of it to make it all from scratch and bolthouse is better then some of the other brands). Then when I was ready, I added Greek Gods Honey yogurt instead of sorbet. I didn’t actually find much issue with dairy/phlegm after all. But I had read enough postings that I was weary at first. I guess it depends on the person in the end. I prefer yogurt to sorbet personally. I still have lost a ton of weight, but at least I’m getting nutrition as much as possible. I’ve had at least 1 a day of those.
    – Lots have already said this – but GATORADE. stock up. on the big ones. It’ll help you stay hydrated and is oddly easier to get down then ice water. My ENT nurse said that when her husband had them done she put the Gatorade in the freezer just before he’d want it and then it’d be nice and slushy. It was the only way he’d take it. I second that. I’m the same. Gatorade does freeze, so don’t just put it in the freezer, I learned that the harder way. but it’s nice when it’s slushy form. better than just Gatorade with ice.
    – get the kids-style make your own popsicles, I bought one on amazon since it’s winter and I couldn’t find any in the stores. it was less than $5.00 with free shipping, 2 day delivery – then you can make whatever you like to keep up with nutrition and actually be able to get it down. Popsicles should be narrow – you won’t be able to open your mouth all the way the first few days. (still can’t completely actually). Just remember – nothing acidic.
    – As all true veggies will be aware – most of the lists for food options aren’t truly veggie friendly so If anyone wants suggestions for a vegetarian friendly – non egg pre-surgery shopping list – please let me know by commenting – I have this thing set to notify me of follow up comments by email so I’ll be aware. I can also suggest non-dairy, but I personally do dairy, but definitely no eggs, fish, meat, etc.
    – get a suggestions for shows that don’t require thinking – then watch the entire season/series/etc. you will get bored during this process.
    – don’t just take a week off of work. take at minimum 2. you don’t know how your body will react. It’s more likely you’ll need 2.

    Good luck! I’m still going through it so if I think of anything else I’ll post. most is covered here. I’d definitely suggest looking at day 1 on your day one, then day 2 on your day two, and so on. you’ll learn from everyone on this site and that will in turn help you.

  119. I’m 19 and this is my 7th day of recovery. For the past two nights, I’ve had these god awful earaches. Even my medicine doesn’t take care of it. I barely get any sleep. I can’t tolerate anything cold or too warm since the procedure. Room temp. seems to work for me. It stung to eat soup so I’ve been living of water since my procedure. I have lost weight, almost 15 pound. Today seems to be a little bit better, I can talk a little bit more but laughing or crying hurts like hell. I can swallow my spit just fine but anything else stings so bad. I tried warm pudding, it was more bearable than the soup. Tomorrow I have my first post op appointment and I’m really hoping it all goes uphill from here.

  120. I’m on day 7 and feel awful. I have gotten progressively worse over the past three days. My doctor said I would be fine after a week and I feel worse than what I started.

    I consistently fee like I have something dangling in my throat as if I’m going to choke on it.

    Underneath my tongue is almost as painful as my ears.

    No longer does eating cold things like ice cream and Popsicles help the pain – but actually makes it sting for longer.

    I stopped taking perscription pain Meds because I began to to feel nauseous, hot (to the point where I would sweat), and lightheaded. I now take generic Tylenol which is only semi-helpful.

    I drink so much water I pee at least twice an hour. This still hasn’t presented uouth from drying up – especially at night.

    I started using a humidifier – I csnt tell any difference except my room being colder.

    I’m feeling very defeated because I was hoping to get things done this week and I haven’t been able to and planned a vacation in 6 days because I was told this should only last 7-10 maximum.

    I’m starting to get depressed and anxious about my lack of recovery. I welcome suggestions.

  121. I really can’t stand another day of this. I think I had it so much rougher than you guys. I’m a 16 year old girl. Right now its about 3:32 am and I wake up every hour on the hour. I didnt drink liquid. Biggest mistake. PLEASE DRINK! get used to drinking a lot of water on the first day so that way you will always drink it. I never drank anything or ate anything. What I was doing was id spit my saliva into a tissue and throw it out.
    it was my way of avoiding swallowing.
    I’m insane for doing that because my throat wasnt getting any hydration so it was having,as my doctor calls it, throat spasms. At random moments i feel sharp pains in my throat and in my ears and my neck. I just sit on my bed with an ice pack crying waiting for the pain to go away. I thought this was normal. I thought this was what the recovery was supposed to be like. So yesterday I had to go to the emergency room because I was so dehydrated they had to hook me up to an IV to get fluids and medicine in me. When all of my blood tests and urine tests came back, my doctor told me I developed a urinary tract infection. My antibiotics havent been working because of this infection so I havent been getting better. im on new antibiotics. Also while I was at the hospital, I got my lovely perioD. 🙂 it couldnt get much worse than this. Tonsillectomy recovery,throat spasms,extreme thirst, urnary treact infection, and now my period. I didnt know pain could get this bad. Im still having throat spasms. Nothings getting better. Im still avoiding swallowing but when I do I think i feel a scab coming off. But I dont know I dont wanna push it. I cant wait till it comes off because I think thats when it starts the quick recovery. Damn, its been a hard week.

  122. Day 7 and i cant believe i feel 30times better iv actually managed to get uo and function. Iv ate a quater of a sandwich which is amazing as i haven’t ate at all since leaving hospital. It did hurt but was bearable and beats being sick due to medication. I am taking paracetamol every 3 and half hours if needed and night time co codamol when i wake up. As co codamol does knock me out. My experience of this has been horrific and wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. Finally feeling better

  123. Hello, well it’s 7 days for me today! I’m 36 years old and man I didn’t expect this painful of a recovery. I keep reading forums of others saying pain is subsiding; mine is still just as painful and both ears have started to give me pain not constant but throughout the day. Decided to listen to someone’s advice about eating soft foods..big mistake for me. It was fine the 1st and 2nd swallow…then I don’t know what happened on the 3rd because when I swallowed I jumped in the air, felt pain in both my ears and just squeezed my ears for about a half hour. And the funniest thing is I was eatting extra soft cooked carrots(go figure)! Also, it feels like I have burnt my tongue when I swallow! But, haven’t had anything hot since before the surgery.!!! Must say I’m getting a bit more active the past two days. So, overall I guess I will just stick to my purée and really love the Special K protein vanilla cappuccino drink. It’s my way to get my cup of coffee in in the am..and been drinking clear nutrition peach flavored ensure for daily vitamins. Thinking positive. The worse is over, I survived surgery, and lost 10 lbs. what more can a women ask for!!!

  124. Hi guys,

    I am now going into day 7!! I have had 2 c-section with multiply back operations, and spinal fusions!!!! At age 28 this by far is the worst thing I have ever experienced!!!!

    I wish I could have my tonsils back and carry on the life I had before!! I need that life 🙂 I miss you tonsils!! Even just having them in a jar to look at and cry with might make this experience more manageable.

    My husband is prob ready to ask for a divorce!! He’s a paramedic so is used to waking up in the middle of the night for silly things.. this man has zero sympathy!! Perhaps I thought that a tonsillectomy can’t be that bad!!! TILL I read all these posts!!

    I have to admit I’m glad you guys also suffered and some are still!! It’s the only thing keeping me from hopping into my car and driving to the emergency room!!!

    I just wish that the ear ache would go away.

    Scabs 90% gone now, so not Really sure why there is still pain…

    Let’s hope that tomorrow is better!! And hope this crying stage is now also over!!! I’m not that women!!

    1. Hi, Your post made me chuckle which is quite a feat since most things make me cry at the moment!!! I also am pleasd to read about how other people are suffering too, gives me people I can empathise with and share my post tonsillectomy misery with too!!!

  125. Night 6 and day 7 have to to be the worst so far. I’m a 19 year old female and have had my tonsils and adenoids done also. Today it seems I can’t sleep, the scabs are off on my left but nothing on my right side. I can’t stop producing spit. Which is uncomfortable and annoying to spit out ever 5 seconds. Milk seems so help sooth my throat even though that’ll produce more spit which sucks. Either way. Day 7 is the worst and I hope it doesn’t get much worse..

  126. I’m not sure how to feel to be perfectly honest I’ve been reading stories all around and those that can eat and drink with little pain are the sources of my current envy.
    Day One – It was the best day, the surgery took about 30 minutes longer than the surgeon expected apparently my tonsils were that large, recovery consisted of me drinking a bucket load of water, being doused with painkillers and mild nausea. The nurses were lovely and I was sent home with painkillers and antibiotics.
    Day 2 – 6 With each day the pain has gained and on day five I was given a higher dose of painkillers and much to my dismay this gave me -little- relief. I’ve been drinking as much water as possible but sometimes it just dribbling from my mouth as I fail to swallow is hell.
    Day 7 – It’s now day seven I haven’t eaten in a week I’m in the most agony I’ve ever been and I simply want to curl up and cease to exist. I hope the peak of the pain is today because I’m not sure I can handle worse. Ugh…

  127. Thank you to all those sharing their stories, I now understand everyone has varying experiences. Perhaps it’s due to pain threshold or age or what procedure they had to remove the tonsils but it’s nice to know that I’m not the only one, who has had the procedure. I am 24 and had my tonsils, adenoids, syptoplasty and part of my bone chiseled as it had broken and reset in an awkward place causing breathing problems, all this has been removed for 7 days now. It is the 6/7th day that has been the most painful so far, I think this may also relate to running out of prescribed medicine and cutting down from two tablets every four hours to one because I realsied I was accidentally overdosing on my medicine, so be careful and read.
    Day 1- I was mainly in hospital and was rolling in and out of consciousness due to anaesthetic and slept all day.
    Day 2- 4 I slept constantly I had no pain and felt nothing and ate normally, I ate eggs on toast, fish pie, lasagne, cottage pie, soup with bread, I also drank around 2 litres a day. I am always eating solids, maybe that’s why I am in pain today? My family complain that I do to much and should stay in bed but I’ve read someone went shopping! I have to admit day 3 I was cooking my family a meal and felt everything was fine and didn’t get why it would be painful at all and my friend warned me it’s because of all the medication and once that is out of my body it will hit me.
    Day 5- I struggled to sleep I thought it was because I had drank iced coffee and ate a lot of sugary foods but I can’t stand drinking tea and lots of the food I eat taste awful. I prepare you, food tastes strange but in the back of my mind eating makes you recover faster and they are only two fleshy lumps in the back of your throat so it shouldn’t hurt right? I still feel like a bit of a wimp of day 5 and that I should have done more, other than stay in bed and watch tv and that perhaps I slept too much? It seems to me that everyone hits a wall at different points of their recovery period, I read that a lady didn’t take any pain killers at all because she was allergic and felt like cheering her on, that I could not do.
    Day 6- I’m still sleeping upright due to my nose but sleeping means waking up and waking up is the most painful part, it’s a strange sort of pain,move dislocated my leg and broken my hand but still the dislocation was more painful I think it’s the length of time the pain goes on for and its direct because it’s in your neck and head, you just want it out and gone. Your ears need to pop, your jaw aches and I have a constant migraine but thank goodness for pain killers. I had four hours sleep or less that night.
    Day 7- is the worst. I can’t even talk today and I’ve been talking fine but with a strange voice, I’ve had two hours sleep and this was the first night I’ve cried in a few months and during the whole recovery process. The pain killers are not making me numb everything is sharp. I have no scaps falling off like other people but perhaps they go with the food, I ate very crusty garlic bread. I presume from reading that this is because the scaps are forming and are getting ready to form a new functioning throat? By this point, many people are feeling better but at the beginning they are feeling pain, am I going backwards? Luckily my boss has let me have the time off work to recover and I have lots of family members who keep popping in and telling me off, otherwise I would have been shopping too and been in more pain now. Don’t do too much even if you feel ok because it will come back later and yes it hurts but hopefully it will pass.

  128. Day 7 today! It’s 2:30am and I can’t sleep due to my mouth getting dry. Oh, the pain. Days 1-2 not the best of situations due to the pain of swallowing and the swollen tongue. No one ever mentioned the tongue being painful too. Should of realized something like a clamp was needed to keep it still during surgery. Day 3-4 pretty much the same. Did I mention that darn tongue??!!. Tried eating jello with great difficulty. Day 5-6 was able to sleep better and refilled pain medication; Tylenol with codeine. Being that the pain from my mouth woke me up at this ungodly hour, it should be a great day! Liquid diet only do far. I don’t know how people are eating the meals they’re sharing. The silver lining is definitely the weight loss. Way to kick off the New Year’s resolution of losing weight! Tomorrow is my doctor post op checkup one week after surgery. Stay tuned 🙂

  129. Day7: really the best I have felt! I ate toast with some wheat thin crackers today. Swallowing is getting much easier, although it have not strayed from Mac and cheese and soup. I have eaten a chipotle burrito, but that was more day 5. I’m 26 years old if that helps anyone. I’m still taking pain meds pretty much around the clock, mainly for the fear ingrained in me of not taking them and feeling feverish or in some horrible pain. My ears do radiate pain without the meds and regular Tylenol does not cut it at this point. I randomly feel extremely tired. Like I can go shopping or what not, but maybe an hour or two in I feel the need to go home and sleep for hours.

  130. Today I am day 7. I am so frustrated and exhausted.
    I get very little pain relief with my meds, I cannot eat even cream of wheat without feeling like I have knives in my throat..
    I sleep about an hour at a time and I am exhausted.
    I would have never believed this surgery was as bad as it is.
    I don’t think my family and friends believe me about how difficult it is.
    It’s encouraging to hear. Your experiences and know that what I am experiencing is normal.

    1. Had my done 12/29 – hydrate the hell out of yourself. I’ve never peed so much in my life as I have the last two weeks. I wish you luck – it’s a tiring process. I know for me waking up with pain is something that I’m entirely over. During day it’s much more tolerable now. I jokingly say with the big three (sleep, eating, sex) out of commission as a guy, I’m getting pretty grumpy. I’m headed back to work for half day tomorrow – planned administrative projects that I can do without talking or collaborating but I have to get out of this house for a while before I lose it. Upside: flu season is a nightmare right now – and we’re all stuck home dodging it. 😉

  131. Day 7 has finally come!

    From the minute I got my surgery I kept saying “I can’t wait until I have a week under my belt”. My dr. told me that I might have some ear pain and for the past few days I kept saying how lucky and excited I am that I did not experience any ear pain…I spoke too soon because day 7 and the ear pain starts 🙁 Lately I have been waking up in the middle of the night swallowing to see if it hurts as bad and these past 2 nights have not hurt as much except when I wake up and thats when hell starts all over again! I am taking off of work tomorrow and hoping I am okay to return by Tues or Weds. I was able to eat a crab cake for dinner last night but had to mush it up like baby food =x I also tried some angel hair pasta on the side with olive oil and garlic and for some reason the garlic and olive oil hurt my throat and gave me a terrible stomach ache. I keep trying to push regular foods because I don’t want to get nauseous from the pain meds. I did have some very soft spiced pumpkin bread and it went down pretty well. I keep looking at the back of my throat and my scabs seem to be forming well and are still in tact. I still occasionally get the “razor blade” feeling in my throat, not as bad as the first few days though.

    1. Emily – glad to hear you’re making some progress I know it’s been frustrating. I was up overnight with some minor bleeding, I unwisely opted out of using my humidifier because it makes me sweat a lot at night. I wanted to enjoy a nice dry full night’s sleep HOWEVER, ended up rising repeatedly. This sort of accelerated my scabs sloughing off which is not uncomfortable really but tastes gross and just feels weird. There’s been continued minor bleeding on and off as this occurs but salt water gargle has helped address that and hydrating a ton. The scabs coming off make it harder to eat again – today eating a soft tuna sandwich and a raspberry italian ice brought tears to my eyes from how sore it was to swallow the food and get it down. That being said still feel like progress is made each day. It’s funny how this process works, you make progress then backslide right around when you’re sick and tired of the whole damned thing. I went to the grocery store to pick stuff up (my help flew back yesterday) and I was so freakin’ tired afterward I had to take a nap after lunch. This healing is so mind over matter sometimes. Not for the faint of heart.

      1. I totally agree! This is taking soo much out of me! Glad you are doing well though. I did pretty good during the day but my throat and ears are killing me right now to the point where it feels like the 2nd day all over again! I’m very lucky to not have bled. Is it normal that my scabs haven’t fallen off yet? I was able to eat another small crab cake and soup soup for dinner. Right now it hurts soo much to even swallow saliva. I’m getting nervous because it’s been 7 days and shouldn’t I be better by now?

        1. per my understanding the longer your scabs stay on the better you are, trust me – mine came off quickly and I paid for it. The tissue behind those scabs is tender and about as “happy” with solid foods as is was on days 1-3. It takes a lot of folks til day 10-12 to really start seeing progress. Just keep doing what you’re doing. For me – trying a half day at work today, I’m losing my mind at home. I am sore but not throbbing. Being home by myself keeps me silent and I don’t feel like that helps much – if you don’t use it you lose it as the saying goes.

  132. Slept like crap, kept waking up with a throat full of bloody mucus. Gross. Taste in my mouth is metallic and gross as well. The bleeding subsided with repeated salt water gargle – the humidifier has caused me to sweat a lot at night so I was excited for a “dry night” LOL, no longer – I will be using that humidifier for a while longer. The timing of this new occurrence is somewhat frustrating as you’re ready to be over and done with this stuff. I’m tired of nursing my throat and worrying about pain and managing symptoms. My recovery has been good all things considered, I could see how folks get very irritable, depressed and emotional.

  133. I had my tonsils out via coblation on 12/26, and I must say this has been one of the worst times of my life. I’m drinking a lot and overall Ive had very few moments where pain exceeded a 5 on a scale of 10. Yesterday, my 6th day, I was starting to feel a bit better, by then my body hit me with a surprise sneeze and I blew a huge chunk of the left scab off which bled for about 10 minutes or so, twice! Since then I’ve been scared to eat and haven’t had any food for two days other than freeze pops. This sucks and I’m counting the days until I can eat real food again.

  134. I also had a tonsillectomy on 12/22. I must say that this surgery is one of the things in life that I regret. I think the ENT’s should research different approaches rather than tonsillectomies because this is a very serious procedure. My pain has been horrible since day 2. I have barely eaten anything since 12/21 & losing alot of weight. Its very hard to drink/ eat because the pain is excruciating. I hope & pray it will get better in the next couple of days.

  135. I had my tonsils removed exactly one week ago (12/22). Since then, each day has been progressively worse. I have been able to have a few bites of food here and there, including a dozen doughnut holes a couple days ago, which was my largest meal of the week. The worst part is that the prescription the doctor gave me had zero refills, and I ran out of it over the Christmas holiday while their offices were closed so I’ve been using over-the-counter pain reliever since. Was supposed to go to New Orleans for my 7-year wedding anniversary tomorrow, but I cancelled the trip because I knew I wouldn’t be able to eat anything, and that’s one of the main reasons to go. I just hope I’m able to eat by next weekend with relatively minor pain.

  136. Hello everyone,
    Also on my day 7 recovery.. Had my tonsils out last Wednesday.. All of these posts I’ve read these past few days have helped me get through just knowing I’m not the only one experiencing these horrible painful things. So I’ve decided to post myself.. My 7th day my big blackish scabs are gone, but when they came off they left exposed raw tissue which now burns every time I take my liquid pain medicine.
    I still can only eat Italian wedding soup which is awesome, and ensure and biggest concern is my uvula, it is still very swollen has scabs on it and it’s so long it touches my tongue. I went for my post op 2 days ago and my dr said not to worry, that it will return to its normal size. I just don’t know. Also what the heck is that burning sensation I get every now and again. It seriously feels like acid is coming out of my salivary glad and spreading through out my throat. Any one know about this??? I can’t wait to eat again, having a huge Christmas dinner tomorrow for my family and I will not be able to eat. I know most of you are in the same boat so I don’t feel as bad.
    One more thing, someone said they are gargling with salt water?? My dr told me not go gargle so anyone else gargling?? Is it helping?

  137. hi guys im on the 7th day now and it does pain still my scab come of think so not to sure some tips eat baked beans helps a lot noodle 1st 3 days it is normal and after that pains just come from ears to head i take mix off 2 paracetamol 500g 2 and 1 ibuprofen which helps alot for a bit gd luck any1 eles taking it out.

  138. Day 7 what a bumpy road yesterday I felt great even went to visit family this morning woke up omg the pain my ears I feel a pulse in my throat when I stand up or do anything strenuous , anything I fancy to eat is then ruined by the bad taste in my mouth I’m put of maccies for life ! Looking after 2 kids under 4 is pretty hard too u can’t shout or do anything my one word of advise would be drink drink drink I ended up in a urgent care centre with dehydration I cannot wait for this experience to b over I had to big baby’s with no pain relief and for this I’m on tramadol and morphine sulphate

    1. I’m just going into my day 6 myself and have started experiencing the dry throat = ON FIRE sensation.. in fact I’m awake @ 3:30am afraid to sleep as I know my throat will dry out!

      I’m with you on the pain meds – I was using the extra strength over the counter stuff this morning – I went to my doc this afternoon and got two scripts for MUCH heavier meds… crazy how it still doesn’t stop the instant burning sensation when it happens though!

      I have 1x 4 year old – I know exactly what you mean about not being able to yell etc… sometimes I can talk almost normal – other times…. all I can do is gesture dramatically!

      Hang in there, Beth!

  139. Starting @ Day 7, my scabs begged for a change. Foods and that I lived on:

    scrambled eggs with no pepper and little salt, oatmeal, & chicken noodle soup (I added chopped up pasta).

    I was so bummed to have to give up the foods I had especially purchased for this surgery. I could no longer eat orange sherbert, popsicles, applesauce, jello nor drink orange juice. Anything acidic or cold hurt.

  140. Day 7 for me, the pain at night and in the morning is unbearable..I also have a huge ulcer on the side of my cheek by my bottom tooth, so the pain of that aswell is killing me, I’m thinking it’s were the instruments were keeping my mouth open I surgery. I woke up this morning in worse pain than yesterday, I’m drinking lots of water, and eating lists of soup with pasta, I did manage a piece of cake but I nibble at it as I can’t open my mouth wide…I think at night the pain is worse. My scabs havnt fell of, I’m dreading that as everyone says it makes u vomit. I’m 44 years old

  141. I’m currently on day 7 and in really struggling to get through the nights with the pain. I can’t take any pain killers at night until about 8 in the morning, so when my last pills ware off at about 12ish I’m in agony and can’t sleep/keep waking up! I could handle it if I could take the painkillers but obviously they say you can’t take more than eight in 24hour period so I would have to miss out during the day if I were to have some at night :/ it’s got of the point that I can’t even eat anything at all. The first night, I slept right thought and ate biscuits and potato chips! And now a week later it’s much worse..and I’m losing my patience.

  142. I’m on day 8 today, but just wanted to comment how some people can have toast. I had packets of chips on day 6 & 7. My dr recommended I eat toast, chips, cookies, etc. It trains the tongue & throat muscles and the jaw so they won’t get tight and that’s some of the pain in these days. I eat these when I’m high on medicines and feel no pain. Remember to keep chewing to shred and gurgle after eating so no food stuff remains in the wounds.

  143. On my 7 th day postop, and I m starting to regret my decision to have the tonsillectomy !! My ears, tongue, throat everything hurts!! I drink all the time , can’t eat at all and thank god for my pain meds!! Everything back there is still white-ish and yellowish !! Is that normal !?? And what’s a scab look like?? When do you lose it and how do you know? Anybody ? Pleasee and thank you !!

  144. Today is my 7th day. The hardest part of my day was (sorry if TMI) constipation. I hadn’t had a BM since the day of surgery despite all of the prunes and laxatives I had been ingesting. Immediately after using an enema, I felt better. The nausea and tiredness went away. I guess having full intestines can make a person feel pretty crappy (figuratively and literally.)
    I’m trying to slowly wean off of the painkillers so I don’t have to experience that digestive issue again. I boiled and pureed prunes. I’ve been mixing the prunes into baby cereal with Rice Dream instead of dairy products. I’m continuing to avoid dairy so I don’t have any mucus to fight with. After this, I may continue to live without dairy, because my sinuses are so clear!

    In addition to ice water and ice chips, I drink a cup of Earl Grey tea (room temperature) every morning, so I don’t get another caffeine withdrawal headache. I’ve also eaten baby food because it’s easiest to swallow. The fruit is a bit too sweet and hurts my throat yet. But the baby food sweet potatoes are just right. Chirldren’s Ibuprofen helps a lot.

    Yesterday, I slept on and off all day. I slept a lot today as well. I tried going without the Roxicet this morning but ended up having to use it by noon. Things are still really tender, and I think I lost a scab. No bleeding though. Thank you everyone for sharing your experiences. I hope you heal quickly and comfortably.

  145. I am still alive, !! No strong meds last night, woul have been a good night if not for the coughp and the bleding and the dry throat in the morning. Ice pack I love you.

    I tried jello for breakfast throat almost fells not made of sand paper.

  146. Today is 7 days since I had my tonsils removed and this is the first day I have woke up and not been in unbearable pain. Days 3-6 were the hardest days of my life. I couldn’t even take care of my baby from being in so much pain. My ears teeth tongue neck everything hurts!! I think I am finally starting to feel a little better though. I would have never made it without the pain meds. It has been very hard so I’m hoping in the end it will be worth it. I am starving to death I was only able to eat some mashed potatoes the second day so I have not eaten in 5 days now bc I just couldn’t. I have tried several different things and I just can’t eat yet. I see the doctor next week so hopefully he will tell be if I’m making any progress. I can’t wait to eat again and feel like I am human. This was harder than having a baby and that was hard!!

  147. Man up ladies. I’m 32yo and on day 8. I went to the beach this morning. I ate solid food for lunch. Shrimp mac-n-cheese with beacon!! Had tilapia and rice last night.
    Day 4/5was the worst for me. Severe ear pain!!. I called my doc and they called me in a steroid that solved the problem. Also, my doc prescribed liquid roxicet for the pain from day one which is some good stuff. I was talking the second I left surgery lol.
    The process hasn’t been nearly as bad as everyone said it would be.
    Good luck guys!

  148. Hi all well day 7 was good for me, as the day before had been horrendous with earache and the pain again, saw a tip about getting up in the middle of the night to take some painkillers and woke up feeling so much better, ate yogurt and my cuppa and managed toast twice and a bit of breadcrumb coated fish. Today feeling even better not so much sore but uncomfortable. Definitely trying to eat normally is better for you, and your recovery, although still enjoying a jelly as a treat 🙂

  149. Kind of a silly question here considering I’m on day 8–
    What are the ‘scabs’ everyone is talking about? There are obviously the white beds in the back of my throat where my tonsils were but do they turn red/crusty when they become scabs? I’m just a little confused as to what these scabs look like.

    1. Think about what scabs do in the tub or pool. They get white/gray and soft. The scabs in your throat can’t get crusty or dry, so they will stay white and soft. Mine didn’t feel so soft back there, but our throats are pretty sensitive to anything back there, so I could feel what seemed like ridges as my scabs loosened. Almost like flaps of scab were hanging back there. I could never see anything, just the white.

      The tissue back there will be red/pink as the scabs come off, just like any other place on your body you have new tissue under a scab that falls off. I think most of the scab just sloughs off and thins, with some parts seeming to pull off (it stings like a getting a shot or pinch, but the pain is short-lived and icy water helps).

  150. 17 years old. Holyyyy jcdladfla;kjfdfjsadljasdfkjeotwifjs. THE PAIN! The pain is like nothing I’ve ever felt before and it seems to get worse and worse as the days go on.

    Today was day 7 for me and the morning was the worst–woke up to blood in my mouth and tears in my eyes (how poetic 😛 ) It definitely got better as the day went on though. Today my tongue really started to hurt right in the back on the where it connects to the bottom of my jaw. It’s a strange pinching/stinging sensation but ice water definitely helps. I napped a little bit today which was a relief since throughout this entire recovery I’ve gotten a total of 20ish hours of sleep. The worst part about this process is sleeping because waking up with a dry throat and cracked lips/tongue is a blow. Tonight I’m really anxious and nervous about going to sleep but I know I’m going to have to grin and bear it in the morning. Hopefully tomorrow I won’t be as much as of an emotional wreck as I was today. This feed has really helped me with all of the support and great tips 🙂 Thanks a ton, Greg!

    1. Sophia, that pinch/sting is a great way to describe how it felt when my scabs started pulling away (if you’re talking about the back of your tongue and not the underside). You’re right that a cool sip of water soothes it quickly. You’re probably having the worst of it (pain) right now. Hang in there! The frequent sting of scabs coming off lasted well over a week for me. I’m not sure if that’s typical, but at least the pain can be relieved quickly.

    2. Try a humidifier for the dryness, the mornings of days 7 and 8 were the worst for me then days 9 and 10 got drastically better. You’re close, hang in there! Fruity gum is great for when it gets itchy soon.

      1. Thanks Allison 🙂 It’s so reliving to hear that days 9 and 10 were drastically better for you since I am on day 8 now. I’ll definitely have my mom head out to the store to pick up some fruity gum!

  151. Day 7, no issues – eating since 2 hours after the op, normal diet from day 1. Here in the UK we are encouraged to eat a normal diet as this strengthens the muscles and speeds recovery.

  152. I am in a bit of discomfort but I’m not sure what the fuss is all about? Day 3 I was out in town eating a three course meal with the main being a cheese burger.

      1. Was standard surgery. I was advised to start eating my normal diet as soon as I came round. My two main tips are 1. Set an alarm for half way through the night to drink water. 2. Eat toast first thing- drags all the sticky saliva and other bits down.

  153. If I sleep more than an hour at a time I wake up with a searing pain in my ears and throat. A hot compress for the ears and a cold compress for the throat helps A LOT…almost as much as the pain meds. It’s easy to think you’re doing a lot better than you are after taking a dose of medicine (Roxicet). I kept thinking “oh, I must be getting better.” And then it starts all over again. Guess it’s just taking longer to recover than I thought.

  154. Today was day 7 after a coblation tonsillectomy on 6/20. It followed the same pattern as the last few – I had a hard time sleeping because of the throat pain, thinking maybe I overdid it with eating during the day. I stopped the narcotic painkillers a couple of days ago, and maybe the Tylenol isn’t cutting it (but I feel much better/less nauseated overall). I tried to take it easier today and really just eat soft food, like applesauce, popsicles, scrambled eggs, and soup, but I’m still feeling rough/raw in the throat tonight. We’ll see how tonight goes. At least the bad taste in my mouth has been a bit better the last couple of days. I am ready to get out of the house but get tired very easily. I did do more around the house today, which isn’t saying much but was still noticeable. Hoping to more firmly turn the corner tomorrow, but we’ll see.

  155. So I’ve been suffering through this whole recovery which I literally didn’t think would be as bad as it really is, yesterday I was an emotional reck, just exhausted and wanting to be normal again. I cried over chips, yes chips. Lol. But anyways today was the first day I got the energy and courage to step outside my house and I just was a passenger as my mom ran some errands but a half hour into it I was so drowsy and tired all I wanted to do was sleep. I’m getting terrible ear pains in my ears mostly my right side hurts the most and it might be because that tonsil was bigger than the other (so my ENT says) I’ve been able to eat pasta and broth but not very much because it starts to hurt. I’ve been basically drowning my body with water to keep hydrated and eating ice chips as often as I can. I coughed up a tiny piece of my scab tonight it was gross but I’m happy it’s healing because I just want to eat normally again

  156. Coblation tonsillectomy 7 days later: I woke with terrible pain again, the same as every morning. That pain that makes me feel like this will never end! Yesterday I replaced a Percocet does with an ibuprofen dose and noticed nothing at that time or when the ibuprofen should have worn off, so I went to bed with no pain meds and was actually feeling okay. I was in a world of hurt after sleeping.

    I felt hot and chilled, too, before I finally got it of bed. I was running a temp and took some ibuprofen to help that and help with pain. My bowels were trying to function again and I wasn’t going to start with the narcotics after calling it quits with them yesterday.

    I called the ENT about the fever and was surprised to have the nurse tell me that a fever this late in the game is a sign that I need more fluids. I know my intake has been lower days 4-6. I upped the fluids today and have been keeping up on ibuprofen for pain and fever.

    I needed a nap this morning since I was up at 4 with the pain and chills. After nap I felt amazing. Pain went down with medication and with use. I ate toast! I ate a brat and cookies! And more bread! I could have used an afternoon nap, but I was out of the house and enjoying the day with some cousins. I couldn’t pull myself away until I knew I had to. Early to bed for me tonight.

    I have a scab hanging on and gagging me since last night. It’s repulsive. I want it gone, but I need to be patient. Too much activity back there and I get small tinges of blood reminding me to leave it be. I keep hoping the rougher (not liquified) foods will help slough that off. Maybe that’s why so many Brits and Europeans are told to eat chips and rougher foods. I wonder if pushing that down helps brush off the layers of scab as they form. Maybe there wouldn’t be a scab to fall off then. I was hoping to shed this flap hanging back there but I’ve had it all day, even on a normal diet. Maybe tomorrow.

    I do get small twinges of pain when it pulls off a little more. It’s hard to describe. When you feel it, you’ll know it’s fresh bits of tissue getting exposed as the scab pulls off. It’s not that painful and a sip of something cool helps out. The pain goes away very quickly.

    I’m setting alarms to take the ibuprofen during the night. I’m scared of waking up in pain for even one more day. I’m scared to wake up and wonder if it will ever stop hurting. It’s getting very tiring. But I will say that I go to bed with a hope, the first hope I’ve had in a week. Tonight I fall asleep with the hope that tomorrow will be as good as today. Maybe better…

    1. It looks as if you’re turning a corner! I hope tomorrow is a great day and starts off with no pain. I’m eagerly reading your updates since I’m in the depths of the healing process right now and hoping for smoother days ahead.

  157. My day 6 was my worst day and day 7 as been the same. Pain meds don’t touch the pain I’m feeling. I’ve looked at my throat and it looks like I have a scab on the left side but not on the right. And that is where all my pain is. I’m worried something is wrong. And I don’t think my doctor would want me in this much pain. So I’m calling the doctor office in the morning to see what he wants to do(stronger meds that ease the pain is what I want). As anyone else experienced pain just on one side? As anyone had their scab come off before day 6? I just want to be able to drink and eat without it killing me. I want to be able to eat and drink and not cry through it.

  158. 17 years old, 6 days and a few hours into recovery and I feel terrible! It’s hard to describe what it feels like, most people have been comparing it to swallowing knives or shards of glass, but I would say it feels more like a very hard blunt paint like someone is punching me in the throat, like a very bad bruised feeling… my jaw is in extreme pain and my tongue still feels very swollen, finally experiencing the ear pain and nausea is creeping up on me again. I started taking a 500mg capsule of Tylenol with oxycodone; worked great yesterday and is failing to work today, not sure what to do, I guess I’ll just have to sleep it off. I’ve been forcing myself to drink plenty of water and have been getting by from mashed potatoes, sweet bread, and melona bars. Chocolate ice cream and pudding has caused me to throw up (only chocolate for some reason). I’ve lost a total of 10 pounds since surgery. I just wish it would stop, I hope this is the worst of it, but I know it will be worth it in the end – having strep every month was worse… wishing everyone a speedy recovery

  159. I’m day 7 now. Today, I started having a sharp pain in both sides of my throat. My boyfriend said maybe the scabs split a little bit but I’ve done nothing for that to occur. I’m 15, and it’s at times very painful. Although I feel MUCH better today, the pain is excruciating when I try to eat. It burns, and just feels like it wants to sit in the holes where the tonsils used to be. I haven’t eaten much today. I ate one pop sickle today & a LITTLE bit of mashed potatoes yesterday. I’m really hungry. Since the tonsillectomy, my stomach has decreased in size, and I no longer want to eat as much as usual. What could the sharp pains be? Is it the scabs coming off, or? Please get back to me ASAP! Thank you!

  160. 18 years old, Ending day 7! It’s been one week since my surgery and I am excited that the first seven days are behind me, I hear those are the worst. Today I had my follow-up appointment with my doctor. He told me most of my scabs had already came off and I was doing very well. I had to ask him for a pill form pain medicine because the liquid was burning to bad to bear. The doctor gave me pills and I started taking them as soon as possible. I feel way more energetic and today has been the first day I have actually gotten up out of bed and done small things. I highly recommend finding things to do to help keep your mind off the pain. Swallowing is still a struggle, though I have not had an intense amount of ear pain. I have drank a ton of water! Every few minutes I have to have a drink. I honestly don’t know how people say they eat some of the things they do.. Ramen Noodles and scrambled eggs are my main diet as of now. Doctor says it will only get better from here on out, I really hope so!

  161. Day 6 here, trying to see what to look forward to tomorrow. Got some proper pain meds today- children’s Tylenol wasn’t cutting it. I’m blown away by the people that can eat, I’m drinking unsalted broth, water & power aide. Eggs didn’t go down well, I forced it for some protein and felt as though a cat was scratching my throat. I also cannot open my mouth wide enough to see much back there but can feel the scabs when I’m gargling. Oh the joys- I look forward to the fact they can’t grow back and I won’t be on antibiotic every third week for abscess tonsils any longer!

  162. todays’s my 7th day & i feel like im dying . its almost impossible to swollow my own spit .. & drinking is unbearable. i cant open my mouth very wide, or move my tongue much. talking is almost out of the question. i really want this to end already ..

  163. Day 7 and i think that i might have over done it yesterday.. I was able to eat food so i munched into some but felt like something was stuck on my throat. I done my salt gargle and was couging a lot trying to budge it. Now in told it might had been scabs that feel like food. Woked up in a lot of pain even water hurts!!!

    1. Hi Laura! I find utilizing the chin to chest method great with swallowing food. Be careful with consistency, too! I thought I was ready for chicken noodle soup…too soon :/

  164. POD #7 Feel like I’m turning the corner a bit. When I wake up it feel like a million shards of glass at the back of my tongue. Once I gurgle with warm water and a dash of salt, it feels better. Still can’t eat much, not that I have much of an appetite. I’m trying to do little things around the house but energy is nil. I’m off the oxycodone (thank God) and have been managing on extra-strength Tylenol (I can’t see how ppl like to take these pills). Keep your head up people! I see the light 🙂

    P.S. I miss chewing.

    1. You know things are rough when, “When I wake up it feel like a million shards of glass at the back of my tongue.” is, feeling like turning the corner a bit. Ouch! Hang in there. You are close to the end of this tunnel!

  165. I’m on day 7 today, and this day and yesterday have been the most painful so far, I thought the pain was getting better but it is going the opposite way, I havent had any bleeding or anything so im lucky for that but getting food and drink down is almost impossible, im just wondering when the pain is going to end at the moment and the taste in my mouth is so strong and bad tasting, my breath has been horrible. Ive been trying to ease up on the pain meds so I just have panadol through the day then endone at night to help me through.

      1. Is it really? I am already to call my doctor in the morning for stronger meds, cuz I’m on Tylenol with codine and its not touching the pain I’m having. Is it also normal to have the pain on one side? Of course that is the side I think the scab came off already. What day should the scab normally come off? I think I’m still gonna call my doctor tomorrow and see what he says. The worst he can tell me is that it will get better and I just have to live with it. I’ve been living with the worst pain for two days why not more. Just really ready for it to be over with and I can be back to my normal self. I want to be able to go to church and see my friends. All I feel I do is complain about the pain.

  166. Happy Easter! Day 7 is coming to a close for me. I would say that when i eat the pain is a 5/6 but otherwise its not that bad just sitting and watching TV and sipping water its about a 2/3. When I drink water maybe a 4.. I am still taking tylenol every 6 hours, but I am sleeping better. I have been averaging a 1/2 dose about once a day of the oxycodone, usually around dinner time so i can eat without awful pain. Still taking anti-nausea meds twice a day as well. I took a very short walk today while my family went over to my in laws house with the kids for Easter(like a 1/4 mile) and when i got back I took a two hour nap! Morale of my story is I am still recovering. I have my post op appointment tomorrow. I have several questions written down to ask and am excited to see how I am recovering. Still nervous about bleeding but from what I understand I am about 2-3 days away from not having to worry anymore about it. Keeping fingers crossed for a good report tomorrow and no bleeding(knock on wood).

  167. Day 7 If I don’t move, or talk I think, I might make it through the day, so hungry, ran out of painkillers on day 4, tried to get more and was treated like an addict trying to get a fix, was aweful. Soooo Tylenol it is, sips of room temperature water is all I can get down for the last 2 days. Starting to feel very weak and tired. Going to try Boost today if I can get my hands on some suppose to taste better than ensure, no chalky feeling afterwards. We’ll see.

  168. Im on day 8 now and i can tell you that my ears are nearly about to pop. They hurt so bad, not to mention swallowing. This is crazy recovery. I barely eat or drink. It stings like crazy. I cant even swallow my pain meds either. All i can do is cry sometimes. I have 3 kids and its becoming a little frustrating trying to communicate wih them. I do hope this starts to subside quickly.

  169. Omg I’m on day 6 and it hurts to eat anything hot or cold. I can only eat broth mashed potatoes and noodles when the meds have been I’m my system for 20 min. Over tolerable pain to ear a little. And I’ve eaten so.many pop sickles my tongue has not been 5 days But yesterday I couldn’t eat a thing but pain meds and i woke up at 4am feeling queezy with earn pain tongue pain and my TEETH Omg they HUUUURTTTTT. I drank water and it stung like needles going down so.image a pop sickle and it made it wort the freezing cold chill was like swallowing wood chips Idk if I’m healing at all…. and talking I can forget about it!

  170. Day 7 and it feels worse than day 1. Had a blood clot burst on saturday and was bleeding heavily. Went to the ER. Feel like im starting all over again. Cant eat swallow or even breathe easily. How much longer!? Im dying here

    1. Hi Carla- Sorry you’re having a rough time. Ugh! Day seven is almost always worse than day 1. Most people have the worst time at about day 7 or 8. Even if you required re-cauterization, most people begin feeling better by day 9. I hope you get relief soon.

      I know it’s hard, but really try to keep drinking and eating as you can.

  171. Ice, ice, ice!!! Today is one week since my surgery. Wow what a ride it has been. My BEST friend has been the ice pack around my neck! I haven’t used much pain meds other than ibuprofen. However I have really struggle with nausea. … this taste in my mouth is awful. My scabs are coming off and my uvula is finally shrinking! I am pretty weak, but ate some normal food tonight! I definitely think today is a turning point!

  172. Day 7 – I’ve over the hump! Less pain (but it’s still there). Starting to feel more like a really bad sore throat as opposed to all the ear pain. Still difficult to eat.

  173. Looking to any website/forum for reassurance that not the only 25 year old in this much pain. It’s gone through my head.. Are you just being a baby? But to my relief, although not others, everyone is in the same boat. This is making me feel more normal.
    I’ve started to get quite nauseous the last few days. I’m putting that down to having medications on an empty stomach. But what am I to do? Im trying to eat.. I rely am!
    I’ve had a fever for 48hrs to. Had the cold shakes but actually being hot to touch.
    I’m going to call the hospital ward up to check that this is ok. I don’t rely want an infection as well!
    Ears ache now and then.. Throat is just awfully sore. The mornings are awful. I’m just in a slope of depression at the moment. Feeling very sorry for myself indeed. I don’t think anyone understands this pain. It’s ‘only a tonsillectomy’ after all..
    Most scabs have come away apart from one area that is still quite thick. The rest have a thin pale layer over them. I can actually see the pink of my skin under rather than that thick cheesy stuff!
    I’m sure there’s a light.. I’ll just keep searching 🙁

    1. Hi Leanne, You are not alone in this. Tonsillectomy recovery is tough and yes, it hurts! I think you are right about the nausea being from the pain med’s on an empty stomach. Keep trying to eat. You might also ask your doctor about anti-nausea medicines. They helped me!

      As for the ear pain, try chewing gum. It’s weird, but it helps. Other report that a warm compress on the area helps.

      Best of luck for a speedy recovery. It WILL get better!

    2. I had surgery on the 27th and am still recovering. I found that slim fast shakes are the easiest for me to get in my stomach without too much pain. The vanilla and the strawberry hurt less than the chocolate for some reason. We are almost done just keep going!!

  174. Day 7 post-op. I’ve lost 4.4 kilo. Havnt eaten anything in 6 days. Even water brings me to tears. I’m not feeling any better today. If I had my chance again I wouldnt have had the opp.

    1. Hi Jacinta, I’m so sorry you’re having a rough time. Most people do at day 7. It’s often the worst. Try to remember that this is temporary. You WILL feel better- MUCH. MUCH better. -just not yet. I know it’s hard but please try to keep drinking fluids. It will make recovery better. Dehydration is your enemy- fight it!

      Best of luck to you. Hang in there. I’m on the other side of the tunnel you are in and I can tell you, It’s wonderful! I sleep better and hardly ever get sick

  175. Hello, I am a 42 year old man who had a tonsilectomy in 3/31/14.
    I am on day six and this has been the most miserable experience of my life. Is anyone out there experiencing gum pain or very temperature sensitive teeth? I’ve pulled out the big guns for the rest of the way. I’ve got ice packs, ear drops, orajel, biotene, sucrets,chloraseptic spray water, humidifier, pain I forgetting anything?

    1. Hey Kenyatta- Welcome! It sounds like you’re pretty well prepped for what might be the toughest day. I might suggest planning a little event to look forward to and get your mind off the discomfort- a short walk, a warm bath…anything. Good luck. I wish you all the best

  176. 33yo F Day 7:
    I had a wonderful friend who got me a gift card to Panera Bread. So I sent my husband for some of their chicken noodle soup. Into the food processor it went until all veggies, noodles, and chicken were tiny slivers, and it was the best thing I’ve ever tasted!!! Completely made me feel human again! So I sent him back for 2 more orders to get through the weekend!

  177. Before the surgery I had read so many people on here say that days 7 – 9 were the worst. For some dumb reason, when the pain eased up for me on days 5-6 I actually thought, “Woohoo! I am getting off easy!” I seriously started thinking that this wasn’t going to be as bad as everyone made it seem. Then day 7 came…and with it…the pain. So much pain. I have to give myself a pep talk before every swallow of every drink or bite of food. It is like a thousand knives stabbing my tongue, my gums, the back of my throat, my ears.

    My husband went back to work today and fortunately my kids’ school district offered winter camp so they were taken care of all day. I just had to fend for myself all day long. I fell into a 3 hour rotation of: eat something, take meds, try to sleep, fail, check facebook, check words with friends, play sudoku.

    I am still constantly spitting up little bits of scab. When people mentioned their scabs coming off, it always sounded like they came off all at one time in one big piece. I was totally unprepared for hours and hours of: small cough, oh crap, run to the bathroom sink!

    1. Sounds familiar ! I got nasal spray (fluticasone propionate). I drench a q-tip and put one end in each ear. I also use the spray in my nose twice a day. I found this has helped with any radiating pain and swelling.

      I have been eating ice cubes like crazy and trying to keep the scabs coming out safely. Maybe ask your doctor too about hurricane spray. Just got it yesterday. It’s 20% benzocaine and numbs the throat up without having to choke down pain meds every 4 hours! This stuff is freakin awesomeeee. I also constantly keep ice on each side of my neck too near where the tonsils were removed. I haven’t had horrible pain with swallowing (except morning) using the above things. I ate pudding today, soggy Rice Krispies, a creamsicle and cream of wheat.

      I am over the fact that this sucks physically, but mentally I am caving in and getting impatient, irritable and frustrated. It’s probably in large part because of how malnourished I probably am but I’m hoping to see more light here soon!

  178. Day 7 brought with it a bit of relief compared to the last few days. The pain still had it moments, but there were stretches of a few hours here and there that I noticed feeling remarkably better. I tried to enjoy every minute, as I have read here that this recovery is sometimes a step forward, two steps back. That has been the case this evening, as the pain has ramped back up–especially in between doses of medicine. The scabs are definitely thinning, which is promising, but they appear so deep on both sides–deeper than the many pics I have seen online. That makes me nervous. I had a breakthrough today in the eating department. I was so sick of the sweet, gooey medicine taste in my mouth and just wanted something salty. I decided to fry up two eggs and attempt to eat them over a buttered piece of bread. Surprisingly, the pain was not too bad, and I finished the entire plate. It tasted so good that I got a little emotional. I also felt much better after eating. However, I tried again later in the day with bread and could not manage more than two swallows. Ugh. Another complaint I have is that my butt and lower back are often numb/uncomfortable from too many hours sitting or laying down. I think it is related to my sciatic nerve, and today, my big toe on my right foot has been painfully numb. I went for a decent walk today, and that helped a little, but it is still there. Compared to my throat, though, it is a minor annoyance.

  179. Day 7 for me…ugh. When will this finally be over? 40 yr old female. I have experienced severe stomach pain, cold sweating (through a thick sweatshirt and a down pillow in five minutes), pale clammy skin and near-fainting… which I’m attributing to the Tylenol with Codeine…I gave it 45 minutes because I couldn’t get a hold of a family member, but that was scary. I was a minute or two from calling an ambulance when the pain finally subsided. I have been writing down when I take medicine… But I think I missed one entry in my medicine log and double dosed on accident. Be careful everyone…don’t forget to do this like I did. It isn’t worth the additional pain! Other helpful tip: take a basic stool softener and just don’t assume constipation is for other people to worry about. 😉 My ENT suggested it but I didn’t start until Day 3…it took three days to finally work, but it was a relief when it finally did! Also, I’ve found diet drinks like vitamin water zero to be more drying than the regular ones, so don’t cut corners with G2 instead of regular Gatorade. It doesn’t help in the least. With the lack of calories you’re taking in, do the regular drinks. Also, get some Ensure and drink a few sips with your pain medicine to fight nausea.

  180. Day 7! Great day! Throat felt a little raw and was uncomfortable when I swallowed but I ate more today than I have the previous days of recovery. I had heartburn all day which was a down fall and couldn’t get rid if it. Scabs fell off day 5 so I am feeling pretty good!

  181. Today is my day 7. My God I thought the worst part was over! The pain today has been excruciating, the worst yet. My scabs have begun to fall off, leaving red raw patches that cannot come into contact with anything without immense pain. I tried to have some jello and almost threw up from the burning. A few hours later I attempted soup but I felt like I was swallowing knives. I have Aldo noticed big red bumps at the back of my tongue that are very painful to the touch. The back of my tongue is also coated in white. The swelling in my uvula seems to have finally gone down a tad. I wish I knew what was up with my tongue though. Any one have any ideas? My doctor is MIA and my post op is over a month away.
    I am so hungry it’s ridiculous. I can’t even watch food commercials on tv anymore. Also, the fatigue is immense. I always seem to new nodding off but never actually able to sleep. I’ve been trying to cut down on the lortab because I was having extreme nausea, but I think I’m gonna have to go back to the 20ml every 4 hours. Hope you all feel better soon!

  182. Day 7 ending and there is, after all, apparently, light shining at the end of this long, long tunnel.

    This morning was the worst 30 minutes of my life, which bested yesterday morning (and am worried gets bested again tomorrow morning). That first swallow is horrendous. I was up all night, sipping water, preparing…inches from a humidifier. Still amazing pain.

    Worked today out of my home office, overall tolerated the day well. Still have a very limited diet…anything too big is painful, including a big gulp of water. The opening in my throat for food seems abnormally small.

    Have lost about 12lbs…that’s good

    Tomorrow will be even better!!

  183. My body and my mind feel great today! No pain meds taken at all! My throat on the other hand feels like a lava pit. Every swallow, saliva, water, food(pretending I could actually eat something) hurts worse than any sore throat I haver EVER had. I took a short trip to Target today and stopped at the Starbucks for a mocha peppermint frappacino. I was only able to get 4 sips down before I tossed it in the trash ….next I had an orange ICEE. …that was much better. Food wise I found that marshmallows are about the only thing I can tolerate….. My Uvula is back to normal, the site of my tonsils is an ugly thick white/yellow color. I had no stiches like so many others have had and my follow up appointment with my dr isn’t until 12/10.
    Reading forward to the next week….it seems just so far away. I miss my Martinis

  184. This is day 7 and I have felt better since having them out! I read about setting the alarm clock every 2 hours when going to bed to take 2 tsp of pain meds, drink water and to sleep with the humidifier on worked! I did the same throughout the day (minus the humidifer) and it seem to help. I know that I had kind of pushed it when I went to the football game and acidentally yelled and got a soft pretzel stuck (which did feel like a knife going down), but I lived and enjoyed the football game! I wish I would have read that part sooner or that the doctors office would have recommended that. It can only get better from here I hope! Good luck to the rest of you!

  185. my day 7 friday was another day to forget. I had stopped the oxycodone pain meds to relieve the constipation but now I was emptying my bowels too often and it was mostly liquid since I had barely eaten anything in the last 48 hrs. I dont know why but I simply havent been hungry since my haermorhage 2 days ago but I suspect the blood that spilled into my stomach messed with the balance in there and I’ve lose my sense of hunger. Also I developed oral thrush today as I see the white coating on my tongue and how it stings when I swallow or try to eat. The pain from the throat isnt so bad now only the sting from the thrush combined with constantly diarhea (had to go 6 times) and the lack of eating has crippled me. I noticed my throat is making more saliva than ever before which is why it doesnt hurt so much. By night time I stopped the diarhea with some immodium and tried to force down a protein shake and small jelly. It was the first food I ate since the post haermorhage surgery some 48hrs ago!

  186. It is the end of my day 7, and I am grateful it wasn’t like yesterday. I wanted to die. I have some minor ear pain, and my saliva is extra gross tasting today. I spent the beginning of my morning gargling with salt water. I got the salt from my nasal rinse, surprisingly it didn’t burn. I also spent a lot of time scrubbing my tongue with my tooth brush. I refuse to allow my tongue to look as nasty as the back of my throat! After that, my day went by smoothly. I plan on returning to work Monday (day 10), but will go home as soon as it is uncomfortable. I’m chewing on a half piece of gum, and swallowing as much saliva as I can, but I tell you, the gum does not mask the taste! I am so hungry, and jealous of people in fast food commercials. Can’t wait to eat real food. One more thing, I put aloe vera gel in my water, to help my stomach, and it is working great. It also leaves a smooth coat on my throat. Good luck everyone, on to day 8.

  187. DAY 7: 30 years old and had tonsillectomy (with adenoids removed too).
    This weekend has been one of the worst times of my life. My throat is super swollen due to all the scabs and I have all these sores along the sides of my tongue. Swallowing anything, even water or ice chips, is a struggle. I just spent over an hour trying to get down some pudding and have decided to try again later.
    I am still not sleeping well due to keeping up with the pain med schedule, which I don’t dare to deviate from at this point, even though I am still in pain all day with the pain meds. I tried a stronger pain med today and had a little bit of a panic attack so I don’t think I will use that one again. I am just really glad that I decided to take a full 2 weeks off of work to recover, that is one of the smartest things I did when preparing for surgery.
    I am just so exhausted and frustrated and in so much pain…I’m just ready for this to be over.

  188. First, thank you for this site. It has provided such a great idea of what’s to come and what’s to be expected. I was worried to have the surgery – both because of the anticipated recovery and that I have no spleen…very worried of infection.
    Days 1-5 were a blur. Pain excruciating, almost non-stop vomiting. Husband called Dr. But closed for long weekend. Suspected pain meds making me ill; but in so much pain, couldn’t stop taking them. Temp 99-101.
    Day 6 felt human enough to leavd my room, pain 7/10. Temp in the 99s. Ate 1/3 cup mashed oatmeal with banana and 1/2 cup mashed potatoes. Popscicles, ice cream, shakes…can’t get any of them down . Daughter sent home from school with suspected strep throat – can I get it?!!
    Day 7 human enough to sit up in living room. Temp going between 99-100. Dr ofc called to follow up on my disability forms so I mentioned the vomiting, and that I’m down 10 pounds. Called in script for zofran. Just had to wait for hubby to pick it up. Tried 1 cup ice cream. Forced it down. Mistake – 1 hr later vomited for 10 minutes straight. Pain 9/10 now. Blisters on tongue and lips from vomiting only add to pain. Finally – zofran. Added in liquid Motrin to help stay on top of pain. Daughter’s preliminary strep test negative, symptoms more suggestive of mono. Don’t tonsils filter stuff like that? Can I get that now, too?! Lying awake, slept hour past pain med time and drink water time. Both add up to huge pain. Temp 99.5. Hoping day 8 is a day of tonsil miracles! I’m in pain, hungry, cranky from the not eating, unable to care for our 3 kids, and ready for the light at the end of the tunnel. Keep checking in with friends at work – boredom may kill me!

  189. Day 7: the night sleep between day 6 and 7 is getting better. In stead of being a camel and spitting in a cup all night from scabs in saliva , I woke up every two hours with razer sharp pain around the out side of each tonsil hole. So back to the sink I went rinsing with warm salt water that helped. The reson why it is so painful is that the scabs are coming of and the newly exposed skin just wants to say hi! The warm salt water I find calms this sharp edge down. Then I apply cold compress to neck and back to bed.
    I also find that I had not been able to eat or drink much between days 4-7. The scabs around the food entry to the belly fell of on day 6 which I was than able to eat a pudding snack and cry because I was so happy to eat something. But now I can’t eat again because of the newly exposed skin in the holes which burn when food touches it. I figure a few more non eatting days and I should be good to go. The bathroom sink has become my new friend. Thank goodness it isn’t ugly lookin!

  190. Day 7 I am I’m pain this morning. Tried to skip my meds over night to give my body a rest from all the drugs, big mistake, it has taken a while today to get back on top of the pain. Had a weird experience last night, the swelling seemed to have gone down from the back of my throat and it felt like there was a huge hole at the back of my throat, which meant even swallowing water felt like it was dropping down the back of my mouth. I know it’s because my tonsils are no longer there ( and they were big) one of the reasons I had them removed, however the sensation was really disconcerting, and made me a bit panicky, I am a bit scared now that when I eat I will choke because I don’t have my tonsils to catch things. Not sure if my panicky feeling was due to the codeine I have been taking. I was almost a bit relieved when my mouth was swollen again this morning it felt less weird… Also my mouth smells awful today I keep brushing my teeth , perhaps I will gargle with a little salt water, but afraid it will sting like crazy.

  191. Pretty much cried myself to sleep last night. Woke up this morning in excruciating pain at 7am. Got up. Managed to chew some ice enough to numb my throat to take my pain pill. Reduced the dose to half (Tylenol with codine) was, making me sick to my stomach, dizzy, and was giving me a headache. I ate an applesauce and a yogurt and passed or on the couch until noon. I woke up in pain, but it was tolerable enough. I took some liquid children’s Advil, 4tsp down from 8! I showered and could actually flip my head upside down to blow dry my hair! Ate a pudding and some luke-warm soup. Have barely had any pain since the liquid Advil. I’m doing a salt water rinse right now. It stings a little but all the blood is dark and almost brown so I’m not worried it’s fresh. This is exciting! Maybe I really am over the hurdle!!

  192. It’s me again…. And I bring good news!!!! I did wake up today in pain due to the throat drying out In The night mornings are always the worst so I got up brushed my teeth as I could taste the terrible smell coming from my breath!!! I made a cuppa tea and some fruit loaf ( toasted) as I wanted to line my belly today I decided to double up on my ibropfen I was on 400 mg every 6 hours so today I googled was it safe to take 800 mg ( and it was) so I struggled so bad with the toast but new it was better for me if doubling up on meds…… OMG with in 20 mins the pain was so bearable I haven’t felt so relieved in days I’m not saying I was totally out of pain but the feeling of the brused tongue (right at the back) felt lose less swallen I was able to swallow with out being in such harsh pain… So six hours later I took another 800 mg and again in 20 mins the pain level dropped. It felt so much better when I bought the kids a Mc Donald’s I managed to eat a hamber happy meal!!!!!!!!!!! Woooooooo whooooooo I couldn’t manage it all as I felt full so quickly but I ate!!!! Now for tomorrow day 8 I will keep ya posted so was it the meds? Or the fact day 7 is the start of feeling less terrible I know we are all different and heal different but day six I was losing hope of feeling better any time soon…. Hope your all feeling better xx

  193. Hi guys, you all seem to be having a worse time than me. I’m on day 7 of my recovery,and I feel so much better than days 3-6 they where my worse days so far, I am still in a little bit of pain but the pain relief (800mg ibuprofen) really seem, to helping me. Quick tip drink warm tea it really helps..

    I hope all goes well for everyone and my experience of day 7 wasn’t all that bad..

    Recover quickly (:

  194. I don’t think my pain med is working. I’m only suppose to take it every 4-6 hours. . but the pain is back and I’m in agony within 2 -2 1/2 hours!
    In so much pain today. It feels like I’ve swallowed glass. The pain is radiating up into my ears and into my jaw. It hurts to open my mouth even to drink water.
    I have to brace myself every time I take a drink of water. When will the pain decrease!?

  195. Honestly I don’t wanna jinx myself but with my liquid codeine I’m feeling pretty good I’m not sure if it supposed to switch off it by now but I’m 13 and it’s working just fine we’ll just want to say I’m feeling pretty good minus the dry throat I woke up with this morning my ears are what’s bothering me especially my right ear it’s killing me my throat leaks this nasty tasting fluid my scabs are still all there which I have no idea why but overall I think it was worth it in the end I had to get them because I had tonsil stones and I don’t get them now! Good luck please share your experience!

  196. Day 7- Ouch! I ran quite a few errands today so I didn’t keep up with my Percocet, and I paid for it too! When I swallowed my pain was about 8/10. No fun.

  197. Age 17 The morning of day seven started badly, but I decided to get in gear and force down warm tea because water seems to be bothering me lately by noon I was feeling better eating Lipton soup (which is the only thing I tend to enjoy during this whole experience) but the best thing I have come by are sport Popsicles! They give you the electrolytes you are missing and make your throat feel amazing, hoping to keep up the feel better attitude since my scabs are starting to fall off today( which stings) good luck to all of you! I think I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel FINGERS CROSSED !!

  198. Day 7: no more or less pain than day 6. I’m 31 and so far I’ve been able to manage the pain between Tylenol, squeezing cushions, slapping my forehead and making crazy faces. Al of the above helped me to go through the excruciating pain while (and 15 minutes after) I eat. I didn’t plan on it but I almost slept through the night, and this is the most sleep I have ever had since surgery. I tried to set alarm to wake up every hour and get some water to drink, thego back to sleep. I notice that I had a loooooot of mucus today, all clear stuff hat is gross. I did not see or feel more scabs coming off. I took a walk again tonight for about 30 minutes and it sure felt good. Not sure when my scabs will come off, but it’s only been 7 days right!

  199. I’m on day 7 and thought something was wrong when I woke up,in more pain than ever… I’ve been alternating Lortab with 800mg ibuprofen and that seems to help…

  200. Horrible day. I’d say the worst pain yet. And I’m starting to feel like the pain meds aren’t working. Also, a tip. For anyone who is having trouble swallowing pills (I sure am), pop the pills into a big spoonful of jello, and then treat the spoonful like a pill, swallowing it with water. It helps keep the pills from scratching the throat.

  201. The dreaded day 7. Everyone spoke of how this is “peak day”, the day where my pain will get as excruciating as it’s going to get. To be honest, I really don’t feel much worse than I did yesterday…I would say it’s definitely worse, and this is definitely the worst I’ve felt this whole time, but still. I was expecting worse, not that I’m complaining.

    I woke up with a little bit of bleeding this morning too. I think it was because I stupidly attempted to swallow my Percocet tablets with a dried up throat. Thankfully I’m not gushing blood, just two little scratches at the moment. My Doctor was nice enough to answer my text at 7am this morning (on a Sunday no less!) and he asked me to text him a picture of my throat so he could see how serious it was. Gotta say, best experience with a doctor I’ve ever had. Anyway, he said I should be fine, I shouldn’t worry unless blood is actually gushing out.

    Looking forward to hopefully seeing improvements over the next few days =)

  202. Ok, so today I decided I was going to tough it out. I concluded (on the basis of no evidence) that my vomiting on Day 6 was probably due to taking the oxycodone on an empty stomach. Today I’d fill the stomach AND stop the oxy. I could do it! I could conquer the WORLD!!!

    This actually worked quite well during the day. I was able to eat some mashed vegetables with gravy and some scrambled eggs, AND keep them down! I even slept a little, in a very bizarre restful sleep.

    Sometime late in the day I realised that anytime I tried to swallow (ANY TIME… saliva, water, anything!) was like pouring hot acid into an open wound. 🙁 At first I thought it was just that I was due the soluble paracetamol (a GOD SEND, if you ask me). That only lasted about 30 mins 🙁

    I went to bed and managed to fall asleep without any more pain killers. I was woken around midnight by some knives in my right ear and the acid bath in my throat (which is technically Day 8 I suppose). I’m sitting here in tears wondering whether to eat something and take the oxy or go straight to the hospital. (‘Go to Jail. Go directly to Jail. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200.’)


    1. Take the oxy for 1 or 2 more days, the pain starts to subside day 8. Eat Jello or instant pudding before taking the oxy, and ask your doctor for an anti-nausea med. Also, if you feel up to it, taking a short light walk can help with stomach pain. I thought my mom was crazy when she made me walk to reduce my nausea, but it worked! Also make sure you’re taking a laxative since the oxy stops that all from working properly. If you really don’t wanna do the oxy anymore, extra strenght Tylenol worked pretty well. Good luck!

      1. Thanks sweet_nothing. I took the oxy and the anti-nausea med, still threw up but the pain was a little less this afternoon. I am hoping like anything that means I’ve broken the worst of it. I tell you, if I knew it would be this bad, I’m not sure I’d have done it! Sigh.

        Heat to the ears is a good tip, I’ve been doing that for a couple of days. Just pressing your hand to the ears works well, too. It’s only one ear, for me, funnily enough the one that gave me most grief when I still had the tonsils. :S

        Thanks again for your advice. Fingers crossed for all of us struggling with this that we break it soon. 🙂

  203. Well I was actually on here reading this when my tragedy struck. My day was starting out already kinda bad because it was a bad pain morning and I knew i’d have to take Roxicet every 6 hours versus every 8 or so. Well I took my dose at 11:30 and it made me cough, not even a lot, but the slight burn it gave still had me cough. Now i’d been slowly clearing my throat more and more each day with all the mucus that had started up, so it hurt a bit but I figured thats because i had coughed when there was a strange warmth at the back of my throat.

    I was gushing blood heavily down my throat at this point so I called my dad and he hurried home, and we went to the closest ER, even though thats not where my ENT surgeon had rights because closer is better at least at first. Well the entire time home i’d swallowed the blood mostly and was spitting it up while in the ER with their little bucket for me. They eventually told me as long as it stopped and clotted itself, I was golden and wouldnt need it recauterized. Well it did stop, then 10 minutes later it started again, but only bled for like 5-10 minutes before stopping again. Thinking we could go home now the ER doctor was signing my stuff and saying after talking to my ENT surgeon that if there was anymore longer bleeding to go straight to a different hospital 20 minutes further south where he did have rights, and I started bleeding again only as hard as the first time. So we rushed towards the different hospital that was warned we were coming, and i had a clean bucket having filled 1 already. Finally arriving there about 2:30 i will still bleeding strong and the nurses got me in pretty quick, the only problem was now the decision came. Cauterize in the room without any anesthesia or go into full surgery whenever my ENT could get there to perform it. They ended up not giving me fluids because of the thought that I would be leaving for surgery any moment. only for my blood pressure to crash and my entire body to begin going downhill from no water since 11:30a.m. and losing blood pretty constantly since then too. So it ended with me crying on the bed laying back with huge stomach pains from the TON of my own blood i’d been swallowing between trying to spit it out, and that i’d lost a totally of 4 cups of blood they’d calculated, and never been on an IV. 4 nurses had to rush in and put two IV’s into me, each hooked up to two fluid bags, to make me feel good and finally get my blood pressure from 72/33 up to 115/65 which is much more normal for me.

    Well they’ve gotten a hold of my ENT and he wants to try and just have the ENT specialist and his residents in the hospital cauterize it in my room IF they think the blood clot that formed when I crashed wont hold. They examine it and decide it’s not looking too strong so they get the things to cauterize me. The way they explained it to me the little sticks that had the chemicals on it to cauterize would sting, but they’d only use one or two so it would be quick and all would be good.

    Everyone keeps thinking this is a small bleeding point until they go in and see it’s a good chunk of my throat thats needing tending to. I took twelve of those suckers, while their tongue depressors were pressing INTO my other scab/scar and causing pain, and choking me with the suction. They couldnt get it and everyone told me I was such a strong girl for dealing with this but they were just going to put me under and do the surgery again. Well just as I was about to go, the nausea started again real bad and they didn’t get me any nausea meds till I was in the OR waiting room where I could see my Dad again. But it did help a lot. My surgeon told me this is a 1 in 100 happenstance but to still be careful and such. Everyone thought i’d eaten something crunchy or hard to cause this, and when I told them they were shocked because they didnt know just how strong the coughs could be. Well surgery went fine and the angels above had them pump my stomach free of the blood so I wasn’t nauseous again until the car ride home but that was fine. I left finally at 8:15 that night and got home at 9:30.

    It was such a crazy ride and i just was and am a bit terrified every time i have to clear my throat a bit, but it’s just as safe as before i took the scab off. Just be careful whenever you cough, try not to, but if you can try not to do it as hard and all should be good but this was really a terrifying experience.

        1. Mint gum burned. Watermelon gum was good and did not burn. I literally was chewing watermelon gum non-stop for like 4 days to stop the urge to cough, and it worked! I would recommend to start with half a piece and just see how that goes.

  204. Hey Everyone! Let me just start off by saying that this site has been a HUGE help throughout my dark days! I am 17 years old and I got my tonsils removed on the 27th of July. So its officially one week today !!! I made finally made it! Before my tonsillectomy I had a lot of strep throat and tonsillitis. I also had huge tonsils and I would get tonsil stones ALL THE TIME ! talk about smelly… and I also had little “homes” in my tonsils. There were deep deep holes everywhere so the stones had a nice, warm, and comfy place to sleep….grrrrrrr.

    Day 1 of surgery: So the surgery went great. I’m not sure what method was performed on mine. When I woke up from the anesthesia, all I could remember was the feeling of my tongue. It felt soooo swollen and it hurt worse than my tonsils. The nurse tried to get me to eat jello which hurt like heck and sip water which was like acid down my throat. (Note: surgery was performed at about 1pm and I got home around 6pm) When I got home the first thing I did was take my medicine 15ml of liquid hydrocodone every 4 hours. It made the pain tolerable which was nice. Woke up in the middle of the night like my throat was literally on fire. I wasn’t aware that I had to drink water throughout the night! I learned fast though!! I took my medicine and I was good. Pain was about a 6/10

    Day 2: The pain started setting in. I couldn’t open my mouth for the life of me but I eventually got it to open wide enough to look in the back of my throat. White scabs and my uvula was about the size of my throat and it was longer than where my tongue was. Not comfortable whatsoever. My tongue was also pure white! I hated the way jello felt going down my throat. I stayed away from the dairy cause I definitely did not need anything else to block my throat (mucus). I resorted to apple sauce. I USED TO HATE APPLESAUCE WITH A PASSION. but now its like my best friend. That day pain was about a 6/10.

    Day 3: This is when I researched and researched and researched. I needed to know of any home remedies or anything that could help me out with this recovery process ! this is where this site comes in to play (: . I bought a humidifier ASAP!!!!! and made sure I drunk water throughout the night about every hour. That helped SOOOOO MUCH! That day I ate more apple sauce but the nausea started to kick in. That hard medicine on an empty stomach is not okay. luckily my doctor prescribed me with some ant nausea tablets. I also started sucking on ice chips which helped the swelling go down. That night I managed to eat some mashed potatoes and gravy with a little meat loaf. MANN ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT GOOOOOOD! haha I love to eat so this experience has been very difficult. Pain was about a 5/10

    Day 4: Woke up at about 3am in sooooo much pain!!!!! My earls felt like they were going to explode. They were pounding like drums ! And the medicine was starting to wear off in 2-3 hours. I was exhausted. I really just wanted to sleep and never wake up. I had mucus stuck in my throat from lord knows what. My throat didn’t hurt as bad as my ears and jaws. My tongue was still swollen. I did not want to eat that day but I forced my self to because I refused to throw up! I was not about to delay this recovery or make it even worse! Towards that afternoon it got better. I ate more mashed potatoes, gravy, and meatloaf. I also had my applesauce(: but I can only eat so much before my throat is uncomfortable.

    Day 5: I SAAWWW THE LIGHT! It finally started to ease up a bit. I did not have to take my medicine every 4 hours. I could make it for about 5-6. That morning I managed to get down a little bit of hashbrown potatoes and scrambled eggs. The nausea was kind of messing with me so I stopped. Felt like I had to puke out my guts but the pills prevented that. I also looked at my throat and my scabs were falling off! I had a little left on the left side and a piece hanging on the right. For dinner I had some creamy chicken rice casserole. DELICIOUS!! and a little piece of fried chicken…which I know I should not have eaten but it was calling my name, I made sure I chewed up til it was really really really mushy. Pain that day was about a 4/10

    Day 6: I woke up a little better. Still the same ear ache and dry throat. I did not eat much that morning besides applesauce so I could take my meds. But that night I ate two slices of cheeseburger deluxe pizza!!!! It felt soooo good to finally eat a little more! But it kind of started aching afterwards but it was worth it. I started talking too! Even though I sound really ridiculous! My friends couldn’t help but laugh at me. Pain was about a 3/10.

    Day 7: Did not go to sleep til about 3:30 am on the 6th day and woke up at 7 for medicine. Yeah I was in pain but it wasn’t tooo bad. Today I didn’t eat or drink anything. I just felt yuuckkkkyyy. My throat was really dry but I didn’t care. Big mistake. I haven’t took my meds all day. not to mention the breath !!!! PEEEEEYYYUUUUU ! Swallowing is a little more tender today probably because my scabs are like all gone except this one that is hanging on its last limb! Pain today about a 2/10

    I thought this was the worse experience of my life in the beginning! But now I see its worth it. I haven’t had any complications so far (knock on wood) . I miss food A LOT but I have a feeling that I wont eat as much as I used to . I also miss dance practice A LOT. its my life. My doctor told me I have to stay away for two weeks. I’ve been dancing since I was 3 and never have I ever stayed away from dance for TWO WEEKS . Im dying here ! My mother helped me a little through this recovery. She had her procedure when she was in her 20’s and she failed to mention to me all this CRAP I should have known. but she’s like Bio woman, nothing hurts her!!! My grandma has been the most help. She was like my own personal nurse from filling up my water to changing the humidifier to fixing me whatever she thought I could eat to waking me up every hour during the night to sip water. She even laid in the bed with me to make sure I was okay every night . Shes my super woman (: and I appreciate it. Comment if you have any questions about my recovery!

    1. Hey I’m a 17 year old who just had her tonsils taken out aug 7th and it is a week today. I woke up in the middle of the night with excruciating pain around 3 am and it was so bad I had to take some pain medicine. this afternoon it feels somewhat better but I don’t know about the whole scabbing thing. Does it hurt when it comes off? Do you feel it? When the scabs come off does it feel better then? I’m nervous. Please reply back with info. You are the only one close to my age that I’ve seen has had one of these surgeries.

      1. Well I’m 25 and did *not* have an issue with the scabs, so I’m sure you will be just fine 🙂 Around day 10 I could sense they were coming off after I was done eating. The sensation only lasted a few minutes and was not bad. It is nothing to worry about at all. It’s more itchy than anything else. I just drank a ton of water to stop the itch and they were gone in no time.

  205. Day 7 of my coblation tonsillectomy started with a little more pain than I have been used to this week (5 out of 10), but only because I slept through my alarm for more drugs. Was bound to happen at some point I guess. Things are still well overall. My stomach hurt more than my throat. Getting anxious to be fully recovered. Lack of food and the duration of this recovery is the worst part. But, still happy I had it done of course.

  206. So first off I have to say that your blog and all of your experiences have made this TORTUOUS experience much more bearable knowing that you have all felt or are feeling exactly what I am now….THANK YOU!!!!!!

    I’m on day 7, my surgery was a week ago today, and today is by far the worst morning I’ve had :(. I didn’t sleep much as my ears felt like someone was taking a sledgehammer to them as of 3am this morning. I think this has been the worst part for me, and I’m not that good with pain as it is!! My tongue is still super swollen and when I do try to eat my new diet of mashed potatoes and matzoh ball soup my whole mouth hurts sooooo badly!!! Anyone know when my tongue will go back to normal??

    I had a full on breakdown on Day 5, having had enough of the no sleep, no eating and constant pain, started stomping my feet like a 3 year old does when you take away his/her toy and yelling at my mom who has been taking such good care of me. The yelling wasn’t the smartest thing as I paid for that the rest of the day but I did feel better oddly after I was done.

    I’m just hoping that this is the turning point, I have to go back to work next week and am not sure how I can do that giving I can’t function normally right now!!

    I am also dreaming about food like I’ve never eaten!! I have a list in my head of all the things I want to gorge on and I’ve prepared my friends for an all out food binge when this is finally over…when will that be exactly??????

  207. Day 7 started out rough for me, but was better by the end. I was in enough pain that I couldn’t really speak in the morning. I suffered for part of the day, then decided to take Advil along with my pain meds. They helped more than they pain meds! I got feeling better and could talk some again. And I made another decision. I was so hungry and run down from hunger, I just knew I had to eat something. So I made sloppy joes and ate the hamburger. It hurt a little, but tasted soooo good! And I think the protein gave me a little needed energy! So the night was better. Looking in my mouth I can see some pink shining through, so I know I am starting to heal. It just feels like it is going so slowly!!

  208. 35 years old and it’s Day 7 for me and it’s the first day I feel anything vaguely resembling human, that being said I’m still in a horrible amount of pain.

    operation day – Coming out of the anesthetic I thought, “gee,I’m going to hurl”. Meanwhile, little did I know this would be the single most coherent thought I’d have for the next 7 days… I wasn’t breathing well and they put me on O2 – which was not great for the dry throat thing. I had a septoplasty/turbs done at the same time so All my airways were compromised. The nurses kept giving me worried looks. My mother, bless her was like a champion by my side literally feeding ice chips into my mouth. As predicted – I went to the toilet and hurled my guts out. Ate zero. Drank a little. I was just so dizzy. The only medication I could take was panadol and anti-nausea through IV. I barely slept a wink.

    Day 1 – Accusing me of not eating, drinking and not breathing (!!!) the Drs kept me in the hospital for a second night. It was the best thing that could have happened as I was not in a good way. I decided to make an effort to eat and drink even if I wasn’t feeling like it. Plus I hadn’t been to the toilet for #2s yet.. I felt a little better today. The pain was pretty bearable and I was taking regular panadine forte and encode as well as my antibiotic. Slept maybe 2 hours total.

    Day 2 – Home day! But I woke up nauseous. They kept feeding me anti-nausea meds through my IV until it was time for me to go home (about midday). Pain getting worse. At home I’m feeling constantly dizzy and sick. I keep trying to down my meds. I realise that I cannot swallow the panadine forte as it makes me gag. Switch to panadol soluble. This kicks pain up a notch. Sleep, I realise is overrated, when I wake up weeping from the pain from only 1/2 hour. This is despite my humidifier being on. I watch the clock waiting for med times. I need them an hour before they are due. In so much pain.

    Day 3 – didn’t think the pain could get worse – it does! So does the dizziness and nausea. I’m trying hard to eat, knowing that eating keeps me as well as can be expected. My ears start chiming in with co-pain. I just sit and cry as it seems to me the most constructive thing I can do. Still no poo. At night, that waste of time between 8pm – 8am I just try to bide my time. Every so often I’ll fall into sweet sleep but wake up with razor blades down the back of my throat. To make matters worse at 4am – I throw up everywhere.

    Day 4 – Realising that my meds are going to run out I ask my mum to place a call to the ENT about getting me some more meds. He seems reluctant. Also as it is the Queen’s birthday holiday weekend he’s about to head off on a holiday. Eventually he agrees to come and see me at home. He breezes in all dimples, running shoes and from what I can see in this deep delirium a picture of perfect health. I want to kill him. I can’t believe there are people doing normal things, while I wallow. I decide this is the last day of wallowing. He tells me that Day 5 is usually the worst and that while it may not get ‘better’ it won’t get too much worse after that. This does not sound comforting to my painful ears. I hear the song “My Sweet Lord” (Harrison) on the radio and cry my eyes out. It’s like I’ve discovered that I understand everything at a deeper level now. Everything is sad and everything is horrible. Oh right, I wasn’t going to wallow.

    While I am so grateful to mum for looking after me (she is a champ) I look over at her meal tonight and have never felt so jealous. It’s crispy skin roasted chicken with crispy baked potatoes and yummy pumpkin. I have the same… blended into puree. I feel so sad. At 10pm I throw up – so dizzy. such pain. I decide I need a break from the meds because I am so ill. I know I can’t make it but I try… No poop.

    Day 5 – I sleep a little (maybe 3 hours) and awake in agony. Dizzy – check, sick – check, stabbing pain in throat – check, miners in my ear canals with picks – check. Oh good, just wanted to check and see if the status quo was up and running…chhhhhheck.. Decide the ENT was right, definitely the most painful day. I can barely eat and I’ve decided to see how long I can survive without meds. That’s right. NO MEDS. NOOOOOOOOO MEDS. I’m still dizzy. I’m still sick. I’m in so much pain.. Feel like I have no choice though. This day is pure hell. Sleep about 30 minutes. Seriously, what’s the point? This no pooping thing is really getting me down.

    Day 6 – Dizziness slowly going away. I’m hungry… But of course I’m in so much pain that I can’t eat what I want. Remember I’m on no meds at this stage so I’m just on survival. My nose keeps feeling funky. I try to ignore it most of the time because it clearly plays second fiddle to the star on stage – my tonsils. Sometimes though, it’ll chime in with a sympathy pain and sears through my head… juuuust letting me know it’s there. Yeah, thanks buddy. I know I’m not supposed to be doing any home operations but things are so crusty up there that I want to get at it. I carefully poke a cotton bud up there and with it comes out the most satisfying piece of booger, bloody, crusty thing ever…plus, I pooped. Maybe it was non Med stance that did it. I’m so happy that I gave birth to a poo baby, you have no idea.

    My friend gives me the idea to eat aloe vera, known for it’s healing properties. I mash some up into a green juice. Now, before I went into this operation I thought to myself that I would stick to my normal healthy lifestyle… lots of green. Green juice daily. Organic, no sugar, no wheat, no refined carbs, no preservatives etc. That went out the window on day 1. It’s been jelly and ice blocks everyday. Today was the first day I had a green juice. I was so happy. The aloe was blended into it and tasted good. It was a bit “sour” (though I didn’t include any sour veggies – just alkaline ones). It took me a long time to drink but I was so proud of myself that I did. 2 hours sleep. 🙁

    Day 7 (today) – No meds. Poo baby has a sister. Green juice again. My hunger is back but I’m still pureeing everything. I don’t know how you are doing things like toast. I can do soft bread and honey but that’s as far as I get. I still get occassional stabs of white hot poker pain as well as the normal horrible swallowing pain. I look at the back of my throat… it doesn’t look like my scabs are coming off… In fact it just looks white.. like a creepy snow cave in there. How do you know when you start scabbing – does your throat look different? Today is the first day I feel kind of human. I’m still crying at all the sad songs on the radio and tbh I weep when eating a bit too. Then I think – far out I am STRONG – I am doing the worst days on no pain meds watsoever. I am so amazing. I’m not proud of doing that but it was from necessity alone. I feel like it’s something I can remind myself it the darkest moments though. I hope day 8 will be better…

  209. In comparison to the comments I’ve read from day 1 – 6 I’ve had a pretty easy journey for the first two days I was able to eat toast and normal foods, then it went downhill and everything stung a little bit. I’ve not thrown up at all and not had any post op bleeding, I was only given ibuprofen and paracetamol from the hospital and everything was going well… Until day 7, oh my god! I woke up with sharp pains in the right side of my throat and the driest mouth, I attempted drinking water which only made the pain worse. I took my tablets and this took the pain away quite quickly but after 3 hours it was back again, I actually wanted to cry. One of the scabs at the back of my throat is hanging off and I assume this is what is causing the pain but the other side doesn’t feel ready to come off which is why it is so sore.

    Has anyone got any advice on how to get the rest of the scab off without crying in pain? 🙁

  210. Right, UPDATE.
    I have survived day 7.

    Things that I am learning –

    Food is for losers, I totally dont need to eat – its all in the mind. Also swallowing its also not really needed anymore, I can be a fully functioning adult without the need to swallow. Where does it say that ‘To survive Humans Beings must Swallow’. My heart is beating, the other organ things are doing their thing well (However gotta give a shout out to my liver (After surviving years of abuse via me binge drinking in order to cope with my social life, its now being treated to copious amount of strong pain killers – im going to (HAVE TO) give it a break once I am healed….DETOX baby!)

    Also pain. Pain is a funny ol’ thing isn’t it. Its like my bodies natural way of getting attention, now as a trained social worker with children I live by the philosophy to only give a child positive attention, to ignore all negative attention. So by using this theory I i’m planning on ignoring my pain levels and just make myself believe that the burning hot acid feeling that in my throat is equivalent to a 3 year old poking me. So I just have to be strong and ignore the little s**t….i’ll ignore it by taking loads of strong pain meds and going into a drug induced coma.

    The other thing that I think as a human I can live without, is sleep. Now sleep is something I adore, up there with food and Long Island Ice tea’s. However If I use a bit of Cognitive behavioural psychology I will be able to make myself believe that Sleep is no longer needed, just Drug induced comas.

    So yeah, to sum it all up – in in lot of pain, the thought of eating makes me want to cry and sleeping is just a thing of the past. However I am alive….so pretty crap really.

    Oh well bring it on day 8! How bad can you be compared to day 7? Lets get it on!


    1. This was hilarious & made me laugh!!! I need that laugh tho.. I had T&A surgery last Friday and baby…let me tell ya…y’all ain’t lying about the pain!! Whew!! Today is day 6 for me and I woke up thinking I was going home to Jesus (wayyyyy too much pain!) and to make matters worse, some asshole stole 7 of my percocets (I had a fiend for a caretaker apparently) so imagine how l feel. Pray for me..this pain makes me feel weak!!

    2. Today is day 7 and I feel terrible. My eyes hurt, I’m spitting up blood and it hurts to laugh. I hate my mom for not getting these damn things removed when I was little. Sheesh!

  211. So…this is how I taste like when dead :(. Taste in mouth so gross even when I brush my teeth and gargle often ! Whole head is in burning pain, earache, toothache, painful jaw- everything. And my breath! Day 7 and i still do not want to look inside my mouth. Not that I can open it anyways. AAAAAARGH!

    1. You’te not alone. Jaw, ear and throat pain is so intense for me today as well. You’re not alone. My Dr told me today that Fri pain should go down dramatically. I just keep saying Tomorrow’s Thursday and then Friday…

          1. Yes. The 25th. I was eating low sodium chicken broth, vegetables and
            chicken all ground up in the blender when I started bleeding again. It stopped in 5 mins. The whole bleeding thing just scared me…

    2. At least when we are dead we won’t feel this pain!
      It’s horrendous isn’t it?? tonsillectomy’s should come with some kind of health warning.
      My ENT nurse told me to eat toast, muslie and crips (chips for the yanks that are out there!) at this point I’m giving myself praise if I manage water never mind the rest!!


          1. You are making me feel better by laughing! It’s all true though. I’m so hungry…

  212. Day 7- What can I say? Let’s do a short catch up. Surgery was Thursday, today is Wednesday. Thursday and Friday no pain at all. Did I really just have my tonsils out? Saturday- some pain and weak. In bed most of the day. Sunday- Mix of good and bad but better than Saturday. Monday- Ugh! Wham! Pain. Intense pain. In throat and ears. Pain meds helped although the last hour before my next dose was hell. Tuesday- Horrid. Pain in thraot and ears. Couldn’t swallow. Would chew the little food I ate, hold it in my mouth to make sure it was soft, count to 3, grab a pillow with both hands and swallow. Tuesday night was horrid as well. Pain meds weren’t even touching it. That brings me to today, Wednesday. Pain still bad, but not like last night. It is still present aftwr taking pain meds, which wasn’t the case in the past. Today was my checkup with the Dr and as we were leaving, I started bleeding. I kind of freaked and remembered to sit and chew ice. That’s what I did on the tide to his office. We called on the way and he said to come in and continue to chew on the ice. He sprayed the area with a numbing spray and then placed a styptic pen on the area. He was not concerned. He said it happens & may happen again (it did about 15 mins ago). If it doesn’t stop within 10-15 mins then that’s when it’s time to go to the ER. Overall he said I’m doing far better than most patients at this day. My throat looks great. He attributes it to me eating and drinking. I never stopped eating (except yesterday I did not eat as much). I have eaten tuna fish, toast, scrambled eggs, hard boiled eggs, sandwiches, oatmeal, tuna fish, crackers and even a hamburger. He said I should feel better by Friday. Sat/Sun at the latest. I may have slight pain when yawning or doing certain things up to 2 months, which is typical. He told me to take ibuprofren in addition to the the regular pain medication.

    Upon conpleting this post I started bleeding again. It stopped in 5 mins by sucking on ice chips. I phoned the Dr since it now happened 3 times today. He said not to worry, scabs are falling off. Get some rest. If the bleeding happens again and stops within 10 mins there is not need to worry. It’s time for my pain meds. The pain is back. Hoping he’s right when he says I’ll be over the pain by the weekend.

    Hang in there everyone! It willl be worth it in the end.

  213. Day 7 began quite rough but ended up not so bad. I had gone to the hospital for a nerve blocker shot in the left side of my neck the afternoon before and that had my apain reduced a bit through that morning. But then when I woke up around 9, my left jaw / tongue / ear area was in MAJOR pain. Even after I took my oxycodone dose, it felt like someone was stabbing me in the ear with a screwdriver whenever I swallowed, talked or moved my tongue. I knew I needed to drink lots or I’d get dehydrated again, but it was so painful that I barely could. I was able to eat some barely-toasted toast cut into tiny pieces with a soft-boiled egg on top and just tried to sip iced tea, iced apple juice and iced water.
    I called my doctor again and he said I could take a little extra of the hydrocodone to jumpstart it. I also found I need to take it about every 3 hours & 45 mins, rather than waiting the full 4 hours for the pain to set in again. He also prescribed me a steroid (Prednisone) to help with swelling and pain. One or both of those did the trick because I got my pain level down to a 5/6 out of 10 by evening.
    I also gargled several times with warm salt water and was glad to see some mucus / scabbing rinsing out. My uvula is still hugely swollen and the sensation of it gagging me is really grossing me out, so I’m hoping the Prednisone will help with that soon.

  214. It’s 05.48 here (I’m in Liverpool, UK) and i feel like I’m going to write my last will and testament.

    Since 11pm yesterday night I have been experiencing pain that is like nothing else I’ve ever experianced. Sharp and stabbing pain in my ears and throat. My throat feels like it’s on fire, i can’t see any signs of it scabbing over, however it does feel different

    I’ve not slept, drinking seems like tortute and eating is the last thing on my mind. I think im like a dying animal right now, oxygen will jusy have to do. Today is about surviving i think, surviving hour by hour.

    One think i have been using is soluble paracetamol, it does seem to have some positive sideeffects for a short while, not sure if it’s cos it’s paracetamol or cos it’s hitting it locally, however I’m sticking to using it.

    If I make it through the day I will update later

    (Positive thought have gone, I’m being a realist now folks – if I do go to the pearly gates I leave all my stuff to my pet parrot Monty)

    1. I had the same thing on Day 7. Call your doctor and see if they can increase your painkiller dose or prescribe something else, like a steroid. One or both of those ended up helping me. You may also be able to go in for a nerve blocker shot. Feel better!

  215. Well just about to get over day 7 and today has been about as bad as it can get stinging throat pain ears are killing me can’t eat just a miserable day .some Lillte bits of scab starting to come off .Can’t wait for this nitemare to end . But I no when it’s over it will be worth it after being sick for the past 3 mos and at my age I’m not going to take any chances .Im so glad they did not find any cancer at 62 you never no what’s next

    1. Hey,
      Great news about the cancer!! I’m one day behind you and feeling just as miserable – give me the general anesthetic for the next 5 days please!!
      Good luck!

    2. Congrats on the non-cancerous results, that’s great! I am looking forward to better health in the long run, too — everyone I know who has has their tonsils out says they rarely (if ever) get sick. And I’ve basically been sick and tired nonstop from them.

  216. This is day 7 after my surgery and I thought I was starting to feel a little better, however I tried eating some pasta with cheese and it felt as though I was eating razors. The left side of my throat definitely feels worse than the right- it has a strange sting/burn sensation even when I swallow my own saliva. Icey water just makes it worse.

    I’m going to try Luke warm tea like somebody on here mentioned. I too have a strange ringing in my ears, plus tongue and jaw pain. I can only live in hope that the next day will be better!!

    1. I’ve got the left thing too! How odd!! When I spoke to the ENT nurse today she said that was ‘normal’.
      I’m starting to think if I could find away of no longer eating, drinking or swallowing I’ll be ok and there will be a future….dreading the alternative option :0

      Good luck!

      1. My left side has been much more painful but I think that’s ’cause my tonsil on that side was larger and had an infection behind it.

        1. My left side is worse as wellZ my Dr said my left tonsil was larger and more infected and that he had to do more cutting.

  217. Day 7 I hate you! Definitely my worse day so far after day 3. Woke up last night with really bad pains & had to take extra painkillers to get back to sleep but I kept on waking up every 3 hours or so. I think my scabs are starting to come off in little bits leaving newely healed parts exposed which I guess is progress but it doesn’t half hurt! Found this morning that ice water now makes these areas burn so I’ve moved on to lukewarm water & green tea which feels much more soothing.

    Very hungry but have been too scared to eat as yet. I have found that 2 scrambled eggs in the morning is quite pleasent to eat & sets you up a little. Protein is also good for the healing.

  218. Day 6 post pop terrible nights sleep last night went doctors yesterday day as pain was unbearable he gave me naproxen and co-codamol for pain but I could only take 1 tab at a time every 4 hours due to the other drugs I still had in my system before I went tithe docs and switch which was paracetamol and dicloflanic but when day 5 hit pain from nowhere in jaw and ears came to join the party hence to why I called doc for emergency appointment to see if I could get anything stronger, anyway…. Up most of the night in excruciating pain with my ears and jaw best way to explain is when you are on a plane and the is pressure on your ears and its so bad it aches your jaw that sorta pain maybe a lil harsher because the ulcers on side of the tongue and underneath at the back feel like with every swallow some1 is just pouring pure salt in the ulcer and nothing you can do about it apart from hold your head and pray for it to ease up and promise yourself you will not swallow again…. Day 6 now 1:12 in the afternoon and I have switched back to dicloflanic and paracetamol which has realllyyyyyyyy helped I can actually function without feeling like a a lorry is resting on my ears and jaw were I can take paracetamol every 4 hours it is way better then the co-codamol every 8 plus the diclaflanc is not only an anti inflammatory it’s got pain killer in it to so take that every 8 hours and the para I between, but I am aware that ibrofen and paracetamol are compatible together but is ibrofen compatible with dicloflanic also anyone know? Coz that way is really be able to eat something and it would really take the edge of even more! I can say this is the most painful thing I have ever been through I’m 24 with a 2 year old baby who weighed 9.2 at birth and I must say that wasn’t as sore and more bearable. This operation has to be the up most painful operation an adult can undergo I’m sure!!! ATM I can still feel my jaw and ears ache n ulcers burn n sting but it’s totally bearable from what it was yesterday but in saying that I haven’t tried to eat yet so fingers crossed! Advice I can give is do set your alarm to wake you for meds, this morning throat was so sore I was like ill suffer because I can’t think about swallowing tablets now but then I remembered the ear pain and swallowed my tablets quicker then you could say GO! It’s funny because e day 1 and day 2 even 3 to 4 was bearable I thought I’d hit the jackpot and I had mentally drummed it in my head that you can do its justine over look this pain and you will not suffer! Hahaha I was wrong coz day 5 got hold of me real good and all that mental brain training was over I was convinced death would be better then that pain my god! Straight after my opp my mum brant me jacket potato with beans ate all of that then I ate a sandwich egg I think it was bit to stoned to remember, then nurse come over said eat some crisp happily I said because I had starved night before and all morning I’m not a big girl but I can eat! So ate the crisps straight after jacket potato n sandwich then nurse said have some fizzy drink drank a bottle of dr pepper the personal sized ones I was on a roll…. Next 4 days I was eating pretty fine just yesterday and today I can bare to swallow my own saliva. If I’d have known I would have stuffed my face so much on day 4! All I had was some chips half a pancake roll n half sausage in batter day 4 wish I went all out lol greedy I only way 10 half stone but I’m 5’7 so normal for my height but by reading this I must sound really greedy anyway I am lol but what I really want to no is tomorrow is day 7 as I had my operation Saturday just gone so will I start to go up from here or will I get bad n good days I had loads of that white stuff come away yesterday maybe that’s why my pain was so unbearable literally had me in tears and I’m no wimp I can take pain! I can clearly say to anyone who’s thinking about getting this done please be prepared for the pain and don’t have it done unless u really can’t cope with tonsillitis or you get it literally all the time and require antibiotics if its really no that bad may I suggest doing a oral Heath plan that may prevent you having to go through this unless of course you are prone to infection and have encrypt tonsils like I did that was always collecting bacteria and creating tonsil stones erggggg!! So getting them testicle looking things at the back of your throat removed should be last option try anti bacterial mouth was day and night and of at home after meals n try gargle warm boiled salt water at the end of the day before bed and still see if you get reoccurring strep throat or tonsillitis, you never know this might be your key to avoiding this gruesome procedure …. I sorta freak myself out when looking back there so now I don’t bother good luck to everyone going to have this done and for all of my soldiers who are on day 67&8 of recovery how is it going.? X

  219. I am on Day 7. Last night I felt better than I do today. I woke up with stabbing pain in my throat and both ears. Does anyone know why it would suddenly feel worse? Is it the scabs? This is just terrible. I had to drug myself up with pain medicine to help and now I am so tired.

  220. I had my tonsils removed on April 17th 2013, so I am on recovery day 7. And amazingly I feel almost back to normal. Many people seem to have had difficult and painful recoveries, so I thought I would share my story. My doctor told me the best way to get better was to “eat, eat and eat!”, and i’m wondering if this is why I feel almost back to my normal self only a week later.

    After the operation, I didn’t feel nearly as bad as I thought I would. I even managed 3 full meals, including TOAST! However, when I got home on day 2 i couldn’t stop vomiting, but anti-sickness tablets soon sorted that out. Day 3 the vomiting stopped, i was very lethargic and the pain was still bearable. However, I had a VILE taste in my mouth!! But by day 5 it was much improved. Day 4 was when i set out on my “eat, eat and eat” campaign! I was eating the foods i would normally, and making sure I had plenty of toast (as advised by my doctor). OK, it was at times a little painful to swallow, but I was determined to follow the advice. Day 6 was like a breakthrough, the dead animal taste was almost gone, i was no longer feeling sick or overly tired and the pain was mild. Today (day 7) I feel almost back to normal and I even went out shopping with a friend. I do have some pain (it’s more stinging today because I think my scabs are coming away) but it’s still bearable.

    So maybe my doctor was right. He said eating lots would scrape away any bacteria to prevent infection, remove loose scabs to promote speedy healing, would stop my jaw from ceasing up and would stop throat spasms, which are all what contribute to the pain. I do also think that since I have had constant tonsillitis since October 2012 (yes, for 6 months!!!) then maybe I am used to pain in my throat. I already know it is the best thing I have ever done, so stick with it guys 🙂

    1. I think you might be into something here. Before my surgery I had non stop chronic tonsillitis for 6 months as well. Maybe that’s why you and I are dealing with this a little better than some other poor people just because we were so used to that horrid pain anyway.

  221. Day 7: 40 year old man

    Last night was the worst night by far. Complete emotional breakdown from the pain (especially the ears), not eating, sleeping, etc. feel a little better this morning (why are nights SOOOO bad?). I live alone and can’t stress enough how hard this is to do by oneself.
    I’m using humidifier, 7.5/325 Percoset every 4 hours, and ice packs around the neck. Trying to drink water but it hurts to swallow anything. Popsicles and Jello helped at first but now burn. Still have scabs, have lost 7 lbs, and really just praying that I don’t have another night like last night.

    1. Wow good on you. If my partner hadn’t been here to help me through this I would have been utterly miserable. Hope things get better mate!!

  222. Day 7 (including the day of op), still in as much pain as day 5&6. I feel like someone is pulling my tongue stretching out where my tonsils are…anyone else have that feeling?
    Swallowing isn’t getting any took away my pain meds after day 1…so ive had lots of tears from pain.
    Can’t eat and can’t stress enough to my mom that it hurts too much to eat.
    No one gets it. I just want to be better, this is by far the worst pain i have ever been in.

  223. It is day seven for me today including the day of the tonsillectomy and this has been one of my worst days. I got barely any sleep last night waking up with the pain every 3 hours or so, I almost had to Force myself not to sleep. The pain is excruciating and I’m feeling very fed up as I got an infection on day 5 to make matters worse. The pain is very sharp and incomfortable and I have not tried to eat today yet as I am scared (I am starving!!!)I am very snappy with everyone around me this is probably due to the fact that I’ve been sitting in my house for a week. I’ve heard the last few days are the worst and I’m hoping this is true as I cannot take it any longer it’s horrendous. Good luck to anybody getting them out I’m trying to tell myself it’s worth it!!

    1. We must have had ours done on the same day! I’m on day 7, too. Sorry to hear you’ve been having a rough time. Hang in there, we are so close to being healed! I woke up in so much pain this morning, after a rather restless night. Took my meds as soon as I managed to roll out of bed. Now I’m drinking ice water, and eating ice chips. Liquid benedryl helps me fall asleep at night, but I consistently wake up every four hours or so for meds. Lately, I’ve been unable to fall back asleep. My ears hurt like crazy, and it still hurts to swallow. I’m hoping that this will be the worst of it. I want real food! My dr. told me that days 5-7 will be the worst. Just keep swimming, right? 🙂

  224. day7-
    pain is better this morning. not shaking from the pain so thats an improvement , i’m hoping it stays that way. throat is very dry no matter how much water i drink and i’m using a humidifier. but my throat feels swollen, hard to swallow. still attached to my ice machine. the bummer out of everything is that i only have lost 5 pounds, how is that possible?? not making regular bowel movements but nobody else is either and it seems everyone is dropping 10-12 pounds!

  225. They say do thorough research before deciding on tonsillectomy…bottom line if your health depends highly on it then you have no choice as with me 6 days ago.The on and off unexplainable pain has been constant since day 2!!!! What more can I say but hang in there folks it is a definate painfull experience that unfortunately in some cases has to take place.Oh and I am 28yrs old by the way..STRONGS people hahaha!

  226. oh dear god, it hurts! It feels like it gets worse each day. I ran out of hydrocodone I definatly inter on refilling it ASAP. I bled for the first time, only lasted for about 30 minutes. The pain is bearable during the day I just take my lidocaine and hydrocodone. It’s at night, ugh! The nights are horrid. I haven’t been using any special gismos some of you have and I’m finding drinking difficult. Every night is less and less sleep. at this point I’m fighting myself from sleeping. When I do I get anywhere from an hour and a half to maybe three hours max. It’s the pain after waking up I’m so afraid of. I speculating that I’m snoring in my sleep and that’s just tearing me up. I feel like I’m making slow progress I couldn’t even get ravioli down.

  227. I am on day 7 today (I count day of operation as day 1). I have noticed the past 2 days that as I try to do more work around the house I just become extremely exhausted. I made pancakes for the kid this morning, and I felt like I had been out exercising all morning or something. My recovery so far hasn’t been terribly bad. The pain I feel now is probably from trying to go longer in between doses of pain medicine. I am on Lortab and I’m trying to stretch it out to every 5-6 hours instead of every 4. Although it seems harder to do that during the night. I’ve been getting up when the medicine starts to wear off, right around the 4 hour mark. Hope everyone is doing well in their recovery. Thanks for the website Greg!

    1. Hey Lora. Sounds like typical recovery stuff. You’re getting close to that light at the end of the tunnel. Hang in there and God bless!

  228. Day 7. Best day for me so far, although when I woke up I wasn’t expecting it to be. I was in extreme pain as always, and last night I had decided to let myself sleep instead if waking up with the timer to take my pain meds. I slept almost 12 hours straight. So needless to say my throat hurt a lot when I finally got up. Took my pain meds and suprisingly to me I was able to drink iced water, without it killing me! I drank it literally all day long and I felt well enough to do some housework and baking. When evening came I fell asleep quickly. Guess i wore myself out. I still can’t eat anything. I ate one bite of a burrito, and a few bites of soup. That’s all I could handle. I can’t wait to be able to eat again. I’m so hungry. Even when I eat popcicles it hurts. I’m guessing its the dye in them? I’m not sure… But something about the flavoring, because jello has the same effect on my throat. Just stings when I eat it. Anyway, hopefully tomorrow will be better. Oh and my scabs are off. They fell off yesterday.

  229. Im 33 and i also had nasal surgery at the same time as my tonsillectomy, big mistake!
    7th day, very bad day. Very similar to day 6 but i do not get up. i did poop today so that was something. Can’t tolerate anything cold. I’m a jerk to people around me. Pain meds every 6 hours at 15mL, trying to cut back. Sleeping ok. Eat nothing but a small amount of rice and gravy. Doze a lot of the day and feel really miserable like I have a fever but no fever. Pain is really bad, pops and meds help but I’m trying to cut back. Realize the humidifier has it been being utilized, I’m an idiot.

    Ps I am writing all this on my 9th day

  230. Day 7 also, and so glad to read someone else had water in ears sensation I’d confinced myself there was some sort of hole and water was leaking into my ear!! Tongue pain has calmed down a lot swallowing is not so much razor blade ish as more something stuck/ blocking my throat

  231. Morning of day 7 (counting surgery day).
    I am kind of yo-yo-ing with pain and weird experiences.
    I feel like I have a rock in my throat, making it hard for me to swallow anything more than liquids, which is actually a huge step back from yesterday.
    The mucus is still present (sigh…) and my chest is hurting slightly, as if I have a mucus-filled chest. So that’s pretty annoying… No coughing really though… Just uncomfortable…
    Anyone else feeling this???

    1. Day 7 for me too…. Thankfully my coughing has stopped even tho it was just. During the night I felt as if my throat was going to burst!i still have bits of phlegm but my chest isn’t as sore now,I was told by the nurses my chest was sore from the tube inserted in my lungs during the op nice :/ I’m still really uncomfortable and the pain in my ears is probably as bad as my throat constant ringing buzzing sound does any1 else have this?also pins and needles feeling in my tongue at the back??all in all not a happy bunny but sure il be glad of it when I don’t get tonsillitis again!!

  232. Really did not know what to expect following a tonsillectomy! Day7: I was ready to go to A&E at 3am!! I could not cope with the pain slightly worried I’ve overdosed on meds also but surely if they’ve worn off they must be due again?
    I have most pain at night and I think it’s because I take my meds through the day! I am guessing when everyone refers to scabs they are referring to the white bits? Mine are yellow and my breathe smells so I worry I have an infection has anyone had anything similar?

    1. I am reading this website at 2:40am on the morning of my 7th post op day. I am scared, alone, and worried this pain will never go away. That sounds crazy, I realize, but I feel my rational self disappearing more each day after this hellish surgery. I currently take 2 percocets every 4 hours around the clock. This sounds like more than adequate dosing but believe it or not, I would still rate my pain a 7 on the 1-10 scale.
      I can’t eat. I can’t drink even water without searing pain. I have canker sores thru out my entire mouth. I can’t sleep. I can’t talk. My surgeon has blown off my request for an oral rinse to help calm these canker sores…but I won’t let that stop me anymore. If he won’t see me today, I will go to the ER and get help. I probably need some IV fluids anyway. I have only been prescribed an antibiotic and pain killer. No regime to rinse or clean my mouth and I’m wondering if that is standard. Does anyone have any other experience with this?
      I’m a stay at home mother of 2 and this has completely turned my world on its end. My kids are scared b/c I’m so sick. I keep trying to reassure them I’ll be ok but I starting to wonder myself. Is this more of a chronic, long drawn out recovery process? When should I worry I might become addicted to all these pain meds?
      I know I’m sounding lost right now, but this website and being able to connect with others going thru this is a God-send. It helps just to write this all out…and I look forward to the day I look back and read this and laugh at myself.

      1. I feel the same exact way!!!. My ear pain is through the roof too. I just want to know if this is normal. My pain has been a 8 almost everyday. When does it end.

  233. Is anyone having problems exhaling through your nose when you lay down? I still cant sleep on my back, even if I am elevated. It is like something closes over my airway. I can get air in but I can’t get it out. Strange.The pain is still bad, not as bad today as yesterday, well until I tried the banana. I have more ear and jaw pain but overall I think I feel a little better. YEA. Hope it sticks.

    I see alot of people are starving. Try making fresh mashed potatoes and then add milk until they are a bit runny, like a thick soup. I also add cheese for some flavor because I still can do much salt or pepper. When I started that my energy picked up and my scabs started to come off.

    Also, I eat a little pudding, then take my meds and wait about 10 to 15 minutes, then I eat my solid foods. I don’t get a tummy ache and it is much easier to eat right after the pain meds kick in. It hurts less and I care alot less! =-)


    1. I still haven’t tried sleeping laying down yet, but I have trouble breathing out my nose too. Breath in through nose and out through mouth. I am 46 and had surgery one week ago today, and today is the first day where I can say I hurt a little less than I did the prevous day. Maybe we got this thing beat 🙂

  234. Day 7. I just tried to eat a banana…..WHAT IN THE NAME OF SWEET JESUS? Burned Like nothing else I have eaten since the removal. Scary, I thought I was going back to day 2 for a minute. Anyone had this problem?


    1. My medical sheets from my doctor says to not eat bananas! I’d avoid them all together, and stick to rough salty foods because it speeds healing! Like I’m on day 6 and I’m almost better, majority of my scabs are gone.

  235. Nights are the worst. I am going to have to call md because I am just about out of pain meds, but my pain continues. I have trouble projecting my voice loud enough to be heard well over the phone, so I guess I will just go to MD office in the morning.

  236. Day 7 has just started. I have an army of midgets with hammers running all over my jaws and ears and beating the hell out of them.
    My scabs haven’t started coming off yet.
    Kill me.

    1. I can’t even open my mouth wide enough to see if my scabs are coming off yet. My tongue still feels like it doesn’t even fit in my mouth and I can’t see anything past my giant tongue.

      1. Same here! My tongue is so swollen I don’t know how anybody knows what their throat looks like! Thankfully I knew to stay away from bananas so thank you for warning me everyone! I’ve stayed really hydrated since coming home up until about yesterday. I have a stabbing pain in the back of my mouth that started after I yawned. I’ve had this for the last two days so that’s why my water intake has decreased. I’m definitely paying for it right now because I woke up in so much pain from what I think is a dry throat. I sat for 4 hours in pain until I could take my pain meds and get some water, I’m using the little time I have to drink as much water as I can before the strongest part of the pain meds wear off. Other than tonight, my recovery has been pretty good considering all the stories I’ve read. Best advice I can give anyone is DRINK WATER and TAKE YOUR MEDICATION REGULARLY wether you think you need it or not. The best thing I’ve eaten is frozen jello. Sugar free jello doesn’t work with this but if u make jello just like it says on the package and put it straight into the freezer instead of the fridge it feels great on your throat. I ate some Pillsbury crescent roll dough today because I wanted bread so bad. The crescent roll dough doesn’t rise as much as other bread dough so it’s safer to eat raw. Hope this helps somebody!

  237. Well yesterday evening I thought I had found light at the end of the tunnel. I ventured into the living room and tried a couple of chips that my family were eating. I even ate ice cream!!! I felt normal. Then night time came and I realised that light at the end if the tunnel was in fact a train! Now I am 28 and this is my 5th operation in 3 years. I am no stranger to pain. I have had injections into my jaw bone, hernia fixed, cavity wall fixed, gall bladder removed and experienced a nasty dog bite that got severely infected and required 2 operations to flush it out. I also have had 2 children on no more then paracetamol and gas and air for pain relief. (I’m allergic to local anaesthetic and most pain relief!) But this is the worst operation I have ever been through!its day 7 post op and the pain through the night was so unbearable I was covered in sweat and barely got an hour sleep. I had taken all the pain relief and for the first time it didn’t eleviate it.mornings are always bad but today it’s worse. I am on antibiotics as well as the 2nd day post op I was extremely ill with none stop vomiting and doc saw me and said I already had an infection!!! I use a medicated mouthwash 3hourly, suck on benzocaine tabs 3 hourly and take ibuprofen, codeine and paracetamol. All in tablet form (ouch) because the liquid makes me sick. Still have all scabs. Suppose to be going to a charity ball in 16 days does anyone think I will be better for this??? For everyone that is suffering, your not wimps this is stupid painful. I’m hoping on the turnaround I’ve read about by day 10. This site is keeping me sane. Thank you Greg!

  238. I’m amazed at all the different types of foods many of you are able to eat. “back there” is still really swollen and hurts a bit, but I’m getting down some mashed potatoes. The only thing is, my taste buds are completely off so everything tastes horrible. This has been going on for about two days. Even though I’m starving and really want something substantial to eat, everything I put in my mouth (minus broth) tastes so yucky. I think I’m going to try the salt water rinse just to see if that helps remove anything. I run out of pain meds tonight…yippee. Can open my mouth a bit more, but still hurts. Can still feel scabbing when I swallow, which is gross. The haven’t felt nauseous at all until the past couple of days, and I assume that is just from not eating in a week with the combination of pain medication and the gross taste in my mouth. I’ve been sleeping a lot more. I didn’t get up until 11 this morning…and I probably could have slept later. I can go on longer stretches without pain medication, but I try not to do that much. I keep hoping that I’m going to wake up and everything will magically be back to normal. This is proving to be an extremely difficult experience.

    1. Yes Nicole please get ur refill ASAP it gets worse before it gets better believe me I’m on day 7 & I do good through the day then it hits me hard in the evening & night. I’m having to takeIbprofen 2hrs after liquid loratab just to keep the pain under control. Good luck

  239. I am 17 years old and before I got the tonsillectomy I was excited for the procedure. Now its Day 7 and I am so done with this experience now. The pain today is terrible. I no longer can bare it anymore. I haven’t had food at all and im starving. I thought by now some scabs would come off but nothing has happened yet. 🙁 My tongue also hurts but brushing it helps for a bit. When I drink water it feels like some litterally goes inside my ear!! Is this normal at all??

  240. Day 7 here…I feel miserable. When does this get better? The ears hurt, my throat hurts, Im starving, and I just feel like complaining. You all understand. I heard days 7-10 its gets so much better so I woke up this morning like “Yeah! Im gonna feel awesome!” and I swallowed and my dreams just shattered. Will it get better soon? Any tips? I just wanna eat a hamburger..

  241. I am 16 today is my 7th day after my tonsillectomy I was in severe pain yesterday I didn’t take my medication prescribed for pain because I had throwed up (5 times) in 24 hours the day before and have not took them my medication today since im not in pain I can talk without it hurting im trying to eat but it is hard to swallow my earache is on and off Im hungry I sleep a lot just to feel better hoping when I wake up it will be all over if the swelling goes away and the soreness I’ll be just fine I think I have scaps forming if they not already there Im scared to look back there Im going to the doctor tomorrow I just want to eat normally again if I knew I was gone go thru all of this I would have never got my tonsils and my adenoids removed I hope it was worth it

    1. It is worth it! I had been asking for years to have mine removed and am now 37 doing it. Just think.. At my age you’ll have avoided all the complications that comes with huge tonsils… Years of sleep apnea! Yes it feels like no other pain but even during this pain and swollen everything… I already feel the difference in my airways! The pain is temporary… Our quality of life is improving everyday. Like the rest of you, I am ready to be done with all this pain but I think there is a light at the end of the VERY long tunnel. Never will we have tonsillitis 😉

  242. My son is 8 and is on day 7 of his recovery right now. The last two nights have been HORRIBLE for him. He’s always been the kind of kid who never tells you he’s sick or hurting because his pain tolerance is so high. He just cries and says ‘it hurts’, but when we try to get it narrowed down so we know where to put the ice pack or heat pack, he just says it all hurts. The poor kid has woken up screaming in pain the last two nights in a row…and we’re staying on top of the pain med schedule. We’re overlapping Lortab and children’s advil. We’re going to get a humidifier to see if it helps, but I have no idea how to help get him more comfortable. He’s trying to drink often, but his appetite has been shot for the last two days as well. I’m grateful I saw this website, though – I can see that he’s not the only one to have this type of recovery. Thank you for all the stories and ideas – hopefully some of them will help him get through the next few days with less pain.

    1. My daughter is 7 on day 7 and refuses to take the pain meds. (I’ve been able to sneak it into liquid yogurts, but the pain to swallow.) The 3 am wake up screaming is no joke… Tomorrow to the store for a humidifier. Hope it helps, cuz I can only figure her pain comes at night cuz her throat dries out… During the day very little pain and she’s bee eating everything.

  243. Hi, I had my tonsils out 7 days ago. I am 12. Well, as i was saying, i had them out them out 7 days ago and the first day i was in an awfull lot of pain as well as the second.The third i was able to go home. So. When i got home i had some fruit juices. The doctor told me that fruit is very healthy and will be very good to help clear things up in the back of my throat. Day 4. Wasn’t as painful so i has some soup with some over-cooked pasta ( Very soft pasta) . That did me good. On day five i had excactly the same but on the night i felt something in my mouth. I took it out and i thought it was a bit of the scab but after that nothing else came out. When i woke up on day 6. Well….. that was VERY painful. I read up about it and it said that it is completely normal to feel worse before you feel better. Is this true? I had the same (some soup, fruit juices and a yogurt drink). On that day my mum had taken a look down my throat and said it had turned pink again and it looked very clean. I this normal on the 6th day of recovery? On the seventh day i woke up in more pain than ever. I felt like i was dying.I had my medicine and a lovely cold yogurt drink this morning and i was wondering if on day 7 there could be something else for me to eat and drink. Help?
    At night i take my medicine and then go to sleep because if not, i have the trouble of waking up in pain. Hope this helps everybody and i hope you all get well soon. Please answer to my post to try and help me out. Thanks.

  244. I was here back in December of 2012. I had a tonsillectomy and biopsies of the back of my tongue and nasopharynx as well as a laryngoscopy in an effort to determine the primary site of Squamous Cell Carcinoma head and neck. Unfortunately, we did not find the primary. Coming here to write and vent helped make the healing a little better. Most everything I read was spot on. In a word. It SUCKED! ~lol~

    I was going through the process of getting the cancer treatment started and was feeling very insecure about the doctors and cancer program locally. I sought a 2nd opinion at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore and decided to get treated there. Long story short. You have to have confidence in your “team” and were I was at previously didn’t even have a coach!

    I thought the initial tonsil surgery was brutal but let me tell you! I had additional surgery on Feb 7th. There was a suspicious area on the back of my tongue that warranted further examination. They also wanted to do another laryngoscopy and remove the cancerous tumors that had taken over the lymph nodes on the left side of my neck.

    They end result after over 5 hours under the knife was a bi-lateral Lingual Tonsillectomy, more biopsies of the back of my tongue, the laryngoscopy (all done with the DaVinci Robot) and a selective neck dissection in which they removed two tumors that were over 4+cm in size. The tumors had grown and intertwined in the nerves, muscles and veins/arteries in my neck making the procedure delicate, complicated and time consuming.

    I was in overnight and sent home the next day with the usual assortment of narcotic pain killers and such.If you think getting your palatine tonsils out is no picnic, try getting your linguals out along with a neck dissection! Holy )#$^!!!

    I’ve been barely able to swallow at all. Food?.. are you kidding? The linguals involve more nerves and a result is that my tongue is numb. I can taste and it does what it’s supposed to but I can’t feel it. It’s like trying to eat after the dentist gives you Novocaine. I can’t take my meds orally. I have to crush them and mix with something. So far, warm Cream of Wheat is all I can handle. If I try something like cold pudding or apple sauce my ear pain goes from a 3-4 to an 8-9 and it literally brings me to involuntary tears.

    There are other issues due to the surgery on top of it. Numbness on the left side of my face. I can hear but my ear feels like an alien piece of flesh attached to my body. There’s been some nerve issues causing pain and weakness in my left shoulder and arm.

    Anyway… I just want to warn you all… Be prepared to basically be incapacitated for well over a week, forget about sleep. The neck dissection and the incision are easy compared to the lingual tonsils!


    1. Mark, I’m sorry- I just read this post. Some Valentine’s day. I am so sorry for all that you have been through. I’m glad you came here to vest- That’s why we are here! It sounds like you have a tonsillectomy recovery extraordinaire! A dubious distinction indeed. I am thinking of you and praying that your recovery gets a little beeter each day, until you are completely healthy. I wish I could do more my friend. Take care and KEEP DRINKING!!


    1. I completely understand where you are coming from…I woke my husband up asking for the gun at 230a. I was in excruciating pain — the Percocet had already worn Off since taking it at 1AM. My throat is on fire. The old fail-safe: slushies, have now become the enemy. Anything cold feels as if it removes 2-3 layers of tissue. Room temp koolaid is now my bestie for the day. I had a complete break down around 330. I am not sure how much longer I can take it!!!!! The inability to eat, the increasd intracranial pressure from balw

  246. Day 7, having woken up to pain so bad I could barely bring myself to swallow my pills, the rest of the day was really not too bad, and I was able to drop my codeine dose slightly. Throughout this experience, aside from some periods of dull continuous aching in my tongue, jaw and ears (not throat), all the pain has been in trying to swallow, and that has been tough. Sipping at water tends to involve taking a small mouthful and then bracing myself until I can do the deed and swallow it. Sometimes it’s fine. Other times I find I’m banging the table or punching my leg as I swallow – no idea what the psychological reason for that is, but it seems to help. Others have reported that their humidifier is a lifesaver, and until today I wondered how they knew. Having been in the same room as the humidifier all week, carting it around from living room to bedroom, I went into another room for about 45 minutes without it. The entire back of my throat went dry and tightened up. Very unpleasant, and I can confirm that the humidifier really does help. I happen to have a digital thermometer/hygrometer which reports about 47-50% when the humidifier has been running for a while. Without it the house is about 40% or a bit lower. Night 7 the pain set in again. I’m definitely at the daggers phase that everyone talks about. Swallowing is so painful that I’ve got a sleep strategy of lying on my side with the corner of the pillow folded over to make a hard platform for my head , with my mouth overhanging the edge. That way my saliva dribbles out rather than making me swallow. A bit gross, but it works. Woke for the 1am drugs in some pain and completely drenched in sweat. I put the dose back up again and stayed up for over an hour waiting for the drugs to kick in. For the first time they didn’t, and trying to get to sleep resulted in involuntary swallowing every few minutes and an attack of daggers. The rest of the night was spent mostly awake. At the end of the night, a few hours shy of the one week mark, my weight loss stands at 6lbs.

  247. Hallelujah for this site, it turns out I’m not the only one in excruciating pain here!
    I’m a 17 y/o female who had my tonsils (and adenoids) removed 2/5/13. Haah! I thought it was gonna be flying colors the day I got my surgery. I was talking, in little pain and hungry as hell.
    Now it’s day seven and I feel like a horse that needs to be put down due to all the pain. Every day has escalated worse for me in some way and the pains moving all around, my throat, my head, my tongue and NOW it’s my jaw, ears, and tongue.
    Unfortunately I was allergic to the codeine they prescribed me so I’ve been living off alternating between children’s liquid Tylenol and ibuprofen, but now it’s 3 1/2 normal ibuprofen, crushed up and added to food. (Either way it tastes like crap)
    Eating is SUCH a joy.. (Not). Every meal is a little time consuming project. I can’t chew with a swollen, bruised and thrush covered tongue or more or less swallow with it. And Im a pretty skinny girl, weighing in at 115lbs but am now 108lbs and losing thanks to this.
    If my swollen tongue would go down, and this killer jaw pain would ease up I’d be fine. I can’t even speak like this. When I do my tongue feels like its rubbing against a scab and I gag a little.
    By the way, how can you tell/notice/feel if a scab comes loose/off?
    That’s one of the things I’m scared of.

    1. I didn’t feel the scabs come off but you can definitely feel them when you swollow them. If your Like me they will come off in big sheet and it will feel more or less like your trying to swollen food. I’m on day six after my surgery and I lost most my scabs yesterday. As soon as the scabs came off the pain tripled. It feels like touching fresh skin after a burn. Swill owing is very hard and I still have really bad thrush but sippin on chicken broth just warmer then room temp is amazing.

      1. About the thrush

        Today was Day 6. I have been pretty textbook, but on the lucky side of textbook. Anyhow, I wanted to say that today I wanted to eat something soft, and since I was making cookie from scratch, I hit the soft cookie dough. Seriously… minutes after eating the cookie dough, my tongue puffed up… with yeast! It just got thick and white.

        It makes sense if you think about it – when you are baking bread, you sprinkle the yeast into water, add a little sugar and blammo! You have an eruption of yeast in minutes. I don’t know why I didn’t see that coming. Anyhoo, I happened to have gentian violet on hand, so I used a q-tip to swab some on my tongue and then brushed it in good (and then off). It seemed to truly nip it in the bud.

  248. @Andrea –

    Are you on antibiotics? I just wonder if you might have thrush since you said you have a coating in your whole mouth. Is it white and thick? Or just goop from your mouth being so dry? I have dry mouth and mucus in the very back of my windpipe (not the wet scabs – way behind those), but nothing on my tongue or inside of my cheeks. If you do have white stuff on your tongue and inside your mouth, call your doc to find out if you do have thrush (it goes away with medication really easily).

    BTW – we had our surgeries on the same day!! So I guess we can commiserate together :).

  249. Post Op Day 7:
    I am doing a bit better today – I can actually SPEAK a little. I am sleeping longer stretches, which means I wake up dry and in excruciating pain, but I have been able to get it under control with the liquid Lortab and the numbing lollipop prescribed by my doctor. Those first few minutes are BAD – but after I get the meds in me and some sips of ice water, it becomes tolerable. I have not left the house since I got home from the hospital and really have no intention of doing so if I can help it – there is about two feet of new snow here and with the wind chill, it is ungodly cold. But even if it were nice out, I don’t think I have the energy yet to really do anything – I go from the bed, to the bathroom, to the couch, to the fridge, and back to bed…and that wears me out. My husband and kids are still pretty much taking care of me…bringing me my broth (my husband has been making me homemade broth which I drink through a straw – it’s like a warm hug for my throat!!), ice water, red Jello, and vanilla Special K Protein drinks (they are sooooo soothing and make me feel like there is something in my stomach!!). I can’t drink the flavored, carbonated water that I usually drink or any kind of pop – the carbonation is like nails in my throat. My ears are still hurting really bad, but I have found relief in lying on the heating pad. I had a new issue last night – HEARTBURN! I was scared to take my usual Zantac, but I guess the doctor told my husband I needed to quell heartburn quickly so no acid ends up in my throat. Wish I had been awake for the post-op discussion with the doctor {sigh}. Anyway, the Zantac worked as quickly as usual and didn’t cause any adverse effects to my throat.

    I am also dealing with the recovery from my sinuplasty and turbinate reduction. I have a lot of mucus draining into my throat from that surgery which exacerbates the pain in my throat. So it is hard to tell if all the pain in my throat is from the tonsillectomy.

    Do NOT wait until you are 38 years old to have your tonsils removed if you have chronic strep or other tonsil issues! If your child has problems, seek out an ENT NOW! My 12 year old niece had her tonsils out two months ago – she came to visit me today and just clucked, “Oh, Aunt Stacie – getting your tonsils out as a kid is way easier!”. Truer words have never been spoken.

    1. @Stacie. I am 26 years old and had my tonsils out Feb 1st, Today is day 7 Post OP, yesterday I had a great day and today I am right back to pain in my ear and throat. I am just curious how you are feeling now? When were you able to start eating normal again? I am still unable to eat other than pudding and applesauce, My tongue was cut during surgery which makes it very hard to eat as well. I am out of pain medication and will be going to my doctor today for a check up and to request more. My daughters Birthday is on Sunday and I am praying to feel well enough to enjoy her Birthday with her. any suggestions wold be great as I found this webiste very helpful.

    2. Hi Stacie,
      I had the same surgery Feb. 27. I guess that makes me Day 8. I thought I was doing fairly well today and even ate some turkey, mashed potatoes and stuffing from Bob Evans. Not a lot, but the most I’ve eaten since surgery. I thought I would try my bed tonight, but that was quickly cancelled due to phlegm in my throat. I have Lortab and a liquid Lydocain that I swish and swallow, but had to ask for Percocet and my post op check Tuesday when he took the splints out of my nose. All of it wears off in less than 3 hours. I am curious as to how the rest of your recovery went since you are about 3 weeks ahead of me. I am so exhausted from not being able to sleep. I have a humidifier which has helped a lot, and I take a drink of water every time I wake up from dozing. It’s ironic that I did this for sleep apnea and I can’t sleep! Oh, I am 43 years old by the way. I have always had a high threshold for pain, but this is awful.
      Hope you are doing better.

  250. I had my tonsillectomy on 1/25/13. It’s the night of day 7 for me and today has been more painful than all others. Actually, things weren’t too bad right after the surgery, but things have progressively become worse with each day. I’ve been able to eat pretty well. Lots of jello and popsicles the first 3 days. Then began eating more regular foods like soup, cream of wheat, and scrambled eggs (once). KFC mashed potatoes tasted like heaven and felt awesome too. The advice I found on here about rinsing with salt water is a God Send. I wish I had started doing that much earlier on. It’s great at getting all the gross gunk out of the back of my throat. I have had the typical severe throat pain and ear pain. What surprised me were the headaches and the disgusting feeling I constantly have in my mouth – a film that coats the entire inside of my mouth. My pain meds wear off after 2 hours, now, making the 2nd two hours pretty excrutiating. I spend it with an ice pack held to my throat. White scabs are finally starting to come off, but only on one side and very slowly. Hoping day 10 is the miracle turning point I’ve been told it is.

  251. Day 7 was definitely the worst for me. I woke up around four in the morning with extreme pain. When I swallowed, I felt something break off and suddenly blood came pouring out of my mouth and down my throat. I spit up about a half a cup of blood in just a few minutes and ended up throwing up from the large amount of blood that had accumulated in my stomach. Even though the bleeding had stopped not long after, my mom rushed me to urgent care. I spent a few hours there while waiting for the ENT office to open. My pain level at that point was a 9. Once the ENT office opened at 8 am, my doctor looked at me and said I needed to be cauterized or I would continue to bleed. They squeezed me into the OR for later that day and I was on the table by 10 am. While in pre-op, they stuck 50 ccs of some pain meds into my IV, which helped a lot with the pain, but made me extremely woozy (so much I had to be wheeled into the OR). The effects after my second surgery weren’t as bad as on the original (1/17), but that’s because not nearly as much was done. I got home around 1 pm and tried to sleep the rest of the day off. Up until my second surgery, I was on Roxicet, which did absolutely nothing for me and was completely disgusting. My mom managed to convince my doctor to give me the pill version, which made a big difference. I take them ground up and mixed into a couple spoonfuls of pudding.

  252. I hope I am one of the positive posts you read tonight, and am hope for you all. I also hope that I do not jinx myself here as well. Im a 25 year old male. I had my surgery Friday 1/18 in the am. The first few days were absolute hell. I followed instructions and tried to keep a hydrated and put something down. Those Naked smoothies are thick but when you cut them with coconut milk it makes it easier to put down. I stuck to those for the first few days. coconut milk is a non dairy milk. It still leaves mucus but isn’t as bad as regular milk. It actually has a lot more nutrients. In the end of my shake I had basically all the nutrients from entire meal. I was getting hella sick from the Roxicet so I tried something new. I woke up yesterday and I felt like I had turned a corner. The pain was clearly there but it was easier to swallow. I decided to quit the pain killers and stick to Tylenol. Ballsie move but the pain meds made me feel like I was on crack. Which I kind of was. I still feel the pain but today I feel really good. I even went to the store. yesterday I ate solid foods for all 3 meals. Mac and cheese, soup, and some there soft things. After every meal I am rinsing out my throat with salt water. it helps clear out the mucus from all the foods. I am drinkng and Tall glass of water every hour. staying hydrated has been the KEY!!! drink as much water as you can. it helps with the pain. and with the healing. Ive been reading a lot that it may get worse just cause thats the nature of the beast but the way I have been going I don’t see how that can happen. everyday it’s getting better. I am now waking up tomorrow day 7. I even has sushi tonight. I make sure I chew everything 100 times more then I usually would cause I am not risking anything. I do not recommend thinking you are ready for something. test it out. I have read a lot and heard a lot of stories about people busting open the scabs. I wish you all the best. RINSE WITH SALT WATER!!! and rink lots of water. Naked Smooties mixedd with coconut milk!!

    1. i also chew gum a lot to keep the jaw pain down. that helps tooo!! Any question feel free to let me know I feel like i’ve done well here. my surgeon is known as one of the best in the world so that may be part of the reason. but maybe not!! GOOD LUCK

  253. Day 1-6. Had to be one of the most painful experiences i’ve had. Unrelenting pain, no sleep, barely no food and the worse of it was trying to remain focused at work (being self employed). Think I was easily 50% below par and few instances where i made crap judgement calls – but there you go. Am on the evening of day 7. Went to bed as normal (ended up taking sleeping tabs to knock me out) unfortunately 1.5 hours later i’ve been coughing up lots and lots of sticky fluid from my mouth. I believe it to be a a mixture of the scabs and saliva. Pain is actually less intense but still stings when I swallow. Hopefully I sleep well tonight and back to normal soon. This has been a very very difficult experience and one I wouldn’t go through again :(.

  254. Night seven it’s 3 am and im in a little pain. Just took my meds so waiting for them to kick in. I had a little sleep at about 9 o clock this evening after i took my meds because i had some pain and i usually wake up a lot when i go to bed at night so i decided to try get as much sleep during the day as i could. I have a feeling tonight is going to be a bad one, sleep wise. I’m absolutely exhausted but my throat is really sore and i just keep coughing, so it keeps me up at night and i have a feeling tonight is going to be one of those nights. Tomorrow will be day 8 and i’m just counting down the days till i’m better. I cannot wait to eat a proper dinner, a chinese take away a pizza, crisps chocolate and to have a cigarette. A lot of people keep telling me to give up because i haven’t smoked since the op but thats easier said than done. There’s been a few things keeping me going through this whole experience. This site, my birthday which is the 29th and i’ll be the big 18, my next tattoo for my bday and knowing i’ll get to have a smoke and enjoy it when this is all over. Although now i know i will be able to give them up when i’m good and ready not when everyone else wants me to. I know it would be best if i stayed off them but i really cannot wait to just have a smoke and just forget about this whole thing. Reading some of the posts i realize how lucky i am because some of you have had horrible experiences, although then i look at others and i envy them, they’re able to eat whatever they want and some of them are even able to smoke which i truly envy. Hopefully the next few days will come and go fast enough and i’ll be all better in time for my birthday 🙂

  255. today is day seven and this is the worst pain I’ve felt this whole time . haven’t really eaten the whole time besides last night I ate a can of sliced peaches . waking up every hour to the feeling of razor blades in my throat ! I’m prescribed percs & it’s bad enough if I take them on a full stomach I get sick but now with my stomach completely empty I feel nauseous allot – I wish this would go away ! I pray every night to hurry this up so I can eat a cheese burger ! this was my first surgery and this is the worst experience ever -__-

    1. Mines too . Every hour on the hour i wake up coughing dryly . It would hurt less if my thoat didnt feel as if it had been torched on fire. And the annoying exsessive development of saliva… Just so painful. Just so you know im 14.

  256. Day 7: Last night i had a horrible nights sleep i kept waking up coughing and in pain with my ears. This morning i woke up at 9 am took my pain meds and went back to sleep for an hour. I woke up ate and took more meds on schedule and then ate some dinner, it was going great at first but then i think a scab came off while i was eating and it stung like hell trying to eat the rest of it. I had more pain killers on time and it really hurt me trying to swallow it. I’m so hungry and i wanna try eat something soon because i’ve lost a bit of weight since i had my tonsils out and that was the last thing i needed. I’ll be back later, before i go to bed to give you all another update. Can someone please tell me aswel how long it usually takes the scabs to completely fall off? I hate this feeling and the smell is making me sick too.

  257. I thought my recovery was going to be so easy. Day of the operation I was talking and having fun with the family. Day 1 post-op was a breeze. I went shopping with my mother. Day 2 I took it easy, but it was nothing special. Day 3, I ate pizza. Pizza! Day 4 I started classes again at university. Day 5 I had pain worse than ever before, and since then it’s only gotten worse. Day 6 I stopped eating. It felt like a hot wire was in my throat whenever anything solid or semisolid touched. Day 7 is today and I actually had to leave class I was so nauseated. The taste in my throat is so disgusting. The only thing that helps is to eat peppermints. Not to mention the constipation. I’ve only had a single laxative-induced bowel movement since the day before surgery. I decided that the laxatives probably were doing me more harm than good, though, so after that BM I stopped. I want this to end! I am pre-med and I CANNOT miss school.

    1. Day 7 I woke up wasn’t able to eat or drink anything. It hurts so bad! I’m on the same amount of pain pills too and nothing. So I was desperate. I got some cold water and put a lot of salt in it and would take a swig and gargle it for 10 sec and then spit it out. I just kept repeating that and it honestly made it 60 to 70% better!!!!!

  258. Day 7 December 27th:

    This started off rather well for me. Having read so many horror stories, I felt I was getting off easy compared to some. Boy was I wrong! My surgery was the 21st. I’m 53.

    I’ll preface this by saying my tonsillectomy was done to help determine the source of Metastatic Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Head and Neck with an occult primary. The PET scan showed the tumor on my left lymph node and my right tonsil lit up a little as well. So, it’s tonsils out for a biopsy along with samples of the back of my tongue and naspharynx and a laryngoscopy.

    The first three days were quite tolerable. On Christmas Eve I had some severe pain upon awakening and then off and on that day. I awoke Christmas morning in agony! The pain in the ears, jaw and tongue was almost unbearable.

    I went to work on Wednesday and stayed about 6 hours. I was feeling pretty run down and tired. I wasn’t in terrible pain but just felt ill. I went to bed early and slept solid for about 6 hours. It was the pain that woke me up at 4am. Blinding.. excruciating! After the pain meds I was able to sleep a couple more hours.

    I called the ENT as I was concerned about the level of pain. He said that due to the biopsies (“we took lots of little pieces of you. From your jaw to your sinuses”) , I was experiencing more pain than usual. The wounds were healing and scabbing (thus the razor blades in every part of my mouth, throat and sinuses feeling). He renewed my pain meds and has me taking it every 3-4 hours (good stuff too!). I barely make it to 3.5 hours without extreme pain. I took my last dose at 8:30 and just took another dose after toughing it out for 30 minutes. This is NOT fun!

    He said I should start to see some relief in the next 3-4 days. Lord I hope so! On the bright side, the laryngoscopy didn’t show anything unusual. He seems to think it started in my tonsils. I’ll know January 4th when I get all the results. I’m thinking treatment will be a walk in the park compared to this 🙂

    Ok… writing while the meds kicked in was a welcome distraction. I’m feeling some relief and I think I’ll be off to bed. I’ll keep you posted…..

    1. Day 7 I woke up wasn’t able to eat or drink anything. It hurts so bad! I’m on the same amount of pain pills too and nothing. So I was desperate. I got some cold water and put a lot of salt in it and would take a swig and gargle it for 10 sec and then spit it out. I just kept repeating that and it honestly made it 60 to 70% better!!!!!

  259. Day 7:
    One week! I made it!
    Overall, I think my recovery has been a lot nicer to me than a lot of other people’s, so I guess I really can’t complain. I only threw up one night (day 2) and I haven’t had ear pain at all. I’ve also been able to eat relatively solid foods since day four (even though it was probably a bad idea to do so), so I only had to go without eating anything substantial for four days. Yeah, my throat has been full of flames and knives all week, but I think we all knew that was gonna happen. No shocker there.
    Today was really boring. Spent all day on the couch reading and watching TV. My throat still hurts, and I can definitely feel some stinging when I swallow or talk, but it’s nothing compared to what it was before. And my voice is coming back! Before it was weird because my thoughts would sound normal in my head, but when I tried to voice them I came out sounding like a third grader. Not so much anymore!
    The only thing is that I’m always hungry now. I always want to be munching on something. I think I’m afraid that my throat will somehow digress and I’ll have to go without eating again.
    I’m not sure if my scabs have come off or not. Yesterday I could literally feel something move when I swallowed, and I don’t feel that anymore… But the white patches where my tonsils used to be are still visible. Are those the scabs?

    1. Day 7 I woke up wasn’t able to eat or drink anything. It hurts so bad! I’m on the same amount of pain pills too and nothing. So I was desperate. I got some cold water and put a lot of salt in it and would take a swig and gargle it for 10 sec and then spit it out. I just kept repeating that and it honestly made it 60 to 70% better!!!!!

  260. My day 7 has mixed reviews. Woke up at 7 this morning and took my 5 ml of pain meds. Went back to sleep and successfully slept until 1230, my longest sleep so far. However, i woke up with pain 9/10. Once I managed to get my meds and morning smoothie down things improved slightly.

    Since I was getting low on meds and have developed a wet chesty but non-productive cough, I had hubby call my dr. He increased my meds to 10 ml every 4 hours( I was on 10 ml every 6). I’m a happy camper about that, but he wants metro be able to cough. I am very hesitant to cough and have been doing everything I can not to!

    I have noticed with great effort and pain, I am able to talk quietly for a short time. Im still not eating much more than liquids, hoping the increase in meds helps that!!

    Lots of ice cold water, apple juice slushies, cepocal and chloroseptic have been my favorite. Hubby has been nice enough to let me take over the tv, and my dogs are all enjoying the extra cuddle time.

    Hoping I feel up to eating soon and the pain gets better in the next few days.

    1. Ending of my day 7 isn’t so hot. I made an attempt at food tonight (only the 2nd time) and although it went down well and felt ok with pain meds, a piece of deviled egg got stuck in my right side. I attempted to lightly rinse with the netti pot packet diluted in water. The egg was still there and beginning to cause pain, so I got a little more aggressive and brought out my squeeze bottle for my sinus rinse. The thought was maybe a gentle spray of water would dislodge this little piece of egg. On my final attempt I got it! The only problem was I also dislodged a large piece of scab from that side, no bleeding happened thankfully. Now there is a large hole in the scab, and that side is extremely sensitive! This hole is big enough one of my evening pills went into it and had no way out. All I could do was keep drinking water. The way I see it, this should make the next few days interesting.

      I have also developed a nasty cough. It’s in my chest, which now has a tight feeling when I breathe. It’s non productive, but sounds wet and doesn’t feel to hot on my tender throat.

      Here’s to hoping tomorrow is a better day!

  261. Day 7. Merry Christmas. !Still pain, like awful sore throat . Cooked breakfast; eggs, biscuits, grits. Tried eggs and biscuit ; not ready yet. Hurts Save myself for dinner. Had sweet potato casserole, dressing, kale,yeast rolls, mac & cheese, ham very small servings It hurt, but its Christmas Now in pin, sucked on Cepacol sensations hydra, some relief . Great fun with fam.

    1. Day 7, so far days 6-7 have been by far the most painfull. I am able to eat applesauce, cream of wheat, soup, eggs and pancakes with some pain. Anything else is extremely painfull. I have to take 1.5tsp of liquid lortab every 2 hrs. My stomach is getting upset with the meds. Also started getting constant pain under my left jaw, by my lymph node (I think). Days 1-3 were pretty easy compared ti now. I really hope this is the peak of the pain. Another thing is my throat is getting really itchy. Almost like a scab is trying to come off. It kind of makes you feel like gagging. I have to drink iced water and swallow applesauce to keep from chocking. Hang in there everyone…before we know it the worst will be over.

    2. Had tonsillectomy on 12/18/2012.
      Day 4 – still painful, tongue swollen & painful, neck pain,hurts to swallow, talk, and still feel like back of tongue has a buildup of something. So continue with meds, tylenol with codeine & antibiotics, and lots of cool water. Can’t wait for tongue to no longer feel swollen &head feeling as though I’ve been hit upside with a sledgehammer .
      Day 5 – worse pain, days 1 & 2 not bad. Tried eating. Feels like food is stuck under tongue, which I can’t move. For me, the colder the beverage the more pain. Wake up a couple times during the night, throat on fire!
      Day 6 – each day the pain is getting worse. Waiting for the downhill ride. Still can’t eat. Tried boxed mashed potatoes, and pastina & broth. I think it`s still lodged in my throat. Tongue swollen, hurts if I talk too much, and wake up a couple times at night with dry on fire throat. Ice cold not soothing. Lots and lots and lots of cool water
      Day 8 – woke up this morning around 3:30, throat extremely dry with excruciating pain. Took some meds and stayed up for awhile trying to moisten throat by drinking water and sucking on Cepacol. I guess I finally dozed off. Slept until 10 am, again waking with a dry throat. The pain is lessening some, but still hurts to swallow. I have peeked at my throat from day #2, still looks the same; no sight of uvula. Back to jello/water diet since the water burns; feels like I have mouth sores. Although yesterday’s dinner, painful going down, was a big change from the norm.

  262. Just finished day 7 and everyday I think today was the worse day but somehow they keep getting worse! I found this blog pretty early on but it is the first time I have posted, however, it has been a lifesaver! The pain was so bad today, I kept having to take my vicodin every 3-3.5 hours and slept most of the day. Don’t know if that was good or bad since sleeping feels great but then I wake up with knives in my throat. I had a follow up with the ENT and he said I’m right on schedule for healing and I’m in the worst part right now until my scabs fall off. One question I have is does anyone else have more one sided pain? FOr the most part, my left ear/ throat is more sore than my right but sometimes it will switch. It never seems to be equal on both sides.

    1. I just finished day 5 and it feels like in swallowing knives, pain med (liquid Vicodin/acetaminophen) is almost out, called the doctor left a message but no call back yet. My pain seems to he more on my left ear and throat too 🙁 so ready for this pain to be over

    2. I’m 6 days post op. Early on my pain was primarily on the left side. Over the last few days it has charged to mainly the right

  263. I am a 34 y/o f and I had my tonsils out one week ago today. (13 Dec) I am on day seven of recovery and it seems like I am getting worse not better. The pain is so excrutiating it takes me over 30 minutes just to swallow my medicine down. I can’t sleep, can’t swallow, and can barely open my mouth. I can’t open it far enough to see what’s going on back there healing wise. I am losing sympathy from spouse and getting very little support. Cannot comprehend how unbearable this is even though I have bouts of energy here and there. Is this normal for day 7? I pray to God for strength to get through this and I hope it will be over soon.

    1. I’m on day 8 and what,you’re experiencing is exactly what I experienced. As a matter of fact days 5, 6 and 7 were nightmarish. I lost it a few times on my husband – the men just want to fix it and when they can’t I think they shut down. It’s not a criticism, but they’re just wired differently when it comes to nurturing. Just rest and keep up with meds. Also try some children’s IB profen with your pain meds or inbetween doses to keep the edge off. it worked wonders for me yesterday. I also found chewing sugar free watermelon extra gum helps, even though i can only chew for 5 minutes. Sorry for all the pain and drop in support at home, but your over the hump……hang in there!

      1. When I said children’s in profen, I meant the liquid kind….just to clarify. The Tylenol might work well too ( take both with the liquid lortab) but its thicker and makes me gag

  264. I have been reading posts on here for the past week…a little longer really, I read in advance to prepare. I cannot believe with all the advances in medicine and technology that this is seriously the best we can do for those of us who have this procedure, WHEN will I start feeling better?! I am so tired of being cooped up in my house, but The flu is rampant right now in my neck of the woods and I am terrified of getting that on top of this. My throat is excruciating and my EARS! I can’t eat anything…pudding, jello, soup, water without my ears starting to pound at me. I was doing really well on drinking water until yesterday. It hurts so badly to swallow, I have resorted to eating ice chips for hydration. I did not sleep at all last night and it looks like tomight will be the same. I hoped the day before yesterday when my pain became so terrible that my scabs were falling off – but I don’t see them doing so! It looks like maybe they’re a little thinner? Is it possible for them to sort of melt off instead of falling off in chunks? I am so tired of this. I keep thinking tomorow will be better and then it isn’t. I am starving, tired, hurting awful, depressed, and I miss playing with my girls! It’s Christmastime and I can’t do any of the fun things we had planned! My tonsils were the largest my doctor had ever seen and were filled with tunnels and white crap that had to be cleaned but I think I would rather have them back. This is awful. I am so sad. 27/F

    1. Megan- I am on day six and in the same boat. I have found 2 things that have helped a bit, first Cepacol Ultra spray. I spray it in the back of my throat and it burns for a few minutes and then numbs my throat. Second, once my throat is numb I drink a 7-11 slurpee. It is cold and refreshing and helps with hydration.

      Good luck!

    2. Hallelujah! I felt soooo much better today! I was able to get out of the house and ride along to pick my daughter up from school AND got to go to her Christmas concert tonight! Thank you Lord! Also, I finally got to eat something besides pudding and jello…I had some finely chopped spaghetti noodles coated in butter & olive oil and some chopped up salmon! It was DELICIOUS! And NO EAR PAIN today! My scabs are gone in a few small spots but are still hanging in there for the most part…they look thinner though? I am just praying that every day gets better now and I don’t digress! I am just so glad to be able to be a mommy again! I was so worried I would miss out on all the things my daughters have going on! Thank you Jesus and thank you tonsillectomy for the nights of company!

      Stacy, I used cepacol extra strength drops..they did help some! I hope you are starting to feel some better today!

    3. I know I had mine out 7 days ago and it feels like its just getting worse, if I would have known it was this painful I would have dealt with that little pain in my throat ever once an awhile:/ I hope you get better soon -Brian 🙂

  265. Hi there. I am 37 and I had my tonsils removed last Tuesday, so one week ago today. I feel that I may have turned a corner and just wanted to let others know that it does get better. I have been eating solid foods since day one and would recommend this to everyone. I am in Australia and my specialist told me to do and eat everything I would normally. So I have. Days 3-5 were quite challenging and I had a couple of serves of soup during this time but other than that I have been eating toast with poached eggs, crackers with dips (yes really!), fruit including mangoes, blueberries and cold puréed apples, roast pork and veggies, fish and veggies. When painful I have eaten lots of ice poles and sucked on ice, this has helped lots. I was told to keep my pain meds up even if I did not feel too much pain and I have done this. Just paracetamol during the day and a stronger tablet at night. Will try to cut this one out tonight. It has been a long hard road to this point however I believe that by eating, drinking and talking straight away I have done all I can to make the experience as comfortable as possible. I have stopped looking in my mouth and I am now just trusting in my bodies ability to heal itself! I do have a numb tongue on the left hand side, anyone else experience this?

  266. I am 28 years old and I’m am exactly one week (7 days) from my surgery that was on Nov. 27, 2012. The first 3 days were fine and I thought this isn’t fun but its not the agonizing pain I had feared. I was so afraid to have this surgery that I almost cancelled the morning of.

    Yesterday was day 6 and around 11pm I woke up with blood in my mouth. Now after reading everyone on here saying to “stay calm” I did my best and drank a lot of ice ice water. It was still horrifying and really so scary. It eventually stopped after about and hr or so. But I couldn’t tell the difference between the blood and the new skin. Everything tasted like blood at that point. I was so scared is throw up from the blood in my stomach and around 2:30am I was able to take anti nausea medecine. (Zofran – it saves your life when you feel sick!) finally at 3:30am I woke up, after going 9 hours with out a pain killer (my longest stretch of no pain killers to date.), and my throat hurt so bad. It hurts worse than any other day. I guess a huge chunk I scab came off bc it felt like the whole too half of my throat on both sides were so sure and bleeding. I’ll have to look today. Tongue finally went down a little. I had tremendous sores on both sides of my tongue and that pain, at times, was more painful that my throat.

    Anyway, all that to say… Everyone on here saying it gets worse before it gets better is right on. I felt okay and then last night was such a set back for me. This mornings pain was awful and I’m hoping this is the beginning of the end of pain for me.

    If anyone has any info for me or similar experiences, please post so I can know what to expect. I would really appreciate it. This site has been amazing for me. Thank you Greg!! I hope you know how many people needed this site!! I know I’m so grateful and check daily and nightly.

    1. Hi Gina- Ouch! Sounds like you’re hanging in there though. Gargling with cold water can help stop minor bleeds- in case it happens again. You are in the thick of it now, then it will start getting better. Keep drinking!

      Take care, Greg

      1. Thanks Greg. This site really brings me a lot of comfort. Especially bc I can’t communicate and it’s frustrating that no one understands what I’m going through. Thank you for doing this. I can’t tell you how calming it is knowing you actually read and post back. It’s good to know someone understands what I’m going through. You think this will only last another two days maybe?
        I don’t know how much more I can handle.

        1. Hi Gina- Thanks for saying such nice things. I try to keep up on the comments, but I can’t always. If you want to find e more quickly, try the facebook page.

          Yes, I think you’re getting close. For me day 10 was a HUGE turning point. It’s probably as bad as it will get today. (I hope:( )

          Take care- message me any time

        2. Hi Gina,
          I had my tonsils out about a week after yours(Dec 3) and am around the same age(26). Read your post and find it very similar to what I am going through. I am just wondering as to how you have progressed since? Was that the worst and if so, when was the turn around? What wre the signs of the end? I am at wits end and really unsure how much longer I can go. Hope you have recovered. Please respond.

    2. Hi Greg! I had my surgery the same day you did. I wish I could say my scabs were falling off. I was doing so well up until Sunday. I no longer can try to eat anything solid, I’m so hungry! I have weird choking/cough attacks. My tongue is red and raw but it previously had a white cottage cheese appearance, it really grossed me out. I’m down to one pain pill and I have the rest of this week off of work. I really really hope my scans fall off before I return to work!!!

  267. DISCOVERY!!! Every single time I take the hydrocodone I sit there psyching myself up to take it forever because it burns like acid going down and the pain is unbearable. After trying a few things the best thing it chocolate milk!! Mix about three times the amount of hydrocod and drink it down and It goes down MUCH less painfully, takes it down from a 10 on the pain scale to a 3 or 4. Cream of wheat also works but you have to be committed to eating and sometimes you just need to get the pain med down first. I used chocalate almond milk which I think is the best because its slightly creamier. I wish so badly I had know this all 6 days!

  268. Day 7. And the pain worsens!!! So far in my adventure, this is now the new worst day, pain-wise. I would say it is a 9/10. Scabs don’t really look any different than yesterday. Forced down about 1/2 cup of soggy cornflakes in fat-free milk. It went down a little bit easier than yesterday, but not much. So, every day it does get a little bit easier to swallow, but still hurts very much when eating, even though the uvula is a little smaller today. Switched pain meds (because of stomach problems/diarrhea) from the liquid Tylenol to the Jr. Rapid Melt tabs, bubblegum flavor (awesome!). These just melt in your mouth and slide down so much easier than anything I’ve tried so far! If you are having problems with liquid pain meds irritating your stomach, definitely try these!!! For dinner, Panera Macaroni & Cheese went down pretty well, taken in small pieces. Yum! It feels so good just to eat something normal for dinner. After dinner we went to So Fun Yogurt, and I had some pumpkin frozen yogurt, although I did not realize it was considered “spicy”, and my throat burned for some time after that (should have stuck with vanilla).

  269. I’m only 14, on post-op day 7 and doing pretty well… They’re keeping me in the hospital (for other health reasons/likely complications from weakness) and the pain is slowly getting better… Of course I haven’t tackled going out yet but I’m not that bothered by that since it’s the 7th month I spend in the hospital this year and I’m quite used to it by now. I do experience pain in my ears and throat when I swallow and without the painkillers I wouldn’t survive but they make the pain bearable… I feed on liquid supplements (but because of malnutrition unconnected to the surgery I have no other choice) but I am slowly managing to eat yogurts, apple sauce, pudding, mashed potatoes and cream cheese. They don’t give me any ice cream cause they say it’s too cold and I have to eat everything at room temperature.
    All in all I’m surviving and I’m looking forward to leaving the hospital on friday 😀 I’m finally going to be free!
    Ps. I’m going to try nutella today, I’m craving sweets 😀 and I just got over anorexia so not eating is agony, I already starved for 2 years

    1. Hi Izzy- Wow! 7 months in the hospital! You really have a great attitude. It shows in what you write. That is your best weapon in all of this! I’m sorry to hear that the doctors won’t allow cold items. (Although ice cream isn’t that good anyway because it can leave a gross film on your throat) I found that ice cold water or Gatorade really helped with inflammation. You might try chewing gum for that ear pain. It usually helps.

      I wish you all the best in your recovery from BOTH tonsillectomy and anorexia. Take care, Greg

    1. Hello, I am 40 years old and this is Day 6 of my post op tonsillectomy. This procedure has been more painful than what people told me. This morning I opened my mouth and checked to see if I had the white stuff in there. It is still here. So I guess the scabs have not fallen off. The pain is intense, but manageable when I take the hydroco liquid pain medicine. I also seem to notice that there is a layer of white stuff at the end of my tongue. Is this like thrush or built up of saliva and ice cream? Last night I was able to sleep a little better than before. As I read everybody’s postings, most of it matches to what I am going through. I am glad that I read all this a few days after the surgery. Otherwise, I would have probably had second thoughts about the tonsillectomy. I have been eating more and more different types of food. Last night, I had soup and small pieces of chicken. How much will this pain continue. I am planning on going to work tomorrow and I hope this doesn’t hinder my recovery.

    2. I was told by day 7 would be back to my semi-normal diet …. not true at all! I’ve been living off of ensure and jello for 3 days in a row now. I’ve lost 10 lbs in less than a week. I’m so hungry! If the pain in my throat and ears doesn’t wake me at night, the loud growling from my stomach does. I don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel yet. The liquid pain medication burns so I have to psych myself up to it every time. I’m starting to think strep every other month wasn’t so bad. I go for my post op visit later today … I just hope he doesnt try to scrape everything off, I feel like I’m not healing fast enough. This blows.

  270. Had a rough morning after a few hours sleep; throat was dry despite humidifier, pain intense. Managed to get down pain meds, put an ice pack around my neck and nodded off. After I formally got up I pounded some water then drank 3 cups of tea. Tea really seems to cut the mucus and loosen things up back there. Otherwise today has been decent re: pain. My mom took me out for some dinner and I was amazed at how totally cranky I was in public. She didn’t mind, seemed to think it was the lack of sleep and the pain. It was good to get out but only for a bit. Able to eat warm soup and some of the bread bowl. I’m not sure about this scab thing; all I have back there is like this yellow coating that looks gooey not scabby. So I don’t know whether that is good or bad. I talked more today than I have in several days and it hurts! Good thing I have no plans for another week. Light at the end of the tunnel – are you there?

    1. I would think after 3,000 years of tonsilitomies being performed there would be some progress in the procedure and pain management.

  271. I hope I just experienced this day’s low point as I just cried over a bowl of luke warm porridge because it hurt so much to swallow. Crying only makes it worse of course, so my husband rescued me with a towel wrung in cold water and finally I feel like I can breathe again.

    I have been very good at sticking with my painmed regime of Paracetamol/Tylenol up until now, but it hurt so much I had to take an extra, hoping that my liver can handle it.

    Last night was CRAP. I couldn’t sleep, I tossed an turned on the couch, didn’t dare to go lay in my bed and experienced awful pain involving my ears around 5 am last night on the left side when I think my scab fell off and swallowed it. That really grossed me out and I almost vomited, but at least the pain got better. My morning was painful and blurry from the lack of sleep (not pain meds,) but I felt a little bit better throughout the day. So good in fact that I thought I could eat porridge 30 minutes ago. That proved to be a very bad idea so I stopped eating and will just vegetate on the couch for the rest of the night. God please god, let this pain stop!!!!

    (I’m a 37 year old female who is allergic to pain meds btw.)

  272. Day 7 for me I am glad to know there are others going through what I am .I woke this morning after falling asleep and my throat felt like I had swallowed razors and glass like I had drunk hydrochloric acid. I am trying to come off the pain medications and the pain in my ears is just terrible feels like someone is shoving a sword in my ears .Looks like the scabs are still there This is not what everyone says it is eat ice cream ice pops.This friggin hurts really bad! probabally the worst pain I have ever had in my life tonsillectomy ay my age of 42 has been the most challenging thing I have ever had to endure .I hope my family knows this I mean I can handle pain to but this is just terrible> Praying that God heals me quick because I need to get back to my old self .I know I will just really frustrated days before this were not as bad but bad this yesterday day 6 and now day 7 have been the worse hope it gets better will be praying that we all get better Amen!

  273. Today is day 7 post surgery, day 6 of healing. My throat is still sore – like swallowing bits of glass – but overall, I’m much better that I was on days 2,3,4,5…I’m hoping the worst days are behind me.
    Do yourself a favor and follow the advice from folks above…keep well hydrated. As soon as your throat dries up – it’s a mess again. My doc told me to keep a child’s medicine dropper near my beverage…and that every 15 minutes (or more) I should fill the syringe with liquid and squeeze it in to my mouth. WHAT A LIFE SAVING piece of advice. The juice/water/etc. was gently delivered and flowed down my throat so nicely!
    So, today’s new symptom – I’m kind of choking…I’ve felt like something is in my throat (duh?!) It’s made me cough (which is sore) and also gag (also not comfy). I had my DH look in my throat and the scabs are intact, but the one on the left side of my throat is larger and the area is still quite swollen. He seems to feel the swelling may be causing a ‘pushing’ sensation when I swallow, making me cough and gag. It’s not great, but I am feeling better.
    I actually ate some VERY soggy cereal today! YIPPEE!!

    1. I had read on some post to keep a spray bottle of water nearby. I have that and put distilled water in the sprayer just to be on the safe side.

  274. OK. Day Seven is finally here. This morning I can swallow a little easier. I want to talk about something I did not see in previous posts. On day five My throat hurt so bad I could not swallow water or anything else. I took a flashlight & looked in my mouth to find everything had turned white & I had like white bumps on my gums & tongue it looked like milk white no red anywhere. You see liquid antibiotics can cause Thrush mouth (yeast infection of the mouth) This caused more throat pain then the tonsillectomy ever could, I was doing pretty well until I got this which led me back to the doctor for another medicine to be added to what I am already taking. The good thing is once you start using this mouth wash that you swallow it does not take long to see & feel that it is working. I have been using this mouth wash for two days my tongue & gums are nice & red again, I still have my scabs not sure how long before they come out. I wanted to alert you to this possibility so you can get it taken care of quickly as I truly feel this was a set back for me & that the sooner you know & get it treated the sooner you can get back on the road to recovery! Good Luck to all of you hope your recovery goes well without any little white bumps in the road, on your tongue or in your mouth.

  275. I’m on day 7. Though it has been painful, certainly bearable. My goal was to follow ALL the advice.

    1. Took pain medications on time. Had an alarm clock by my bed and woke up right on time.
    2. Ice, ice, ice. My husband found a cooler–a round one my daughter used for soccer.. He “shaves” the ice by putting it in our blend tec blender–turned out kind of like snow. It stays for almost 12 hours in the cooler. Then we refill. The more I suck on ice the better. The minute it starts hurting, if I suck on ice it feels better.
    3. Slept up. I slept in a recliner chair the whole week. Not sure whether this is important or not, but I was following advice.
    4. Ate or drank as much as possible–but NOT anything nearly solid. Tried eggs the third day, but they got stuck in the tonsil hole. Best things: ramen noodles with eggs whipped up and thrown in. Pumpkin pie–cooked without crust. Popsicles, of course. Homemade applesauce. Green smoothie–with spinach and melon. Best to eat 20 minutes after medicine. Stuff will get stuck–drink a full cup of water while medicine still strong to rinse out tonsils.
    5. Kept humidifier on by head all the time.
    6. Continued allergy medicine, including nasonex.
    7. Sprayed sinuses with saline nasal spray regularly.
    8. Ice, ice, ice–did I say that?
    9. Rest!
    10. Keep log of medications–you’re so foggy on them, that you need something so you don’t wonder if you just took them 1/2 an hour ago.

    1. Chicken noodle and potato soup is the best so far. I also agree Slurpees are wonderful. Sonic has really good favors and are delish.

  276. In response to -September 2, 2012 at 2:43 pm Craig:

    I have been taking meds and not missed any. But even with that the pain has been the worst ever. One thing you will notice is that people here have varying experiences. I would count yourself very blessed if you have not had it extremely bad.

  277. The only thing that’s getting me down is the ear ache and the constant fatigue! The pain from my throat isn’t really that bad, it just feels like a mild case of tonsilitus but when I eat the pain is obviously worse. I’ve been eating solids since the op and I think this has helped with my recovery. I’m meant to be back at work tomorrow, hope the ear aches gone by then!

  278. Last night was my worst night since night 3. I was up every 2 hours from the pain. Neither me or my husband slept much. Trying to get a few sips of water down to get rid of the dryness was horrid. But once the dryness gone, and some pain meds in, things were tolerable. Had been taking Ibuprofen, but I had some bleeding issues on post-op day 5, so I’m trying to stick to Tylenol between the Loratab doses. I have found 2 tums, crushed and mixed with water to make a soup like texture, taken every time I take my meds helps keep the heartburn I’d been having at bay. At this point, the only food I have been able to tolerate is soup and cream of wheat. I personally find cold foods very irritating. So all the ice cream I stocked up on will have to wait. I normally don’t drink much. So trying to keep enough fluids is a challenge. I stepped on my scale yesterday, and I’m down 10 lbs since surgery. This is not my idea of healthy weight loss. Trying to hang in there. Hoping I feel well enough to get out with my sister for her ultrasound tomorrow.

  279. I had my tonsillectomy on 9-12-12 and today is exactly one week since. I felt much better this morning…almost like a new person! I took a small dose of my pain meds since I felt like superwoman, but now that its getting later in the day I’m starting to feel it a little bit more. I know I’m getting better but I just want to feel normal again! I hope I feel better by this saturday since I’m hosting a small party at my home and want to be able to eat and drink! I dont know what my scabs are supposed to look like, All I know is that the back of my throat is patchy white in spots and red and tender looking in others, plus theres a few black dots in some areas. Can anyone explain this to me? Oh and has anyone had to sneeze? I’ve been sneezing since yesterday, I cant stop and it hurts so bad!

  280. Ok, didn’t manage to post yesterday (my day 7) as i was all day in excruciating pain. I must say that i had a relatively easy recovery, with mild pain on day 4, and huge pain only on days 5 and 7. Turns out that whilst my scabs were falling a bit at a time on the previous days, on day 5 he majority of the right side fell off, and yesterday 90% of the left fell off…so maybe that’s why i was in so much pain. The upside is that now i feel so much better

  281. I am 28 and I had my Tonsillectomy last Monday. I am on day 7 and oh my god is there no light at the end of this tunnel? The last two days I was in so bad of pain I could barely move and some people maybe have better pain tolerance than I do. But I’ve had three surgeries before this two kids and a miscarriage and I have to say this surgery is probably the worst I’ve went through. I couldn’t swallow I keep waking up every two hours in excruciating pain I keep a bottle of water next to my bed at night. Today is really the first day I’m able to talk without too much trouble. I also had thrush on my tongue from the surgery and so i’ve had to take medication for that too. I want real food so bad I can barely stand it. I want the pain and everything to be over and done with. please tell me does it get any better? and this is the first day i’m actually able to eat soup with rice in it it doesn’t hurt to swallow too much but I can’t seem to taste anything. I’m hoping its just me and that my taste buds will come back…

  282. Dr office is not available. Amazing. Out of pain meds till tomorrow due to the fact the pharmacy wont refill for 1 week. Hopefully urgent care will prescribe something to get me through the day and night. Been without a doubt the most unbearable painfull experience ever, and I’ve been through some crazy one’s e.g. collapsed lung, head trauma etc. People think having tonsils out is no big deal, eat some ice cream, popsicles and your good. Not even close. It’s day 7. Will it get better? If not I can’t last much longer.

    1. I am right there with you. Sx was on 9/11 and I feel worse everyday. Supposed to go back to work on 9/24, don’t think that is going to happen. Hopefully you can get some pain meds. I thought it was just me being a weenie and not tolerating the pain. I cant bear the pain when the meds wear off.

  283. Well im finishing day 7 and its not feeling better at all! The ears, jaw and throat are all killing me. I dont have the white scabbing at the back of my throat tho I think this is partly due to my darling mother making me eat toast with marg. And I dont know how u all eat suagry foods! It stings for me! Ive stuck to toast, mash, eggs and mac and cheese.
    Im running low on pain meds so fingers crossed the hospital can give me more.

  284. Hell I’m 18 day 7. It had been an ok day. Pain isn’t that bad but nausea is horrible for the past two days. Nothing is going down without coming up. I want this to be over. I want food.

  285. I can’t believe these posts. Tomorrow will be a week since my tonsillectomy. I am a 30 year old male and can’t believe how bad people have made this out to be. Yes day two and three where extremely painful but that’s what pain killers are for? My doc prescribed MEDROL, CELEBREX & TRAMACET. They worked beautifully. Also I was told to eat chewy sweets often. I have never eaten so many jelly babies in my life! Also told to drink lots of coke and water. A ice cold coke definitely helped!
    I am glad I never have to have this op again but just stick to your pain meds and you will be fine. This op isn’t for sissys lol!

    1. My doctor told me it would be very painful for about a week. After the surgery I was informed at the office that all patients are told it would be excruciating. Nope.. That word was never used. The doctors act like we just want pain meds to get high. Are you kidding me? Drug addicts have no problem getting their meds… Why do patients in horrific pain turned away. Makes no sense.

  286. at 7:35-8:00 ish or so will be day 7 of my surgery and im feel better than i ever feel i had to clean up and i know i wasnt supposed to sneeze or cough but since i cant take my pills to control my allergies i did anyway i had so warm tea and my mom suggested i take a spoonful of coconut oil so being that it had no taste i put it in my tea and i guess the coconut oil didnt go all the way down so i have this stuck sensation in my chest then i hicupped something and i swallowed it back down i know it disgusting :/

    i tried a bit of soda pepsi to be precise and im talking much better but still can’t talk regularly and watching my brothers without yelling is difficult and i took a treatment for my asthma but it made my throat or where it was dry so i tried drinking water soda (only a bit) and juice

    the only pain is my asthma and swallowing like i used to 🙁

  287. All I can say is Oh my goodness. I am on day 7 postop . I am 42 years old and really wish I would have had the option to not have this done.
    Everything that can hurt does,
    Every one heals differently I understand that. But even the liquid Tylenol 3 burns from the tip of my tongue to the last of my throat. I can not take any of the stronger pain meds so I have added ibuprofen 2 times a day as well.
    When does the pain start to subside? Like so many of you I too have the razor blade issues,and my ears,omg like someone is pouring acid in every inch of my throat,neck,and ears. Thank goodness hubby bought me a ice shaver because I can not even tolerate freezer pops at this point. Day 8 has got to get better PLEASE

      1. Greg I think you are fibbing and it never gets better! Tomorrow is a week and the pain is just getting worse every day. I’m supposed to go back to work on the 24th but as of today, I can’t imagine not getting by without pain meds. Throat just doesn’t look like its healing, still looks the same as it did when I got home. Tonight I have a slight fever. *sigh*

  288. I’m getting better everyday, last night was rough. I woke up to a pain. It seriously felt like they were cutting them them out again. Unbearable!!! Today I ate solid food and drank pop! (: I think I’m healing fast I am not sure if the scabs fell off? But I’m getting better so I don’t even care.

  289. I had a really bad night sleep last night, waking up at 12am, 1am, 4am and 6am… The pain was burning through my throat, ears and jaw… It made me really nervous that the painkillers aren’t working as well as they should be.. although in saying that, I did take a lower strength med before bed…

    Apart from the pain throughout the night, the day has been relatively good – there has been mild pain throughout the day, but nothing on what it had been before this… most annoying part is the nauseous feelings in my stomach and the sensitive hearing. I also thinking a am clenching my jaw to tightly as my teeth are quite sore.

    All in all… I can see I am getting better!!!

  290. Hey everyone! First of all, I want to thank all of you for sharing your experiences and thoughts on the topic. Reading through all of the discussion forums on here has made me feel much better and not alone in all of this.

    I’m on day 7 after my surgery (last Monday), and the pain is pretty much the same as it was on days 5 & 6, which means a lot of pain, not only in the throat area, but also in my jaw, teeth, ears, and also in my tongue and the roof of my mouth. The pain is very intense in the morning and evenings, and also during the night. Tonight, like every night in the past week, I haven’t gotten much sleep…but tonight was especially bad, because I’m worried that I’m going to start bleeding, so I kept waking up and making sure that I wasn’t. I haven’t eaten much in the past few days, or in the past week, to be honest. This morning, I tried to get down some oatmeal, but after a few bites, I gave up- it was just to painful. Now I tried to eat a sorbet, but that hurt too. So I’m going to focus on the drinking today, and maybe try some soup later.

    I’m taking Tylenol (I was told that Ibuprofen is a big no-no due to possible risk of bleeding) and Algifen Neo drops (I currently live in the Czech Republic, and they are used here)…I was not given opiates at any time, so I’m glad I don’t have to deal with possible withdrawal issues. Also, I’m on antibiotics since Friday, because they found a slightly increased level of something in my blood which indicates infection.

    In terms of my mental state, I’m doing so-so…I suffer from depression and anxiety (although I’ve been doing really well this past year), and this past week has been a TOUGH ride. There were moments when I was really really down and had to force myself to even try to do things that would help me, such as drink or take my medication. Now, I’m finally at home, after a week at the hospital, and my mom is taking care of me, so I’m in a much better environment. However, the lack of sleep, proper nutrition, and especially the pain are really getting to me. Also, people’s lack of understanding is very tiring, especially comments such as: “How are you? I’m sure you’re fine by now, it was just a minor procedure”, or “You need to man up, it was just tonsil removal”, etc. etc…..

    The main thing I’m concerned about is possible bleeding..I’m really worried and cautious, always checking my self and if I’m not spitting out/coughing up blood. I don’t know about the situation in my throat and the scabs, simply because I’m afraid to look.

    1. Sorry for such a long post, I hope you guys don’t mind my rambling 🙂

      Also, I forgot to ask: are any of you also severely constipated? If so, what are you doing about it?

      Thanks for any comments/replies!

      1. I was prescribed a stool softener with my bevy of meds…Day 7 for me too, had septoplasty done with my tonsillectomy so I’m double recovery here. Having same throat, ear and roof of pain. I managed to go the whole day with only 1 Percocet but will definitely take 1 before bed. Tomorrow I get my tubes removed from my nose hopefully that’ll increase my appetite.

  291. My throat pain is a little worse than days 4-6. I think that the scabs may be coming off and that is what is causing the pain. Unfortunately, this means back to the soup. I feel nauseous when I think about eating soup because I’ve had so much of it. I also feel like I might get sick each time I take the liquid medication. I hate the taste and now my stomach turns when I even think about having to take it. Thank goodness the end is near!

  292. Ran out of the liquid hydrocodone last night and so now I’m taking Tylenol. I woke up with a soreness in my throat, probably because I slept a solid 6 hours straight without drinking fluids. Now that I’m drinking water again my throat isn’t as sore. I am super tired and just want to sleep though.

    1. BTW, last night I finally got a decent meal in: home made chicken and vegetable soup. However, I probably over-did it because after eating my throat hurt like crazy. I need to take smaller steps on the eating, I think.

  293. Last night I got about 5 hours of sleep, which was really good. Throughout the day, my throat pain has gotten much worse. Probably at 5/10. Swallowing is terrible. Have not eaten anything today. Swallowing even water is making everything burn. Out of prescription pain meds (lortab). Have been taking cvs brand liquid Tylenol and it really helps. Burns much less than the prescription, which I likened to taking a shot of tequila. I have found 2 tbs of the cvs stuff kicks in at about 20 minutes and lasts a good 4 hours. Not going to work tomorrow.
    Today I couldn’t really speak Because of the pain in my mouth, ears, jaw, etc. Today has been rough, but I am feeling like things are progressing as they should.

  294. I had been feeling worse the last couple of days. It’s a week since I had the surgery and swallowing was still painful, but now anything and everything I put it my mouth even water felt like battery acid. Everything burn and stung. I hadn’t ate a bit of food in 2 days, not even jello, popsicles and the like. I was in a lot of stomach pain because I was so hungry and was becoming dehydrated. I tried to drink milk, which burnt the least, as much as I could to stay hydrated. I then decided, even though the doctor advised not to because of bleeding risk, to take ADVIL (I had previously been taking tylenol or hydrocodone-acetominophen liquid).

    It was a god send. That night I ate pasta salad and cheesecake with very little pain, pain like you have when you wake up with a sore throat that dissipates during the day. I don’t think I have a significant bleeding risk anymore because its been a full week since the surgery and I am a 19 year old that is healthy otherwise. I take 3 advil at a time (a procedure a dr recommended last time I had strep) every 6 hours. I don’t have to take medicine as often, I can resume some normality and I feel a lot better.

    If you’re willing to take a small risk, I would start taking ibuprofen a week after your surgery. I think it reduces pain a lot more because it reduces swelling. Either way, try it, it could help get your life back!

    1. Shannon, I took children’s ibuprofen right after I got home from the hospital. I was told I could take it by my doctor and my pre surgery nurse. I think it helped with my recovery so much that I had the easiest recovery one could have after this surgery. I didn’t bleed or have any other problems after my surgery. I know some doctors are against it and thank god mine was not. Good luck in your recovery. Should be easy now.

    2. I totally agree on the Advil….I have been taking 600mg ibuprofen three times a day since day one with percocets every four hours (and antibiotics) and i have felt great. My discharge instructions only said no aspirin. I was at social events for a few hours on day three and four and went to the movies on day five. It’s day seven today and the pain has increased but as long as I stay on top of my meds and drink lots, i’m ok.

      Top tips…drink constantly, even just little sips
      ….stay on top of med times, set an alarm
      ….eat a little, to avoid stomach upset from meds
      …..dehumidifier by bed at night
      …..move around and distract yourself
      …..salt water rinses and use a tongue scraper(gently)

      1. hi Leah, Whats the status of ur scabs? Have they begun to come off? I had some come off last night and now it is sore to drink cold water. Applesauce is still my friend though. I may try to take some ibuprofen in addition to my percocets also to see what that brings. I want to go out today and not look like i’m in pain.

        1. The left side is looking more pink and feels a bit more raw, the right is still pretty white and covers a large surface area. When that one starts to shed I am anticipating more pain. Lukewarm liquids actually feel pretty soothing at this point. I hope you get to go out, it feels nice to see the real world, just carry water with you and keep sipping and try not to overdo the talking:)

          1. Hi Leah, i think my right side is where the scab came off – i haven’t looked yet. It gives me chills. I was able to get out, my BF took me to get some pasta i’ve been wanting…just plain cheese ravioli w/ butter …it was the best!!! I was exhausted by the time i got home…i think too much talking also… I slept a good while afterward and only took a 800mg ibuprofen. It did the trick for a few hours. Thanks for posting that it sounds like we have the same meds/combo. Are you in the states? I’m in MD.

          2. Alicia,
            Glad to hear you got out! The olive garden by any chance? I am in Canada…Ontario. I was offered tylenol3 but I asked if she prescribed Percocet and she was fine with that, I was just paranoid about intense pain following surgery. I was expecting liquid but got pill form. I take it every four hours and the ibuprofen every eight. It will look nasty in your throat but day by day you’ll see small changes and it’s encouraging.

  295. Day Seven is about the same as day five and day six. The pain when I first wake up is always the worst because my throat has dried out of sleeping. Today I feel sharp pains in certain areas. My ears and jaw are killing me. It feels like a giant hand is squeezing my head in on all sides. Swallowing hurts, even water, all I’ve managed to eat today is some broth. Also the taste in my mouth from the scabs and mucas is making me nausiated. I can barely open my mouth and talking is excruciating. Ice packs have helped some but not as much as I was hoping for. This is such a miserable situation.

  296. I was told by my nurse that the pain would intensify around day 7, and she was absolutely right.
    This morning I woke up at 5am, and for the first time I can say I was in some genuine discomfort, probably a 7/10 on the pain scale. I’d liken it to a very tight, burning sensation. I have been prescribed liquid codeine and this takes effect quickly, so whilst the pain was at its peak, it lasted 15 minutes at the most.
    The rest of the day was much like my others, I experienced very little pain at all and ate more or less normally.
    I have been completely mute since the day of the operation but spoke for the first time this afternoon (as my mum came to visit!) It took a while to talk ‘normally’ if you can call it that, it was more of a soft squeek.
    Pain returned in the early evening, partly because the talking strained out my throat. But I’m glad I tested the old vocal chords!

    So I think this means I am now on the other side of the recovery hill… I’m not going to count my chickens, but if this is the worst of it I must be one of the lucky ones.

  297. Day 7 went well for me. I am a 22 year old and had to get my tonsils and adenoids taken out for health reasons. This day I woke up and still had to take my pain killers but then laid out in the sun for the rest of the day. I ate eggs for brunch and cheese ravioli for dinner. The pain was still there but was still able to eat some what soft foods and got tan.

  298. can someone please reassure me this pain is going to end?! I am 20 yrs old and everyone I’ve talked to before the surgery said they were fine within a couple days, they had minimal pain, they could eat whatever they wanted. I call bull. every day has basically felt the same but today, exactly a week since the surgery, I now have this wonderful scratching in my throat. I know everyone says that means it’s healing but the fact that it feels like someone has dropped a fireball in my throat every time I cough is worse than everything. I woke up this morning after having a bad dream, which of course brought on heavy breathing, causing the worst pain ever. I read that by the 9th/10th days, it gets better. All I want to do is be tranquillized until those days. After taking my medication, I admit the pain did subside but I’m beginning to believe that my body’s growing used to it. Blah maybe I’ll take some sleeping pills and sleep my way through this!

    1. Anna- It IS going to end. Honestly, you are in THE WORST of it. In a few days you will be amazed by how much better you’ll start to feel. Be prepared for a little weepy/ depressed feelings. The med’s, lack of sleep, and pain DO take their toll. hang in there sweetheart!

  299. Day 7 : woohoo finally being able to eat a little more !! My throat starts to hurt when i eat but its bearable and. im starving so ill deal with it !! Yesterday I had crab meat and cheesecake and i noticed that after makinh myself eat more than freeze pops my throat seemed to not feel as tight which I liked a lot. I did notice however on days 4 and 5 I had a little bleeding. I called my doctor right away and was told to suck on ice so it would stop, luckily 30 mins later and I was good both times! My speech is also almost back to normal. I cant wait to be able to enjoy a nice steak with shrimp when my throats all healed up ! Good luck to everyone who is having troubles, it can only get better from here ! By the way I am 17 years old and had my tonsils removed because they were causing breathing issues.

  300. Hi. Day 7 for me. Throat is tolerable without pain medication during the day, but at night i have to dope up, as my ears are murderous! I have found that sleeping on ice-packs at night dramatically takes down the swelling and the ear pain (wish i had tried this a few nights ago). I am 45 and seem to be healing well. My husband is awesome which helps (and my kids are in their 20’s which also helps). My surgeon told me to eat soft bread every day as that helps with the healing process and keeps the throat clear, which seems to have worked (and to drink plenty of water). I have a started to eat Uncle Toby’s oats (live in australia) in the morning. Soft bread and luck warm soup (break up the bread and put it in the soup so its soggy) is really easy on the throat too, as is Stewed apples with cloves or cinnamon and sugar, with instant custard! Baked beans is also an option that is not to bad either. I am a coffee addict and have found coffee milk is a Godsend as it also keeps the throat moist for a while as well as keeping my caffeine withdrawal at bay. I like most have lost a few kilos but can now see the light at the end of the tunnel. This website has been very informative for me – thanks!

  301. Day 7 started out very crappy when i woke up with a really bad head and ear ache. I got up and took my pain medicine and felt decent for a while, then i started to feel sick. I felt like there was something in my throat so i walked to the bathroom and when i got there i started violently throwing up, at first it was all water that was coming out, but then blood mixed with spit started pouring out, and dont forget the random big scabs that made me throw up even more. After i threw up i laid down for a while, then i started to feel better. i drank two cups of water which was a big breakthrough for me since i couldnt get anything down all week. the rest of the day i went without pain medication, not too much pain just a small headache. i hope im over the hill done with the worst but i guess we will see

  302. So it’s 3:00 am, Day 7, I woke up in excruciating pain in my ears and throat after having passed out from a sleeping pill mixed with my hydrocodine liquid. I’m finding that my hydrocodone liquid meds aren’t doing anything for pain and I’ve had to resort to borrowing lortabs and Percocet from my grandfather. I know it’s awful to self medicate but my doctor will not prescribe me anything else and keeps saying the pain will go away. I’m in unbearable pain and I need something stronger and as soon as its a reasonable hour I will be demanding stronger meds.
    I really did think that by now the pain would be better but it’s only gotten worse. I’m 21 and I’ve had to have my mother tame care of me since my surgery. I’ve found that hot towels on my thrust and around my ears help the sharp pains in my ears and throAt. I recently got marble slab ice cream which is pretty tasty even though I’m literally having dreams about dancing with hamburgers and fries. I ate some ramen noodles and also some quiche. Try and make the soft foods interesting, it makes the process a little easier to digest. I get cold towels in my head and having someone there to rub your head and back helps me sleep and not be as tense. Take showers they do help you relax but be careful if you’re loopy from meds you should wait a while so you don’t fall in the shower. Keep drinking water even though it sucks, it helps pain and prevents bleeding. Gargle every 4 hours if you can. I keep a humidifier by my bed and it helps keep my throat moist.
    Hopefully these upcoming days will be better. I’m really tired if being in pain but I’m going to try and be positive. Good luck everyone and hang in there.

  303. DAY SEVEN- and there is finally light at the end of the tunnel!!!!
    Our electricity is back on and I am down to one percoset every four hours. I ate a piece of Frech toast today which was the BEST thing ever!!!!! The day is almost over and I have not yet experienced any of the usual ear and head pain. It now only hurts to swallow, which is fine by me!!! 🙂 I am hoping and praying that I am now on the road to recovery!

  304. Day 7, June 28th, 2012. Slept alot today. Got in about 900 calories. Coughing mucous more. No signs of scabs letting up. Pain has stayed steady at a 3, 5-8 when swallowing.

  305. End of day seven. Pain in ears has been horrible, not even the lortab helps. I’ve been using an ice pack switched from side to side all day, seems to help until I have to cough. When I do cough, I have so much mucus and blood (the scabs, maybe?) That I almost have to throw up. I also had surgery to repair my devaited septum, so that could be why I am having this mucus buildup. Oh, only a few more days I hope.

  306. day 7 so far and nothing I can’t handle. pains not intense, except I haven’t eating since day 4. I’ve been drinking as much as possible, least minimal litre a day, taking nurofen which assists in the pain, taking vitamins and hydrate bars to replace the nutrients I’ve lost. I’m hoping I’m finally through the worse, considering days 4-6 were the absolute worst!! especially day 5 which I was 10/10 with pain. really cant wait to eat normally again!!

  307. So Day 6 was great! I slept most of the day, I woke up every 4 hours to take meds and drink fluids.Ive been drinking water and gatorade.I had a friend pick me up some KFC a few days ago, and Ive been putting the chicken, gravy, mashed potatoes, with a little bit of chicken broth. Its an amazing meal, but I cant eat too much because the spices irritate my throat.
    Im into day 7 and feeling better than yesterday. I havent been out of my apartment sine arriving home from my surgery Today Im planning to be driven about 150 miles out of town. I pray that this ride doesnt send me into reversal. Im not going to do any driving or packing my car, a friend will handle that for me.

    Im having 2 small issues:
    Im starting to produce thicker mucus, and to me it stinks… Is this normal? Its darker in color as well…. Its no more than what Ive been producing since the surgery but to me it stinks and thats what a little strange.
    Also what have people used for constipation? I usually eat salads, and tons of fruit during the week. So the just water, popsicles, and occasional mashed potatoes is doing a number on my body. What have some of you used to get things back to normal?

    1. Oh and when can I expect the color to return to these white spots in the back of my throat??? This looks soo frigging strange, I usually laugh loudly with my mouth open.. I dont want anyone to see the back of my throat til its healed…..

  308. I was recovering with very little pain and minimal fuss until yesterday (day 6) morning, when it started to feel like someone had taken sandpaper not to all of my throat but just the right hand side. Waking up on day 7 and it still feels the same. I’ve not had any pain in my ears that many people seem to have mentioned but the pain has felt like it’s spreading into my teeth and lower jaw which is very uncomfortable. Consuming ibuprofen and paracetamol together makes the pain just about manageable but eating/drinking is still uncomfortable. Codeine has had minimal effect which is sad given it was the painkiller that I got given when I left hospital.

    It feels like a lot of the scabs have come off, but as a result I have a pretty constant taste of blood in my mouth. It’s not bleeding an alarming amount, as my ENT said “Nothing to worry about”, but blood is definitely present.

    If anyone has had this raw, abrasive like pain and knows the best ways to get rid of it, please let me know because I’m really struggling. Thanks!

    1. PAUL how long did it take to feel better?I’m also taking paracetamol and ibuprofen like you were. They are not enough and I wake every day in agony. The scabs are getting stuck at the back of my throat now because I’ve been unable to eat anything harsh. Did you sort the burning out?I tried difflam.

  309. Day 7 for me was bad. I woke up this morning to a swollen uvula that I keep swallowing…my ears hurt…and swallowing sux! When does it all end

  310. Hi everyone, today is day 7 for me and it is the worst!! I thought I was getting better until I woke up this morning with excruciating ear and throat pain. I can hardly swallow. I am supposed to return to work on Monday but I don’t see that happening…:(

  311. I’m on day seven, got mine out last week. So much pain today I’ve just been Laying down all day. Yesterday I felt well enough to do laundry, and clean around the house. So that’s a good sign. I still have scabs.. Huge ones on my left side and the right looks fine, very small. Is this normal? Still taking roxicet every 4 hours, hoping I can ween off it soon. I just want this to end, I’m sooo hungry!! Hopefully it is done soon, I’m praying for all of us! This is torture

  312. Wow. Thought I was in good shape. Currently in middle of day 7. Had surgery on Tuesday. Called the ENT yesterday to ask him when it will get worse because the pain hasn’t been too bad andi wanted to stop taking the vicodin every 4 hours. He mentioned that I should have hit bottom last Friday. That said I stopped taking the Vicodin yesterday and started taking Tylenol and ibuprofen instead. Took a Vicodin at bedtime just for precautionary reasons and thought I would try to sleep instead of waking myself up religiously every four hours to take pain meds and drink. Big mistake. Woke up at 3:30 am in the worst pain yet. I’ve been hovering around a 6 out of 10 on the pain scale. Up until now it has felt like my worst case of strep throat (just a longer version of it where you can’t eat as much). At 3:30 I was at a 10. Forced down 2 vicodins and an ice Popsicle.

    My ENT is one that said that ibuprofen is fine but I definitely don’t want to start bleeding. I am hoping that this pain is circumstantial and won’t be as bad tomorrow if I keep drinking all day. I was planning on working from home starting tomorrow or Wednesday but the Vicodin makes it a bit challenging, so the plan is to take Tylenol in the morning and either alternate with smaller doses of vicodin or ibuprofen so I can resume life activities as much as possible. But will definitely consider sleeping I’m as much as possible.

    Started researching when exercise is a good idea. Was ready to start running on day 8 but read that only low intensity activities should be performed up to day 14. Considering my relapse on day 7 the most I will probably do is a Pilates video or elliptical (so long I am not walking on clouds on the Vicodin).

  313. Day 7 for me is ok 🙂 Last night was a pretty good night. I woke up every four hours and took my liquid meds and also drank about a half a bottle of water each time. Waking up in the morning is the worst. The right side of my throat is actually ok. The scabs nearly completely fallen off, but the left side still has this huge white membrane on it. I can eat soup with crackers, ravioli, pudding, ice pops, and mashed potatoes. I’m waiting till both scabs fall off to attempt harder food. One thing I love is Nutella folded n a piece of bread dipped in chocolate milk. its really good and doesn’t hurt your throat.

  314. Day 7 just started for me about 40 minutes ago. I took my midnight iteration of Roxicodiene and I had to force it while my wife watched in horror because of the pain I visibly in. It felt like pins and needles were inserted into my throat and every times drank something they would attack my throat. I killed a cup of water and that all went away. I guess I just needed more moisture in my throat. Now I’m on my second 24oz cup of shaved ice and I’m feeling way better still a little bit of pain but a lot less than earlier. I hope this is almost done!!!

  315. This is day 7 for me and it is the worse pain of my life! It even hurts to take the pain medicine and when I drink water I feel like there is a thousand knifes in my throat. I want to call the doctor but I feel that there is really nothing they can do. I just continue to stay in prayer and trying to make myself swallow. I’m am thankful to the various formes I have read, now I don’t feel so alone.

  316. Well today is day 7 for me and I finally feel like a normal human being. It’s my first day without narcotics! just ibuprofen. I think a scab came off as I was inhaling mac n cheese. One side feels different, but I’m not sure bcuz my mouth is too sore to open it all the way. No blood though so that’s a good sign.

  317. Day 7 is utter torture so far. At this point i’m so drained i’m tempted to just go back into the hospital. My throat got so swollen this morning that I literally had to choke down my liquid tyonel. I’m sincerely trying to drink, it just hurts so much . My ears have been tormenting me for the past four days, and by now i’m to tired to cry. I just stare off into space and wonder why any human should ever be put through this. Food haha, everything hurts. Jello hurts, applesauce hurts, mash potatoes drove me to tears. I have managed to get down roughly five spoonfuls of Ice cream, but today the pain is to much and I know I won’t be eating. And as far as liquids go its me and my sprite. I just want to get better and have this over with. I am tortured and so so tired of hurting.

    1. Sorry you are feeling so lousy. You are in the worst of it now- only a couple more days and it really gets better. About day 11 I started feeling much better. I’m now on day 14. I still have a little pain but NOTHING compared to a week ago. I hope the next couple days pass soon for you!

  318. Day 7 has been completely up and down. Some of the day I felt okay and some of the day has been unbearable. The pain is different though its much much sharper. Eating and drinking is painful. Im trying to time my eating approximately one hour after my meds. The hydrocodone is almost gone so I have been attempting to ration it and use tylenol in between. Sometimes the tylenol cant touch it. The emotional part is also a mind game. The constant sitting around and not talking. I also cant talk without having pain. I talk but for short periods at a time. I know im getting depresed and its just a nightmare that doesnt seem to ever end. I will be waiting and see.

    1. Jim- you are at the height of your misery – Lord! Day seven hurts like Hell, but you’re also TIRED. Tired from all the pain, lack of sleep, drugs, no food. hang in there my friend. it’s hard now. it won’t be for long.

  319. Day 7 has been the best thus far minus the ear pain. I also have that sensation in my mouth that you get when you open a jar of pickles and the smell hits your nostrils. (everyone I have explained this to gets it, so I hope I don’t sound crazy). The one aspect I didn’t consider was the emotional roller coaster I have been on. I feel depressed for some reason.. I’m very social so my whole world has changed. I suggest having a good support group. My sister was a life saver.

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