Kathy’s Tonsillectomy Story

good tonsillectomy experience

 I finally had the tonsillectomy that I have spent 20 years avoiding. The were periods of time in the last 10 years when I had a sore throat for literally months. They have always been enlarged, but as I age they have gotten progressively worse to where I couldn’t breath, swallow, sleep, or talk. I… Continue reading Kathy’s Tonsillectomy Story

Good Tonsillectomy Story at 16

good tonsillectomy experience

Levi Tells a Tonsillectomy Success Story So for about 12 years I’ve had tonsil stones, and they have only gotten worse. Unlike most people who get their tonsils removed, my tonsils were small, and getting smaller because the crypts were constantly getting deeper. When my ENT agreed to remove them, I was ecstatic, but as… Continue reading Good Tonsillectomy Story at 16

44 year old tonsillectomy.

good tonsillectomy experience

am a 44-yr-old female with no history of major surgeries other than wisdom teeth removal. It’s been 9 days since my tonsillectomy surgery. The doctors told me that it would be an incredibly painful recovery. I believed them and tried to prepare myself for the worst. My idea of worst pain imaginable didn’t even come… Continue reading 44 year old tonsillectomy.

Tonsillectomy Pain

Pain Medicine Addiction?

Tonsillectomy Pain and Recovery Tips: Kris Shares Tips If you’re reading this then there is a high possibility you’re trying to research what to expect? Well, my experience was/is extremely painful. I don’t want to scare anyone, but this operation is horrible, so I’ll share some tips on what has helped me deal with the… Continue reading Tonsillectomy Pain