Eating After Tonsillectomy

Eating After Tonsillectomy

Eating after tonsillectomy can be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, the nutrition derived from solid foods is essential for out overall health and recovery from tonsillectomy surgery. The very act of swallowing also helps the throat recover. On the other hand, pushing foods past the raw and tender area of the tonsil beds after they’ve been cut and in many cases cauterized, can cause excruciating pain and, even bleeding. We need to go slow as we resume eating after tonsillectomy surgery.

Eating After Tonsillectomy

What to Eat After Tonsillectomy

Liquids. Let’s start here. Since you’ll be drinking at least 8 ounces per hour during  tonsillectomy recovery. Put some thought into what you want.   Sport drinks are good. They provide electrolytes and needed calories. Since most of the calories are from sugar, you’ll want to try some other drinks too. Avoid anything acidic, caffeinated, dairy, or thick for the first week. I was amazed by how many things I drank went down like battery acid or left a troublesome film on my throat. (tonsil bed) Water is always good, but it’s hard to stay interested in it. I also enjoyed chicken and beef broths. Don’t heat them beyond, “fairly warm.” Hot has an inflammatory effect on tonsil area tissue.

Gelatin was the first thing I was given to begin eating after tonsillectomy and I thought I’d gone to heaven. It tasted wonderful and, for some reason, I found it easier to swallow than water. It’s cool, soothing, and counts as hydration. Hands down, Jell-O, Jelly, or gelatin is my top pick for foodsfor eating after tonsillectomy surgery.

For the first five days I wouldn’t venture too far beyond the liquids and gelatin. It’s contrary to what your mother might advise but, like sleep, a normally healthy endeavor can result in an hour of searing pain. I tried mashed potatoes on day two and had tears in my eyes.  For about a day after that, I stopped eating .  I don’t recommend this.  Eating after tonsillectomy is important for several reasons. Nutrition, activation of muscles in the affected area, and feeling of well being are all benefits of smart eating after tonsillectomy.

Also keep in mind that most prescription pain killers can cause nausea, especially on an empty stomach.  It’s important to get some kind of food down before taking pain medicine, even if it’s just a liquid food like Ensure.

As your throat allows, try some foods like oatmeal, macaroni and cheese, (NOT al dente. cook it!), ramen noodles, mashed potatoes, gravy, or cous cous. Oatmeal was, without question, my breakthrough food as I began eating after tonsillectomy. I’m still eating it almost daily, probably because of the good feeling that  it gave me in my second week.

When I was recovering, I used to daydream about eating steak.  It seemed so unattainable.  I couldn’t even handle mashed potatoes.  When could I ever enjoy a nice juicy Steak??  I told myself, once I got through this, I would reward myself with a delicious slab of beef.  To this day, I love my bloody Mary steak marinade recipe.  Try it before surgery, or after you’ve recovered.  Salud!

Tonsillectomy Recovery

Tonsillectomy Recovery



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  1. Our ENT enacted no restrictions on diet after a tonsillectomy. If you want a cheeseburger, have a cheeseburger. His only warning was that acidic foods could be uncomfortable.

    In fact, he literally said forget everything you read on the Internet [regarding tonsillectomies]. He’s no sham either, he’s highly and often recommended by former patients and has over 20 years experience performing 200 or so tonsillectomies a year.

  2. Im on day 8 post op and today o found something amazing special K chocolate protein shake. After not eating much for the past 8 days this is a GOD SEND i can actually taste it. I put it in the freezer and *right* before it freezes i drink. It feels great on my throat.

  3. I live in the UK and the advice of the NHS is to eat little and often. I’m on day 5 and been eating as normal but baby portions. Today was hard and had to go for a lie down after eating a bread
    roll and soup as i was traumatised. Also tramadol was a god send for me. Very strong so be careful.

  4. I am on day 7 (counting surgery day), and my ears hurt worse than my throat for the first 3 days! Day 5 I thought I was feeling better, but I woke up on day 6 feeling worse than ever! Last night I took 2 doses of my pain medicine and lay on my husband’s chest while he sat propped up in bed with an ice pack on my throat and cried myself to sleep because the pain was so intense. Today is a little better, and I’m waiting to see what tomorrow holds.

  5. My doctor advised me to eat cold, at least no warmer than room-temperatures food. This to keep the vessels behind the scabs (the vessels in the wounds) retracted. Hot food and drinks dilate the vessels, and therefore increase chance of bleeding. Being a nurse, this makes sense.

    Sucking on ice cubes got me through. Also, scrambled eggs from water and butter, and instant noodles that I put in the fridge. Jell-O is also genius!
    Choose something high in calories, and eat even if you don’t feel hungry, if your pain allows you to. You never know when next meal will be!

    Hang in there! It does get better!

  6. 31 male, had today my tonsils removed and my ovula shortened because of sleep apnoea. Turns out my ocular likes to lean back on the back of my throat blocking my airway, thus the docs have sewed it to stay in front.

    Day 1 was not bad. I had yogurt and icecream, tried a small portion of a German soft meat called leberkäse and it worked. Then I started feeling my throat a bit swollen, ice cream no prob but then I was supposed to eat some bread slices with soft cheese and a small portion of Greek salad. Bread worked because I pushed through since the nurse said that eating normally will speed up healing. The salad didn’t work. When I eat I feel that crumbs stay on the back of the throat and I can feel the stitches. But all in all day 1 was okay, I hope to sleep a bit. The doctor said the pain in yet to come and that it will hurt a bit, so I am curious to see how days 2-7 might be

  7. Today (day 8 for me) I had an omelette! I was so excited but very let down when it tasted metallic. I have been craving chips and guac since day 2 and I just want to know when I’ll be able to eat them again T.T

  8. four days ago i have removed my tonsils the first night was the worst one after that i eat a little amount of sponge bread. on the third day i ate some soft biscuit on the advice of doctor and also add mango juice to water and started drinking it after an hour and half. now i mange to eat banana and Custer along with some solid food like biscuits and something like that. but in these four days i am in pain but if something can reduce pain after pain killer if is solid food like biscuits etc. hopefully would work.

  9. I am 43 years old and this is day 5 for me. The first couple of days was the worse. I was strictly on water and ice for those days. I didn’t really start trying solid foods until day 3. Foods like mac and cheese, eggs and mashed potatoes. One thing I noticed that helped was to drink cold water with ice and let it sit in the mouth while taking my pain medication. This helped with the soreness and made it easier to swallow without that much pain. Day 4, I was able to eat fried chicken and the soreness in the throat was almost gone. I did encounter a lot of mucus discharge during day 3 and 4 though. Stopped taking the pain meds at day 4. Day 5 is just a tingle of slight soreness when I swallow but not really noticeable but still taking antibiotics until all gone.(amoxicillin). Saturday will be day 10 and I think that’s the day when it will be best for me to eat the foods that I have been craving. We will see.

  10. Hey, I had my tonsills removed yesterday I’m 16 years old. Yesterday I found it really wierd and felt a bit sickly when eating. But I found the more you carry on the easier it gets! I’m on my second day and my throats feeling a whoole lot better I even had chicken nuggets! Eating the harder foods is hard at first but once you are on a roll not only foes it not make you hungry anymore but it also toughens your throat up a lot!

  11. After playing basketball when i drink water i suffer from cold fever and tonsil problem

    My father also had this problem when he was about 23 year old after that he operated…

    What should i do ….

  12. It is now day 7. :(. 49 years old
    I can’t believe how bad it’s been. Was rushed to hospital the day after surgery and they found that my throat was so swollen – my oxygen level was a dangerous 82-90 a mostly hovering between 83 to 86. Spent 3 days without anything to eat.

    Now home and man it’s bad! I can’t sleep for more than a hour at a time, I’ve started coughing which I think is due to little bits of scabs coming off, and I’m so weak I’m afraid to do much of anything.

    I just figured out this morning – duh – have a juicer and yep picked up the items in it for after the surgery. I always loved my juicer before now I love it more!

    Have found Popsicles, broth, applesauce (the best, not chunky), just started with gum and wow does that work well. Pudding is a big no no and my attempt at eggs was not good to feel or anyone else to see,

    Love yogurt – it doesn’t coat like pudding does but really helps things feel better. ( along with stomach upset).

    I have found that as the scabs start coming off it is leaving these very upset patches. Does anyone know how long it takes for these to start feeling better?

    I truly wish the best for anyone who has to go thru this surgery as an adult!


  13. Initially cold things like water and ice chips felt really good…what does it mean if now the cold things are irritating and just room temperature items feel good..Any other temperature feels like the raw battery acid down the throat and is extremely painful.

  14. I’m 42 years old and had undergone tonsillectomy, surgery was a breeze 5-10 minutes and I was on recovery, Ive been told by my coworkers and what I can read online but nothing says about coughing aside from try to prevent coughing.
    Day 1- I lived on ice chips and Lortab round the clock, use ice pack for my throat it was tolerable, no nausea or vomiting.
    Day2-7-the worst pain ever, keep taking pain medication as often as I can and but I’ve been coughing, I’ve taken robitussin barely helps and my drainage were green, went to see my doctor and I was told its expected, the drainage comes from my throat area and no antibiotic needed, Can’t sleep if I’m not on my recliner,I can manage to sleep for about 1-2 hours at a time and my sink became my BFF, so much coughing out green drainage coming but no bleeding. I still can’t eat, porridge, ,miso soup, Popsicle helps.Am I the only one here who had bouts of coughing?? Talking was painful too. Ear ache and swallowing are the worst enemy especially at night drinking water every 3-4 hours helps a little it. I still didn’t see any scab coming out.
    day 8- though it might be late but Ill try humidifier to use for at night.

  15. i am seventeen years old and am enduring day three post op. surgery was not as bad as i expected, trust me, do not believe everything you read on google! although there were some parts google never mentioned, or should i say peoples feedback on google. i’m not 100% sure how they do the surgery, but they managed to split the corners of my mouth open!? searing pain. probably worse than my throat itself. say of surgery i didnt eat anything, was given a tablet to swallow but felt like it didnt go down. day two managed to eat jelly & sip some milkshake, also maged later on in the day to have some mashed potato. day three (today), tried to eat some potato and gravy but spewed it all back up, havent eaten anything since so am really hungry. reading peoples feedback, might try a slushy but would LOVE to have a huuuuge feed of what i normally eat. sadly, its too painful. but all in all, i think recovery is going well, although pain killers are hardly taking the edge off. all i can do is either sleep or write blogs to take my mind off the pain. thanks for reading 🙂

  16. 30 year old female, had tonsils removed on Monday, September 24 due to chronic tonsillitis.

    I was scared going in to the procedure, since I terrified myself with Google search! How I’ll be suffering and crying, in so much pain. I probably just heal well or tolerate pain very wellbut, being on day 3 (4 if you count surgery day) pain is minimal to only when I swallow or wake up to ear/tongue pain. It goes away after about a half hour. I haven’t taken the hydrocodone that was prescribed to me and haven’t used any other pain meds.

    I have been able to eat since Tuesday (since pain meds made me nauseous first day). I eat a can of chicken noodle soup each night… as well as drink tea, water and Gatorade. I also purchased froyo to go, which is great! For breakfast I usually drink a superfood smoothie, but I am trying eggs today. I have lost 8 lbs. already lol.

    I am awaiting the scabs to start coming off in a few days, to see how pain is. I really want to gargle with warm salt water to see if it helps. My breath is horrid, and I brush my teeth a lot in a day and swish with non alcoholic Listerine. That’s probably the worst part, right now!

  17. 32 yr old female who just had her tonsils out today due to stones. I’ve had some major surgery’s in my past but nothing prepared me for this. The pain is horrid and everything goes up my nose so i have to swallow 3+ times to make fluids go down. Of course this just makes the pain worse! Dr. Put me on tylenol w/codeine and it may as well be a placebo. My body has a high tolerance and this doesnt help. What does help? Ice ice baby! In any way possible! I’ve read people say day 3-7 is the worst yet. Why is this and what should i expect? Anybody try sucrets lozenges? Good idea or no?

  18. 22 year old female had the coblation tonsillectomy I’m on day 14 and I can’t taste food 🙁 when will I be able to taste again? 🙁 I’m miserable watching everyone eat the things I use to love to eat I take one bite and get turned off its sad 🙁

  19. Im Erin! Day 10 post OP, everything seems to be healing perfectly and I’m in very little pain as far as throat pain goes. But my ears hurt SO BAD. I have no idea why. Anyone else experiencing any issues with ear pain?

  20. Omg I’m jealous that nost of y’all can eat!! I’m a 22 year old female and on day 8 (or 9 if you count operation day) Had a COBLATION TONSILLECTOMY scabs clearing now
    *Day 1 my uvula was so freaking big I kept chocking and swallowing it so the only thing I consume was water and meds !* Day 2 I ATE ICE CREAM….WHAT THE FREAK? BIG MISTAKE DON’T EAT ICE CREAM MUCUS BUILD UP LIKE SOME ONE PAINT IT THERE I WAS MISSERABLE THOUGH I WAS GOING TO DIE Y’ALL I WAS SO SCARED IT MIGHT GO TO MY NOSE AND CAUSE ME TO SUFFOCATE *Day 3 food? What’s food I had popsicles and ice chips to help slack off the mucus IT WORK TRY IT sadly I later tried to drink and all my fluids seem to go up to my nose. my nose burn when I took my meds *Day 4 🙂 I thought I was able to eat throat felt the best yet so I tried a small piece of chicken omg it taste burnt Y’ALL THE CHICKEN WASN’T BURNT EVERYONE ELSE ENJOYED IT MY DAD KNOW HOW TO COOK BUT TO ME IT TASTE BURNT SO I DIDN’T EAT. *Day 5 I still felt good enough to eat my mom cooked one of my favorite meals just for me 🙂 good old bush baked bean and hotdogs with white rice and fried chicken…I took one spoon full of baked beans and hotdogs and it tasted burnt! By now I have been turned away from all food because I’m scared its going to taste burnt I had a mental break down I boohoo cried like a baby day 6 NO FOOD JUST ICE AND WATER DAY 7 I TRIED A LUNCHABLE JUST THE MEAT AND CHEESE IT DIDN’T TAST BURNT BUT IT DIDN’T TASTE AS GOOD AS IT WOULD NORMALLY BE I ATE CANDY AND MINTS AN COOKIES I CAN EAT SWEETS ITS GOOD…ITS DAY 8 AND 12:09pm haven’t eating anything yet don’t feel like it..sorry for all this writing but I really just want to know when will food taste normal? It things tasting burnt normal?

  21. I had my tonsils out a month ago, Remembering to keep you head up when you drink is interesting, nothing like liquids pouring out of your nose. My main problem is excessive nasal mucus and not being able to swallow. I have no pain but just can’t seem to get it together. Never got my pain meds filled there was no pain. Just alot of stuffyness.

  22. I’m 13 and I need to get my tonsils out also. :c Hm, Popsicles have a lot of sugar, so I don’t think eating it all the time is good for you.

  23. I’m on day two, and so far jello and cream and chicken soup have been my foods of choice. It has been difficult for me to drink anything because it starts to go up my nasal passage, so the jello keeps me hydrated and goes down really easy. I sip the cream of chicken soup from a cup (heated just slightly above lukewarm) and it goes down so smoothly. I take special care to chew the little chunks of chicken really good before swallowing and haven’t had any problems. I also tried chicken and stars soup because the star noodles are tiny and go down easier than larger noodles. I was able to eat that pretty easily as well, but kept getting the sensation of the stars getting stuck in my throat. I think I was actually just feeling the scabs from the surgery though. Maybe tomorrow I’ll venture into mashed potatoes drowned in gravy to make it really soupy and easy to swallow.

  24. I’m 12 years and and desperately need my tonsils out. However, I hate jello, oatmeal, and a lot of other soft foods so I’m in for a challenge! The main reason I hate jello is because it’s made of animal bones and horse hides, but it’s also slimy and icky tasting! My mom says I’ll probably have to suck it up and it eat but I really hate jello. What else can you eat right away? I think I’ll probably live off of popsicles

  25. I agree, all the comments are helpful! My 5 year old son had his tonsils and adenoids removed too. This is day 8 for us. He refused the medicine early on. We were able to convince him the first couple of days. Since then he had children’s Motrin before bed three times. He does like Gatorade and Jello. We gave him a choice of colors! Also he likes to use the syringe to drink the Gatorade. Yesterday was the first day he could laugh without it hurting.

  26. Thank you for all the comments! My 5 year old special needs daughter had a tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy nearly 7 days ago and is refusing to eat or drink… I have NO IDEA what she is battling with and her limited communication does not allow her to tell me. Your comments have been extremely helpful and enlightening. THANK YOU!!

  27. I’m 27 and am day 6 postop from a tonsillectomy. I agree that day 3-6 have been the worst so far. In fact I woke up with the worst pain about 4am this morning. During the day the pain has been getting easier to manage with medication, but overnight and in the mornings has been the hardest time with pain. My tongue and throat are still pretty swollen. I’m lucky and have been managing to take all my tablets orally and they have been settling in my stomach without too much nausea. Although it hurt to swallow I think drinking plenty of water has helped with the discomfort and pain in the long run. Chewing gum has also been great, it seems counter intuitive but it really helps with the ear pain in particular, and also helps in keeping your throat moist. I’ve enjoyed having some barely warm soup over the last few days. Lemonade ice blocks in the morning have also been good to get the pain under control. I’m looking forward to trying some potato and other non sweet foods over the next few days as I’m over the sweet foods like jelly, puréed apple and custard now! Thanks to everyone who has posted on this website.


  28. Im 7 days post op and scabs are coming off. Im starting to eat more solid soft foods and feel like something is stuck in my throat. Could food get lodged in the wounds? If so, how do you get it out? Im still afraid of bleeding so have not gargled or coughed yet. It is possible its more scabs loosening, but I can not see due to tongue swelling.

  29. I am 28 years old and on day 5 after my surgery and i am in misery… I started back to work today. I have eaten some mac and cheese and french onion soup. The first 2 days after my surgery i felt great didnt eat much but thought… this isnt so bad i can do this… but i was mistaken. when i wake in the morning my ears are killing me mostly on my right side, i cant take the pain killers cause they make me throw up so every 4 hours i take 2 advil and 1 tylenol and by the end of the four hous i am in pain!!! the swelling in my tongue is still there on the right side and it feels like im swallowing razorblades whenever i swallow. I drink a lot of water but i think im gonna switch to sports drinks cause the water is getting boring. but after reading all these comments i feel better because i thought that maybe i was getting infected because instead of getting better I was getting worse…. but i guess thats normal.

    But on the up side i have lost 8 lbs….

    but id rather be able to swallow…

  30. hello im karla im 21 yrs old i just got tonsils out today.. i was so nervous but it isnt so bad.. i have some pain when swallowing but not much.. but yet again i just got them out ppl say the worst dayare yet to come.. so ill keep u guys up dated… so far ive been drinking ice w water which is helping and i also ate some jello and chocolate puddding very small portions because it hurts but the true it just hurts like if u have strep throat nothing major..but then again this is my first day..well see about the next week or so

  31. Hi I am now on day 7 and today I am starting to feel better….Hopefully I have turned the corner of horrible pain. Day 3-7 were the worst. The best things that have worked for me thus far are:
    -NO STRAW USE – I was told by my Dr. the longer you do not use a straw the better time during recovery.
    -Propel – has less sodium than Gatorade,
    -ice chips
    -Jell-o…I agree with someone who wrote they could swallow that easier than water…I have to agree.
    -Throat lozengers that help with sore throats….lifesaver,
    Thow out when it get very small – DON”T WANT a sharp edge cutting throat as it goes past.
    -I have also been eating a teaspoon a few times a day of pure honey….seems to be helping coat my throat as it goes down,
    -Just started today…. mac n’ cheese (totally overcooked noodles) and seemed to be able to eat that without too much discomfort.
    -freeze gogarts
    -small pieces of seedless watermellon – I bought the container of already cut up watermellon
    usually a bit over ripe – perfect to snack on – mostly juice not much to chew and swallow.
    -Chicken broth

  32. I did not realize it would be so difficult either. Yes, water does hurt, hurts so bad I don’t want to drink it, but gotta stay hydrated! I can barely open my mouth and my tongue is swollen as well. Does yawning want to make you go thru the roof?

  33. thanks monique and i really hope you feel better,i can only imagine the pain you are going thru.soon ill be going thru the same thing ugh. im really scared about the after care not so much about the surgery in general. im pretty nervous about bleeding and the pain to swallow food. are you able to use mouthwash after the surgery???

  34. Heloo all I am a 32 year old women I got mine out on June 15 2012 and the 1-2 day was not that bad but day 3-7 was the worst I really thought I was dying!!!!!! I could barely get water down and I know for some people cold water feel good, for me it was horrible so I hav to drick room temp water.

    Before I took my meds I would warm up some chicken broth drink half of it; I would lay on an incline and take my meds, I would then let it settle before I’d drink the rest of my broth.( I did this due to the almost instant vomiting that would happen if I would take my meds on a empty belly.

    I am on day 10 right now and I have a whole new prioblem most of my scabs as fallen off however my crazy dr didnt put in dissolvable stitchs in so I hav one that is hanging on and causing all kings of problems for me. I think this sucks the most because I right at the pont of getting my life somewhat back and because of this one stitch I cant talk withiut crying and eat is very painful.

  35. @ Karla Hello I’m 32 and I got mine out On June 15 and no it not a lot of bleeding as long as you do what the Dr. says. My advice to you is drink plenty on water on the days before of your surgery because you want to get a jump on the hydration. and yes you can brush your teeth in fact I think I brushed mine like three times a day. Good Luck

  36. I am so happy to be reading all of these posts. I went into this surgery thinking it would be so easy. I was not worried about the recovery at all. Eat some jello and drink some juice. Everything would be fine, and I was so wrong. It’s day 5 post op for me and I began to look into it. Glad to see that I am not crazy. I had pain in both or my ears. Swollen tongue with blisters on it. Throat that the very thought of swallowing a drop of water made me want to cry. The pain was so out of this world for me that i thought for sure something had gone wrong. I have tried potatoe soup, Mac and cheese, and pudding. Certain things felt like fire burning my mouth and throat. Sadly I find out that this is just the process it takes and that within another few miserable days and all will be back to normal again.

  37. hi im 21 yrs old and im having my tonsillectomy surgery on july 6. im pretty nervous. this will be my first surgery ever and i wanted know if there is alot of bleeding after the surgery and when will i be able to brush my teath..i dodnt know anyboby who had this surgery

  38. I am now on day 8 post-op. Operation am June 6 2012. I am a 32 year old fairly fit athletic man. I play hockey and softball religiously and coach my sons soccer as well. I have two jobs Electrician by trade and a cribber on the side. So going into this surgery I was like I am tough and will be at ball the day of the surgery and off to work the next morning…..

    Was I wrong…..I went home and slept 1hr at a time and drank water whenever I could bear it for 2 full days. I had a popsicle or two throughout them days. On day three I had made up my mind that I was going to tuff it out and eat something so I sat down with a bowl of clam chowder and 2 crustless pieces of buttered bread. I ate half the soup and both pieces of bread in 1hr and 15mins….so painful!

    Then day 4 was probably the worst, spitting up blood and pieces of what I am assuming were scabs. But ate a popsicle or two and sat down at supper time and finally finished that clam chowder and another piece of bread in like 45 mins or so. Day five I could barely talk and excruciating pain never ate any thing all day. But discovered chewing gum and gatorade (lime seemed to be the best going down for me).

    Day 6 ate one bread stick while my family all ate tons of food and was so frustrated, almost depressed at my low point. I was to the point of believing that I would never eat again. So that evening everyone left and I had 2 Tylenol 3’s which were prescribed to me and waited a half hr. Then made a bowl of tomato soup and a couple of crustless buttered pieces of bread. I was successful in 45 mins. Yeah it was a turning point for me.

    Day 7 I felt at about 75% and was eating eggs and boiled hotdogs for super and have stopped all medication and starting to feel like the pain can be ovecome but it was a long battle this far. Now on day 8 and am doing good operating at around 80% and hope that I never have to go through anything like that again.

    I went into the surgery “blind” I did no research and thought that it was going to be a breeze. Boy was I wrong!! I have to say my wife was amazing and she did the research and took great care of me and motivated me through the tough times.

    I wish the best to all that have gone and are going to go through this surgery.

    God Bless

  39. I had mine removed on the 21st of may (now I’m on day 10 post the op). For me, day 5 and 6 were the worst,especially in the morning.

    I had porridge for the first 2 days after op, and start to eat soft missua (white noodle) for the next 2 – 3 days (I cut the noodle to tiny pieces). I even tried to make an overcook pasta with tomato based, but it was so painful to swallow and took my a good 40 mins to finish 1/4 portion of it. I barely could eat anything on day 5 and 6, which leads to another problem: gastric. My gastric was so bad I was vomiting for 6 times, despite my effort to drink Herbalife milk (its a nutritious milk supplement) before taking the pain killers. Finally my doctor gave me 2 gastric pills to take before any food, to help my stomach recover. On day 8 post the op I managed to eat Japanese Ramen ( I was back to office already), had it overcooked and had the noodles cut to tiny bits. Day 9 went even better, I had an overcooked noodle for lunch and made poached salmon for dinner. Still took me sometimes to chew, but managed to finish the fish!

    Day 10 now, felt so much better in the morning. Small tips, try to sleep with the back position, not the side position. I realized my tongue was pain so badly in the morning. After some readings, I found out that they have to clamp the tongue during the op procedure, which actually hurt the tongue physically. When I slept on my side for the first 5 days, I always wake up with severe pain on the right side of the mouth ( I have a right side position sleeping habit). I think my tongue was ‘pressed’ during the sleep. Once I change to sleep on my back, it was so much better in the morning.

    Hope this will help 🙂

  40. I had my tonsils out this morning (My 26th birthday!!). It made the day a little more fun, and what a better gift than the anticipated relief from angry tonsils! It is about 11:15pm and I felt great all day. I’m not sure if it was because I prepared myself for the worst… or because it’s only day 1. Regardless, I boiled some artichokes a couple days ago. I boiled the heck out of them so they were super soft. The leaves (& a very small piece of the heart as I didn’t want to push it) were wonderful on the first day. I dipped them in a mayo & curry sauce. A few leaves were enough to fill me up.

    The pain is starting to increase. I cooked some mac and cheese yesterday and I’m trying to muscle down a noodle at a time. The mac & cheese may as well be milk soup w/ a few floating noodles. Surprisingly the luke warm milk was so soothing down my throat. I tried some drinks (prune juice to avoid constipation) that stung a lot. So I highly recommend this if your drugs are working & your throat is feeling ok.

    So much for the anticipated weight loss… haha.

    I’ll let you know how tomorrow goes. Thankfully a thick fog as sit in and my windows are open… I’m hoping this helps my throat.

    Best of luck to everyone, & thank you for all of the wonderful advice!! Hopefully I’ll discover a new trick!

  41. I am on day 14 post surgery and finally about 3-4 days ago was able to start eating solid food. There wan’t a lot I could eat at first, except broth. Puddings, mashed potatoes, ice cream all burned my throat and tongue. Everyone forgets to tell you that not only does your throat feel like its swallowed glass but that you tongue swells, feels like blisters on it and on your gums. Not to mention the pain in your ears as well. When I did start eating in between bites I had to use the chloreseptic spray in between bites…yum…but at least I got to eat.

  42. You make me jealous Connor! I’m day 6 post op and my tongue is so swollen that even sipping water is painful. I would happily venture into happy meal territory if only I could! I have been giving the ‘freezing the insides of my mouth’ a go and it does work, both before and after trying to swallow anything.
    What can I say, Tonsillectomy is great for weight loss!

  43. i’m not too sure whether i’m defying medicine or just plain right mad but i’ve been eating solid foods since day 1/2. in fact at the top of my list has been chicken and potatoes. im now coming to the end of day 3 and i even managed to throw a happy meal down my throat just a few hours ago. some foods id definitely recommend are rice pudding and custard.

    one technique i am slightly relying on is trying to ‘numb’ or ‘freeze out’ my throat until the pain goes away and eat as much as i possibly can in that short time frame to ensure im staying well nourished.

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