Cold Method Tonsillectomy

Tonsillectomy Method and Recovery I am 36 and on Day 6 of tonsillectomy recovery. I had the “cold method” done. […]

tonsillectomy recovery day 6

Should I Get a Tonsillectomy?

Are You Glad You Got a Tonsillectomy? I posted this funny picture on our Facebook page and asked readers who […]

tonsillectomy pros and cons

Tonsillectomy Pros and Cons

Advantages vs Disadvantages – Pros and Cons of getting a tonsillectomy. Have you had a tonsillectomy? Please add your thoughts […]

Preparation for Tonsillectomy

Preparation for Tonsillectomy for older children and adults Douglas G Mann, MD, Board Certified Otolaryngologist, Graduate of Yale University School […]

Adult Tonsillectomy Risks

There is encouraging news for adults considering tonsillectomy surgery.  A recent study indicates that risks for adults undergoing tonsillectomy surgery […]