Tonsillectomy Day 1

Tonsillectomy Recovery Day by Day

Day One -The Honeymoon

A collection of various experiences of adult tonsillectomy patients on their first day of recovery

From thousands of post comments to the tonsillectomy recovery forum, I have assembled a sampling of various accounts and impressions of tonsillectomy recovery for each day. We shall start with tonsillectomy day 1. These comments are taken from tonsillectomy patients who were kind enough to share their experiences to help others as they navigate the bumpy road of tonsillectomy recovery.

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Please feel free to add your own experience with tonsillectomy day 1.
-Greg Tooke 

Tonsillectomy Day 1

Tonsillectomy Day 1


Tonsillectomy Day 1: This is not too bad.  Pussies on the forum!

Tonsillectomy Day 1:(surgery day): Thank God I woke up! Whoa – drugs.

Tonsillectomy Day 1: I had a freezie when I got home and lots of water. I watched some television and took the amoxicillin that I was prescribed to prevent infection. I decided to try to swallow the capsules because they looked small enough…BIG MISTAKE! After the first one, it felt like it was stuck in my throat, but I tried to take the second one…even bigger mistake. So I start getting anxious because I feel like the pills are stuck in my throat and not going down – even with loads of water. It turns out they did go down, but because my throat was swollen, they felt like they were just sitting there. I was prescribed liquid codeine and told to buy liquid Tylenol. However, the only liquid Tylenol my mom could find was for children, so instead, she decided to buy Tylenol caplets that melt in your mouth – which turned out to be for children as well. The first night I only took Tylenol because I wasn’t in that much pain at first. Needless to say, I was in pain during the night and slept maybe 1-2 hours in total.

Tonsillectomy Day 1: i had the surgery at 3:20 pm ( they were over an hour behind schedule).I woke up feeling like crap and the nurse had to give me lots of morphine through the IV drip. I spent the night in a hospital and it was the worst night ever. My throat was in pain all night even though they gave me the liquid codeine. There was only 2 of us in the “day surgery” ward ( where they keep the overnight patients) but the other lady was snoring all through the night! which made things even worse haha. I only got about 4 hours of on and off sleep. My mom picked me up at 6am and i went home and slept for a bit.

Tonsillectomy Day 1 : My surgery was at 9:30am ET this morning and I was home by 1:30pm which included a 20 minute drive home. I had a tonsillectomy and he just trimmed a little of my extremely long uvula. I woke right up from the surgery with no problems at all. The pain I had was a 1or 2 on a scale of 10. hardly any pain after the surgery and I was able to eat apple sauce, ice and water immediately after waking. No side effects from the surgery med’s. They did give me some anti-nausea drugs. I still feel like I have just a mild sore throat.

Tonsillectomy Day 1 : Days 1&2 were definitely the honeymoon phase. All was grand in tonsil land

Tonsillectomy Day 1 : I just had it done this morning, massively consming water, pain meds every 4 hours, popsicles, little apple sauce and trying to maintain a healthy probiotic regimine. Its weird because it feels like a bad case of strep throat….so far. But I do feel instant relief with my breathing.

Tonsillectomy Day 1 : Well i just got home from surgery. I had my tonsils removed, deviated septum fixed, uvula removed and turbinates  (nasal wall tissue) reduced. I have no recall of surgery, only remember maybe a minute of being in the operating room, then waking up in the recovery center.
Pain is not what i expected it to be. I think i have worse pain from strep throat

Tonsillectomy Day 1 : Post op eight hours……everything feels fine but I’m scared for the horrible days ahead. Sandra you developed ear pain at 3rd day? That makes me nervous

Tonsillectomy Day 1 : (Day of surgery) I actually felt pretty darn good, was able to eat a little, but I wish someone would have told me that I needed to re-learn how to swallow. VERY SMALL sips is the key.

Tonsillectomy Day 1 : Slept only about 2 hours due to still being very restless and fidgety from the effects of the anesthesia. Stayed on a steady dose every 4 hours of pain med’s which seemed to edge my pain. Still in a great deal of pain all day. I ate more Popsicle and jello and applesauce and was able to eat some luke warm soup which tasted great and drank 2 ensure shakes and a yogurt shake. The anesthesia effects seemed to finally wear off sometime in the early evening making me a bit more comfortable. Still in a good deal of pain. My entire mouth now hurts along with the throat and I am having jaw pain and slight ear pain and tongue pain from the clamps they used during the surgery.

Tonsillectomy Recovery

Tonsillectomy Recovery


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  1. Day 1: pretty hopped up on meds after the anesthesia.. my face has taken on a permanent white hue but I’m in pretty good spirits all things considered. Even game to try to eat something so I sent hubby out to get me pad thai (without chilli). I ate half the serving and then took some more pain meds and ate the other half. My jaw sounds like it’s clicking when I chew which is disconcerting but I was just so damn hungry. Also eaten a heap of jelly.. First day was not as bad as expected!

  2. I had my tonsillectomy yesterday around 14:00 on 09/05/2018. My surgery was done by an ENT, as I am 31 yoa. I awoke feeling good, pain was a 1/10, and then my uvula and soft palate gradually started to swell which gave me a very irritating sensation of fullness at the back of the throat and some difficulty breathing through my nose. Figured out the drinking of icy water or sucking on an ice cube almost immediately improved symptoms. I forced myself to swallow perpetually to actually test the pain level and was satisfied it wasn’t too high. Stayed in overnight and discharged by 09:00. Pain never went over a 3/10, and I was given some mild pain meds intravenously and a capsule which I swallowed with ease. Dinner was ice cream, barely managed to get it down. Was also given the antinausea meds IV. Didn’t sleep much, mostly because I napped on and off prior to my surgery out of boredom. I also needed to wee just about every 30 to 60 mins from all the fluids. I’m thoroughly convinced my kidneys have been sufficiently detoxed for the onslaught of medication coming! All in all, and in comparison to others I asked, I seem to be one of the lucky ones with less pain! I can only hope the next few days stay the same!

  3. Day 1: I had surgery and was able to eat that same day. I generally ate before I took medication. Right after surgery I had 2 ice pops and a cup of ice chips. The staff also sent me home with 3 for the road ( I had about an hour drive). Got home and laid down ( in a sitting up position) for about an hour. Made hard boiled eggs to have before my first dose of medication. The flooring was everything I had to eat on Day 1 ( small portions) hard boiled eggs, Mac and cheese, cream of wheat, potato soup, popsicles, water, gatorade. Day 1 = not bad at all.

  4. Most important thing I didn’t expect was the burning around the rest of my mouth. The roof of my mouth, my tongue, my gums and the rest of my throat was totally blistered and often hurt more than the scabs themselves. And the ear discomfort that they warn you might get… for me it was the worst part. I called them my contractions, came in waves and nothing could stop them. I would get into bed, ice up and try to watch something boring to distract myself into sleeping. Only thing that fixed the issue.
    I feel my issues were not the most common but I wish I had understood the possibilities.
    Remember, burned mouth and ear destruction.
    My solutions to the pain were ice and sleep. Keep taking your pills even if you think they’re not working. They are; the pain might be bad but it should be a whole lot worse.

    Also I managed to attend an assessment centre for a law firm on day 5. I absolutely wouldn’t recommend this, but just to acknowledge that if you’re a little tough cookie life is liveable. I had to do a group discussion, interview, presentation and a whole load of written assessments. Granted I was dead afterwards but I was not totally disabled.

  5. day 1: got my surgery this morning at 10. i am a 16 year old girl. i was so scared because of all the stories i heard, and this was my first surgery so i didn’t know how i’d react to the anesthesia. i do not remember going in the operation room. the last thing i remember is being given medicine to calm me down, and it made me suuuuuper goofy. i woke up in recovery pretty confused and out of it, but for the most part i felt okay. they had me drink water and eat a popsicle. i went home at around 1. i wanted to sleep but i couldn’t get myself to fall asleep, i was wide awake. i took tiny sips of water at a time and ate some ice cream. all i want to do is spit. every time i swallow it feels like i’m swallowing razor blades, but i know i have to drink as much as i can in order to take care of myself and recover. i’m allowed to take hydrocodone every 4 hours, but it doesn’t really help me at all. if you have to take pills, i recommend breaking them into smaller pieces and taking them with applesauce. it is now 8:30 pm and my throat is very sore. i want to sleep but i still can’t. uggghhh. i am afraid of how bad i’ll feel in the morning. this is going to be a long 2 weeks.

  6. Day 1 and 2 weren’t do bad. DEFFO the honeymoon stage before what is to come after….. Drink lots of water today and eat as much as you can because chances are day 3 onwards you won’t eat a thing.
    Woke up after surgery and wasn’t in pain because I was given pain killers during the surgery, was out of it for the next 2 days.

  7. Hey all – I’m 34 and just had my procedure today. Was really apprehensive as I never had any operation or general anaesthetic before. Got in and thought it all was a bit science fictiony as they had some students following the nurses so there was 5-6 people around me pointing and taking notes. Then one of the nurses got me a mask and said 10 long deep breaths. I remember probably 4 and when I woke up it was done and I was in a bed somewhere else.
    I woke up feeling some pain but nowhere near any of my tonsillitis episodes, maybe the pain level when it starts to flare up (maybe a 4 out of 10 swallowing but pretty non-existent otherwise). They gave me some pretty strong stuff too so I’m sure that helped. Soon after they took me to a recovery ward and I drank loads of water, juice, ate sandwiches, biscuits, you name it! I’m like – YEAH this is not too bad!!! I was then discharged to go home and kept dosing off having really strange heavy/light sleeps, like my body was really sleepy but my mind was a bit anxy.
    After a couple of hours at home the pain got a little bit worse but I still managed to eat loads of stuff, I’m kinda trying to eat as much as I can as I know this is probably not going to last by reading everyone else’s reports. I’m also setting my alarms so I don’t miss the meds dosages and keep on top of the pain.
    I have a feeling night time is going to be worse as it tends to be as well on a normal tonsillitis bout but so far it’s been ok.

    I looked at the inside of my mouth and it looks like Mordor!! :S :S :S

  8. Tonsillectomy Day 1: (surgery day) sipping anything was very minimum. The meds kicked in hard for the first couple of nights making my stomach very uncomfortable. Italian ice was the best thing for me to eat which included sugar. Waking up in the morning was the most difficult and painful to swallow. Putting ice on my jaw helped numb the pain. My throat would get intensely dry and only water and italian ice would go down. Only got worse from there however, we all make it!

  9. I’m still in the process of recovering and probably no where near being fully healed *sigh*, but I did experience many things already that may help others.
    (Also, the anesthesia did nothing except make me slightly nauseous when waking up, but I was totally fine after going to bed and waking up the next day.)

    1) Do NOT eat icecream. Stick to popsicles. The dairy causes your saliva to become very thick and harder to swallow, especially in the very first few days/when your uvula is still swollen. It gives you a choking feeling and you may want to clear your throat which is a no-no. If you do eat icecream, drink water to wash it down.

    2) Don’t force yourself to drink so much. I was never someone who got thirsty very easily or fast andI know personally that it hurts like heck to be swallowing so much. Just make sure to drink as much as you would normally, not letting your tongue, mouth, lips, and throat get dry. Lots of ice water will help with pain after a couple of gulps.

    3) Don’t force a bedtime onto yourself. If you’re trying to go to bed at a specific time but can’t because of pain or whatever may be the reason, do not stress. Watch tv, play a game, watch videos, go on social media, do whatever you do as a time-killer normally and don’t think or stress about how late it is or how bad it hurts. Also, take naps whenever you want and for as long as you want. Just drink water (at LEAST 3 gulps) everytime you wake up and everytime you are ready to fall asleep.

    4) Swallowing is the worst. Everyone swalows their own saliva naturally, but this may cause lots of discomfort and pain during this time. It may take time and distraction, but try not to swallow as much as you would if you didn’t had the tonsillectomy. This also helps with falling asleep faster, since pain is the one thing that will keep you up.

    5) There are going to be days where you just want to die. Literally. You do not care about your life anymore, you just don’t want to have to sit through this pain any longer. What helped me was watching and reading other peoples tonsillectomy recoveries (day by day was even better), knowing that I wasn’t alone and that eventually these people got better.

    6) Take your meds! I cannot stress this enough. I struggle with taking medicine because 1) pills are obviously hard to swallow during this time and 2) it has always made me feel nauseous is large doses. But, you gotta do what you gotta do. I’ve found that childrens and infants tylenol works best for me, despite it being for younger patients. I even only take the recommended dose for an infant, and it works like magic. Yes, it takes about 20 mins to 40 mins to kick in, but it works. Swallowing changes from razor blades to minor bruise annoyance on the pain scale. I always take it before I eat, and before I go to bed since I know that waking up with a sore throat is death and starving is as well.

    7) Have someone with you at all times. There are times where I need someone else to prepare my food or I’ve starved myself for so long that I’m unable to even get words out. Having a supportive and caring person with you will help.

    Well that’s all I really remember at the moment but I’ll be sure to add on if I experience any more.

  10. Currently on day 10, days 1-3 weren’t to bad, but days 4-6 were miserable, day 7 is when the pain broke and life was bearable again. Pains been about the same since day 7. Still not sure when life will return to normal. My biggest piece of advice to anyone with this surgery. TAKE STOOL SOFTENERS STARTING THE FIRST DAY. The worst part of my whole experience occurred yesterday when I had upset bowels. However, I was incredibly constipated due to the Hydrocodone and anesthesia from the surgery, which made my night pretty miserable trying to use the bathroom. This is easily avoidable if you just take stool softeners to keep everything moving like it should. Good luck. Don’t give up it will get better.

  11. A little bleeding is normal. More than a tablespoon might be cause for concern. I gargles with cold water and it stopped. If it doesn’t I’d seek medical attention

  12. I just had a tonsillectomy about four hours ago. And I am starting to bleed. My mother said that might be normal but I remember the nurses saying otherwise. Should I be concerned?

  13. My surgery was scheduled at 10:30 so I went to the hospital early to sort out all the paperwork. Before I was anesthetized I told to the Anesthetist that after an other surgery I had in the past, I had been nauseous and dizzy and she said it was a good thing that I mentioned it. This was proven true because later, when I woke up, I felt zero need to vomit, zero dizziness and a normal sore throat. It felt like an early stage of tonsillitis. The first day the pain was in a scale 2/10. I stayed in the hospital during the night and I was given antibiotics and painkillers through the IV, something which helped me a lot and didn’t affect my stomach. I also drunk a lot of water to maintain my throat moist and slept a lot (which was probably the only side effect of the anesthesia).

  14. Hello!

    I just had my tonsillectomy yesterday and so far it’s been really awful. I’ve done the surgery in local anaesthetics – what a big mistake! Since my surgery I have been spitting out small amounts of blood (which are apparently normal for 24h to 3 days??!!) sort of freaking me out as I have read all sorts of horror stories online – even people dying from it! I’ve also had nausea on and off… which agin is horrible as I don’t want to throw up… and hopefully not blood even if I do. 🙁

  15. Hello fellow people!!! I would like to share insight for people who are getting a tonsillectomy or just had one. I’m a 17 year d female, I decided to get a tonsillectomy due to constant tonsil stones. I’ve had surgery on different parts of my body before and they all went well. I prepared myself for the worst but hoped for the best but damn this recovery has been a real b****. Surgery day , great day if you can stay the night choose to stay, I did not but wish I did, no pain at all really get some rest because you’re gonna need it. When you get home make sure you have everything in order like soemone to take care of you, bags of ice, soft foods and a humidifier also get your prescriptions filled asap bc ur gonna need them when u get home. I honestly don’t think it’s possible for you to mentally prepare yourself for what is going to come. I can take pain like a champ but these have been the worst days of my life (on day 8) swallowing never gets easier as days 3-6 come along the pain goes to you’re ears, jaw, head, tongue, throat. stay on top of your medicine, nights are the worst u can’t let ur mouth dry out and u have to set alarm for meds because if u don’t u will wake up and be a f’ing wreck! I read all the stories just like you are and thought it can’t be that bad but boy was I wrong and around day 5 I lost it because I was so hungry. Also I days 1 and 2 I had soft foods but then I couldn’t do it anymore so I ended up having steak fries hamburger etc. but I chewed very well and probably only ate a few bites because r hurt to bad to open my mouth and chew and swallow. Day 5 I thought I was turning the corner , WRONG slept terrible day 6 on scale of one to ten , 6. I feel fine with iubeprofen they perscriped during the day but if I try and eat then everything gets irritated and starts to hurt. Also I only took oxy before bed every night. Rest as much as you can , have a spit cup for first couple days, suck on ice, put ice pack on your neck, don’t cry because crying works your mind and body up and nothing good comes out of ur but a headache, you will get through it it sucks but I’m glad to have only 2 weeks of pain in exchange for a lifetime of no tonsil stones and less risk of being sick!!!!!! don’t fall behind on your medicine!!! Switch prescriptions every 6 hours!!!! get some nice clean sheets to come home too because you should spend a lot of time in bed!!!! You will live I know it hurts like hell but I hope I helped with my tips!!!!

  16. I just finished day 7. I have not had that bad of an expierence overall. I’ll tell you how I did it, and hopefully you can too. Keep in mind that there were a few points where I was in quite a bit of pain, and only once where it was excruciating, but my experience hadn’t been like any of these horror stories I’ve been reading about over and over again. Oh and I’m 23 years old, male, and I got my Palantine Tonils removed, because of those pesky tonsil stones. 🤢 Okay so here’s a play by play of how I’ve been able to survive this with only moderate to little discomfort. Take notes.
    After my surgery I received 5/325mg of Percocet, I was told to take two every four hours, so I set 6 alarms on my phone. One for 12PM, 4PM, 8PM, 12AM, 4AM, and 8AM. Then I put those on repeat for every day. I keep my pill close so when they go off I can take them right away. I Usually break them in half, only because they feel like they get stuck in my throats and then cause acid reflux 😤 Okay So I was told NO HARD FOODS. In the first 5 days I stuck to Applesauce and ice cream only. I tried pudding, but it puts a very uncomfortable covering over the scabs, and I hate it. You will too. I keep cold water by me at all times and I’m constantly spitting. I threw up on day 1 a few times, but that was the anasthesia. My advice, take your pain pills, eat some applesauce and then go right to bed. If you’re up walking around you’ll puke, I promise. The first day is probably the easiest out of the first six days. Still take it easy. When you wake up in the night to take your meds is the most pain you’ll experience during this whole ordeal, or at least that’s how it was for me. It will be dry, it will burn, it will feel like there’s a hot iron shoved down your throat. The only thing you can do is drink cold water and wait. Take your meds and go back to sleep. Day two was worse than day 1, but it was manageable for sure. Stay hydrated and stay home. Make sure to eat soft foods as well. And brush your teeth, but don’t do it before bed, ever, do it in the morning, otherwise it dries your throat out at night. Day 3 was pretty much the same thing, I did leave the house to say goodbye to one of my friends who was deploying, im in the Air Force btw 🇺🇸But yeah, it wasn’t too bad, I survived, and took a nap when I got home. Blah blah blah the rest of day three was just resting and eating soft foods when the pain meds kicked in and watching movies with my wife and playing Xbox. Day 4, same thing. However as the days go by it gets harder to swallow and the scabs or all the way formed and start to flake off kind of, it’s gross and the only way you can tell is you feel it. And btw, at NO POINT did I ever gargle anything. I let it come off naturally and on it’s own. Day 5 was different because I tried to make love to my wife and mid way through I started bleeding out of my throat really bad 😭😭😭 it wasn’t going to happen anyways though 😑 But yeah when that happened I just drank some really cold water and it stopped eventually. I had some bleeding over the other few days, but nothing major, just spots here and there. Day six was the worst day so far, and that was at 4 am when I woke up for my pills my throat was on fire. It was so bad. I was paralyzed with pain, and my wife like bumped me and that knocked me out of my trance and I literally ran downstairs to the freezer grabbed some ice cubes and started crunching them right then and there. Luckily I had ice cold water in the fridge so I started guzzling that, and it really hurt, but it helped the burn. After that all you can do is wait, and I haven’t woken up like that again, however after that I started to elevate my head when I sleep, like i have three pillows under my back and head so I’m kind of just leaning back. Try to sleep with your mouth closed too, so it stays moist. And today was day seven, it wasn’t bad at all, still taking my meds, scabs haven’t fallen off yet. I woke up in pain, like every day, but no where near day six, that was the most pain I’ve ever felt in my life, hands down, but I survived, today I felt good enough to eat two packets of top ramen, after I was really feeling the meds though, no problems, and it was nice to get something sort of solid into my stomach. After all of this time I haven’t pooped, which bothers me, but I’ll justtown a gallon of apple juice tomorrow and if that doesn’t work then nothing will, I’ll just live my life without pooping. It’ll be tough to adapt too, but I’ll just have to deal with it. 😅 So day 7 went by good, I feel like I kind almost see a glow, from the light at the end of the tunnel. So throughout all of these days I did feel pain, every time I swallow, I yawned once, that sucked, and waking up isn’t pretty, but 90% of the stuff I’ve read on here makes it sound like they’re dying, and I really didn’t have that. Everyone goes through things differently, but I figured maybe I did something kind of right and wanted to share it with you all. I wish you a speedy recovery, and remember to hydrate and take the medication!! ✌🏼💊💧I hope this helps!

    P.S. prepare to have HORRID breath!!

  17. Heat Pads! On ears on day 3. Those are the life savers. Ice on a neck, heat on ears. When u do that u will feel that the nerve pain slowly steps back. I am on day 7, i was able to pull it off without painkiller today thanks to heating my ears

  18. I’m on day 16, had a real rough time with alot of blood loss during my op and then an infection throughout recovery. To say recovery has been hell is an understatement and im still nowhere near better but I just had a few random tips that I havent seen when researching during my recovery so just incase these are of help to anyone, the following are really getting me through:

    – Anaesthetic throat spray, from Boots its called ‘Anaesthetic Sore Throat Relief’ but if you dont have a Boots pharmacy its 2% w/v spray Lidocaine Hydrochloride. It is a savour, i used it before eating or taking pain meds…or when the pain was just so unbearable nothing else would take the edge off. Im not recommending exceeding dosage but I took it as often as I needed because I was desperate. Hospital gave me a throat spray but it is nowhere near this good.

    – Hot wheat bag. I have a neck one so its curvy so I can put it over each of my ears and round my neck. When you take that first swallow of water and the sharp pain hits you, just wrap your head in it and apply pressure…its amazing. I use mine whilst I sleep and pretty much all day long and its a saviour.

    – Dry Mouth Lozenges (I use The Breath Co. Mouth Wetting Dry Mouth Lozenges). I use them at night when I sleep because the worst is the dry mouth at night scenario. I usually tuck it under my gum at the side or put it on the roof of my mouth and it stays there at night. Can cause sticky dribble but honestly, its really helped me. At night Ive also been putting an eye mask over my mouth, sounds bizzare but it stops me breathing through my mouth.

    – Food. I am now well and truly sick of jelly (jello), custard, yoghurt or anything liquid. I constantly crave just normal good food and I discovered yesterday that toddler food works like a dream…im not talking the pureed stuff, i mean the ready meals you can microwave but everything is super soft and in tiny pieces. The one I found (Annabel Karmel) is also full of veggies and vitamins so its an added bonus!! Also, side note…as dairy is a no-go for recovery, try dairy free stuff…its a bit trial and error on taste but i really like the soy icecream and custard.

    – Probiotics. Check with your pharmacy or docs on the right ones to take but taking this many pain meds is not good for your stomach…I had a couple of days of bad stomach pains and trust me, you do not want to have to deal with anything additional ontop of what you already are!

    Hang in there guys. Every bad day is one less bad day x

  19. Had thermal welding tonsillectomy this morning 9:15am. She had to cauterize a tiny area due to blood but otherwise a-ok. Woke up in recovery, chatted with sweet nurse, ate jello, a Popsicle, drank water. By time I got home it was 1pm. I kept asking them to up the pain meds after surgery bc it hurt – also live about an hour away. I felt pain but a few things saved me (aside from pain meds) – sucking on small ice cubes nonstop, blue jello, applesauce, and harmless harvest coconut water (no pulp.) I have a Zoku slushee cup and would put the coconut water in there – YUM. Also used icy coconut water to swallow pills. I am now too scared to go to sleep for fear throat will dry out. The Oxy helps but pain still there big time. Overall, day not too bad. A little scared for days 2-4!!!

  20. Day 0 and Day 1. My daughter (11) and I (35) both had tissue-welding T&As on May 25th. Surgery day; I slept, took my meds (Toradol and Hydrocodone/Acetaminophen) and drank plenty of water and ate a little soup. My daughter stayed up, watched movies, took her meds (H/A and Ibuprofen) and was able to eat fine. Both of us felt pretty good at the end of the day. Day 1 – Early daughter got up and vomited blood and food; bleeding stopped after a few Hydrogen Peroxide rinses and she was able to go back to sleep. I was up that morning and daughter stayed in bed. I was able to continue to drink water, (I didn’t try anything else) eat more and move around fine. I took naps, daughter woke up later, but did not sleep after she got up. We continued meds and both were able to eat okay. End day 1 no additional issues.

  21. Day 1 : I had early morning surgery and I woke up at around 11am. I was drowsy until 12ish and I woke up on the ward. I was kept on the ward for 3 hours where I slept most of the day. I managed to eat a couple bites of an egg sandwich and one spoonfull of peach yogurt. I was dizzy through out the day and couldn’t stand up without feeling sick and like I was going to pass out. I was taken to a recovery room where I was left to sleep for a couple more hours. I was given codine to help with the pain and I was eventually allowed to go home at 5ish. After a twenty minute car journey, i threw up when i got home. The pain wasn’t to bad but that was because i was still doped up! Threw up again at around 7ish. Not fun! 🙁 Managed to eat three spoonfuls of food then took some tablets and passed out until the morning.

  22. So yesterday was day 1. I had planned for that day with all of my OCD. I had already got my liquid Lortab with Tylenol, 40 lbs of Sonic’s ice in an ice chest, reusable ice packs for my neck, lots of pillow, apply sauce and non-dairy protein shakes, etc. Got to the hospital for check-in at 9:30a, and was in surgery at 11:05, it took about 105 minutes.

    Honestly, I thought the pain was going to be a lot worse. He used the Coblation technique which is suppose to be better. (ionic waves). It is like having a bad sore throat. Since I figured day 1 would be the best since I would be all drugged up from the operation I forced myself to drink about 60oz of water about 30oz of gatorade, 2 popsicles, and one apple sauce. This also helped with the liquid pain meds as they are making me kind of dizzy. Can’t sleep much as you have to sleep basically sitting up. I have a cool mist humidifier for the room, next to my bed, and I am using a travel neck pillow (like the one you use on an airplane, to keep my head from bobbing. I would zonk out for 30 minutes here and there but mostly I was in a very relaxed state, taking sips of water all night to keep my throat moist.

    Sooooo glad I found this forum, it really helped!

  23. Hello,
    I am currently sitting through day 1 post surgery. I had surgery at 8 am this morning, no complications and the surgery lasted about 30 minutes. After waiting in the post op room for an hour, the out patient center finally dismissed a very doped up version of myself. This probably lasted a few more hours once I got home. I kept on regimen of pain meds every four hours and anti-nausea every 8 hours. I have yet to vomit (knock on wood). Today, talking, eating soft (lukewarm and cold) foods was no trouble at all. The key here I found was limiting the size of the bites as openning my mouth very wide was extremely difficult, let alone painful. Crushed ice and other frozen ice chips, such as crushed gatorade are by far the best things for today- they help the pain and swelling as well as help you stay hydrated (which is a must). Anyways I think I am in the clear for day 1 until….fast forward to around 10 pm tonight and the pain meds do not work as well as they did earlier in the day for some reason or another. After taking my last dose before bed, these pills have been in my system for an hour and I am still in excruciating pain. After sleeping for approximately 20 minutes I woke up because I could not breathe due to a large amount of swelling and ooze ( from the wounds) blocking my air way. Icing with a bendable ice pack on the outside of the throat is somewhat helpful as I am currently doing a series of trial and error to fix this issue. The other thing which I found works for the time being is chewing/ sucking on crushed ice cubes. All I can say is everyones surgery is different and I hope this helps you know what you can expect. Good luck and I wish you the best!

  24. I woke up, stood up, threw up. Even after 8 hours the anesthetics had not worn off so i couldnt go home until i was fine. Today is my first day and i am in agony already. Im not sure how often i have to brush my teeth or if its a good idea to use mouthwash – the thought makes my eyes water at the moment but maybe it will heal quicker? Surely oral hygiene can only be a good thing. I feel like ive swalled a gillet pro fusion along with the extra blades, my teeth are giving me hell and all i can taste in my mouth is metal = soup spoiler! Other than that, no earache, headache, vomiting, dizziness, etc. Thinking of the week ahead and telling myself it is all well worth it!

  25. I started coming to this site about 2 years before I had my surgery, I’m glad I did, it’s helped me be prepared. My throat had been giving me problems since I was a kid, and whenI started getting tonsil stones on almost a daily basis, the ent said it was time they came out. Had the surgery today at an outpatient surgery clinic. Pain was a bit intense when I first woke up, right now it’s ok so far. I have my phone and a dry erase board for communications, talking hurts way too much. Right now I’m just resting, drinking fluids, and watching tv. Will keep updating.

  26. 39 years old. Had the surgery today (coblation method).
    Doc said my tonsils weren’t so big, but they were very deep. I’m very glad the surgery part is over but extremely scared for the coming days. The first few days are suppose to be the Honeymoon period right?? Well… the doc has me on percocet (oxycodone/paracetamol ) which I’m taking every 4 hours, but it only seems to take the edge off for about 1.5- 2 of the 4. :\ The second two hours it hurts so much I have to stop completely talking. I’ve been very hungry today which i suppose is quite good, and drank about 2 liters of water. I’ve also been icing my neck since I got home. But it’s such bad pain and only day 1!! :{ Do you have any other ideas??

    And here’ what I’ve been eating, incase it’s helpful to others:
    Foods that worked are very soft bread (crust removed) dipped in almond mild (to avoid the phlegm of regular milk) with boiled egg white (smoother than the yellow part), cooled mashed yams cooked with olive oil and mixed with coconut oil (to get the fats and help it slide down, cereal O’s soaked in almond milk, jello.
    What didn’t work: bananas stung very badly, pasta with olive oil was too sticky. I also tried to suck the liquid out of a gel laxative (which is recommended when you’re on so much medication), but it also stung very badly. Tomorrow I will get a pill form that I can hopefully crush.

  27. Good luck with your recovery this week! Staying on top of your liquids is key…I really enjoyed Gatorade during my recovery. Also, keep some fruity gum on-hand for later in the week, it really helps minimize the itching you’ll feel as the scabs heal.

  28. Greetings. I appreciate this website and used the many tips in stocking and planning. I had a very early tonsillectomy today, Monday – 12/29/14. The procedure was conducted in an outpatient surgery center here in Atlanta at 8AM and I home by 10AM. My ENT reports that the procedure went very well and I have been fortunate to feel minimal wooziness and no nausea from the anesthesia. I took my first dose of Lortab at 11AM, my father had his out back when he was 30 and recalled the importance of staying on top of pain meds which for him included initiating the first dose three hours in, instead of four. I subsequently dozed for two hours. My throat hurts like a bad strep – last year I had a severe episode of viral tonsillitis that was so bad I was admitted to the hospital and they nearly needed the special IV team to run an IV because I was so dehydrated. That episode was truly razor blades – I was so swollen they thought I had an abscess (I did not).

    SO far I’ve gotten down an cup of applesauce, and a cup of Italian Ice. I am pushing liquids hard – they feel better to me than sucking on ice today, really making an effort to the point I’m running nearly clear with my urine. I’m nervous about the coming days but also relieved to be underway – I scheduled a post-holiday procedure early in the fall and it’s been looming over my head for sometime.

  29. Had my surgery today around 11:30-noon. The nurses had a really difficult time finding a vein on my right arm so they went in on the left hand (always my least favorite part), the anethesiologist also gave me a anti-nausea patch to help keep me from vomiting. Went into the OR and they wrapped me all up like a burrito. after that it was off to dream land. I guess when I came to in the closed recovery room I pretty much woke up crying, holding my neck and saying that it hurt over and over again, I was also rolling around a lot and they were concerned I would roll out of the bed (I remember this, but it still feels like a dream probably because I was just coming out of anesthesia). Luckily the nurses were very fast about getting some pain meds in me as fast as possible, and then they moved me to the other recovery room so my mom could come sit with me, they got some water, a little applesauce, some pain meds and some anti-nausea drugs in me after finishing up the fluid IV. Once I got home, I crashed got in bed and fell asleep for a few hours. Woke up just in time for the second dose of the worst tasting medicine in he world followed by a popsicle. I have been pushing the liquid (despite the pain with swallowing) and am currently working on a small bowl of jello. It seems that the first two hours after I take the drugs I can’t help but fall asleep, the third and fourth hour are more lucid and awake. I have a white board and my phone with me so that I can text my parents when they are on the other side of the house, or just write at them when they come into my room. I was able to say single syllable words earlier, but I think I am to the point where even that hurts. Thank God the tonsils are finally gone.

  30. I forgot to say also on days 3-4, tongue was swollen and sore on the sides. Ears had a dull ache, especially when swallowing, but nothing unmanageable.

  31. HI All, I am 50 year old female. I am overweight and have type 2 diabetes, so not exactly the picture of health. I had tonsil stones that were a nuisance, so opted for tonsil removal. After reading all the info on the web, I was scared to death! I am glad to report that as of day 4, things have not been so bad. I live alone, but had a friend stay for the first 4 nights just in case I needed anything. It turned out there was nothing for him to do. I had purchased all of the food and liquids, borrowed a humidifier, gotten all meds etc beforehand. I was up and about and answering work emails. The first two days/nights were very easy. I was eating mac and cheese and drinking pureed soup etc. I drank lots of water, Boost, Gatorade and ice from Sonic. I have been taking my meds religiously. I have not gotten solid sleep in big chunks, but it is not due to pain. I think it is mainly from the meds getting my sleeping patterns messed up. Day three and four have been a little more painful for swallowing and talking. I am not able to eat mac and cheese or open my mouth too wide. The onsil area is completely white and uvula is swollen. Esophagus is sore from tube.
    Mashed potatoes, ice chips, soup (cooled down), grits, pudding and sugar free popsicles ans jello are great. I think I bought too much sugary /carb foods. I was hoping to lose some weight, but got a little carried away at the store and like always, find some of the goodies more enticing than others..Even though I bought the organic, health food store versions of a lot of it (soups, puddings, liquids, apple sauce etc) I still feel like I have eaten a lot of junk food. I did make sure to get some all-veggie pureed soups to make sure to get the vitamins.I am watching my glucose levels carefully and my doctor gave me a different, fast acting insulin to use until i am back on regular diet. This is something diabetics should ask their GP or endocrine doctor about. Also, it is a good idea to have EKG and blood tests before surgery if you are older or have issues.
    So, anyway, I just wanted to let you know that things are not as horrendous (so far) as some others have reported. If that changes, I will let you know. Take care all! Sara

  32. I’m on day 4, one thing that bugs me is that I hear a clicking sound when I chew then not much later I get earache (this is because of a nerve that goes from the mouth to the ear and is just behind the jaw bone).

    So far I can only make these recommendations:

    Eat what you can earlier because it gets more difficult to eat as the day goes by

    If you put your tongue onto the roof of your mouth as you swallow it helps

    Reward yourself with ice cream after eating, still hurts but lowers the time taken to go back to normal

    Eventually cold water only gives you earache, once cold water starts to hurt your ears try lukewarm water. Helped me a bunch!

    It’s easier to eat meat than veg/starchy things (maybe just me but perhaps its cause of the juiciness of meat)

    Any other recommendations that I’ve missed?

  33. I was terrified of the surgery itself. Didn’t sleep the night before. My momma drove 9 hours to help out a bit with my 3 little ones for a couple days. My hubby took me to get the procedure, which was quick and seemingly easy—I was home by lunch time! I could not talk over whisper, and food of any sort was not an option. My husband stocked me up on Sonic Ice. Overall, I didn’t feel too bad. Until that night. I guess that’s when the good drugs from the hospital wore out? I don’t know. But I couldn’t put my head down, couldn’t sleep, and realized the pain medicine I was prescribed was not helping in the sleep department, either.

  34. I am now on day 3 doing great. my first day was very rough. i woke up in instant pain because i have a high tolerance to everything so none of the pain meds worked. so of course my prescribed pain meds werent any better. when i came home i was in a lot of pain and yes it freaking hurt but i drank and drank and drank. i also started eating solids day 1 and i think this may have been why i have been getting better each day. the first day i ate beef and noodles and egg salad upon coming home. i drank Gatorade all day literally a gallon in one day. also upon drs orders i ate french fries. it burned like hell but i was able to eat about 6.

  35. Also, I had mine done by cold steel dissection, diathermy to cauterize and ties – the current evidence shows cold dissection is least likely to result in post op bleeding. However coblation may result in less pain and is also easier for the surgeon intra-operatively as there is less blood – I chose pain over the potential for increased risk of bleeding. That said every individual is different, every surgeon is different and you need to pick the method and surgeon you feel most comfortable with.

  36. I am currently day 10 post tonsillectomy but thought I’d post at day 1, this being the most important day for information!

    I’m a 29 year old female and was quite worried about bleeding so took every precaution I was aware of to try to prevent this.

    This website has been fantastic for consolidating the info I already had and also finding some new tips.

    I’ve had a very good, smooth and uneventful recovery with the inveitable razor blade and shooting pain in the ears around days 6-8. But since the scabs fell off on day 9 I’ve been in minimal pain. Other than that I’ve had minimal symptoms (apart from inevitable medication induced). And no bleeding to speak of! Not even when the scabs came off!

    From my reading and experience (while acknowledging everyone is different) I would recommend the following: (this does not replace medical advice however this is often limited if you don’t have a good ENT!)

    – a humidifier – this is crucial! I ran this every night.
    – try to eat solid foods from day 1 – this is current practice in Australia to get muscles working and promote healing, and to clear the tonsil beds post op – I ate mashed sweet potato mixed with slow cooked meats/chicken/salmon, pureed fruits, mushed cereal, bread soaked in soup.
    – drink drink drink!! I averaged around 3L per day and woke myself every hour overnight to drink water
    – avoid hot showers and activity that may increase your blood pressure (you don’t want to dialate your blood vessels and increase risk of bleeding
    – avoid coughing, sneezing, clearing your throat – try to suppress this by drinking
    – suck on ice chips regularly
    – take your pain medication on time
    – wear an ice collar regularly
    – gently gargle lukewarm salt water gargle (this is controversial as can dislodge scabs if done too vigorously)
    – walk a short distance daily
    – work on accepting it’s going to be painful and commit to getting through – your mind is powerful in overcoming pain.

    I was prescribed a prophylactic antibiotic in case I contracted an infection (I didn’t) – not common practice but not overly harmful so I’m glad my ENT did this. I was on cephalex
    – I took a probiotic to prevent any adverse affects of the antibiotic
    – I was prescribed celebrex for 7 days post op – a non steroidal anti-inflammatory that doesn’t increase the risk of bleeding – I feel this helped
    – I also took prune juice to relieve the side effects (constipation) of pain meds (oxycodone and paracetamol+codeine)

    Hope this helps and good luck!

    Thanks Greg for your fantastic website. I referred to this daily and it really helped to get through this process!


  37. Check out my comments for each day post-surgery for specifics on those days. In a nutshell, this website taught me that the first few days would be the best, so wanted to eat as much as I was able to keep my energy up since I knew it would be harder later. Day 3 was noticeably worse. Days 4-6 I had a terrible time eating or drinking through the pain and I did not do as well as some. Days 7 and 8 I was able to eat a little more, but the preceding days took a toll and I was loosing steam fast. If I remember right, day 8 I went to bed believing the next day would finally be better, and it was!

    Best thing i did? I can admit that I did not do it, and that was push those fluids, even if it’s only water. I really lost a lot of energy when the pain came up and I didn’t keep drinking. Hydration is key, like so many others have said. I did what is thought I could, but I know I could have done more. Maybe set a goal for each day (6 glasses, 4 oz every hour through the day, just anything to measure and make sure she is drinking). I thought I was, but my small sips were not enough.

  38. Wow Martha..sounds like you did great…how did you do after your posting? Also, it sounds like you have eating more than most in the first day of of surgery. My 21 year old will be having her surgery Wednesday. I just wondered how you made out for the rest of the time. What was the best thing you did to recover?

  39. I thought they looked much better than the traditional way, too! By day 3, my areas were pretty funky just like the traditional way. Today, Day 4, my tongue is too swollen to see the back! On a positive note, neither of us will ever have the pain of tonsillitis again… 🙂

  40. I had a bilateral tonsillectomy via the coblation method today, so I’m still on day 1. The surgery went smoothly, and the surgeon said she was glad the tonsils came out because they each had 8-9 tonsil stones, which she said was unusually high (typically, she sees 1-2). I didn’t have my tonsils removed for that reason – rather, it was recurrent strep + an abscess the last time. I am 42 and have had issues with my tonsils on and off my whole life, but my doctor in the 1970s/80s wasn’t into taking them out. After three bouts of strep in six months, my current ENT decided it was time to take them out now.

    As others have mentioned, day 1 is OK. My biggest issue right now is the swollen uvula, which felt like it was blocking my airway partially when I tried to nap lying on my back. I am drinking lots of cold water, eating jello and popsicles (and mashed potatoes while I still feel up to it). I have a humidifier and am staying on schedule with the pain meds. I’m also taking zofran since I’m prone to nausea with anesthesia and narcotics. Not looking forward to the days ahead but appreciate everyone sharing their stories so I know what to expect.

    One interesting thing is that coblation leaves your throat/tonsil beds looking WAY better than with electrocautery. At least right now, they just look pink, so the main thing I notice when looking in my mouth is the swollen uvula and swollen tongue.

  41. Tonsillectomy, Day 1: I had my tonsils and adenoids removed this morning by coblation, a newer technique in use in only 30% of tonsillectomies (it was approved for use beginning in 2001). According to my hospital’s website, “Coblation is not a heat-driven process, therefore it does not char or burn healthy tissue like conventional electrosurgery and laser surgery. It combines radiofrequency energy with a natural saline solution to gently and precisely remove tissue leading to a fast and easier recovery.”

    I had mild itching of my torso after waking, possibly caused by the anti-nausea meds which were given as standard with the procedure. I had never had them before. I took a Benadryl by mouth to ease that and it has not recurred. I was a 2/10 on the pain scale after waking up. Within an hour of coming to I had one cup of applesauce, followed by 2 pieces of dry toast and another cup of applesauce and 20 oz ice cold water. I chewed everything until very soft and had not discomfort. Pain has been easily controlled by alternating ibuprofen with the prescribed Percocet (oxycodone with acetaminophen). 400mg ibuprofen, followed by 1 Percocet two hours later, then wait 2 hours and repeat.

    I ate 1 cup of cottage cheese a few hours later, all the while drinking several bottles of juice smoothies, to get good nutrition in while pain is low during this so-called “honeymoon phase.” I am also pushing ice water! I finally felt the need to sleep 5 hours after surgery. Alarm went off every hour on the hour: Drink, Ibuprofen, Drink, Percocet. My pain has peaked and leveled off at a 3.5/10. I will keep up this regiment very strictly because my throat has continued to feel very moistened and pain is managed.

    My uvula is swollen and hanging down where I can feel it sitting on the back of my tongue. This may be linked to the feeling that I have thick mucus or a flap of tissue stuck in my throat. The trick is to try and ignore that rather than try to suction it out with the back of my tongue. It is only a nuisance and not any worse than the old feeling of my massive tonsils stuck in the back of my throat!

    After resting for 3 1/2 hours, I am up again, eating the second half of a chocolate DQ Blizzard (I just have to chew the chocolate and brownie pieces until liquified). Taking pills orally his not been a bother at all.

  42. Day 1: You will be lucky if you don’t remember this day. To me it is a dizzy blur of sleep, popsicles, and narcotics. Oh, and vomiting and feeling like I was dying. Day 1 is best reserved for the pain killers (at least take them with liquid or suffer from an upset stomach) and sleep.

  43. Tonsillectomy Surgery

    DAY 1

    I must say that the surgical department of the Seattle VA is, by far, the best I’ve been in. All the staff were awesome and really helped to keep me calm and comfortable. I really appreciated how everyone was always explaining exactly what was going to happen. The anesthesia definitely worked a lot faster than it has in the past: I didn’t even get to the countdown part. I remember that everyone was talking about the procedure and how things were going to go down, when I interrupted them: “Is the ceiling moving? And why is it suddenly blue?” I heard laughter and then I was gone!

    When I awoke in the recovery room, I felt pain that I have never felt in my entire life and I’ve been through 11 surgeries over last few years. This was excruciating. The tears were just rolling down my face and I could barely get out the word “Pain”. Needless to say, they began pumping me full of all kinds of pain meds and muscle relaxers. Thankfully, my surgeon followed through with our agreed upon plans and made sure to give me lots of nausea medication during the surgery and in recovery. I have always vomited for at least 1 day after every surgery I’ve ever had – but I haven’t vomited once yet with this one. Not to say that I haven’t had some nausea spells, but the Ondansetron has been really helpful there.

    After about 3 hours in recovery, I finally got to go home. I had prepared everything this weekend so I had everything I was going to need all set up. All I had to do was walk in and get comfortable. I wasn’t able to talk at all, so my boyfriend and I came up with an index card system. I had written out things I was going to need to communicate regularly on some cards so that I could just show him the card when I needed something. Then, I have a whole stack of blank cards and I just write on them when I wasn’t to tell him something or ask for something – it’s working out really well.

    Ice chips have turned out to be my best friend! I suck on them constantly. I’m having a terrible time swallowing but I try to take at least 10 tiny sips of room temperature water every 5-10 minutes. I’ve been eating freezie pops and they are delightful! Was able to get one small jello cup down over a 5 hour period. Also, managed to eat a ½ bowl of warm chicken broth throughout the night. I’ve set my phone alarm for every two hours. I take the Oxycodone every 4 hours and Tylenol the two hours between. So far, that has really kept the pain down – of course, I might still be under the effects of the anesthesia and the meds they gave me in the recovery room. I did have a couple of “oh my god” moments when trying to take my meds. When trying to swallow, some water shot directly into the wound and it felt like I was going to die for about 5 minutes, then it subsided.

    I was able to get about 3 hours of sleep, off and on. I know today was the “honeymoon phase”. Really dreading what is to come. 🙁

  44. I am 25 years old and my day one went pretty well, which was yesterday, the 28th. I was also nervous because this was my first memorable surgery. My first surgery was a naval hernia when I was like 2!…anyway, after I woke up I was immediately talking before my feet hit the floor. I couldn’t tell you what about…probably that vacation to Paris the anesthesiologist was trying to get me to talk about. Anyway, I was immediately able to eat 2 Popsicles and 3 ginger ales before they sent me home. They say I had already took my first dose of medicine, which I had no recollection of, so I had to wait 4 hours for the next. The pain was bearable though and I took my medicine on the hour, every 4 hours or either 5-10 mins early so I wouldn’t have a delay. I had no appetite but I stayed hydrated with plenty of water and Popsicles. My only regret was trying to eat cinnamon applesauce. Its my favorite, but I didn’t think about the fact that cinnamon is kind of “hot/spicy.” luckily I had my water next to me after the first spoonful! I’m up now taking my meds on time and I only feel a little pain when I swallow but I don’t flinch or anything. My best advice so far is to drink sips, not gulps, of water or juice all day and take your medicine on time. The tetracaine lollipops also helped between med times. We’ll see how day 2 goes.

  45. I am a 36 years old and day 1 was yesterday for me. I was very nervous for the surgery but it went well. I was given meds to calm me down and put to sleep “in a nice way”. I actually woke up still in the OR but they were wheeling me out…for 1 seconds I was curious why I was in the OR but quickly realized it was all over and my wife was soon by my side. The pain in the recovery room was a little more than I thought it would be be. I’d say 4 to 5 on the pain scale…I ate 3 popsicles and two waters and was on my way home…stopped for ice cream on the way. It took my wife a while to get all my meds since the first pharmacy didnt have it all…when she got back home I was starting to feel some decent pain…6 on pain scale. I was able to get it back to 4/5 with meds and got about 5 to 6 hours sleep last night. I plan to post every day through day 15 or so.

  46. Day 1 – Surgery. Surgery went smooth. Minimal pain post-op. Prescribed liquid percocet (up to 10mL every 4 hours) and and antibiotic. Nauseous on the bumpy ride home but not again since. At least I get the kids’ bubblegum flavored antibiotic that I loved growing up! Taking only 5mL (half-dose) of the percocet since the pain isn’t that bad. (Editor’s note: I thought I might have a easy recovery based off of day 1. Not so much.) Most of the remainder of the day I slept on and off with water and popsicles.

  47. Hi Estefani, and welcome! Glad the pain med’s helped. The burping might be an after-effect of the anesthesia. General anesthesia, in my understanding, shuts down the digestive system. It may just be, “waking up.”

    Take care and best of luck!

  48. I’m 25 yo and I Had my tonsils and adenoids removed along with my uvula trimmed yesterday afternoon. I woke up in excruciating pain I was crying for them to give me more medicine! How come everyone was lucky enough to wake up feeling great and in no pain but I was wide awake and crying! lol They gave me some applesauce in the hospital and I was on my way home. Took 2 Percocets (cut them in half) and put them in another cup of applesauce (pudding and yogurt is too thick for me now) and it went down easily. Pain gone! Except for the big lump in my throat from the swelling, which my uvula is trimmed and its severely swollen but not hanging on my tongue like many others so I can’t imagine the pain if it was still as big as it was omg. I slept about 7 hours last night but I set up an alarm every hour to take some water, eat a popsicle and just stay hydrated AND keeping on top of my medication schedule. I’m sleeping upright, slightly reclined with lots of pillows because I am so afraid about the swallowing of blood by lying down flat. Also, I have excessive burping which is really uncomfortable, what is that? I’m just taking it easy and hoping for the best knowing that the worst is still yet to come.

  49. I was so nervous about this surgery, and the horror stories posted online! My doctor confirmed the idea of a tonsilectomy being more painful for a 32 year old an a child, telling me the recovery would “hurt like a bit@h”After months of dread, I had my surgery yesterday (the 30th of December) at 7am. It was a pretty easy procedure by reports: only took 25 minutes instead of the predicted 75! The med mixture of Hydrocodone and Acetaminophen is very helpful, though it tends to wear off about an hour before the next scheduled dose.

    I had some fresh blood in my spit…it wasn’t a lot but it was consistently coming up so I went back to the ER at the doctors request. He cauterized a small spot on one side, and said the healing was otherwise coming along nicely.

    While uncomfortable and somewhat painful, this experience is not unbearable (so far!). I definitely think some of the tips on this sight have helped tremendously…humidifier and lots of cold liquids! I also made sure to keep my nasal passages clear before the surgery with a saline rinse. My doctor says this is a good thing to continue with post-surgery (helps encourage beathing through the nose not the mouth). Although I know this experience will be slightly different for everyone, it really helps to know what has helped other people!

  50. Had my tonsils and uvula removed at noon 12/30/13 was awake from surgery by 1:10pm. Throat was very dry and scratchy, post op I was given fentanyl at the hospital and discharged at 3:30. I took a Percocet when I got home I was asleep like a baby for a few hours, slept with a cool air humifier and when I woke up my throat wasn’t that dry. Day one not bad Jello and Popsicles and Ice Water, my advice take pain meds on a schedule I waited on my 2nd Percocet and it took an hour to kick in while I was in pain. Just cut it off before it starts. I got pill pain pills instead of liquid to prevent nausea. I will post daily so anyone can follow me, I read so many responded before surgery I can’t believe how helpful this forum was and want to repay by documenting my case.

  51. I had my tonsils taken out on Friday, December 20, 2013. My surgery was scheduled for 8:30 am and ended up just a little behind schedule. I hadn’t actually met my surgeon until just before the procedure…I had a consultation with his NP and booked the surgery right away. This is something I have been wanting to do for years and thanks to having my gallbladder taken out this summer I was close to my out-of-pocket maximum so insurance would cover almost all of it now.

    After reading through a lot of the info on this site, I made sure to ask the surgeon about pain meds. I really did not want to end up running out on Christmas and not being able to get in touch with him or trying to find an open pharmacy for a refill. He prescribed me plenty of Hyrdocodone/Acetaminophen to last me through about 10 days. I also asked for a script for Zofran just in case after reading about so many people struggling with nausea, but I haven’t felt the least bit nauseated so I haven’t picked it up.

    When I talked to the anesthesiologist before surgery, I told him I was really scared about waking up in pain. When I had my gallbladder removed over the summer, they pulled back the pain meds then woke me up “so they could assess my pain level.” Waking up in excruciating pain was not fun! This anesthesiologist swore he would not let me wake up in pain, and I will forever be grateful that he was right!

    My husband took me home and I started on a 4 hour regimen of eating a little something (I had spent the prior 2 days filling my fridge with homemade applesauce, smoothies, popsicles, soup, chicken and beef stock, sorbet, etc.) and taking the hydrocodone and benadryl. My tonsillitis always flared up when allergies hit and the last few days had been bad. I figured if I stayed on top of taking Benadryl, not only would it help me sleep but it couldn’t hurt to dry up the post-nasal drip that always caused so many problems.

    I am sleeping on a wedge shaped pillow that keeps me mostly upright. I hate sleeping on my back but I can actually sleep on my side with this thing. If I lay on my back, I start snoring because of my huge uvula and wake myself up 🙁

  52. I’m 15 years old and I had my tonsillectomy on December 16th, 2013 at 7:30 am. When I woke up in the recovery room at the hospital, the pain wasn’t bad, I was just pretty uncomfortable. I drank about five 8oz cups of water before I went home- I was very thirsty! It took some effort to swallow the water, but it wasn’t too bad. I had several popsicles in the hospital as well, and they all went down relatively easily.
    When I got home, I sat up in bed and had some more popsicles and water, took my meds at the correct times (very important!!), and went to bed. I woke up 2 hours later, drank some water, and went back to bed. My mom got me up to take my meds, and after another nap, I stayed up, watched a couple movies, and had some soft noodles (not the easiest to get down, I only had a little before I stopped and went back to popsicles/liquids).
    I iced my neck a bit, but it was a hassle to sleep comfortably with them, so I set them aside and went to bed. But if you need the ice, definitely do it.
    I had a pretty good night’s rest, which I’m very thankful for.

    Good luck everyone 🙂

  53. I’m 32 and had a intracapsular or partial tonsillectomy yesterday afternoon. So far the pain isn’t too bad at all and I’ve been drinking a lot of water and taking my meds. The recovery is supposed to be a bit better with a partial. Anyone been through it hat can tell me what to expect the next week?

  54. 33 year old here. Had my tonsils out 11/27/13, the day before Thanksgiving. After nearly 10 years of recurrent tonsillitis, it was time, although I did put off surgery for over a year after reading some of the stories on this forum and elsewhere. My first 24 hours post-surgery were not too bad. I woke up in recovery in pain (5 on 10-scale), but a quick dose of morphine knocked that down pretty quickly. After waking up, I drank some Gatorade and was sent home. Doctor prescribed liquid hydrocodone and liquid amoxicillan, which I am taking religiously, as instructed. My first night was a little rough–very little sleep. My meds wore off about an hour before I could take them again, and that was quite uncomfortable. Finally slept about an hour and a half and woke up hurting pretty bad. Another dose of the hydro took care of that. Checked out my throat in the mirror…just not the type to not be curious. It was as expected thanks to the photos I have seen here. I’m tolerating water and Gatorade quite well, so I have been drinking lots on advice of the nurses and posters here. I feel prepared for what lies ahead based on what I have read here, but it does concern me that it will get (possibly much) worse before getting better. One day at a time…

  55. Operated on 24 hours ago. Woke up feeling drowsy but pretty good. Minimal pain. Was able to talk, drink water and take medication. I was given a script for oxy (endone) penicillin and prednisolone (Panafcortelone) and have been told to take oxy and Panafon together. Had no appetite in the 12 hours after my op but I had jelly and ice cream in my overnight stay to make the nurses happy. Woke up this morning to a huge shock… I was told about the pain but the odd feeling in the back of my throat prompted me to look inside my mouth (with the aid of my a torchlight app and a mirror) and almost died when I saw what the nurses are calling slough!!! I was never told about that! I was told in a few days is see little white bits but not this awful yellowy crap! This prompted me to have some toast which went down painlessly with the Panamax and oxy. Was discharged and came home with my fiancé. The worst part was getting up after being in bed since 12:09pm yesterday! My legs are like jelly and I get very light headed very quickly. I’ve been in bed since, drinking bottle after bottle of water. Had some more toast with butternut pumpkin soup. I managed a cup of tea or two in hospital and a glass or orange juice (avoid – it tastes awful with the slough!) but I find water is best. May try some icy poles later…

  56. Day 1 started at 8:15a at a local outpatient surgery center. Signed away my life and paid co-pay. About 9:00a I was taken back to prepare. Strip out of clothes, put on some “hose” and get briefed. Told for the first time that I will be spending 3 hours in post op due to sleep apnea (ever so slight)….gonna put complication in wife’s schedule….all worked out!

    Laying in OR I was told by nurse that she was giving me something to relax….lights out basically from 9:45a for about an hour.

    I’m a 44 year old male getting the UVPPP procedure…basically tonsils, uvula, and area around uvula. Should solve slight apnea as well as improve major snoring. Dr impressed me in our first meeting and I felt confident with his surgical ability. Only downside was he seemed very young….or am I getting old?

    I woke up in some 4-alarm severe pain. My throat was on fire and my head was banging. Very light sensitive. I really signed on to the fact that this was yet another mistake I’ve made, a colossal one at that. And I hurt like hell for about 2 more hours. Then, was finally given liquid Percocet….started knocking the pain down. The real issue was coming off that anesthetic….same stuff that did in my friend Michael….Michael Jackson that is.

    After schedule change (3 hour tour in post-op), jockeying around of people to watch our son (thanks Mom), a little hospital jello and applesauce, etc we finally leave about 2:30p. We take a 30 second ride to Walgreens, where prescriptions were dropped off 2 hours ago. Not done. I hereby boycott Walgreens. We waited another thirty minutes and I finally took my Gatorade (Gatorade not a great idea so far) to the car and dozed. Finally with our 3 whopping scripts (pain, steroid, magic mouthwash) in hand we leave and head for home, but not before my wife hopping in the truck scared me awake thinking we were getting car-jacked…just a split second though. Awesome.

    It’s now 9:45p. I am doing ok. I’ve eaten Mac and Cheese (I threw a fit cause it was Kraft and not something better….sorry babe!), bread (loving the bread….filling and with water glides down, also takes whatever is in your throat with it.), lots of jello, and just a few minutes ago, one of my wife’s famous choc chip cookies. It was a little rough but worth it.

    Taking the Percocet every 3-1/2 hours (cheating a little bit), Motrin at 2 hour intermission between the good stuff (pills aren’t great fun, I lather them in jello juice and down they go). Did the magic mouthwash….didn’t do much, figure will try again when I really need. Pain is a 2-3/10 right now, 2 hours till Perc.

    I will try to update each day…so far, I repeat, so far…no ear pain (thank God) and no nausea. I feel I was pretty well informed, much through this site, and I am a little more than concerned about next week….plan has been lots of water, regular drug use, humidifier to keep throat moist, and loving wife doing it all. Time to steal some more sleep. Thanks to all my friends and colleagues sending texts, etc.

  57. 47yo Female, had surgery this morning around 8:30 am. So far I would give this a 4 on a scale of 1-10 for pain. Feels a like a bad sore throat. Been eating Popsicles, jello and Mac n cheese. Keeping very hydrated with water, ice chips and Gatorade . Not looking forward to days 4-6 but keeping fingers crossed.
    uvula is swollen to about the size of my pinkey causing me to snore everytime I try and sleep. Needless to say, I keep waking myself up!

  58. I had a tonsillectomy as well as UVPPP to trim the uvula, septoplasty to straighten the nose and turbinoplasty to remove turbinates from the nose yesterday morning around 11am (took 2 hours). I woked up in the recovery room coughing blood but was under control in under a few minutes. I did not feel any extreme pain immediately after surgery. Even when I had some jello around 3pm it was ok didnt hurt too much to swallow. I also hate icecream, juice, ice popsicle, and custard. Avoided the yoghurt because of the small fruit pieces and mineral water for fear of its acidic contents. Didnt need to take any strong painkillers other than 2 paracetomols(Panadol) every 6 hours. I found it hard to pee though as urine was blocked I suspect from the anaesthetic. Stayed in the ward overnight and today Saturday morning discharged at 10am.

    So on my first day of recovery now so far its been ok. I can say the pain is no worse than a sore dry throat you get from any sore throat. I understand this is what you call the “honeymoon stage” …I pray it doesn’t get worse than this but I’m fearing from most accounts I read here it will especially from day 4? After reading Greg’s advice under “If I were to have my tonsils removed again, I would…” he’d rather start on a rough diet instead of soft diet I tried to eat scrambled eggs in the afternoon because I’m already tired of eating jelly and gooey food and wanted some protein and thought that scrambled eggs was soft enough to take. I ate the whole thing and noticed my sore throat only getting slightly worse. I took a break kept with drinking water and ate another reasonably soft diet of chicken and corn cream soup with pasta shells. That did hurt little more but its under control again. Still have no need to take the extreme pain killers I was prescribed which was Endone. So far I’d say day 1 pain = 2/10.

  59. I started coughing up large amounts of blood about an hour after my Day 1 post. The surgeon had me gargle with ice cold water and if finally stopped. Dr said that bleeding that much the first day isn’t common but wonders if it is because of the extra large size of my tonsils. I am now on a steriod to reduce the uvula swelling.
    The gargle stuff does freak me out a little because of the uvula size. I have said the word “uvula” more times today than I have in my entire life.

  60. I had the gargle too, it made me panic even more because I felt like there was a giant ball lodged in my throat. I hope you don’t have the same feeling!

  61. DAY 1 (day of surgery): 30 years old and had tonsillectomy (with adenoids remove to). Surgery was at 7amish and it is now 8pm. A lot of pain after the ride home and after surgery and trip home I was talking quite a bit but then my throat decided that was enough talking and stop being able to talk for a few hours. Now I can say a couple words at a time. Taking liquid IBprophen and liquid lortab with acetaminophen (each every 4 hours, alternating every 2) so pain has been pretty minimal. My uvula has swollen to a size I never thought possible and has caused a couple panic attacks about choking. Was also prescribed Swizzle (lynocain
    concoction numbing gargle liquid) and Zofran (for nausea). They also gave me a nausea patch before surgery that I wear for 3 days. Feel kind queasy but not loopy at all. I am SOOOO hungry and have almost reached burnout on sweet things.
    I can’t wait til the uvula swelling goes down so I can (attempt to) eat mashed potatoes. Pain level 3 right now. Have only slept about 1 hr total since the swollen uvula is making sitting and sleeping a necessity.

  62. Ha, I must have been tired when I wrote that. It was supposed to say wasn’t* horrible. The rest of it makes too little sense to even try to edit, haha. Anyways, the reason I’m even writing this is because I forgot to add that I’m 18. Also, A.R, my sister had this done last December and said she experienced the feeling also so I didn’t think much about it. It wasn’t too much of a hassle, I could still sleep on my side. By the end of the first week the swelling was pretty much gone.

  63. Hey everybody – just had my tonsils out this morning. I’m doing fine, not a whole lot of pain at all. There is one thing that is worrying me a little. I read about ear pain. that some people had experienced. I’m having this, but it only hurts on the right side of my throat, and in my ear canal, and only when I drink. Then I can push behind my jaw and kind of relieve the pressure. It is possible fluid is getting into my ear canal back there and causing this pain and it isn’t just referred pain?

    Let me know if anybody experienced this. Thank you!


  64. Hey all I am day one into post op…by far the worst pain ever ony thing helping me is water , water and more water…one question though how long before the swelling goes down?

  65. My procedure was scheduled for 3:45pm, nothing to eat after midnight… I was starving! I have severe anxiety, but for some reason felt extremely calm going in for this procedure. Maybe they put something in my IV to calm me down. The doctor told me to pick a vacation spot to go to while I was under anesthesia. I chose Hawaii. When I woke up, the first thing I said to the nurse at my side was that I didn’t get to go to Hawaii. The first thing I asked for was apple juice. She brought me a Styrofoam cup with a STRAW. Straws are BAD after any kind of surgery mouth related… I also find out at this time that I didn’t have stitches, but everything was cauterized instead, so basically my entire throat was burned.

  66. Ask your doctor about getting a steroid. I got that, and my uvula never swelled up. No point in suffering more than you need to.

    Good luck!

  67. First day want horrible. Laying flat/reclining too much was uncomfortable – it felt like my uvula was blocking my throat. Having both the medicine from the hospital and the pharmacy was very nice and I managed to get down about four 16.9 oz bottles of water, a popsicle, and some applesauce. To me it does feel a bit like tonsillitis so far, just farther back. I’m not looking forward to tomorrow and day four as I hear they are much worse.

  68. I am 33 years old and this is my day 1. So far constant pain on my troat….duh and feels like something stuck in my troat. This is 2nd hour will do overall post later today.

  69. Day 1- I had my tonsils removed using Thermal Welding, or Tissue Welding. Woke up from surgery in severe, severe pain! I begged to stay a little longer at the surgery center but the nurses threatened to make me work if I stayed any longer. That fentenyl was wonderful, but alas, I was sent home! I was in a world or pain until I took my second does of percacet and ibuprofen. I’m to take both every 6 hrs, taking ibuprofen 3 hours after taking percacet. Once I got the second dose in I was fine.

  70. OK….So like many of others, I scanned the Internet for info….I got my tonsils taken out 14 days ago from today (9-12-2013). I am a Man, 32 yrs. Old. Here’s my time-line and my feedback on this site and others who posted:
    Day 1: Not too bad, after the pain meds from the surgery wore off, I definitely felt the swelling and pain….but nothing a person couldn’t handle w/ the help of pain meds….Drank a lot of water and apple juice….later made a veggie nutritional “non-dairy” protein shake. Liquid pain med every 3-4 hrs, but I started w/ 2 Teaspoons, and did the extra 1 and 2 only if really needed.
    Day 2: Same as Day 1, but started drinking more smoothies and ice cream (non-dairy)…Pain was manageable, but not like most claim here.
    Day 3: Pain fluctuated up and down, but only if I didn’t take the liquid pain med on schedule exactly every 3-4 hrs.
    Day 4-7: All the same really, scabs still in tact, but uvula swelling was dying down a little (Which was the most annoying cause the scab on my uvula pretty much was hanging like a sack of testicles and wouldn’t come off, so the gagging at times not fun, but I saw the Doctor on Day 6 and he used a suction tool to help the uvula scab out (and me out), which provided a ton of relief….again, Pain wasn’t bad, only if I slept too long and missed my regular dose of liquid Pain med…woke up w/ dry mouth.
    Day 8: Pain was amped up a tiny bit, only due to all the scabbing that came off caused new skin, which was still a bit sensitive, but pain very manageable.
    Day 9-Present: After Doctor gave me some steroid pills to knock out the last bit of swelling, and the last bits of the various scabs was melting away….all was pretty good.
    Don’t get all scared by a lot of peoples scary tales of their experience, my assumption is that a lot of them were very over exaggerated w/ their experiences….Misery loves company, and I think a lot of them probably had more intentions of attempting to freak people out, maybe out of some sick humor….may not be the case w/ most, but I caution you not to freak out at all……Truth is, we live in a sick world where people rather do more harm than good, but try to masked their intentions w/ goodness.
    Tips To Newbies:
    -Humidifier: I am not sure if this helped that much, but I bought one for peace of mine (Can get a good one from Target for like $45), don’t get a “Warming one”, get the “Cool Mist”
    -Go to Whole Foods, buy the Veggie “Chocolate or Vanilla” flavored shakes…they provide all the vitamins, nutrients, minerals you need during the recovery
    -No dairy, creates mucus
    -Buy a lof of Apple Sauce
    -I bought jello, but didn’t work well for me.
    -Buy fruit smoothie pouches, new product from Del Monte, but very good for energy boost and nutrition (Recommend Strawberry, avoid Cinnamon and Apple, may hurt your throat)
    -TAKE YOUR PAIN MEDS EXACTLY EVERY 3-4 Hrs, Even if you think you don’t need it!!!! Start w/ 2 Tea Spoons, then gradually move up if needed…expect to take it like this for at least the first 7-8 days, then after that, start weening yourself off as needed, by taking 1-2 Tea Spoons every 6-8 hours, then 1-2 Tea Spoons every 12 hrs for a few days, then if needed, 1 Teaspoon at night daily until Liquid med is gone (But always check w/ your Doctor on this approach)…the point of this is to avoid withdrawal from the Pain med
    -Mash Potatoes are good, but I would avoid it until Day 7 and on
    -Cream of Wheat w/ your choice of jelly mixed in is good as well, but I would wait until Day 4 or 5 until trying this.
    -The first 4 or 5 days, just liquids….drink water consistently, set your alarm throughout the night for Pain med doses….you won’t be as tired as you think, cause you will get an accumulation of sleep in between time…just toughen up a bit, don’t be like a lot of these other POSTs where people are over reacting and saying things like “Kill me now”, or “Pain is the worst”…..truth is, it’s not that bad if you follow a good routine, it’s NOT fun, but not the end of the world….Ultimately, you’ll be glad you did it….TRUST!!!!!
    First off, there are Pros and Cons to this site, my feedback (Only my opinion)…..I won’t go through them all, but in short, I think the owner “Greg” has done a fair job on the info (Which if you got time, you can find anywhere on the Internet, it’s not really difficult as he’s portrayed it on the site), also, I see a lot of marketing ploys on the site and financial gain that Greg is profiting from by selling products and creating a club here (which there is nothing wrong w/ that, good for him for being smart about this topic, cause when people are fearful w/ medical stuff, they’ll buy anything to relieve the pain). The pics and story lines are great and provides some different perspectives, but I do question the authenticity of a lot of them, I think a lot of them push readers into being more fearful to buy more products, but that is just my opinion, it may not be the case. In all, Greg makes it seem like he’s done all this from the sincere care and niceness of his heart, as if it’s a public free service, but there is definitely slick marketing tactics all over the site.

  71. I had mine on September 4, 2013. When I woke up from anesthesia I was very dizzy and in a lot of pain, where my tonsils used to be and on my tongue, but I think it was just a shock to my system. They gave me some Tylenol with codeine and then I was fine. Surgery was at 7:30am and then I was discharged around 5pm. I think the only reason I was there so long is because I had to wait for the doctor to get out of his clinic. I remember thinking that I didn’t know what all the hype about how painful it was supposed to be was coming from. My pain was nothing unbearable at this point. That night was a longer night because I could feel stuff dripping down the back of my throat so my body would wake itself up.

  72. I had mine done yesterday 9/3/2013. Got in scared but now figured that was the easy part. Day 1 morning was all right but the pain meds was horrible (hydrocod/acetaminophen). I went in at 7 was released by 9:30 was able to talk right after surgery but it got worse as night approached. The pain med caused severe nausea and vomiting. Every time I eat some sauce I almost threw right out fortunately no blood. So I took the pain meds about 3 times total and am now on no drugs. Crazy I know. Well see what happens. Did not have bowl movement the first day. Pain was not bad due to pain meds but nausea was way bad!

  73. I am 42. I am actually feeling pretty well, which is scary because I have been reading day 3 and 4 etc. I have my tonsils removed this morning at a surgery ctr. I arrived an hour and a half early as requested, 630 am, by 8am I was flying high on anesthesia. By 1000 being released. I am having ear pain though. My pain level on scale of 1 to 10 is a 2. I would highly recommend what my ent specialist gave me for pain. Liquid Vicodin! I don’t have to worry about the pain of pills. I will keep in touch and thanks for sharing everyone! I feel like I am waiting on the pain to come, is this normal for day 1????

  74. First day was a breeze, was hardly worse than having strep or tonsillitis. Busted out the humidifier, got a pack of popsicles, water bottle, ice pack, and kicked back. The Percocet was amazing, felt like I was floating on clouds. Pain scale on a scale of 1-10 was probably about a 2.

  75. Just had my tonsils out yesterday as a 24 year old female with chronic tonsillitis. Found it very helpful to read all of these comments on what to expect. Surgery went well – got to the hospital for registration at 7:30, went into the OR at about 8:45, was out in recovery at 10ish, back in my room at 10:30 and out the door at 12:15. I’m currently undergoing treatment for a TBI, which has left me getting nauseous from just about everything these days. The anesthesiologist had no problem giving me zofran in my IV during the surgery and the doc have me an Rx as well. I’m allergic to hydrocodone so I was given hydromorphone (dilaudid) instead, and it seems to be working pretty well for pain. My nausea was absolutely awful in the afternoon after surgery and lasted until about 11:30pm when my headache finally broke. Threw up a couple of times, but when the doctor called to check in on me, he said he wasn’t too concerned since they had pumped me full of plenty of fluids during surgery. Was relieved to hear that since I had tried so hard to keep drinking all day. When my headache finally let up, I had a couple of Popsicles, sat in the recliner for about an hour, and then went back to bed where I had been all afternoon. I set alarms to wake me up every hour during the night to keep sipping on water and to stay on schedule with the pain meds every 4 hours, and alternating with 1000mg of Tylenol in between which helps to keep things feeling okay until my next dose. Would definitely recommend waking up frequently to get just a few sips of water in! Doesn’t have to be a lot, but just enough to keep everything moist and free of mucus.

  76. Sweet, so glad that it is going so well so far! I thought of you today and wondered how you were doing. I think if you do the things to help you along (like ice packs, humidifier, etc) you will find that this will go fairly smoothly for you. It isn’t fun by any means, but soooo much better than I thought it would be. I DO think the coblation method helps a ton with this recovery. Good luck in the next two weeks!

  77. Had my coblation tonsillectomy early this morning. I woke up 20 min after the surgery feeling wide awake, barely any pain and no nausea. I went home shortly after that. I have eaten about 5 banana popsicles (don’t try grape it burns), peach Jello, Frost Gatorade and water. Just did the 2 tablespoons of Vicodin instead of 1 at night. All day I was managing on 1 tablespoon. Pain isn’t that bad at all. My neck is just a tad sensitive. My throat burns a little bit. I like having an ice pack on the front of my neck and especially the back of my neck too. I would definitely recommend taking the liquid Vicodin mixed with a little Gatorade so it doesn’t burn, I found that out real quick. I haven’t been tired at all and didn’t sleep all day. Hopefully I can sleep a bit tonight. My surgeon called to check up on me, he said my tonsils were bad and covered in yellow bacteria so I’m glad I made the correct decision in getting them out. Hopefully the recovery continues to go smoothly.

  78. I’m 26 yr old female. Had a tonsillectomy and andenoidectomy today at 1pm. Surprisingly I didn’t have any nausea after waking up from the surgery, which was a relief. I was able to leave the surgery center at 220pm. Stopped off at 7 11 for an icee and I was pretty content all the way home.
    Pain was about a 3/10. I kind of took advantage on how well I felt today considering I know the pain will worsen o we the next few days.
    My diet today has been ice water, Gatorade, chicken broth. Popsicles.
    It’s now about 230am and I’m having some problems sleeping due to the swollen uvula and I keep getting dry mouth which in essence every time I fall asleep I wake up gasping for air.
    The pain has increased to about a 5/10. I have my alarms in my phone set to every 4 hours on the dot. I don’t dare miss a time to take my meds.
    Lets see what tomorrow brings….or technically this is tomorrow :/

  79. Day 1, surgery day:
    I have never had to be admitted to hospital before, I’ve never broken a bone, been in an accident or been really sick before. Heck, I don’t even get colds.

    It was a little daunting and I will admit to being terrified, I was the second person to have surgery. One minute I was almost in tears due to fear with the anaesthetist tapping my veins and the next minute in recovery with oxygen being pumped into my lungs. Once I was able to breathe and swallow on my own they moved me to recovery ward where I spent the day with a fellow tonsillectomy patient. I slept most of the day and ate solids and drank plenty of fluids, mostly I’ve just felt discomfort in my throat rather than pain, so far so good.

    I’m not terribly optimistic for the next week but I a have a very supportive partner looking after me and and a personal nurse in my mother.

    My advice so far, drink as much water as you possibly can even if it hurts it’s vital in the first 24 hours after post op and don’t be scared. If a wuss like me can do it anyone can.

  80. I stayed overnight after the surgery yesterday. I am a 32 year old female with 3 kids. This hurts worse than I expected even after reading all the stories. My last 3 doses of morphine have done nothing. I can’t imagine when I go home with the lortab. No vomiting and only nausea right out of surgery, but they have me meds for it. If day 1 is like this. I can’t imagine what the later “worse” days will be like 🙁

  81. So yesterday was my surgery. Went in about 8:45 and was out of the surgery center before noon! Doing pretty well. I am able to swallow all my pills. I have been eating jello, applesauce, and a popsicle. I don’t feel like the Vicodin is really helping with the pain, but it does make me sleepy! I have been putting an ice pack on my neck constantly and running the humidifier next to me. I think these two things have helped a lot. Right now the pain is only about a 4. I’ve had strep pain much worse! Enjoying this nice run while I have it. I am expecting things to get worse once the scabs form! Oh, and I am drinking a ton of water to stay hydrated!

  82. Got my tonsils out on 5/29/13 – based on what I’d read I wasn’t expecting the first day to be too bad and I was right. I came out of anesthesia without any complications and they fed me ice chips right away as well as IV pain meds. I didn’t realize quite how much my tongue and uvula would swell. My tongue was easily 2-3x its normal size and hurt much more than my throat initially. The ‘restrainer’ they put in your mouth to keep your tongue out of the way and protect your teeth must’ve been positioned kind of weird in my mouth, it felt like I had bitten giant gouges out of the sides of my tongue. My pain levels were 1-2 in my throat and a 4 on my tongue on day 1.

  83. I’m 27 and got my to sils (-bd some adenoid tissue) out on 4/25. The first day wasn’t too bad, since I was still on anesthesia I think. I also had an anti-nausea patch behind my ear, just in case. I was able to drink liquids and eat soft foods. Pain was there but wasn’t unbearable. My uvula was ginormous and just sitting on my tongue like a beached whale. I was more uncomfortable than in pain.

  84. Surgery on 4-24 not feeling to bad can eat or drink anything didn’t sleep much nite keep waking up every 15 to 20 minutes one thing that has helped me is keeping ice pack around my neck at all times

  85. Day 1 wasn’t as bad as I thought. I got there at 6AM, answered a bunch of questions, read a book I brought with me until 8AM, went in for surgery. I woke up shortly after being wheeled out of the OR and made a “DERP DERP DERP” post to facebook from my phone while still high as f*ck. I do recall doing this. It didn’t take long for me to “sober up” so to speak. I ate a few ice chips then was wheeled into short-stay and guzzled a bunch of water. I stayed in there FOREVER even though I felt fine and was ready to go. They wanted to make sure I didn’t start puking or anything, which I knew I wouldn’t. Finally I left, my mother and her friend had come to visit me for the surgery so she drove my car home then took me grocery shopping for some things I could eat over the next several days. After I got home I wasn’t in much pain, my surgeons’s nurse checked in on me, I was on maybe a 3 of 10 on the pain scale… probably a 7 for someone with a normal pain tolerance, mine is very, very, very high. I took some painkillers, 7.5mg hydrocodone, 500mg acetaminophen liquid, when I got home because I wasn’t sure what to expect from eating. 45 minutes later I heated some soup and eating it wasn’t bad at all. Even after the meds wore off later I ate more soup and some little soft cocktail sausages without too much of a problem, it was a little hard to swallow, but not painful. I ran a few errands, even though I was told not to. I felt fine. No big deal. A few hours later after I got home I took another dose because I had some ear and jaw pain. I mostly just relaxed and played some video games until I decided to go to bed. I didn’t have any real trouble sleeping… but the dry mouth was ridiculous. I woke up 3 different times with my mouth being just completely dry like I had stuffed it with cotton balls. I drank ridiculous amounts of water every time and sat up for a few minutes and made sure my mouth was sufficiently moist and salivated before going back to sleep. Apart from that, nothing too terrible.

  86. Day 1

    Went to hospital, they took my blood pressure, at the same time they were trying to get my iv in, along with 5 other nurses onlooking and asking me questions. Ididn’t think I felt nervous, but I must have. I’m 36 and first time for any kind of surgery. They told my my blood pressure was too high. I dont have a history of high bp, and have been to my dr 3 times this yr. Easch time normal, I think the 1st vist it was low. My last visit was a week ago 120 over 80. In the hospital 150 over 110. They checked it several times and tried calling my dr, but they were closed. They were almost going to cancel the surgery. This would have been the 2nd time. I was supposed to have my tonsilectamy done 2 weeks ago but 2 days before I came down with a bad case of tonsilitis and had to reschedual. In the end my bp went down a little lower but they want me to visit my dr again and check my bp. I think they gave me some meds before surgery to lower it but not positive. Went into the or took a few deep breathes and just remember waking up groggy. Went home a little light headed a little pain, the meds really help hardly feel anything except when it gets close to the time to take meds again, but still not lots of pain. A little sleepy though.

  87. Coming out of anesthesia was the worst level of pain for me (only matched by day 6). I would rate the pain about a level 8. They then gave me pain meds through my IV. I left the hospital with a pain level of 4.
    Another thing that helped (before the anesthesia) was requesting an (3 day dose) anti-nausea patch. This was given in addition to a dose of anti-nausea medication. I had a friend who had nausea days 1-3, even with the patch (however, she ate nothing on day one).
    While at the hospital, they encouraged ice chips and slushes, as well as a cup of Jell-o. I made sure I swallowed frequently, as my pre-op consultation person stated I would heal more quickly the more I drank and swallowed.
    As soon as I got home, I took my pain meds with a cup of Jell-o, and slept for about 3 hours.
    Although swallowing was extremely painful, I drank several cups of water while awake. I then slept on and off in 2 hour increments, and took meds with Jell-o.
    Pain for day one (overall) was about a 3. I had no nausea, and spent most of the day sleeping.

  88. Im 33 and i also had nasal surgery at the same time as my tonsilectomy, big mistake! Surgery was over and I woke up around 4ish. I could talk, kinda, which was surprising. Shit of daulaudid and a small cup of liquid lortab and I’m on my way. In good spirits and not feeling too terrible. Home by 5:30 and I’m dri king water. I read the forums so I’m drinking drinking drinking. Ate a little ice cream. Pain meds wear off quick so I’m struggling to make it to every 4 hours. Very bloated, think its because of the meds. Constant urge to pee but I can’t, again I think it’s bc of gas. Maybe how a pregnant woman feels they have to pee all the time? Very minimal sleep bc I can’t breathe.

  89. I am on Day 7 of my recovery and Thank God I am feeling alive again!! I just wanted to leave a few tips. I found that sweet tea, sprite, icecream, yogurt, pudding and shakes made the salava too thick in the back of my throat which caused swallowing and breathing problems for me. I found it much easier to drink ice cold water. It hurt real bad to drink the water but I knew I had to keep my throat moist at all times in order to keep hydrated and to keep soreness down. I ate orange jello and cheese grits for days 1-5 and it was heavenly. When I would try to eat mash potatoes or pasta it hurt my jaw, throat, tongue and teeth so I avoided eating anything that I needed my tongue to manuever. Yesterday was a good day and I even ran a few errands around town. Last night was kinda rough as I think the scabs are coming off in places. Today started out well and at times I feel a good bit of pain. I did eat cheese grtis, butter toast (not the edges) and a grill cheese sandwich today. I had to take a pain pill earlier today which I did not have to do that yesterday throughout the day. I am not pushing myself with the food issue. I want to eat real food and I can’t wait, however, I do not want to regress I want to move forward.

  90. Loved reading this, I feel exactly the same and have also put off due to work most of my life. So happy to hopefully live a heather future!

  91. Day one (Australia): Arrived at the hospital at 8 AM to check in. I was told to fast no food or water 6 hours prior to this. I was a little disappointed as I was then told that my surgery was scheduled for 11am. How would I survive 3 more hours without water. Food I’m fine with but not having water makes me feel anxious! I changed into my robe and a porter collected me on the trolly. He wheeled me to what felt like a waiting room for surgery and I stayed there about 10 minutes. He got me a warm blanket and tucked me in and covered my feet.

    I was then wheeled into a small curtained room, where the nurse applied chest pads and a blood pressure monitor band to my arm and pulse to finger.

    The anaesthetist came (nice guy) he told me day 2 would be the worst but it would be worth it in the long run. He then put a needle in my arm and gave me a small cocktail of the drugs. He kept me talking and I told him I felt weird. I was then wheeled into the operating room and asked to shuffle onto the operating bed. At this stage I was shivering as it was so cold. I don’t really remember much else apart from the porter rubbing my hand telling me to relax.

    I woke up in the recovery room gasping for air, the first thing I wanted was water. I the nurse got me it and I randomly said I wanted to gargle it but couldn’t and spat it right out, was agony. She then got me an icy pole and I lay there drugged up licking on that, weird eerie nice.

    I heard them say my room was ready and they wheeled me to another floor where my husband was waiting for me. They immediately gave me sandwiches a cup of tea and a large junk of iced water, they kept telling me to eat but I was so drugged up I didn’t know what I could do. My eyes were heavy and i ate the icy pole for a bit.

    My tongue was quite numb and I didn’t want to eat solids with a numb tongue in fear of biting the sucker off! The nurses came in every hour checking my pulse temperature and blood pressure. After an hour I was given paradox and I surprised myself and was able to eat the sandwiches! My husband then bought me some mashed potato from Aportos and that went down well!

    The surgeon popped in on me half way through the day, he said I had large abscesses on the left tonsil and they were ugly. He also shaved my adenoids. He said allot of patients recently have had great success with eating sushi and sashimi. This was music to my ears, so off the husband went again to get me sushi For dinner (I’m a lucky wife).

    Throughout the day I have had 4 panadol and 3 white tablets (strong mofos). Swallowing is getting much harder. I’ve gone through 3 drip bags and I’m still thirsty and not going to wee much. It’s nearly midnight and im scared to sleep in fear of waking up thirsty and sore. I dosed off on my husbands shoulder a few times in the day time, but not a deep sleep.

    I took a look in the mirror at the damage. 2 massive white gaping burnt holes, not pretty at all. I was horrified t how large the holes were, looks like food could seriously get tuck in there!

    Anyway, hopefully I may get some sleep tonight. Until then, signing off 🙂

    Ps. 29 yr old female

  92. Had surgery yesterday. Wasn’t prepared for inability to swallow without liquid. Sweet stuff makes me gag, so popcicles aren’t working for me either. Ice water is my friend and jello is going down ok.

  93. I am a 26 year old female and had my tonsils & adenoids out yesterday. When I woke up from the GA I just had a bad sore throat (to be expected…) But was given some hardcore pain meds via IV which helped. When I got home I took my prescription hydrocodone but accidentally didn’t take enough (turned out I didn’t have a measuring spoon) so I was in a good amount of pain when I’d swallow. My boyfriend ran out and got me a medicine dropper which has helped big time. I’ve set my alarm for every 4 hours to take my medicine and stay on top of the pain. Overall, on a scale of one to ten I’d rate day one’s pain at a 6.5 (thanks to the hydrocodone). Don’t be a hero, take your meds!! Good luck all!

  94. I’m a 32 y/o female who has had strep and tonsillitis at least a couple times a year since I was 6. Because of a demanding work and school schedule, I’ve been putting off this surgery for a good 12 years (who can afford to miss that much work?!) Anyway, after tremendous apprehension, I arrived for the surgery yesterday morning. Being a perfectionist and a planner, I’ve read gobs of glory tales shared by others online and have done all the research I think one could have done beforehand. I had my humidifier stocked with new filters, jello, applesauce, lidocaine gargle, a week off of work, and friends/family scheduled to take nursing rounds with me, and picked up all the scripts beforehand (hydrocodone 7.5/500 with instructions to take 12 per day and antibiotics (both in pill form). For those of you who do not realize, hydrocodone has tylenol in it, my surgeon’s prescription set off red flags for me immediately since he was prescribing 6,000 mg of tylenol per day (the absolute daily max is 3,000-4,000 for ANYONE and risks of exceeding that even once can result in permanent liver damage AND OD’ing (According to two pharmacists I’ve spoken to along with numerous friends who are doctors/nurses). Also, I’m only a 5’3 female. I called the surgeon and his nurse ASSURED me taking up to 7,0000 mg of tylenol for ten days is perfectly safe. I wasn’t buying it and I knew better. Second, most patients are prescribed liquid pain meds, not twelve horse pills to swallow each day after having a tonsillectomy. So, needless to say this greatly diminished my trust in a man who was about to perform surgery on me. My only opportunity to speak with the surgeon was right before my surgery, with IV already in place and sporting gown attire. Regardless, I knew if he didn’t prescribe a liquid pain med (prescribing huge pills after a tonsillectomy is just CRUEL with much LESS daily tylenol intake, I would happily have the IV removed, stand up and walk out. There is no way I would go through with a surgery with a Dr. I didn’t feel safe with. If he would prescribe such a reckless and dangerous amount of tylenol, what other things would he be sloppy and reckless with as a surgeon??? Luckily, we spoke beforehand and he changes both the antibiotic and the pain meds to liquid along with a smaller dose of tylenol in the pain meds (Liquid percoset 500/325). Anyway, although my tonsils are gigantic (referred to as “kissing tonsils” because they rub side by side), the surgery only took 15 minutes. From the moment I woke up in recovery (yesterday afternoon, 3/8/13), my pain has been about a 4 and though taking meds every 3-4 hours have remained around there. The pain is mostly in swallowing (which I’ve been doing a TON of trying to stay hydrated and not going more than two hours of sleep with waking up to sip. I will say I felt fully functional since the surgery, despite the pain, I’m perked up (might be result of percoset :)….I even called work and offered to work a couple hours from home. I’ve gone back and forth on the Amercian Vs. European approach to recovery (i.e. should I eat that piece of toast our brit friends claim to contain magical healing properties?) Although American I tend to have greater trust and faith in European health care practices. Dr.’s orders were to stick with applesauce and jello and then resume regular diet as soon as I can (no timeframe was given). Strangely, he also said there was no need to increase my fluid intake and that the regular 7-8 glasses of water would suffice. As before mentioned, I’m hydrating constantly and dismissing Dr.s advice on that one. So that’s about that. I know most people have an easy breazy first two days before the pain arrives. I’m hoping that I’m one of the few that fall into the first four days being the hardest and then improvement from there. It’s 6:30 in the morning of day two and I haven’t been able to talk AT ALL since getting home yesterday, even mouthing words hurts a great deal. Anyway, so far I’m really glad I finally did this. Yes, I’m using every last drop of my vacation and sick time at work just to cover the first week (really hoping to get back to work by day 10). I just keep smiling at the thought of never getting tonsillitis again. Plus, I recently developed bad sleep apnea where I would choke and gasp in my sleep without noticing or waking up (people sleeping over noticed). So I think with my quality of sleep improving vastly, I may even need less of it and that too delights me. Lastly, taking antibiotics a couple times a year for strep or for any reason for that matter is NOT good for us. There have been studies linking antibiotic use to things like cancer, etc. So this operation REALLY does promise an improved quality of life, not just short term but long term, too. Happy healing everyone! You’re not alone.

  95. Oh man. Ohhhh man. Surgery took an hour, at seven o’clock this morning, and it wasn’t too bad because I don’t remember a thing – but the pain following the operation hurt to high hell. I’m a vocalist, so the doctor is being ridiculously strict. It’s 10:30 pm and I’ve only had clear liquids and crushed ice; I’m only allowed to have the same tomorrow (!!!). I’m just taking lots and lots of small sips and trying not to go to sleep too often, because it dries out my throat. It feels like the center of my throat is crazy-swollen, and although I can talk all right when I’m hydrated, otherwise talking just hurts too much.

    Honestly, I would kill for just some soup, or some mashed potatoes right now.

  96. Day one:
    Oh thank god. I went there, and i dotn rven remember falling asleep. then i woke up all drugged and felt like it was very important for me to talk. so i did. and the nurse kept telling me to go back sleep. then later i woke up and trying to get ready to go home.
    I was surprized i had excpected the worst of the worst but to tell you the truth it feels like a bad case of strep throat. i have had that before. all i feel is that its hard to swallow and steady pain in there and then some pain going up my ear, but i find it tolerable.
    my tonsils werent that big. the one on the right was a bit bigger than usual but the left one was small. a tiny bit bigger than normal.
    after taking them out and cutting them in half to see the insides my doctor said “even though they seemed small im very glad we took them out because they were full of badness”

    and im very happy the surgery is done. finally ill stop being sick. and yeh. i have soups, boiled eggs,yogurts an ice cream and then i can eat anything if i can mush it.

  97. Day one: My surgery was at 9:30 yesterday morning 3/6/13. I did not get home until 4:00pm. I slept 2 hrs in the first recovery room. I think they gave me too much of that MJ medicine and on top of that gave me a couple doses of percocet so it put me back to sleep. At this stage they would not let my husband see me and I think it scared him a bit. I was in and out of sleep ALL day and still feel sleepy. I have managed to drink water through a straw every 5 mins or so while I am awake and talking is not too bad. I opted to do liquid pain meds as the pills didnt do so well while in the hospital yesterday. Although I have to take a 6 day prednisone pack and they are pills but kind of small. The pain really starts to kick in at about hr 4 for me but I’ve been trying to stretch it to every 5 hrs but by then it hurts to swallow even the 15cc of pain meds. I have not tried anything to eat out side of Popsicle. Oh I take that back..I had a jello at the hospital that i chewed until liquefied. I am a lap-band pt so my husband thought it would be a great idea to buy me sugar free Jello and it’s nasty so I’ll just stick to my popsicles until I can figure something else out.

  98. Just got home from my surgery, not too bad right now just ate some Mac and cheese and applesauce. Not in very much pain at all. All I can sat is hydrate!! Water, apple juice, vitamin water, ice chips. It makes a huge difference already!! I’m just sleepy from the amestheia. My surgery on,y took 15 minutes but had to spend some extra time in recovery because I always have a hard time coming out of the anesthesia

  99. Day One for myself wasn’t too bad… besides the puking up blood. I was on demerol 50mg and still coming off of the iv pain killer. I was able drink ice water at daycare (probably because I was so high and I felt no pain) but on my way out of the hospital I puked due to the fast pace the volunteer was pushing me in a wheelchair. I got home and went straight to bed. When I woke up I ate a popsicle and shorty afterwards puked again and again. Just the thought of food made me puke.

  100. I am 19 year old male in college hoping to get through this ASAP and back to classes. Had surgery at 9 on a thursday. Initial post op pain was almost none at all. My uvula was so huge it felt like a constant loogie, and it blocks exhaling through my nose when on my back. Nurse whipped me up a road cocktail and sent me home. Very little pain until about midnight when it intensified. Woke up throughout night for water and prescription of Hydrocodone/Acetomenophen solution.

  101. I had my tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy yesterday at 7:40 AM. It’s been about 24 hours since i woke up from the anesthesia. Yesterday, I woke up in the recovery room and was fed ice chips. They then wheeled me back to my room in pediatrics (I’m 16). The nurse had me shimmy over to the bed in the room, tests my vital signs, and then I slept for about 2 or 3 hours on and off to sleep the anesthesia off. I was awoken every 30 minutes or so when she took my vitals again. The nurse wanted to make sure I could walk and if the anesthesia had worn off. I stood up, had wobbly knees, and then sat right back down and got nauseous. The nausea was from a combination of my body reacting to the anesthesia and the blood in my stomach that the doctor didn’t suck up. The nurses warned about vomitting due to the blood in my stomach, but luckily, I didn’t really get nauseous for the rest of the day. However, my stomach was making a lot of noises with gas bubbles and I could feel the need to burp the whole day and into the night. Burping felt good when it came out but I didn’t like the pain it caused on my throat. So sometimes I didn’t encourage it. The bubbles ended up settling down and coming out the other way (if you catch my drift). THAT felt good. Anyway, I was on cortisone for sure, and morphine if I think. The pain was bearable. I’ve been taking my pain meds every 4 hours since I returned from the hospital (this includes me waking up at 3AM and 7AM). Pain is worse today. Sleeping last night wasn’t terrible. I had an ice collar on my neck and I went to sleep at around 10:30 or 11 (I was wide awake from napping all day when I had returned from the hospital). I woke up every 2 hours, drank some water, and took pain meds every 4 hours. I had my cool mist humidifier running the whole night. For drugs I am taking, I am on liquid antibiotic Augmentin, and Hydrocodone elixir which i believe is tylenol with pain killer. I’m already almost done with the bottle even though I haven’t taken more than prescribed. Anyway, I’m hanging in there on Day 2. My angel of a mother has been taking care of me today, my dad is at work but they were both with me at the hospital yesterday. One thing that sorta freaked me out was how swollen my uvula was. It really bothered me and was effected by gravity. For example, if i looked up, the uvula would sag down and lean up against the back of my throat. When I looked down it would sag and lay along the roof of my mouth. Thats the annoying thing. I asked the nurse to look at it when i saw it, and she said it was pretty big and to keep an eye on it. She said it could’ve been because the breathing tube that was inserted during the procedure was leaning up against it, and the swelling should go down in 48 hours. Anyway, please respond if you had a similar first day experience so maybe my days ahead could be similar to yours. Also, any questions just let me know even though I’m only on day 1.

  102. Hey, I’m no doctor, but i’m not too sure you should be taking ibuprofen. Take tylenol instead – ibuprofen increases the risk of bleeding. I went for my pre-op evaluation the other day (I’m having my surgery in like 9 hours!!) and when he told me that I should stop taking the pain meds after a week or so and take tylenol instead, I asked if Advil (ibuprofen) was ok too – he quickly snapped back saying noo!!! It increases the risk of bleeding, unlike tylenol which is a different drug that helps relieve most of the same symptoms. Hope this helps

  103. I am 35 and had my tonsils removed yesterday so I’m not sure if I’m day1 or day 2. I am on liquid hydrocodone and augmentin along with anti nausea meds. Pain is not intolerable with pain meds every 4hrs and adult strength liquid Tylenol. I can whisper but have just been using a dry erase board to communicate. Drinking as much as I can an I have 2 humidifiers going 24hrs One warm steam and one cool mist. I also have an ice pack continuously on my neck. But so far not too terrible.

  104. I went into theatre about noon and was a bit groggy for a couple of hours after coming around. But by 3ish I was feeling surprisingly alert. The op was a bit more complex than expected, as they actually found an abscess in my right tonsil. Lots of smelly pus, glad I was none the wiser. I remember going under and I remember coming around seemingly seconds later. No conscious fear of the process, but some very tame nightmares about unrelated things in the 2 nights beforehand, and I never have nightmares, so I guess there was some subconscious fear. Immediately before going under I was nervous about being sent to sleep and losing consciousness, and the idea of being filleted alive, but it was fine. By about 4pm I was encouraged to eat a sandwich. That was a real surprise. I was expecting liquids, ice cream etc, but they were having none of that. So I ate a whole egg mayo sandwich and it went down surprisingly well. Dessert was chocolate ice cream, but only because I like it and because it was on the hospital menu on the day. By 6 I was on my way home, and by 8 I was in the kitchen making a big batch of macaroni cheese – softer than a sandwich and should keep me going if things get tough the next couple of days. Drinking plenty of water, eating almost normally. First night (with humidifier) was not comfortable. Swallowing saliva was painful and I found it easier to sleep on my front so that the saliva would not accumulate at the back of my mouth. Drugs (400mg iboprofen, plus 1000mg paracetamol/16mg codeine) every 6 hours, and antibiotic clarithromycin 500mg every 12 hours. Overnight I would have liked to take the drugs more frequently than that. I wasn’t in constant pain, just having to sit up in bed every now and then to swallow my saliva. Day one then, pretty much as expected except for the totally normal eating, even hot food, which I did not expect. Ice cream stash is in the freezer as yet untouched. But it’s early days and after the complication with the op I’ve been warned it won’t be plain sailing.

  105. So today I had surgery and I am up. I have ear ache, headache and hurts to swallow my own salvia. Help!!! The doctor put me on nucynta 50 mg but it doesn’t seem to work. I also take percocet 10 mg for chronic back pain but still very little relief. I don’t recommend anything with dairy since it is cause me to have mucus buildup.

  106. Day 1. I am 32 years old. Never had strep in my life, then had it three confirmed times within 8 months. Yuck! The swelling caused sleep apnea. Tonsillectomy/adednoiectomy scheduled at 9:15am on 01/18/2013 (yesterday) via electro-cauterography . There were 2 doctors performing a total of 16 surgeries. 14 children and 4 adults. To say I was nervous is an understatement. My last surgery was an appendectomy 15 years ago. I’ve been stressing about this for over a month, hearing nothing but horror stories from friends. I have a very powerful gag reflex and the idea of tools down my throat is menacing. On the way to the clinic my heart was racing and my knees weak. I didn’t sleep a wink the night before and I was fidgeting in the waiting room. I’m also a chronic pain patient. I have been taking 10/325 Percocet twice each night for pain for over 3 years for nerve entrapment in my pelvis, which is something no doctor has been able to fix. This gives me a high tolerance to pain medication. The surgery started an hour late, and took 30 minutes. I fought the anesthetic but fell asleep within one minute of the gas and IV. Woke up in not too much pain considering he didn’t use local numbing, maybe 4/10. The adenoid removal was the most noticeable. The only thing in the world I cared about was ice chips. I chewed 5 cups worth and swallowed as much as possible. It wasn’t too painful yet. They gave me liquid 7.5/500 Lortab. I’m able to whisper and swallow with great effort, but it’s not terrible. I had a few cups of applesauce, chicken broth, and even one whole scrambled egg tonight for dinner! I must have peed 10 times since arriving home. And breathing up water vapor from my humidifier. I’m terrified of drying out so I’m keeping that throat wet! The pain medication doesn’t even make me drowsy. I’m in the least pain about one hour after taking it, and that’s when I down as much water as possible. So far the worst pain is 6/10, best 3/10.

  107. Hello everyone.. I had my tonsillectomy 12 hours ago and the pain has slowly increased from tolerable to moderate to now severe. I was prescribed Lortab every 4 hours but am finding it lasts no more than 2 and just barely takes the edge off. I woke up about an hour ago and was in absolute tears. I’d like to think I have a high pain tolerance after giving birth w/ no meds but this is horrific; I waved the white flag and took my Lortab after only 3 hours. I know I should follow the schedule but I had to this one time.
    Popsicles and ice cold water help but swallowing in general in unbearable so the relief is minimal. Talking is nearly out of the question and what is with all this thick saliva?! It’s only forcing me to be more aware of the need to swallow.
    I envy those of you who are sailing right through this and sympathize with those with me in the same boat. Best wishes to everyone, and Greg thank you for this site. I felt so prepared as to what to expect and relieved to have a place to come to, if only to vent.
    Speedy recoveries to all.

  108. No nothing, just paracetamol and ibuprofen in every 4hrs. Its 9:30am at UK time, Im still fine, Im sooooo lucky! 🙂

  109. My tonsillectomy was performed on January 14th by a Colorado ENT surgeon. He did a fantastic job. I was put on several different anesthetics, and I came back to consciousness crying. Sometimes that happens. Ice chips and cran-apple juice were given to me and I was given an hour or so to just relax and come to gently. That first day was great, I had liquid hydrocodone (vicodin) to take every four hours, which we decided to back up to every three hours. Unfortunately, one of my pre-op blood tests got lost and the results were not present for the surgery. It was for Factor 8 hemophilia. That night I slept very little because I felt as though there was liquid running down my throat. I woke up at 7am and to my horror, my throat started bleeding. I went to the ER, they used Neo-Synephrine on my throat, gave me an IV with pain killers, and did everything they could to slow the bleeding. I then had the clots removed from my throat, a numbing medication sprayed in my throat, and the bleeding was stopped by silver nitrate. The silver nitrate looks like a giant match with a silver head instead of red. Of course my gag reflex was triggered, and my throat closed down around it, but I still felt nothing. If you, like me, have post-tonsillectomy bleeding: Do not panic. Lean forward and let it drain into a bucket or a big bowl. Bite a towel, and keep it there. That will slow the bleeding by allowing the blood to clot in your mouth. Try not to vomit. The human body is designed to have an aversion to the taste, sight, and smell of its own blood, but vomiting may harm the surgical site. Bleeding does not hinder healing time. Swallowing blood will make your stomach quite upset, but sometimes it can’t be helped. You need to go to the ER, and they will get control of the bleeding. Just make sure to take slow, deep breaths and not panic. You will be fine. I’ll continue my posting on day 2.

  110. I had my tonsillectomy today morning at 9am and was discharged from hospital by 3:30ish. So far so good-just like having sore throat. Managed to have some food down and lots of water! (Tried apple juice too at home, but just one sip as it was stinging so no more for sure!) Even had cottege pie for dinner!:) And the painkillers to swallow which was not so much fun though. My stomach is full cant believe it!:) I was so scared of this operation, and no problem so far. Havent slept since woke up from GA tho. I dont dare to fall a sleep-having read some bad stories. Dont want to wake up in lots of pain and with dry throat.:( Hope I will say the same tomorrow too-that Im fine!! Wish you guys all well here and a speedy recovery! 🙂

  111. day of surgery, pain was like a sore throat the most annoying thing was my swollen uvula. i was not given any antibiotics to take at home, just some weak percocet that i take every 4 to 5 hours

  112. PANCAKES!! and pancakes are the best invention ever for this kinda op.. No syrup of corse, it will sting unless your up for it. Lol

  113. ADVICE:
    Day for the first week keep up with you meds, even if your not in pain. Cause trust me it will catch up and hit you like a tone of bricks.. Eat soup (soup that you add milk too) drink plenty of water to keep you fluids up. Eating some foods like Ice cream, some yogurts will sting the throat so stay away from them, noodles are also good, I found the best thing to drink after I got sick of water was orange poweraid. Toast is also good, but make sure you chew alot before swallowing, I’m only saying this because the texture of it after it’s chewed is soft but still ferm enough to take down the scab on your throat while you swallow, which is a good thing otherwise it builds up and gets more painful and more swollen, I learnt the hard way when I refused to eat or drink anything because of the pain.

  114. i had my tonsils out on the 10th Jan 13. I went in at about 8-9am and woke up at around 2pm, I woke up coughing (PAINFUL VERY PAINFUL) they said I woke up coughing because the numbing stuff was wearing off my throat and it was very dry. So everyone was like you’ll be fine, it’s all bed, ice cream and jelly. So 6 days later I’m in bed can barley swallow let alone eat ANYTHING. I’m currently on endone witch seems to help me sleep. Little did anyone tell me you need to actually eat for the white stuff to (scabs) to come off your throat, lucky I did not have stitches, they used a burning machine thing. I just took a tablet and it feels like it’s stuck but reading this I hope it just feels that way..

  115. Haha in fact I’m in Pilsner faculty hospital, so near the source of that delicious beer xD
    My surgery went not very well itself, they hurt my nose from intubation so I’ve one long nosebleed yesterday, together with really swolen toung in was “fabulous”. Though the tonsils-used-to-be feels not so bad as I expected. Now I’m gonna read all your day two experiences 🙂

  116. Hi Karolina- Thanks for posting. Any country that produce a beer as fine as Pilsner Urquel certainly can handle something as simple as a tonsillectomy! 😉 Best of luck!

  117. Hello, at first i’d like to thank you for doing this website! I’ m in the hospital right now waiting for my tonsillectomy. I live in czech republic and I found out we have different care for tonsillectomy patients ~ we stay in the hospital for 4 days post op, sometimes even more when something gets complicated. I’ ll write about my feeling after I wake up from anesthesia, I think my experience may differ from yours since I’ll be staying at the hospital (more drugs?:)) but it can be useful to other foreign readers. Unfortunatly we don’t have any website like this in czech.

  118. Just had my tonsils taken out at 9:30 this morning and its been 8 hours since then, I guess people have so many posts about their tonsils is because we have nothing better to do when we get home. I have a high tolerance for pain and my god does it hurt to swallow and drink water. Everything else seems to be fine until you take a sip. Within 1-2 hours of when the meds kick in is the best to eat because you feel it less. When waking up in the hospital,that was the worst! I literally woke up feeling like I was drowning and suffocating in my own saliva. I couldn’t drink till 30 minutes in because it felt like I was going to drown! What I inform everyone right before prior to surgery is clear your throat and spit out all the back flem behind your throat and tonsils. I wish they told me this, because I literally had to spit out as soon as I woke up an this can split the stitches! I’m about to take my meds again and try some roman noodles after trying grandmas soup which helped but was a little to thick. It’s not all the bad, but i havent been able to eat anything, a few sips of soup and water: I’m just upset with not being able to eat because I don’t want to lose weight. I hope this day is the worst and sleeping hasn’t been a problem

  119. I just thought i would write a few tips to help you along the way
    day 1 and 2 aren’t so bad as you are still on hospital meds which seem to last longer than anything else – i was probably around a 5 these days.
    day 3-6 hit hard and it went to an 8 yes the meds helped but i was tired and miserable and eating was awful – could eat eggs that was about it – iced water is the best thing ever and popsicles galore! I kept my meds alarmed on my phone to make sure they were taken on time and whenever i woke up from sleep i straight away had a popsicle which helped a bit – only got pains down to about a 6 those days managed to eat chicken noodle soup that was about it.
    by days 7 and 8 i felt like i was a bit more human and could eat a bit more nothing to get excited about but some macaroni cheese, quiche, soup stuff like that – have found it is stinging a lot more if i eat the wrong foods and water hurts to drink now and iced stuff so living on cups of warm tea but honestly it has felt like a turning point now and i managed to sleep through the night on night 7 and didn’t need a nap during day 8 which helped a lot too – just be careful not to over talk as i keep doing that and then my throat feels very strained and uncomfortable but pain level is only about a 2-4 today YAY! so exciting. IT’s worth it to get done! and it actually in some ways went by quite quickly especially when you are doped up! I am sad that i missed Christmas but there will be more Christmases to come!!

  120. Day 1: 12/20/12
    My surgery was scheduled for 9:30am but didn’t get done until almost 11 because they had an emergency. They said surgery went great, I had a lot of bleeding and swelling afterwards and got extremely sick from anesthesia which was to be expected for me. Something new I did with anesthesia was wake up screaming and kicking and crying. I have never done that but they said with as much pain that I was in that anything could have happened. I got taken up to my room where my family and friends were there to see me. With all the pain meds and other meds through my IV I really didn’t know what was going on and slept for most of the time.

  121. I had my surgery 12/18/12. Let me start by saying that I had tonsillitis and then a peritoniller abcess a week and 1/2 before my surgery. I NEVER ever want to go through another peritonsiller abcess again. Couldnt swallow my own saliva. It was the worst pain I’ve ever had!
    Ok- so day 1- I live 1hr away from the hosptial and Dr. that did my surgery so he agreed to keep me over night. I was so glad. I ate icechips continually. I couldnt drink. DO NOT take big gulps. No matter what the paperwork says. DONT DO IT!!! Youll have to swallow 4 times to feel like youve cleared it and you feel like your choking. Just take a spoonful of water or icechips or whatever at a time. Trust me! Got super nauseated that night and hurled big time. SO glad I was still in the hospital. It was horriffic. I hope you all dont hurl with this. Pain wise I was trying to be strong (stupid idea) so I stayed with a 3/10 pain which I thought was great compared to the peritonsiller abcess pain. But, take the drugs!!!

  122. Day One: Went in for a tonsillectomy December 21st. My surgery was a bit more intense as The tonsils were removed for biopsy, biopsies taken from the back of both sides of my tongue and the nasopharynx. I also had a laryngoscopy. All this was to help diagnose Metastatic Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Head and Neck.

    PET scan lit up several lymph nodes in the left side of my neck as well as my right tonsil. The tonsil was iffy so out they came this morning. They need to get a better look. Doctor was encouraged as my larynx and vocal cords look Ok.

    So… woke up not feeling too bad. The back of my tongue hurt more than my throat. That was short lived. By this evening 9pm, I’m a hurtin’ pup for sure. Thank God for the pain meds. I’ve been sipping Powerade Zero since I got home. I haven’t eaten anything yet but as soon as this last dose of pain meds kicks in, I’m going to try some room temp chicken broth.

    I’m not liking what I’ve been reading here on the forum of what I have to look forward to. I can only hope my experience won’t be as bad as some I’ve read.

  123. I guess yesterday is considered day 1 since that is when I had my tonsillectomy and today day 2. I took pain meds every 3 hours ( my dose is 20 ml every 6 hrs, so I cut the dose in half for better pain coverage. We set our alarms to go off every 3 hrs for meds and a few drinks. Oddly enough, apple juice is my favorite so far. I have tried pudding, jello, applesauce, a Popsicle and mashed potatoes. As much as I dislike jello normally, it seems to be my favorite right now. I can open wide enough for a Popsicle comfortably yet, and my normal standby of instant mashed potatoes did not work at all! I’ve kept an ice bag on since pacu yesterday and it does seem to help quite a bit. Guess I’m lucky, I’m normally a stomach sleeper, but last night slept comfortably in bed on my side with my pillow elevated on some blankets. Tonight my folks got me a wedge pillow, so we will see how it goes later.

    I can already feel Improved breathing thru my nose, however it seems like all the “junk” has taken up residence in my throat. Knowing how bad the last32 hours have been, I’m still terrified of what is to come. Thank heavens my husband as been wonderful!

    We live in a very small space so I havent tried the humidifier yet. Figured I’d have a better idea after tonight.

    Time for my 2 hour nap. I pray you all have smooth and speedy recovery!

  124. I’m wit ya buddy, I’m bout 8 hrs removed fron my tonsilectomy, and it pretty much feels like a sore throat, if pain does not progress then this shud b cake walk. But ive also been warned not to b fooled by the first days effects, the next two days will tell all…. So we shall see

  125. Day 1:
    I have to say, waking up after surgery was brutal. I had mine out at 7:30, and the nurses said it only took about fifteen minutes. I woke up coughing because I couldn’t breathe, so the nurse had to spoon feed me a couple cups of ice chips. After going to the recovery room, my throat was extremely sore until the nurse came in with the pain medication I’ll be taking for the next week or so. I requested liquid medicine because of a post I had read on here. VERY good idea.
    Going home around 11:00, I had a cup of jello and simply cuddled with my dogs until I fell asleep and woke up six hours later. Unfortunately, this meant I missed my 1:00 dose. Very BAD idea. My throat was so bad I didn’t want to talk, and looking at food made me think of it scraping down my throat.
    After my mom got home with my medicine (liquid vicodin), I took it as soon as she walked through the door (around six thirty). After I took the medicine, I was able to talk to all the calling family members and I feel great.
    1. Ice water! I know it hurts most of the time, but I suggest drinking the most after you take your pain medication. It helps, trust me!
    2. Request liquid medicine!!! I can’t imagine having to swallow a whole pill. Especially because I had my tonsils taken out through cauterization. Ouch.
    3. Sleep when you need to, but try to keep moving around. I think laying in bed for at least a week by yourself would be a little depressing.
    4. Two words: Ramen Noodles! I made mine normally in the microwave, then put three ice cubes in it to make it room temperature. I LOVED IT! It wasn’t too hot, it wasn’t too cold, and it was slimey (in a good way) enough to slip down my throat while feeling good.
    I’ve been researching on this site for the past month, and it’s really prepared me. So I figured I would try to help someone else, too. Good Luck!

  126. I’m 31 and had tonsils out around 9am on Day 1. I tend to get nauseated pretty easily so my doctor prescribed me with a scopalomine patch to wear behind my ear the night before surgery, through Day 3. Everything was much better than expected. Painful to swallow but not as bad as some strep throat episodes I’ve had before. Took Lortab every 4 hours around the clock and made sure to have a humidifier around me at all times. Thought to myself, if this is what the next two weeks feel like, this will be a walk in the park. Worst part of Day 1 was the headache I had from caffeine withdrawal. Overall felt pleasantly surprised and glad the surgery is over and recovery has officially started.

  127. Something that also has helped is getting a wash cloth really cold…. Wring it out and twist it around neck. Add a hand towel under that to absorb water. I change it out periodically. It seems to absorb heat from my neck. Check it out after a few minutes the heat seems to have transferred into the cloth.

  128. I couldn’t believe I was being sent home. I was out of it… Couldn’t even focus and the Pain!!!!i I am guessing the hospital can charge more people for the day although most of us are only there a few hours. They can get someone else in and also charge them for the day.

  129. I agree. Just had mine out this morning and can’t figure put how to sleep. When I finally “dozed off” I woke up coughing from not being anbke to breathe. Day 1 not so bad. Hoping it stays this way

  130. Lots of people say to stay away from milk products but pudding is amazing. I was in terrible pain post op and needed to take oral pain meds. The nurse gave me a pudding cup. Two spoonfuls coated my throat and let the giant pill slide down nearly pain free. After I woke from a nap my throat was killing me so I had more pudding with the same results. Before bed I swallowed a few spoonfuls and let it stay coating my throat. When I woke it was mostly still there and had kept my throat moist. I had another spoonful each time I woke and it made the pills easy to swallow. This morning the pudding was quite smelly so I Gently sprayed it off using a 30cc syringe I had bought in advance from my pharmacy. I used lukewarm water first then Biotene mouthwash which is alcohol free and has soothing antibacterial enzymes.
    My other advice is to suck lots of ice,stay away from acidic things, donCt drink cold liquids because they hurt more than room temp or lukewarm, and try eating broken Ramen noodles lukewarm. The salt feels good and the noodles are super soft going down.
    Set an alarm and take your pain meds on time! They prevent pain better than they treat it. Stay hydrated!

  131. I had my tonsils removed yesterday and it wasn’t too bad thanks to some of the post on this website. I drank plenty of ice water and took my pain meds every 4 hours as suggested. The only issue I had was sleepy, I had to sleep sitting up because laying down made me feel like I was chocking. So far so good! I

  132. I just hadn’t tonsilectomy today around 1230 pm it is now 115am and I’ve slept maybe 2 hrs. I was given morphine when I woke up from anistetic and from what I’m told there is a lot that I dont remember when I first woke up until I started to cry. I have been given t3s for the pain every for hrs but it seems that by hr 3 I’m wanting to take more. I was also given antibiotics but I asked for them in liquid form, best idea ever. I’m hoping the t3s r enough for the pain cause swallowing hurts like hell and it makes me clench my teeth together. We will see how the next few days go.

  133. Day 1, Wednesday, Surgery Day. I felt pretty good going into the surgery, but when it was over I could not wake up. They kept trying to wake me, but all I wanted was to sleep. I was sooooo dizzy and sleepy. I was to go home the same day, as soon as I “felt up to it”. Well I kept telling my hubby that I wish I was staying overnight, because I don’t know how I am going to manage. I kept vomiting in recovery. On the way home, I kept the hospital bedpan on my lap in case I felt like vomiting again. As soon as I got home I began vomiting again. I believe it was from the Lortab (Vicodin), so I refused to take my next dose. My throat just felt like a regular sore throat at this point. So I decided that Children’s Tylenol liquid would have to do, since it was all I had on hand. I checked with my doctor first, and doubled the children’s dose. It did a pretty good job. Ice packs really helped too, for about 15-20 min. on and off. I drank tons of water, and did not sleep very well at night because I had to keep running to the bathroom every 1/2 hr. Pain was about 5/10 on this day.

  134. Thank you so much. I’m going to have a tonsillectomy next week and i have that exact same fear. Thanks again, and i hope your ok now!

  135. Day 1 wasn’t too bad. Due to complicating health issues I was admitted over night, given steroids, antihistamines and tolerated the anaesthesia Propofol well. (I have systemic mastocytosis, so basically allergic to anything and may end up in anaphylaxis easily.)

    I have non cooperative blood vessels so they had to stick in me about 15 times – no I’m not exaggerating and they got a bit frantic since they couldn’t get the vein port in, but it ended up in my foot at last. Not recommended, it hurts like hell…

    Surgery went well I was told, I could speak after surgery and felt okay. Was kept at ICU for 3-4 hours for monitoring before wheeled back to room. I can’t tolerate any pain meds except Tylenol/ paracetamol due to my Mastocytosis. They tried to give me Fentanyl but I almost threw up and got a sharp drop in blood pressure, so they took me off of it, which I was for since I didn’t like the feeling of it at all.

    I drifted in and out of sleep and fevers all day and night. Uvula started to swell like crazy so they gave me two rounds of steroids to keep it from swelling any more. I gagged several times when I tried talking or walking. Leaning forwards meant I couldn’t breathe, not cool. I slept for 30 – 60 mins intervals throughout the night, drooled a little and that awoke me at least once pr. hour. Ridiculous. But the pain wasn’t so bad except for swallowing.

    I tried to drink water with ice cubes in it, but due to my Mastocytosis I had an allergic reaction to the cold so had to switch to tepid water. I do recommend ice packs on throat and sucking on ice cubes for those who can. It does numb the throat and it gets less sore. I’ll post every day from now on. Scared of what lies ahead since I can’t take any proper pain meds…

  136. Continued: took one Percocet. Hung out in the recovery room for a while sipping on ice water. At this point, I’m post-op about 5 hours and I feel great. I’m even kind of hungry! I have set my alarm for every 4 hours to wake me for percocets. I will continue taking 2 at this point to avoid breakthrough pain. I’m tired but only really able to doze at this point with my neck pillow. I keep trying to sip sip sip water. I feel good but am soooooo scared for the horrors to come….

  137. Got to the hospital, was very anxious but had lots of great care. Asked for some versed to ease my mind which helped. They rolled me into the OR, said I’d be feeling some stinging in my IV then the next thing I know I’m in recovery. Anesthesia is amazing!
    Ate some jello, got some IV fentanyl and took one pwrv

  138. Hello all-
    I am a 32 year old male and I just had my tonsillectomy yesterday morning. So far not so bad at all! I’ve been eating solid foods and my pain no lie is at a 1-2. I’m surprised about this to tell you the truth. Right now it feels a little uncomfortable when I swallow but I have had sore throats that have been SO much worse. I realize that it is only day 2, but whats strange to me is that the pain doesn’t seem to be progressing. We will see what happens though because it seems to get worse for people later. A couple of things I am doing: 1) Taking pain meds like clockwork. I made sure I got something strong. (Dilaudid 4 mg). I am also taking Tylenol with it as Dilaudid does not contain Acetaminophin. 2) I am gargling with a salt water and baking soad mix. Gently. I am using the packets that came with my neti pot. Other than that I am just relaxing. I am able to do everything I can usually. Everyone is different I guess because I have read some horror stories here. My experience so far has been NOTHING of that variety. We will see what happens. I will be sure to post everything either way it goes. Good luck to all of you going in for this procedure and don’t worry about it! This is not as bad as it sounds on here! In my case at least. We will see if I’m singing the same tune tomorrow. LOL 🙂

  139. Thank you for letting me know that laying back is pure hell. I tried to lay back because i felt sick but nearly choked to death. I’ve been propped up to sleep and do pretty well like that. I hope tomorrow is better. I had my tonsils removed today October 1.

  140. Returned from surgery around 1pm exhausted, but okay. Doctor’s gave me additional IV pain medication. Started liquid vicodin on the hour, every hour as soon as I got home. My doctor said I could take a tsp an hour, or 4 tsp every 4 hours. I decided to keep with the low dosage more often. Missed a few doses for sleeping, and wished i hadn’t. Ate popsicles and chicken broth. Drank water with a camelpak, because the constant sipping is easier than forcing yourself into big gulps and got two full paks down over the course of the day. Went to sleep taking 3 tsp of vicodin and set my alarm for four hours. Woke up two hours in with a lot of pain, hard to swallow water. Was up every two or so trying to get more water and in pain.

  141. Day 1 over. I am 41 and had my tonsils out yesterday. After many years of twice yearly throat infections I finally found an ENT who had the smarts to say I needed this done. I’ve read many things on this website and will continue to do so. All went relatively well but I did cry upon waking from anesthesia due to the pain. The nurse was wonderful and kept me until the pain was under control. Had a snafu getting my prescriptions but finally made it home 3 hours after waking in recovery. I have my iPhone alarm set for every fours to take my pain pills and I take antibiotics and cough syrup every twelve hours. I have had a cough for two weeks any they did a breathing treatment on me before they put me under. Coughing isn’t too bad which surprises me. Perhaps because the pain is more in the center and top of my throat vs the esophagus. Sleeping is a challenge. If I do not sit up straight with pillows against the wall then I seem to choke on my spit. Without the tonsils there, it just slides right down. I know this may all get worse before it gets better but it will all be worth it.

  142. ps, i haven’t had any issues with constipation but the side effects of the anesthesia and lortab made it hard to urinate. Just a heads up for anyone else going through day 1. This will get better as the meds wear off. I suggest going to the bathroom as the edge comes off of the meds, its difficult, but it can be done.

    Also, i tried eating soup, but my wounds (scabs or whatever you wanna call the huge gaping holes where my tonsils used to be, lol) are very large and the noodles/food gets stuck there. Jello and Pudding have been very tasty and easy to swallow and also keep down. Also been drinking a ton of gatorade and boost or ensure protein drinks to keep me hydrated as well as nourished.

    Bring on day 2…

  143. day one for me, i had my surgery at around 1 pm.. (doctor was running late). Procedure went well, i was a bit nervous but the staff made me feel very comfortable. Got home and slept for a few hours, but as the pain meds wore off i started to feel like throwing up. as of right now, i can’t keep anything down… threw up twice already, just from trying to take pain meds, antibiotics, and gatorade.

    not looking forward to tomorrow, from what ive read its supposed to be worse..?

  144. 22 year old female surgery day 08-20-2012. Coblation tonsillectomy my throat was white not black
    Tuesday day 2 08-21-2012 i was alright just antsy after my boyfriend left for work and school think I had a panick attack because the mucus got bad after attempting to eat ice cream ICE CREAM IS BAD DO NOT EAT IT NO MATTER WHO TELL YOU ITS GOOD FOR YOU WHAT THE HECK? ANY DAIRY PRODUCTS IS A NO NO. i tried to drink white grape juice I drunk a lot of water and ate ice chips and popcicles really helped out with mucus build up…for the rest of that day I was just waiting on boyfriend to come so I can sleep seem like he make sleep better I can sleep longer hours with him and feel good be held by him and to have his support 🙂 the pain wasn’t there I stayed on top of my meds Hydro/Acetamin 7.5-500MG 3 teaspons every 4 hours

  145. I’m a 22 year old female and I had the coblation tonsillectomy my throat wasn’t balck it is white Monday Day 1 the day of surgery after surgery i felt nausous they gave me meds i went home and drink water my boyfriend came over i felt better was not in too much pain uvulva was so swollen i could swallow it but i can talk and sing normal but low felt good

  146. Day 1 Thursday
    I had my tonsillectomy at 1:30pm. When I awoke and came to I wasn’t in much pain at all. My grandmother was with me but I was feeling a tad emotional because my boyfriend had to work and I was hoping to see him. The nurse brought me 4 cups: a cup of ice, a cup of ice water, a cup of apple juice and a cup with a Popsicle. At 4pm she wanted me to take a dose of liquid Tylenol with codeine so I ate the popsicle and took the medicine. I felt almost immediate relief. I attempted to chase it with apple juice because I’m not big on liquid meds but the apple juice seemed to burn my throat. I was continually asking for bread due to being so hungry-I had no food for 17 hours prior to surgery-however they brought me jello instead and I was discharged. When I got home I had some iced apple juice and decided to eat something substantial. I tried a few bites of chicken and stars earths best baby food but it burned my throat so I made white cheddar macaroni and cheese slightly overlooked and mashed. That seemed to go down much better and settled in my stomach nicely. I drank a sip of water after almost every bite because it felt as though some of the food was getting stuck in my throat. I also felt the need to spit every few bites from phlegm. After I felt I’d had enough “real food” I decided a Popsicle might feel nice to calm my throat. I had a strawberry weight watchers yogurt pop and that seemed to help the pain. Im still in quite a bit of pain and I take my next dose of Tylenol at 8pm. 

    I took 2tbsp of Tylenol w codeine at 8pm. I ate a bowl of vanilla pudding and some lukewarm chicken and stars soup. The pudding was good and felt good on my throat. I couldn’t eat a lot of the soup because the stars seemed to stick and get caught in the back of my throat. 

  147. Day 1 was easy (I can say that now, at day 7). I was wondering what all the fuss was about. I even ate food and went to the store.

  148. Day 1 was ok for me. I felt like I was going to puke every time I moved. I couldn’t eat much because it burned so bad so all I did was drink water. The important thing is to drink every time you have a chance. Force hydrate, even if it does burn or feel weird. I slept almost all day except for when I had to wake up for a drink.

  149. Day 1: Surgery Day Aug 14, 2012

    I am 22 years old, and so happy to be finally rid of my awful tonsils. I was scheduled for surgery around 8 am yesterday, and everything went just fine. the iv was a tad uncomfortable, and was pretty nervous as i had never had a surgery of any sort before. They hydrated me through the iv so i would not get sick. They took me into the operating room, moved me to the table, asked me how much I weighed and just like that i was out. I woke up and felt nice and cozy wrapped up in some warm blankets in the cool recovery room, i did not get sick, but i think i cried a little when i first woke up, as i was a little disoriented. I believe the method they used was the harmonic cutlery one described on this blog, with a few stitches thrown in just in case. Once I had slept a little, eaten some jello, and used the restroom, I was ok to go home. They gave me some tylenol with codine for the pain(nasty liquid orange flavor) and some liquid antibiotics(the pink kind you have as a kid for ear infection etc) I was pretty out of it most of the day but pain level was pretty manageable. They said just liquids for now, but I managed to eat a tapioca pudding an half a pack of ramen i mixed with peas and only a little flavor and cooked till it was nice and soft a cooled down, along with a lot of water. I am camped out on my couch to keep my head/neck a little more elevated and comfortable. Also talking isnt too bad, although i am trying not to overdo it. I was even able to skype my boyfriend and thank him for the beautiful flowers he sent me. I have a cool air humidifier running constantly, and a gel ice pack for my neck. Ive been taking the tylenol with codine every 4 hours, even at night, with lots of water and a vitamin water sort of drink to chase down the nasty medicine flavor. The stiches feel weird, but nothing too painful yet.

  150. I am suggesting getting “Puffcorn” It is like a cheese puff but extremely soft. The only food I have been able to eat up until day 8. Thank goodness for it!

  151. My first day i felt on top of the world ! i thought that it wasnt bad at all, but yet did i discover that that was the best i would feel for the next week! Make sure on your first day you keep up with your meds and drink water, if you cant drink popcicles help out alot

  152. On day one, I woke up around 10:30am from surgery panicking because I couldn’t breathe. I had a lot of saliva blocking my windpipe. The attending nurse thought I was just groggy as I was trying to get his attention. Eventually, he realized my airway was blocked and suctioned my mouth. After a lot of coughing, my airway cleared and I finally relaxed. I had some throat pain, but it wasn’t bad. The pain was equivalent to having tonsillitis. I asked the nurse if I had stitches in my throat because I could feel something back there, but he said there weren’t any. It was most likely the scabs that I was feeling. They took me back to my room and gave me water, Sprite, and lemon jello. I didn’t even want to test carbonation on my throat, so I skipped the Sprite and went for the water. I didn’t drink much because it was difficult to swallow. I’m not a fan of jello, but I decided to go for it anyway. It was MAGIC! The cold jello went down easy and soothed my throat. After about 45 minutes, my throat pain started to get worse and the nurse gave me some liquid lortab. It started to kick in within 30 minutes and the pain was tolerable again. I was released around noon and was given a prescription for amoxicillen and roxicet. The nurse told me to wait until 4:30pm before I take the roxicet and start the amoxicillin the next day. I stayed at my parents’ house until my fiance could pick me up after work. I got my prescription around 4:30pm but didn’t take it until 5:30pm once I was home and had food on my stomach. By that time, the pain was absolutely horrible. I made some cream of chicken soup and drank it from a cup, carefully chewing the chunks of chicken before swallowing them. The soup was so easy on my throat. I took my roxocet, but half an hour later, realized I had only take half the dose I should have, so I took the rest of the dose. The rest of the day, I was able to tolerate the pain, taking my medicine every 6 hours as prescribed.

  153. I had my surgery today at 8:15 AM, and so far it hasn’t been all that bad! It is now 7 PM. (And I’m a big weenie when it comes to pain, trust me!) I read all these horror stories about the pain being worse than childbirth, and I got myself so worked up with anxiety that I vomited several times the evening before and the day of. The hospital staff was very nice and comforting, and when I woke up I wasn’t in a whole lot of pain; just really tired. They gave me a shot of pain meds before sending me home. The doc also sent me with liquid vicodin and a mouth wash that is thick but numbs the throat.

    Since then, I’ve been sleeping off and on, waking to drink water frequently and to take my meds. I haven’t been in a whole lot of pain, just feels like a strep throat infection so far. I also have 2 humidifiers running in the bedroom and that helps too.

  154. Morphine morphine morphine. Then home and pain meds and antibiotics (both liquid form). Able to eat 1 scrambled egg. Surgery at 8 am, home by 11 am. Not too bad, feeling loopy from the meds and everything. Then WHAM 2 am the hiccups begin. Constant and steady every 2 seconds for 14 hours straight, then sporadically over the next few hours. Cut back on narcotics per docs advice. Throat looks nasty, once the swelling reduced.

  155. One of things that has helped me sleep Alicia is to sleep sitting up. It keeps my throat from hurting and also if lay down on my back my soft pallet blocks my breathing through my nose. For me the pain has gotten worse from day one to day two, but it has gone from shape pains to more of a whole throat ache. Something that will help with the ear pain is ice packs on the neck and jaw along with chewing some sugar free gum. What do they have you on for pain meds?

    -Matt F.

  156. Hi all, what a day…had surgery this morning so i’m assuming this is day 1. Surgery was @ 11am; I was in decent shape until around 8pm when my throat and ear began to throb. Amazing pain. I’m surprised since so many people said day 1 was the lightest of the days. i’ve used the white board to reserve my voice. Got down some apple sauce, popsicle, tons of water and ice.
    I hope to be able to sleep,,,everytime i drift pain wakes me up.
    i ca’t imagine tht this is going to get worse…….

  157. 24 year old male opera singer here. This was a bit of a scary procedure for me given my profession. But I am 12 hours post op now and doing well so far. I was able to have my tonsils removed with the laser option so it went quick with minimal bleeding. So far it seems like I am doing better than average for post op. I have spent most of my day either sleeping or eating a fantastic Culver’s chocolate and peanut butter mixer. I ate it with my first two home doses of the pain meds. I have had no nausea since getting home, but I did throw up something fierce in the recovery room when they tried to move me. Surprisingly I felt a lot better after that even though it did end my streak of 7 years without vomiting. The scariest part of this procedure for me was the idea of being put under. While this is a short and relatively simple surgery it looks and feels like major surgery. I had never been put under before and was terrified of it. It actually went well and I enjoyed it in an odd way. I had the surgery team laughing nonstop as they got me ready in the OR so that was fun. Also, I tried to get one of my recovery nurses to give me his mustache… All things considered, it was a lot scarier in my mind. Now we see how the recovery goes…

    -Matt F.

  158. 26 years old, have never had a general anesthetic / operation before. I live in the UK (Lancashire) and I was pleasantly suprised by my surgery day, the pre-op care was excellent, I dont remember going ‘under’, and mostly I was just thirsty on waking up. It did take a few hours to get to grips with swallowing again, it isnt easy at first. On being asked to take tablets / food – I was terrified! But actually, once you psych yourself up for it, you soon realise that it is no less painful than swallowing water/saliva, in fact I couldnt feel it at all… and I’m usually useless at taking tablets.

    Somehow I was prescibed liquid paracetamol liquid dihydrocodeine, I think they do this sometimes to make sure that the patient has no excuses to not eat their food due to the pain (I am a little underweight) . I didnt ask for it myself, but certainly it is worth asking for the liquid codeine etc as it is quite soothing on the throat as well as having the all important pain relief!!

  159. 19 year old female, had my tonsils removed today at a military hospital.

    I was EXTREMELY nervous going into this. I have had panic attacks in the past coming out of anesthesia and I always throw up from it as well. I was literall shaking so hard from nerves in my pre op room so they gave me something to relax me.

    My dr and his whole team were amazing, everyone came and talked to me and explained everything to me. I def recommend shopping around for a good doctor if you can. I’ve read a lot of doctors say u can go back to eating normal foods as soon as ur ready but my guy said wait at least 15 days to seriously reduce my chance of bleeding. Also he was very upfront about the severity of the pain and said he would hook it up on the meds. Thank god!

    Once they brought me to the OR I remember switching beds and next thing u know it I was waking up and wondering if they had even done the procedure yet lol. I just felt very tired and I kept coughing but it didn’t hurt, I was trying to swallow too but it felt really strange. Two nurses were sitting with me and they were actually more stressed then I was because I guess my heart rate had elevated to a dangerous level but I could not feel it. Anyways they gave me medicine to help lower it and kept me in this room for an extra 45 mins. Also I sucked on ice chips which made the coughing much better. Finally they wheeled me to the recovery room and had my husband come, in we were there another hour and a halfish. Talking was difficult and my voice sounded like I was retarded (to put it frankly) for the fist couple hours.

    Upon getting dressed my stomach started feeling sick and despite the medications given to prevent throwing up I have puked 5 times today. Throwing up def isn’t pleasant but since ive had only clear liquids it wasn’t too bad either. I recommend taking ur time when getting up to use the bathroom (which u should be doing constantly if ur staying hydrated) and I started using Dramamine (sp) 15 minutes prior to my perks to prevent throwing up because it seems to work better then the dissolvable prescription. If u are throwing up def stick to liquids, nothing shunky AT ALL!

    Medications: this part is important! Anything in pill form I crush and put in apple sauce. It tastes awful but it goes down smooth. My doctor prescribed me a mouth wash to gargle with every two hours called lidocaine and it numbs ur throat, again it tastes awful but it is amazingly worth it!! Everyone should take this is possible. I’m also on perks for the pain, antibiotic, and prednazone (sp) for the swelling.

    Sleeping was a challenge for me. the days leading up to it I got very little hours in and as tired as I was coming out of surgery I couldn’t actually get comfortable enough to sleep until about 1am. And I wake up constantly to drink and take meds. The pain did get worse thru the night, especially when swallowing. I recommend whenever u need to swallow taking a small sip of a cold beverage. Getting some sleep also helped.

    don’t try to talk a lot, a huge problem for me lol, it causes the pain to get worse later. Get a dry erase board!

    Okay so that was my experience on day one, the overall pain wasnt too bad for the most part, just uncomfortable more then anything.I hope it helps someone! I know this website has been very helpful to me so I thought I’d try to help too! I’ll keep posting as the recovery process continues! If anyone else is going thru this right now and wants to chat my email is! Lol it does get boring so having a tonsil buddy might me fun! Good luck!

  160. Listen, when I found this site, it was the night before my tonsillectomy which was scheduled for 8AM. I was scared about the surgery because I have a phobia of choking and suffocating–so the idea of my throat being messed with and swollen made be extremely nervous. This phobia, however, has never really been an issue except when I was younger and didn’t swallow pills. Anyways, when I found this site I was looking for some comfort about the recovery process. After reading all the entries for the first five days of recovery, I started panicking, uncontrollably crying, and at midnight I cancelled my surgery. These posts all sounded horrible and brought about my worts fear. I knew that the surgery needed to happen for me, so thankfully I was able to reschedule it and made sure not to read any websites like this beforehand. I just had surgery yesterday, and I wanted to post on here to anyone who is scared like I was. When I went into the hospital, I was nervous up until they were about to take me into the operating room. I was scared that I would get really nervous and upset going into this big operating room–which makes the surgery seem like a HUGE deal when in reality it’s a small procedure. BUT–the nurses gave me something through my IV that would calm me down (the guy nurse said it will feel relaxing like having two tequila shots). This was while we were still in the normal hospital room, and boy did I INSTANTLY feel so relaxed and mellow. I felt like everything was just fine and I was in a great mood. SO then they rolled me into the operation room, I switched beds, and they said –here we’re going to just put this breathing mask on you….and instantly I was out cold.
    When I woke up, there was an issue with my breathing. I was wheezing and had what seemed like fluid in my lungs. HOWEVER, I was just waking up from anesthesia so I was too loopy to really panic about it. I was nervous, but they put a breathing mask on me that would clear it up, and they had people constantly coming up and asking how I was breathing and telling me I was getting better. SO, this would have made me panic (since I have a phobia of suffocating), BUT I was barely awake and even though I was aware, I was able to get through this without a panic. I’m just saying this so if anyone is like me, you don’t have to worry if this happens because it will be a good 40 minutes before you are anywhere near to normal and awake feeling, therefore you will still feel very relaxed in case this breathing issue happens to you. The pain on day one and two isn’t bad, and from what my doctor told me, day three (tomorrow for me) is when the pain starts setting in. This is what advice I give for everyone in recovery: DRINK WATER. Especially the first two days since your throat shouldn’t hurt too bad, constantly drink water. My doctor said the number one reason people have to go back to the hospital during recovery is NOT from bleeding or other issues, it’s from DEHYDRATION. If you drink water, your throat will stay moist, your body will stay hydrated, and therefore everything will work better. I was also told the scab issue won’t be as bad if you force yourself to drink water every day. Also, I wouldn’t drink water that’s SUPER cold, because that could upset your stomach. But drinking cool water is easier and still feels good on the throat

  161. Today was my surgery, and I have to say that reading everyone’s stories has heped a lot. I am a person who likes to be prepared. I wanted to go in knowing the worst, so that if it happened I was prepared, and if it didnt happened, then I would be peasently surprised. I got to the hospital at around 9 am for my 11 am surgery. I am horrible with needles as a result from a surgery that I had last summer, so the IV was the worst part for me, and that didnt even hurt because they gave me lidocane before they put it in. I also have horrible veins, so I was scared they wouldnt find one. After that it was just a bunch of laying around and waiting. They brought my mom back, but she kept complaining about how hungry she was…..mistake because I was hungry and unable to eat. I made her stop. When they wheeled me to the operating room, the last thing I remember is scooting my tukus to the table and then them putting the mask on me and then I was awake in the recovery room. On a scale of 1-10, I wold say that my pain was an 8, and I could hardly keep my eyes open. I hate that feeling. they gave me pain medicine and then before I knew it I was on the way home. We had to stop to get my medicine so while we were waiting for that, my mom got me a smoothie from Tropical Smoothie. That was the best thing ever at that particular moment in time. When I got home, I ate some italian ice, put in a movie, and fell asleep, and then woke up to take my next dose of pain medicine. Right now I am not in much pain, and I decided that I needed to eat something soft but substantial, because I have a feeling that I wont be able to the next couple days, so I am eating some Macaroni and Cheese. Im actually surprised I can tolerate it. I have had 4 surgeries in the past 2 years, and after every single one, I have made my mom make me maccaroni ad cheese, and every time I had like 2 bites and then couldnt eat the rest. I cant stop eating right now! Anyway, I am doing alright right now, but I fully expect it to get worse. I really a grateful for this website, because I know what to expect!

  162. Overall I didn’t feel too much pain day 1. I woke up from surgery at around 11:20 (my surgery was 10:50) and the nurse was giving me water. It was rough to drink it the first few times but after I got use to the cold it felt amazing! She had to give me three shots of pain medicine however. I tried to eat a popsicle but it was too sweet for my throat. The nurse also gave me an icepack for my throat which felt good. I was able to talk really easily though. My mom went to go fill my prescription for oxycodone and I kept dozing in out of sleep. When we got home I got in bed and fell asleep, but then woke up. Played on the iPad/computer/watched TV etc. I would sleep for only an hour at a time. After 4 pm I just couldn’t sleep. Was taking my medicine every 4 hours, but I never felt it get lodged in my throat and was able to take the pill whole. I was starving. I had baby food and applesauce which went down easily. Fluids were going down easily too. Wasn’t able to sleep until 4 am leading in to the second day because my throat kept getting dry and really painful.. I’ll keep everyone posted.

  163. Day 1 went fine. I was anxious so was given a cocktail to calm me down before surgery. After surgery i was woozy and spent the next few hours in and out of sleep. Was sent home with my caregivers. About six hours after surgery i became very naueseous. Vomitting after a tonsilectomy is not fun! But thankfully, the nausea did pass. I had a good night with little sleep but also little pain. I hydrated continuously during the night and continued to take my pain medication even though i really wasnt in any pain, just discomfort, mostly.

  164. Day 1 for me really wasn’t as bad as I expected. I have been drinking plenty of fluids, and taking my medicine as prescribed. I did feel nauseated at first, and actually did vomit once about 2 hours post op. The ice packs have helped which I have applied

  165. Day 1, June 22, 2012. Tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy were performed. When I woke up after surgery my mouth was dry, I was shaking in pain, and could barely get enough oxygen to calm down. Ice chips weren’t doing it for me, so i asked for a toothette to help moisten my mouth. That was a saving grace. Pain was an 8, swallowing was 10+. The gave me more IV pain killers, phenergan, tylenol #3, and some anti nausea meds. In the recovery room I had 3 lime popsicles, they clamped my tongue hard and I have two sore spots on the left side. I had only cried twice up to this point. On to Day 2.

  166. Day 1.
    I had my tonsils removed today. I woke up from the anesthesia with a terrible sore in my throat.
    The first sip of water I had after the surgery was UNBEARABLY EXCRUCIATING!!! I was writhing & shaken by the pain so terribly that it forced the doctor to inject morphine to ease the pain.
    Throughout the day, I could barely eat or drink, even swallowing liquid/water was very very painful.
    I stayed a night at the hospital. They served me dinner consisted of potato puree & very soft boiled shredded chicken meat. I could barely eat them. The potato puree felt like coarse sand grinding against the inner walls of my throat, and the chicken shreds felt like rough sand paper scraping my wounded throat. The only things that I could managed to swallow that night were jello & a few spoons of vanilla ice cream.
    I didn’t get much sleep throughout the night. The pain kept me awake. Despite of taking pain-killers every 2-3 hours, they seemed to not working at all, even if they did, they could only reduce the pain slightly for not more than half an hour.

  167. I am 29/F. I am on day 2.. Day one was harder than day two for sure. I think whats helped me is stay on top oc my pain meds and having my humidifier in my room 24/7. Ice cream does create a film, but I find the coating soothing. I am terrified of day 3-5 which I have heard were the worst. So far I’ve been able to clean my house and cook for my 6 year old. Just hoping my recovery stays on track. Crossing my fingers!

  168. I had my tonsils out yesterday. I am 17 years old, almost 18. When I got to the hospital, the nurse set up my IV and started administering saline and antibiotics. My doctor/surgeon came in shortly. We talked about the surgery and about what to eat/do afterwards. I had read something on a UK website that says that tonsillectomy patients are asked to return to solid food almost immediately (whereas in the US, they are encouraged to eat only soft foods), and I asked him what he thoughts about this. He said he wasn’t sure, and I decided it would be best to follow his instructions (soft only).

    The anesthesiologist had mentioned that I would receive a “cocktail” to relax as I was being taken in for surgery, and I was paying attention to see if that was taking effect. I was still conscious as I went into the operating room and they asked me to climb onto another bed. They then got me to breathe oxygen through a mask, and presumably that is when they administered the anesthesia because that is the last thing I remember.

    Next thing I knew I was waking up. I felt groggy and my neck felt very stiff. I later learned that my doctor had been in to see my and we had had a whole conversation (but I remember nothing of that!). I was very, very pleased that I was not nauseous (since I suffer from bad motion sickness, the anesthesiologist gave me a patch to put behind my ear). I told the nurses I was feeling fine and they brought me a Ginger Ale with ice (surprising because the Doctor said no carbonated beverages…but the nurse said it’s “whatever you can tolerate”).

    I had been having problems with tonsil stones for years, and when I talked with my doctor on the phone later that day, he mentioned how a whole bunch of them came up when he was cutting the right tonsil. Disgusting. Surprisingly, I didn’t sleep at all throughout the day and I went to bed after midnight. I did wake myself up every 2 hours during the night to drink water and once to take pain medicine.

  169. My body was not a fan of the of the anesthesia. I was able to get alot of fluids down after surgery but everything came back up! I was stuck with water for the first 24 hours after surgery. Which was fine, I didnt have an appetite. I ended up having to find some nausea meds to help me…. I was awake most of the time though. Staying hydrated and making sure I took my meds.

  170. Get and use the humidifier nonstop. My room feels like a tropical rain forest and it’s the best way to soothe the throat

  171. Surgery at 8am on Tuesday, and it’s now 3am on Wednesday morning. My doctor told my husband I had a slight infection, which led to more blood loss than normal. The worst part for me so far was waking up from the surgery. More pain than I had anticipated, given that I was under an anesthesia, with two doses of liquid vidodin, and a suppository to stop the nausea. Have been taking pain meds every 3 hours today, will decrease to four hours starting with my next dose. Am having a little trouble sleeping. Shaved ice mixed with honey has been the most amazing thing ever. It’s the only thing besides the water and meds I can get down so far. And I have no idea how anyone can take meds in pill form. I’m choking down the liquid ones and water!

  172. day 1 this is nothing! sat in bed eating pringles in no pain, just a sore throat like a cold flu thing but not with the other side effects, got bored of the other lady in the ward as she was complaining ! as soon as i woke up from the op they were making me drink which was so hard but now (late evening) i can drink loads!

  173. Day of Surgery: Surgery was a breeze, don’t remember any of it. After the surgery they said my tonsils were twice as big as they were suppose to be and it would take a little longer than normal to heal and the pain would be doubled. I went home two hours after surgery. When I got home, I ate some mashed potatoes and had some ice cold sweet tea. Didn’t hurt at ALL!!!! Day two… that was a different story…

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