1. I’m on day four of my tonsillectomy recovery. The first day after surgery was ok, and now the days keep getting harder, emotionally and physically. I live in an apartment with college students, and I would consider them all my close friends. My mom drove 6 hours to my apartment the day before my surgery to take care of me. My mom was a huge help the first day and now she is just a burden. The only thing she is useful for right now is her money that I can use to buy myself food. I’ve been feeding myself and taking care of myself, and when I ask for her help, such as calling my doctor back on her phone (cuz my phone speaker is broken) she grows very impatient with me and its very frustrating. The only reason she is staying is to get away from her husband, which I supported at first but now she is too much too handle.
    I’m already very thin and I’ve lost 12 pounds in four days, even though I’ve been feeding myself as much as I can. Regardless of the “friends” I have around me, I feel isolated more and more everyday. None of them have gone through anything related to a tonsillectomy, including my mom, so I can’t imagine any of them understand my pain and struggle. The way they look at me isn’t with love, but with disgust.
    I’m glad I found this forum because it makes me feel less alone, less insane, less unacknowledged. I hope I can find someone who’s also going through recovery that I can chat with. Chatting with someone who already understands is so relieving. Also is anyone else finding it difficult to talk? I’ve been writing what I want to say on paper, or using a hushed voice.

    1. Hey Summer, how are you doing now? I am so sorry to hear how tough the recovery has been for you! I have my surgery scheduled for next month, and saw your post while searching for how to best prep. It sounds like you could really use someone to empathize so, while I don’t know how it feels just yet, I thought I might reach out. Prayers your way and hope its gotten physically and emotionally easier in the past few days!

  2. I am in the very early morning of day 8 post surgery and this is easily one of the worst things I’ve been through. My wisdom teeth were a breeze so I figured this wouldn’t be bad, but I was incredibly wrong. Immediately post surgery I was okay, but as the days continued on I got struck with nausea. I am on 5mg oxycodone and it is destroying my stomach, but the pain in my throat is so bad I had to beg my doctor to let me refill my prescription. The first 4-5 days weren’t terrible with the tonsil pain, but the nausea and constipation were so bad I would find myself crying for a couple of hours after I would eat anything. Days 6-8 the throat pain has gotten worse as the scabs begin to fall off, I am starving but barely able to even get down gatorade. Hoping days 9+ go quickly so I can get off of these damn meds and get back to a normal life.

  3. Thanks everybody for all this comments and recommendations they have been of big help. I am in day 4 of recovery, I think I have had some of the worst days of my life, but today I feel better, I still have pain on my throat but fever, headache and nausea are pretty much gone. In my case for eating, I can bear mostly cold jelly and protein smoothies. All the best to everyone enduring this recovery. Hold on and don’t lose hope

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