Madeleine shares her tonsillectomy story

As a 23 year old, coming to the decision to remove my tonsils wasn’t easy. I tried putting it off for as long as I could and would suffer time and time again with sever tonsillitis. My tonsils were so use to being infected that the size of them were huge, even on a good day. As a singer, and an employee who was taking too much time off work, I finally made the decision to go ahead with the procedure. 

A week before my operation, I enjoyed every piece of food I could get my hands on! I wanted to enjoy every meal because I knew that soon, it would be a lot harder to consume the foods I would regularly enjoy. (I’m also a comfort eater, so this was my way of dealing with the nerves.) 

People in my life were supportive, however, didn’t really know to what extent how hard and serious the recovery can be for adults. I was even told that I shouldn’t be scared because children go through this procedure all the time! It was frustrating being so nervous and people not understanding why. 

24th of October was the morning of my Tonsilectomy. I was incredibly nervous. I suffer with pretty bad anxiety and asked if I could stay over night which meant I was last on this list for the procedure. I arrived at 9am and waited until 11:30amwhen I was finally pushed into the theatre! I remember enjoying being able to swallow without pain in the last minutes before being put to sleep. 

Waking up my throat felt…fat? Is that even a good way to describe the feeling? It didn’t hurt… but it didn’t feel good. It was a strange sensation, it was uncomfortable, but wasn’t unbearable. 

The first night was okay. I didn’t sleep much, felt a little uncomfortable but was able to eat sandwiches and toast.

It was going home that really scared me. What was I to expect? How bad was the recovery going to be? All I knew was that it was going to get a lot worse before it got better. That’s what really scared me. 

Days 1-3 were not too bad. I was anxious, a little sore and in comfortable but was able to soft foods slowly and sleep pretty well! 

Days 3-5 things started to get worse. The pain started growing stronger and all I could do was lie and bed and try to sleep it off, or try to watch something on my laptop. On these days my anxiety became to peak as I was waiting for a ‘bad day’ in my recovery.

Days 5-9 have honestly been some of the hardest days in my life. I was in constant, unbearable pain. I couldn’t eat a thing. Even icecream was too hard to get down! Light sips of water was all that I could manage. I began crying during my attempted meals times, because each time I would sit down and begin to eat, the pain made it impossible. I became incredibly depressed and all I craved was a MacDonald Big Mac! I was starving. 

I’m currently writing this here on my 10th day of recovery. By reading above you can probably tell I’m quite a negative person! But today, I’m going to try and be optimistic. Today I’ll try leaving the house for the first time, even only for half an hour! I’m going to try and eat some food! (I’m still so hungry!) and I’m also going to try and look forward to the future! No more sore throats! No more tonsillitis! To think that this process will be all over soon and I’ll be able to feast on whatever delicious food I like is definitely what is getting me through! 

Thank you for letting me rant! 
I hope that others out there are able to relate and know that they aren’t going through this alone ❤

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  1. I couldn’t imagine how hard you’ve been through for the past 9 days. Hope you’re able to eat whatever you like as of this day. Good luck on your journey! 🙂

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