Tonsillectomy in Hong Kong

10 Days Tonsillectomy Recovery

 I am 22 years old and living in Hong Kong. Thank you for the person who created this forum! It helped me through my recovery since I know I am not alone. 

I am currently on day 10 of my tonsillectomy recovery. I can eat noodles and speak normally now.

Day 1-3 I stayed at the hospital as the doctor requested. I couldn’t eat anything except drinking congee and chicken soup. The pain was manageable. In Hong Kong, patients after tonsillectomy normally stay in the hospital for two days or more to check if they have any complication. I felt amazed when most of you guys go back home after the surgery. 

Day 4-7 was hell. I could barely eat and drink. I felt like the ear pain is killing me more than my throat. I used an ice pack and I felt better. The worst thing about this week was I couldn’t sleep well at night. I woke up every hour because of the pain and I knew I had to drink water so I won’t be in more pain in the morning. ( I read this forum every midnight as you will feel lonely and depressed because of the pain)

Day 8-10 Feeling much better as the scabs were falling off. My throat was kind of clear. However, you will start coughing because of the itchiness when they peel off from your throat. At this point, I think drinking room temperature water was better than ice cold water.

Remember to drink water to stay hydrated! You don’t want to get back to the surgery room because of the bleeding. You need to keep your wound moist. Add a humidifier to your room. 

Good luck for the people who have done this operation. I know you are depressed and exhausted. It was not easy to get through the recovery process but think about the days after these two weeks. It totally worth the pain! ADD OIL!


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