Tonsillectomy Recovery Day 7

Tonsillectomy Recovery Day by Day

Day 7

A collection of various experiences of adult tonsillectomy patients on their seventh day of tonsillectomy healing

I have assembled a sampling of various accounts and impressions of tonsillectomy recovery for each day. Below I share comments about tonsillectomy day 7. These comments are taken from tonsillectomy patients who were kind enough to share their experiences to help others as they navigate the bumpy road of tonsillectomy recovery.

Please feel free to add your own experience with tonsillectomy day 7.

Tonsillectomy Day 7 Recovery
Tonsillectomy Day 7 Recovery

Tonsillectomy Healing Day 7 Recovery :  Light?  At the end of the tunnel?

  • Tonsillectomy Day 7 :Breakdown. Crying, laughing, sucked into YouTube. Is there no end?
  •  During the night I noticed a weird sensation in my ears. It was a hollow feeling, kind of like I have water in my ears and they tend to pop really severely when I swallow. Other than the ears, the throat isn’t bad. I tried eating blueberry pancakes for breakfast and I was able to get a few pieces down, but then it was uncomfortable, so I stopped. The last thing I want to do is rush myself. I’ve made it this far, I don’t want to do anything that will negatively affect my progress. The swelling is finally gone – I think. My tongue and the scabs used to be white – or so I was told – but now my tongue is like a grayish color. If that is normal, I’m not sure, but I’m not that worried about it. I know I’m still recovering, but I noticed a weird feeling when I was swallowing today. The water just kind of flows down my throat now; before it used to touch my tonsils. I know I don’t have tonsils anymore and that’s why; I’m just curious if it is something I will have to adapt to once I’m fully healed. I guess I’ll have to wait and see. My ear pain is still there but it is definitely not as bad as it was from days 3-5.
  • It’s been one full week as of today that I had my tonsils removed. I saw the ENT yesterday and he said I was healing very slowly. The scabs still have not come off and every day seems to hurt more than the previous day. This morning has been almost completely unbearable. I don’t understand how some of you say you eat toast. How do you choke that down? Everything hurts! Warm, cold, it doesn’t matter it feels like swallowing knives.
  • Day 7 you did it! I mean I could barely stand due to the pain. Trying to coat my stomach with Ensure that morning so I could take my pain meds was like aggressively shaving my throat with a million shards of glass. And the ears! Not the ears!
  •  day 7 post-op and am doing amazingly well. I thought I would share my tips to help some of you out! It really is important to drink, drink, drink! Every time I woke up from my sleep I would be in such enormous pain because my throat had dried out. Every time I wake up during the night I take a sip of water which I found has helped. Twice a day I have done a saltwater gargle with a teaspoon of salt in 500ml of water for 30 seconds. This apparently removes the bacteria and the salt is good for healing. The day after my surgery I had a tiny little bit of toast.Are you concerned about pain medicine addiction? Read more…

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  1. Day 7 has been the most painful since surgery. I went for my post-op appointment and the doctor said day 7 and 8 are the worst, and the pain should start to diminish on day 9. I’m only on Tylenol (800 mg) for the pain, since I couldn’t keep Hydrocodone down, since I can’t’ tolerate morphine. Doc said I can take it every 4 hours for pain, if needed, through this rough patch. He even suggested alternating with ibuprofen, if I couldn’t wait until 6 hrs for next dose. A lifesaver for me, has been a slender, ice bag for my neck
    that the hospital had given me to take home. A lot of my pain is from inflammation in my neck area, so putting the ice pack around the front of my neck for 15-20mins every couple of hours has dramatically decreased the pain. I highly recommend getting one. I’m 56 and wish I had done this surgery when I was a lot younger. If you have tonsil stones and recurring tonsillitis, get them taken out when your younger and recovery is faster.

  2. Day 7 has been great! Last night my scabs finished coming off. I woke up in a lot of pain but by the day I was feeling much better. I was able to get out and about. Even was able to go bowling. Still can’t eat much but I’m sure that will come in time. Anyone going through this just remember it will end soon!

  3. Day 7 has to be the worst day for me. From day one I have had sore ears, sore throat and headaches. Each day seems to be getting worse. My medication is not working. I haven’t been able to poop for days but having lactalose. Tonight after a hour of taking my last meds for the night I had earache and hurts when I swollow but it was dry and sharp. I have been drinking so much water and eating. Tonight was the worst night I was actually crying with the pain. I honestly wish I never had this done now. I just hope day 8 isn’t as painful as tonight.

    1. Hey Victoria,
      Im at 6 days right now, and am going through the same as you. Pain seems to be getting worse and meds are not working. Tonight was the first I actually cried cuz it hurt so bad. Only been getting a few hours of sleep at night, and napping through the day isn’t am option. My ears hurt so bad too!! I have been drinking ALOT of water. Please tell me it’s gets better, I can’t handle much more pain!!

      1. Lorna! Hang in there. This is the worst of it. It will get better! Try chewing sugarless gum for the ear pain. It will all be worth it in the end. Keep drinking water. It’s your best friend

  4. Day 7- had some great hours today-the nights are still pretty terrible but early morning I feel almost normal. Have not had to take the pain meds today and manage eating with very cold liquids. Can’t eat much and get very tired but I am super grateful that there are times in the day that are good! Looking forward to not getting sick anymore!!

  5. Day 7
    Everyday I think the next day will be better. Everyday I’m proven COMPLETELY wrong. It is worse than the previous. I was so naive to think this would be a somewhat fast and easy recovery. I kept telling myself “Oh, I’ll most likely be back to work 4 days later!” HAHA! This is the worse thing I’ve ever hand to endure. My doctor has terrible communication so I haven’t gotten a whole lot of answers but I am healing extremely slow. The ear pain just kicked in. I can only eat cold and runny cream of chicken. I haven’t pooped in 7 days. Yes I’ve taken stool softeners and laxatives, can’t poop if you don’t eat, right? I am so tired of having to be loaded up on pain meds 24/7 without them even really doing much. I was prescribed liquid and ohhh man does it burn going down. The pain gets worse every day. Today I’ve noticed bleeding but I’m not spitting any out. It looks like it’s in the scabs? I’m not sure. I still can’t swallow, even water, unless I’m pretty deep into my pain medicine. When does this start to get better?

    1. It’s like you just described my day 7, which i am on today. This just seems to get worse each day. I can’t eat and drinking is becoming increasingly difficult.

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