Omar’s Tonsillectomy Experience

Tonsillectomy Recovery Experience

Recovering From Tonsillectomy Omar tells how it feels to recover from tonsillectomy surgery Hello. A day Prior to surgery i was weighing a stout 177 lbs bulking to 180. I stand nearly 6 feet tall and am 21 years old. I am only day 6 of recovery. I have lost more than 12 pounds. I… Continue reading Omar’s Tonsillectomy Experience

Tony’s Tonsillectomy Adventure- Day 3

Tonsillectomy Recovery Experience

Day 3 – Twilight zone I have experience little pain. My pain medicines Lidocaine, Percocet and Celecoxib are doing their job in addition to the Medrol and Ranitidine. However, I am having a hard time with swallowing. For the most part, I’ve been eating Jell-O, Yogurt, Applesauce, Ice-cream and Italian ice. However, doing day two… Continue reading Tony’s Tonsillectomy Adventure- Day 3

Vincent’s Tonsillectomy Recovery in the UK

Tonsillectomy Recovery in the UK Day by Day I have no idea how to start this off, but I’ll introduce myself. I’m Vincent, 21 and from the UK. I has my tonsillectomy on the 9th of June 2016. I decided to get a tonsillectomy due to having tonsillitis/throat infections/strep throat every month for the last… Continue reading Vincent’s Tonsillectomy Recovery in the UK

Jorden’s Tonsillectomy Recovery

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Jorden’s Daily Recovery From Tonsillectomy My name is Jorden. I am 26 and currently on day 6 recovery from a tonsillectomy. I have been using liquid hydros, ibuprofen, medicinal CBD tincture, and penicillin as medical options to help with the pain. Now the first two days were great. I felt like I was handling the… Continue reading Jorden’s Tonsillectomy Recovery

April’s Tonsillectomy Tips

Tonsillectomy Recovery Experience

Okay so I’m going to start from the beginning: I’m only on day 4 but I feel like I have enough information as to how it is. I am an 18 year old female, I suffered from reoccurring tonsillitis and tonsil stones (almost twice a month sometimes!) So the doctors finally decided to refer me… Continue reading April’s Tonsillectomy Tips