Omar’s Tonsillectomy Experience

Hemorrhage After Tonsillectomy
Tonsillectomy Recovery Experience

Recovering From Tonsillectomy

Omar tells how it feels to recover from tonsillectomy surgery

Hello. A day Prior to surgery i was weighing a stout 177 lbs bulking to 180. I stand nearly 6 feet tall and am 21 years old.

I am only day 6 of recovery. I have lost more than 12 pounds. I had just finished finals last Friday, and Monday, December 11th I got my surgery. I was tired of tonsil stones for the past two years and getting sick regularly. Never had i realized the pain I about to endure.

i knew the risks. I thought I would be up and about in no time. I have not left the house since monday. Prior to the surgery, I typically workout 5-7 days of the week. There has not been a period in the past 4 years where I have not worked out in more than 5 days.

As a result, I currently feel degraded. I feel less dignified. However, mentally, I am keeping myself strong.

The hardest part is swallowing. It was a gargantuan task. Extremely painful. Making necessary things like eating and drinking pure torture. Literally. Like a thousand burning paper cuts in your mouth.

To add more disgust, the smell and the taste of the scabs in your mouth nearly makes you want to die. It is a biological, sickly sweet smell and taste. But it is beyond repulsive. I am literally eating my scab when I am trying to eat normal foods.

The feeling of disgust sometimes overwhelms my feeling of pain. And when the two feelings are in combination, i nearly want to cry or pass out in pain.

I keep a stress ball with me regularly to squeeze on while eating. It helps. I keep in contact with friends and that helps too.

I have been avoiding narcotics as much as possible and sticking to two tylenols and more recently one advil and one tylenol.

i hate going to sleep because I know i will wake up in pain.

What i am keeping in mind tho, is that people have life much worse than me. Some dont even have pain killers. Some do not even have the privilege of modern surgical practices. I can only be thankful for what I have, and i find it difficult to pout for more than a minute. In reality my life is sublime compared to some other people So i have no reason to complain.

Hell, i even volunteered to get a surgery. Some poor individuals are forced to sell their organs. how sad.

yet, i do not wish this pain i had on anyone. it truly is for me, the worst pain and repulsiveness I have felt in a while. I am sick and tired of this…

I watch food videos on youtube , dreaming of all the yummy foods I am gonna eat.

But currently , I hate eating because the scabs come off too 🙁

at least i can eat though.

sorry for my bad grammar, i am in too much pain right now, literally just woke up nearly in tears.

i needed this to distract me. thank you so much

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