Scary Hemorrhage After Tonsillectomy

Lucky to Be Alive – Tish’s Story I never imagined I would say the phrase ‘I almost died from a tonsillectomy’, yet here I am. My surgeon has been in practice over 20 years, performing approximately 20 tonsillectomies a week, and says she has never encountered a post op bleed like mine. I said I… Continue reading Scary Hemorrhage After Tonsillectomy

Tonsillectomy and Infection

Tonsillectomy Recovery Experience

Phil’s Story Had tonsillectomy Weds 24th, standard procedure, felt blocked up, bloody next morn, house doc checked over. Ready to go home. About to leave hospital and I requested blood pressure, temp check. Temp high at 38.6. Had to stay, 2 hours later, vomiting blood. Emergency surgery to repair bleed. Lost 500ml of blood, pumped… Continue reading Tonsillectomy and Infection

Tonsillectomy Complications Bleeding and Pain

Tonsillectomy Complications

  Twenty Five Year Old Tonsillectomy Recovery I’m a 25yo male and got my tonsils out 8 days ago on the 19th of December (tis the season for tonsillectomies it looks like). My first surgery under general anesthetic so I was leery but the procedure was easy and I had very little pain afterwards. Immediately… Continue reading Tonsillectomy Complications Bleeding and Pain

Tonsillectomy at 44 -Bleeding

Tonsillectomy Recovery Experience

Tonsillectomy at Age 44-Rich’s Story 44 yo Male currently on day 10 of recovery from Tonsillectomy. I’ve read so much prior to doing the surgery, and so much after. I like to think Im above average with athleticism, keep in good shape and have a decent pain tolerance. Well, you can throw all that out… Continue reading Tonsillectomy at 44 -Bleeding

Tonsillectomy and Ear Pain- Maicy’s Story

Hi, my name is Maicy. I am currently 15 years old. I had my tonsils and adenoids removed on the 2nd of June. The doctor that performed my surgery prescribed Hydrocodone, Tylenol, and Ibuprofen. I finished 1 bottle of the Hydrocodone within a few days, I’m pretty sure. I also finished the 2nd bottle in… Continue reading Tonsillectomy and Ear Pain- Maicy’s Story

Tonsillectomy Surgery- Lucy’s Story

Read about other people's experience with tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy

Adult Tonsillectomy Surgery and Recovery Having experienced a constant sore throat for roughly two years, it was finally decided, at long last, that something had to be done about it. What could be done, no one was exactly sure of – however, despite not actually having a proper case of tonsillitis before, it was decided… Continue reading Tonsillectomy Surgery- Lucy’s Story