19 Year Old Female Tonsillectomy

Hemorrhage After Tonsillectomy
Tonsillectomy Recovery Experience

Pain and Tonsillectomy Recovery

I am a 19 year old female and got both my tonsils and adenoids out 8 days ago. It has been hell. The first couple of days were fine, i could eat and talk and felt fine but then the nausea started.

Pain Medicines After Surgery

My doctor prescribed me panadol, nurofen and oxycodone which was obviously way too much on my stomach so i stopped eating and found taking the pain killers on an empty stomach made me even worse. My doctor than prescribed me tramadol and panadeine forte which just worsened the nausea and made me throw up bile.

Side Effects

I have been vomiting everyday for the last 5 days. Finally yesterday i went to the ER and they put me on a drip and gave me something for my nausea, took X-rays and ultrasounds of my stomach to see what was wrong – my stomach was just so full of acid from all the medication.
I am now managing to keep down toast to line my stomach but am just going to stay away from all pain killers – they are evil!

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  1. Oh dear, how miserable. I’m glad you’re eating something now to help with that. I couldn’t do toast, though.
    I had my tonsils out 18 months ago, and today was told I have strep throat! I feel robbed. It’s not as bad of a case as I used to get when I had tonsils, but I was really counting on NEVER having it again.
    Has anyone else had that experience?

  2. Geez, sorry to hear you’ve been vomiting. That, on top of pain….so unfair! I have to say by day 10 I was feeling a lot better. I only took panadol as panadeine forte was horrible for me too. Occasionally at night, I would take Ibuprofen and that really helped a lot but be careful with that if you’ve got a sensitive stomach. Don’t worry – the good news is that you’ll feel a lot better soon. One thing they didn’t tell me is that surgery could damage my sense of taste. At first I could taste things and then I just lost it altogether. I’m 7 weeks post-surgery and have been taking zinc supplements to assist and it’s starting to improve. Tomatoes and any tomato dishes taste really disgusting and chocolate tastes like salt! Even icecream has no flavour whatsoever but hey, at least I’ve lost a couple of kilos. Another weird thing I’m encountering is that my palate has changed seems to be ‘sagged’ at the back of my throat. I choke a bit at night sometimes because of it. Hopefully, that will sort itself out. Good luck but just remember, you’re going to feel heaps better very soon. 🙂

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