Tonsillectomy and Infection

Tonsillectomy Recovery Experience

Phil’s Story Had tonsillectomy Weds 24th, standard procedure, felt blocked up, bloody next morn, house doc checked over. Ready to go home. About to leave hospital and I requested blood pressure, temp check. Temp high at 38.6. Had to stay, 2 hours later, vomiting blood. Emergency surgery to repair bleed. Lost 500ml of blood, pumped… Continue reading Tonsillectomy and Infection

Tonsillectomy at Age 50

Tonsillectomy Recovery Experience

After years of battling strep throat, I decided it was finally time to seek medical advice about getting my tonsils removed. Both my primary care and ENT concurred that removal would be the best course of action. Being 50, I was told that recovery would be more difficult but I’ve had operations before, so I… Continue reading Tonsillectomy at Age 50

Ear pain Eating and Pain Medicine

Rebecca’s Tonsillectomy Recovery Story I’m 23 years old and had my Tonsillectomy 8 days ago! Boy oh boy has this been a journey. I’ve had my compacted wisdom teeth removed and I thought that was painful, but that is nothing in comparison to a Tonsillectomy. When I woke up from my Tonsillectomy the morphine hadn’t… Continue reading Ear pain Eating and Pain Medicine

Tonsillectomy Recovery in the UK

Tonsillectomy Recovery Experience

I just had my tonsils removed on Thursday 19 January and I was two days away from my 19 birthday which was yesterday. So at the time of the surgery I was 18. Going in to the surgery was nerve racking and when the anesthetist injected me with the anesthetizing agent it was really painful… Continue reading Tonsillectomy Recovery in the UK

Chronic Tonsillitis and Tonsil Stones Problems

Tonsillectomy Recovery Experience

I’m a 24-year old female. Mostly healthy before surgery, except for Crohn’s Disease (IBD). I Had the tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy done for chronic tonsillitis/tonsil stones and problems sleeping (I wake every hour and a half or so throughout the night). I’m headed to medical school in the fall and wanted it all taken care of… Continue reading Chronic Tonsillitis and Tonsil Stones Problems

Tonsillectomy Recovery Days 1 to 9

Tonsillectomy Recovery Experience

Days One to Nine of Tonsillectomy Recovery – Tips Hey, I’m an 18 year old female a little over 1 week post op tonsillectomy surgery. I feel like I’ve been reading through so many of these forums so I’m going to share my experience and tips I’ve picked thus far to see if it will… Continue reading Tonsillectomy Recovery Days 1 to 9

Tonsillectomy Recovery Advice

Tonsillectomy Recovery Experience

Tips From Lauren Hi everyone! I’m a 20 year old female and I had my tonsillectomy just over 3 weeks ago. I didn’t have issues with my tonsils until adolescence (well after its recommended children have them taken out) and refused to have the surgery until recently. I finally decided to have my tonsils removed… Continue reading Tonsillectomy Recovery Advice

Tonsillectomy Meme

Tonsillectomy Recovery

Not for the Faint of Heart- Adult Tonsillectomy Recovery Now I know you kids are probably sayin’, “I’m gonna go out there and grab a shooting star and PUT IT IN MY POCKET!.” Well I’m here to tell ya, what you’re going to find out, as you go out there, is that you’re not going… Continue reading Tonsillectomy Meme

Top Tips for Tonsillectomy Recovery

Tonsillectomy Recovery Experience

Krissy’s Tips for a Better Recovery Hey guys! Thought i’d also share a few tips that are helping me through. I am from the UK so hopefully we have the same meds (just different brands). Remember everyone’s pain tolerance is difference, just because someone recovered more easily than you doesn’t mean you should be a… Continue reading Top Tips for Tonsillectomy Recovery

Tonsillectomy Tips From Laura

Read about other people's experience with tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy

Tips For Tonsillectomy Recovery – Laura’s Story Im 21, had a tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy on December 22. Day 1 I woke up from surgery and was immediately given meds through my IV. I felt pretty good the entire day and was still able to talk. Waking up on day 2 my uvula was extremely swollen… Continue reading Tonsillectomy Tips From Laura