Glen’s Adult Tonsillectomy Tips

Adult Tonsillectomy- Glen’s Tips Hello, my name is Glen and I just did my tonsillectomy operation exactly 4 weeks ago. Today is my first day back at work. I heard many stories regard the recovery and was a little bit worried. It’s not an easy recovery but if you do a little bit of sacrifice… Continue reading Glen’s Adult Tonsillectomy Tips

Panic Attacks and Tonsillectomy – Tara’s Story

Tara’s Tonsillectomy Hello. So for passed 3 years I’ve had 12+ strep and tonsillitis and acid reflux which all didn’t help my tonsils. finally this year Dec 9th I’ve gotten my tonsils removed. I don’t know about you but I had a few panic attacks few days and day before the surgery. I was terrified… Continue reading Panic Attacks and Tonsillectomy – Tara’s Story

Tonsillectomy Surgery | Sophies Story

Sophie’s Tonsillectomy Surgery and Recovery I thought i’d share my surgery/tonsillectomy story and give some tips on how I managed to get through it. Now this was my first surgery I have ever had in my 19 years of being.. and I was petrified of the thought, but it was necessary. I was having tonsillitis… Continue reading Tonsillectomy Surgery | Sophies Story

Gema Having a Rough Recovery

Gema’s Difficult Tonsillectomy Recovery Had my tonsillectomy Wednesday 18th Nov. it’s 3:11am and I’m awake in absolute agony despite taking codeine, paracetamol and ibuprofen regular I’ve just woke up and I’m in so much pain. I think maybe the scabs have come off my throat feels so raw I’ve just sprayed it with benztdamine spray… Continue reading Gema Having a Rough Recovery

Easy Tonsillectomy Recovery?

Emma’s Tonsillectomy Recovery- Not so bad   I’m 19 years old and day 7 post op. I think I have had a pretty breezy recovery- nothing unbearable. I’ve found drinking heaps of water, slowly eating normal foods again have been the best. I’ve also been taking a bath every night with a muscle soak bubble… Continue reading Easy Tonsillectomy Recovery?