Tonsillectomy Recovery Day 11 and Beyond

Tonsillectomy Recovery after Day Eleven


At some point I hope to add pages for day 12, day 13, day 14, day 15, day 16, and another page for days 17,18,19, and 20.  For now, please share your tonsillectomy recovery experiences here.  I wish you the very best of health!

  1. ty
    Hey. Its me again. Had the surgery last week and OMG! The worst days of my life. I will make it but geeze!! This sucks bad. I had to read your comments again because I began to get depressed, lol. Im driving my husband and doctor crazy by keep asking them how long will this last. Its good hearing from someone that understands the process and pain. Your experiences are helping me through girl. Thanks again:)

    1. Kate
      Horrible flashbacks reading your message Ty! I have just returned from a business trip, meeting lots of new people, and I didn’t have to worry about my breath: so liberating and confidence building. I discovered that one of my colleagues had her tonsils removed 2 years ago – when I happened to mention that I was just a few weeks on from my operation, she gave me a big bear hug because she could empathise with my more recent experience. You WILL eat, sleep and enjoy life again – I promise! Stay positive: you made the right decision.

  2. Kate
    I am now four weeks post surgery (in the UK), and life is good! I had a tonsillectomy due to tonsil stones (I had small, pitted tonsils, and was unable to remove the stones myself, whatever method I tried) – private medical insurance and a past history of throat infections helped get me the surgery. I knew it was a drastic option, but I was prepared to do ANYTHING to solve my bad breath problems. I did nearly cancel when I read this forum the day before surgery though! But I didn’t, and I survived, and my tonsil stones and bad breath are finally GONE!Having found this forum so much help during the dark days post-surgery, I wanted to share my experience/what helped me. If you are about to have surgery, or are still in recovery, I can promise you it will get SO much better in a few days – hang in there!1. Don’t plan ANYTHING for the two weeks post surgery – and make sure you book at least two weeks off work. Days 5 – 8 were the worst for me, although in total I had about 10 days of constant pain/medication and sleep deprivation.
    2. I cried A LOT on day one – a mixture of the anesthesia/trauma, relief at getting through surgery, and pain! I had one night in hospital.
    3. Sucking on crushed ice helps a lot – make sure you have some in stock. I did not use a humidifier – we didn’t want to pump damp air into our bedroom!
    4. Take as much pain medication as you can – I used Tramadol, ibuprofen and paracetamol – you will not get addicted, and you WILL need them. But keep a drug diary so you can recall what drugs you took and when – you will not remember!
    5. Sleeping with my face/throat on a hot water bottle helped me a lot in days 5+: your throat muscles tighten up in response to the surgery, and I think this helped relax me a little
    6. The nights were the worst, as I would wake up in a lot of pain and then struggle to swallow more medication/get back to sleep. Listening to the radio really helped get me through the dark, lonely hours. My husband moved into the spare bed for the first 10 days, to ensure he could get some sleep and I could thrash around the bed as much as I needed to get comfortable!
    7. In the UK we are advised to eat rough food e.g. toast when we can. I did manage this a couple of times, but I mostly lived on soup (no bread!), fish in sauce (you can buy this frozen in handy microwaveable pouches), yogurt, porridge and hot chocolate. I tried making smoothies but the fruit was too acidic and hurt my throat. There were a couple of days when I could not face eating anything due to the pain. I did not get constipated, and I did not lose much weight – because I spent two weeks resting, and most of what I DID eat was high calorie!
    8. You will be too tired to read much – have a good set of DVDs on standby
    9. I did not have any bleeding. I felt so ill that completely resting in the first week was an easy option – and I made sure I had someone on call in the first few days, just in case
    10. I was able to speak on all days, although about half an hour of conversation was enough
    11. I went for my first short walk one week after surgery. Four weeks on, I am now exercising as normal – running, swimming and pilates.
    12. I stopped regular pain relief on about day 15, having gradually cut down on what I was taking.
    13. I gradually re-introduced different types of food after two weeks. I still have a sticky feeling in the back of my throat, which I expect to disappear over the coming weeks.My tonsillectomy recovery was the worst 10 days of my life. But ridding myself of tonsil stones is one of the best things I ever did!

    1. Ty
      Thank you for sharing. I also have tonsil stones and thought I may be going to far getting surgery to remove them. I’m a married woman and nothing’s is more damaging to a marriage than insecurity. TMI, I know just wanted to say thanks for sharing your experience. I’m going forwadr with the surgery.

      1. Kate
        I am also married (and 47 – forgot that bit!) and would not even discuss the problem with my husband. So I feel your insecurity! It will hurt a lot – stay focused on the goal and remember that in a few days you will be much better, and also liberated!

  3. Ellen Howard
    Day 9 of my recovery.I’m not sure how relevant this will be to anyone because I’m not entirely sure how common it is. I’m just turned 18 and have been having a lot of problems with my tonsils for the best part of three years. One thing I always found when digging out those god awful tonsil stones was that my tonsils were extremely prone to bleeding – something my ENT surgeon also found out on the day of the op!He said no one in his experience had bled that much in a tonsillectomy procedure in years. I had to be stitched right up on my right side and let me tell you, we all know how sore recovery is without stitches right? Imagine being wheeled out of theatre with those bad boys in you. It’s been sore, for the first few days it was the actual space at the top of the back of my throat that was painful and white and scabby. I was throwing up old blood so frequently (and a lot of it might I add) that I couldnt keep anything down; not food, not painkillers. It was awful.But I powered through and ate as much as I could, despite the pain, because I thought ‘you know what I’ve put up with enough sh*t from my tonsils this time I’m gonna show ‘em what I’m made of!’ And after about day three or four the pain subsided from my tonsil bed area and is now a horrible stingy/achy feeling further down my throat, which apparently is due to the whole stitching procedure, I guess a lot of tubes were bumped around in this process and it’s seriously bruised me inside. I find the pain really hits me at night and I’m starting to get severe earaches to accompany that, which is nice! My co-codamol painkillers ran out days ago so I’m going strong on paracetamol and Diclofenac.

    I hope everyone else is managing to power through! Just think of all the tonsillitus and nasty tonsil stones that you’re gonna get to avoid for the rest of your life! Remember, at most this recovery process is going to take 17-20 days, which in perspective, is more than worth it to be tonsil free!

    Stay safe xxx

  4. Lindsey
    I am a 24 year old female, I had my tonsils removed on July 23. I had my tonsils removed due to horrid tonsil stones. Let me start off by saying DRINK WATER NO MATTER HOW BAD IT HURTS!!!! Day 1: after procedure you’re so loopy from meds it flys by. I was offered a blue slushing and teddy Graham’s. 8 bags of teddy Graham’s later I am ready to keave!! After surgery I even had McDonald’s I don’t even remember eating it. Throat was numb all day long. I received percocet 5mg. All you will want to do is sleep. Have someone wake you up to drink and take meds!!Day 2: pain was still tolerable I started taking the pain medication every 4 hours so the pain doesn’t get out of control. I was eating mash potatoes ( the pre made bob Evans kind was the smoothest), I noticed ice cold water stung my throat so room temperature worked. I was drinking every 20 mins to keep the throat moist. Sleeping was horrible, I ended up sleeping on couch so my head would be propped up. Waking up every 45 mins to sip water, you get no sleep at all. I didn’t want my throat to dry out because it is so painful. I set my alarm every 4 hours so I would take my medicine.Day 3,4,5: Worst days ever! Extreme pain 10/10, that pain medicine didn’t help! Ear pain started kicking in. I had ice constantly on my throat to keep swelling down. Scabs were formed in back of throat very thick. Drinking water was a task. Everytime I swallowed felt like razorblades. I had to force myself to eat. Ended up getting a blood clot on my left tonsil on day5 and started bleeding. On call dr told me to drink ice cold water and it helped. Woke up after and blood clot resolved on its own. I was having mini hot flashes all day.Day 6: I felt like a new person. Pain was a 6/10. I was eating drinking taking my neds around the clock

    Day 7,8,9: scabs started falling off day 7. It feels like something is caught in back of throat when them fall off. Throat is very sensitive after they fall off that any liquid or food stings the throat. I have bumped my meds down to 1 pill every 4 hours instead of 2 pills. Sleeping longer through the night.

    Day 10 and on: pain has started to be controlled with Motrin. I feel 100% better!! I am starting to eat solid foods. I had PBJ sandwhich and it was easy to go down. I feel back to my normal self. Throat still hurts but just like it would as a sore throat.

    I think keeping myself hydrated non stopped helped with my speedy recovery. I go back to wk in a few days and feel comfortable going back. I still have to drink water so throat doesn’t get dry. My scabs are 75% gone. I’ve had someone with me the whole time and you DO need that. Milk never seemed to cause the phlegm in my throat as others posted. It soothed the burning. I lived off mash potatoes and chick n star soup mix for the first days. Keep taking medication when it’s due so pain stays under control!! Take the full two weeks off dr reccomends because you will need it. I would do this surgery again knowing it is going to cure my tonsil stones and stinky breath! Sorry this blog is all over the place my mind is going crazy! I hope everyone as a good recovery as well as I’ve had!

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A collection of various experiences of adult tonsillectomy patients after their tenth day of tonsillectomy recovery
From thousands of post comments to the tonsillectomy recovery forum, I am assembling a sampling of various accounts and impressions of tonsillectomy recovery for each day. Below I share comments about tonsillectomy recovery after day 11. These comments are from tonsillectomy patients who were kind enough to share their experiences to help others as they navigate the bumpy road of tonsillectomy recovery.


Many will experience depression toward the end of of their tonsillectomy recovery.

Depression after tonsillectomy
Depression After Tonsillectomy?

-Greg Tooke 


  1. I’m currently on day ten I finally am I able to talk but not that much I am still in great pain when I swallow anything I have not ate since my surgery I can believe I’m still alive lol I can barley drink and water because when I do my that feels like someone is stabbing it! So I am super scared to even try to eat any food. I really hope this goes away soon because it’s bringing me down so much I just want to eat I have lost a lot off weight from not eating anything for 10 days I hope I’m okay but I just keep reading about how people say it won’t last forever and you will be able to be normal again and do the things you used to do. I have been having so much because of I’m so hungry that it’s making me want to throw up but I just can’t get anything down because it hurts my throat so bad and it’s only on one side of my throats which is my right! And I don’t really understand what the scabs look like sonidk if they are going away or am I just getting them who knows but I just keep pushing through it and not giving up I guess that’s all I can do well wish me luck guys thanks for reading (:


    1. I lived on egg drop soup .. use canned chicken broth.. when I was thirsty and taking my meds I used chicken broth warm…. it was my savior since anything cold or anything else hurt so bad!!! I was 39 at the time of my surgery!! Rough one !! You’ll make it dude !!! A definite test of will

  2. Im currently on day 10 post op and I still feel like im swallowing razor blades on the right side of my throat. Shouldn’t I be feeling better by now? It might be just a big piece of scab that’s taking a while to fall off but when I take pain meds, the pain doesn’t get better much at all. If anyone has any feedback it would be much appreciated.

    Also, DRINKING COLD WATER HURTS! A lot of people say that it feels so much better than room temperature water but I have no clue where they got that from. If I drink or eat something too cold the sudden stabbing pain brings me to tears.

    1. I could not drink anything cold or room temp … I lived on chicken broth warm and egg drop soup. Lived on it for 2 months . Try it

    2. it is the best to try drink room temp water a lot especially after your pain meds and i also eat after my pain meds… I thought whole big scabs fall off when i spit, but it did not. Scabs just fade into transparent every day when you drink up…More it become transparent, then better you feel. I am almost recovered now, i can talk and eat. It is day 12 after post op of tonsilectomy.

  3. I am a 36 year old woman, I am on day 11 post tonsilectomy. My tonsils were removed due to a history of frequent strep as well as a history of peritonsillar abscess which required needle aspiration to relieve the pressure. Thankfully during this bout of abscess my ENT decided it was time to take them as I could not swallow or talk. Pre op I was sick for about 10 days and surgery was done as an emergency procedure. If I had some time to prepare my body I feel it may have gone a bit better post op, as I entered the hospital severely dehydrated and in severe pain.
    However, day 1 was great, hospital meds had not worn off and I felt amazing. Day 2 reality sets in pain is horrible, like stabbing knifes and honestly the feeling of debris in the back of my throat makes it hard to take the meds. I do not want to drink but I know I must, jello and chicken broth are your friends. Day 3 pain is increasing and radiating to the ears, hard to drink but you must do it. Days 4-6 feels as if the pain is not getting any better, a very stagnant period and sleeping is difficult. Expanded to soup, yogurt, scrambled eggs. Day 7 a.m. I have a sensation in back of throat of very hot liquid, and the familiar taste of blood, a trip to the ER, a large piece of scab has sloughed off and bled quite heavy for approximately 25 mins, as a consolation prize I get an IV and get to be observed for a couple hours. Day 8 I have a sense of panic because I do not want to repeat yesterday’s shenanigans and regress a little bit in my recovery. Day 9 I am determined to get well, drink, drink, drink. Day 10 I slept through the night, when I woke up I was a bit achy in the back of jaw but really it was quite manageable with just Tylenol. I am writing this on day 11 and I feel so much better, yes I have pain but it is minor and yes I feel like there may be some healing still to go but overall I am very glad I had the surgery. I would do it again, I felt so horrible pre op and I am glad I will never have to be that sick again.

  4. I had my tonsils out a month ago on April 27th and it is now may 29 my throat still hurts extremely bad when i Swallow and I still have the healing lump things in the back those white things there not completely gone yet what could be wrong my doctor says I’m fine but I’m still in a lot of pain someone please help

  5. I’m 19 years old and I am on day 6 (if you count surgery day as a day) and I can honestly say I have never experienced pain like this in my entire life. My ears hurt, my throat is swollen, even my teeth hurt, swallowing water feels like i’m dying. There is a constant flem in my mouth no matter how much water I drink. I have a HORRIBLE cough, and guess what? It only comes at night so sleeping is out of the picture for me. It feels like everything I eat is getting stuck back there, i got brave and ate chicken, worst mistake of my life. I’m on percs, 5 mg, 2 every 4 hours, no antibiotics, and I can say that the pain killers leave within 2 hours of being in my system. I can honestly say that if I had the option to be shot in the foot or do this again, I’d shoot myself in the foot without hesitation.

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