Tonsillectomy Day Five

Tonsillectomy Recovery Day by Day

 Day 5

A collection of various experiences of adult tonsillectomy patients on their fifth day of recovery

From thousands of post comments to the tonsillectomy recovery forum, I have assembled a sampling of various accounts and impressions of tonsillectomy recovery for each day. Below I share comments about tonsillectomy day 5. These comments are taken from tonsillectomy patients who were kind enough to share their experiences to help others as they navigate the bumpy road of tonsillectomy recovery.

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Please feel free to add your own experience with tonsillectomy day 5.
-Greg Tooke 

Tonsillectomy Day 5
Tonsillectomy Day 5
  • Tonsillectomy Day 5 :  Can I take the pain killers every two hours?
  •  Oh God. PAIN. …And why am I constipated??
  •  So, the pain is a little better today. I took Tylenol at 2:00am and didn’t need it again until 12:00pm – I’d consider that progress! The coughing is still present. I’m trying to avoid it, but it’s harder than you think. There isn’t much to say about today. I’m talking a little more, but don’t want to strain my voice even more, so I’m still writing a lot down. I had soup again today and canned peaches are awesome – even though I had to puree them. All in all, the throat is feeling okay; the ears – still painful.
  •  Day 5 and so far it has been pretty tolerable
  • Day 5: so today i woke up feeling pretty good, my throat was a little tender but once i took the meds the pain was almost gone and i didn’t need to have any ice or Popsicles. i ate some noodles and pesto sauce. drank water and coca-cola and had some ice cream. I ate potato smileys for dinner. they went down pretty well although thier was a little pain but once i drank some pop it went away. The scabs fell off today as well and i didn’t feel it at all just the occasional tickle and i could feel them hanging down but then i looked in the mirror and they were just gone, so i’m assuming that i just swallowed them :s ( kinda gross)
  • Day 5 and still not getting better. When does it start getting better?! Im nauseous all the time because I have no food in my stomach but i have to take my pain meds because the pain is incredible! I started out weighing apprx 108lbs and weighed myself today and I weigh 101lbs. I hope I dont lose much more. This is depressing
  • Day 5 for me and definitely the worst day yet…woke up so nauseated and was so nervous about throwing up and ripping a scab a hold of my doctor who ordered me some anti Nausea med’s
  • Day 5. I’m very thankful that I’ve had a great recovery so far. No major pain other than a sore throat. Today I substituted a dose of the Hydrocodone for a dose of ibuprofen and am doing well. I’ve been eating since the very first day (applesauce, grits, milkshake)
  • Day 5 and I had my best night sleep yet last night. Had to stop by Drs office yesterday. My tongue felt swollen and getting a lot of itching with the Roxicet. He said I was doing fine. Still taking Benadryl at night though. I find if I talk I pay for it later on so trying to talk as little as possible. Went to my office for an hour to do payroll but had to leave as I wanted to talk. Still eating good and no stomach issues at all. Hoping to get out of the house tomorrow even just to take a short walk.
  • Throat is a little more tender today, and ears hurt when i swallow now. From what i have read/heard it is just the progression of the healing.
  • Day 5-7–nothing exciting to tell, tried to eat a few more interesting things, but throat hurt too much since I wasn’t taking pain meds. Soft boiled eggs were my friend. Getting bored being home by myself all day so I went shopping for an hour and had to come home and take a nap!
  • day 5 and so far it has been pretty tolerable. First day I had only soft food and lots of coke and water but from day 2 I ate normally. Doctor prescribed Voltaren 100mg suppositories which works like a charm for 8 hours, the 4 hours before the next dose however is excrutiating to say the least.
  •  Day 5- horrible morning, good during day.
  •  Recovery Day 5 (post-op day 6):This day was pretty much a blur. More pain and not a lot of food or water. Was in too much agony to do much of anything. Taking the liquid Tylenol and chasing it with a teaspoon of lortab each dose time.
  • Tonsillectomy Day 5 : Day 5: I am still trying to just get through the day. I sleep much better at night and have noticed a major difference in how I feel; I have more energy and I feel rested after sleeping. I cried today over mashed potatoes and small curd cottage cheese. I am not a happy camper.

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  1. I am 28 -had bouts of strep and tonsillitis all my life- I debated getting my tonsils out for years and years and after having strep 4 times in a 5 month period decided it was time. I am so very thankful I found this website/forum it has helped me in so many ways. Thank You!

  2. Today-Day 5 has been pretty good so far- I attempted to stay off the pain meds most of the day b/c I wanted to see what the real pain was feeling like. It is bearable, will need to take it soon again b/c now my right ear is starting to ache. I am dying of hunger however; I managed to get down mashed potatoes this evening which is my first solid food since my surgery- I am trying to stay positive, for if the forum is true the next few days will be the real test-

  3. Today is day 5 of my post op and the most uncomfortable.. I cld not speak, the pain in my ears were excruciating, couldnt take any of my meds and my tongue was extremely swollen. My step dad ended up having to call my Dr and get liquid lortab and for the swelling they prescribed me liquid steroid.. and by 8pm tonight I was finally able to eat some pudding, drink liquids, and swallow without pain.. hopefully tomorrow is better..

  4. Today is Day 5 and I am suprised at how good I feel. Days 3 and 4 were pretty bad with pain, and swelling, and early this morning I was having trouble sleeping. I kept waking up like I wasn’t breathing and the dry mouth and pain were barely manageable even with meds. But as of 9am, I actually have a bit of energy. Most all of the ear and throat pain are gone, except for very dry mouth and some pain when I swallow. I might actually get out of bed and take a shower!
    I know I am not out of the woods yet, but knowing is half the battle!
    This forum has been great. I am so glad to have found this site and taken some of the tips. I believe I am having a good recovery because I was informed!
    So far what has worked for me is:
    Ice packs all the time
    Drinking as much water as possible
    Eating toast before taking meds (Seems impossible? Dunk it in some broth until it is soggy and can go down easy. I get very nausious from the codone and this has saved me).
    Drinking water, broth and smoothies
    Taking pain meds in an orderly fashion so you don’t get in huge amounts of pain and then have to wait for them to kick in.
    Rest! I have spent the last 5 days propped up in my bed. I could probably walk around and do some lite housework, but the advice from a nurse who had this done in her 40’s, was to just be left alone and don’t do a darn thing. Rest.
    My husband has been taking care of our 9 year old and keeping up with me just fine. I feel resting has really helped me stay on top of the pain.
    Anyway, here’s to a speedy recovery all!

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