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10 Days Tonsillectomy Recovery

My tonsillectomy story started when I was a little kid with constant ear infections. I never had tubes or any other procedure done. My mother said the Doctor never even mentioned having me see a specialist. The ear infections slowed down but were still there as I got older. Then in my early thirties I started getting sore throats. I started seeing an ENT for sinus issues so I mentioned the sore throats to him too. He sent me to someone else for that. I started seeing the 2nd ENT on a regular basis for sinus infections and tonsillitis. I got the sinus infections mainly under control with Claritin. After about a year and a half of frequent appointments and antibiotics he confirmed my adenoids had to come out. I mentioned that I couldn’t sing anymore. This may not be a big deal for most but singing is a big part of my life. I told to take my tonsils out as well, and he said no, it wasn’t necessary. Lo and behold I was back in his office still getting sore throats about a year later! He actually said to me, “I’m sorry I should have listened”. It took about 3 years total for my tonsils to be removed. I am now 5 weeks post op and singing again!
Tonsillectomy bleeding


  1. Hi
    I was not sure where to post my story , I think this is a comment on someone else’s story , sorry if this is not the place to post but after seeing this site I have to get this off my chest !!! I don’t do Facebook anymore but so much to say. This should be the de-facto place prior to tonsillectomy’s ,”great gobs of information” . Grandson (he’s 6 yrs old) is on day 8 but day 7 was the worst ,I’m guessing we forget how bad tonsil removal and adenoid removal is ,so maybe that’s why there are no good warnings on how bad this can be by nurses or doctors ! It is surgery but the info mostly given is , some get right through it and some don’t. I’m going to refer the Doctor to this site but have a hunch it will fall on deaf ears. I guess some could be freaked out if they see some of this but better to be informed then info deprived . I wish I would have seen this before day 7 ! I would of made my grandson that much more comfortable ,with the ice bags and wraps which helped him instantly last night ! and gum chewing helped a bit today. The toast is wonderful he’s eating a ton of it , 🙂 The pain meds hydrocodene , he hates it, it really had him messed up but he’s done with it now. This is a great site and really should be used for info before ,during and after tonsillectomy . Thanks for putting this out there it was a “monumental help ” especially after calling back to the doctor on day six for advice of how to get through this a bit better and being told only that this is a “process” NO Sh#@ !! Thank You so much for this info !
    Thanks again Joe !!

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