Tonsillectomy Recovery Time Poll

Adult Tonsillectomy Recovery Time – a Poll

Tonsillectomy recovery time is unique to each individual- sure.  We know that recovery time for adults is longer, and maybe harder, than tonsillectomy recovery time for children. I remember my own son bouncing back in less than a week! My own experience taught me that ten days off from a job that required lots of talking was a bit light.  I generally advise two weeks.  As I’ve said, most employers will let you come back early.  That’s easier than asking for more time after the fact. I’ve read the accounts of thousands of tonsillectomy patients- most of them adults. I’ve learned that the time required varies. I wonder though, how many tonsillectomy patients never really post about their experience. Are you one of those quiet ones lying in the weeds? I’d like to get a better feel for the average adult tonsillectomy recovery time. Please take a moment and share your own experience in recovering from tonsillectomy surgery. You can help us all!

So let me put this out as an informal survey for people who have been through it, to help those planning a tonsillectomy.  (It’s also one of the most commonly researched questions by adults considering tonsillectomy.)  It’s my hope that we can amass a good sampling of experiences to help guide would-be adult tonsillectomy patients as they plan their family, work, and other obligations,

What is the average recovery time for tonsillectomy in adults? Read my Summary: Tonsillectomy Recovery Time Summary

So, what is it?  What is your recommended adult tonsillectomy recovery time?

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Tonsillectomy Recovery Time

Adult Tonsillectomy Recovery Time

Before you schedule an appointment to have your tonsils removed, do a little research.

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  1. welcome to hell!! lol I had mine on the AUG 5th!! on the 10th day things started to get better, however, I spent day 6 and 7 in the hospital because the cut got infected and started to bleed.. dont panic tho it wasnt too bad overall .. but if you started to feel very ill.. I think you should go to the hospital; they will take good care of you and the pain will be controlled.. just watch out, dont sleep flat because if it started to bleed and you were a sleep, it might be very dangerous!! Good luck

  2. I’m 28 and I had my surgery September 4th… And I am goin thru hell… I find myself crying because the pain I’m in is unbearable.. I cough up soooo much mucus on a daily basis… It hurts worse when I wake up in the morning.. I was prescribed amoxicillin hyrdocodone for pain and promethazine for nausea… Two days after my surgery I found myself the next day spitting up blood because my throat was so dry.. I cannot eat regular food.. I only eat Italian ice, ice chips, cold drinks (no soda) and flavored ice pops.. She told me to try noddles and mash potatoes but they get stuck on my throat… My neck is swollen so she gave me a neck ice pack to wear..

  3. I had my op. on the 5th of AUG and today is the 7th… so far its not too bad, of course its sore but it doesnt affect my eating or drinking much, the Doc. gave me Paracetamol and ibuprofen, am only using Paracetamol as I heard that IB thins the blood, and worried me that if I start bleeding it wont stop easily! however, the pain is bearable although its affecting my throat, ears and teeth, also, my face is a lil bit swollen!

    I drink lots of water and force myself to eat normally and the doctor recommended toast to clear the throat, so am eating that too.. trying to avoid spices and oily food, and eat more healthy food to recover! I go for short walks everyday and relax in my quiet room and bit of relaxing-beach music! it helps somehow..

    if you are going through the recovery period, you need to take it day by day and dont worry about the future!

    Drink water and good luck

  4. I’m 5 days post op tonsillectomy and have to say I was extremely worried after reading that almost everyone says the recovery is terrible. Luckily mine’s been okay so far. When I first woke up I was very sore, was about to get morphine but was taken back to the ward and was refused analgesics when I got back there for several hours, and then was only given tablets even though I insisted I couldn’t get them down. Drinking only sips of water was agony, at least as bad as when I broke my ankle, except the pain was in my throat! When I finally got some soluable oral meds the pain went to almost nothing, and since then I’ve been pretty comfortable. Here in the UK they insist you eat solid foods straight away, to help slough off the gunk and scabs, and discourage infection, and I had to eat toast and proper food before I was allowed home. I did this pretty easily once I’d had some pain relief. I’ve eaten normally since the surgery, nothing spicy or sharp like chips, but I’ve had salads and toast, cereals etc. I am waiting for the increased pain and bleeding that everyone says happens about a week post op, but honestly I have reduced my pain meds to only twice a day, simply from fear the pain will come back and think I could do without them if I had to. It’s really only like a bad sore throat for me.
    I’m glad I’ve been lucky not to suffer like nearly everyone else, but apart from yawning and sneezing, and trying to move my tongue around too much which all hurt of course, it’s so far been fine. Most of all, despite the horrific pain I had straight after the surgery and expected to continue, I would definitely still have been pleased to get rid of my tonsils. I’m really glad I had the courage to go through with it!
    Good luck to everyone scared to death by all these horror stories! Hopefully there are a lot of people who have my experience, and just don’t post on the internet!

  5. Also wanted to add what all I had done:
    Turbinate Reduction
    Sinus cleansing

    With the septoplasty you can’t breath out of your nose for the first five days until the packing is washed away by the saline or vacuumed out by your doctor.
    This means you WILL end up with a very dry throat when you wake up from naps or sleeping. Just drink a lot of water no matter the pain before you go rushing to your meds.
    I also found diluting my hydrocodone in an ounce of water helped ease the stinging when taking it.

  6. Hello! I had my tonsils removed on July 9th.
    Today is like 15 of Post-Op recovery.

    I was told to consistently spray a nasal saline solution up my nose to ensure it stays moist and to help with keeping the scabs moist, and keeping your nasal passages clear so you can breath. (Also doubles as a way to prevent infection)
    I was told that drinking through a straw helps speed recovery.
    I was told to drink tons of water, in fact, anything except carbonated beverages and alcohol. Staying hydrated is the only way to prevent acute pain that happens when you are dehydrated.

    Days 1 through 5 were bearable.
    Days 6 through 12 were the worst for me. Just as I thought I was getting better, the period of the scabbing coming off really caused some pain.
    I didn’t have any horrendous bleeding. I oozed a bit which is normal.
    I kept hydrated with ice water, and sometimes alternating with tap water, depending on if the ice water caused pain.
    I also ate popsicles, pudding, and kept my nutrition in check with pedialyte and ensure.
    By day 14, I was able to begin incorporating very soft solids (light solids) back into my diet.
    I still have pain today at day 15. It has not subsided, but it’s bearable.
    I don’t have much of a voice either as it is very weak.

    I also recommend the full two weeks off from work for adults as this is not something you’ll be able to work through. The medication promotes a type of attention deficit that will prevent you from being able to focus, and I definitely do not advise driving at all.
    Get plenty of rest. Move around the house or take a walk if you need to move.
    You will not get more than 4 hours of sleep during the first 12 days most likely due to the pain meds wearing off in the night. So you will miss out on some valuable restorative REM sleep. If you don’t get REM sleep, it can be dangerous – so you can end up a bit delirious and your mood will deteriorate – so just remember why that is. Once you can get in at least 5 hours of uninterrupted sleep – you’ll feel much better.

    If your doctor prescribes Methylprednisolone to you, it will also cause your mood to wan, don’t fret – just tell yourself it’s the medication.

    I do drink out of straws, and I don’t know if it’s helped or not.
    I use the saline nasal spray religiously. It may sting at first, but only for a second.
    I did notice the pain level intensity change if I got a little dehydrated. Please please please drink water often and stay hydrated. This more than anything else will help your recovery.

  7. I had my tonsils removed on April 25th; currently on day 6 post-op. As I sit here trying to think of how to describe my experience thus far, three words come to mind; Painful, Brutal, and Unbearable. Following my surgery, I was in recovery for several hours as I was having some trouble with the anesthesia. The ride home as well as that day is a blur. That night however was needless to say painful. I was up every hour or so as I began to experience a significant amount of pain in my ears, neck, and throat. This pain has only gotten worse. On day 4, I was rushed to my Drs, as I was spitting up blood the night prior. Luckily, the blood was due to the scrapping of my adenoids and not from the removal of my tonsils. Pain meds (tylenol/codeine) ware off after 2+ hours. Due to the pain, I have only been able to tolerate some juices, water, ices, and pedialyte freezer pops. Today, I tried chicken broth however I found it to be brutal as the salt in the soup stung as it went down. Because I am unable to eat, I am extremely weak, and my body aches; getting out of bed to use the bathroom is a huge task in itself. I was given some tips by my Dr and friends as how to make the recovery as smooth as possible. As grateful as I am for everyone’s advice, much has been useless, as there is little to do in regards to easing the pain. One thing I do recommend is purchasing a cool mist humidifier if you don’t already have one, as this will help to create moisture in the air, which in turn will help keep your throat somewhat moist. I am beyond lucky to have my mom who has been at my beckon call; without her, my recovery would be far worse. Hopefully the pain will begin to subside in the next few days; with that, I hope everyone is well and begins to feel some relief soon. Regards, Michele

  8. hi,…I’m 40 years old, and I just done my tonsillectomy last 23rd of April 2013, today is my 8th day, the first 2 days after the op., it didn’t hurt that much, but starting the 3rd day till day 7th (everyone may vary), prepare and get ready to enjoy the ride to hell,…the pain was unbearable, it is crazy…you will feel that your throat is swollen, you feel pain in your ears, very painfull every time you move your tounge, very hard to swallow anything (even your own saliva), can not swallow anything with spices (don’t you ever try with chilli, you will dreaming about dying), you will feel that every time you drink liquid it will goes to your nose too, feeling very weak because not enough nutrition, losing weight, feel sleepy all the time, and frustrated in severe way,…. mind, mental and physical. For those who doesn’t have to take out their tonsil, please don’t, you will regret it,…..It’s The Worst Week in your Life!!!!!!!!! So Horrible and Undescribable. If I knew what kind of pain I’d be in, I better have 10 tonsils than doing the Op!!!!!, But I feel relieve now, because I’ve done my worst!!!!!!

  9. Hi Crystal,

    I had my surgery on this past Monday April 22, 2013. It has now been 6 days since the surgery, and I’m starting to feel some releaf. I’m due to return to work on this comming Monday, but my husband had to contact my supervisor to request an additional week off. I do deal with the public a lot; answering phone calls as well as communicating with other employees. My supervisour had requested me to take aleast two weeks off to recover, I glad I took her advice. My suggestion to the adults who are planning to have a tonsillectomy, take at least two weeks to recover. I’m still having problems eating, but I’m sure it will get better as time goes by. Hope this helps!

  10. I had my surgery on April 18th, today is April 27th. My throat still feels swollen but the pain is nothing like the first 5 day. My first and second day weren’t bad,i was actually able to eat but i was taking pain meds around the clock, as prescribed.come day three, it was like i hit a wall. I got sick from not enough fluid and all the meds. The pain was awful, so sleeping helped. Someone mentioned that fluids feel like they are going to come out of your nose, that gets better as you learn to swallow again. In trying to get used to feeling all the mucus. I also had some removal of bone in my nose, to help breathing. My doctor said that or body natural produces a quart of mucus daily, nasty when that’s all you feel. I go back to work in two days. I am a little concerned if i will be ok due to the swelling i still have, but as far as pain goes, it’s not bad. I only have pain first thing in the morning now. It has been rough, I’m not saying it was easy but I’m trying to look at the light at the end of thetunnel

  11. I’m 33 and I am 8 days out of a tonsilectomy. Still on a soup diet. I did get some chocolate boost to help with my intake cause I’ve lost 10lbs in 7 days. Was in the ER on post op day 4 for dehydration. Haven’t taken the pain meds in 3 days because they have me constipated! Went for my one week follow up and I’m not healing so I got an antibiotic shot and actually felt human for the first time today :/ Very frustrated, hungry, in pain…. Go back to work on the 28th on light duty. This is probably been the worst recovery ever!

  12. Soo April 17th was my surgery, i am 25 and i would say fairly healthy all n all. I also heard that I’d be able to work with in 2 or 3 days from people who got theirs removed before…….. Load of crap, later i find out its because they got them out as kids.

    The mornings are the worst like waking up with the worst cotton mouth along with some one tattooing the inside of ur neck…. Over all I’ve read a lot of the other posts and to some degree they r accurate , It hurts to swallow ANYTHING so i turned to soups and liquids , problem with this is i been getting the worst acid reflex and indigestion that chain react burps/hiccups with a vengeance/puking – all excruciatingly painful….mostly from tomato based soups, that stopped shorty after realizing…
    More recently I’ve been getting more of a burning sensation far worse than beginning post op which is making it difficult to indulge in cold or sweet foods as it burns further. Im hoping this is to do with the scabs falling off although i have yet to see any come out

    Now for the positive….
    Tho im still in pain with a lot of the same symptoms as the rest I’ve been tapering off the pain meds and training myself not run to them first sign of pain…
    Breathing is still difficult at times especially when im lying on my back or my upper body is up side down but yesterday i did 20 min of yoga. At first it was very difficult cuz my body kept wanting to take lil short breathes to minimize the pain but i calmed n took deep slow ones; by the end i could defiantly feel my body and mind much more relaxed

    I’ve finally moved up to eating pasta (extremely slow) i have to take small bites and chew it till its a paste that i can painfully choke down and by the end im in more pain but well worth it to get some food in.
    I have to watch for some foods because ital build to much mucus and thats another problem in it self, i got a spit cup practically everywhere i go but it helps

    As everyone has mentioned if you do not need this surgery dont even bother, it does so much more then just a sore throat
    Ear/Headaches equivalent to migraines
    Loss of weight in turn lack of nutrition
    Mentally and physically draining
    And the obv swollen/painful mouth/throat/stomic
    Im sure theres more but theres a light at the end of the tunnel i just dont know how long till we reach it

  13. I’m 19 years old and I got my tonsils removed on April 16th and I’m due back to both my retail jobs on the 29th…. as of right now this seems unimaginable. 6 days in and I’m so sick of not being able to eat anything with flavor. Or anything for that matter. Needless to say, I am a total emotional wreck. Woke up from surgery in VERY mild pain, and I mean a 2 on the scale just confused. The ear jaw and throat pain are killing me. I can’t sleep at night, I broke down in tears earlier yesterday because my throat was bleeding last night and eating and drinking anything warm or cold burned. Plus the liquid vicadin felt like someone poured acid down my throat. I’ve thrown up 2 times both were mostly mucus but last time was a pill chopped and plugged into jello bits, so discouraging and my family will not leave me alone, everyone wants to visit conveniently when I finally want to sleep. Anyway better feel my full self by the 29th otherwise my associates will be doing A LOT of extra work. Hopefully I won’t need pain meds by then so I can walk in a straight line.

  14. I had mine taken out along with part of my thyroid and a cyst on my thyroid on April 10th. Like you , I have three kids and I am suppose to go back to work tomorrow the 22nd. I am so nervous because I am still in pain (especially in my ears). I am a teacher and can’t imagine talking all day! This whole thing started because of the cyst and my doctor wanted to take out my tonsils because of a “spot” on the ct scan. If I had it to do all over again, I wold have opted out of the tonsils and taken my chances with the “spot”!

  15. I had my tosillectomy on Monday the 15… today is my 4th day in recovery!!! All that im able to eat is ice-cream & jelly and drinking water. The pain is so bad even my ears are affected. The pain meds only last for about 2 hours……had I known what I know now, I wouldn’t have removed my tonsils.

  16. I am 22 years old and I am day 7 in the recovery process from my tonsillectomy and I feel horrible. The pain meds just stop working after awhile so I’ve been taking Tylenol to ease up the pain. I can’t eat anything more than ice cream and water downed soup. I can’t sleep. My ears hurt so bad (which is normal in the healing process) I just want to pull them off! Im told by day 10 the scabs will start coming off & that I will start feeling better so I’m crossing my fingers!
    but don’t let any of these posts scare ya!! EVERYBODY heals differently and some people are more tolerable with pain than others. I have a few adult friends who say their recovery was not NEAR as rough as mine. So, Good Luck to ya & just follow your doctors instructions & STAY HYDRATED!

  17. I have had my tonsils removed on April 8 2013 and I must say I would never had had it done if I knew of the pain I’d be in. I described it to my husband that id rather have 8 more kids with no pain meds. Im a 32 year old woman who is constantly busy with 2 kids and full time job, my time of recover has been very discouraging, I feel that I should of felt better by now, at least enough to go back to work on the 22nd, which im now considering asking for a few more days off. All I eat is water,waterdowned chicken soup,water, some icecream, water, and well, water. I have been told to avoid all citrus foods/drinks and any pasta sauces. only bland foods with no spices, and trust me I sufferd when I have tried to eat them. The pain moved up the back of my head, ears, eyes and nose. Im constantly tired, and fussy since i dont sleep unless i take gravol for an upset tummy. my liquid pain meds run out after 2-3 hrs of taking them. I am not a happy person. I recommend, if you don’t need them out don’t get them out. I just am thankful I dont need to ever do this agin.

  18. I’m 25 years old, a stay at home mom to an 8 month old and still decided to get my tonsils removed. I got them removed on April 9th, I am now 8 days post-op and I feel just as horrible as I did when I woke up from surgery. If I would have known recovery would have been this bad I would not have gotten them removed. I was given liquid pain meds that I have to take every 4 hours but they wear off after about 2 so I’m in pain non-stop. Not only am I unable to talk but I can hardly swallow anything so in turn I haven’t been able to eat anything and with only being 8 days post-op I’ve already lost 14 pounds….that’s not normal! I’ve tried eating scrambled eggs the second day home and they did not settle right and came right back up. I’ve also tried mashed potatoes and some alphabet pasta in sauce but it was too painful. I think applesauce and sherbert were the only things I was able to get down a decent amount of. It’s a struggle to even drink water.

  19. I had my tonsils removed on April 10 th. I am now at 5 days post surgery and I must say that I’m not doing too bad. After surgery I was not in too much pain, just a bit sore. I didn’t take the pills they prescribed because the pain was not that bad so I just stick with some Tylenol when really necessary. I am mostly drinking boost drinks and lots of water because it is still pretty difficult to swallow. I did manage to eat a couple of bites of rice but had to stop due to pain. Overall, I would have to say that the amount of pain is way less than the things I was reading. Oh and my ears started feeling like if they have a lot of pressure yesterday( like when you’re plain is landing you get that pain) but it goes away with pain meds.

  20. I just had my tonsils removed about 10 hours ago, I’m 21. Honestly the pain when I first woke was horrendous. Since coming home at 530 pm (surgery was at 11am) I’ve had one Percocet. I am able to eat yogurt and cooled off mash potatoes, drinking water however feels worse as its very funny feeling to swallow.

  21. I am 20 years old and now on my 6th day since having the procedure and the pain today is pretty much the worst. The day of the surgery I was still pretty messed up from anesthesia and meds so I slept all day and since it’s been painful swallowing, talking, etc. It’s always much worse after just waking up too, so try and drink as much water as possible before hand and for the first couple days after surgery. My ears have started to feel really full but the doc said that would be normal, I’ve found that after drinking as much water I could stand just sitting in a hot shower/bath helped me feel much better. I’m hoping I will start to feel more relief and less pain since I’m about halfway through typical recovery time.

  22. its awful.for the first 5 days, don’t be a heroin addict either or.have a high tolerance to pain meds cuz it’s constant pain and the medicine will not phase you this is day 5 for me…still awful and still cant eat.

  23. i had my tonsils taken out 4 days ago

    day 1 not that bad still hurt but mehh

    day 2 was brutal especially night i was up until 4 AM with headaches and jaw pains

    day 3 was surprisingly easier not as easy as day 1 but deffinatley not as bad as day2

    somebody please tell me what to expect and when i can swallow without discomfert

  24. I am 52 years old and had my tonsils out three weeks ago yesterday. I had chronic inflammation in the part of the tonsil that meets your throat so it could not be seen by looking at it. The left side was much worse than the right. The pathology came back as chronic inflammation and infection. My uvula was also reduced during my surgery. It was painful and unfortunately I didn’t tolerate the pain meds too well. I was awake 24/7 for six days and got dehydrated because I couldn’t make myself get the fluids down…day 3-5 were much worse than the day of surgery or the day after. On the Doctor’s instruction I went to the ER, got an IV drip to re-hydrate, a shot of steroids (VERY helpful) and two injections of morphine. I still didn’t sleep but that got me over the hump. All that said, I’m functioning just fine and working but my throat is still pretty sore, especially on the left side, and feels like a mini balloon/swollen area deep in my throat when I swallow. I’m feeling like I won’t be healed for a least two to three more weeks. I hope it’s not that long but I have to travel for work and I don’t think that’s helping the healing process….and, of course, my age plays a role I’m sure.

  25. Had tonsils and uvula out April 1 2013. 2 weeks before surgery I started taking arnica montana for swelling and brusing to help with healing, because I heard the pain from this surgery would be really bad. I will also continue arnica for 2 more weeks after surgery. I feel like I had a really bad sore throat, and when I swallowed it felt funny. I’m sleeping in a reclinging chair and I had a humidifier in my bedroom. I’ve had worse pain. and discomfort in other surgeries. Take your pain medicine eat lots of icees and soft foods, rest and drink lots of water you will get through it! I started taking tylenol april 7th today april 9th I’m moving arround more and Iam feeling better my throat will probably feel funny for a few more weeks. Good Luck! It sounds worse then it is.

  26. Bull!! I’m 29 and had my tonsils removed Friday the 5th! It’s hard to swallow, I wanna see what it looks like in the back of my throat, but can’t cause my mouth won’t open and my tongue is swollen:( my own spit is hard to swallow so I spit alot to save the pain of having to swallow so much! I have to sleep sitting up if not I feel like imma choke on my uvula or my tongue! Another weird thing is: when I drink or eat anything it’s like it’s trying to come outta my nose?? How can I avoid this:( my pain level is bout a 3-4 today!

  27. My dad told me that he had his removed in his 20s and assured me that he was back at work the next day

  28. OMG!!! I am also very reluctant and if a hip replacement is easier than tonssilectomy recovery, I wish that I could opt- out!!! I have heard how incredibly painful it is for adults and Im just shaking my head. SMH… I will let ya’ll know how my recovery/ pain level is, in two weeks. Wish me luck butthe original onset was a pain scale of a Ten!! And I just recovered from spinal surgery. A Fourteen on the one thru ten pain scale.

  29. OMG!!! I am also very reluctant and if a hip replacement is easier than tonssilectomy recovery, I wish that I could opt- out!!! I have heard how incredibly painful it is for adults and Im just shaking my head. SMH… I will let ya’ll know how my recovery/ pain level is, in two weeks. Wish me luck butthe original onset was a pain scale of a Ten!! And I just recovered from spinal surgery. A Fourteen on the one thru ten pain scale.

  30. I had mine taken out on the 27th, I must say I didn’t know the meaning of pain till I came home. The pain is so horrible that I can’t sleep at night. Went back to the emergency room for a shot and they are much better.

  31. I had a horse wreck a few months ago. I broke my hip. It’s been replaced. It was painful. But doesn’t compare with the PAIN I’ve endured from the tonsillectomy a week ago. I would be completely devastated not for the pain meds.

  32. So i just had my tonsils removed 4 days ago, tried to go as long as i could the day after without pain meds and i can confidently say i could have made it all day, i just did not want to. the pain has not been too bad (i’d say about a 3 out of 10), but maybe that’s due to me not talking and just laying around all day. My experience so far is more weird than anything feeling those stitches in the back of my throat sometimes gets itchy, but i’m 23 years old and like i’ve been saying, the pain is really not all that bad. drink lots of cold liquid, stick to your med regimen get lots of sleep and with the way things are going so far i expect this experience to be over pretty soon. foods i’ve been eating are alot of mashed potatoes (cooled off), cottage cheese, and small slices of cheese. biggest key in eating is to nibble and not chomp. hope this was helpful

  33. Tomorrow I am getting my tonsils removed. My biggest fear is that I will have a hard time breathing due to the swelling from surgery. What have you all experienced as far as that is concerned? I need some major reassurance! I did watch some tonsillectomies being performed on you tube. It doesn’t look too scary! Looks quite painful though after the fact. And once the scabs fall off does your throat go back to being red? That yellow color is just nasty! I hope to hear back soon! Thanks for this site. I’m real glad it is here 🙂

  34. I had my tonsils removed on 13 Mar. The first 10 days were painful swallowing, eating, etc. The key thing for me was pain management with meds. I am still not 100% but at least I can swallow and eat food. Ears and throat still hurt but not as bad as days 1-3.

  35. Hannah,
    I felt the same after reading all the horror stories but the three days worrying about it before the op ended up being far worse than the recovery period. It will be uncomfortable but doesn’t need to be any worse than that. It clearly varies hugely from one individual to another but, as I wrote in my original post on 19/2, my guess is that most people who don’t suffer too much don’t write on the blog. None of the other friends I know who had the op as adults had a really bad time. See that post for further advice….
    Good luck!

  36. Hi, folks. After ready all the comments on this forum I thought I would post my own experiences…..

    I’m a 39 year old male and I was advised to have my tonsils out as I had suffered from severe bouts of tonsilitus (3 – 4 instances a year) for the last 8 – 9 years.
    The operation was carried out on the 25th of March and to be honest I did’nt feel much pain for the first 3 – 4 days. I was given toast about an hour after waking up from the surgery, and while it was painful swallowing I felt a lot better for it. As other posters have said I was told that eating helps to stretch the throat muscles and promote healing. I was also drinking cold water by the gallon!
    I ate toast again that evening and next morning a breakfast of corn flakes and more toast and after seeing the surgeon I was sent home that afternoon. I was prescribed Iboprofen, Paracetemol and Difflam spray for the pain. I was also prescribed Codeine which was to be used if the pain got too much for me. He encouraged me to get back to my normal diet as soon as possible, but to avoid spicy food and fizzy drinks; eat whatever you can manage, basically.
    As I said I the pain was mild for the first few days but that all ended around day 4! Swallowing produced a sharp, stinging pain which took several minutes to subside, also I found that when asleep at night my throat would become very dry which became even more painful. I would wake every 4 hours or so and try to drink a couple of glasses of water which hurt like hell but after about a half-hour I could get back to sleep.
    I found ice cold drinks quite painful and a cup of WARM tea was much more soothing, To be honest the pain caused me to drink less fluids which probably did’nt help. By this stage I was taking the Codeine which had been prescribed and this took the edge of the pain for a couple of hours, but I had to wait 8 hours between doses!
    Things got MUCH better after about a week but mornings were painful. As for bleeding I have been lucky. I had a couple of spots of bleeding after a week but these stopped before I had the chance to consider going to the hospital.
    Today is day 13 after the op and the pain is at the level of a regular sore throat which is more than bearable without any meds. After the way I had been pumping them into my body I think that’s a good thing! I’m eating and drinking pretty much as I please although spicy food is uncomfortable. The back of my throat still feels a little swollen , I can feel my ganglia(?) hitting the back of my tongue but I imagine that will
    disappear in time.

  37. Day 6 of tonsillectomy: hmmm…seems like the pain increases as the days after surgery do too :(. I have consistently wondered why I am being punished for peoples’ pain med. addictions. It seems as though Loratab every 2.5 hours (30cc) around the clock for a week is what works, YET you are only prescribed 1/3 of that IF you even persist the MD writes 1-2 more scripts. If the pain is down (3/10 is good), eating can be more bearable and maybe constipation and recovery will be quicker. In summary, I believe this surgery would be more bearable if the MDs would not try to delude themselves that they are saving people from pain med. addictions. I don’t have one, and even if I did, they sadly are unable to stop people. I have found myself saying, “this seems cruel.” I am not even one who cares to take meds, yet without pain meds., you will simply pray, “Jesus come back.”

  38. Sorry to hear you are another one going through a tough time, Roni. I won’t repeat my whole story, which you can read below dated Feb 19th but I would implore you to try and eat. Your body needs sustenance to heal efficiently and the action of swallowing, even though it might be quite uncomfortable, helps the wound area to close up properly in particular. As I wrote before, I was encouraged to eat normally from day 1 and I think doing so really helped me not to have such a bad time. I also found that the first two or three swallows were the hardest each time I ate or drank something and that the process went a lot smoother once I got into the swing.
    Eight days after the op I was down the pub giving my throat some ale therapy (though that might not work for everyone). The good news for you is that you should really be feeling better in a few days. But please do eat!

  39. I’m 18, got mine out a week ago today, at 6:30 a.m. I got released that same day with a bottle of Hydro-cone and some pills to avoid nausea.I used it up in 3 days and ever since,I just take liquid Ibuprofen. I wake up at night at least 3 or 4 times to drink Ibuprofen and some water, but the pain does not go away immediately. In fact, when I drink the water it starts a SHARP pain that last a few seconds but is unbearable, before it does any good .I’ve lost appetite in food to avoid the pain of swallowing. I haven’t eaten in the past four days, my stomach does hurt sometimes but when it’s time to drink medicine I forget about food rather quickly. The pain has lessen just a tad bit, but it still hurts to swallow and even ice will hurt when I first put it in my mouth. If I were to have been eating well, would I already be better? Or is this something that someone else has experienced?

  40. For the first time.. I have made it 3 whole months and not been sick. The pain was so worth not being sick all the time. That is the light at the end of the tunnel. 🙂

  41. I am also over 50 and had tonsillectomy adenoidectomy and uvulectomy on Feb. 14th. I have still not returned to work. This is week 3. I agree that this by far has been a horrible experienxe and pain. I hope that in 3 mos. I can say that I am glad I had it done right now not so sure.

  42. Im completely terrified. Im 19 years old and have had tonsillitis and strep about every two to three months practically living on antibiotics. I go see my ENT doctor this week to discuss the possibility of surgery. I have read all the above comments and stories and im just so ready to have them taken out it doesnt worry me. How silly does that sound. to be terrified but not worried.

  43. After reading all the posts, looks like everyone have bad experience after tonsil removed.
    That is really scare me, since my schedule for surgery in next 7 days…
    Wish me luck. Thanks

  44. First of all, total respect and sympathy to all of you on here who have had a really tough time or are still going through one. However, I get the feeling it’s in the nature of such a forum that the majority of those who post are those who’ve had the worst experiences, so I’d like to redress the balance by sharing one of the happier stories. I’m not saying it’s been the best week of my life but, having first looked on here a week ago, before my operation, the worst days for me were definitely minus three, two and one because these reports put the wind up me good and proper! So I hope this encourages anyone yet to have the op that it might not be all that bad.
    I’m a fifty-five year old bloke in London and I had my tonsils out last Friday, so I’m on day 5. So far I’d say the pain has never exceeded that of a medium sore throat and it’s now receding all the time, thanks to excellent treatment and a good regime of medication. I suppose I should also put in the disclaimer that I’m blessed with rather an ox-like constitution and have always recovered quickly from any ailment. Maybe it also plays some role that my tonsils were not compromised, just bloody big and I was advised to have them removed as a measure against radical snoring and sleep apnoea.
    Post-op I was given a shot of morphine and sent home by late afternoon with co-codamol, backed up by ibuprofen and difflan throat spray. Hadn’t had an opiate since I was in Thailand’s golden triangle over 20 years ago and I’d forgotten how effective they are! Again I’m lucky in that there was precious little chance of nausea as I haven’t thrown up in adult life (except a few booze-induced occasions) and that includes spending a total of over four years in India, mostly drinking the local water. Neither have there been any secondary issues like earache or constipation. I’ve followed the meds regime religiously and it’s worked a treat. Keeping ahead of the worst discomfort is the trick.
    For me the advice that they give here in the UK to resume a normal diet straight away was also priceless. A couple of hours after emerging from theatre, I was given a ham and tomato sandwich (I politely refused the horse meat burger). It took twenty minutes to eat but I haven’t looked back since. Apart from the restorative exercise it gives to the throat, all that good energy surely helps the body heal and I bet the quantity rather precludes constipation becoming a problem. After everything from pasta, toast and cereal to steak pie, chips and peanuts, nothing has refused to go down. I’m now contemplating my first curry, though not a vindaloo just yet. I must say I especially sympathise with those whose tastebuds have been compromised – can’t imagine how horrible that must be. I’m sure they will come back.
    The final point I’d like to make for those of you in the USA is that I cannot sing the praises of the NHS highly enough because I know the propaganda that gets spread there by the neocons. My wife’s American and I lived in Pittsburgh for quite a few years. Apart from the obvious attractions of London and it being home (for me at least), one of the main reasons we relocated was the diabolical nature of privatised healthcare. I’m a freelance travel writer and since my wife’s been unemployed, you can imagine what the insurance costs would be.
    Here I had several appointments with two different consultants, was able to choose the date of my surgery, was given a degree of choice in my care throughout and received superb treatment, from both doctors and nurses. So you get put on a recovery ward with other people – big deal! I prefer that, in fact. Oh, and the hospital reception area doesn’t look like the atrium of a shopping mall. I can live without that too!
    No need to tell you the cost, including the meds I took home….. nothing, zip, nada. I was never even asked to show any ID (nor is my wife when she goes to a hospital or doctor, despite her obvious accent). Now that’s what I call healthcare!!! And people call Obama a socialist. I wish he was! Anyway, political rant over.
    Good luck to those yet to undergo the surgery and speedy recovery to those who’ve had it. Good health to all!

  45. I Feel Your Pain Im 32 and i just got mine out on Valentines day so im on day 4 this is the worst pain ever if i knew it was like this i would have canceled the surgery. The meds they gave dont work im going to the doctors tomorrow they are going to have to give me something stronger

  46. Hello all!

    I was 21 and studying abroad in Germany when I had my tonsillectomy. I have had two throat abscesses in the USA. When it happened again, the German specialist in the ER strongly recommended I get a tonsillectomy. It was scary to go through it alone and my parents were very worried being across the Atlantic while I was sick. In Germany, they ordered I stay in the hospital for a minimum of FIVE DAYS. After my surgery, I had little sleep. The great thing about being in the hospital for so long is that it helped me take my medication regularly. I had antibiotics through IV along with anti-inflammatory pills for the first three days, then just the pills after that. I was released from the hospital after my sixth day. It was horrible, like many people have described. I would have pain every time I would wake up, but the nurse explained to me that it was because while I would sleep my throat would dry up and my saliva alone would not help. They forced me to drink at least 2-3 liters of water a day and had me eat somewhat normally on my second day (no crunchy or spicy foods). After I was released, my parents arranged for me to come to the USA for the rest of my recovery. So far I am on day 12 and feel great. Sure I have throat pain in the morning but it is miled and nothing Advil can’t fix. The worst part about it now is that the stitches are coming off and it feels weird. It is not a fun experience, but something that can be done. I guess I am one of the lucky ones after reading some other posts. Best of luck to you if you go through this!

  47. I am 35 years old and On February 7th 2013 I had my tonsils out. I was eating and drinking fine until day 3. When my tongue has become swollen and really painful. I sleep about 5 hours at night before I’m woken up by a mouthful of fluid. This is the worst pain I’ve been through and glad I never will go through again. I just got to be brave and ride it out. I’m on codeine, ibuprofen and paracetamols. I wake up in less pain each day but it increases during the day.
    Its day 5 now and I’m hoping I can eat a little more as I’m having stomach cramps from being hungry. Good luck to all of you fellow sufferers.

  48. I an 23 and on my 9th day honestly worst pain ever I an surprised no one has mentioned there ears yes my throat is bad but nothing compared to the ear pain I can barely drink let alone eat still and day 9 still can’t sleep and need as much meds as I did from day 1 they don’t seem to help all that much! I am questioning tonsillitis 7 times a year or this? Awful pain

  49. I am 23 and i had my surgery on jan 31st 2013, its been 6 days since and yes the pain is very bad. I am able to eat hard boiled eggs, cup of noodles, yogurt, macaroni, jello, and beans. i gargle a mild salt water ever hour or so and use throat numbing spray as well as taking my meds. It is very painful in the mornings and when i attempt to speak. I’m in the military and they have given me two weeks off for my recovery. It seems to be going well, other than being painful. I have only had a small amount of dried blood come out one day. resting and drinking plenty of water seems to help. I hope to be eating a normal diet by early next week. I just wanted to give advice, and what worked for me. Your Doctor may advise against salt water, but it has worked for me. as well as eating regularly. do what works for you. and yes the recovery for this surgery is quite painful, at least it was for me. but if you need them out i recommend getting it done. one of mine was blocking half of my air way and the doctors told me i should be able to breath much better once i am fully recovered. good luck hope this was helpful.

  50. Well I am 23 years old and prior to having my tonsillectomy had also read all of your horror stories however it hasn’t been that bad for me. Was able to eat solids by the 3rd day and come off my meds by the 5th day !!

  51. Boy you have been through the ringer havent you? It has been about 3 months since my surgery. I too am over 50 and it was the worst pain I have ever gone through. I had no idea our tonsils went that far back and took up so much space in our throats. My doctor said mine were the size of walnuts and filled with infection. I was thinking all they had to do was take what I could see in the back of my throat. Once they were out there was 2 huge holes. It explains why I was constantly tired and rundown. I often had a low grade fever with no explanation. Now I know why. It is the 2nd best thing I have ever done for my body 1st was stopping smoking. I feel so much better now and more energetic. I am very happy to have done it and would hate to say I would do it again but knowing the after effects and being healthy I would but would have to have better pain management. I feel they should have something better in this day and time. Hoping you are feeling better by now and making up for lost time with some good food.

  52. I wanted to give a few comments as an over 50 year old having had my tonsillectomy on 21 Jan 2013. Initially I should have been out of hospital on the day of the op or the day after. I went in for my op around midday and by 6.30pm I was still in the recovery room, not really knowing what was going on.

    Once on the ward I was given a cheese sandwich for my dinner, there was absolutely no way I was going to be able to swallow it.

    Day 2 I was sick and the pain had intensified, I was given anti sickness meds and was able to eat a wheatabix. Was sick again later that day. Dr said I needed to stay for a second night. Needed lots of meds, and had horrible taste in my mouth.

    Day 3 I was allowed home with paracetamol and ibuprofen. The meds were nowhere strong enough to cope with the pain. Alternating the meds at 3 hr intervals was the best I could achieve for pain relief, but it still wasn’t enough, every two and half hours, both day and night I was praying for it to be time for some more. Everytime I wake I have accute pain and terrible taste.

    Day 4-6 The pain increased to include headaches and severe earache. I couldn’t lie down or sleep on either side, so I had to sleep in an upright position, which was making my back ache, still only getting a max of 2 hrs at a time. I had read that the more normal food you can eat the sooner the healing would happen, but the best I could manage was porridge for breakfast, a toasted muffin/crumpet for lunch and some jelly. By evening the pain was so bad that I struggled to get anything down my throat, so banana and custard, or rice pudding were about my limit.

    During the night of Day 6 I coughed lightly and suddenly my mouth was full of blood. I went to bathroom with the hope that it was just a small amount and that if I drank a glass of cold water it would stop. No such luck, I reached the sink in time to allow the flow of blood to half fill it. It just kept coming. My husband rang for an ambulance and half hour later I was back in A&E. The blood flow had dwindled to a trickle by then but the Dr put me on ‘nil by mouth’ and said I may have to go back to theatre. I was put on a drip and given antibiotics.

    Day 7 I was taken to a ward and monitored closely for the next 24hrs. Still ‘nil by mouth’ and still horrible taste in my mouth.

    Day 8 Dr came and said that I could start to eat again and that further surgery shouldn’t be necessary, but recovery wise we were back to day one. Recovery had to start again, now with the added worry that a further bleed may occur if the new scab over the bleed were to come off too soon.

    Pain meds had been increased and with no food for nearly 48hrs I was feeling very weak and dizzy. Wheatabix for breakfast and then 1 1/2 hrs later sick again. More anti-sickness meds were pumped in with the fluids and antibiotics. By lunch I thought I may be able to eat something, but when the smell of food hit my nostrils I was promptly sick again. A couple of hours later I managed to eat some cream crackers. By dinner I was still feeling dizzy, but knew I needed to eat something – an egg mayo sandwich was my next shot at eating and I managed it without the crust. Dr said I needed to stay another night until I could eat and drink without being sick.

    Removed the codine from the pain meds but needed liquid morphine a couple of times in the night.

    Day 9 Had wheatabix and half of bread roll for breakfast and was told by throat looked ok and I could go home. Sent home with paracetamol, codine, and ibuprofen, but knew I couldn’t take the codine without being sick. Back home about an hour and I was sick again three times. Decided that with no codine I needed to up the paracetamol to co-dyramol.

    Felt weak and miserable, but determined to start eating, I’d had no BM for 5 days and my stomach was very painful and too empty. I started to eat again, but initially I was only able to nibble on cream crackers because of feeling sick. Gradually started to build up to eating more but the pain was still very intense and horrible taste in the mouth.

    Day 10/11 Once I’d overcome the BM problem, my stomach began to feel better and I was able to eat more. Timing the meds to 45 mins before food enabled me to swallow a little more. Still sleeping in an upright position and still only for 2hrs at at time.

    Day 12 went to see GP – told healing well but due to the haemmerhage there was no way I was ready to go back to work. Signed off for another week .Still needing meds at every opportunity. Managed a very small portion of warm chicken stew tonight (horray – real food).

    Day 13 with full pain meds on board I took a trip out in the car with my husband walked about 1/4 mile and was exhausted. Managed to eat sandwich for lunch and a small portion of fish and chips for dinner. Tried to lay down to sleep – with three pillows I managed about an hour on each side, then needed to sit up again. Still only sleeping for 2 – 3 hrs at at time. Still wake up with pain and terrible taste in my mouth.

    Definately in need of the extra week off that the Dr ordered.

  53. Oh I so know what you mean with the double swallowing thing. I’m day 4 and worst day yet. Every part of my mouth hurts from my ears to my tongue. Can’t imagin eating anything.

  54. Well, I’m an adult and I had mine taken out about 9 years ago. Up until that time, I was a living, walking infection, and would get tonsilitis whenever I got over-tired or stressed. That has not happened since.

    The op itself was fine, I woke up and gestured for the nurse, who brought me an ice-block (popsicle), which I ate and then asked for another. Yes, my throat hurt, but it wasn’t anywhere near the pain of the tonsilitis I had experienced. After about an hour, I called my husband over, and asked him to get me a really big cookie and a pack of salt & vinegar chips. He thought I was mad. They were delicious, and I continued to eat the chips throughout my recovery, as I felt like the salt was healing the wound and scraping the scabs off. Plenty of water, watermelon, soups. I took my pain medication, lay in bed, watched tv, and generally had a fantastic holiday. My mum also had hers out around the same time, and they fed her steak in the hospital. The proper food gets your mouth and throat working. Soft foods just slip down, but don’t help you to heal. Well, that’s what they told us, and it worked, as we were both a-ok after 7 days at the most.

    I’m sorry so many people on the forum are having a hard time with their recovery, but for anyone considering the op, just do it, you won’t know yourself once those infection-loaded bastards are out of your throat.

    Hope this helps!

  55. You are very lucky, I got mine out the same day. I am 19 years old. This morning I woke up in pure agony, my ears, neck, head, and throat of course were in the most pain I have ever been in. My doctor suggests eating broth and soft foods until there is barely any discomfort, since my surgery I have only eaten 3 cups of pudding and 2 bowls of soup. Luckily I don’t go back to college for two more weeks, I really hope your recovery keeps up as positively as it has so far and hopefully mine will take a turn for the better. At this point I wish I never had the surgery

  56. I got mine out n the 3rd Jan… now 5th day post-op. I have to say its not that bad at all! I’ve been eating normally since the operation. Sipping a lot of water really helps. Also, try chewing gum: it helps rebuild the muscle in the throat. No pain during the day except in the mornings. Just pop a pain killer every morning and you’re sorted for the day. Don’t worry about the op at all. Definitely the right thing to do. I’ll be going back to college tomorrow, less than a week after getting them out.

  57. Yall are not alone. I’m on day 19 and have been telling everyone food doesn’t taste good. For the first time post surgery I had mcdonalds tonight. I could taste the salt, but that was about it. It did feel great to eat something other than soup and pudding. I easily drank the large sweet tea to help everything go down. After 2 or 3 bites I find I need the extra help on getting the food down. I was on 10ml of roxicet every 4 hours. I finally have that down to just 5ml at bedtime. Hoping to discontinue that dose soon as well, but I still wake up in quite a bit of pain without it. During the day I tend to drink lots of icy cold fluids still so I’m not taking any pain Meds during the day. Since still not eating much, I am continuing my protein shake in the mornings. Gotta make sure I get the good stuff in me to help the healing process.

    Sorry for the rambling, just nice to talk to others thy experience
    The same things 😉

    Happy healing to all!

  58. I weaned off the lortab before two weeks out. it just made my stomach pretty sick. even with anti-nausea meds. I talked to my pharmacist and found out that I can just take a Tylenol Arthritis for the equivalent acetaminophen without the hydrocodone. my tasting is 2% better but cran apple juice still tastes watered down. doc says he has never had anyone not get taste back eventually. and that taste buds are very regenerative. my internet research was saying it could be due to nerve damage though and not tastebud damage, so I still don’t know. but I am keeping my fingers crossed. I am on day 19 now. I started back on IB two days ago and it helped a lot with the swelling, of course. 95% of the white is gone and the holes are getting shallower. pain is a lot less. no up swallowing but sometimes it feels like stuff doesn’t quite go down all the way and i have to hard swallow and/or rinse it down with water.

  59. Hi Erin, bad news is nothing is tasting right, I was thinking it was the medication(Lortab elixir) causing it. If that’s true, then you should have taste back soon. I had a frosty right after surgery that tasted fine…later that day I started on Lortab…so that could be your good news. And being as strong as it is– weening will take awhile, so to speak. So good luck and lets know.

  60. I got my tonsils out the same day and it sounds like he’s doing just as well as I have been. I’m 19 and this will be day 5/6 for me I will say that it has gotten worse but one of my scabs just came off so tell him to hang in their and dont miss the medication times

  61. I had my tonsils out on the 3rd of January, and of course the pain is still quite severve. However, i find that as long as i force myself to eat regulary, it helps calm the pain down. Without food, the muscles in my throat start to seize, and the tablets make me feel nauseous. Therefore i would advise, that although it really hurts, to eat as you normally would, which after half an hour or so really does make you throat feel much much better. It also helps to stop the tablets from having an unusual effect on your stomach. Hopefully, if you try and force your way through food, your experience won’t be as horrific as some i’ve seen on here. I’m starting to perk up a bit now, hope everything goes well for the rest of you. x

  62. OMG!!!! Thank You!!!
    I has mine out in the 31st of dec. I’m going on 8 days and no poop!!!
    I just bought a bottle of grape liquid MC, I was wondering if it was safe to take when I read ur comment. I better go get sugar and dilute it before I turn into a fish outta water! Lol
    Ps- the pain is horrible, I’m 37 and regret every moment of it.

  63. My 18 year old son had his removed on January 2,2013.. I was really worried on how he would handle the pain as we heard how wicked a surgery it was.. Knock on wood… He was eating mashed potatoes the night of surgery. He is taking the pain meds every four hours and he started the prednisone 2 days post op. it is day 4/5 and he is doing really well, sleeping at least 11 hours at night and ate a grilled cheese for dinner. I am nervous that it will suddenly get worse .

  64. Had mine taken out on the 2nd of jan..what a great way to start off the new year huh.. there is no description for how much it hurts to swallow. Popsicls do not make me feel better.. it actually hurts more and have avoided them at all cost at the moment. Jello is ok and i managed to eat some cream of chicken last night. Had a little bit of cream of wheat this morning and i mean a little bit… i know i need to drink more water and i have been sitting here trying to finish a bottle of water for the last 30 minutes and i have a long way to go. I have to double swallow every sip for some reason. So far no bleeding,which is my biggest fear. I have been icing my throat on and off since i came home. I am hoping that will keep it at bay.

  65. Hello everyone!

    i had my tonsils removed at the age of 21. I must say it is by far the WORST surgery ive ever had done. i dont want to scare anyone but im being completely honest. I was taking my pain meds as directed however, they didnt help with the pain they simply made me very sleepy. it wasnt until day 4 of recovery at which the pain was then BEARABLE. obvs you have to deal with the pain u cant flick a switch to turn it off. but it wasnt until the 4th day when i could say that the pain was bearable. i wish you all the best of luck with surgery. surgery is completely up to you. please PLEASE think long and hard about it before you say yes to it. its probably going to be the worst few days of your life.

  66. Oh and the meds all mess up my stomach which hastens the weight loss. I weaned off the lortab and just do one Tylenol arthritis (650 mg) every four hours. Side note, I have lupus, an auto immune disease that causes chronic inflammation. So this last three weeks of no ibuprofen or NSAIDs is ridiculous. One more week of no IB. Nothing frozen ever helped during this. Actually hurt more to try to eat Popsicles. I have drank a lot more water since I have to drink down every bite. It still hurts to swallow. But mostly just achy in my holes and ears and deep in my tongue muscle.

  67. I am 31, and had my tonsils out on December 20th. Absolutely horrible. I had always had large tonsils and was having tonsil stones. I had strep every year as a child but not enough to warrant getting my tonsils out. and right when they probably would have taken them, they kinda slowed down on taking them out for just any old reason. i didn’t get strep again until I scheduled my surgery. My tonsils knew they were doomed and tried to fight back!
    Right out of surgery I was coughing up all kinds of phlegm and trying to come out of anesthesia and the nurse kept telling me to cough more gently. Right. Swallowing was impossible! Even just spit. Day three was the worst! Pretty much didn’t eat anything until like day 11. I lost 14 pounds. When I did try to eat, it wouldn’t go down, it would want to go up. Like pool water up your nose the back way. Super gross when it is scrambled eggs. Because then I had to snork it back out. Lots of gagging. Or the food would jam into my tonsil holes and freak me out and hurt and make me choke. The lortab liquid helped me zone out and sleep. But I puked it up on like days two and five. Missed my husbands family’s Christmas. Day 11 I tried eating again. The only way I could get it down was to take a bite, chew it and then take a sip of water and rinse it down like pills. I am on day 15 now. The up swallowing is pretty much over. It can still jam in the holes some times which makes my ears scream and burn. My tongue muscle is still sore from surgery. My throat and tonsil holes are constantly covered in spit foam, which actually helps them not dry out but can make talking sticky. But the big scary part is the not tasting correctly. I got a little back on day 11. But donuts are gross, Chinese food is bland. And some stuff I only get parts of the flavor. I can smell the deliciousness but when I go to taste it, it is just flat or weak. I have come to the conclusion that skinny people just can’t taste as well as fat people (like me). Cuz if food had always been this gross, I wouldn’t be this big. (200 lbs) I have read that I still have hope of it returning with time. But I have also read that some still cant taste right a year out. I also read that I should try taking zinc as this may stem from some zinc deficiency. So I have been taking a zinc for two days now. I have my check up in the morning. I am gonna ask him about it. But I know he is gonna tell me to wait it out and that there is nothing he can do. But I miss loving food and looking forward to tasting yummy things. Food network is torture now. Anybody have this tasting problem? Is there hope? How long did it take to get back? Was it ever really the same as before?

  68. I had my tonsillectomy exactly 2 weeks today (dec. 20). Let me preface everything by saying I canceled this surgery 3 times since 2009 for fear of the recovery. I’m 33 years old. Right now, I just about want to cut the tonsils out of everyone who jokingly says how wonderful it will be to eat jello and ice cream.
    The first scary part is when they have to wake you up from anesthesia while still intubated!!! Then, waking up not being to speak is pretty darn scary. After that, it’s plain and simple. No matter who you are, it is VERY PAINFUL. as many have said, even swallowing spit hurts and you are constantly aware of it.
    My worse day after surgery was Day3. My surgeon said that’s because the steroids wear off! I was so frustrated. I pushed furniture and angrily tapped on everything as loud as I could because I couldn’t scream. The pain was intense. Sleeping is very hard. My throat would get extra dry, even with the humidifier and I could only sleep one or two hours at a time.
    After a week and a half, I had lost 10 lbs.
    The reason I’m posting this is to tell you about Bleed outs. Exactly a week post op, I sat with my family for dinner. I was intending on swallowing some well-buttered noodles when I felt like I was swallowing something warm and salty. I spat on my napkin and saw blood. I FREAKED OUT!!!! I tapped my husband, who immediately got on the phone with the surgeon. By this time, I’m throwing up blood and more blood and more blood. It looked like a crime scene. Luckily for me, my hubby is very calmed and collected. The surgeon told him to make me suck on Popsicles. If the bleeding didn’t stop in a few minutes to call him back and go to the ER. THE BLEEDING STOPPED!! Unfortunately, the same happened the next evening. But once again, the Popsicle stopped the bleeding.
    The reason I post this is because I don’t rember seeing anything like that anywhere. And even in my post op care sheet, nothing was mentioned. I wonder why?
    I still have nightmares of “what if?” What if I was alone? What if my husband couldn’t reach the doc? I wouldn’t have automatically thought to have a Popsicle. I have nightmares about being alone and not being able to call for help bc I couldn’t speak. And nightmares about going to the ER and getting cauterized again and starting the process all over. I have nightmares about aspirating during or after surgery because I wouldn’t have gone in with a completely empty stomach. I was completely panicked to be alone after the bleed outs.

    So….I’m not saying to suck on a Popsicle if you start bleeding. I’m saying, ask your doctor ahead of time (before it happens), what is the first aid procedure. What to do first.

  69. I am on day 6..I have read so many of your posts and couldn’t agree more! This is horrible!! I also had a thyroidectomy at the same time and the pain in my throat has me forgetting at times that procedure was ever done. My ENT did have me drinking protein shakes 3 days prior to surgery and two weeks after surgery-twice a day. It is difficult to swallow but you can add juice to thin it if you need to. Seeing as though eating is out of the question, at least the protein shakes provide some supplements. I will even put them in the freezer for about a half an hour and eat them with a spoon. I also have been taking Naprosyn because it’s only twice a day (less pills to swallow). I have stretched the Lortab ingestion out a bit because of the nausea. So I’m about every 6 hours. My ENT also prescribed Hurricane Spray (Benzocaine)-2 sprays every 4 hrs. It burns for the first minute or so but the numbing effect is worth it. I usually do this about 30-45 min before my shake so I can get it down. I certainly hope this will be worth it in the long run!! Due to the lack of nutrients, having no thyroid and pain, all I want to so is lay around or sleep!! Good luck everyone. Prayers go out as I now truly know how difficult this surgery is/can be!

  70. It should get better in a few days. I really cant figure out why there are no advances made in 3,000 years in tonsil removal. It seems awfully barbaric and incredibly painful in this day and time. Speedy healing. Sandi

  71. I can sort of relate. I had my sx on 12/19 and was expected to appear at my inlaws Christmas dinner ready to eat and talk.

    Lol I did show up and watch all the kids ith their gifts, and I did eat a few spoons of soft foods, but my talking was at a whisper at best.

    I was there a total if about 2 hours and have to say, I paid for it last night and today!

    My to my early recovery routine for now, and guess we will see how it goes tomorrow.

    Merry Christmas

  72. I had my surgery on the 19th so I guess today is day 6. This surgery is no joke. I really thought like alot of other people that I would be up and ready back for work within a week. Man was I wrong.
    Day 1: couch potatoe. Couldn’t eat or drink anything, could barely swallow my own spit.
    Day 2: similar to day 1, except I forced a little bit of jello down. Pain was horrible. I actually starting spitting to avoid having to swallow.
    Day 3: still couldn’t sleep through the night. Pain was still at a high level, however I could tell that I could swallow without feeling like dying.

    Now let me say this… I did all first 4 days without any pain meds. I never take medication so I was scared to incase it made me nauseous and that scared me to death considering my stomach was completely on E and my throat was an open wound so puking wasnt an option.
    Thank god on day 4 my dr called to see how I was doing. My bf had to talk to him since I still couldn’t speak more than a whisper. But he told me I HAD to take the medication and needed to start hydrating and eating. A little kick in the butt never hurt anyone.
    Day 5: I took medication. Holy crap. It works. It lets me be able to talk a little bit, eat a little bit (not solids yet) , and laugh a little bit. Mornings are the worst by far though. I weighed myself for the first time, I’m 7 lbs lighter :/ I know it’s not good weight loss, my body is probably attacking my muscle for all the nutrients I’m not consuming like I normally do.
    Day 6: I woke up probably in the worst pain I’ve had. Ear throbbing, teeth throbbing, heart beat pounding from my neck. I took a shot of medication and now I’m able to relax. This liquid stuff works fast!!

    I would say this to anyone having the surgery. It sucks. It’s painful. Expect 3 weeks off to be safe. Get a stool softener. Have a humidifier. Have jello and pudding made. Purée some cheddar and broccoli soup because you need something with substance to heal better. Drink whenever you can. Frozen yogurt works. Have someone there to help motivate you to eat and drink. Good luck!

  73. Status-in case anyone cares. Lol
    I stock-piled a bunch of shows on my DVR to catch up on while I recover. Finished up Dexter and Homeland and tonight I thought I’d tackle Parenthood. Have ou guys seen this show? It’s this dysfunctional and wonderful story about family and all its craziness. It’s a little “girly” (I can have one indulgenence damnit….hahaha). But I wasn’t prepared for my emotional reaction. Holy heck! Do NOT watch this show while in pain a in a vonerable state of mind under heavy medication and sleep deprived! Totally balled my eyes out, total water works….and I don’t do this! Now Im totally stuffed up. My eyes are puffy and red and nose all clogged. Like I needed this ridiculousness. You should see my face – its pathetic! Ok, you can totally laugh – but OMG. What a girl. <>

  74. Day 9 almost over but my night is just beginning. Pain from ear to ear – started to ice my neck and jaw and that’s helping a little. I had such a good start to today – made it through lunch time and even went out to lunch with my hubby (didn’t eat much but the favors I did have were fabulous). But since about 4pm the pain is ON. All that bragging about mixing up pain meds is biting me in the arse because the time between when I need meds vs when I’m supposed to take them is getting longer (booooo). And you can add children’s Tylenol and Advil to my gag list (LOL). So. Now I have to decide what I’m gonna do for the next 3-4 hours. Singing is out of the question. I guess I’ll start with a Popsicle and go from there! (Still got my sense of humor). Can’t wait until this pain is gone gone gone.

  75. I’m 35 and had my tonsils removed on December 12th and also had a uvulopalatopharyngoplasty (UPPP) at the same time. I’m on day 8 of the recovery and this has definitely been an experience I don’t want to go through again. I took perkaset religiously every 4 hours along with 2 Advil for the first 5 days. I started eating vanilla pudding on day 2, but found putting cups of Mott’s applesauce in the freezer for 30 minutes and then eating was much more soothing own the throat. On day 6 I was feeling pretty good (so I thought) but my prescription of perkaset ran out and I felt worse than ever. My doctor gave me another 5 day prescription and today I’m on day 9 and still cringe every time I swallow. I have managed to eat ravioli and penne pasta. I’ve found pasta noodles slide right down with little discomfort. I also tried pizza and a McDonalds fish sandwich yesterday, but couldn’t eat either one without pain. So far, I would say pain would be at most a 6, but it definitely feels like the worst sore throat ever. The pain for me is worst in the morning because I think my throat dries out overnight ( even with a humidifier ) and swallowing the pills is really painful. I’m off work for 3 weeks and thought I would bounce back in two, but I think that I’ll need the full 3 weeks because my job requires high energy and lots of talking. In summary, this feels like a sore throat x10 that seems like it will never go away. Stay medicated every 4 hours for at least 10 days ( I’m on day 8 ). Mott’s applesauce in the freezer soothes the throat. Jello and pudding are good also. I found pasta is filling and easy to swallow. I think my scabs are starting to come off and the sensitivity (pain) is worse today.

  76. Hey Brigette! Just saw your post- mine slipped down below but we both must be experiencing the same thing (minus the whole poop thing, thanks for sharing btw:) on our day 9-10’s!

    I feel so much better! Here’s a blogger high-five comin you way!

  77. Man, that’s rough. Doesn’t this recovery make you feel mad? This cold not have helped. Hopefully you’re starting to feel better.

  78. Im feeling as though i’ve had a breakthrough- on my daily 2:00 am ice bag, humidifier, cup o water refill run (the one the caregiver slackers used to perform on days 1-2). I didn’t have to “recover” from throbbing pain for 30 mins after getting back into bed! And there really isn’t much pain when i drink my water. Is this just a good dream i’m having maybe i’ve turned a corner? Not going to get too jubiliant about this yet…. Even Sophie the cat (who, by the way NEVER became a slacker and has been by my side 24/7 since day 1) seems to be acknowledging my new-found comfort with an especially loud purr tonight! I Go back to the Dr. In the morning, we’ll see if i should, in fact, be gleeful.

  79. Day 7 – the homestretch!!!
    Today I had some ah ha moments. The pain meds weren’t lasting the 4 hours I needed to wait between doses so this morning I had to supplement children’s Tylenol and children’s IB Prophen (liquid forms, hence the children’s part). Amazingly, this winning combo really helped with my pain , but without the harshness feeling of the narcotics (nausea, constipation, drugged out, etc). I felt almost normal and I realized how much the Lortab has been effecting my psychie. So I kept up with non-RX meds all day — and I didn’t get bitchy and weepy! (Yesterday I had 2 meltdowns). I did have to take a little of the RX tonight, but only 1/2 the dose with the OTC stuff. So I recommend giving it a try if our on the liquid Lortab/hydrocodone … Especially if your becoming mentally drained (or insane, that was me).

    The other ah ha, (sorry for the rambling) I HAD to take something for my constipation – it’s been 6 days and I was starting to freak. First, shopping for laxatives was an experience-who knows what to buy with all that selection. I stared at the bottles and boxes for 30 minutes. Standing under the “laxative” sign for that long was a pretty humbling experience. Turns out there’s only a few fast acting laxatives out there. So I chose this magnesium citrate liquid (grape flavor). I was desperate so I started to chug the bottle BIG MISTAKE!! This is a highly carbonated citric/salty liquid. I thought my throat was going to burn off. I rolled in pain in the kitchen like some fish just pulled into a boat (I know, visual, right??). It was sooooo painful, soooo painful. But I was determined and remember way back sometime ago someone told me that adding sugar to a carbonated drink takes away the carbonation. So I put sugar in it and watched the fizz go away like some science experiment. Then I diluted it with water and ice. And believe it or not, I took another swig (last act of desperation). Ahhhhhh, it didn’t kill me. It tasted like ass, but didn’t kill me. So after about 3 hours I was able to do my business (yea!!). Lesson learned, be very careful on what u choose to relieve or constipation. If I had to do it again, I wold have gotten a gentle laxative to take daily starting day 1, then I could have stayed regular. Or clean out before your surgery so you don’t haVe to worry about it ( you’re on liquids the first week anyway). Totally gross subject, but had to share for anyone after me to help with decision making.

    I feel like I turned a corner starting this evening. I still have lots of pain but now that I’m managing it differently, I’m in a better state of mind. Now my sense of humor can kick back in. I have so much list time to make up for.

    How are all of you doing out there? Any humiliating moments to share? Any whining in have to get off our chest? Let it out…….

  80. Exactly… my mother told me I should be up and at em because it had been after all 2 weeks since I had left the house. It had been actually 11 days. At that point no one would believe I would STILL have any problems. In fact invited me to a Christmas party on day 8 because I should be well by then. No one and I mean no one except my fellow gutted friends here understand.

  81. This cracked me up “Yeh, even the caregivers i bragged about early on, are bored with it all (ie; slackers).”

    Hang in there!

  82. Yahoo! I tell you what. I can’t wait to sleep a whole night through. Then I can’t wait to sleep a whole night through without waking up in pain! Thank goodness for DVR, On Demand TV and iPads because late night TV bites the big one!

  83. Did you have s scab fall off perhaps causing the ” tickle” (too badthere wasn’t a gentler way yo ask that!)

    In exactly 8 hours it will be my one- week anniversary of this barbaric event- i’m so ready for this to be over…. You too, i bet.

    Yeh, even the caregivers i bragged about early on, are bored with it all (ie; slackers).

    All i want for Christmas is a normal night’s sleep!

    Hang in there Brigette, we’re on the home stretch!

  84. I have a question. So we now just have permanant giant holes there? Also right after surgery the nurse told me that it was rough (the surgery) and that my tonsils were big. Later my doctor tells me they werent that big. Soooooo… wonder which they were?

  85. swallowing scab sounds disgusting! Having a gaping hole? Good Grief Charlie Brown
    I cant even move my tongue enough to see the back of my throat. Sounds like that’s probably a good thing. I sympathize with the throbbing pain you have. I got some Extra Watermelon non-sugar gum-and it really did help. I only chew it for a few minutes – but it seemed to help some of the head pain. maybe you should give it a try?

  86. just curious – i’m not sure what counts as day 1. If i had my surgery on 12/12 – is that day 1 or is day 1 on 12/13? I’m so confused 🙂

  87. Day 6 (I think) – slept through my meds and woke up in a ridiculous amount of pain. For some reason, when i took my pain meds (liquid lortab) it burned like fire and knives all the way down- I wanted to die. Then i got this tickle in the back of my throat and havent been able to stop coughing since. Pain on top of pain with coughing…..Then my husband woke up in a mood and I ended up having to take care of getting my little guy off to school today – no shower, old jeans and a sweat shirt at school? You could see the faces….But luckily my 4 year old only sees his mom and gives me a giant hug and says he love me (be still my heart). My My My – what a morning. A few hours later, and a few hundred popsicles, I’m starting to feel a little better – thank the Lord! I had to share – thanks for listening. Cant wait for day 10.43!!!!!

  88. So glad you made the Christmas pageant! I’m sure yourson was happy to see you there.

    A couple other things…as you already figured out the throbbing pain is thd worst? For me, its worst when i get out of bed at night…. Its as if there is the most horrible headache in my throat! First stop is the refill of The ice pack which i keep on my neck all night while i sleep- are you do that? That with a slushie can knock it out til the pain meds work.

    I feel like im healing, think i swallowed a huge chunk of scab last night. But now there is a hole again… I don’t get it!

    Slow and sure wins the race Brigette! Good luck!

  89. Thank you. My husband called the dr today and got me some anti-nausea meds…why didn’t I ask him to do this sooner? That helped a great deal. The bath sounds great. I may need to do that now :-). I was able to make my son’s pageant – yay!!! But immediately came home and layer down. It was totally worth it. Thanks for your encouraging words.


  90. I am on day 5 and have some of the throbbing but the pain killers seem to knock it out. I take one percocet every 5-6 hours and alternate with an advil in between. I’ve been lucky in that i’d say i haven’t had pain over a 5 or 6 so far, and that only lasted 45 min or so.

    Other advice….eating a slushie every 6 hours. Brings fantastic relief!

    Finally, a one hour jacuzzi bath with eucalyptus every morning with a cup of tea is a great way to start the day!

    Good luck- hope you make it to the Christmas program. Don’t be afeaid to use the pain meds- and i recommend percocet over vicadin.

  91. Day 4 and the beginning of day 5 —- blah! Having a hard time sleeping or laying down. Stomaching meds and food are almost impossible. Sticking to broth, tea and mashed potatoes. Head, ears and throat constantly throb. Hopefully if I can rest day 5 will be okay. I would really like to see my son’s first Christmas pageant. It would break my heart not to be able to attend. Any other suggestions to help with throbbing pain?

  92. Day 3 – not so fun. I didn’t mention before, but I’m 37 and had a tonsillectomy. Today was nausea on top of nausea with a side of nausea. (LOL) I think the meds are eating my stomach. Even the thought of water was enough to make me feel green. I finally soaked a piece of toast in broth until it was mush and ate it. It made me feel a little better. But it wasn’t easy keeping up with the meds and the water today. My throat isn’t doing too bad, but ears and head throbbed all day and my tongue feels like its stuck – guess its all connected. I know it could be worse, so trying to keep a positive attitude. I’ll try to down more pain meds before bed, click on the humidifier and nod off. Hopefully all of you have a restful night—

  93. Had mine out on the 7th of December. Reason I have had constantly infected tonsils for years that did not respond to antibiotics. I finally decided to get out for better quality of life. I feel like for the last 8 days I am having all my future major infections and pain x1000 lumped into 2 weeks and then it is The End.

  94. Thank you! Today has started a little rough. My mouth is raw and I’m really nauseous (probably from the meds and lack of real food). Maybe I can sleep it off 🙂

  95. Glad you feel so good, I was the same, waiting anxiously for day 4. It wasn’t to bad, but hit me around day 6. My surgery was on Dec 4th, and if you count day of surgery I am on day 10. It is the best I have felt since day 5. I am still eating mushy, tasteless room temp foods and drinking tons of water. I can’t imagine eating pizza, or going out to eat as some have mentioned. Scabs, are the whitish stuff you see all over and mine are starting to slough off. It burns to drink water,or eat anything fruit flavored. Keep drinking, you don’t want that to dry out. And a humidifier is key! Just when you don’t think you can do it any more, you will turn the corner. Good luck!

  96. Day 2- all I can say is WOW! I had another relatively easy day. I was able to get ready and go with my husband to take my 4 year old to school. I stayed active: did a little laundry and wrapped a few presents and still feel good. It was difficult after waking from my nap, but after a few hours of broth, ice pops and tea I started to feel better. I have made sure to stay up with my meds-religiously every 4 hours! I can actually talk a little today. I feel totally blessed. I’m anxious for day 3 and 4 since a lot of folks seem to really feel bad but so far so good. I’ll say an extra prayer for all of you tonight.


  97. Day 1 of surgery-December 12, 2012: so far today has been really good especially since I know it’ll be about 10 full days before I feel recovered (day 1, check). Although i had some coughing problems at the hospital which resulted in a few breathing treatments, I cannot complain. My throat hurts a little but my ears hurt more (its mild). Ive had way worse cold symptoms.

    I could eat Popsicles, luke warm broth, apple juice, ice water and ice chips. I know the probability of eating/swallowing this much may not be possible every day so I’m thankful for a relatively easy day 1. I have liquid lortab that tastes awful but really keeps the pain down. I’m going to keep up with it based on all the great information from this web site. We are well prepared and I cannot thank everyone enough for all the honest information. I will post daily to talk about my experiences

    Wish me luck

  98. I am on my 7th day and I feel awful. I actually feel like my medicine is not working as well as it did I’m the beginning. The ear pain is really bad. Sometimes it wakes me up out of my sleep. Now the I mention it…the pain is almost always worse when I wake up. I am interested to know when this is going to be over. I am due back at work on the 20th. If I knew how horrible this was going to be I definitely would not have had his procedure done.

  99. I was eating normal food from the night of the op, the docs say it helps the healing process and chewing the food also relieves the pain. for a time

    Tried going for plainer food not much spice or anything like that.

    Just need to take small bites and chew alot before swallowing.

    Having some cold/ice water while eating helps.

  100. Hello Im 23, and i had my surgery on Dec 3,2012. And today is my 10th day. So far ive been getting better but not that fast. Been really suffering from ear pain and have lost some weight. If i could go back and redue i would deffintly tell you no .:( i think its better for people to get it done when their really young and the recovering process is much faster. But hope i get better soon, havent been back to work yet !

  101. I had mine out on the 6th due to being extremely swollen, the cause is believed to be an adverse side affect of some medication I was put on to control my Chrones Disease (either this or a massive coincidence based on the timing)

    I didnt realise quite had bad they were until lookign in the mirror after the op and seeing how massive the chasm in my throat now is. looks like a couple of golf balls have been removed. I’m hoping once healed my fitness will start to increase rather than being at the same level regardless of the amount of exercise I was doing.

    I havn’t been too bad, managing solid foods as recommended from basically the same day.

    I have mostly struggled with sleeping not due to the pain but due to when lying on my back breathing through my nose I’m assuming my swollen epicglotis (spelling?) blocks my wind pipe. This seems to be easing off as time passes but the pain is increasing, today (day 5) is the worst yet with the pain sky rocketing.

    I have just tried a strepsil lozenges which has actually substantially reduced the pain so this might be an idea for some of you guys at your bad times.

  102. Hello there I had my tonsils taken out on the 5th December 2012 and now on day 5 post op recovery.. And to me each morning I wake up the pain worsens.. I’m also currently in a hospital in Germany and I’m not bilingual so communication here is hard… They have been feeding me something called milchsuppe witch is translated into milk soup and that’s for lunch. Every morning and evening it’s bread so I’m living off bread and milk soup and being forced to drink camomile tea which tastes discussing but does help soothe, the pain meds and anti biotics I’m on I have no Idea what they are called as they don’t understand much English… What would anyone recommend for me to heal quicker… I’m in hospital till Sunday 16th December and I arrived on Wednesday 5th that’s a long stay in hospital for tonsils thanks

  103. I can’t tell if I have stitches. I’m on day 1 and I’ve tried today: Sonic ice, orange popcicle, orange jello, broth, pudding, mashed potatoes, and slushed up frozen condensed apple juice. The ice was very nice at first. If you try that just be sure to chew it up very good first, I scratched my throat on one swallow. The frozen apple juice was very nice but a little sweet. Pudding helped me swallow meds. Orange jello was nice. Mashed potatoes didn’t feel good or bad, but tasted amazing as REAL food! The only thing I regret is the Popsicle and the broth. Popsicle was too tart, it hurt. Broth was barely like warm and hurt. After the fact I read to wait for broth until day 3 :/ Oh well!

  104. Forgot to add I had mine out for tonsil stones and chronic tonsillitis. I had “small” tonsils according to the nurse. I never knew I had difficulty breathing until now!

  105. I just had mine today, and although it is no picnic, I know it’s for the better. I can already breathe much more easily. I am not having any constant pain, just when I swallow and after I eat. Sucks because I never get nausea from anesthesia so I’m very hungry and unable to eat REAL food. I know it will get worse when my scans are dissolving, but really I can handle it; knowing it will help in the long run.

  106. My dr wants me to get my tonsils out due to a pocket on the right tonsil. it causes some infections. I am terrified to get them out! Im not worried about the actual surgery but the bleeds and pain. These are absolute horror stories. I keep postponing my surgery. Should mention I also saw my 9 yr old daughter go through this july 4 and she was puking blood, and had a couple minor bleeds…so into er we went. I am terrified. any regrets with your tonsillectomys? Would you do it again? Why did you get them out in first place?

  107. I also had mine done on the 3rd. Day 4 was worst because of nausea, but the pain is still increasing on day 7! One thing that is helping the pain is real raspberry tea. Celestial seasonings makes theirs with raspberry leaves. Raspberry is a natural sore throat soother. For me the lukewarm tea is much less painful to swallow than water or any other liquid. Everything feels like glass until after two cups of tea then things are more bearable. My whole face and head and ears and mouth hurt even with 20mg percocets and ibuprofen. I am eating ramen noodles warm not hot, warm mashed sweet potatoes, blended hard boiled egg with a touch of mayo, blended black beans,protein boosted Jamba juices from the freezer, and pudding. I have to hide my meds in bites of food or they kill going down. Ice packs are helping too. Why did you ladies have to have yours out? I had an abscess that wouldnt respond to antibiotics.

  108. I had my tonsils removed 6 dec and as of today I am actually doing fine I am very tired from lack of food but the meds have kept my pain under control. My husband just made me oatmeal so wish me luck. One thing, my surgeon used stitches to closes me up. I am wondering if that is why I am in pain but not bitting nails pain? Any thoughts?

  109. I am on day 10 and still healing. I think it will take me the full 2 weeks of time off work I’ve been given. Thank you for this site. It has been a source of great information (better than the discharge instructions from the hospital) and encouragement during the toughest times. I started to try to slow down on the narcotic pain meds today as I felt much better and was actually eating some solid food for the first time since surgery (mac and cheese yummy!). Until then, mostly I was trying to stay hydrated with ice water and was able to eat a few popsicles here and there or a smoothie. I don’t think I’ll be completely recovered for about another 30 days or so when I’m told I can start exercising regularly again at a normal intensity. Good luck with your book . . . I would have bought it on amazon for my kindle if it was published already to read this week. For those who just posted, hang in there! I had good days and bad days. Best thing for me so far has been a loving wife and lots of people praying for me.

  110. My name is Kevin, I am 43 and had my tonsils out on Nov.28 2012, it has been a very tough experience even afternoon days still taking pain meds but not as often my appetite has been great but my throat is not cooperating I didn’t know it would take this long to recover but things are getting better I really want sleep more than food my wife as been GREAT and my mother have checked on me everyday you really need support from family who can sympathize with what you are gdoing through

  111. I agree totally. I had my tonsils removed 5 Dec 2012 and every day I feel worse rather than better. The first day I was thinking this is going to be easy. Every morning since the day of the surgery has been rougher than the day before. My intestines are also constantly rumbling and making noises. Meds are getting harder to swallow however I do still have a big appetite. Can’t wait for things to start looking up.

  112. I’m 34 & had my tonsils removed Dec 3rd. I was all like “this isn’t so bad” until today. I’m not in excrutiating pain, but my digestive system has gone nuts! I was worried about being constipated from the pain meds but I’ve actually got the exact opposite issue! My stomach is making insane noises that resemble a washing machine & it feels like squirrels are running around in my intestines. It doesn’t ‘hurt’ but its driving me crazy. The throat pain def picked up today, but the roxicet keeps it under control. I’m starting to have a general feeling of uneasiness. So, day 5 has been the worst so far.

  113. Hi my name is Barry i am a 37 year old male from Scotland and im on day 3 of recovery now from a tonsillectomy and septoplasty, after coming here before surgery and reading some of the horror stories i was terrified and was expecting the worst but everything went smoothly and while admittedly my throat really hurts it is no worse than a bad throat infection, having a blocked nose from the septoplasty is more annoying lol.
    What i suggest is to keep eating normally and drink plenty of water and take your prescribed medication (when you remember lol )
    Dont Worry! Im the biggest coward when it comes to pain and i cry like a little girl at the slightest bit of pain, lol, If i can do it so can you.

  114. Hello All
    Today is day 6 and it keeps getting worse. I now feel like everything I try to swallow burns. Water and ice cream were not bad the first couple of days but not I can not bear the thought of either one today. It took me 2 hours to eat 2 small scoops of ice cream this morning because of the burning on the sides of my tongue and throat. Hope to get better soon.

  115. Hi Maggie,
    I am also day 5 with surgery having been on Nov 30. Not sure about eating solid foods of any type yet at all – let alone salt and vinegar chips! lol. I was using pop to take my meds as it helped wash them down but have not been able to swallow much pop since. I find the very thought of swallowing hard and have to brace myself! I also tried chewing gum today and found it was very painful for the base of my tongue and my jaw as well.
    Good luck with the remainder of your healing!

  116. Hi Maggie,
    I am also day 5 with surgery having been on Nov 30. Not sure about eating solid foods of any type yet at all – let alone salt and vinegar chips! lol. I was using pop to take my meds as it helped wash them down but have not been able to swallow much pop since. I find the very thought of swallowing hard and have to brace myself!
    Good luck with the remainder of your healing!

  117. Hi, my name is Maggie and I’m 21. I had my tonsillectomy on 30 Nov and today is 5 Dec which makes it day 5. I agree that this is the WORST experience I have ever had and I want to punch my doctor for not giving me stronger painkillers. I am a relatively strong person when it comes to pain – I had my wisdom teeth removed on the chair and was eating steak that same night, but this pain is terrible. I slept in hospital the night of my tonsillectomy which was nice because they were able to give me something every time I was in pain, I recommend that everyone who is considering a tonsillectomy ask to be booked in for the night. I started eating normal food straight away but I have learnt that Coke and salt and vinegar chips really help and are easy to eat. Do NOT stick to mushy soft things, the more proper food you eat, the faster your scabs will come off and the wounds will heal. Chew lots of gum and drink a lot of fluids, because the more your muscles work and swallow, the faster you recover. I have also learnt to stay AWAY from ALL dairy products – the dairy creates more saliva and makes swallowing hard. Stick to salty things and soda. I also feel that my doctor could’ve prescribed stronger painkillers, becuase the ones I’m taking have very little effect. I’m still not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel though, and I will post another update when I start to feel better. Good luck to everyone recovering from a tonsillectomy!

  118. I had the same problem with the pain meds not last as long as needed im about day 10 into recovery it still hurts idk when i should start eating regular stuff though im hungry and want real food back!

  119. I know today is Thanksgiving and I couldn’t eat much at all and EVERYTHING looked amazing. My mouth was watering. It still hurts to swallow. I’m taking the pain meds until I feel no pain lol.

  120. Wow that sounds horrible. When going through the pain of recovery you do wonder what was better. Its day 8 now and im not sure if im starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel or my painmeds are just working good and i managed to eat a sandwich and drink a diet shake.

  121. Hello All,
    I’m Danielle a 26 female. I got my tonsils out Nov13th. I’m on day 7 as I’m writing this hoping to fall asleep sooner than later and be on day 8. I didnt have the typical symptoms where most of you continued to get strep. Myself on the other hand got strep only a few times… but with a rash of a lifetime. It lasts up to 6 months. Its called gutatte psoriasis. It happens to about 3% of people when then get strep and of course it happens to me every time. It is horrible. It takes over your entire body including your scalp 🙁 I got so depressed and hid out. It wasn’t until this third time getting strep… then the rash that a doctor actually told me what was wrong with me! It all made sense. So, here I am because I thought I’d rather suffer for what a thought would be a few days of getting my tonsils out rather then ever thinking about getting this rash for months again 🙁 I can’t tell you which is worse now lol. Actually I feel like I’m finally seeing light at the end of this tunnel. Ive been thru a lot but honestly this was so painful I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. Just stay positive and keep your head up it gets better and its all worth it in the end! I used warm salt water to gargle with which helped a lot and brushed my teeth often and always had crushed ice to swallow. It helped so much. Chewing gum is great as well and putting an ice pack on your neck after a relaxing hot bath!!! Take this time to take care of you. Xoxo

  122. I had my tonsils out on the 14th so its day 4 and im so hungry i feel sick. The pain meds arent lasting as long as they should but the doctors told me to take when needed. Alot of the scabbing is gone but i really want to eat real food. I get a few bites of stuff down before i almost fall asleep. I just wish the feeling sick would go away..

  123. Today is my 12th day, im feeling better, i feel constantly thristy BUT im having issues swallowing liquids. No pain, but i feel like if the liquids would go up my nose!!?? Is anyone having any kind of similar issues?

  124. My surgery was done sept 14,2012 even today nov16,2012 I have no taste I’ve loss 30lbs and still losing. No Thanksgiving dinner for me that sucks! I hope my taste will be back by xmas

  125. Today is my 7th day and it has been one of the worst because my tongue and throat burn with anything I try to eat or drink.. I have no idea why it’s burning.. Even my liquid lortabs burn when I take 1 tablespoon only every 4 hours.. I wish my ENT would have given me stronger meds..

  126. I got my tonsils out 2 years ago when I was 20. I didn’t eat for 10 days bit after the 10th day I’d say I started to feel like myself again. Still a little pain but after 2 weeks I was completely healed up. I buffets pain meds and sleep. That’s all I did for the first week. It was painful but take pain meds around the clock and rest. I haven’t been sick since….definitely worth it.

  127. Yea everything hurts, tongue throat ears jaw, everything. I haven’t eaten a real meal in 7 days, everytime I see a food commercial n tv my mouth waters and I get angry.

  128. Its Chris again. Today is day 7 and the pain is excruciating still. My tongue, throat, ears, and jaw are throbbing with the worst pain I’ve ever had. Ive slept a total of 15 hours in the last 7 days. This is by far the worst experience of my life.I’m going back to th ENT to get stronger pain meds.

  129. I am 22 years old and I got my tonsils and adenoids out on Monday November 5 th 2012. Today is Sunday the 11th….all I can say is this is by far the worst pain I have ever experienced in my life. Days 1 and 2 weren’t too bad because I was still feeling the effects of the anesthesia I assume. I didn’t eat anything other then applesauce orange sherbert and green tea. I didn’t think the pain was going to be too bad, but was I very wrong. Once day 3 came around my whole head, my ears, my jaw, my throat everything was throbbing with excruciating pain. The only way to sleep was to double my dose of percocet that night. Day 4 was the same, I pretty much just cried all day but I figured this can’t possible last another day…..well it did and day 5 was the worst because I haven’t really eaten so I started getting dizzy. Ive lost 8 pounds and slept a total of like 15 hours this week and i cant stress enough how miserable it has been. It’s day 6 now and the pain is starting to subside little by little and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. All and all this has been the most painful experience of my life, 100x worse then wisdom teeth surgery, and 1000x worse then when I had to get surgery on my meta caraparal.. If you are getting your tonsils out anytime soon and you’re reading this……expect and awful week ahead, and expect not to work or go to class for at least a week, I don’t think I’ll even be able to work tommorow (day 7)

  130. nov. 8, 2012, yesterday was my day first, and it sucks. i cant even swallow my spit right now and based on most people’s comment, day first thru day third or even fourth should be my least concern. but i know one day all these pain has to come to an end. best of luck

  131. Hi, this is my fifth day after i got my tonsils removed and its quite painfull still. I hear everyone saying that icecream is soothing, but for me its the oposite. Anything with dairy feels like burning. Is this weird?

  132. I had my tonsils out on the 31st October 2012, Today is day six post surgery and im still in loads of pain. Im not sure i would cope without pain killers, i wake up in the middle of the night because of the pain and i realise its because im due a dose. Eating is fine after i have gargled with Voltarol. Speaking is hard and i sound like im being strangled 24/7. Today has been a difficult day, with pain all around my neck and tongue. I found the first 3 days easy because all i did was sleep and i would only wake up to take medicine. Hope i recover soon 🙁

  133. i am 39 years old and had mine out on the 23rd april 2012, still cant taste much, throat gets really dry still i wish it would go back to normal

  134. I’m 17 and had my surgery on the 26th. It’s day 4 after the surgery, and the pain is rife as ever. I can barely speak and swallowing is treacherous. I turn 18 the day after tomorrow, needless to say I won’t be going out! My only hope is that the pain calms down a bit. I have found lying down makes the pain more bearable. This is certainly the most painful occurrence in my life to date!

  135. I read quite a lot of the comments on this page before I had it done and most of it terrified me! My op was on the 15th so i’m on day 11 if you include the operation day. People have different pain thresholds, but mine must be pretty good. I’m 20 years old and yes it was painful to eat, uncomfortable but nothing unmanageable. I drank so much ice cold water it numbed the back of my throat and I hear it also prevents bleeding – so I would definitely recommend that. Also Difflam Oral Rinse’s are so good. I’m still in a bit of pain but nothing too bad, basically all the scabs have gone and i’m eating completely normally. I was actually eating normally from day 1 as I was told this prevents bleeding and speeds up the recovery process (I live in the Channel Islands so healthcare practice may be different!) so anyone still struggling or yet to have it done, force yourself to eat normal foods. It hurts but it’s definitely worth it, I’m almost completely healed after 10 days. Good luck all, don’t be scared xxx

  136. I’m on day 6 now, and it’s been a roller coaster. First two days weren’t horrible, and I was just in and out of sleep the whole time. On day 3 I realized that I had been taking double the amount of Lortab I was supposed to, which accounted for my lack of major pain. When I cut back it was clear that the Lortab was not going to cut it. The next day I got that swapped for liquid percocet, which has brought the pain back down to a bearable level. Problem is, I have to go back to school now. I struggle to eat solid foods still, and I’m dreading my scabs coming off. Hopefully it happens over the weekend. Creamy ice cream is my best friend, because it’s cold and soothing, and if it’s creamy it leaves a nice coating on your sore throat. That and you don’t have to open your mouth wide for it like you do with a popsicle. Biggest tip thus far: make sure your pain meds are helping. If they aren’t, complain to your doctor until they give you something stronger. I’ve learned i’m almost immune to Lortab, and if I had to stick with it I’d have lost my mind by now. Expect pain, but don’t put up with extreme levels.

  137. I totally feel for you. I know it’s bad now but it really will get better. I was back in hospital after a week and they gave me good pain relief even that didn’t work but at least I was out of it After the 2 week mark things started to subside and then by 4 weeks I could see a light at the end of the tunnel. I also think having babies would be easier I’ve had 2 and I could do that again twice over without pain relief. Just remember it is all for the best and once it’s over it will really be worth it. I had mine done in June. Try to look ahead and I’m sorry you are in so much pain.

  138. Sarah – I’m sorry you’ve been in such pain. I’m glad you’re starting to feel better. Its a long recovery compared to 2 or 3 days of a severe sore throat, but worth it in the long run. Once you’re a month or so out you see the whole experience from a different perspective.

    Those reading this, please don’t be scared off. The pain is definitely challenging but it’s nothing you can’t get through. Expect the worst and you’ll likely be surprised that it’s not as bad as you expect. I had a very average experience – bad throat, tongue and ear pain but you soldier through it. I’ve had a baby, and child birth was much worse. I think what makes it hard is the post op pain lasts a good 10 days and then diminishes unlike most throat infections which don’t hurt for so long.

    Don’t be scared off by posts that say its horrific. You ALL have the strength to get through it. I’m no one special and have no great pain tolerance. If i did it, anyone can. Just follow the many tips on this website and make sure you take your pain meds.

    Hang in there!

  139. I am 39 years old and had my op on the 5th Oct 12, It is the worst pain I have ever experienced in my life. For the first week I was unable to eat nothing or very very little. I had to try and manage something so I could take Iburofen to take the inflamation down. After the 4th dayof pain, the pain increased further. It took 2 trips to the doctors and stronger pain killers for the pain dull. It is now 12 day on and the pain is still there and still suffering from sore throats and ear ache but is managable. A follow up at the doctors tomorrow, will determine if to have another week off work to fully recover. I would fully recommend no-one to have this operation, and to have 10 babies instead without pain relief.

  140. sheila you sound like me.. wishful thinking on my part .. i was warned day 5 would be the worse experience is from day 4 to now has gotten increasingly more sore.. sleep is 3 hours if i,m lucky .. my op day was 9th oct around 1pm its now day 6 / 7 my throat aches drinking water my ears ache my jaw aches i,m writing this at 3 30 am 🙁 awake after 2 hours ..sleep my doctors advice was to look forward to a 2 week painful recovery so far hes spot on i was given a 2 week sick note “insurance note” having said all this i hope your right but please dont count on it you may be very dissapointed my syliva is like the stuff frog put their eggs in lol ….the pain is never 24hrs though there are highs n lows throughout thank god for small mercies.. my names robert by the way i,m 50 years of age never thought this was an op i would have.. but i developed a condition called quinsy throat about 8 weeks ago ..not good either.. required hospital drips with anti biotics ,painkillers salts n sugars got home after a day and a half …back in following day syringes into the back of throat to draw poison got home after another day and a half on drips again… then day 7 out patients the doc took a scalple to the back of my throat used forecepts to release poison day 8 the surgeon said nope still a mess in there i think we will have your tonsils.. his concern was there may be another reason for poor recovery eg cancer.. worrying times.. after op he said he was happy they were not cancerous even before the results of bi-opsy …the quinsy throat was in july.. very similar in ways of how it feels regarding swallowing and ear pain and it took 4 days of hospital care and it never felt completly better even up to my op i felt some mild aches from it.. but all that said from reading others input i know just to get on with it.. water as often as i can bear it ..bread n butter if struggling sugar in the water helps keep calories i havent lost an ounce in weight was 14 stone still am 🙂 all the best see you on the other side tc from scotland

  141. Im 20 years old and I had my tonsils and adnoids removed on the Oct 8th 2012. The first two days I had it easy because I wasn’t in alot of pain and I quickly started eating pudding, ice cream, & yogurt. The thrid and fourth days were the worst for me. I couldn’t eat anything but I forced myself to drink water, green tea, juice. It has been 6 days since I had the surgery and I feel like I am getting better. My scabs are coming off so im having some pain. The pain in my ears are the worst because I feel like it is throbbing constantly. Keep yourself hydrated and take the pain medicine!!

  142. This is the 5th day for me with tonsils. I woke up Sunday morning with a massive pain thinking it might be a tooth pain later pain under my jaws and then I could feel the lump underneath my neck . I took ibuprofen painkillers still pain is so bad saw a nurse on my 3rd day the lady said to have the same ibuprofen still continuing . Stuck with this pain. By the way I have heard yesterday if you have boiled milk and put a bit of turmeric powder one spoon and drink it just before you sleep helps you a lot. Drink it slow.

  143. Hope you feel better soon! I’m on my Day 9 now, the pain is very manageable for me. I’m happy that even scabs fell off I didn’t even notice it and maybe just because I keep myself hydrate with water even it’s kinda painful to drink then. People have different experiences in dealing with their recovery. I wish you be pain free soon…

  144. Day 7 (after op) its the first morrning that I wake-up without feeling serious pain (after having a good night’s sleep). I am going to take 2 Stilpane tablets, just so that I can have a good breakfast and antibiotics (which I am finishing today) – Augmentin 1000 mg (so big I have to break the tablets in two!) I hope that its all “down-hill” from here! Bring on the weekend!!!

  145. I am 26 years old. Had my tonsils taken out sept 7th 2012, like most, the pain went down a little around day 4-5 but then came back with a furry around days 9-13. I slept almost through the entire first week, also lost 10lbs in that week from eating a mainly liquid diet.def want to stay ahead of the pain with the pain meds, i would think my pain was getting better because at hour 4it wasn’t hurting, but boy did it come back then i had to wait for my dose to kick in. It now being a little over 3 weeks after my surgery, i would say I’m at 98%. The back sides of my tongue where i guess the tonsils would of connected are still sore, eating pretty much anythingand gained the 10 lbs back, bummer. Not sure how many more weeks until I’m completely pain free, ill guess maybe 2, also not sure if my recovery time was hindered because i also had a septoplasty and turbinate reduction surgery at the same time. Nose is still healing as well. Wish i had a speedy recovery like some of you others, i feel like I’m not going to be normal anytime soon

  146. I’m 18 and I had my tonsils and adenoids out the 25 of September and today’s the end of the 30th. I say it’s day 6. My tonsils came out because of constant tonsillitis and abscesses that closed my airways. I had the procedure 11 days after graduating army basic training so I’m coping with the pain as a hold over in reception. I would say today has been the most painful day. I couldn’t eat yogurt. Every time I drink water it’s so painful I swallow weird and it comes out my nose. I don’t know what I can do to prevent this. Pudding has been my best friend through this whole process. And the cereal Pops, extra soggy. Im hopping just a couple more days! I would still reccomend this procedure to anyone because I know soon the pain will hopefully be over for good and I won’t have any more abscesses or trouble eating due to sore throats.

  147. Like Shelia (8 Sept 2012), I’ve had 2 easy days thus far. I went in yesterday and asked to be discharged pretty much after the operation. I am 46 and also expected the worst! I immediately started to drink water (still, 500ml) and must be on my third one. What also helped was biltong (not spiced, salted) although it tastes spiced! With Lays (plain chips, light salted) with the water handy and yougurt! Medicine: I am on Augmentin (antibiotic) with Reuterina (immune system). For payne I got given Stilpane and tablets for nausea (which I have not taken) Think that the more I keep my throat busy by eating the sooner the recovery? Good luck!

  148. I am 22years old and I had my tonsillectomy on Tuesday September 11th. Today makes it my 7th day…for the first couple of days all I did was sleep and drink fluids. On about day 6 still unable to eat I got worst…. Was in so much pain and couldn’t think… Today I woke up and felt alittle bit better just really sick to my stomach…. I really hope this is the end stretch of this surgery….super painful and regretting the surgery as we speak….

  149. Hi I just had my tonsils out due to chronic infections n tonsil stones. I am 30 years old n today is day three. I have not had that much pain at all. This is nothing compared to my previous episodes with strep throat. Yes my throat is sore but all i have been doing is sucking on Ice chips n eating Italian ice. I also was prescribed some Tylenol with codine but have not even taken it. I am taking chewable Tylenol 400mg every four hours. But even that I don’t think I need. Also started eating on day 2 but soft things only. Def not as bad as I was reading about. Like I said it is nothing compared to strep throat. Just keep up with the ice n Italian ice n u will b fine.

  150. I just had my tonsils removed two days ago, so far I feel like I am healing fast. I am 40 years old. I was having problems for a long time and did not know it was my tonsils. Even though it hurts to swallow I still try to drink plenty of fluids and take pain meds as needed. Its not as bad as I thought it was going to be.

  151. YUM… at day 8, having eaten nothing but different porridge, pudding & soft scrambled eggs, that cheese sandwich sounds really, really GOOD!!!

  152. I was wondering why they leave these big holes in your throat after a tonsillectomy, and when will they close up? I am at day 12 and the holes are still there. Help? they won’t be there forever right?

  153. I am a 20 yr old female who got my tonsils removed exactly a week ago. I slept constantly for the first two days and only woke up to take medicine. Day three, I was so hungry that I managed to eat a Whataburger meal. I thought I was in for an easy recovery until day 5 hit. That was my worst day (so far…) and I even woke up crying in the middle of the night. Day 6 was basically the same. I slept with ice packs all around my neck and when I woke up on day 7, I actually felt better. I am still in a lot of pain when I swallow and my ears are constantly on fire, but it’s the first time I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! I even went most of the day without pain meds!

    I’m hoping I continue to improve on day 8. Very thankful I came across this website… Like some other “tonsillectomy victims”, I didn’t have a plan of action because I didn’t know how painful this would be. Popsicles, ice chips, painkillers, and scrambled eggs have come to be my best friends! When I got really hungry a few days ago, I threw some cheese on a piece of bread, folded it in half, and microwaved it. If you can eat it while it’s still warm and soft it doesn’t hurt at all!

    Good luck to everyone recovering…. We can make it!!

  154. I’m 31 and on Day #9 of recovery from tonsils and adenoids removed. Mine were taken due to repeated strep and then finally got 105 fever and became septic, emergency surgery was performed and out they came both with an absess on them. I’ve had 3 kids, a hysterectomy and thyroidectomy and I’m not gonna lie. This “minor” surgery had my flat on my back in excruciating pain. I would take all of my other surgeries combined than deal with the pain I’ve been in this past week and a half. Still can’t eat besides soft foods. Tried 1/4 of a pancake, hurt like heck. Down 17 pnds. Been to the hospital once already for morphine and fluids. Just not a fun process at all. When will I see light at the end of the tunnel?

  155. I did not research this procedure and didn’t have to much of a game plan other than popcicles and chicken noodle soup. The pain seemed to shift gears every other day. Worst sustained pain I’ve ever experienced. I thought I was turning the corner around day 6, so I decided to hit the driving range, BIG mistake. The next day I stayed in bed and popped percocets like tic tacs. My doctor did not tell me about any of the tips I’ve learned about on this site. The major pain finally broke on day 10, however whenever I awake after a long sleep the pain is still intense. The issue I’m having now is my sense of taste is jacked up. Nothing taste the same, especially sweets. The first bite is somewhat normal, but the more I eat the funnier the taste becomes. I am on day 12 hoping my sense of taste returns.

  156. I just had a tonsillectomy yesterday 8/14/2012. I am 38, so that is kind of old. The tonsil and adnoid removal was due to nasty bouts of strep throat/tonsillitis that I got from the children I work around. I felt weak and agitated., Today, I feel much better. I have been taking my hydocondone every 4 hours and able to drink broth, tea, jello, and mashed potatoes with lots of broth mixed in. I think I am doing OK for now. Don’t know what will come down the road. My throat is tight feeling and sore but managed with cold slurpees and meds.

  157. I’m on day 16 post tonsillectomy. My last day for prescription pain meds was 10 days afterwards. Now, I still take two Advil in the morning and two at night due to my throat still feeling somewhat sore (kind of the same feeling as I did with tonsillitis/strep). That’s to be expected, though, being that I’m 30. Day 10 was my turn around day. Around mid day I really started feeling a lot better! Day 8 was surprisingly rough and it felt as though my throat was on fire!

  158. I don’t know if it’s because I’m only in my 20s, but I feel near 100% after just 5 days. The intense pain came and went during day 3 and now the only setbacks I have are really dry mouth after sleeping and a bit of sharpness swallowing cold things. Mind you I haven’t tried to eat solid food yet but my do I feel like I’ve turned the corner rather quickly. Surprised because getting the feel from reading around pre-surgery I thought I was in for a tremendous battle! I even stopped taking that red liquid to relive pain. Guess I’m a rare case…I’ll try to eat normally in 5 days and hope it’s all good! BTW, I got my tonsils taken out AND my uvula shortened dramatically just for those wondering. Good luck to those reading and still fighting through the worst of it…it will get better.

  159. I had my tonsils out November 2010 aged 19 after suffering with tonsillitis and glandular fever 21 times in 18 months. My recovery was pretty awful. I’m not gonna lie. My tonsils were unusually close to my jugular so i wasn’t allowed to shower for days only sponge baths in case the hot water thinned my blood too much and an artery ruptured. I also had the added pain of the after effects of intubation as i had stopped breathing during my procedure so they had to stop intubate and wait before they could continue. The pain was horrific that night in hospital as they had me on oxygen to assist with my breathing and it just kept drying my throat out so i would beg for more pain killers only for them to be brought in pill form (whose sick idea was that by the way?) The next two weeks went off without too much of a hitch. I woke myself up precisely on the times i had to take my meds or life was unbearable and my parents and stepfather would sit with me and watch me eat so they knew i had eaten and not just thrown it away. Not being able to put anything hot on my neck to soothe the ache was rough but i got through it. I wouldn’t say i completely healed until after 6 months. but the pain went down after 3 weeks. My tonsils were the size of a baby’s fist and i contribute this to my problems largely (:

  160. I had my tonsils out at the end of October 2011 at age 51. I too did everything the ENT said… drinking water & eating & talking. I was back to work in a week. I worked as long as I could each day then went home. Was back working full time within 2 weeks. The ENT said if I was out and about I would recover quicker. I have to agree… I wasn’t 100% but I did recover pretty quick and it wasn’t near as bad as I was expecting.

  161. I had my tonsils out in July of 2010 at the age of 37. You always hear horror stories before having the surgery, especially when you are an adult. I had a pretty good recovery experience. I followed the doctors orders precisely. I was supposed to take pain meds every 4 hours, so I built my schedule around that. I would take my meds, wait a little bit for them to start working, eat, watch some tv, and sleep. I recall not healing quite as fast as my ent would have liked me to, but I wasn’t out of work for more than two weeks. I believe that the key is to keep up with the pain meds so you don’t have an opportunity to be in pain. Also, chew gum. I had gum in my mouth all the time except when I was eating. The doctor insisted on chewing lots of gum!

  162. I would def take 2 weeks bare minimum!! I had mine done at 29 and I know it took me a good 3 weeks to feel half way decent then a while longer to get myself eating normal again. Best thing for me was those orange sherbert push ups! I lived off of them for a month I bet. LOL! Also use a cold compress on the neck. That helped me some. One thing that did bother me that I didn’t expect was I was a little depressed afterwards and the doctor told me that was normal from the surgery and meds. So stay positive if that happens to you. Wasn’t horrible but it was there. Just DON’T RUSH IT!

  163. Had mine out on 18th June. With the strong painkillers until that night I thought it wasn’t too bad but off the strong painkillers yesterday and today I am in agony. The worst thing for me of all is feeling the fur in the back of my throat every time I stop eating it feels like it’s closing in on me. I also didn’t know things would come out my nose as I drank. I would do child birth again with no pain relief instead of this. How long until the scabs come off and will I ever get better. I also suffer badly from M.E and Fibro Myalgia. The surgeon warned me day 7 would be bad but if this is bad now how will I cope. Hope everyone else is doing well. I truly can’t believe how painful this is

  164. I’m 19 and got mine out 5 days ago and returned to work this morning. I’m pretty weak from not eating so I can’t do much heavy lifting or walking, but everything seems fine. Going back to work is definitely doable, I’m just more groggy than usual and can’t talk very much. If I were you I would milk the time off more, but if you need to get back to work, go for it.

  165. Eating hard foods is the opposite of all advice I’ve been given by doctors. They said it would scrape off the scabs and cause bleeding, and in some cases make your recovery take longer. You might want to ask your doctor again about the type of food you’re eating.

  166. Hi Greg,

    I had my tonsils out in Feb of this year and am 39. My doctor said that he recommends taking 3 weeks. He said 2 weeks was the “absolute minimum” he would permit for being off. His rationale for 3 weeks was to use the last week to begin regaining energy, eating a bit more, and get used to a daily routine. Even after 3 weeks I was tired, but that last week was absolutely a blessing!

    The doc said it would be 2 to 3 months before I felt completely healed, and he was pretty on target. Although, the other aspects of recovery were minimal by comparison and didn’t warrant not returning to work.


  167. I am 58, I had my tonsils taken out on June 5th. This is my 11th day post op and while I still have some moderate pain when I swallow, I feel the worst is over. I am eating regular food but keeping it soft. I had Beef Stew tonight and it went down great.

  168. Thank you everyone for sharing your information. It will help me in taking care of myself. Marilyn, I am sorry to hear about your situation and the stitches.

    I am 55 and I had tonsillectomy and turbinate reduction done on May 23, 2012. I am now on day 12 and still have a lot of white scab and it really pains, especially in my ears when I wait for 4 hours to take my meds. When is the ear pain all gone? Do I have to wait for the white scabs to be all gone before the pain fully goes away? How long is this really?

    Thank you.

  169. I am 25 and had mine out yesterday. It was great yesterday as I was high on the morphine and other painkillers so as soon as I came round I was eating as much as I could. Today it hurts more and as I was eating some dry toast it felt as though something ripped at the back of my throat. But, as much as it hurts, I’m following the Dr’s instructions to eat hard foods which will scrape the crap from the back of my throat, regardless if it hurts or not! Wish we luck, I’ve got another two weeks to go!

  170. I had my tonsils out 6 days ago. The first 3 days following surgery were terrible, I was sick after the general anaesthetic. I was then sick everytime I took painkillers or ate /drank anything, which when you’ve had tonsils out is not much fun! Day 4 I stopped being sick thanks to anti sickness tablets, and I’m gradually re introducing the painkillers back. I haven’t been given antibiotics, I dont know if this is normal in the UK. To be honest, whilst I think my surgeon has done a good job on my tonsils, the after care is terrible. I’ve not been told what to expect at all.

    I’ve started eating food, pretty much anything I can get down me, although painkillers required just before eating. The mornings are terrible, and the taste at the back of my mouth is disgusting – I am tackling this with chewing gum! I have 1 more week off work and then I have to go back to the office. I’m a bit worried because I’m starting a new job and can barely speak at the moment, plus am asleep all the time! I hope this improves.

    I’ve not experienced any bleeding, fingers crossed this lasts. The pain is bad but now I can take painkillers again, at least I have this under control.

    This better be worth it! I hope that 2 weeks of pain will make up for 20 years of tonsilitis!! I’m 32

  171. I had mine out when I was 32. Days 3-6 are ridiculous. I have had two babies and I would say this is much worse. You can avoid sitting on your bottom, kind of, but you have to eat and swallow. Give yourself two weeks even if you think you feel ok. Good luck! It is worth it. I am 3 years out and went from seeing the doc monthly to a 2 1/2 year streak.

  172. I’m 34, had surgery on. Thursday and was off work a total of 3 days but the more I talk the more I feel the pain. I did eat some steak on day 5 and almost cried due to the pain but I needed real food. I feel like I have a tooth ache with a mix of an ear ache.

  173. Hi Alison,

    I am 38 and am on day 11 of recovery from having my tonsils out. They said it’s worse when you’re older and they weren’t lying!!! I don’t want to scare you but today was actually the first day that I felt a little better. The worst days for me were days 7,8,9. It still feels like it’s never going to end. Right now my throat is just really really sore and the pain is different. Feels like I have strepth throat. It hurts to talk for long periods too. But I believe and hope the worst is over. Having a humidifier is such a big help since my throat is so dry. I return to work on Saturday and I am hoping I will be able to talk on the phone for long periods. Good luck!!

  174. Hi I’m 30 and had my tonsils out 6 days ago…..I don’t want to be melodramatic….but right now I want to die! I haven’t eaten since the day before my operation…..I manage about a cup of water a day… number 2’s for 7 days! (sorry)…..I am having real regrets at the moment going through with the surgery……..trying to think positive……I’ll be back in a few days to post how I’m feeling (if I’m alive….bahahhha…kidding)

  175. My entire recovery from the day of the surgery until my tastebuds started working again was a total of 6 weeks. I was feeling better by week 4 and was taking motrin for pain instead of perocet. I was eating only Special K protein shakes and popsicles for about 3 weeks.

  176. Hi – I had my tonsils out almost 2 weeks ago. Feeling like I’m nearly recovered, aside for bit of lingering pain in my throat. The white scabs are pretty much gone but I’ve noticed that the space where my tonsils were is often now filled with mucus! Has anyone else experienced this? I gather that increased mucus in the throat is quite common after a tonsillectomy (and something I’ve certainly experienced) so hoping that this will only be temporary – would be interested to hear about other similar experiences…

  177. I had mine out in March of this year at the age of 25. I must say, it really wasn’t bad. I absolutely hate my teaching job, so I welcomed the idea of sitting on my couch for 2 weeks and not having to be at work with a SMILE. I actually got to piggy-back my two weeks off with Spring break, so I spent a total of 23 days out of work. It was lovely. Give yourself 2 full weeks at least, I felt great for the first 2 days, just weak and kind of gross because the heat of the shower would make me literally pass out.By day 3 the ache started to kick in *(my tongue hurt the most), but I never got the ear pain. With lots of ice, really bad reality TV, and learning that keeping a piece of gum in my mouth while I slept and the air humidifier turned WAY up, I felt fine. The worst part was probably 1 week in when I finally attempted things like scrambled eggs, the food would get stuck in the still-gaping wounds back there. Until they filled up with nasty scabs, it was tough to eat. I never bled though, and I really pushed it. I had a head cold and lyringitis going in to the surgery. My ENT still took them out, but I coughed for several days post-surgery, which couldn’t have helped. Still, I never bled. I never even felt the scabs go. I lost about 6 pounds too, which has stayed off. Finally reached my goal weight. Honestly, I’d get this surgery every 2 months if I could, and stay out of work forever.

  178. I had my tonsils out Feb 2011 and because of complications (I got thrush in the back of my throat from the anitbiotics), it took about 3 weeks for me to recover and be able to eat solids again and drink without pain. =/

  179. i was 33 at the time. the first 3 days were pretty awful i slept an hour at a time so my mouth wouldnt get to dry. it was hard to swallow anything even my meds. felt some relief day 4 but day 5 it all came back..then the pain shot to my ears which was no fun. when the scabbing starts coming off the pain is also intense.. i would recommend at least 3 weeks off of work. looking back i would definetly have done it again , just because my quality of life has greatly improved.

  180. I was 35 years old when I had my surgery. It was four weeks before Christmas. The surgery was pretty easy and there was really no pain. Until I got home, I vomited blood and that was no fun and then of course the drugs started to wear off. It was more like a bad sore throat, which I was already used to, since I needed my tonsils out for about 5 years. Day 5 was the worst, childbirth was a piece a cake compare to the EAR PAIN. It was nothing I have ever experienced in my life. It was not a like a ear infection it was a pain that I cannot explain. The sound of noise made it feel so much worse. I medicated myself to get me through the day, and I did. It was pretty much smooth sailing after that, however in my fourth week of recovery I contracted bronchitis, on Christmas eve. My surgeon was out of the country, so I was very lucky that my primary care doctor was on call so he gave me some antibiotics. Can you imagine having a bad cough after the surgery ? Well I did and let me tell you it was NO FUN. I would have to say after my bout with bronchitis, and after the antibiotics kicked in I felt so much better. I didn’t let the surgery kick me down, its easy for you to feel sorry for yourself but in a few weeks you will feel so much better. My energy level shot up and the great thing about the surgery is that you hardly ever have sore throats, which is not a good thing cause you really can’t feel a cold coming on. But I have notice in the last 4 years since my surgery the colds don’t last as long and you have so much energy. I did not realize how horrible I was feeling because of my tonsils. My only wish is that my insurance had not fought me on covering my surgery cause of my age. As look back I have no regrets having the surgery and the main thing through it all is that you stay positive. After it is all said and done the pain and the surgery will all be but a memory. STAY POSITIVE bottom line. 🙂

  181. I was 41 and while it wasn’t a pleasant experience, I was eating oatmeal, eggs and pasta by day 3. Meds helped with pain, sleeping wasn’t great when meds wore off, and meds made me feel pretty crappy. I began weeding myself off the meds within a week because I knew i’d feel better, which I did. It’s hard not to wallow in self pity when you physically feel bad, but i’m a positive person, so tried to find ways to feel good. Being around people helped, but i did sleep a lot. I was pretty much back to normal in just over a week.

  182. Oh but I would like to add – at the time I thought it was the biggest mistake ever having a tonsillectomy (I even had to pay to have them out myself as I live in Jersey and there’s no NHS there!) but since having it done I feel SO much better. I’m never ill anymore (aside from the VERY occasional ear infection) and I would encourage anybody that has recurring bouts of tonsillitis, ear infections, snoring, recurring colds – get those tonsils out!

  183. I was 24 when I had mine out and I live in the UK (there’s a LOT of difference in the aftercare and medication depending on where you live) and it took me a week before I could really go anywhere other than to the bathroom and back but by day 15 I felt normal and was able to return to work.

    The operation went fine – I wasn’t really in that much pain for the first night although I was vomitting blood occasionally and sleeping lots for the first couple of days and had to be kept in the hospital. When I got home on day 3 it was very painful to eat/drink but they insisted that I try to eat crunchy foods so as to make the scab as thin as possible to avoid haemorrhaging (they specifically tell you in the UK to avoid ice cream and milk 23as the film it leaves makes you swallow more or worse, it can make you cough lots!) I ate lots of KFC chicken as it was probably the only thing tasty enough to warrant the pain of the crunchy foods lol They gave me tremedol and that took the edge off while eating – I took painkillers about half an hour before I ate and drank as much ice cold water as I could. Another thing is – say goodbye to sleep! You should aim to drink every couple of hours – the longer you go without a drink the worse it will be when you do! I found that by drinking water every couple of hours and avoiding a long sleep session was the key to having the least amount of pain possible!

  184. I asked my ENT if there’d be stitches and he said no, he said it would be very unusual to need stitching after a tonsillectomy especially with the cautery methods used. Did the tonsillectomy solve your problems? Are you recovered now?

  185. I had mine out at 60. Each day got worse. I lost 22 lbs. in one week. The stitches were unexpected and awful. Everything I ate or drank went out my nose. I could not sleep, take meds, keep anything down. It was the biggest mistake of my life.

  186. 38 years old – was out of work for 4 weeks. I returned to work but still not taking calls yet, surgery was 3/12/12.

  187. I was 36 when I had mine out. I am a night shift floor nurse who works 12hr shifts. I took 14 days off. When I got back to work, I felt okay at the start of my shift, but around 1 am, (after working 6 hours) I was miserable. It began harder for me to talk, especially because I had two patients that were hard of hearing & I had to practically yell for them to hear me. If I had a desk job with minimal talking, I would have fared better. But I wasnt 100% until about a month afterwards.

  188. I was off work for 4 weeks following my 30th birthday tonsillectomy. Even after returning to work I was still tired and worn out everyday for at least another 2 weeks. As soon as I would come home from work I would lay down for a nap everyday which is highly unusual for me. I havn’t napped during the day except for my tonsillectomy since I was 4.

  189. I had my surgery on a Wednesday and took the entire following week off (so I had 12 days total to recover before going back to work on Monday). After 10 days I could have gone back to work (but been very uncomfortable) – I definitely could not have gone back sooner, even though I have a desk job. You want to be at home when the scabs start coming off with your icepacks and ice chips handy to control any light bleeding. I was still really struggling to eat anything when I went back to work after those 12 days – but then out of nowhere on day 14, I was back to eating completely normally. Guess I had a little scab left that needed to come off and heal! Then it was like nothing ever happened.

  190. Had mine out @ age 32. Doc told me they were the largest, most infected he had ever seen. I thought, oh great it is going to be a tough recovery… it was not that bad. 2 weeks out of work, follow all the tips on this website and it will help a lot. I did not feel “normal” again for about 4-6 weeks. I would say I turned the corner @ day 7 or 8, things just got better and better after that.

  191. I had my tonsils out at 39, and i was very nervous about it! But, I have to say, my experience wasnt as bad as i thought it would (maybe i have a high tolerance to pain after all my bouts of tonsilitis, strep and mono…i dont know?!) the first week was the worst, i slept a lot from the pain pills, but really only had one really bad day. the second was ok, felt a little better every day and was able to eat small amounts of soft food by the end of the second week (gingerly of course). I went back to work after two weeks. (i have a desk job that requires little physical exertion, but that being said, i was very worn out and low energy that week and probably the next week too) so, basically, i was somewhat back to normal after 2 weeks, but probably wasnt feeling ‘normal’ till about 4 weeks out.

  192. I was 25 at the time of the surgery and went back to work on day 13… but I honestly think that was a little soon for me as a teacher (using my voice so much made my throat throb by the end of the day). I had developed thrush, so my recovery was a little longer. I didn’t come all the way off the percocet until about day 11 and experienced withdrawal symtpoms.

  193. At 40 years old, it took me 3 full weeks to feel normal again. I didn’t eat anything but ice pops for 11 days straight. That alone can wear you out.

  194. I had surgery when I was 24 and I had always heard that it was painful to recover when you were older then younger. I was off work Wednesday (day of surgery) thursday, friday, saturday and sunday and then back to work on Monday. I didn’t take the pain medication except the first day. I was also eating potato chips on that friday. Not the smartest but they tasted good while trying to get them down. I was good to go about a week later eating what I wanted and when. It was really a piece of cake for me.

  195. I had my surgery when I was 35 and I expected it to be way worse than it really was. I made sure I stayed on top of the pain medication and the doctor also gave me some numbing lollipops to suck on if the pain got bad before next dose. Runny mashed potatoes saved my life and i was up around the day after surgery with no problem really. Some pain in my throat but again, I made sure I took my pain meds before it got bad, I was really worried about it hurting. The worst day for me was around the 10th, I think that was because of all the codeine I was guzzling and my body just didn’t want it anymore, i had a small break down at my family’s house(it was thanksgiving) and I couldn’t eat anything and i just wanted to crawl into bed :)….anyway, that was the worst, by the end of two weeks i was feeling pretty good, weened off the codeine and thrilled that the surgery was not half as bad as what everyone else experienced….

  196. I had the surgery at 48, last summer. Lots of infection & tonsil stones daily *yuck*. I cannot say if I would do it again. I am so glad to have them gone…. but oh my god the pain. I have suffered some massive pain in my life so I thought I could handle whatever this little surgery could dish out. Oh was I wrong. The intensity of this pain was surprising. You cannot help but swallow ALL DAY LONG and every one felt like a thousand knives slicing my throat like a mad symphony conductor with his batton. The back of my throat looked like spanish moss hanging from the trees in Georgia; long, stringy ropes of dead flesh that I would sometimes find on my pillow the next morning. Disgusting!

    It took 2 weeks & 1 day until the pain was gone. I still felt a tiny bit sore, like I had cheered on a sports team, but that’s it. On that 15th day, I went in for a follow up & had a bleed thru right there. He cauterized it quickly & that was it. I lost 15.6 pounds!

  197. It took me 11 days to finally be able to swallow solid foods. So maybe around a good two weeks for recovery pain wise and I was able to return to work then too.

  198. Book off a MINIMUM of 2 weeks. I didn’t feel normal until after 3-4 weeks. I wasn’t able to introduce any liquids other than water or any foods until week 2!

  199. I believe it’s slightly different for everybody, but it really took a lot out of me. I was definitely not in good shape for two weeks, and even after that I had to take it easy. I would advise being cautious and taking two weeks off from work and see how you go.

  200. It took me about a week to function, but I dont have to do a lot of talking in my day to day life. After two weeks I felt better than pre-surgery for sure. I noticed that eating soft ‘real’ food (like tiny sandwich bites, scrambled eggs, and mac n cheese) helped my attitude and my stamina. good luck to all who have yet to be surgerized!

  201. I was 33 when I had it done. I did it over winter break, about 10 days. I was NOT ready to return to work on day 11. I needed 14 days. I also had a bleed and ended up back in the hospital which added to the time, but even when I did go back, I was miserable til at least week 4. TAKE YOUR TIME.

  202. First, this was a great site, and really helped. Especially late at night. Second, I was 50, and like others who have posted, didn’t arrange enough time off work at the start. I only booked myself out for 10 days. On day 11, I got up, got dressed, got in the car, thought about starting it and driving to work, and then didn’t, but instead went back in the house and back to bed. I’d say plan on 2 weeks, but plant the idea that you may only be back for half days for a week after that. Depends partly on your job, of course, but seems like there’s a spectrum of recovery times, and I’d say make your plans based around the notion that you might be average or slow, rather than banking on the quick recovery. Then, if you’re one of the lucky ones, no worries. Third, I agree with everyone about keeping up with the fluids, even waking up periodically to drink and use ice on your neck. When you keep up with the fluids, it’s easier. And when you forget, re-hydrating is especially painful. Fourth, take the pain meds on a schedule, starting the first day, even when you think you won’t need them, because the only reason you don’t need them is the general anasthesia, and that’s going to wear off. It’s just better to keep the pain meds going, and not let pain get out of control. Also, for me, the liquid lortab burned like fire, so I preferred a tiny pill, think it was Demerol, but can’t remember for sure.

  203. I actually believed the Dr. when he told me a few days to feel better. Not so. It took at least 10 days before I could think of anything else except the pain. Also, was not aware of how gross it was when the scabs were coming off. Made me throw up quite a few times. Told the Dr. that my jaw and teeth hurt. He said the hot and cold sensitivity to my teeth had nothing to do with the tonsillectomy. It took about 6 months before I could eat/drink something cold without it hurting. No problem prior to that so it seems logical that somehow the pressure on my mouth and teeth during the surgery did something.
    Two weeks or more to start feeling closer to normal, don’t let them tell you anything else.

  204. I am so happy I had my tonsillectomy! I would go through it again if I had to.

    My surgery was 2 years ago, this is practically the anniversary of my recovery from it. I was 31 yrs old.

    I took a full 2 weeks off work, and while I think I could have managed (I am a nurse) if I had to, though I didnt have much of a voice, and even after 2 weeks I was really tired. I was alone most of my recovery, but my bf would check in on me frequently. My inlaws came 11/2 weeks later, abit too soon for me. I did go out right from day 1- went to the store with my bf, went for drives with him, short walks in the neighborhood, etc.

    I lived on slurpees (grape and cream soda were the best- no pain) until i couldn’t eat anything sweet, but resumed my 2 a day after a couple days break. I ate oatmeal, overcooked pasta with butter, lipton cup of soup, popsicles… My first real meal a week after surgery was white fish, squash & carrot mash and mashed potatoes- my parents had us over for dinner. My tastebuds were off for about 3 months, everything seemed to have a bitter aftertaste.

    i drifted in and out of sleep for the first couple days, making sure i drank a ton of ice water day and night, and took my pain meds regularly- I asked my surgeon for 2 different analgesics so I could alternate- so happy I did. the other thing that saved me from beating up my bf or clawing my own eyes out (especially day 5 to 7) was ice packs. I had a few and would rotate them- i used them faithfully for about 10days- the throat pain was bad, but the pain in my right ear brought tears to my eyes. I started stool softeners the day before my surgery and continued everyday for 2 1/2 weeks. I had to get a laxative to help me out after day 9 of nothing. Then i lost a few pounds but nothing major, probably all the sugar i was consuming!

    I prepared by finding and then following the recommendations from others on this website. I used the site throughout my recovery, it was great therapy.

  205. Day 10 was a turning point for me and I started feeling better (maybe because I counted down the hours to day 10 having heard it would get better from there??). Although it took me a good 3 weeks before being at work wasn’t exhausting and then I had to travel internationally for work, got really sick and really messed myself up for another 2 weeks.

    My advice: Take 2 full weeks off work. You’ll be on pain meds for approx 10 and unable to do much. Then if you can, ease back into work and be nice to yourself! Listen to your body during recovery!!

  206. I had mine done at age 35 (3 yrs ago). I would say recovery was 2 weeks for me to feel back to totally normal. The one bad thing I have noticed is that I now get ‘brain freeze’ when eating cold things fast. Never had that problem before getting the tonsils out! But that is minor. The best thing I did during recovery was to go to my sister’s house for the first 3 days! LOL! I have 4 kids so going to her house was great. I was left ALONE! Yay! Peace & quiet. She would pop in and out during the day and check on me, but she was gone for the most part of the day running errands and such. I think my recovery would have taken longer had I not had such a restful 3 days. I stayed there friday afternoon (had surgery friday morning) until sunday evening.

  207. Day 1 after surgery: pain level around 7 out of 10
    Day 2 after surgery: pain level around 8
    Day 3 after surgery: pain level around 9+
    Day 4 after surgery: pain level 10
    Day 5 after surgery: pain level 10
    Day 6 after surgery: pain level 10
    Day 7 after surgery: pain level -10
    Day 8 after surgery: pain level 9
    Day 9 after surgery: pain level 7
    Day 10 after surgery: pain level 5

    Days 4, 5, and 6 were most painful. I ran out of my meds, had to get more. I could not drink or eat anything until day 6, on day 7 was able to drink one of those powder mixes, like a protein shake, but days 1 and 2 I was able drink and thought ” hey it’s not too bad” but wait till day 3 comes. Good luck!

  208. I went back to work after 10 days and only worked half days for the first 3. I’d say 2 weeks is the minimum recovery time. I had my tonsils taken out when I was 29 & it was the most painful experience ever. I’ve yet to give birth to a child, but I’m starting to think that would be easier than having a tonsillectomy. The first day wasn’t too terrible, but probably b/c I was so drugged up that I couldn’t comprehend what was going on. Day 4, 5 & 6 were the worst; I couldn’t sleep and was in constant pain and was so hungry! I lost 27 lbs in 17 days and it was a good 14 days before any food went into my mouth. I remember being at home in tears b/c I was so hungry and when you watch TV all day (what else is there to do) there’s a lot of food commercials. At one point I was contemplating going to the Dr. to get hooked up to an IV b/c I was so hungry. It gets better after a month, you can finally yawn.

    Hydrate hydrate hydrate and stay away from ice cream b/c it gets stuck in the holes where your tonsils used to be. Also buy a tongue scraper before you get it done b/c you will need one! When I was finally able to eat food again, my go to’s were a bean burrito & a hot ham & cheese… they slide right down. If I would’ve known how long it was going to be before I could eat normal, I would’ve eaten like I was going to the electric chair for a week before the surgery!

    BTW this website is so great, I wish I would’ve known about it before I had surgery and not just during recovery. I’ve passed this onto many of my friends who have had their tonsils out.

  209. I had mine done 2 years ago when I was 21. I thought I would only be down for a few days but I was down and out for about 2 weeks. The first day wasn’t bad since I was still on the drugs given to me at the hospital. I think I was fortunate in that my doctor kept me in the hospital all day after surgery and released me around 8:30 that night, so I slept fine that night and was fine into the next day. Day 4 I ended up back in the hospital because I was severly dehyrated. I took pain medicine and slept, woke up, took more, etc. It was a vicious cyclce where I was taking pain medicine on an empty stomach and not eating or drinking anything. With a blood pressure through the roof and a fever of 104 it was time after that hospital stay to really try to find something to keep myself hydrated with, My advice…Kool Aid. My dad finally decided to take one of the individual packets of fruit punch Kool Aid and shook it up in a bottle of water, 15 minutes later, gone. It wasn’t too hot or too cold like many other beverages were and it was one of the few things that tasted alright…. KOOL AID! 🙂

  210. Mine was a little over 2 years ago, but if I remember right my recovery time was about 10-14 days. The first 4 days were the worst for me due to nausea. On day 4 I went to the dr, and he switched me from liquid tylenol w/codeine to hydrocodone (pill form), which was a BIG help. He also gave me anti-nausea meds, but I didn’t really need them much from that point on. I highly recommend getting anti-nausea meds from the get go…if there is one thing I would have differntly, that would be it. Overall, my recovery went pretty well; no complications. This site was a huge help!

  211. Recovery is a variable term. I had a tonsillectomy, adenoidectomy and pallet trim for sleep apea. I took me 8-10 days to get over the maximum pain threshold. Three weeks until the pain was a minor nuisance and a month before I’d go long stretches without noticing it. It took 6 months before I didn’t notice the altered structure change in my throat. Going on three years without sleep apnea, it was worth it and I wish I did it years before. With proper pain management, I highly recommend liquid vicoden, I called it liquid gold, it was slightly worse than a bad strep throat. Don’t hesitate, get ‘er done and get on with your life.

  212. I was 18 when I had mine taken out and it took about 3 weeks before I felt like doing much.

    The first 2-3 days I felt fine and thought I’d gotten off easy but the 2 weeks after that were really painful and the combination of the pain killers and not much food made me feel very tired and unwell. After about day 13 started to feel more like getting out of bed and starting to want more solid food and i found macaroni cheese or mashed potato to be a good starter food. Don’t rush it with food!!! I had some Doritos at day 11 because i was so bored of soup and caused a small bleed and had to go back to hospital for check up so take it easy until throat isn’t as raw.

    Hope that helps someone

  213. I took 2 weeks off, and could probably have gone back to work maybe a day or two earlier, but I didn’t. I had the scab for 3 weeks. One thing – I originally refused to eat ice-cream, because they said the milk would make mucous, but after ~4 days I gave in, and had plain vanilla, and it was AWESOME. That and cold mac & cheese were my main source of calories.

    Drank plenty of water, used my humidifier by my bed, used some soft ice packs on my throat, and I was fine. My mom drove from 3 states over to visit, out of concern, but once she saw I was ok, she went home the same day. The toughest part was that I thought I could spend my 2 weeks playing video games, and watching TV but the painkillers gave me vertigo. I ended up amusing myself with crafts.

  214. I was 58 when I had my surgery. Took me a month to recover. Two weeks of soft food.
    Christmas day was day 17 and I did manage to have some turkey but I had to be careful.
    Haven’t had an earache since my surgery so it was all worth it in the end.

  215. Recovery was at least 10 days! The problem with a tonsillectomy recovery is a roller coaster. You feel better, then you feel bad again, you start to feel better, and then BAM you feel really bad again. Then you slowly start making some progress. I definitely say 10 days before you feel human again; and then two weeks to get back to a normal routine. WATER, WATER, WATER! Hydration is crucial; I live in a dry climate and kept my humidifier next to me for the first two weeks, both day and night. I really think that made a huge difference. Soft foods; eat what appeals to you – you must eat as your body needs the energy to help you heal. I also found that McDonald’s regular Iced Tea was a huge help! It was cold, smooth and contained caffeine, which helped me. The key is heed your doctor’s advice and know you will get through it!!

  216. Peggy, what happened that your throat is still not right? Are you still having problems 2 years out from surgery?

  217. For me it was a solid 3 weeks off from work and then I went back for 2 days and then the school got flooded out and i had another week off. I was grateful for that 4th week. It’s been two years and I don’t think my throat will ever feel quite right again. I stumbled across your website a couple of weeks before I had my surgery and I will forever be grateful! The helpful hints and tips I got really did help me be all set up and better prepared and to be able to get on and whine and complain and get encouragement and support was such a huge help.

  218. My recovery time was 2 weeks. I was afraid it was too early but I did alright. Recovery is difficult and I had complications with the anesthetics but by 2 weeks you are able to eat a lot if different foods and are pretty much back to normal. 🙂

  219. Plan for at least 2 weeks. I had a pretty smooth recovery until day 8, when i started coughing up blood because the wound had broken open. It was a scary moment, but i drank as much ice water as i could for like 20 minutes and eventually it stopped.

  220. For me it was about 10 days before I felt up to doing much of anything and another week before I felt ready to get back into my regular routine.

    I would plan on at least 2 weeks.

  221. Short answer: 3 weeks/20 days.

    Play by play follows:

    I had a Tonsil/Adenoidectomy. I was sick with strep alternating weeks and other bugs some of the off weeks for 15 weeks. I was sick, often with a fever, about 10 out of 15 weeks before the surgery.

    Total recovery took me about a month, which was long. I had surgery Dec. 22nd and started to feel totally human (and went hiking every day!) around the 12th of January. The interim was not bad.

    The first 2 days were easy, other than the swollen uvula that kept gagging me. If your doc offers to trim it, LET them. Almost no pain, but very tired.

    Days 2-4 were tedium and hunger. Finally I convinced my caretakers to let me have soft-cooked eggs (with onion powder and salt). I ate about a dozen eggs a day for 3-4 days, along with some dreyers all-fruit bars(avoid the green/lime? ones). This time I spent mostly bored and opiated up watching bad movies on my brother’s netflix account. Scabs started coming off around day 5. I felt great on days 2,-4 and didn’t understand what all the pain meds were for.

    Days 5-9 were a bit rough. I got the ear pain and it hurt. It was never much worse than strep, but it felt endless. Around day 8 or 9, I made myself mashed potatoes with lots of butter and salt, and wound up drinking quite a bit on New Years eve. I felt pretty well actually, by this point.

    Days 10-13 I felt incrementally better each day. Around day 15, I had my follow-up and had to walk to/from bus stops to reach my doctor. It took about 3 hours round trip and totally exhausted me. He said I was healing slower than expected but was healing properly and looked good. He told me I wouldn’t be fully recovered for another week at least. Around this time, my girlfriend dumped me (long time coming) and that didn’t help with the recovery speed. I could have gone back to school or work at this point, but would have been somewhat miserable. I also had no energy at this point.

    By day 16, I felt pretty well and was back on my feet, cooking normal food. I still felt tired and pretty much stopped the pain meds all together. I never used the full doses (yay for liquid!) except from days 3-8.

    Day 21(January 12th) I was cleared as fully functional and started hiking. Between the initial lack of eating and the hiking, I lost about 15 lbs.

  222. Oh yes…. I am 54 years old. Only had tonsels out. nothing else. Surgery was 1 1/2 years ago. In case your doctor forgets to tell you, DON’T USE A STAW! Until healed you can do damage. I only took heavy pain killers the first two days. After that Tylenol did the trick.

  223. I had it done 2 1/2 years ago when I was 26. It’s all a little blurry since it was so long ago, but I would put recovery at about a week before I really felt like getting out of bed and 2 weeks before I felt almost normal. Like Rache, I threw up a few times because I tried to walk around a bit before I was eating solid food. I think my blood sugar was too low to be doing actual activity. Eating some oatmeal or cream of wheat helped.

  224. I was off work for 2 weeks. The first 10 days were flat out miserable. I didn’t want to talk at all. On day 10 I made a drastic turn for the better. From there on it wasn’t too bad although at times it was a little tender. I did exactly as the doctor recommended. People I know who didn’t listen to there doctor suffered far longer. Sipping on water often was the key to a fast recovery. Although it hurt to swallow, the doc said it was the best medicine. Hemorrhaging is a big threat if you don’t drink your water. Even when I would wake up at night I would take a sip of water. It helps with the scabs. Mac and Cheese, Oatmeal and mashed potatoes became my best friend during this time. It too seemed to help soothe the throat pain. But for the first 3 days it was ice cream, jello and pop cycles. I know when my kids had this done at 5 and 6 it was no were near as long of recovery as an adult but I am really glad I did it.

  225. 13 days of hell – the 14th day was the day I started to feel human again…I was not quite ready for work when I went back but it was manageable with pain meds; I felt more weak than anything after losing 14 pounds and still not eating much. And, you get used to lying in bed for most of the 2 weeks, so to be up and about in an office is a bit of a shock after that.

  226. A life-changing experience for the best! I had 3 days of strep-throat type of pain. After that it was not really painful, just annoying to only eat soft food for about 2-3 weeks. I did not take any time off of work since I had my surgery on a Friday. I have been so much healthier since the surgery and am so glad I don’t have those nasty tonsils any more. 🙂

  227. 42/m – I had mine taken out last year. On the third day of recovery I started bleeding profusely and had to have emergency surgery where they re-cauterized the surgery site. 5 days later I was back at work and 14 days post-op I was eating normally with no problems or regrets.

  228. Surgery age 37
    I took 2 weeks off – surgery on a friday.
    Tonsilectomy/adnoidectomy, turbinate reduction, deviated septum, sinuses roto rooted.
    Surgery changed my life, for the good.
    Prior to surgery – sleep apena. AHI of 97
    After surgery – AHI of 25
    Lost 32 lbs during recovery and have since lost additional 30 lbs.
    Currently on CPAP for sleep apnea, but have a sleep study scheduled to determine if CPAP is still necessary.

    It wasn’t a pleasent experieance but well worth the pain.

  229. I had my tonsils done along with sinus surgeries and I DO NOT recommend it! It was 10 days before I could breathe through my nose which made my throat even more raw. It was 10 days I went without sleep, I ate jello, Popsicles and water for 2 weeks and went off pain meds at about the same time. After a month, I could eat a little more regular foods and felt good. Without the sinus stuff, I would guess about a week or 2 at most. The lack of sleep probably slowed down my recovery.

  230. 56/female. Two weeks off with gradual return to full days the third week. Pain was tolerant with medicine but I was very weak. My job at the time required full mental acuity at all times and the mental effects of the anesthesia/medicine was the hardest with which to deal.

  231. 34/f – I work from home so I was able to do a little bit now and again a week after surgery, but could not work a full day and use the phone for long periods of time for at least 2 weeks.

  232. oops, forgot to add – two-plus weeks of doing nothing wreaked havoc on the rest of my body; i was shocked how weak and easily-winded i was when i got back into the world.

  233. i had mine done a little less than two years ago, at age 36. i was eating on day 3 (saltines, pudding, etc.) and back to work on day 18. i felt okay through almost all of it (day 3 morning was rough because i hadn’t had solid food and i started throwing up); i kept to my painkillers every 4 hours and the pain was never even as bad as it had been with strep. i felt cruddy coming off the drugs, and then (literally) overnight i was all better; i consider day 20 to be my full recovery. that said, it was still a couple of weeks before my sense of taste returned to normal, a couple months before i could yawn without wincing, and even longer before my throat was doing all the things it used to (sneezing without making a mess and swallowing every time i meant to without having to stop and think about it a little…) but it was never as bad as i was led to believe it would be, and i’m SO glad i had it done.

  234. 32/female- I returned to work after 2 weeks. The most important thing is take care of your self. Drink lots and lots of water, take your pain meds as prescribed, keep an ice pack on your neck, keep a humidifier going at all times, chew gum and eat soft room temp foods. I followed these rules by the book and on the 14 day mark which was Valentines Day, I went out for a wonderfule dinner with my husband.

  235. 2 weeks. My boss, an MD/PhD, couldn’t believe it either, but he must have read up on it after I said my doc had suggested 2 weeks. Trust me, you are still in pain after 1 week. However… I have gotten a cold only once each year since I got mine out, and no crazy infections!!!

  236. I was 41 when I had my tonsils out. The first day was a breeze, probably all of the pain medication I had in my system from the surgery center. So I didn’t take the narcotic perscribed to me thinking I was a champ, no problems. Whew, the day after was painful! Took a while for the meds to catch up to the pain. Sticking to the pain med schedule worked and nothing was too overwhelming. I took 2 weeks off of work. The surgeon said a week would be fine. It is not. I am glad I was able to rest at home, not use my voice and recover. Good luck to you all.

  237. 2 weeks off work, I felt fairly normal but not 100%. It was close to a month before I felt more like myself again.

  238. 2-3 weeks and I was turning 16 with an abscessed tonsil removed. I had stitches on one side because of it. Not a fun experience!

  239. At least 2 weeks but 3 if you have the time available. Yes, my throat felt better in 2 weeks but my strength and stamina was gone.

    1 week is not a realistic expectation.

  240. It was exactly 14 days for me. I literally woke up on the 14th day and it was like nothing had happened. It was freakish. I went to the ENT the next day and he said “Yup – cookie cutter recovery.” I remember he had told me that it would take 14 days. The fact he’s been doing these for @ 40 years, probably means he knows what he’s talking about.

  241. At the 2 week mark I still wasn’t ready for work. I was 36 at the time and in very good shape. My recovery was average- nothing emergent, average pain and discomfort. I think a week off is incredibly unrealistic. I remember wanting to die on Day 8. It wasn’t until after the 2 week mark that I even began to feel slightly human again.

  242. I would say 2 weeks wud b gud, but I had an easy recovery. I was thankful to God for helping me through it. I cud have went back after just one week, Iam a custodian, but I took the entire 2 weeks. Im tahnkful I did, cuz the extra time to rest is essential! good luck and God bless!!

  243. 45/female. I am two weeks out and returning to work today. I would rate myself as having an average recovery – not as painful as some, but worse than some others. I am stunned at anyone that is able to go back to work in one week. You must have super powers! :-). I would say minimum recovery is two weeks. If at all possible, request two weeks off from work and have help during the first week for sure.

    This site got me through my recovery. No doubt about that. It’s been a true Godsend! 🙂

  244. Mine also told me a week, I needed 2 had to make addtional plans for the second week, even a bit sore going back at week 3 .

  245. 36M and I had the electrocautery tonsillectomy method. I went back to work 15 days after my surgery. No way would i have been ready to go back to work after a week. I really did not even start to turn around until after day 11. It does really seem to differ per person and per method of surgery but i do service calls and drive for work so i was not going to take a chance with trying to push myself too hard. My doctor even told me at my pre-op that if i could to take 2 weeks, and off even if i felt better just to let my body rest and heal. That was the best thing i did for myself was to just take it easy. I never had any bleeding either or any major side effects just a lot of intense pain. But again i think it does vary on the method of surgery used to remove the tonsils and on your own body.

  246. (cont.) before going home!!!! Sounds like such a crazy and personal detail, but it brought me crazy stress, pain, and frustration after my surgery!!!! If anyone has questions, pls give them my email me at with any questions!!!!!

  247. 36 f/ I think I am the exception to the rule! I got my tonsils out cause I was tired of the sore throats, weird taste, and always tired! If someone was able to drive me, then I could have been back at work within 3 or 4 days!!! The medicine took the edge of the pain off but really never knocked me out!! I was on Roxicet too! However(!!!!!!), I was in the ER 5 times within a week with bladder problems because my nurse never made me urinate before going home!! It literally was hell and I wore a catheter for a week!! If I could give any advice it would be to make sure that whoever picks u up after your surgery, have them take u potty

  248. 36 f/ I think I am the exception to the rule! I got my tonsils out cause I was tired of the sore throats, weird taste, and always tired! If someone was able to drive me, then I could have been back at work within 3 or 4 days!!! The medicine took the edge of the pain off but really never knocked me out!! I was on Roxicet too! However(!!!!!!), I was in the ER 5 times within a week with bladder problems because my nurse never made me urinate before going home!! It literally was hell and I wore a catheter for a week!! If I could give any advice it would be to make sure that whoever picks u up after your surgery, have them take u poddy

  249. I am over 50, had my tonsils out at the end of October. The nurse told me drink plenty of water, eat soft foods, chew gum (keep the jaws working). I did everything she told me to do and was back to work in a week. She told me I probably wouldn’t feel that great, but the more I laid around the worse I would feel. She was right, I really didn’t feel awesome, but the more I pushed the better I felt.

  250. Hey Greg!!

    Happy Spring. 🙂
    I’ve clicked on a lot of links and can’t seem to find your poll, so I’ll add my input here. Like Stephanie I am also 34. It took me 2 weeks to be back to work-functional, although I was not employed; I’m just talking energy-wise. Three weeks to really trend towards normal. “Normal” means laughing, gabbing for a few hours without tiredness, having a few beers, eating nachos, yawning without that odd twinge.

    Since, I’ve (happily) hardly given it a thought; haven’t suffered a single infection or cold; am so grateful for the financial aid I got from the hospital; and would do this again in a heartbeat. No regrets.

    Thanks Greg for your great forum. It totally got me through a dark two weeks. You have a great resource here, and I’m more than happy to help with any future polls.

    On to life and adventure!
    Big hugs from Zombie Cupcake

  251. 3 weeks. Going back to work at 2 weeks was really hard. I was still eating soft foods, my throat got really sore from talking, I got light-headed from standing, and I still needed to nap in the evenings. It was 3 weeks before I really started to feel like myself.

  252. I was told a week by my doctor. At 34, it was EASILY 2-3 weeks. I had SO much pain. It hurt to take the pain medicine, it burned going down. It easily took me 20 minutes of taking small swallows with water mixed in to get my pain meds in.

  253. 2 weeks minimum for me. My boss was cool but couldn’t believe that I would be out for the full 2 weeks. Believe it! I was still iffy when I went back.

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