Tonsillectomy Recovery Day by Day

 Day 3

A collection of various experiences of adult tonsillectomy patients on their third day of recovery

From thousands of post comments to the tonsillectomy recovery forum, I have assembled a sampling of various accounts and impressions of tonsillectomy recovery for each day. Below I share comments about tonsillectomy day 3. These comments are taken from tonsillectomy patients who were kind enough to share their experiences to help others as they navigate the bumpy road of tonsillectomy recovery.

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Please feel free to add your own experience with tonsillectomy day 3.
-Greg Tooke 

Tonsillectomy Day 3
Tonsillectomy Day 3



  • Tonsillectomy Day 3 :  It’s starting to hurt a little worse for some reason. Tonsillectomy Day 3 : Drugs aren’t working – help, Doc! …Yay, new drugs! What to eat? Thoughts on the post tonsillectomy diet
  • Eating After TonsillectomyTonsillectomy Day 3 : I guess what I wanted didn’t matter, because at 1:30am I rushed to the bathroom and began to vomit. After the first time, I absolutely panicked, because I saw red and figured I was bleeding – just my luck! It turned out to be the children’s Tylenol melt away caplets – which were bubblegum flavored and therefore pinkish red in color! Whew! After getting back in bed, I felt a little better and decided to keep drinking water.

    An hour later I rushed back to the bathroom, and christened the majestic bowl a second time. After getting sick the second time, my throat felt very raw, but no more painful than before.  The only good part of getting sick is that it removed all of the phlegm that was built up in my throat. I went back to bed, grabbed my laptop and came right to, where I posted my guts out! Sleep? What’s sleep? I stayed up all night trying to find something other than an infomercial on television – if you’ve ever watched television at 5:00am; you know how difficult that is! In the morning I began chewing gum to get my muscles working again; my teeth and jaw have been so sensitive. Eating wise, I was able to work in applesauce today, which is a big step up from frozen treats and jell-o. This reminds me, mark my words, after the recovery, I will never be able to eat jell-o again – the taste of it mixed with amoxicillin is haunting me in my dreams! Pain wise, today is definitely the worst by far. The throat is very sore, but the worst is the ear pain; it’s so intense! Today I also had to call my doctor and let him know that the codeine wasn’t working with my empty stomach. He sent my mom out to buy gravol (an anti-nausea medication) to take before the codeine. Turns out, it didn’t help. I found myself dry heaving over that same majestic bowl (I apologize; I know that is not the most pleasant picture). I didn’t actually vomit, but that feeling was definitely worse. As stubborn as I am, I decided to play doctor and call it quits on both the gravol and the codeine. As a result – I’d have to make it through on children’s Tylenol? What was I thinking?
  • Tonsillectomy Day 3 : day 4 post tonsillectomy and sinus surgery (turbinoplasty, septoplasty, antrostomy, the works), 31 years old. I am still glad that I got both surgeries done at once, since I’ll only have 1 recovery, but WOW. If one thing doesn’t hurt, something else does. I now know why my surgeon works with Ears, Nose and Throat… they are definitely all connected!
  • Tonsillectomy Day 3 : Day 3-4: I woke up both mornings at 5am with really bad pain, my ears were aching and my throat was on fire and i could barely get my pills to go down my throat. I went back to bed until about 930am. When i woke up again i had to have ice chips, jello and a popsicle to sooth my throat. drank lots of water and some coca-cola and ate some noodles with Parmesan cheese.took my meds like clockwork so i wouldnt be in excruciating pain. although the pain was still pretty bad. Tonsillectomy Day 3 : Surgery day up until the 3rd day, was like, WHAT what surgery..pshhhh smooth sailing…and then Tonsillectomy Day 3 : Day 3 – 7 – Wham! And I mean WHAM! The pain steadily increased with day 7 taking the cake as WORST DAY EVER.
  • Tonsillectomy Day 3 : Had a pretty decent nights sleep. I think the humidifier helped keep my throat and nose damp over night, and i tried to keep on my pain management by taking a percocet about every four hours. I have started clearing my throat of bloody phlegm, drainage from my nose i believe as i do not see any bleeding form my throat. Pain level is still very tolerable. Drinking fluids is sill a bit difficult, i did start eating popsicles which are nice and soothing. Tonsillectomy Day 3 : Day three–felt better, due to the anti-nausea drugs in my opinion. Taking pain meds was good again, eating still not so good as jello was the only thing I could eat. Drank lots of water, even though it hurt. Worst part, in my opinion, was the swollen tongue and uvula, which no one ever mentioned. Tonsillectomy Day 3 : Day 3 post op (72 hours) . Drooling when i sleep that causes me to choke and cough. I dont know why im not swallowing when i sleep. Ear pain now and sometimes cold doesnt feel good. Im still hanging out in bed and pretty much in a daze after my meds. Im taking one hysrocodone pill every 3 hours. I eat before my meds and it sometimes makes me late to take my meds. That causes more pain. I am drinking trying to eat eggs, pasta, and soup. Sick of popsicles and sweets.
  • Tonsillectomy Day 3 : Day 3- painful morning, went home ate chicken noodle soup. My mom decided to let me sleep…big mistake! Woke up in horrible pain, stay on TOP With your PAIN MEDS!
  • Tonsillectomy Day 3 : Recovery Day 3 (post-op day 4): I stopped taking the Lortab because of the slight overdose and the scary side effects (paranoia, mood swings, fidgety, sweating feeling un-easy) and I began to take 2 tablespoons of Tylenol Sore Throat liquid 500mg per tablespoon about every 5 hours or so. It curves the pain slightly without diving back into the Lortab. I did however need a teaspoon of  Lortab just so I could eat some soup. I then drank an Ensure plus in the shower while banging on the wall after each sip because swallowing it hurt so bad. I also discovered that drinking some children’s benadryl (double the child dose which is an adult dose) it helps me relax and sleep for a little bit. Noticed a white coating on my tongue. Been using colgate peroxyl mouthwash to get ride of any sores and possible Thrush in my mouth. Also began taking acidophilus probiotic supplement to get rid of any Thrush that may have developed.
  • Tonsillectomy Day 3 : Day 3: I feel no better than I did the day of surgery. I am pretty disgusted. I thought that I would be feeling better by day 3, but I am not. At this point I am just trying to muster the energy to get through another day.
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  1. Day 3 was fine pain was 7/10 most of the day at night 9/10 terrible I slept with a heated blanket to comfort me and had my ice pack on my throat. I drank icees make sure not to get cherry because if you spit up and it’s red you wouldn’t be able to tell if it’s blood or icee I got blue raseberry , my tounge was very numb on the right side. I still wouldn’t look at my throat my mom took a picture everyday. I eventually looked at it around day 5 it was crazy to see ! I still barely ate anything I was down 11 pounds in one week. I’m still not back to my orginal weight and it has been 23 days.

  2. Well today is Day #3 for my husband. He has been doing pretty well so far but today is worse. He is67 years old and also had sinus surgery, so double whammy. He is taking pain medication, which seems to help. The worse problems he is having besides some pain is that he feels very congested both nasally and with his throat. This is causing him some anxiety issues. I looked in his throat and it appears to me that he may have a suture at each tonsil site as well as just a little of cauterization, small scabs compared to what I have seen here. He also has been doing a lot of spitting over the last 12 hours or so, clearing his throat, etc. I have to remind him to take it easy with that. There is some bloody clots, not sure if this is coming from the sinuses or just from the throat, nothing too major. We also have to do saline sinus flushing so this is also brining out some clots and old blood. Hope this is the worst. Of course he is tired and hungry. He is able to drink fluids and eat applesauce, jello, popsicles but for a big guy raised on meat and potatoes he is getting hungry and cranky. I will say this has not been as bad as I had anticipated, everyone that I spoke with about this were very concerned because of his age (67) but he has good overall general health. His breathing and apnea were horrible, even during the day it was affecting his daily activities. So far, two nights now and no snoring, even with all the nasal and throat swelling. Hoping this has been the ultimate answer for his breathing issues and that this ordeal will be worth it in the end.

  3. During the night of day 3 I had my mother to wake me up and give me my meds. It would have been impossible for me to get up or drink anything with my own willpower. I felt really sleepy and it was probably because of the anesthesia during the operation. Try to have someone to wake you up and give you meds! It’s really important to stay on top of your meds! Because of that my pain scale was up to only 4/10 when I woke up because of dry throat and then it fell to 2/10 after I drunk water. What I did pretty much the whole day is drinking water and trying to eat jelly-o and soups.

  4. Day 3- it all started with the end of day 2 my mouth has begun throbbing feeling heavier and though I’m taking my pain meds it hurts to really open my mouth. Fast forward to 3rd day morning and I’m having trouble sleeping, my ears are aching so bad, and my mouth has never felt heavier and in this much pain in my life. Pudding forget about eating it. Soups okay. Popsicles definitely okay. Soft serve Ice cream NOT okay. The pain today is more excruciating then the last two days where I had barely noticed I had even had surgery.

  5. Day 3 today… I had a good night sleep last night (first in 4 days). Woke up nauseous, it’s around 9am at the moment and I am trying really hard not to vomit. Not loooking forward to today 🙁

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