Tonsillectomy Recovery Day 3

Tonsillectomy Recovery Day by Day

 Day 3

A collection of various experiences of adult tonsillectomy patients on their third day of recovery

From thousands of post comments to the tonsillectomy recovery forum, I have assembled a sampling of various accounts and impressions of tonsillectomy recovery for each day. Below I share comments about tonsillectomy day 3. These comments are taken from tonsillectomy patients who were kind enough to share their experiences to help others as they navigate the bumpy road of tonsillectomy recovery.

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Please feel free to add your own experience with tonsillectomy day 3.
-Greg Tooke 

Tonsillectomy Day 3

Tonsillectomy Day 3



  • Tonsillectomy Day 3 :  It’s starting to hurt a little worse for some reason. Tonsillectomy Day 3 : Drugs aren’t working – help, Doc! …Yay, new drugs! What to eat? Thoughts on the post tonsillectomy diet
  • Eating After TonsillectomyTonsillectomy Day 3 : I guess what I wanted didn’t matter, because at 1:30am I rushed to the bathroom and began to vomit. After the first time, I absolutely panicked, because I saw red and figured I was bleeding – just my luck! It turned out to be the children’s Tylenol melt away caplets – which were bubblegum flavored and therefore pinkish red in color! Whew! After getting back in bed, I felt a little better and decided to keep drinking water.

    An hour later I rushed back to the bathroom, and christened the majestic bowl a second time. After getting sick the second time, my throat felt very raw, but no more painful than before.  The only good part of getting sick is that it removed all of the phlegm that was built up in my throat. I went back to bed, grabbed my laptop and came right to, where I posted my guts out! Sleep? What’s sleep? I stayed up all night trying to find something other than an infomercial on television – if you’ve ever watched television at 5:00am; you know how difficult that is! In the morning I began chewing gum to get my muscles working again; my teeth and jaw have been so sensitive. Eating wise, I was able to work in applesauce today, which is a big step up from frozen treats and jell-o. This reminds me, mark my words, after the recovery, I will never be able to eat jell-o again – the taste of it mixed with amoxicillin is haunting me in my dreams! Pain wise, today is definitely the worst by far. The throat is very sore, but the worst is the ear pain; it’s so intense! Today I also had to call my doctor and let him know that the codeine wasn’t working with my empty stomach. He sent my mom out to buy gravol (an anti-nausea medication) to take before the codeine. Turns out, it didn’t help. I found myself dry heaving over that same majestic bowl (I apologize; I know that is not the most pleasant picture). I didn’t actually vomit, but that feeling was definitely worse. As stubborn as I am, I decided to play doctor and call it quits on both the gravol and the codeine. As a result – I’d have to make it through on children’s Tylenol? What was I thinking?
  • Tonsillectomy Day 3 : day 4 post tonsillectomy and sinus surgery (turbinoplasty, septoplasty, antrostomy, the works), 31 years old. I am still glad that I got both surgeries done at once, since I’ll only have 1 recovery, but WOW. If one thing doesn’t hurt, something else does. I now know why my surgeon works with Ears, Nose and Throat… they are definitely all connected!
  • Tonsillectomy Day 3 : Day 3-4: I woke up both mornings at 5am with really bad pain, my ears were aching and my throat was on fire and i could barely get my pills to go down my throat. I went back to bed until about 930am. When i woke up again i had to have ice chips, jello and a popsicle to sooth my throat. drank lots of water and some coca-cola and ate some noodles with Parmesan cheese.took my meds like clockwork so i wouldnt be in excruciating pain. although the pain was still pretty bad. Tonsillectomy Day 3 : Surgery day up until the 3rd day, was like, WHAT what surgery..pshhhh smooth sailing…and then Tonsillectomy Day 3 : Day 3 – 7 – Wham! And I mean WHAM! The pain steadily increased with day 7 taking the cake as WORST DAY EVER.
  • Tonsillectomy Day 3 : Had a pretty decent nights sleep. I think the humidifier helped keep my throat and nose damp over night, and i tried to keep on my pain management by taking a percocet about every four hours. I have started clearing my throat of bloody phlegm, drainage from my nose i believe as i do not see any bleeding form my throat. Pain level is still very tolerable. Drinking fluids is sill a bit difficult, i did start eating popsicles which are nice and soothing. Tonsillectomy Day 3 : Day three–felt better, due to the anti-nausea drugs in my opinion. Taking pain meds was good again, eating still not so good as jello was the only thing I could eat. Drank lots of water, even though it hurt. Worst part, in my opinion, was the swollen tongue and uvula, which no one ever mentioned. Tonsillectomy Day 3 : Day 3 post op (72 hours) . Drooling when i sleep that causes me to choke and cough. I dont know why im not swallowing when i sleep. Ear pain now and sometimes cold doesnt feel good. Im still hanging out in bed and pretty much in a daze after my meds. Im taking one hysrocodone pill every 3 hours. I eat before my meds and it sometimes makes me late to take my meds. That causes more pain. I am drinking trying to eat eggs, pasta, and soup. Sick of popsicles and sweets.
  • Tonsillectomy Day 3 : Day 3- painful morning, went home ate chicken noodle soup. My mom decided to let me sleep…big mistake! Woke up in horrible pain, stay on TOP With your PAIN MEDS!
  • Tonsillectomy Day 3 : Recovery Day 3 (post-op day 4): I stopped taking the Lortab because of the slight overdose and the scary side effects (paranoia, mood swings, fidgety, sweating feeling un-easy) and I began to take 2 tablespoons of Tylenol Sore Throat liquid 500mg per tablespoon about every 5 hours or so. It curves the pain slightly without diving back into the Lortab. I did however need a teaspoon of  Lortab just so I could eat some soup. I then drank an Ensure plus in the shower while banging on the wall after each sip because swallowing it hurt so bad. I also discovered that drinking some children’s benadryl (double the child dose which is an adult dose) it helps me relax and sleep for a little bit. Noticed a white coating on my tongue. Been using colgate peroxyl mouthwash to get ride of any sores and possible Thrush in my mouth. Also began taking acidophilus probiotic supplement to get rid of any Thrush that may have developed.
  • Tonsillectomy Day 3 : Day 3: I feel no better than I did the day of surgery. I am pretty disgusted. I thought that I would be feeling better by day 3, but I am not. At this point I am just trying to muster the energy to get through another day.
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  1. Slept better last night only waking up twice to take meds and falling back to sleep within the half hour. Pain has moved to my ears today and it feels like my neck has swollen right up so ive been keeping it icepacked with a couple of zooper doopers. My uvula has swollen up too today which made me want to gag for the first time since my surgery when inspecting my mouth today. The good news is the swelling in my tongue has gone down slightly. I found it was harder to talk today than the 2 previous days. Ate some scrambled eggs on toast with spinach and halloumi today. Was the happiest I felt all day but it took extra time to eat and a lot of chewing concentration. Been supplementing my diet with jelly and zooper doopers and gargling warm salt water 2ce daily which I highly recommend.. tonight for dinner I’m going to eat yesterday’s left over curry. The doctor said sticking to as normal diet as possible is good and I’m loving that advice as I haven’t felt nausea once!

  2. If you’re an adult you can take kids Motrin alternate between you’re pain meds and kids Motrin it is safe you will not bleed out gave it to my 14 yr old the pain meds were not helping I gave her 2tablespoons of kids Motrin on the second day and she slept for 6 he’s it helps w the ear pain on the 5th and 6 the days well on the 6th day ginger hot tea with honey and french vanilla creamer helped amazing to heal the throat not to hot honey is a natural antibiotic

  3. Had surgery July 5th. Day 1 and 2 was a breeze, as I expected. The night of day 2/morning of day 3 was less good, as it was 110 degrees outside, the AC constantly blowing, nullifying the humidifier, and I could not exhale out of my nose, so I was sleeping with my mouth open. I slept for only 45 minutes at a time, in order to drink water before my throat dried out too much. In the afternoon, my nose cleared up and I spent most of the day napping. So far, with drinking ensure and ice cream shakes, I’ve lost 0 pounds, with constantly drinking water and consistent use of loritab on a schedule, 0/10 pain. Just uncomfortable. I don’t desire solid food. Overall, I’ve been prepared for far worse and I’m pleasantly surprised that it hasn’t been.

  4. Day 3 feels lyk when I got out of surgery been taking my meds and then gargling warm salt water and still in pain feels lyk day one

  5. march 12 2018 around 3pm i had a operation tonsillectomy procedure this is ny 3rd days and its fucking hurt even if you drink water my diet is rice and “tinola” its a filipino cuisine chicken soup ..chicken is good source of proteins when healing wounds..i tried egg sandwich..and its fucking hurt..time flies by so slow..

  6. Day 2 or 3? Had surgery Thursday. It is Saturday now. Can hardly sleep throughout the night. Need to take 2 t3’s every 3 1/2 hours. Lots of pain. Managed to eat a bowl of soup today. Lost 4lbs so far. Had no idea it would be this tough. Thank goodness for the mother in law helping with my two kids. 🙌🙌

  7. Day 3 = worse day.

    I woke up swollen. More swollen than the proof 2 days so my throat hurt more than the prior two days. I am happy I ate on day one and two because today has been a struggle. I ate an entire 1/2 gallon of sorbet. I didn’t want to be without cold and popsicles were too harsh today. Later this afternoon I was able to have creamed rice. I had new ailments today. The worst beimg extremely sensitive teeth. Couldn’t even brush. The toothpaste and brush on my teeth sent shooting pains. Jaw also hurts and I am itchy all over, nonstop from tjr Oxycodone.

  8. I thought it wasn’t too bad, I was wrong. Day 3 completely floored me, the pain increasingly got worse and worse, I can feel it spreading to my ears and I’m struggling to open my mouth. Everything I eat is like goblins knifing the inside of my mouth. I’ve had a few smoothies but I think any dairy is making it a lot worse so I stopped that as it’s making my mouth really coaty and full of saliva. And what about burping? Omg such pain!!! So I’m trying to keep on top of the drugs as they’re the only thing keeping me going but I’m seriously considering ringing in and asking for some stronger stuff. I just woke up on day 4 and am feeling worse than ever before I’m just hoping to get through the next couple of days.

  9. Day 3 well so far today has been the worst day yet…the swelling went up I can’t swallow talk nothing….I’m afraid to keep taking the meds sooner and sooner bc the pain keeps coming back. All I want to do is sleep and it doesn’t seem like I’m gonna get my wish any time soon. It’s only the left side. It feels like there’s a mountain of phlegm stuck there and I’d do anything at this point to get it out. I was able to eat a sandwich this morning a liverwurst with mayo sandwich(thank heavens) I was so hungry I thought about eating some chips and not caring bc I’m that hungry.

  10. Day 3: Going on 6 hours without pain meds. Mixing liquid oxy and Tylenol for best results, as per the surgeon’s suggestion. I’ve been eating and drinking since the day of the procedure. Today, I’ve eaten mashed potatoes, a pudding cup, a popsicle, and some puffcorn. Planning on eating more later. Drinking water and gatorade. Sometimes Sprite or white grape juice to help move “gunk” along. Substantial amount of ear pain today; feels like a double ear infection. Swelling in my mouth and throat is worse today than ever. My humidifier has been a huge help.

  11. Day 3-4 were the worst for me. I’m now on day 6 and as long as I stay up on Tylenol I feel fine besides the uncomfortable (but not unbearable) feeling when I swallow and the dang scabs. Day 3 was spent lying in bed whimpering about my nausea with ear pain and day 4 was spent vomiting for several hours. Luckily, I hardly threw up any blood, mostly bile. This caused my stomach to burn SO bad that I just cried and cried and cried. My mom is into essential oils so she put peppermint on my wrists to help with nausea and digestzen on my stomach. It seriously helped so much and I was able to nap. So I actually stopped taking my pain killers because it was making me sick. I was taking liquid hydrocodone…but never again! Guess I’m unlucky haha. But Tylenol and an ice pack has really really helped. As far as food goes, I’ve had mashed potatoes, Lipton noodles, pudding, popsicles, smoothies, pasta, oatmeal…I had ice cream and while it helped temporarily, it gave me SO much phlegm later on. Some may think that the coating helps your throat but I couldn’t sleep because I had to keep swallowing my phlegm down or I would choke. I do not recommend! FYI you will have the NASTIEST taste in your mouth and I’m still waiting for it to go away! Tis nasty. With everything said, if you can get through days 3-4 you can get through the rest. I know it could get worse for me when my scabs fall off, but I have a very high pain tolerance and nothing will ever be as bad as puking with a raw throat.
    Good luck!!

  12. Day 3 was fine pain was 7/10 most of the day at night 9/10 terrible I slept with a heated blanket to comfort me and had my ice pack on my throat. I drank icees make sure not to get cherry because if you spit up and it’s red you wouldn’t be able to tell if it’s blood or icee I got blue raseberry , my tounge was very numb on the right side. I still wouldn’t look at my throat my mom took a picture everyday. I eventually looked at it around day 5 it was crazy to see ! I still barely ate anything I was down 11 pounds in one week. I’m still not back to my orginal weight and it has been 23 days.

  13. Well today is Day #3 for my husband. He has been doing pretty well so far but today is worse. He is67 years old and also had sinus surgery, so double whammy. He is taking pain medication, which seems to help. The worse problems he is having besides some pain is that he feels very congested both nasally and with his throat. This is causing him some anxiety issues. I looked in his throat and it appears to me that he may have a suture at each tonsil site as well as just a little of cauterization, small scabs compared to what I have seen here. He also has been doing a lot of spitting over the last 12 hours or so, clearing his throat, etc. I have to remind him to take it easy with that. There is some bloody clots, not sure if this is coming from the sinuses or just from the throat, nothing too major. We also have to do saline sinus flushing so this is also brining out some clots and old blood. Hope this is the worst. Of course he is tired and hungry. He is able to drink fluids and eat applesauce, jello, popsicles but for a big guy raised on meat and potatoes he is getting hungry and cranky. I will say this has not been as bad as I had anticipated, everyone that I spoke with about this were very concerned because of his age (67) but he has good overall general health. His breathing and apnea were horrible, even during the day it was affecting his daily activities. So far, two nights now and no snoring, even with all the nasal and throat swelling. Hoping this has been the ultimate answer for his breathing issues and that this ordeal will be worth it in the end.

  14. During the night of day 3 I had my mother to wake me up and give me my meds. It would have been impossible for me to get up or drink anything with my own willpower. I felt really sleepy and it was probably because of the anesthesia during the operation. Try to have someone to wake you up and give you meds! It’s really important to stay on top of your meds! Because of that my pain scale was up to only 4/10 when I woke up because of dry throat and then it fell to 2/10 after I drunk water. What I did pretty much the whole day is drinking water and trying to eat jelly-o and soups.

  15. Day 3- it all started with the end of day 2 my mouth has begun throbbing feeling heavier and though I’m taking my pain meds it hurts to really open my mouth. Fast forward to 3rd day morning and I’m having trouble sleeping, my ears are aching so bad, and my mouth has never felt heavier and in this much pain in my life. Pudding forget about eating it. Soups okay. Popsicles definitely okay. Soft serve Ice cream NOT okay. The pain today is more excruciating then the last two days where I had barely noticed I had even had surgery.

  16. Day 3 today… I had a good night sleep last night (first in 4 days). Woke up nauseous, it’s around 9am at the moment and I am trying really hard not to vomit. Not loooking forward to today 🙁

  17. Today is my third day. I’m 12 almost 13. My neck ears head and throat hurt. Everytime I try to eat it’s like I can’t swallow. It hurts and feels like I’m choking. I’m so freaking hungry. Idk what to eat. I want ramen noodles but I don’t think I can eat it! 😭😭😭😭😭 I have not eaten 100% normal since third grade. I’m miserable!

  18. Day 3 – Tonsilectomy and Adenoidectomy: Still hard to swallow but it’s affecting my ears a lot today. Still not eating really. Everything burns except for apple sause. Not sleeping to great either. My meds make me really sleepy and burns going down too. I’m just very uncomfortable.

  19. Day 3 i still feel alot of pain, i can’t swallowed anything but it i have had to force my self to drink water and apple sauce to keep my self hydrated. My throat hurts so bad that i can’t stand the pain. Now my ears hurts and i started vomiting and now my throat is more irritated. At this point i am just trying to get through it.

  20. Hi joy, i sound very similar to you. I had my tonil out on Thursday the 13th July 2017! Just wondering how your recovery went? I had mine removed due to tonsil stones but they weret at all swollen beforehand. Did it get easier?

  21. I’m on day 3 it’s now 10 o’clock at night and I feel fine! I feel no pain no meds and was able to have stur fry with rice for dinner with ease ? I don’t know if I am just lucky to be with no pain but I am very happy! I think it was the fact that my doctor had me on a steroid drip prior to surgery and through my first night in hospital to fight the swelling and infection and all my medication was given to me in timely manner that I feel amazing on day 3 (knock on wood) 🙂 wishing everyone else all the best!

  22. Day 3, I’ve stay on top of my meds and drinker 16oz of water every half hour it hurts to swallow and my mouth constantly feels dried. I got a ice pack on my throat and the meds tend to make me very sleepy.

  23. Day 3 post-op- I am in just as much pain as day 1. I can feel the scabs forming at the back of my throats which is an uncomfortable feeling in itself. All and all if you stay in top of your meds you won’t be in much pain for long. I take mine around the clock in order to feel a tab bit of relief. After taking the meds all I wanna do Is sleep.

  24. Day 3. My daughter (11) and I (35) both had tissue-welding T&As on May 25th. Day 3; we both continued our meds (Toradol and Hydrocodone/Acetaminophen for me H/A and Ibuprofen for her). Much the same as Day 2 for us; daughter slept in; I was able to get up; I took it a little more easy. No walks and more naps for me. Still we are both able to eat and drinking okay. We took a look at our throats, my uvula and tongue seem to be more swollen than hers, I also have worse breath and am brushing my teeth more frequently. I add some apple cider vinegar to my water. Daughter has a fever and I prescribe a bath; we both do okay that night.

  25. I’m on day three and I’ve noticed I’ve got a lot more saliva I’m my mouth even when I’m constantly swallowing. I’ve noticed I definitely have phlegm in my throat and will have to clear my throat a little and can taste it but I wasn’t given and directions on how to handle it. I might have to call my doctor and see what to do. Is anyone else afraid of brushing their teeth? Because I absolutely am. I have hardly eaten a damn thing today. I’m working on some applesauce and then some broth because I’m starved!

  26. I am suppose to gargle with it. It seemed too thick to gargle so I added water. Consulted with a Dr. friend and it is suppose to be thick.

  27. Hi Michael- thanks for the update- Just curious: how are you applying the lidocaine?

  28. Day three was the end of the honeymoon for sure. I take 15 ml of liquid hydrocodone/325 Tylenol every 4 hours. I have determined that i need to drink fluids right after pain meds because my throat hurts too much to swallow about 70 minutes before the next round. So that is only 150 minute window or so to drink and then when I am done I sleep. Then I repeat. So I am only getting about 2 hours asleep every fours hours or so. It just hurts too much to try to sleep for hours at night. I at mashed potatoes on day three for lunch and then some runny scramble eggs for a late dinner. I made sure to chew the eggs real well and then drink some gatorade as I swallowed the eggs in hopes to avoid eggs getting stuck. I will be sticking to jello, apple sauce, popsicles, orange sherbert, and Sonic ice for the next few days.

    I did try my lidocaine last night as swallowing got that bad. It was pretty effective for about an hour. Also started taking stool softener yesterday as I haven’t had a BM yet. I started to pass gas but nothing solid yet. So far day 4 has started out better than day three, I think it is due to me drinking about 750ml of water after every dose of pain meds. Though I am running on less sleep.

  29. Right now I’m on the end of day number 3 of recovery and let’s say things definitely increased pain. I woke up perfectly fine with no pain and I even gargled salt water to get rid of the phlegm before the pain came back. It’s now 5pm and I’ve never been through this much pain in my life; I have ringing ears which is driving me through hell, my throat is burning so I’m taking down an ice block to cool it and I have the worst taste in my mouth which is making me ill. I’m only 17 and this is the worst pain I’ve ever been through, I even crush my pain killers because I can’t take them down normally. At least I won’t get tonsillitis anymore once I recover fully.

  30. I am on day 3. Woke up in the most pain yet. I must of not drank enough over the night and barely slept and my ears keep crackling. Then pain has stayed about a 4. And my jaw and tongue hurt more and my mouth has an awful taste. My eyes are dry and heavy and Im hungry for food. I had some mashed potatoes and chicken gravy it went down alright. Thinking about making some scrambled eggs and then a nap. My eyelids are so dry from the tape. I will update more tomorrow.

  31. I am on day 3. I have suffered from tonsil stones and sore tonsils all of my life. The day of my surgery I arrived at the hospital at 11:35am on 9-14. The hospital actually called me at 9:30 begging me to come right then. Told them my ride wasn’t there and my husband was working and couldn’t leave. My mom got here about 1125. I got checked in and then the nurses came and got other people and seemed to keep putting the paper with my info down. So they finally bring us back. They tell me to change into a gown and then pee in a cup. Then she started asking a ton of questions and then people kept coming in and out of theroom

  32. I’m on day 3 of recovery (Day 1 being the day of the operation). I feel completely exhausted and dizzy but I really don’t have much pain at all. It’s difficult and uncomfortable to swallow but not all that painful. It’s 14:30 now and I last took pain relief at 7am.. Surely I should be in agony by now. I’m thinking it might be because my tonsils were quite small so I perhaps have a smaller wound..? Or is worse to come?

  33. Day 1 and day 2 were great days. I had friends over- talked a lot, I was eating scrambled eggs, soft breads, applesauce, and water. I automatically assumed that this recovery would be smooth sailing. But no, ohhhh no. I hit the 3rd day with a bang. I woke up and swallowed for the first time and it felt like knives traveling through my throat. My mom quickly got me ice cold water – drank that – it hurt terribly! She gave me my narcotics… And now I’m sitting here only taking in applesause and pudding. May need a whiteboard for communication today. Hopefully this will be my worst day!

  34. Had small achievements today. I was able to eat chicken noodle soup with some of the noodles and pieces of chicken in it and I got several hours of sleep finally. Also had a Snoic blast which tasted extra good. Hoping to make more progress and out this behind me.

  35. Day one was smooth, I was really high on the oxycodone they gave me and I was feeling good. But on day two however, I puked my guts out twice–and vomit came out of my nose both times. How fun. The pills they gave me to curb the nauseousness actually CAUSED me to vomit. I ended up taking two of my oxycodones cause I was in some much pain (instead of one) and my sister freaked out and called poison control. They said I would be fine but not to let me sleep. So I was tired all day yesterday. Whenever I’m loopy on my oxycodone, I can eat almost anything. When I’m not, all I can manage is apple sauce and popsicles. Today is day 3 and I’m not looking forward to it.

  36. Well first and second day of my surgery was completely smooth sailing… The only problem I had yesterday was the taste of the tissues healing that made me nauseous, so it was hard to eat until the afternoon when I actually had caviar with crackers! Honestly did not have much throat pain until I woke up this morning at 1:45 in pure hell. My throat is incredibly swollen… I guess all the pain was waiting for the third day. I thought I was just doing super well and would almost be completely healed by now by the looks of how the first and second day went… HA yeah right!

  37. So today is day 3 post op. Let me tell you the pain I awoke to, my mouth was so dry and sore I tried my best to drink water to lubricate it which took almost an hour! The phlegm that I am experiencing is uncontrollable..especially because you can’t clear your throat. I thought I was smooth sailing before today. Went 10 hours without taking any pain med on day 2! But, day 3 pain couldn’t even be stopped with Tylenol with codeine. I had the worst earache in my right ear and my head was throbbing. So my husband called my doctors to get me stronger meds.They gave him Percocet which have to be crushed and I mixed it with applesauce. The worst taste ever, but I finally feel relief. For now my headache, earache, and pain is at bay. I am starving so badly. I am able to eat applesauce, jello, mashed sweet potatoe, and scrambled eggs(mixed with water) so far. Seems drinking is okay I can tolerate water, apple juice(my favorite), and ensure clear nutrition peach flavored. Since milk products are not recommended. Other then that, I’ve been bed ridden all day. Only got out to shower, brush my teeth, and to get liquids and meds. Oh yeah, and the little bit of food I ate.

  38. The night of Day 2 was truly hellish. I could not clear the phlegm from my airways and began coughing and choking. This made sleeping very difficult and caused some bleeding. I have changed my pain med regiment – the lortab I am taking although effective burns my throat and literally brings tears to my eyes during administration. I cut back from 15ml to 10ml every four hours and have introduced Ibuprofen crushed into some applesauce which has done a great job decreasing the swelling and helping take the edge off as the Lortab wears off. I feel human again – although my gastrointestinal is hating all these pain meds. My ENT says that if I can get through day four I’ve usually peaked by then with pain. Just drinking, resting and eating when I’m able. I was able to do oatmeal last night. Tonight it’s going to egg noodles and gravy. All I can say is – it’s doable it’s just not enjoyable. I keep my eye on the long term prize of no more recurrent strep throats – everytime I get a tickle I end up out of work sick with serious strep or tonsillitis. No mas.

  39. This is the 3rd morning since my tonsilectomy. I ended up coughing some phlem. I ended up sleeping really hard last night and fell behind on my pain meds. Today is the first day I feel nauseous. I’ve been sucking on crackers so they are soft enough to swallow. Yesterday I had cool egg drop soup. It was wonderful. I also add drops of lemon oil into my water both for taste as well as healing since lemon oil is anti microbial.
    Chicken broth thins the mucus and I’m also taking a nasal allergy spray. I have to crush my antibiotics before blending them with a smoothie. Waking up this morning was very painful, but ice chips and soggy crackers seem to help tremendously.

  40. tasha i have had a very very smooth recovery. i am on day 6. little pain and all my scabs are already off and i honestly believe that this is because i began eating real chewable food the day of surgery as my ent had suggested, i ate pork steak the second day, i tried some soft stuff and although it hurts i found solids go down easier than soft items. also swallow as much as possible and chew gum it really helps. also gargle warm salt water when the pain is overwhelming. i got so much relief from that!

  41. Day 3. This. Is. The. Worst. My swollen uvula is resting on my swollen tongue. Gross. My entire body hurts. I think I’m hungry, I should be hungry, but I’m not quite sure bc my tummy is making strange noises. My mouth is killing me. Thank goodness for modern medicine and pain medicine that offers temporary relief. But as soon as it wears off, I am completely miserable. Lots and lots of ice water. I refuse to allow myself to get dehydrated. I still can’t eat. Tried yogurt again today, and gave it to my son. I did eat a banana popsicle, but I don’t really like them. It didn’t hurt, though. So that’s good to know. I set an alarm to take my meds every 4 hours at night. It helped. A lot. I actually got a decent night’s sleep. Should have done that the other two nights!

  42. well today is day 3. the best day so far. i had a little overdose scare in the morning but after getting that under control i have had no throat pain unless i eat. which is always solid food since day 1. i know that this painless bliss is probably short lived so i am enjoying it for now, does anyone know if day 3 is too early to start losing scabs?

  43. today is day three after 2 awfully painful days i was sure today was going to be the worst. i had a slight overdose on pain meds so woke up very nauseous took a nausea pill and slept. i was able to go 6 hrs without pain meds! not 3 but 6! when i take the meds i feel absolutely no pain at all unless i try to eat solids (which i have been doing since day 1) and it is just a little tender. i am preparing for things to get worse though but i am hoping i can stay in the painless bliss. does anyone know if you can be fully scabbed by day 3?

  44. I’m on third day and pain is no different from the day of surgery. Am pushing my self to eat normally so just had a salami sandwich on seeded roll. Killed going down but did enjoy it. Suffer from depression anyway am feeling low today.

  45. Im on day 3. And the pain is excruciating. Does it get better from here? I have heard so much. That it doesn’t hurt when the scabs come off. But then I read it will hurt in my ears, which it does already. Is it normal to have your scabs start sluffing off on day 3?

  46. I ate some very very mashed meatloaf and am forcing down cold water. So far only taking Tylenol which I think is good. The pain is tolerable I had strep over three months non stop so this is just similar. I do have an annoying feeling in my chest especially when I’m laying down and it makes me feel like coughing all the time. I’ve also noticed my teeth ache I think it might be from clenching my teeth every time I swallow. Love this site so much.

  47. Hi Lacy. Welcome! Try eating a little something before the pain meds. It will help with side effects. Best of luck in recovery. Greg

  48. Had a coblation tonsillectomy on June 20, so this is day 3. Last night was OK – less phlegm, so it was a little easier to sleep. Not sure if the phlegm was from the remnants of my head cold or something from surgery. Had the humidifier running all night, and I definitely thought it helped keep my throat hydrated. I didn’t set an alarm to get up to drink because I’m up every hour anyway, more or less.

    Today was a little rougher in terms of pain – tongue still swollen, throat pain a little worse, some ear pain (but I don’t think that’s hit full-force yet). I kept on track with my painkillers. Ate some chicken noodle soup, popsicle, pudding, and kefir today. Lots of shaved ice as well. Had moments of good energy but also wipe out pretty fast, so I imagine I’ll be in bed most of the day again tomorrow.

  49. Tonsillectomy, Day 3: I had my tonsils and adenoids removed by coblation, a newer technique in use in only 30% of tonsillectomies (it was approved for use beginning in 2001). According to my hospital’s website, “Coblation is not a heat-driven process, therefore it does not char or burn healthy tissue like conventional electrosurgery and laser surgery. It combines radiofrequency energy with a natural saline solution to gently and precisely remove tissue leading to a fast and easier recovery.”

    Today the pain spiked from a 4 up to a 7. I kept on the same medication dosing schedule, although I could double my Percocet dose. The main irritants today were ear pain and noise sensitivity, swollen tongue which feels like it is covered in a gigantic canker sore, and a swollen neck/throat. I applied ice to my neck today and that really helped! For several hours I could barely swallow due to pain, the most severe so far. Not even ice cream seemed worth the effort. I really bounced back after supper, which was only soup broth. Today was the first day I felt I simply could not make my mouth chew/swallow. Until today, I’ve eaten what I like so long as I chew it very well. I swallowed through the pain, and have had the rest of my evening with pain level back at a reasonable 4.

  50. Day 3: Terrible pain in the night. If you forget to take your meds, you will wake up in pain anyways.. During the day, I went off the narcotics. Attempted to eat chicken broth and some more soup. Overall, jello has been my favorite. Ear pain has begun…

  51. Hey Russ! Sounds like you’re on the right track. Do you have help with those little ones? Hope so. Keep drinking and don’t over-do on the talking. (no singing opera just yet!)
    Best of health to you.

  52. Day 3 is here…I would say so far the pain is the same…maybe slightly better than yesterday. I slept almost 8 hours last night waking up for an hour from 3 to 4 am to drink and take meds. My throat was a 7 on pain scale when I woke but i can usually get it to a 4/5 which is what i have been at the past 3 days. Praying for two things…..that the pain does not get worse…and no bleeding. One of my tonsils had a bad infection behind it and the Dr. had to keep going back further…I feel more pain on that side and it feels like food is stuck there(probably the infection still clearing up). I hear day 2 is really difficult for lots of people but not as much for me.

    I ate pancakes for breakfast and continue to drink water like its going out of style. Have not gone to the bathroom since before surgery, just took something to help with that. Wish it was 10 days from now!

    Going to try and watch a movie today or something.

    It is easier to talk today. My kids really missed me not being able to talk the past two days. My 3 year old ran around so happy when I said hi to him today!

  53. Day 3 – Pain increasing, especially after sleeping for 3 hours. Consistently waking up about 60-90 minutes before next dosing. Using full dose of percocet at night. I can feel the awful taste in my mouth from the scabbing. At least I have been able to brush my teeth and gargle some light salt water.

  54. Hey Tom. I hope it never comes! Some people DO have an easier time of it. Nonetheless, be sure to stay hydrated, take the pain med’s, run a humidifier, etc… Best of luck to you sir!

  55. So I’m on day 3. This morning I managed a half hearted listerine gargle which felt amazing even if I did swallow half of it and feel sick :S. Pain is probably about a 4 after meds so not too bad. Biggest problem is not being able to open my jaw and the mouth full of slime that won’t go away! The sleeping isn’t too bad as I’m off work so can potter around for an hour and then nap for an hour. The days are going quite slowly. I spent the day of my operation being lectured by nurses on how if I don’t eat I will get an infection and end up back in hospital. They made me eat toast a few hours after (Bastards) but I’m doing it. It’s murder but I’m eating toast and cornflakes every day and I even had crisps yesterday!

  56. Well day 3 was Definitely worse than day 2, I slept all night peacefully and woke up with a stabbing pain my my throat. I ran to my Percocet and it helped take off the edge but I been high all day and no more than temporary relief in patches. I know from this forum this gets worse and I can see I am on my way to much worse. I just feel fortunate I was able to eat oatmeal and jello today for some real nutrition and sipping on ice cubes for pain relief.

  57. My Best Advice And Its Going to sound Crazy But Take Two Ice Packs Wrap Them In A Towel And Put Them on Your Ears When They Really Start Hurting It Releaves So Much Pain!!!

  58. The pain is worse on day 3 than it was on day 2. I have to really focus on drinking liquids (this was pretty easy for me to do on day 1)! As I begin to feel the pain move toward my ears, I am chewing gum (as recommended by the doctor) and using ice packs on my throat…the ice packs feel so good! I recommend having 2 on hand so that one is always cold.

  59. The best suggestion I can make is taking Benadryl consistently. I was taking 50mg every 3 – 4 hours. It helped to keep my sinuses dried out and helped me relax enough to get a little bit of sleep. I started out taking the liquid children’s stuff but I figured out that th pills are small enough I can swallow them without a problem. I also use a saline nose spray every once in a while to help rinse stuff down.

  60. Day 3: merry frickin Xmas. Today has been the worst thus far. Throat is healing now and seems to be tightening up. My sinuses, however, are blocked so badly and my uvula is so swollen that I only slept about a solid 2 hours throughout the night. Despite continually hydrating throughout the night, I woke up with a horrible headache and a dry mouth. I ate some cream of wheat and took some ibuprofen and roxicet. Fell back asleep for an hour and am doing better now. Hope someone has some tips on the whole uvula and sinus problem. If I can’t sleep I’m gonna go crazy haha

  61. The honeymoon is over. I have calculated that I can take my pain meds every 3 hours without going over the daily max of hydrocodone or acetaminophen. Just getting to the 3 hour point is torture. I have to give myself a pep talk every time I have to swallow.

    My alarm has a nap timer that I can set quickly for an hour to keep waking me up throughout the night to make sure my throat doesn’t get dried out. Most of the time I wake up before the timer goes off anyway because I am drinking so much that I am going to the bathroom every 20 minutes.

    I am doing my best to keep myself distracted from the pain with fun stuff like playing Words with Friends, taking bubble baths, surfing LOLcats, etc. My husband won’t let me do much of anything around the house, so I am getting a little bored. I think the hardest part of today was watching football and not being able to cheer or yell.

  62. It is evening of day three, surgery was Dec. 11. Threw up this morning, my biggest fear for all of this. I think I’ll have a bruise from kneeing the cabinet with each heave. It wasn’t as bad as I thought while it was happening, but it left my throat so dry. Today is truly the worst so far. It us so difficult to swallow today. I had no idea my uvula could get so huge. I will most certainly be calling my doc to see if I can get a steroid to take that down. I will be trying any and all tips offered, I have five children that need their mamma back. I dread the thought of my husband going back to work. I don’t really have any tips to offer just the need to feel like I’m not the only who is struggling through this mind blowing pain. I will say though ice packs around the front of my neck and jaws is very soothing. Sleeping in the recliner too is a must. I had no idea how much choking and gagging there would be. Just when I am sleeping good a am jerked awake gasping for breath or just unable to swallow due to lack of any moister in my mouth. I know that I will be like a new person when this is all over. I just had no idea getting there would be quite the brutal

  63. I’ve been experiencing a lot of pain when I try and swallow. I’ve been drinking a lot of water, but it is tricky because it hurts and there is so much phlegm in my mouth. I have the swollen tongue as well.

    I got hungry for the first time yesterday evening and tried a protein shake. I got down a couple spoonfuls. I then tried potato soup a little later, and timed it for exactly one hour after I take my lortab so it hurts the least. I managed to eat most of it, which was good.

    I haven’t been tired, but I haven’t been doing too much. Also the pain isn’t unbearable yet. I think I’m either fortunate or it will get worse from here on out.

  64. woke up in serious pain today. sleep is definitely the enemy. wasnt able to eat as much today as before. barely any energy couldnt even get out of bed. going to the toilet is alot of effort. it takes alot of work and liquid for me to urinate. Havent done a number 2 since the day before the op 😮 im assuming this is adding to me feeling sluggish and all the other symptoms i usually get from being bloated. generally feeling disorientated and shit today. worrying about wasting away. trying to plan to eat to get enough calories etc. pain meds are not doing me any favours mentally or physicall..apart from tonsil pain..they are messing me up. nausea, dizzy, head is fuzzy, vertigo, irritable…cannot wait for this to be over.

  65. The pain really ramped up on Day 3. In fact, I struggled all day to keep the pain under control. Even an hour of sleep left me reeling from a deep, searing pain. I have resorted to taking my lortab every 2.5 hours instead of every 3 hours as prescribed—sometimes I take it at the 2 hour mark because I just cannot bear another 30 minutes without it. Like others have mentioned, it is so important to stay ahead of the pain. If I re-dose before the pain gets too wild, I am able to keep it under control. Once it spikes to a 9 or 10, the full dosage of meds just isn’t as effective. I’m still forcing myself to drink water, but I ate almost nothing today. Hurts too much. I wish my throat was a numb as my mind is from watching so much stupid TV. Good grief.

  66. Best advice I could give so far is to set your alarm for every new dose of pain relief. I made the mistake of taking endone and panadene this morning at 2am and slept through until 8:30-9am and woke up in incredible pain! Forego sleeping through- pain mess are well worth having intermittent sleep. No pain relief equals no sleep anyway… I had scrambled gags and a piece of toast for breaky and went back to bed. Am almost due for lunch now – not that I really want it. I’m constantly feeling sick from lack of eating the normal 3 meals on time but I just can’t do it until I absolutely MUST… My pain relief doesn’t really make me I’ll on an empty stomach so it’s just the hunger pain that bothers me… But you all probably know what I mean when I say that the resulting pain from eating usually outweighs the want for food… My quart-medication has done well to take down the uvula swelling but I’m still in a fair amount of pain and discomfort. Food and medication is followed by icy poles/electrolyte icy poles and then sleep. Whenever I get up I’m terribly dizzy and light headed.

  67. Day 3. As I read others experiences, I guess I am doing better than most.

    Still only grabbing an hour or so of sleep after medicating… But not experiencing the pain nearly as bad as others. This morning I had pressure in my ears and some tongue pain. Still painful to swallow, but not overly so. And still eating cold Mac and cheese for every meal.

    I am religiously taking medications and drinking water and maybe that is helping…. Just very little of extreme pain I keep reading about. I am thinking of going to work tomorrow…at least for a couple hours. Although worried that if I cut off meds that all hell would break loose.

    In summary, slightly more pain initially this morning, pretty much the same overall. I hope this continues into tomorrow!

  68. Day 3 ….woke up to a lot of pain in my tongue . My throat hurts sure, by the discomfort in my tongue is so much worse than I would have thought . Spent most of the day in a drug induced state- ate pasta, eggs and Popsicles again. But then napped. Oh my , the pain I experienced upon waking was horrible. I can’t talk, and find it very hard to swallow anything .!-and Lo and behold, now my ears are starting to ache. Have 10 minutes left till I can take my meds .

  69. Day 3 – 25yo female.

    Oh. My. God. I didn’t know my body could feel pain like this! And it only gets worse?? I’ve never been so low and miserable. Starting to wonder why I ever did this in the first place! I just can’t get over the psychological aspect that there’s only increasing pain from here. I don’t think I can handle more than what I’m already struggling with 🙁

  70. day 3 monday Morning was ok but then decided to change my diet a little. For lunch I tried to eat some cous cous with fish fillets all cooled down. It was quite painful indeed. I could only manage a quarter of the cous cous before throwing the rest in the rubbish as it was painful. I forced myself to finish the fish fillet however. I was still hungry and wanted to try ramen noodles on advice others here. I made that cooled it down and could only eat half of it before increased pain kicked in. Up to this point I am still only on paracetomel but didnt feel quite ready to take the Endone (oxycodone). This was to change after dinner when I had some mash potatoes.. that did not go down well at was too sticky and felt like glue. I threw the whole thing in the bin eating only 4 bites. I ended up eating some more jello and making a protein shake with coconut water late around 10pm and that too was painful. I was quite defeated at this point as anything I tried to eat would hurt. I finally decided to take one oxycodone to relieve the pain after all this eating and it firstly gave me a headspin and after a while I could go to sleep.
    Pain 5/10

  71. Well at the end of day 3 I can say my recovery is going well! I had a really good sleep last night and boy did I know when I woke up! Painkillers an ice pop and fluids and I was back on track! My first day recovery I stuck to soft foods and liquids but since then I’ve eaten as normal! For example today I had toast for breakfast, chicken nuggets and chips for dinner and then chicken Kiev and jacket potato for tea! I’ve also had a packet of hard crisps today! Fingers crossed things can only keep getting better! Don’t get me wrong I’ve got some pain and I have an awful taste in my mouth (any tips on getting rid would be very much appreciated!) feeling positive. Let’s see what tomorrow brings!

  72. Day3 postop: I am following this regimen as well and feel about the same as you report. Some soreness/discomfort but manageable. Staggering meds and humidifier during sleep appear to help. I guess now I wait for the scabs to fall off and hope I’m not in the 1-2% who bleeds…

  73. DAY 3: 30 years old and had tonsillectomy (with adenoids removed too).
    Tonsillectomy Recovery Day 3: Today sucked, plain and simple. I had 2 episodes of bleeding this morning (that made 4 since the surgery) so they were able to fit me in to see the surgeon today instead of waiting until tomorrow. On the way to his office I had another (3rd for day) and was bleeding when we arrived. He cauterized the area thought to be causing the bleeding and said to come back if it happened again today. I would describe cauterizing as some sticking a lit sparkler in your mouth and holding it there. Plus I got a couple burn marks on my lips from it. Anyway, my boyfriend (my nurse) was going to go to work today after that appointment but decided to hang out with me for a few hours first. Good thing he did because around 4pm I had THE WORST episode of bleeding thus far. We couldn’t get it stopped and headed back over to the office. There were so many people in the waiting room and I looked like such a bloody mess that of course they ushered me too the back. They numbed up the inside of my mouth and he got out some machine to do precision cauterization lines and found a spot further down from the one he had done earlier. Through crying and bleeding I asked him why this was happening and he said that about 1-2% of adults that have tonsillectomy’s have bleeding like this and if it continues after the cauterization today I may have to go back into surgery.
    They told me to expect a little more bleeding as scabs form and fall off but if anything starts up like it did today again, I will be looking at surgery for sure, so fingers crossed we got it this time.

  74. Day 3 and I still have no meds due to the stupid pharmacy and I’m in intece pain I broke down and hit a cigerette a few times. Which didn’t hurt to bad. I tried cloreseptic throat spray. And it helped a little bit. But all i want to do is sleep but i keep choking and it sucks

  75. Day 3 has by far been the worst. Woke up in excruciating pain. I wanted to scream and cry, but couldn’t even open my mouth to let out a whimper. One of my best friends came over and brought movies, popsicles, and ice cream. I was just happy to have company, even though I could barely talk to her while she was visiting…

  76. Days 3/4 have truly been a breeze. The biggest discomforts I’ve experienced is nausea and dizziness from percocet, and my mouth burning after eating. My diet hasn’t changed so I’m eating what the rest of my family is eating. Sometimes the seasoning irritates me. Outside of that I’m fine. Yes my throat hurts, but I’m definitely not in the worst pain of my life. Hopefully I don’t take a painful turn, but if I do I’ve already made peace with it.

    What has helped so far is:
    *Eating like normal. My doctor wanted me to eat soft foods day of surgery then return to my regular diet the next day.
    *Staying hydrated
    *Cool mist humidifier while I sleep
    *Chewing gum.
    *STAYING ON TOP OF MY MEDS!!! I stagger percocet with ibuprofen. This has been a great combo. When one is starting to wear off, its already time to take another.

    The method I went with for my tonsillectomy is tissue welding or thermal welding. I think this is the biggest reason my recovery has been easy. Won’t get too confident yet, I’m not quite of the woods!

  77. I had my surgery sept 4th… Day 3 I was and still is in pain.. It hurts worse when I wake up in the am… The mess prescribed hydro condone burns when taking it as we’ll as the amoxicillin…. I was told to only eat soft foods… Well I can’t…. Applesauce and jello scratch my throat going down and the Popsicles and Italian ice leaves a thick mucus which causes me to choke or over do the spitting… So I’ve been only eating ice chips and drinking water.. I’ve now began to feel pain in my ears as well… I’ve coughed up blood 3 times from the scabs (came from eating applesauce and jello).. And I’ve had plenty people tell me my voice has changed…I’m miserable.. Good thing is I’ve lost 13 pounds since the 4th!!!!!!

  78. Oh Day 3. I woke up okay that morning. Even felt okay enough to take the dog for a walk again and take a shower. However, the late morning of Day 3 I woke up from a nap in the most intense pain I think I’ve ever had. Took pain meds, it didn’t help. Tried my ice chips, it didn’t help. I contemplated going in to see the doctor but I decided that I didn’t want to look like a wimp lol. After a couple doses of pain medication in the next 4 hours the pain started to dull away a little bit. I slept for most of Day 3 just to try to forget the pain. I discovered on this day that the Crane Cool Mist Humidifier is a miracle!!! It kept my throat somewhat moist and that night I slept for 4 hours straight and woke up with little pain! Thankfully I have had my mom and my boyfriend helping with the shaved ice and food for the past couple days and still helping me.

  79. Day 3 I had the most pain so far. I got off pain meds almost immediately (first day after surgery) and the pain this morning was almost unmanageable. I didn’t go back to pain meds cuz of the nausea and vomit side effect. I finally had bowl movement and it feels wonderful. Hubby blended up watermelon and froze them just enough for me to eat, which tasted so good. Also mashed up pears with protein powder which is certainly something I needed but the vanilla flavored protein was way too sweet for me today. It also created a thick kind of gluey feeling on the back. Had some malt o meal again and I had to thin it WAY down, then rinse mouth with salt water right away cuz the little grain tend to stick to your tongue… Pain wise I’d say 12 (1-10 with 10 being the worst) but remember I’m nuts and I only took pain meds on the day of surgery for 3 times. It is somewhat manageable I’d say depends on your pain tolerance. If you don’t care or don’t have the constipation or vomit side effect from pain meds, then you are lucky and I certainly suggest taking pain meds. But for those like me who really don’t take meds much and overall pretty healthy, I’d say you can go without pain meds. The left side of my tongue is returning back to senses but the right half still feels pretty numb and I can see the retractor & indentation on my tongue still. The little blister on my lip from retractor is finally slowly going away. Oh, I’ve been chewing gum since yesterday. Actually just 1/4 piece of gum at one time and mint ones certainly don’t work we’ll. it makes your numby and swollen tongue feel even number and colder. I slept about one hour at a time for twice from midnight, but in the afternoon I just couldn’t handle it anymore so slept a bit. I’d like to wake up every half hour to drink ice water but that’s without pain meds. Uvulva and tongue are still swollen as a matter of fact I still can’t see my entire uvula because its huge and tongue is blocking as well. I’m hoping tomorrow will not be more painful than today. After all on a scale o 1-10 I’d say 12 is pretty ba!!! Good luck!!! Just know everyday is a progress and eventually we will get there. Hang in there!!!

  80. Hello all. This is Day 3 for me. 42 year old female. I woke up with a bit of pain, say 4 on a scale to 10, but I needed a bit of a break from the liquid vicodin last night. The stomach is so sensitive on bland, soft foods. So I decided for lunch to make a baked potato that I smashed up enough that an infant could eat it. I have noticed pieces of skin I guess from the back of my throat. Is this normal? Well good luck all. I will keep in touch. I must say though, because of my age people scared me to death. But if you stay on top of the pain and drink tons of fluid you will be fine.

  81. Statistics show that the most likely day for people to hemorrhage is day 8. Just be careful, it’s great that you’re making the effort to eat, but you’re not out of the woods yet, so pushing it could be dangerous.

  82. Okay got painful here. Forcing myself to eat entirely normal foods. Why? Aids the healing process and boy it’s like a man up challenge. Plus I love food regardless of pain. Switched to codeine and paracetemol…. Errr yeah painful much

  83. Day 3 is where the real fun started. I would say the pain scale jumped from a 3 to about a 7. I could no longer swallow without pain (the previous day I had mashed potatoes just fine, but was not going to happen on Day 3). I stuck to Jello all day, though I tried pudding a few times. The problem with pudding is it’s like glue, if you have especially deep tonsil beds like mine, it gets stuck and hurts. Also gives the back of your throat an unpleasant “cramped” feeling of their being too much back there. I remember thinking that the pain couldn’t possibly get worse…boy was I naive…

  84. Day three feels much like day two as far as level of pain. My stomach is gurgling more, probably from lack of food and side effects from the pain meds. Got an egg down this evening because I am getting really overly sugared out from Popsicles, gelato, etc. I’ve also been successful today with string cheese. Chopped it up into little slices, and then cut those into 1/4s. Definitely helped to get something down that wasn’t so sweet! The pain today feels like more of a stinging sensation than yesterday, and my teeth and ears are really sore today. I go through periods of feeling okay, to suddenly feeling like death again. A little nap usually helps to take the edge off and to pass the time! I’m still taking nausea medication and I think that’s helping a lot. Looking forward to moving onward and upward. Even though I feel pretty crappy, this is no worse than my worst case of tonsillitis!

  85. Holy wow. I discovered my miracle. Before I was only taking the Oxycodone. Last night and this morning I tried taking that, and then two hours in I would take 1000mg of liquid childrens tylenol. It has been a miracle. It takes care of all the swelling in my mouth and carries me over between my 4 hour Oxy blocks. I can finally eat and drink about anything to keep my throat moist. It’s amazing.

  86. 3rd day of my coblation tonsillectomy went smooth. I took a shower then slept most of the day. Pain is still minimal.

  87. I am on day 5 (6 including surgery day) and know exactly what your talking about! I sometimes even thought about not taking that awful medicine. Something I’ve found to be extremely helpful is putting it in your mouth and putting some non acidic (I choose white power aid ) sports drink in your mouth along with it. It makes it more tolerable to swallow and helps significantly with the burning. And I know it’s nearly impossible to eat before it but try to choke at least one bite down before your meds to help stomach upset, or try getting some anti nausea meds from your doctor. I haven’t experienced the phlegm so much but I have also been very careful to not consume dairy products as they make your phlegm thicker. Also ice water has been a life saver. The colder the better it helps with the inflammation in your uvula and tongue. Another helpful tip is to ice your neck I made ice packs using 2 parts water 1 part vodka the are nice and soft and flexible I wrapped the baggy in a towel and tied it around my neck at all times. These are the things that have really helped me and I hope you can find some relief. I know it sucks I was just there a couple days ago. Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery!!

  88. Days 2-3 have been complete torture. I KNOW I’m supposed to be drinking through the pain. But my throat hurts so badly I almost cannot get my pain meds down. The liquid Hydrocodone BURNS as I attempt to keep it down for my strict, every 4 hour doses. But it’s near impossible. It burns so badly that I end up gagging every time.

    I’m also having trouble swallowing anything due to the extreme amount of phlegm that is constantly present in my mouth. I can’t spit it out, I can’t swallow it, it’s just always there! I even sent out for a baby phlegm suction divice. That’s helped a little bit, but not a significant amount. My tongue and uvula are also crazy swollen, making swallowing even more difficult. If I ever try to spit my uvula will literally slide forward on my tongue. It’s such an uncomfortable feeling!

  89. Day 3: Brutal.

    Still my pain is at a minimal but now I’m starting to feel very nauseas and have vomited once. I have spent most of the day sleeping so I think mostly I was a bit dehydrated, forcing myself to eat and drink regularly so my meds don’t cause me to get sick. Still waiting for this unbearable pain every one has mentioned, not looking forward to it. The humidifier was the best thing I could have got for myself.

  90. Day 3.. I still feel pretty good? I am waiting for the pain to really hit. (female 40 yr old) I got out this morning, ran errands, did some work on computer and am now alternating pure tylenol to hyrdocodone every 4 hours. I take naps and feel fine. I think the medrol pack I take makes me hungry and I didn’t want to eat ice cream like I did yesterday because of the thick white coat it left in my throat. I stuck to cream of chicken soup, jello, pudding, mash potatoes and popsicles. I still am most comfortable in bed, propped up, also find humidifier useful oh and the tongue scraper. Thats very nice, I am starting to get bad breath. So I just hope the bad pain everyone is talking about is skipping me?

  91. Day 3 is a lot like the first two days. It has been going pretty well for me. I take pain killers every four hours, keep ice on my neck, and run my humidifier. I drink a lot of water also. My mouth is a little sorer today than it has been. I think I’ve been trying to talk too much! Other than that, not going too bad!

  92. Day three was comparable to day 2 for me. After the vomiting yesterday I had my boyfriend call the doctor (as I can barely speak), and let her know what was going on. Got prescribed anti-nausea meds and a steroid to increase my appetite. I’m finding it really daunting to consume more than about 500-600 calories per day right now. The anti-nausea meds are a miracle, and I’ve kept down everything I’ve eaten today. Soup and ensure are definitely the way to go for me, all the sugar in jello and pudding was making a film in my mouth that was difficult to get rid of (even with toothpaste/toothbrush). I’m hoping the swelling in my tongue will go down soon, its still 2-3x larger than normal and has big canker like sores on the edges and underside. My mind has put my throat on the back-burner at this point and I’m really only aware of it when swallowing, but I’m constantly aware of my tongue.

    Being able to keep on top of the pain today by keeping down all of my meds has made today a little easier than yesterday. Cold water helps lubricate everything in my throat and the more I drink the less it hurts. I’m at a pain level of 2-3 in my throat today (when swallowing), and 5 for my tongue.

  93. I woke up feeling really nauseated on Day 3. It was my 27th birthday and my mom had given me some pudding with a candle in it as soon as it turned midnight. I woke up around 8 a.m. and vomited twice, puking it all up. I was glad to know it didnt hurt, like i expected, and i did feel better after.

    I don’t know if it’s because my behind-the-ear anti-nausea patch wore off or what. I put on a new one and called my doctor so he could prescribe an anti-nausea pill that dissolves on the tongue.

    The pain was really bad, just super sharp pains in my throat/neck, every time I swallowed. No pain meds (not even Tylenol or Advil) worked at all. I tried to eat and drink but it was just so painful, I mostly slept.

    By around 9 pm, my parents were frustrated by how much pain I was still in, so they called the doctor to say my pain level was still about 9/10. He said to go to the emergency room and they could give me a shot or something that would help. I ended up being hooked up to an IV and morphine for a couple of hours. I was so dehydrated (I kept trying to drink but it was too painful to get much down), they pumped 2 liters of fluid into my arm in just an hour.

    The morphine was the only thing that dulled the pain at all, down to about a 5 or 6 out of 10. I had three doses and it didn’t even knock me out, just took the edge off the horrible shooting pain in my neck/throat. I went home feeling a bit better around 3 am.

    Best birthday ever!!! 🙁

  94. Well as I’ve told you I’m 62 had both tonsils taken out on 4-24 and to this point . I’ve only had what feels like a bad sore throat I never let my throat dry out drink as much apple juice as you can get your hands on .i have eaten I try and keep my self busy so as to keep my mind on other things besides my neck . Take your pain meds on time I rotate 2 Norco every 4hours and 1percocet half way thru and that is what works for me .if you do not have a humidifier please get one.The only other thing I can say is I no not everyone is going to heal the same but I am 62 years old and I will not let this bet me.

  95. Hey all,

    Im on day 3 after having a tonsillectomy and septoplasty – i’m feeling positive but im a lot of pain. Still on lots of pain meds – Codeine, Paracetamol and Ibuprofen, which in all honesty are knocking me out for several hours. Im trying to eat (all soft food, porridge, Jelly and banana’s) and forcing myself to drink as much water as I can.

    The worst bit of this whole process was waking up after the general and vomiting several times. So im thinking that its all better from here on in.

    Glad ive found this website tho, I will be having a good read. 🙂

  96. I’m on day 3 post tonsillectomy/adenoidectomy. I’m a healthy 128lb, 5ft 6in, 35 year old female. The pain in my throat is no worse than what tonsillitis caused me. My uvula and tongue are both swollen, which is uncomfortable, but not painful. I vomited twice on day 2, so Dr called in zofran. I’m also taking liquid hydrocodone (3tsp every 4 hours), and liquid amoxicillin (2tsp twice daily). I’ve had a humidifier running constantly beside me. I started chewing gum (Orbit sweet mint flavor-it’s not strong so doesn’t burn) since after my surgery. I sip ice water almost constantly. I eat mashed potatoes made with chicken broth, banana flavored Popsicles, and just had some rainbow sherbert which was nice. I try not to talk because it seems to irritate and cause swelling. The nurse said I could come to the office for a steroid shot if I wanted to for my swollen uvula. It’s so annoying. It’s as big as my thumb and I feel like I’m swallowing it constantly, but it doesn’t hurt.

  97. i had undergone surgery on 23 april 2013 by coblation . the pain is pretty bad on day 3 . my ears are blocked and too much salivation in my mouth . hopefully the pain reduces as days go by .

  98. Day 3

    Still not feeling a lot of pain due to meds. Get quite sleepy and a little dizzy at times. Eating soft foods and drinking lots of water. Pain has gotten a little worse but tolerable. I have been quite gassy and hear my stomache and intestines digesting. It is quite loud lol. Thkught I wouldbe constipated but its actually soft stool. Wonder if its a reaction to the roxicet? Never had thisbefore, im not lactose intolerant. I haven’t had any milk products more than usual.

  99. I had my tonsils removed yesterday, I am 16 years old and I was unbelievably nervous, for me the pain was really bad, even though I could bare it. The nurses told me in my hospital to avoid dairy prouducts, so no ice cream. They told me i needed to start eating rough foods rig away, so about 5 hours post op I had a McDonald’s! I had large chips and 6 nuggets, and even though it took me an hour to get threw it made me feel a lot better. This morning was extremely painful waking up, but that’s because I let my throaght get to dry I think. I’ve eaten super noodles today and for dinner I had fajitas! And I read that spicy food isn’t supposed to be good, but if anything it made me feel better.

  100. My surgery was March 18th, and I was 33 at the time of the surgery. Day three was not too bad (pain level 3).
    I made sure to set my alarm in order to take my liquid Roxicet (10 ml) every four hours. It helped to stay ahead of the pain. My pain was always worse at night, so sometimes I would let 3.5 hours lapse in between doses.
    Sleeping was difficult days 1-5, as I would wake up with a slight choking and a snore/gasp. During the first several days, I would wake up sometimes as often as 5 times an hour. I also had a lot of mucus. However, I did sleep in 1 to 2 hour increments.
    Days 1-3, I only had clear liquids. I also scratched off my anti-nausea patch, but was still taking anti-nausea meds (Ondansetron). At about 4 pm, I vomited liquids. My friend called my doctor, who urged that I begin soft foods. They refilled my anti-nausea pills, but not the patch.
    Pain this day was about a 3 to 4. I did begin to eat pudding with my meds after the nausea incident.
    One thing I did not purchase (until much later) was a humidifier. I highly recommend this, especially when scabs begin to form.
    I continued to drink a lot of water. A also believe what contributed to my quick healing were my daily vitamins, double dose of my pro-biotic, and daily dose of echinacea. I also doubled up on pro-biotics a week before the surgery.
    Days 1-3 were the mildest for pain. I really suffered days 4-8. However, early in the morning of day 8, I began to feel much better.

  101. Day three… So far job have slept most of this day away. I get up to my timer going off to takey meds, and my throat is killing me. My husband says I’ve been snoring, which I’m sure plays a big role in my pain. I’m avoiding talking today, it just hurts too much. The past few days I’ve eaten but today nothing. I don’t even want to eat I feel so rotten. 🙁 hopefully tomorrow will be better.

  102. Im 33 and i also had nasal surgery at the same time as my tonsillectomy, big mistake! Follow up with doc today for nose stuff. Stints and packing come out, it’s insane. Take your meds before you go. Still taking pain meds every four hours but I’m trying to cut back to every 4+ hours. I can make it to 5 once in the day. Nose stuff out means I can breathe. 3hour nap is amazing. Ate some Mac and cheese that was run through the food processor, can’t tolerate hot or cold. Sleep better that night and go 6 hours w/o meds. Doc says it looks like a bomb went off in my mouth but he’s shocked I’m feeling as good as I do.

    Ps: I’m posting all of this on my 9th day

  103. Hi, I’m sorry for your pain and suffering. It sounds very similar to my recovery a year ago. The pain becomes a mental challenge. It think this part is over looked by many report. Hang in there. I’m sure, it being the 28th, your feeling much better. I told my doctor that anesthesia has caused nausea for me and they medicated me with three different medications. I think that helped a great deal.
    Sincerely, Jenny Crowe, RN

  104. Oh yeah, no vomiting, jaw pain, ear aches, or nausea. I also keep ice packs around my neck probably 20 out of 24 hours a day.

  105. Woo hoo! This is so much more manageable than I thought! It’s been 72 hours since surgery and all three days have felt like really bad tonsillitis/strep throat. I take Roxicet every four hours (10 ml) and have been tied to my humidifier (seriously, haven’t been away from it except to shower). So far I’ve eaten Special K protein shakes, liquified oatmeal with rice milk, jello, popsicles, pudding, cold tea, chicken broth, water, and gatorade. I think my recovery will be more steadily than others I’ve read about. I kind of wonder if the pain peaking at day 3-8 is a result of not staying on top of meds, hydration, ice chips, etc. I feel really in control of my recovery and honestly this isn’t even as bad as my usual tonsilittis since I actually get pain killers for the surgery, plus I don’t feel achey and fatigued like I do with tonsilitis and strep. I think the most important take away has been to wake up to hydrate and never leave the humidifier. I actually have a clothes steamer plugged in my room in addition to the humidifier and that keeps my room like a jungle. Also, sleeping upright with a moist cloth over your mouth makes a BIG difference. I had both my tonsils and adenoid removed. Day 3 and the only thing that’s sore is my throat (primarily when swallowing, this pain is constant, the meds only decrease it) I haven’t had any bleeding, ear aches, referred pain, etc. Just a sore throat where my gigantic kissing tonsils once were.

  106. It is the end of day 3 for me. I had my tonsils out on Weds. (Today is Sat.) and that was the very worst day for me by far. I asked my surgeon for an anti-nausea medication because I was terrified to vomit. He told me that vomiting after a tonsillectomy is very rare and that I would be okay. Boy was he wrong. I was able to keep down my first dose of Lortab and when it came time for my second dose I immediately threw it up. I vomited a total of 8 times on the day of my surgery and ended up spending the night in the ER for dehydration. My tongue is still swollen and I bite it in my sleep leaving sores. 🙁 Yesterday my ear pain started. I have barely been able to force jello down my throat and I can only eat sugar free Popsicles because of how thick the syrup makes my saliva. I am starving and I would kill someone for a cheeseburger right now. I am anxious to see how long my healing process really takes.

  107. Day three still not too bad. This morning was really rough but as soon as I took my scheduled dose of meds and ate some applesauce I felt a lot better. As long as I keep up with my lortab the pain is totally manageable. No worse than a bad case of strep! I do think the humidifier makes a world of difference! That and switching up the liquids because water gets boring. Apple juice and vitamin water are my go toos! I’m pretty tired and weak still but with a very limited diet and pain meds it is to be expected. So I’m just relaxing and napping when I’m tired!

  108. Day three has been pretty good. Still a lot of pain happening whenever I bend over, I woke up again to a dry mouth, kind of thought I had an earache but false alarm. I had some important tasks to do today pertaining to my jobs so I didn’t take any pain medication until around 2:30pm. I actually felt a bit better although it still hurts to talk, swallow and open my mouth widely. I ate some special soup from a local chinese restaurant (I chewed the veggies very slowly and ate some of the noodles). I ate Jell-O throughout the day, chai vanilla protein shake (dairy free) and butternut soy soup. My taste is almost all there… I’ve been reading blogs about people not having the same taste but I think I’m going to be alright! I took one demerol around 3pm and 3 Tylenol 3’s around 10pm. I was hungry again around 11pm so I ate an avocado and a pomegranate fruit cup. I lost 9pounds and I feel very weak. My body is aching and from time to time I get a headache. Swallowing is a pain. Ive been tying to drink water but it hurts to drink.

  109. Just beginning day 3 here. It has been approximately 48 hours since my tonsillectomy for bad tonsil stones. Day 1 was a breeze, but yesterday morning began pretty much nonstop vomiting due to the pain meds. I have stopped taking the Percocet and am sticking with the 400mg of ibuprofen my doctor also prescribed. The thought of food makes me nauseous. I think I had a small bleeder yesterday because of the vomiting, but it seemed to stop pretty quickly. I think the depression is starting to sink in. It’s funny because my throat doesn’t hurt that bad…it’s just every other part of my body. Not looking forward to the days to come since I know things are supposed to get worse.

  110. I see you posted over 2 weeks ago, but did you experience any bleeding? Possibly as a side effect from the Ibuprofen. The doctors told me not to go near that and to stick with the tylenol because they are 2 different drugs and tylenol doesn’t increase the risk of bleeding like ibuprofen, Advil, does. Am I the only person that has heard about that? But I’m sorry if I sound so bossy, I just want everyone to be safe with their recovery

  111. Day three and the pain this evening is getting a bit worse. Still no real sleep to speak of and when I do manage to doze off, I wake up to my own snorkeling sound. I sleep sitting propped up with a wedge. Ice packs on the neck are great. Warm chicken broth is the best, it is delicious salty goodness, and makes my throat feel so good when it really starts to hurt. I alternate between that and ice water. I was taking a pain killer every four hours, but now have set my timer for every three hours, I just can’t make the four hour mark. Still no significant ear pain.

  112. Day 3 and I could start to feel the pain beginning to kick in. Still eating relatively normally – soft foods, but real foods, pasta, rice etc. Noticed a couple of things today. First, my tongue is painful and a bit swollen. After eating I can feel little bits of food around the outside of my teeth, between the teeth and my cheeks. Normally I guess I’d swish my tongue around there and clear up the bits without thinking. But if I try to do it now, my tongue just hurts (at the back) and I can’t really persuade it to go where I want. Second thing, also due to swelling/puffiness – all the lines on my face under my eyes have disappeared. Most effective beauty treatment ever, it seems. Had a craving for salty foods. I guess all the water I’ve been drinking, plus eating sweet rather than savoury things quite a lot was leaving my sodium levels low. Night 3 was not fun. Pain really beginning, and for the first time I was left wide awake for periods of time, especially as the morning came near. Referred pain in the ears also getting started. I’m told I’ve been snoring very loudly at night, and that is no doubt making things much worse, vibrating all the damaged areas like a pneumatic drill. I’m prepared for things to keep getting worse before they get better.

  113. Hey at day three post surgery…just wondering if I am crazy for stopping my pain meds…All they do is make me feel sick,,found I can bear pain with just ibuprofen and lots of water..I am a little scared that days four and five will bring so much more pain..I just cant bear the thought of swallowing that chalky tylenol three anymore…

  114. Day 3 went alright. My friend brought me a big container full of egg drop soup. I tried soft foods, but my jaw and tongue are still way too sore for that. I kept liquids down and slept a lot. I found little rashes where I had heart and lung monitor stickies on me, so I’m allergic to adhesives in general. Ice and the liquid vicodin were both quite painful on my throat. Very drowsy, and in between consciousness. It’s not so bad. Thank god I didn’t bleed…

  115. I’ m on day 3 (including the surgery day) and it’ s quite bearable, one side of throat hurts, the other nearly doesn’t. But I am still at the hospital ( they do it this way in my country) and I sooo wanna be home and eat something better than white yoghurt and tasteless instant mashed potatoes:)) also I’d do everything not to share the room with a pair of very loud ladies that won’t shut their mouths XD when I stay up, walking the hall or sitting in the tv room, I get dizzy. on the other side i’m really glad it goes that well with my pain – there’ s the other girl next to me who looks like she really suffers on day three. My advise is to drink as much as you can, water and a cold herb tea are good. And popsicles FTW 🙂

  116. I must disagree, green is normal. My surgeon saw me yesterday with green scabbing and a thin white border that’s perfect for this stage. I admit, it’s disgusting when your throat looks moldy, but the method of monopolar cauterization does that. Just stay hydrated and don’t worry! For swelling, salty chicken broth is fantastic, but drink plenty of water to keep hydration up. The darker your urine, the more dehydrated you are.

  117. I’m on day three and finally decided to use a humidifier, it is incredible these things help it hurts 65% less to swallow. I haven’t eaten anything yet and lost 9 pounds which is bad, but since I’m sort of starting to feel better ill wait until tomorrow. What helps with a fever and pain the most is children’s liquid Motrin, it is an antiflamitory and helps with neck and ear pain. But if you want to feel some time of relief stay in a small room with a humidifier it makes it easier to take meds and drink water

  118. The white part seems to be normal, but green scabs definatly are not. I would call your surgeon to see what their thoughts are.

  119. Hi, I am 34 and today is day 3! Is it ok that the whole of the back of my throat is green and white? Also pain has just started this morning, will ensure I take some meds to bed with me so I can take during the night!

  120. I’m on day 11 now and was also in ALOT of pain until I suddenly turned the corner on day 10.

    You really want to get that humidifier going ASAP. It is something that works miracles. The other things that helped me were: keeping an ice bag on each side of my throat round the clock, my pain Meds were in liquid form so I mixed with chocolate ensure (around 1/4-1/2 a cup) so that it wouldn’t burn (also gave me the protein I needed to help heal), made slushies out of apple juice and spoon fed just a little bit at a time, distraction – hubby has let me have total control over the tv so I watch whatever I want, sleep proped up – I started with a blanket under my pillow but ended up with a 12 inch wedge pillow under me, and remember every day of pain brings you one closer to recovery.

    If your Meds still aren’t cutting the pain, I would call your surgeon and let them know. There is usually something they can do to help.

    Hope this helps you some. It sucks when you hurt this bad, and I’m sorry you are having such a rough time. Hope the rest of your recovery is tolerable.

  121. I just woke up and I’m still feeling like day 1 when shouldn’t I be feeling like day 3? The medicine doesn’t do anything to help my sore throat although yesterday I had to go to the emergency room because I couldn’t breath much and I couldn’t swallow anything. No spit, no water, and worst of all no medicine. At the hospital they gave me and IV giving me 2 liters of water, a steroid, and some medicine. After 3 hours of being at the ER I went home bringing me from a 10 in pain to a 3! Steroid wore off after 5 hours of the surgery which left me to feel terrible again. I took 4 pills went to sleep and now I’m at about an 7 in pain! I really need to buy a humidifier!!!

  122. Hi Josh I had my surgery Dec 26 and also invested in the same humidifier. I was wondering do you have to lay close to it to feel the benefits?

  123. Hello everyone. I just started my day 9 and it feels pretty good. Other than the fact of having a dry mouth when I woke up (dumb humidifier turned off in the middle of the night), I feel pretty good. On day 7 I was able to cautiously eat some mashed potatos and gravy biscuits from Bojangles ( chicken/biscuit fast-food place similar to Popeye’s) the strongest thing I can possibly urge anyone about recovery and be an adult (I’m 19 by the way) is a HUMIDIFIER!!! you won’t believe how much pain this saves you. And the longer your throat is moist, the quicker your body can heal. So you’re getting a slightly quicker healing process. I waited until day 5 to buy one and I’ve had it running ever since! honestly the best purchase I’ve made in awhile. I can wake up in the morning and not feel like I’m swallowing daggers. It just helps a ton and I strongly urge to get one. You can buy a cheap one from Walmart “vicks warm steam” for about $15. I hope this helps and goodluck with recovery.

  124. Day 3: 12/22/12
    Cannot even keep water down today. ;( I got released from the hospital today even though I was still fighting a little bit of a fever and my blood pressure. The pain got worse even time I would swallow and of course throw up. I can’t wait to feel better with Christmas coming up.

  125. Day3. Still taking the colace. The Dr. wrote for my antibiotic (Biaxin) to be liquid form. OMG!!!! Give me a tablet. Its horrid. Chalky, grainy, supposed to taste like Fruit punch. But totally doesnt. If your getting ready for surgery- get tablet or pill form! I have to take 1/4 or 1/2 a tablet of percocet about 30-45 minutes before I try to take my antibiotic. I also try to eat something at the same time, works better that way. I was trying to be strong still (still stupid) and go for hours and hours like 9 or so between pain pills. not a good idea. So, what Ive started doing is taking 1/2 or 1/4 of a percocet about every 4 hours. I dont expect to be pain free, but I expect the percocet to take the edge off and make it tolerable. Which it does. This timing and amount works great for me.
    My husband can set a clock by my bathroom movements. So I’m worried about not mooning john and making him flush- so I started to sip 2tsp of mag citrate couple times today. Didnt want a mass exodus, just a lil. Maybe TMI, but I’m sure I’m not the only one. Didnt work today.

  126. Day 3:
    After spending literally all night throwing up the nothingness that was in my stomach, I took a good long nap on day three. Since I switched to the advil instead of the vicodin, and started taking anti-nausea pills every six hours, day three is really okay. Which doesn’t sound so great, but I’m good with okay right now. I’ll take it.
    The only downside to day three (and it only lasted a few hours) was the extremely sore throat I woke up with from all the vomiting last night. I hardly ate anything or talked to anyone all day, and I even asked them not to talk to me unless it was necessary. I kept drinking ice water, although it stung all the way down. My mom also made me some really yummy soup, but I only ate a few spoonfuls before I gave up from the pain. It wasn’t worth it to me.
    However, after the advil kicked in and a good nap, I was able to get down about five M&Ms!
    I was able to call some more family members, and talked to a few of my friends.
    Day three was sort of boring. Nothing exciting; just watched TV, read, slept, and barely ate.

  127. Today has been Truly awful! The pain in my throat and ears has reached a nearly untolerable level. I’m taking the roxicet every 3 hours, but I’m getting to where I dread taking it because it burns so bad!

    The bright spot in my day was a smoothie (strawberry, bandanna, and apple juice with vanilla protein powder) I was only able to get about 4 oz down, but I figures better than nothing. I tried chocolate pudding but it also felt like acid going down.

    My biggest concern tonight is I keep coughing. The kind of cough where you think you can’t breathe if you don’t get out whatever it is that is blocking the airway. I desperately try not to since it seems an Inhumane form of torture.

    I have made a collar out of ice bags, this way everything gets cold and gets some minor relief.

    Sorry if I am complaining to much, but no one here understands why I’m not talking and eating yet. This is the one place I feel people understand what I’m going thru.

    Hope everyone manages to get some rest. I’ll be on day 4 tomorrow….. I’m hoping for a better day while trying to mentally prepare for worse.

  128. Ugh last night didn’t go as well as the previous 2 nights. Pain keeps getting worse and no my ears and jaw are joining in. I also have a feeling of needing to cough to clear my throat and chest, but I keep not doing it. Don’t want to do anything that would increase my risk for bleeding.

    Tried some Mac and cheese last night, who would ave thought it would be so evil to have ha few pieces! I won’t be trying that again for awhile!!

    Pain meds are kicking in, so will be back later.

    Wishing everyone a speedy recovery

  129. My son is on day 3 of his tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy. His tongue is quite sore where it was clamped and it looks like he has canker sores in the area. Does anyone have any ideas on what to rinse with or anything to relieve the problem?

  130. Day 3 for me and I woke up with the feeling that I had swallowed glass and it got lodged in my ears. holy crap!

  131. Day 3 Im still taking the full dose of Lortab (4 tsp) exactly every 4 hours, applying cold compresses to my neck, humidifying the air, sleeping propped up on the couch and drinking as much water, gatorade, broth as possible. Ears are feeling a little full but otherwise ok. Overall, this recovery is still way better than I thought it would be.

  132. Hang in there!!! I hate to say it but the worst is just beginning… Coughing wont necessarily cause bleeding, its the dehydration that you have to worry about. Drink as much fluids as possible. Anything high in electrolytes will do. I bled from not heeding this warning… If the loritab is causing you to puke alot, ask your dr to give you demerol.. Its alot more tolerable.

  133. yesterday was day 3 for me.
    The ear pain started… i started coughing too, which scared me a lot – all the horror stories i’ve read about bleeding immediatly popped up in my head.
    the nausea is getting better. But i’m still only eating only jell-o and popsicles. I tried soup – it did go down well on day 2 – but this time, it made my ears ache so bad e made me want to cough some more. So, by day 3, a tiny bit of scab came off.
    I found out that drinking water made me nauseous because it doesn’t “wipe” the horrible taste of the scabs. I’ve been drinking cold ice tea – which i normaly hate – and it helps with the nausea!
    Other than that, the pain is pretty tolerable ’till now. But i know it will get worse.

  134. Try drinking tea for the caffine. It is less acidic than coffee. Raspberry tea also sooths sore throat so send someone out to find you some raspberry black tea and drink up.

  135. Burning agony. Very sleepy,sore and hungry. I have a huge caffeine withdrawal headache going on.Miss my coffee terribly. I will be glad when this is over and done.

  136. I’m now on day 5-6 but day 3 was definitely the worst day of my life. Woke up in so much pain, took painkillers but they did nothing for me. Ate some ice cream but it made me mucusy and it was a struggle to swallow. An hour later I couldn’t even open my mouth to speak and sat there crying with the pain. Went to see the doctor who put me on stronger painkillers and a ibuprofen syrup for the pain which thankfully kicked in soon after taking them. I literally would have cracked up with the pain otherwise, never experienced anything like it. Tonsillectomy has to be the most painful surgery.

  137. “Daily cool saltwater mouth rinses will help keep the wounds clean. mix a tablespoon of salt in eight ounces of cool tap water, with a quarter teaspoon of baking soda. This solution should be used as a gargle two or three times daily.”

    Found this on an ENT website and did it today- didnt full on gargle, just gently rinsed and it seemed to lessen the pain and made me feel cleaner. I wish my Dr would have told me to do this!

  138. Im now on day 7 and wish to god Id discovered this earlier so came here to share this with you to save you some pain.

    DISCOVERY!!! Every single time I take the hydrocodone I sit there psyching myself up to take it forever because it burns like acid going down along the open wounds in my throat and the pain is unbearable. After trying a few things the best thing it chocolate milk!! Mix about three times the amount of hydrocod and drink it down and It goes down MUCH less painfully, takes it down from a 10 on the pain scale to a 3 or 4. Cream of wheat also works but you have to be committed to eating and sometimes you just need to get the pain med down first. I used chocalate almond milk which I think is the best because its slightly creamier

    It also helps the med from bothering your stomach. Also, my advice to you is eat now while you can bear it. Pretty soon you wont be able to. Gets lots of cream of wheat, chicken broth, mashed potatoes and popsicles because by day 4/5 thats all you will be able to take. Good luck my friends!!

  139. Day 3 for me, Big Mac and a few fries, no sore throat and my tongue seems to have remembered its job! Still on diclophenic, dumped the codeine….it was making me too spaced out!

  140. Hey guys! So day 3 huh?! Take it from someone who just recently had his tonsils removed: youre not even half way there. I dont want you to be scared but id be lying if i told u the worst was over. The next two weeks are going to be very painful, but if u follow the steps im going to share with u, you will be able to get through. Lets start of with the pain… First off, if the loritab is making you nauseaus (sp?), your foctor can do one of two things, either give you another medication called promethazine, which you take before the loritab.. it takes the edge off the liquid vicodin so u arent queezy and vomitting. It was a godsend for me cause i have a sensitive stomach, i used it alot! Another option is switching ur medication to demerol. Its less likely to make u feel dizzy and does the same thing for the pain.

    Secondly… Stay hydrated! This is crucial to a speedy recovery! Drink as mich water as possible through out the day. Drink until you have to pee. This will keep you from having urinary issues later and also from horrendous bleeding from the throat… Both of which i endured as a result of being dehydrated. I know its gunna hurt when u try to drink.. But unless u want to add another week to your recovery, spend the night in the hospital, and have a catheter rammed up your “you know what”, i suggest keeping the fluids flowing

  141. Day 3, and it is my worst so far (I am just dreading days 5-7 now!). Surprisingly though, no ear pain as I’ve heard others report. Throat pain is worse, and much more mucus. I had to cough several times due to choking on mucus. But no bleeding. Since I went off the Lortab due to dizziness and vomiting, I switched to taking Tylenol at the highest safe dose possible. That seems to be taking the edge off for now, along with ice packs, Cloraseptic spray, and ice water. Drinking tons and tons of water. Uvula is still the size of my thumb though! When will this go down!? Very hard to swallow anything. I’ve only had yogurt, frozen yogurt, and a freeze pops until now. I finally tried mashed potatoes and gravy, which were wonderful! (real food!!! yeah!), and just had some scrambled eggs. If you haven’t tried scrambled eggs, you need to!!! If you make them buttery, they slide right down, and also sort of coat your throat with the butter, so even drinking water, I found, was easier!!! Scrambled eggs will be one of my meals each day! 🙂

  142. Had an episode of nausea last night- I think my mom pushed “nutritious” food too soon on me and my stomach rebelled. No vomiting but I wouldn’t take my percocets incase that made it worse. So today I just stuck with fruit pops and my mom got me wonton soup which really hit the spot. The pain is still mainly under control with the 2 percs every 4 hours; going to decrease to 1 every 4 tomorrow if I remain stable. I’m just plugging along, trying not to worry about complications. I feel I’ve been very lucky so far.

  143. Yep, this fun adventure without proper painmeds continues. Today has been harder as expected. (See my posts from day 1 &2,) I’m a 38 year old female with allergy to pain medicine so I can only take 2 paracetamol / Tylenol every 6 hours. Let me tell you, it doesn’t cut it, not by far, but without anything would have been impossible so I guess I shouldn’t complain.

    I woke up every hour last night just counting down the time to be able to take the stupid pain killers. I’m annoyed with everything. My sweet husband who is trying to help me, having to pee every 30 minutes or so, being a bit hungry despite the protein shakes etc.etc. Not a happy camper today. My ears get more involved by the hour and it is definitely a horror to swallow. On the up side I think my uvula is less swollen, I don’t gag so much anymore.

    I went out for some air and throat lozenges today. A trip that normally takes 15-20 minutes return by foot, took over an hour today. I had to stop all the time for standing still when I swallowed and just feeling miserable in general. I will not leave the house tomorrow.

    This is what I know after today:

    Throat lozenges is a good idea, helps you swallow
    Chewing gum not so much
    Every thing makes me pissed, I have a very short fuse
    My voice is feeling better
    I miss being able to sleep more than 2 hours straight
    I am a bit hungry despite the shakes
    I’m happy I bought books and roses to look at during my healing time
    I like jelly candy, they go smoothly and easily down my throat
    My ears will probably get worse
    Avoiding hiccups, yawning and coughing like the plague
    Spitting and blowing is an acquired skill
    I didn’t bleed having a shower, yay!!
    Even if my painkillers are stupid and weak I’m still terrified of missing my window
    Terrified of what is to come painwise without proper pills to help me deal with it
    Counting down the hours and days for next weekend and trying to pass time

    The good times continue…..

  144. Decided to take meds every two hours throughout the night, instead of every four. It helped a lot to be waking up more often to medicate/hydrate. Woke up in a fair amount of pain, that peaked after being up for an hour or so. I started to panic. When my boyfriend wrapped some ice around my neck and came to help me, I was nearly delirious. I was getting paranoid, thinking there was someone in my head controlling the pain. He made me some scrambled eggs with extra salt and literally fed them to me. It tasted so smooth, slippery salty– delicious. Then, I had some salty warm chicken broth. I think the amount of water I’m drinking has just got me on a salt craze. The rest of the day was more pain off and on– it comes in waves.

    People have been trying to get me into Breaking Bad. I tried watching it, but seeing someone’s family fall apart because a man is struggling with the pain and debilitation of lung cancer doesn’t exactly make you feel better when you’re writhing it pain. I mean, I know he’s worse off than me but… bring on the 30 rock.

    It’s just as much my head, ears and jaw as it is my throat. Just everything hurts. I ran the risk of not having enough pain doses to get me through the night, so I went two hours without from 9:30-11:30. I woke up at 11:30 in a panic. Throwing the blankets off of me, afraid if I inhaled too deeply it would make it hurt worse. It was very difficult to calm down enough to fall asleep again. Pain at night was same as always– waking up evert two hours in pain, but getting back to sleep.

  145. Today is day 3 (2 days since op) and has so far been The most painful! I woke up this morning after a good sleep and struggled to swallow anything! I’ve been like that pretty much the entire day. I haven’t eaten anything but Popsicles, jelly, frozen yoghurt and pudding for 3 days and my tummy is grumbling madly and I’m also burping a bit which is quite out of the ordinary.

  146. Day 3 was pretty good. I continued taking Ultram and Ibuprofen and added Tylenol in between doses. The tylenol made a tremendous difference. I slept well propped up and woke up again with the slimy phlegm-y feeling in my mouth and throat. My lymph nodes were still swollen and the sides of my tongue are sore. I ate 2 large cups of a smoothie, some soft cooked broccoli, sweet potato, mashed cauliflower and mashed boiled egg. Eating at dinner time pushed my pain level up to a 5. I took 2 naps, one after becoming exhausted from walking around outside my house. I have only had one small BM since surgery but I guess part of it is that I haven’t had enough food to make much stool. I am taking a stool softener. I started some of my pre-surgery supplements back: Vitamin C, quercitin, and chlorella. I was able to talk a little more today. It helped that my parents, who are staying with their 47 year old daughter to help out, played several rounds of Mexican Train Dominoes! Nice to do something fun and different. I also listened to some guided imagery and affirmations for healing which really help me relax and become focused on allowing my body to heal.

  147. Day 3 – the night was hell, had no sleeping tablets, couldn’t take another Voltarol until 7am, throat felt like glass shards in it, but after the Voltarol could eat a full breakfast. Right side of neck swollen though!

  148. today was day three for me. i feel like i slept the entire day away, even though i probably only got 1-2 hours of actual sleep. The pain meds really help with the throat pain but they make me itchy all over.. has anyone else had to deal with this issue? another annoying side effect of the lortab is not being able to pee all the time. Also, i’ve noticed today that i am very irritable, which seems to be another side effect of the narcotics. Other than those side effects, today was pretty much like yesterday. The swelling in the back of my throat hasn’t gone down much, making it so that i have to switch sleeping positions every so often to stay comfortable and still breathe. I find sometimes that laying on my side, instead of being propped up, is the best position but only for a short period of time. Again i emphasize a short period of time, due to the fact that I’m finding myself waking up from snoring so loud and then of course not being able to breathe. The ice packs are amazing and realy do help with sleeping comfortably. My dad went out and got a bunch of redbox movies and tv shows for me today and i’ve been camped out in my room… very relaxing! Tomorrow im getting the humidifier so i’m really excited about that. I hope the rest of this week gets easier. Anyone have any tips or suggesstions for the itchiness?

  149. Day 3 sucked in the morning. The pain level was about an 8/10. I had to take steroids and codeine (with food) as soon as I woke up.. Boy did the medicines BURN!! A good alternative someone suggested was to drink a glass of milk before taking the meds. That definitely helped! When the codeine kicked in, I felt pretty good for the rest of the day. Pain was maybe a 4/10

  150. Day 3 for me has been worse. The first 2 days I barely had any pain, and today I feel a dull headache, ear pain and my tongue hurts. I’m hungry but can’t eat. I have been really sleepy but I have to be careful to drink fluids. I slept too much last night and despite having my 2 humidifiers running, I can now feel the scabs forming in my throat and it’s uncomfortable.

  151. So far, day 3 has been rough. I spend all morning throwing up. I could barely eat because my stomach still didn’t feel right. I got a new prescription of liquid percoset to replace the roxicet. The nausea has gone away with the new medicine. Today, I am having a lot of jaw and ear pain along with a very raw feeling throat. I’m exhausted because I’m getting very little sleep and my neck is so cramped from trying to sleep propped up. Please tell me there’s a light at the end of the tunnel…

  152. I’m on my 3rd day now. Last night was terrible, I slept sitting up with a humidifier, but I didn’t get a good night’s sleep because I kept getting up every two hours to drink water, and my throat was still dry when I woke up! It seems a little bit worse than yesterday, but not too bad. Thank goodness for ice packs! All I’ve eaten today is a scrambled egg, jell-o, a popsicle and noodles with butter. I’ve been starving all day, but today it hurts more to chew food than to swallow. I don’t want it to get any worseee 🙁

  153. Sounds like a rough time Ashley. Trust me it gets better. It has now been a week since my surgery. I would try going for some jello to get something a little more substantial in your stomach. It helped me a lot.

    -Matt F.

  154. i’m 18 years old and this is Day 3 for me. I woke up at 3:30am to me choking on phlegm. Once I stopped crying I changed my ice pack that the hospital gave me, got colder water to soothe my aching throat. I took the hydrocodone and now I play the waiting game. day 1 wasn’t so bad because the anesthesia didn’t wear off for awhile. It took the hospital 2 hours to wake me up from it. Tuesday [day of surgery] I slept all day. Yesterday, day 2 was very painful, couldn’t swallow anything besides my medicine and Popsicle’s. Today is not looking good and it’s only 4:40 in the morning. I haven’t eaten anything besides popsicles since tuesday and because of that my stomach won’t stop growling. I burp a lot also cause my stomach is so empty. I keep laying on the water but it doesn’t seem to help. It’s been an hour..the Hydrocodone better kick in soon…

  155. Day 3….woke up with the chronic hiccups at 6 am, actually got about 5 hours of sleep. It’s 11 pm and I have been hiccuping roughly 90% of the day, on and off – obviously mostly on. It is making my throat hurt worse than it should be, I imagine. Very annoying. White scabs looking better and more in line with the pictures. Ate scrambled eggs with cheese and a small portion of Mac and cheese. It’s sore getting food down because the muscles hurt. The food itself doesn’t hurt. I truly believe that my mind is so focused on the ridiculousness of these hiccups that I’m not feeling the pain from my throat as much. This is mental torture.

  156. You just described my day 4. I have not thrown up but I have spent all day feeling like I was going to. I can’t eat anything because my throat is so sore and my meds do nothing but make my stomach more upset. Meanwhile I seem to have a migraine that of course I can’t take anything for because both asprin and ibuprofen are off limits…

    -Matt F.

  157. well im passed this day but i can still remember that day 3 was the worst so far. i woke up dizzy and i couldnt get my medicine down because i was so sick to my stomach. my mom and sister were at work and i couldnt get out of bed. i started getting a HUGE headache and i had no pain reliever close to me so i couldnt take anything. i slept all day and finally my family came home. i had an even bigger headache and my mom helped me out of bed. i was running a fever of 101.1 which i was told was normal. i tried eating and i couldnt because i was getting sick to my stomach again. i ended up throwing up a bit but after that i was able to eat again. the rest of the day i felt a bit better but was sitting very dizzy and weak. today is day 5 and im doing better but still in pain. i hope others have a better day 3.

  158. Well today is really starting to ache. I overslept, which sounds like a great thing. But it means that I was 2 and half hours late to get my pain killer dosage. So now I’m sitting around in some of the worst pain I have had yet. I still can’t lay on my back without the airway to my nose being blocked off. Very irritating. I think some of this I brought on myself, I tried to eat a little more normal last night and I am pretty sure I over did it just a little.

    -Matt F.

  159. Day three was my best so far, but the first two hours were horrible.

    So far there had been no real pain to speak of, but I woke up needing to cough and clear my throat, I knew I wasnt supposed to (as it can cause bleeding) but it really couldnt be helped.Cleared my throat about 4 times. I drank plenty of water, but still the dangling tickling feeling mixed with a foul taste was present at the back of my throat, like a soft scab flapping down my airway (yuck).
    I ate three slices of bread, a banana, some malt loaf, and a cup of herbal tea, and every bit of it was heaven! there was no pain, and each swallow felt like it was helping to clear out the gunk/scab, in fact on day three I was happier when I was eating than when I wasnt eating.

    Oh and it totally worked on clearing my throat by the way!

    The rest of the day was quite easy, had scrambled eggs, and pasta with pesto. Took my meds, but not always on time, as the pain wasnt really showing itself at this point.

  160. Day 3 is coming to an end for me. Last night i ate mashed potatoes dipped chicken soup to make it less sticky in my throat and it was good so I stuck with it again tonight. Any dairy at all gives me mucous and makes swallowing very uncomfortable but I feel like all the best soft foods have dairy… I tried cutting down my Percocet to just one pill every 4 hours last night. Woke up with a terrible scratchy feeling and a cough, so i had to take 2 pills again. The perks have been giving me a headache and making me sooo itchy. But I’m not planning on stopping them because I know they are the only thing separating me from a hell of a lot of pain. I went from being constipated to having extreme diarrhea but I think that’s because I’ve been eating a ton of apple sauce because it’s the only thing I can take my pills in. Anyways, overall if I stick to my medicine and drink a lot of water I feel MUCH better then I thought I would.

  161. Today was day 3 for me, and it was definitely harder than days 1 and 2, as I expected it to be. it wasnt horrible though, so I’m kinda expecting tomorrow to be worse. I have been taking liquid pain killers since the surgery, and I am running low on those, so I have to take pills until I can get the liquids refilled on Tuesday. Right now it hurts to swollow and talk. I find that if I need to swollow saliva, it helps to take a sip of water, and then lean my head forward so that my uvula is out of the way. It feels better anyway. Im not really looking forward to day 4 as of right now.

  162. I had my tonsillectomy on July 6th, 2012 at 12PM. So I guess I am in day 3 recovery, perhaps just day 2. So far it has just been a really bad sore throat. Still able to eat solids as long as they are soft, such as ramen noodles, eggs, etc. That night after surgery wife made some sauteed chicken sausage, onions, peppers and thyme and tossed it in rotini pasta. I had a huge plate and it hurt to swallow but I still ate it all. Forced myself to have the leftovers the next day even though it hurt even more to swallow. My thought process is that I should eat as much as possible while I still can. Constantly drinking water, apple juice, and coke with lots of ice. Chewing ice has always been a habit of mine and it is helping out here. Taking 10 to 15 ml of Lortab every 4 hours depending on pain. Also sleeping with a cool air humidifier. So far this has not been bad at all, but I understand that a really painful check may be in the mail for me. Just curious if there is anything else I should be doing? I here that being somewhat active helps? When should I start that? Right now I’ve just been taking it easy. Hope everyone else going through this is having an easy go of it.

  163. My 5yr old son had his tonsils & adnoids removed on July 4,2012. Right after surgery he was drinking water, he had probs keeping anything down but still continued to drink. He was released from the Hospital on day 2. When we got home he was very tired (he was mad the nurse kept coming into his room during the night and waking him to check his vitals and give him meds lol) & hungry. He requested French Toast, we were a little hesitant but thought he can try it, he ate 3 pcs (crust removed) in record time! And had macaroni and cheese for supper that night. We were totally shocked that he was eating so well. We are now on day 3 and he is doing just as well today! 2 hot dogs for lunch & spaghetti for supper. Everyone that sees him can not believe he just had his tonsils out…he is totally back to himself already!! He is eating very well, drinking fluids, taking his meds(which he hates!) and running and playing like nothing happened =) he has never once complained about pain or discomfort 🙂 Although he gets upset that he can’t have somethings to eat yet.

  164. O.K. so Day Three is over and onto Day Four I go! Although I had both tonsils removed, the left side of my throat is completely pain free, while the right side, well, that is a whole different story. Right side is becoming a bit unbearable, especially now that pain meds only last two of the four hours. I am still forcing down healthy foods- butternut squash soup, fruit drinks from juicer, etc., but I must admit- it hurts like a _ _ _ _ch! And, I am still forcing water into me non-stop. The icepacks continue to be a GOD sent! HIGHLY recommend buying four of them to rotate throughout day/night. Speaking of day, the day is much better than night in terms of pain level- not sure why, but it really is. I am finding that about 1/2 hour prior to taking my meds I take 1/2 of a pill, then eat, then take one full pill. I cannot take the meds on an empty stomache so this seems to help. The 1/2 pill is just enough to ease the pain to eat more before taking the whole dose. So I am slowly figuring out some things that are making a difference. One more note- I sat out in the sun on Day Three. My pain went away immediately and I cannot wait to go out again today for about 1/2 hour. The sun really does help- with pain and overall attitude.

  165. Day 3, June 24, 2012. About the same as day 2, however I have to deep breath and cough phlegm up every so often. Not a big deal, but everytime I cough I worry about bleeding. I have a spit cup handy so that I can spit into to see if there is blood present. Otherwise I take my meds as often as possibly, drink water every hour and eat boatloads of popsicles. I continue to ice constantly. I find myself chewing gum to mask the horrible taste in my mouth. Very stiff neck and back. Fever broke and has stayed away so far. back on my neck feels warm. Ate Ramen noodles twice today. Each half mouthful takes for or 5 swallows to get completely down as it likes to just bunch up in the back of the throat. Way better than having the liquids try to come up through the nose though. I have been sleeping in an upright position, cool mist humidifier on always, constant ice applied to neck, drinking liquid at least every hour. Things are more painful every two hours after taking the pain medicine as it wears off that quickly. Current pain when swallowing is less painful that my worst case of strep throat.

  166. Day 3 so far is a lot better than Day 1 & Day 2.
    I woke up with breathing difficulty due to swollen throat that presses the wind pipe. I found that propping my head up on several pillows help me to breathe better when sleeping.
    But pain wise, it is a lot better today. I can drink water without much difficulties, and even managed to eat rice porridge that I boiled together with some vegetables & eggs till they get really soft.
    The back of my throat feels stuffy & numb due to the swelling, and it affects my speech quite considerably. I sound slurred, much like when I had ulcers in my mouth.
    I take my meds every 3 hours, they’re a combo of Parasetamol & Codeine.
    I always soak my pills with a little water in a small cup till they get fully disintegrated before I drink them. It helps a lot, since swallowing the pills in full form is a NO-NO for my throat, and grinding & taking them dry would feel like rubbing sand paper on a fresh wound.

  167. If I wait even half hour past the time for my meds if feels like someone opened my mouth, used my uvula as a punching bag and took my tonsils as a suveneir. Humidifier & meds are still my best friend.

  168. Its day 3 and Im feeling better than day 1 &2… I have my ice packs for my neck, which are just wet face rags in sandwich bags, about 6 pillows on bed for comfort and propping me up, also I have an adult sized sippy cup thats is amazing, I dont have to turn the cup to get the contents out. Just open the straw and take a few sips. Ive found that my mucus is really thick and that Id rather spit it out than struggle to swallow it. But every time I do that I take a sip of water or apple juice.
    The swelling in my uvula has went down significantly, Im now able to get the phlegm from behind it without feeling like Im about to rip it out of my throat (it was super swollen in the beginning).
    Oh and 1 of the biggest helpers has been going into the bathroom, turning the shower on all hot! The very first time I did this, 2 big globs of blood came out of my throat… Since I dont have a good humidifier this really helps me drain my nose and loosen the phlegm in my throat. Ok Im falling asleep while I type this I think its time to dose back off. If I think of anything else later on, I will log back on. E

  169. I’m an 18 yr old female, just woke up to greet day 3 of my tonsillectomy recovery. Woke up very swollen today, my uvula and tongue. Very hard to swallow. Yesterday, day two, I was eating scrambled eggs. But today due to increase of pain, I think I’ll stick to the frozens and the liquids. Took some IB profen for the swelling, I’m trying to go easy on the Lortabs.
    Good luck to all in your recoveries! We can do this! Stay positive, This will all be worth it soon! (:

  170. Day 3- Nasal drip problem is solved, with just a kids age 6-12 dose of Children’s Benedryl. I’m sleeping more normally, not snoring as much, or feeling the need to clear my throat so much. I’ve been HUNGRY today. I’ve had three servings of watered down instant mashed potatoes, and just boiled pasta until it was super soft and then added some soy cheese (No dairy for this girl!) to it, and made a mac n cheese that is soft and wonderful.

    Still, sore throat was bad today, and at times I didn’t want to swallow. It really is the last hour or so before I take the Lortab again that I feel so bad. I will never miss a dose. My ears had considerab;e pain today too, but gum helped a bit.

    Overall, feeling like this isn’t SO bad, so I guess when the scabs are falling off, that should be the part I’m dreading. Husband says all of the black stuff is gone from the back of my throat now, it’s just all white.

  171. Hello there, congratulations for the site, it is really helpfull for everyone who is recovering from this surgery.
    Today is my third day. Until now the pain is the same as it was yesterday. I have to confess that only in first day there was severe pain. I am just waiting for the days to pass and get better.

  172. Today marks the end of my third day, I have been reading the forum and was nervous about reaching my third day because of all the pain everyone has felt on this day. I have yet to experience such pain. I have had minor ear ache and some sore throat throughout the day, but most of all I am just hungry. My diet today included egg salad, chicken soup, and vanilla ice cream with strawberries. I have set my alarm clock to be sure to stay hydrated and to stay on top of my meds. I set my alarm every four hours to take Lortab or Ibuprofin. (I was told by my nurse that it is only going to get worse…I can’t imagine since it hasn’t been as horrible as I expected so far.) I was sure to do a lot of research before my surgery and thank you so much for this website. The humidifier works wonders and I am thankful I haven’t experienced the side effects of laying down…the neck pillow was a great idea to assist in sleeping!

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