Tonsillectomy Recovery Day 2

Tonsillectomy Recovery Day by Day

Day 2


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A collection of various experiences of adult tonsillectomy patients on their second day of recovery
From thousands of post comments to the tonsillectomy recovery forum, I have assembled a sampling of various accounts and impressions of tonsillectomy recovery for each day. Below I share comments about tonsillectomy day 2. These comments are taken from tonsillectomy patients who were kind enough to share their experiences to help others as they navigate the bumpy road of tonsillectomy recovery.What to eat? Thoughts on the post tonsillectomy diet

Eating After Tonsillectomy

Please feel free to add your own experience with tonsillectomy day 2.

Tonsillectomy Day 2

Tonsillectomy Day 2


Day 2 :  I don’t even need narcotics.  Give me some pudding!

Day 2 :  This must be the pain everyone’s talking about. Yay, drugs!

Day 2 :  So, I woke up today in some intense pain, as the children’s Tylenol wasn’t even lasting half of the time as it was supposed to. My throat and uvula felt extremely swollen, which is completely normal for the first few days after surgery. I was really adamant about not taking the codeine because I have a very sensitive stomach and I know that codeine is very strong – especially on an empty stomach.  I decided to try to swallow the amoxicillin again – I guess I didn’t learn my lesson the first time! After 30 minutes and finally getting both capsules down, I decided enough is enough and next time I was definitely going to open the capsules and mix them with jell-o. Sure enough, I decided to be smart one more time and say that it’s all in my head and they won’t get stuck again. Um, why am I so stubborn at times? However, the third time they got stuck was the charm. I started getting upset and promised myself that I will not swallow them again. I stuck to my word this time! Needless to say, amoxicillin and jell-o don’t taste so swell together. In fact, I gagged just about every time I had to take them; lucky for me, it was 2 capsules 3 times daily for 1 week – what bliss! The morning and afternoon wasn’t terrible, as I was able to get by on the children’s Tylenol. I ate popsicles and freezies throughout the day, and was wondering why I had so much phlegm. I put my thinking cap on and realized that it must be the sugar in them that is causing the excess of phlegm – it wasn’t pleasant. Nevertheless, I continued to eat them because they soothed my throat. I realized a weird symptom today, uncontrollable burping!?! I was a little taken back by this, but after talking to a few people, I was told it was just my digestive track returning to normal. The evening on the other hand, got a lot worse! I decided to sacrifice my stubbornness, and take the codeine (yes people, on an EMPTY stomach)! That night my stomach hurt a bit because of the codeine, but I figured it would settle. I prayed it would settle! I didn’t even want to think about vomiting after a tonsillectomy – ouch!

Day 2 :  bad morning, felt good during the day, night time pain was really bad Stopped pain meds on day 2 due to nausea and dizziness.

Day 2 :  i went home and slept and woke up at 9:30am and wasnt feeling too bad. I lost track of time and missed my timing for the meds and was in excruciating pain at about 12pm. once the effects of the t3′s came in, it eased the pain a little bit. I managed to eat 3 fried eggs and some soft meat thing. but i felt really nauseated after eating it. I also drank a lot of water even though it hurt like hell to swallow

Day 2 : I’m about to finish day 2. I have been chewing on some juicy fruit gum, eating bomb pops and scrambled eggs(with just a little milk and cheese mixed in) and they are going down easy. I now have some pain on my tongue, several sore spots. Hurts worse than my throat. The liquid roxicet the doctor gave me works great. I’m only consuming about 5ml instead of the recommended 10ml.

Day 2 : Well it was a bit of a rough night. Had another anxiety attack around 6am. Had a bunch of flem/thick mucus coating my throat because it was drying out, due to breathing through my mouth. The this mucus was making it difficult to swallow and I began to worry i would choke or drown. It is also difficult to drink, when i swallow fluids creep up my nose, but since i cannot really breathe through my nose, i cant clear it. This also gives me anxiety.

tonsillectomy recovery day 2 : Day two–sucked!! Nauseous all day from taking pain meds on empty stomach, throwing up, finally doc gave a scrip for anti-nausea medicine so my mom (bless her heart, stayed with my for 5 days) went and got my meds. Couldn’t eat or take pain meds without barfing. Pain was awful.

tonsillectomy day 2 : day 2 was terrible! Mornings are the worst too. I found waking up a few times in the night just for a sip of water really helped! Also for the first time last night I used an icepack! So much relief! It’s such a long process but there is a light at the end of this painful tunnel!

Day 2 : Day 2- bad morning, felt good during the day, night time pain was really bad.

day 2 : Days 2-3: I would call this a “steady decline”. Pain became worse and I could not eat anything. No popsicles, no ice cream. Finally at the end of day 3 I discovered Jello. Oh thank heaven for Jello, it felt soooo good both on my throat and to actually have something in my stomach.

tonsillectomy recovery day two : Was able to sleep a little bit more over night but not much. The Lortab med made me feel very weird and I took a little too much of it because the pain was so bad and that was a mistake. Felt like I had a minor overdose. I ended the day with a slight mental breakdown in the bathroom with the worst pain in my throat and head that I have ever felt in my life. Did not eat much and my appetite seemed to vanish. Pretty much hit a roadblock today and my body just did not feel like doing anything.

tonsillectomy day two :  I made it through the night ok. I was put on an oxygen reader to make sure I was breathing an acceptable level of oxygen. I didn’t get much sleep because of the pain.

Tonsillectomy Recovery


Aug 20th, 10:41a: (Sorry for long post, this outlines from yesterdays Tonsiectomy to the following morning)

Please forgive any typos, still have a ton of drugs in me. To be clear, I am the biggest pansy when it comes to pain.

So much so, when they were hooking me up to the IV I almost decided not to go through with my tonsillectomy. The wife and the sedative they gave me helped sway my decision.

The reason: I had a table saw accident several years ago and knew what 10-10 pain is. If you are anything like me, you researched the sh!t out of this procedure and are now terrified because almost 98% of the accounts of this surgery are horrible stories.

I am journaling my experience for those like me that are spending 100’s of hours reading and prepping. Hopefully, this will help you.

Just had a coblation tonsillectomy at 7:30a Thursday August 20, 2015, for chronic tonsil stones. ENT told my wife he could not believe they were not removed as a child because of the scarring on them from multiple sicknesses.

I am a 35-year-old male and live in the USA. Just got back home now several minutes ago from outpatient surgery and wanted to start this right away while it is fresh in my mind. This must be the “honeymoon phase” since I am in very little pain. Maybe a 1-2 out of 10.

Ate jello and now about to eat Kraft mac and cheese since I hear when the anesthesia the stuff wears off, it is bad.

I am prescribed 1-2 Dilaudid 4mg every 4-6 and Norco 10/325 every 2-4 hours. Phenergan suppositories for nausea, tetracaine numbing lollipops, the tonsil fire extinguisher, and a stool softener. ENT talked me out of the steroids since he said it prolongs healing but I really want them, all I need to do is call and ask.

Drinking a TON of water right now to keep hydrated. Took two soft ice packs you can get in the camping section of Walmart and put them in a sock to wrap around my neck. Will keep you posted.

Aug. 20th 5:30p.

So pain is at about a 2-3 out of 10. Not terrible at all. I am at 64oz of water in a Nalgene bottle that has a neoprene cover on it to keep it cold. Resting in a recliner watching TV. Have two TV stands next to the recliner with a humidifier on each one, tv remote, etc.

Ate jello, which went down great then ate Kraft Mac and cheese again, and a protein shake.

Wife made me mini Gatorade ice cubes and strawberry ensure ice cubes.

ICE, ICE, ICE and WATER, WATER, WATER is a must! Was able to take a few cat naps about 30 minutes a piece. Making sure I stay hydrated.

My sister is a surgical nurse for an ENT and stressed the importance of ICE and Hydration. I have had an ice pack around my next the entire time.

Not too much more to report. Oh, buy one of those travel neck pillows.

Aug. 21st 2 am

Ladies and Gentlemen, please put your seat trays and seat backs into upright and locked position because we are in for a bumpy ride. Boy am I glad I got that food down earlier.

Took my last pain meds yesterday night around 10:30p and fell right to sleep. I set an alarm for 1:30a to make sure I drank more H2O and took more pain meds. Well, no alarm clock needed. I woke up with a solid 7-8 out of ten pain level at exactly 1:19a. Feels like the left tonsil scab is wanting to peel (which it does not appear to by flashlight inspection) and like the worse case of strep throat I ever had.

I forgot to mention from when I woke up in recovery and to now I have not talked, but two words to make sure the vocals still worked. Been using a dry erase board or texting from my computer and phone to communicate with the wife. From several other peoples stories they said talking tends to make you pay for it later.

On top of that, I also forgot to mention I am on three different blood pressure medicines and Prilosec as well for acid reflux that my GP, who referred me to the ENT said I must stay on. That is an additional four pills a day that must go down each morning.

From up until now I was rotating from one Norco 10/325 to one 4mg Dilaudid every three hours. The pain I just work up in, I just took one of each and a Phenergan to keep the nausea down. I also drank another 16oz of water, had apple sauce, and made another protein shake.

It is not my intention to scare anyone away. I did mention earlier I am the world’s biggest pansy when it comes to pain, I just want to share an accurate experience of what I am going through as it happens. It has been pretty much on par with other people’s stories.

I am journaling this in pages on my Mac, so I will go ahead and upload it to this forum in case someone else is in or near the same recovery phase as me.

The Phenergan is starting to kick in which makes you sleepy. Thanks for listening and must keep that end goal in mind of NO MORE TONSIL STONES:-)


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  1. Day 2: Had an awful sleep last night.. kept waking up pretty much exactly when I was due to take the next pain meds and couldn’t get back to sleep until they’d kicked in. I also needed water water water. My throat was so dry constantly and swallowing water involves this weird head seizuring gulp to get it down. The day was ok. Ventured out to get some art supplies and ice cream to keep me busy. Which was more than I expected to be up for. Was tired when I got back but not totally wiped out. Napped a few times during the day. Looking down my throat and I have the white covering with shades of black where the tonsils were. I’m gathering thats where they cortorised the wound. My tongue is like super bruised and swollen.. all types of colors from where it was held down with the clamps. It’s hard to see past it. Ate a piece of vegemite toast this morning for breakfast and jelly and icecream and had a not hot curry with rice and raita for dinner. Also tried some poppadums and naan.. naan was too difficult but everything else went down alright. My doc told me to eat ad normal as possible and end every meal with some crunchy fresh fruit or veg so I went for celery and watermelon. I mean not super pleasant but felt refreshing!

  2. Day 2- On a pain scale from 1-10. I would say 1, maybe a 2. I’ve been setting an alarm on my phone every four hours and take my Percocet like it’s my job. lol. I slept propped up in bed on my left and right side. Every time I woke up I would have a sip or two of water, I think I drank at least 48 oz of water through out the night. I used a defuser with lavender essential oil and sleep with my mouth closed, as much as I could. This morning the spots from my tonsils have black and white spots and my uvula has some white of it from also having my adenoids removed. I will say…having a sore throat from strep throat or tonsillitis was more painful than having my tonsils removed.

  3. Day 2. My surgery was yesterday. I’m keeping ahead of my pain, ate the following foods : hard boiled eggs, cream of wheat, also a salami sandwhich (1slice of dry bread and 1 slice of meat). I’ve had tonsillitis that has been worse, by far. I am drowzy. I basically am up doing light chores for a half hour then back in bed for 2-3. I haven’t been able to sleep more than 15 to 20 minutes at a time. Will update day 3. Hoping for the best and little to no pain!

  4. My day 2 wasn’t too bad at all, I managed to eat some pasta and meatballs and various other things during the day. I even managed to forget about the pain for a bit. I’ve had much worse tonsillitis than the pain I was on. I’m on a combo of 1000mg paracetamol, 400g iboprufen and codeine so that definitely helps but makes me very drowsy. I’ve had some episodes of sickness but they tend to go away pretty quickly. I’m curious and frightened about what comes after as I’ve heard this is when the pain kicks in.

  5. Tonsillectomy day 2 so yesterday actually wasn’t that bad but today I woke up feeling horrible. My throat hurts worse then ever and all I keep doing is spitting out all the mucus I’ve built up. Maybe it’s from not smoking….or the recovery I’m not quite sure. Still really can’t eat anything ice cream and yogurt. Drank plenty of water but had to show down cuz day one I was to the ER bc I drank too much water (6gallons in less then 3hours) went to sleep around 11pm and woke up around 1am. Note to others always have water by your side and don’t use a fan it makes everything that much worse. I really want all of this to go away before I literally crawl in a hole and just stay there.

  6. I was in a lot of pain ! It does get better I was drinking apple juice and Gatorade to get some electrolytes in me every 4 hours alternating liquid tylonol and Advil SO GROSS !!! every 6 hours oxycodon I slept a lot and had a long ice pack I placed on my neck it helps a lot ! Make sure when you go to sleep if you do set alarms when to take your medicine!! You do not want to wake up in pain. I ate tons of ice and barely drank water.. it gets better I promise ! My throat also looked like black chard was in the back of it (from colorization)

  7. At the second day of my recovery I woke up to the hospital. The pain was on a scale 3/10 and the first thing I did is to drink lot’s of water to moisturize my throat. Then the pain was reduced to 1-2/10. Water is a must!!! Had been drinking all the day 2. I left the hospital in the afternoon and got back home. I had to take the meds without using IV like in the hospital. I did the mistake to drink the antibiotic with an empty stomach and because it was overwhelmed with fluids, I ended up vomiting at 1:30am in the morning. Gladly, the pain was only up to 3/10 so I chose to sleep it off and recover from the vomit weaknesses I was feeling. Remember to always have a full stomach before you get your meds and try to eat something, even a jelly-o. It will reduce this nauseous feeling.

  8. Day 2 was quite okay for me. Not very painful, could eat a small amount of food (mashed potatoes and carrots, blended egg with some yogurt and the best one was blended apple – first boiled then blended).

    Night time was horrible. Again felt like I was about to vomit for one hour and finally calmed down and went to bed. I was thinking all night what a horrible idea it was to get a tonsillectomy.

  9. Lucas Lott on July 5, 2017 at 6:18 pm
    I just finished day 7. I have not had that bad of an expierence overall. I’ll tell you how I did it, and hopefully you can too. Keep in mind that there were a few points where I was in quite a bit of pain, and only once where it was excruciating, but my experience hadn’t been like any of these horror stories I’ve been reading about over and over again. Oh and I’m 23 years old, male, and I got my Palantine Tonils removed, because of those pesky tonsil stones. 🤢 Okay so here’s a play by play of how I’ve been able to survive this with only moderate to little discomfort. Take notes.
    After my surgery I received 5/325mg of Percocet, I was told to take two every four hours, so I set 6 alarms on my phone. One for 12PM, 4PM, 8PM, 12AM, 4AM, and 8AM. Then I put those on repeat for every day. I keep my pill close so when they go off I can take them right away. I Usually break them in half, only because they feel like they get stuck in my throats and then cause acid reflux 😤 Okay So I was told NO HARD FOODS. In the first 5 days I stuck to Applesauce and ice cream only. I tried pudding, but it puts a very uncomfortable covering over the scabs, and I hate it. You will too. I keep cold water by me at all times and I’m constantly spitting. I threw up on day 1 a few times, but that was the anasthesia. My advice, take your pain pills, eat some applesauce and then go right to bed. If you’re up walking around you’ll puke, I promise. The first day is probably the easiest out of the first six days. Still take it easy. When you wake up in the night to take your meds is the most pain you’ll experience during this whole ordeal, or at least that’s how it was for me. It will be dry, it will burn, it will feel like there’s a hot iron shoved down your throat. The only thing you can do is drink cold water and wait. Take your meds and go back to sleep. Day two was worse than day 1, but it was manageable for sure. Stay hydrated and stay home. Make sure to eat soft foods as well. And brush your teeth, but don’t do it before bed, ever, do it in the morning, otherwise it dries your throat out at night. Day 3 was pretty much the same thing, I did leave the house to say goodbye to one of my friends who was deploying, im in the Air Force btw 🇺🇸But yeah, it wasn’t too bad, I survived, and took a nap when I got home. Blah blah blah the rest of day three was just resting and eating soft foods when the pain meds kicked in and watching movies with my wife and playing Xbox. Day 4, same thing. However as the days go by it gets harder to swallow and the scabs or all the way formed and start to flake off kind of, it’s gross and the only way you can tell is you feel it. And btw, at NO POINT did I ever gargle anything. I let it come off naturally and on it’s own. Day 5 was different because I tried to make love to my wife and mid way through I started bleeding out of my throat really bad 😭😭😭 it wasn’t going to happen anyways though 😑 But yeah when that happened I just drank some really cold water and it stopped eventually. I had some bleeding over the other few days, but nothing major, just spots here and there. Day six was the worst day so far, and that was at 4 am when I woke up for my pills my throat was on fire. It was so bad. I was paralyzed with pain, and my wife like bumped me and that knocked me out of my trance and I literally ran downstairs to the freezer grabbed some ice cubes and started crunching them right then and there. Luckily I had ice cold water in the fridge so I started guzzling that, and it really hurt, but it helped the burn. After that all you can do is wait, and I haven’t woken up like that again, however after that I started to elevate my head when I sleep, like i have three pillows under my back and head so I’m kind of just leaning back. Try to sleep with your mouth closed too, so it stays moist. And today was day seven, it wasn’t bad at all, still taking my meds, scabs haven’t fallen off yet. I woke up in pain, like every day, but no where near day six, that was the most pain I’ve ever felt in my life, hands down, but I survived, today I felt good enough to eat two packets of top ramen, after I was really feeling the meds though, no problems, and it was nice to get something sort of solid into my stomach. After all of this time I haven’t pooped, which bothers me, but I’ll justtown a gallon of apple juice tomorrow and if that doesn’t work then nothing will, I’ll just live my life without pooping. It’ll be tough to adapt too, but I’ll just have to deal with it. 😅 So day 7 went by good, I feel like I kind almost see a glow, from the light at the end of the tunnel. So throughout all of these days I did feel pain, every time I swallow, I yawned once, that sucked, and waking up isn’t pretty, but 90% of the stuff I’ve read on here makes it sound like they’re dying, and I really didn’t have that. Everyone goes through things differently, but I figured maybe I did something kind of right and wanted to share it with you all. I wish you a speedy recovery, and remember to hydrate and take the medication!! ✌🏼💊💧I hope this helps!

    P.S. prepare to have HORRID breath!!


  10. Day two here! I’m only 17, and I have never had a real surgery. I was thinking that it would hurt, but not this much. I woke up with my throat throbbing, it hurts to swallow, i’m trying my hardest not to clear my throat of cough, and I can barely keep my liquid medicine down. I had a popsicle for breakfast (what a way to start your day) and ever piece I had hurt like heck. But, it’s only day two, and it can only get better from here! Good luck to everyone!

  11. I’m on day 2 of recovery…
    Taking 3 pills and 20ml of stil pain every 3 to 4 hours… I found it’s easy to drink bigger sips of water and angle my chin to my throat which lessens the pain of drinking. Also have an occasional Luke warm cup of tea too.
    I’ve eaten bread, some steak, mash, some cookies (dunked in the tea) and jello

    Take it slow when eating the things that a re a little more coarse. And chew them a bit more. Then the swallowing gets easier.

  12. Day 2 here had a bit of pain lower left side close to my tongue , had a few incidents sipping water and semi choking but did manage to eat some scramble eggs with chicken broth took about an hour for 2 egg but was worth it hadn’t since day before. Still have issues swallowin and sawe for first time the back of my throat. Needless to say looks kinda nasty but I’m looking forward to it being healed. Horrible gag reflexes don’t help =)

  13. I had my tonsillectomy done this morning. I don’t remember anything in the surgery room but seeing the light, and waking up in the recovery room. After 20 minutes in the recover room, I was discharged home. I went to McDonald’s and got two cups of ice cream and ate them both. It didn’t hurt so much at first, but after I took a nap and woke up it got worse! My throat is killing me so bad, I could cry. I been trying to drink sips of water but it hurts so bad when I swallow, that I have been avoiding drinking water. I know I need to in order to heal faster but to me the pain is unbearable. I hope tomorrow is better for me.

  14. Day 2: throat feels scratchy and painful. Tylenol and motrin help. Also Popsicles, pudding, ice, and ice cream help too.

  15. Finishing up day 2 and I haven’t slept for more than two hours total. Can’t nod off. I get real tired but then become wide awake as soon as I try to swallow. Taking my meds and drinking water religiously. Hope to sleep tonight or day 3.

  16. I had my surgery yesterday and yes before I was one of those people who read others experiences so I was prepared for the worst. I took my meds every 4 hrs after I left the hospital and was drinking ice water mixed with apple juice every two hrs along with sleeping in between. Day 2 I have woke up and not much pain at all I still have been taking pain meds every 4-6 hrs today and drinking the water/apple juice mix I did eat two cups of chicken noodle soup. At 26 I was expecting more pain but am pleased that I don’t have more as of today.

  17. Day 2: Moderate pain, made sure to wake up in the middle of the night to drink water. Pro tip, you can mix your amoxicillin with ginger ale, makes it go down wayyy easier. Day one i drank a few cups of chicken broth, water, a cup of rasberry tea, along with a half cup of ginger ale with my amox. Today ive had a cup of broth, waiting for jello to cool, and gonna make some black tea with honey.

  18. Day 2. My daughter (11) and I (35) both had tissue-welding T&As on May 25th. Day 2; we both continued our meds (Toradol and Hydrocodone/Acetaminophen for me H/A and Ibuprofen for her). Daughter slept in; I was able to get up and take a small walk. I took a shower and we attended a wedding that afternoon (just ceremony not reception). After, I slept as often as I could while daughter watched movies, read and played games on her IPad. I felt I was drinking more water, she was eating more food. I had no issues brushing my teeth or tongue, but my breath is already becoming raunchy. She could not brush her teeth, I did not notice terrible breath from her, but maybe just because of mine. I notice she is in pain, I am still doing okay.

  19. Day 2 was yesterday. Woke up in horrific pain with a huge swollen tongue and i couldn’t swallow at all. Managed to take some painkillers and eventually the pain settled. Ate some ice cream, cold custard.. Anything that went down easily. Felt alright until around 3 o’clock where i started to feel dizzy again. Had some pain meds and a few hours sleep and i felt a bit better. Managed some lukewarm soup and went to bed feeling alright.

  20. Day two was yesterday, felt pretty good all day. I focused on drinking A LOT! I drank 2 20oz gatorades, about 2 liters of water, a popsicle, some apple sauce, and a nutra ninja bullet packed with non-dairy muscle milk, grapes, spinach, and ice. I barely slept at all the first night and didn’t really sleep during the day so I knew I had to sleep the second night (last night). I have been taking 15 ml of liquid lortab/tylenol every 4 hours.

    Here is were I made the mistake. I cut it back to 10ml at midnight and went to bed. I slept real well from midnight to 2:30 and then was in a lot of pain from 2:30-4am. At 4am I took 15ml and that finally kicked in. I did sleep more but that means I didn’t drink as much as the night before. I felt feverish this morning and my urine had a slight yellow tint.

    Ice packs around the neck really help a ton. My neck feels like it is so warm to the touch. Also last night my arms felt really warm and someone said I looked red. Not sure what that is all about. I am def. going to drink as much as I can the first hour after pain meds kick in. If I have to I have some lidocaine I can use to numb my throat. Ready to take on day 3….not really but trying to stay positive!!

  21. Hello all, Day 2 after tonsillectomy/adenoidectomy surgery – pain is not as bad as I thought it would be. I am only experiencing when swallowing other than that I feel fine. I have liquid antibiotic which taste horrible but feels good going down my throat because it is cold.
    I have been eating Popsicle, ice cream, applesauce, pudding and ice chips.
    Drinking ice water and apple juice, swallowing hurts but I have to stay hydrated.
    I’m not hungry but i’m going to try mac and cheese as well as mashed potatoes tomorrow.
    Hopefully this pain will go away within the next couple of days.God I have not had any ear pain or bleeding.

  22. I just had a tonsillectomy on Jan 4 2016 and I am so sore and I found a medication called zofran and it immediately stopped my nausea so I could take pain meds

  23. Day 2. I’ve been chewing lots of ice. I went to the movies with my wife yesterday, did 10 minutes of stretching and got in the hot tub. I feel pretty good this morning

  24. Sorry I read my post and I had a few misspellings.when I swollow water and also I repeated words in sentences. I’m not feeling well I apologize.

  25. I am on my second day now. Yesterday was bad when I woke up from my surgery, I was all confused didn’t want my oxygen on and couldn’t stay awake and alert. I kept on falling in and out but thank God they gave me some medicine for upset stomach prior to my surgery. My pain medicine isn’t working for me at all. So today they will be giving me something else today. I gave birth twice and nothing compares to the pain and discomfort of that but the fact that you can barely swollow anything and your throat feels all weird is painful. When I swollen water certain way it goes up my nose and I feel like I’m going to drown. It’s a horrible feeling. The pain is manageable today but I know it’s going to get worst as the day goes by just like last night. And I hear day 4 is the worst. Also, Def stay hydrated ice and water no straw!!! You should be peeing like a manic, that’s a good indications that you are staying hydrated which helps decrease your pain and discomfort. Today is my post op so we will see what it looks like, I had a drip after my surgery so I have a blood cloth in the back of my throat. Oh and yesterday I spoke like I was deaf. No one could understand me and it was so frustrating I cried. I’ll be back to reflect on my next couple of days soon. Good luck.

  26. KFC MASH POTATOES!!!!!! Saved my life my stomach and soothe the throat slightly warmed. Overall minimal pain since I’ve been on time with pain meds and hydrating well. Worst symptom has been nausea. Good luck!

  27. I’m on day 2 recovery of my tonsillectomy and I hope this is the worst it gets! Pretty unbearable pain in my throat and ears. Trying to take the pain killers but just throw everything back up again. 🙁

  28. I had a tonsillectomy yesterday and was fine after surgery, my throat was in pain eating the first half of a piece of toast but I did consume two pieces with constantly sipping water between bites, when I got home I ate re-heated pasta in cheese sauce with beans and that was fine and had some tablets before bed.
    Today I’ve only been drinking water and in more pain with my throat than yesterday had weetabix for breakfast and more pasta, going to be brave and try some snacks later 🙂 but I have been feeling fine within myself and only been near to crying with pain when sneezing 🙂

  29. Day 2 has been up and down so far. I’ve been sleeping 2-3 hours at a time which is driving me crazy. Been drinking lots and lots of water. Weird thing is right now my tongue is a bit sore. Also been drinking homemade chocolate milkshakes my mom has been making, those seem to help will the pain and swelling a bit. Hoping to try solid foods in the next day or 2 and be able to swallow my regular medicine with no problems.

  30. Day 2 – for me biggest challenge as been how swollen my uvula is, which causes me discomfort overnight, I am sleeping about 2-3 hours at a time before I’m able to take my next round of pain meds. Jaw is sore as well, nagging pain but nothing so severe that I can’t function. I am hydrating aggressively – particularly when the pain meds are at full tilt. The goal is to have urine that runs clear. Make sure that your ENT provides you sufficient prescriptions to last you a week – we discovered mine did not and so the person taking care of my (my mother) is driving there to obtain another script for Lortab, as I should’ve been given two scripts to refill, and was only provided one. I have found popsicles to be the trick for that last hour when things get sore – an ice pack around the neck accompanied by a popsicle helps reduce swelling and discomfort. I eat the popsicle a bit at a time, mashing the pieces up into the roof of my mouth and then slowly swallowing back ward so as to coat my uvula. I’m not enjoying myself but the pain is comparable to severe strep cases and is manageable. I’ve eaten sherbet, applesauce, and for lunch I got down scrambled eggs.

  31. Day 2 was not fun. Had my hubby call the doctor to get different pain meds bc my current medicine works a little like speed. It definitely takes the edge off of the pain, but I want to get up and clean the house, play with the kids, walk the dog, do jumping jacks, anything but lay in bed…. which is not going to help with the healing process ( I am not actually doing all of those things, my mother, who is visiting, won’t allow it). I tried to eat ice cream, didn’t work. Yogurt, ouch. A popsicle—it stung, too. So, sticking with my Sonic ice and water. For dinner, I was able to drink a little of a french vanilla Atkins protein drink. Night time was the worst. I ended up on the couch again, bc laying down hurts too much, and at least the couch had cushions to prop up against.

  32. day 2 morning was terrible but got better through out the day after i coughed up a bit of phlegm. i was able to eat sliced ham, buttered toast, hot dog, green beans, i even ate pork steak! went down really smooth. i have found that soft stuff like potatoes and pasta are actually harder to swallow than firm stuff. i also discovered that gargling salt water does wonders. after experiencing so much pain in the morning my dr called in ultram. this didnt do anything besides cause a slight overdose. Yes i know it is hard but you just have to push through eating because i promise it really does help. i am now on day 3 and am not in any pain at all until i decided to try and eat a cabbage roll lol. tomatoes=ow.

  33. Day 2: my throat is of course more soar than yesterday. It is harder to swallow spit, food and drinks. I have been talking today but not as much. I also left the house so I don’t feel too awful. My diet consists of water, crushed ice, pudding, teddy Graham’s, apple sauce, mashed potatoes, oatmeal and Mac and cheese. My scabs has begun to darker a little, yesterday they were white. I do take 2 medicines one every 4 hours for pain and an antibiotic twice a day, one in the morning and one at night, both liquid. The pain reliever works wonders for my throat. I also fall asleep a lot, I doze off unknowingly but I’m not complaining I need the rest. Also I am 18 years of age I know the older you get the worse the recovery. I heard Day 3 is the worst so I’m preparing myself for tomorrow

  34. I definitely had swelling in my lower face/neck area. It subsided after a few days. Good luck!

  35. Its day 2 for me and swelling has begun, but particularly on my left lower cheek and neck NOT the right side. When I swallow I can taste something at the back of the left side of my throat. I am super hydrated, sucking on ice chips every few minutes, have humidifier on, taking abx. and pain meds on time, feeling pretty good, but a bit nervous there may be an infection given the left side of my face is so much worse than the other side…Did you all have much swelling? I don’t see it mentioned here.

  36. Have a question, when you are de scabbing does your syliva getting so thick you can not swallow it and when you try you gag and more spit comes out from somewhere below your tongue. Plz help

  37. Thank you, Martha! I appreciate seeing your progress reports since you’re just a few days ahead of me. Glad day 5 was better for you. I have been taking stool softeners but haven’t had a BM yet – we’ll see how it goes tomorrow. I preemptively took some zofran when I was taking my pain pills yesterday, and it’s very constipating. I seemed to do OK without it today as long as I ate something, so maybe that’ll help move things along. I’m not looking forward to the next few days, but I appreciate your encouragement!!

  38. Hey, Sarah, hang in there! Take some stool softener, if you haven’t already. I was prescribed Percocet and haven’t had a decent bowel movement since before surgery. Days 3 and 4 I had nausea associated with taking my pain pills. Usually kicked in within 40 minutes of taking it. I’m on day 5 now, and the nausea is better, but I spent days 3 and 4 taking pills with just small spoons of applesauce. Too much food and I felt very nauseous. If you can get ahead of that situation, it may not be a problem for you.

    Days 1 and 2 were very good to me, days 3 and 4 were much less kind. I slept away the entirety of day 5, and when I finally “woke up” at 4pm, I felt hungry. Earache was nearly gone and I stayed up for 3 hours feeling pretty good. I hope this can be an encouragement to you as you enter the two days I felt were the worst so far. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

  39. Day 2 after coblation tonsillectomy yesterday (6/20). Last night was rough because I am getting over a cold and had phlegm dripping back down my throat onto my very swollen uvula, which made me feel like I was choking/couldn’t breathe. The mucus seems to be a little lighter today, so I was able to take some naps. My tongue is more swollen today with some sore spots on it. The white scabs are forming where the tonsils used to be. I’ve been drinking lots of ice water and ate some noodle soup today (very slowly). I’ve also iced my neck, which is swollen. The Hamilton ice shaver (listed in the general store on this site) has been a godsend. I have been taking my pain medicine on a strict schedule and then am eating once it kicks in. May try some scrambled eggs later since the pain is still not all that bad, relative to where I know it’ll be over the next few days.

  40. I am getting my tonsils out tomorrow via the coblation method. This is very helpful advice – thank you for sharing.

  41. Tonsillectomy, Day 2: I had my tonsils and adenoids removed this morning by coblation, a newer technique in use in only 30% of tonsillectomies (it was approved for use beginning in 2001). According to my hospital’s website, “Coblation is not a heat-driven process, therefore it does not char or burn healthy tissue like conventional electrosurgery and laser surgery. It combines radiofrequency energy with a natural saline solution to gently and precisely remove tissue leading to a fast and easier recovery.”

    I have slept in three spurts of around 3.5-4 hours. After that, I wake up and feel too alert to continue sleeping. I feel very alert and able to be active during my waking moments.

    Pain has been a constant 4 today (it really only hurts when swallowing). Setting my alarms to wake up and drink every hour has been helpful. My throat hasn’t felt raw yet, only a little by my adenoids, where water doesn’t reach when drinking. Medication dosage has been as follows: Hour 1, 1 Percocet. Hour 2, drink reminder, if sleeping. Hour 3, 600mg ibuprofen. Hour 4, drink reminder if sleeping. Repeat.

    I have had a mostly normal diet today. Several Juice Stop fruit smoothies. I did eat grilled chicken and calico beans for lunch, chewing very carefully. I had tater tot hot dish for supper, again mashing it very well. The DQ Blizzard and frozen smoothies are amazing at soothing my throat.

    I feel thick mucus in my throat, maybe my body’s attempt to coat and protect the exposed tissue where my adenoids were? I also can still feel my uvula sitting at the back of my tongue. Annoying but not painful.

    I’m holding back on dosing with 2 Percocet since I hear that the pain can continue to increase in the next few days. Thank the Lord I’ve had a few good days. It has given me the resolve that I can get through this, even if it does get worse!

  42. I can’t believe I am going through all this again. I am back to day 1 post op for the second time when I should be on day 10. This happened because I was bleeding really badly over the last several days and despite further cauterizing areas at the docs office it never stopped the bleeding. They eventually brought me back in for surgery where they scraped all the old scabs off, roughened the old wound and cauterized everything again. They found a blood vessel that was squirting blood out and stopped it. As a result of all this I am back to recovery square 1, I am utterly demoralized knowing I have to though tonsillectomy recovery again. I was very fortunate the first time around where I managed the pain quite well and things never felt too sore, well this time the wound seems way more raw when I take food or liquids. previously I could eat whenever I wanted where this time around I can only eat 20 minutes after the meds kick in. On top of all this I have also had a recurrence of a severe eye infection which is a virus that only kicks in when your immune system is at its lowest. I only ever had this one time before and it took 3 months to clear it up.

  43. Day 2: This day is still kind of a blur. I continued the pain meds, and children’s motrin and attempted some Panera Mac and Cheese and soup. I am so hungry! It sucks forcing yourself to eat, but it is better than feeling dizzy off an empty stomach. Also, I had a friend visit and bring me Coldstone and then I fell asleep listening to her talk. Warning: don’t invite over friends that will be upset if you fall asleep on them.

  44. Day 2 for me feels better than day 1! I was so afraid that I would be in this horrific pain for the next 2 weeks but this is a breeze. It feels like a regular sore throat, if I had to describe it. Less pain than strep…I’m just really shocked at how good I feel. Was able to eat Krystals for dinner tonight without a problem. I hear day 4 is supposed to be back bad like day 1, but my day 1 was tolerable so I’m not even worried anymore. I am still taking my pain meds every 4 hours, so maybe that is why I feel so awesome. I kind of want to get off of them because I feel so good but I won’t take any chances, just in case lol.
    Also ate a can of Cream of Chicken Soup, 2 boiled eggs, oatmeal, and a few marshmallows all throughout the day with a popsicle every now and then.

  45. Hi, 36 year old starting day 2. I would say I woke up with pain level at 6/7 but with water/meds i was able to get it to a 5. Hurts to swallow and i can barely talk. talking hurts a lot. Its difficult bc i have 2 little kids who want me to talk to them..I keep waving. My wife is stepping it up big time.

    Trying to stay ahead of my meds. If it says every 6 hours I take it every 5 hours etc…I only plan to stay an hour ahead for the first 3 days…they try and take it at the right time. Looking back at yesterday I may have pushed it a bit too much…I am going to try and lay down in bed/couch all day today and get more sleep as I have house to myself today. So far tylenol Extra stength seems to work better than liquid perc. hmmm

  46. Hi Erica. You are brave to go off the pain meds. Part of what you’re feeling in your throat may be a swollen uvula. Though it may be uncomfortable , I strongly recommend drinking as much as possible. Best of health to you!

  47. I all I am day two 18 hours no pain pain MEDS as they through me for a huge loop. Mucus in my through feels like a took a huge bite of a burger and it’s just there. It’s a little painful to swallow. I hate drinking the water as it rolls out my nose I’m do full of mucus appt with doctor today to suction me out.

  48. Hi Jessica. Thanks for posting! Even though it may hurt to drink water, DO NOT AVOID IT! It’s very important to your healing. It might be too soon for mac~n~cheese. I did lots of jello, popsicles, and broth or creamy soups. Then moved into thicker foods.

    Best of luck to you. Stay in touch!

  49. I’m 33 nod yes they just took my tonsils !!Just entering day two !!! Thought the pain was a little better this morning ,,but then I drank water which felt like little knifes ..throat is coated in white stuff dying of hunger so tried some Mac and cheese !! One bite no go feels like its stuck in my throat 🙁 sad ill have to try something else later .

  50. Day 2 – Overall still moderate pain. Still only taking half-doses of percocet. Lots of popsicles, ice water. Got down some beef broth and tiny alphanumeric noodles for dinner. Painful yet necessary. Using the ice-pack neck wrap a lot.

  51. this site was extremely nice to read and the picture at the beginning was helpful because that’s what my throat looks like..I had a tonsillectomy adonectomy and turbinate reduction and my next morning really wasn’t that bad but the afternoon got pretty painful. I’ve been eating applesauce and jello and lots of water although swallowing has become a little more painful. the back of my neck is a little sore and it kinda sux having to breathe out of my mouth. I’ve been iceing my face and neck a lot and that really helps.

  52. I’m 44 years old and had a Septoplasty, turbinate reduction and a tonsillectomy yesterday morning. I’m so thankful for all the post on this site. It helped me immensely!

    I’m taking my pain meds frequently. To my surprise my nose feels way worse than my throat! I’m hoping I don’t encounter the pain most people experience days later.

    My saving grace has been the dehumidifier! A must!!

  53. Well day 2 was no worse than day one without the anesthesia hangover, I woke up and my Percocet was worn off and that was painful. After I got started on my regimen of Percocet I been able to nibble on food for real nutrition and even living on iced coffee, ice water, and Popsicles. I know it’s gonna get worse just bracing for it

  54. I was given Vicodin instead of Lortab, but they are fairly similar..Lortab has more acetaminophen in it. The daily Max for acetaminophen is 4000 Mg. Lortab is 500 so he could be taking it every 3 hours. Another random tip I got today from a friend who takes hydrocodone for migraines is to take it with an Excedrin migraine. The aspirin and caffeine open up the blood vessels letting more of the hydrocodone into your system (according to her doctor) I tried it and it did seem to help a bit. One down side is that aspirin is a blood thinner. If you think he is at risk for bleeding, it might not be with it (though it doesn’t sound like he will be the type to be knocking off scabs early by sneaking a piece of pizza). You could just pick up some JetAlert or NoDoze to get some caffeine in in the morning without the aspirin.

  55. HELP! My 15 year old son had golf-ball size infected tonsils and ” huge” adenoids removed yesterday . He is really tough – varsity goal keeper… Even on Lortab every 4 hours, he is in so much pain, he won’t swallow his own siliva. Just spits it into his basin. He keeps ice pack on his throat. If he accidentally swallows, he cries in pain. I’m concerned about dehydration. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks, Single Mom Chris

  56. I have one of the “Liberator Ramp” pillows. It keeps me propped up at a decent angle, but I am on my side most of the time. If I try to lay on my back I choke on my uvula too. I wouldn’t say that I “sleep” much, but I am able to get some rest. I am taking Benadryl too to help with post-nasal drip and to help me me rest. I don’t let myself sleep for more than an hour though or my throat dries out painfully!

  57. It’s now. 1036 pm of day 2. I have had much success taking pain medicine every 4 hours (2tsps of Roxicet). It tastes awful but I take Zofran a half hour before the pain medicine and it seems to let the liquid pain med go down easier. I am not in as much pain as I thought I would be at this point. Lots of ice and water are helping I suppose

  58. My mom came to spend the day with me while my husband went to work. I am feeling pretty good overall. We managed to wrap Christmas presents, I made some dairy-free chocolate pudding, took a really nice bubble bath. As long as I keep sipping on fluids and take pain meds every 3.5 – 4 hours, I am fine. I always make sure to eat a little something about 20 minutes before it is time to take medicine so I haven’t had any problems with nausea.

    It feels amazingly good to brush my teeth (with a kids toothbrush), scrape my tongue and gargle with listerine. My uvula so swollen it rests on the back of my tongue. I constantly feel like there is something back there that I need to spit out or swallow.

  59. I had my tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy (spelling?) on December 16th, and it’s recovery day 2.
    I’m 15 years old by the way, and had my tonsils out because I had cryptic tonsils, which trapped nasty food bits and smelled REALLY bad if the bits broke :/
    It’s pretty hard to swallow, but the pain meds definitely help. Cold water is good, but I’m currently drinking lukewarm chicken broth (low sodium, low fat) and it tastes like heaven!
    Ice packs on the neck help, as long as you can get them to say on!


  60. Day 2 was decent for me after a rough first night with little sleep. I was able to catch a nap or two here and there without too much pain, although I am nervous to let myself fall asleep due to my fear of snoring and further agitating the back of my throat. The liquid hydrocodone kept pain at bay well today, and I only took one teaspoon every four hours instead of the 2 teaspoons yesterday. I added in a little liquid acetaminophen to cover the last hour in my dosing cycle because the hydro was not quite lasting. I am keeping careful track of how much medicine I am taking and when—especially to watch the amount of acetaminophen due to the possibility of liver damage. I continued to drink fairly comfortable today, mostly ice water with crushed ice. Swallowing the ice feels great on my throat. I ate some chicken broth (room temp) for lunch, two Italian ices, and got brave at dinner time and had some cool, mashed potatoes. After all, it is Thanksgiving! The potatoes tasted great and went down smoothly, although my pain definitely spiked after eating. Took a nap and work up to new sensation of itching in my ears. Not sure if that means the infamous ear pain is right around the corner. We shall see.

  61. So, this is day two. Besides the fact that I feel like there’s a brick stuck in the back of my throat, I feel pretty decent. I went to work this morning and kind of tired myself out, but I’m fine. The pain is nothing worse that the usual sore throat that I’ve lived with off and on for 20 years. Not being able to clear my throat of the phlegm is a slight worry for me, feels like I’m choking. Doc gave me Loratab for the pain, only taking it twice a day as opposed to 4-6 times, don’t know if this stuff is addictive so I take every precaution. Last night, the same night as the surgery, I was actually able to eat some turkey (well chewed of course and followed by huge gulps of water.) That is the only food I’ve had in three days, besides some pudding.
    All is well, praying for speedy recovery.

  62. So I had a panic attack during the night. I woke up in immense pain and thirst and given that I’d barely gotten any sleep (as none of us have been) my mind couldn’t make sense of it and my anxiety spiked. My mum took me to the doctors in tears because my pain relief (codeine) was doing nothing, and Panamax wasn’t touching it either. I couldn’t see the back of my throat – the swelling was so intense that I can barely make out the shape of my uvula anymore, and I was told not to take my quart-tablets until day 3, so I didn’t know what to do. The doctor took some swabs, given that my throat looks infected already. Apparently that’s common if you have had tonsillitis just before having them removed – yet another thing I was not told. I gagged quite awfully when the doctor took some swabs… It was horrid. She prescribed more codene since I’ll be out by Monday at the latest, and suggested a stronger Panasonic, and a betadine mouthwash. The pharmacist then tried to refuse me any more codene because I’d been given some a few days ago, even though I had another script, and by this point I was in such immense pain I broke down in the middle of the pharmacy. I think they all took pity on me because next thing I know I’m walking out with my script, extra strength paracetamol, betadine mouthwash and some electrolyte icypoles which are helping. I’m getting awfully constipated with my meds so I also had some syrup for that, so I’m getting tummy aches as I write this… I’ve been in bed all afternoon feeling like I was going to die – or maybe it’s just wishful thinking…All in all, today just friggin sucks. I wish I’d never done this :'(

  63. Day 2…much the same as yesterday. Pain still a 2-3, sleep still elusive, diet still limited…

    I figured the pain would start increasing this evening… Not too much yet but I can fill a little tightening and more sensitivity.

    Really on the drug regimen, alternating Percocet with Ibuprofen and that seems to help.

    New issue…slight acid reflux. Can’t wait for tomorrow.

  64. Got about 4 total hours of sleep last night . Woke up in so much pain even though I drank tons of water throughout the night and slept with a humidifier on. Popsicles offered no relief nor did ice chips. That being said, I realized that I had only been taking 1/2’of the Dr prescribed dose of the Lortab. I was taking 10ml instead of the 15-20ml recommended. That has made a world of difference in my day! So far I have had no nausea to speak of.
    I started the day with scrambled eggs, had some jello and a pumpkin Jamba Juice. Gonna try some chicken noodle soup for dinner soon. I’ve gotta say, even though the pain was intense this morning. , it has been remarkably better all day today. Keeping my fingers crossed that tomorrow is even better.
    Oh, chewing gum is a must! Feels a little like something is caught in the back of your throat when you chew but it offers so much relief to a dry throat!

  65. I’m fine when just sitting around but when I swallow,I feel like I’m going to die! It’s day 2 (surgery yesterday) and I just woke up and it seems that drinking water feels amazing. And FYI I’m 14 years old and missing my girlfriend and friends from v school.

  66. day 2 sunday was slightly worse than day 1. Still taking just paracetomol instead of oxycodone. I ate scrambled eggs and some creamy chicken and corn soup in between jello.
    Worse part was when I went to sleep and woked up 4 hours in with increased pain. This is what everyone is talking about when you dont keep the throat moist by drinking water.
    Pain 4/10.

  67. Day 2: Sleeping with a cat and a humidifier and waking to take meds ever two hours (alternating Norco and ibuprofen). Feel pretty darn good so far!

  68. DAY 2: 30 years old and had tonsillectomy (with adenoids removed too).
    The uvula swelling is finally decreasing a little due to the steroid prescription I started last night after the first bleeding occured. Had bleeding again today but managed get it stopped at home with ice cold water gargling. Seeing the surgeon Thursday since it’s bled from the same side twice now. Just glad I got it stopped and didn’t have to go ER. I just wish I could stay asleep for more than 20 mins every few hours…I have got about 5 hours total of sleep since coming home yesterday. Staying on a strict pain med schedule (which I highly recommend), so my pain level is still only like a 1-3 (feels like a really scratchy throat) the majority of the time.
    No jaw or ear pain because I am currently being treated for TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder) and my treating doctor had wrote to my surgeon about the maximum jaw width opening for me to have during surgery. The pain meds (and sleep deprivation) make it super hard focus…it took me 15 minutes to write this post!

  69. Its day two and my ears are the serious problem. Hurts to swallow. On pain meds that don’t seem to work. But I am still doing it. Cant wait to stop hurting. If only they could take out tonsils painlessly.

  70. Don’t miss a dose of your pain meds, you will definitely know when you do! Tylenol with codine and children’s Advil (ibuprofen) have been my saving graces. Granted Tylenol with codine makes me extremely silly. I keep both on my little desk at my side to take when I wake up. After sleeping through the night without meds or drinking, my throat is on fire when I wake up. Usually I can get it to calm down with a Tylenol with codine and a popsicle.

  71. It’s not as bad as I was expecting. My throat was a little swollen and itches, but other than that it still just feels like a case of tonsillitis far back in my throat. It’s only very uncomfortable right before my next dose of medicine, when I’ve slept for more than an hour and my throat is dry, or when I sleep without enough of an incline and my throat feels closed. Other than that, everything is fine. I haven’t felt nauseous yet and I’m not experiencing any side effects from any of the drugs. I right after surgery and dozed back off for just another hour, so the meds they gave me for home aren’t affecting me in the slightest. I just don’t want to feel too comfortable where I am because I feel like it will most likely get worse sometime within the next week.

  72. Day 2- A little challenging earlier this morning, but I’m good now. I overslept my alarm clock this morning for my does of Ibuprofen. Definitely a rude awakening. After getting my 2nd dose of percacet and ibuprofen this morning I feel really good. My uvula is still really swollen making sleeping a pain. I know the 1st few days are like a honeymoon, and I’m taking advantage of this! My doctor told me that he wants me to eat like normal starting today, so we’ll see how that goes.

    Method of tonsillectomy was Tissue Welding also known as Thermal Welding.

  73. On day 2 post-op the pain was probably only about a 3-4 out of 10. I was taking my Tylenol with hydrocodone every 4 hours and it seemed to be helping. I was eating jello almost constantly to keep my throat wet. It always feels good to have something running over it. I was still thinking that other people didn’t know what they were talking about because I still wasn’t having very much pain (but read Day 3). I was even feeling well enough to take my dog for a walk and take a shower.

  74. My day 2 is not bad. I took my 3rd and last dosage of hydrocodone at 3am this morning and threw up the fifth and so far last time. I stopped all pain meds on day 2 and so far I think the pain is manageable. I have chronicle tonsillitis and tonsil stones everlasting time a year but o don’t have sore throat too much. To me this pain is much better than the nausea the pain meds gave me and the possible constipation side effect. I’ve been drinking Loy’s of water, had some malt o meal, even watermelon (because I don’t plan on taking more pain meds and my vomit did not have a single trace of blood last night. For those who are still taking pain meds or having nausea please avoid red food/liquid so your blood will be recognizable if there’s any). I have not have a bowl movement today and am adding prune juice tomorrow to encourage one. Hope that will happen soon. I really haven’t slept much on day 1 (last night) and am feeling that I won’t be able to sleep tonight either. I guess I might just be scared of the waking up pain after falling asleep and I really can’t fall asleep. Wired… One more thing:fever. I had a high temp last night and I’ve been keeping closer track today. My temp went from 98 at noon to 100.2 around 8:30pm. It may get worse as the night progresses, we’ll see.

  75. Day 2 wasn’t much worse than Day 1. I remember thinking “Oh, this is the pain? This won’t be so bad”. It was at this point I stupidly decided to stop taking Ibuprofen in conjuncture with my Percocet…don’t do that! Made it through the day fine for the most part, my throat just hurt a tiny bit worse than the previous day.

  76. Day 2 (including surgery day yesterday) isn’t so bad. I expected it to be worse and I’m wondering if the worst is coming tomorrow, but so far the pain doesn’t feel any worse than my most recent severe case of tonsillitis. Looking forward to this feeling for the last time! Woke up every hour in the night to take small sips of water and stay on track with the meds, definitely helped everything stay moist. Ate some pudding, a Popsicle, and some nice soft gelato today which is all staying down. My ears are definitely sore today, as is my lip where it was clamped open during surgery. My throat has that nasty looking gray coating that the doctor was telling me about yesterday during recovery, but I’m glad to know that’s normal and on track. I was a little nervous since I threw up yesterday that it might delay the healing, but it looks like everything is going okay. Keeping on the water, even though it hurts to swallow! It doesn’t feel good now, but I know it will pay off if I keep the fluids going to keep my body hydrated, prevent infection, and keep the recovery on schedule.

  77. Try Jello, that was the easiest to get down for me. The “gray cave” thing is totally normal. The wheezing doesn’t sound normal, might want to call your doctor.

  78. Day 2. Developed wheezing last night. Mostly on breathing out, Anyone else experiencing this? My right tonsil (or lack thereof) looks like a gray cave. I tried eating oatmeal watered down with Almond milk but, I even choked on that. I am so tired.

  79. Day one was a piece of cake for me. Day two has been EXCRUCIATING. It doesn’t even feel like the Oxycodone is working. I have to gather all my mental focus just to swallow anything. I drank about a half bottle of pedialyte, a few apple juice boxes, and a serving of Gerber pasta pick ups. The pain meds are causing my tongue to swell up which makes my whole mouth feel like a balloon. I also have to urge to cough (gross and wet sounding) but i’m a singer and i’ve heard coughing leads to bleeding which leads to scarring. I take my pill, sleep for an hour, then wake up in pain again. They say you don’t hit your pain climax until around day 3… if that’s the case, i’m done for.

  80. Day 2 of my coblation tonsillectomy was a lot like day 1. I ate a little less because I wasn’t hungry but kept up on the liquids still. My back and sholders are a bit stiff, but not too much pain in the ears or throat yet, but I’m sure that’s coming up soon. I have a mild fever and chills but not bad enough to alert the doctor per the surgery instructions. Overall things are going well so far.

  81. Had my tonsillectomy out on 7/2/2013 at 7:30AM, woke up from anesthesia at 8:30AM, and went home at 9:30AM. The procedure went by fast! I’m 31 years old and had recurrent tonsillitis wince I was 6-7 yrs old. No pain medication yet except for just 650mg Tylenol last night. I have Lortab Elixir but i have not touched that yet. I tolerate pain very well and I’m more worried about preventing side effects from pain meds (nausea/vomiting/constipation/bloating) than I am with my pain level of 5 ONLY when swallowing. I understand the importance of pain management being a registered nurse and this pain is very tolerable compared to my worst episode of tonsillitis before. Had slight nausea/bloating the night I came home from surgery (possibly from forcing myself to drink 2 gallons of water) but walking really helped! I walked 2.5 miles with the husband last night and it greatly reduced the discomfort. I refuse to stay in bed too long! When I’m just laying there, I tend to focus too much on what’s wrong and sometimes the pain/discomfort worsens if I just lay there.I learned to sleep on my side since there’s a partial obstruction in my airway upon exhaling due to my enlarged/swollen uvula. Slept well last night and feeling rested. My advice: drink lots of fluids and try to distract yourself (movies, walks, internet, books etc), even try to get out of the house if the pain is not too bad and remain afebrile (fever free). I’m having oatmeal for breakfast and already had rice porridge with chicken yesterday. I get weak and grumpy without food so I make sure I’m creative with what I eat. Jello, popsicle, yogurt will NEVER do it for me! =) 48 hours post op, one dose of regular Tylenol since surgery, eating soft foods, no nausea, no fever, no sores on the tongue….I say I’m doing so much better than I expected.

  82. Day 2: 25/6/13

    Day two and still very little pain. I’ve been taking meds regularly before any pain worsens and feeling ok. I’m eating regularly, soup and scrambled eggs plus keeping up my water in take. Having a humidifier is a MUST. I’m able to sleep well through the night. The meds have made me feel slightly nauseous but I’d rather nausea than pain. Max pain level has been a four and I’m starting to bring up a lot of mucous which makes me think my tonsils are trying to scab over and heal. So far so good, not looking forward to he bad days ahead.

  83. I had my tonsils removed yesterday. Doing really good today. I was on tylenol/codeine yesterday and switched to hydrocodone in the middle of the night. I was somewhat nauseated but made sure I ate something with it. All I can eat is jello, pudding and yes, ice cream. Even if it increases mucus production, I gave it a try. Oh and popsicles too. I felt prepared with this forum’s help. I have the humidifier running and I bought a wedge 10 inches pillow for my bed so I am propped up to sleep. With a body pillow on each side, super comfortable, easier to breathe. I had my tonsils lasered down a few months ago and it seems like that recovery was worse that this surgery so far. I guess because they didnt laser them down completely and they were so swollen, I couldnt breathe. I know the worse has yet to come, I am mentally prepared for that. But this morning I drove to the pharmacy, did laundry, showered and washed my hair so i would say goo day so far!

  84. Yesterday was Day 2 for me. Not too bad! Again, I think my pain would only rank about a 4 out of 10. I have definitely had worse sore throats! I took a pain pill every 4 hours, ran my humidifier next to me nonstop, and kept ice wrapped around my neck constantly. Also drank a lot of water! Seems to be working so far! My biggest complaint is the Vicodin is making me itch like crazy!!

  85. Day 2 was worse than day 1 for me, also to be expected. On day 2, my biggest problem was the nausea. My doctor initially prescribed oxycodone (pain) and DOK (stool softener). For now I’m going to stop taking the softener as I’ve been having diarrhea as opposed to constipation. The swelling in my tongue and throat made it more difficult to eat than the pain. I was at a 2-3 pain level in my throat for most of the day (only felt it when swallowing), and a 4-5 on my tongue. The gouges on my tongue from yesterday look like giant canker sores today, and because my tongue is so inflamed I can’t stop them from rubbing against my teeth. I threw up three times today and I’m having a hard time keeping down food, including pain meds. Threw up the dose I took at 2pm immediately, and same thing happened again at 6pm. Mixed meds with applesauce and tried again at 9:00 and was able to keep it down. Noticed that my nausea was worse immediately after eating when it was mostly sugar (jello/pudding/gatorade), and didn’t notice it as much with more substantial items (soup, ensure).

  86. I’m into day 2. The surgery went well, except for an adenoidectomy the doc didn’t think would be required. Despite my age, 52, I still had mine and they were covered in thick mucus – lovely., so out they came. Day 1, I mostly felt sore and a bit “off”. I couldn’t seem to blow my nose without everything in my head getting involved. I spent last night in my recliner, so I’m sure my hubby got some rest. I can’t stop mouth-breathing because my sinuses are full. The mouth-breathing makes everything dry, so I sip liquids steadily, but then I can’t sleep,because my mouth feels so dry – well, I’ve managed about 3 hours sleep in the last 30. Swallowing is uncomfortable, but my biggest sources of discomfort are my tongue, where I assume it was clamped during surgery and my uvula, which is swollen and misshapened about like a really large grape. When I look in a mirror, my uvula blocks more than half the opening and rests on my tongue. It’s freakish.

  87. Day 2 was when the pain really kicked in. I was so grateful my mom took some days off from work to take care of me. I was taking Tylenol with codeine but it wasn’t helping at all. My neck right under my jaw became hugely swollen — it looked like I had 4 chins. That was a little tender but not too unbearable. Putting ice packs on it helped.

    I went to the doctor for a follow-up to make sure everything looked normal and to see if he could do something about the pain. He prescribed me a liquid OxyContin thing to take instead of the Tylenol with codeine. That didn’t really help either. All I wanted to do was sleep but then I’d get dehydrated because I can’t drink in my sleep. Not fun at all.

  88. Hi I just made it thru day 2 not to bad of a day . I ‘m 62 years old and had my tonsils taken out on 4-24-13. Has not been to bad I’m able to eat just about anything soft .No major pain to speak of what I do is keep ice bag around my neck 24 hours a day. I rotate my Percocet and Norco no ear pain and throat does not feel to bad try and keep the ice around your neck at all times it really ones work wonders .My wife and I even want shoping yesterday. And try and stay as positive as you can.

  89. Had my tonsils out yesterday morning around 10am. Surgery wasn’t a problem, my tonsils were small and seriously needed to come out. 4 infections in 3 months and tons and tons of tonsil stones. Pain wasn’t too bad, but swallowing was a problem. I drank a bottle of Naked Berry Blast and a bottle of Bolthouse farms Blue Goodness. It’s a very good idea since you don’t want to let your calorie intake to drop too much, plus it’s full of vitamins. Ate quite a bit of Coconut milk ice cream, since I can’t eat dairy and it’s suggested not to have dairy for the first two days anyway. Day two hasn’t been too bad, but I forgot to take the pain meds before I went to bed so sleeping was miserable. I’m definitely not a mouth breather, but my husband said I didn’t snore too badly until the last hour. Taking the pain meds every four hours, just to be on the safe side. I’m not one for pain killers giving me nausea, and thank goddess the doctor gave me everything in liquid form, or I’d have a hell of a time swallowing it. I’ve only been using the humidifier when I sleep at night, mainly because I don’t want to have to drag it down stairs. Overall it hasn’t been too bad, the swelling is starting to subside, and I can talk with less of a problem now, though it hurts when I start to try to talk. after I’ve been talking for a minute it’s not as bad.

  90. Day 2

    Sleepy, meds work well, not feeling much pain, but feeling dizzier as day goes on from meds. Had ice cream, ice water, some really soft cereal with louts of milk to water it down, pears from the can that pureed , and cottage cheese that I also pureed with some potatoe and carrot soup mixed in again pureed and cold. Lol it was actually very good and easy to swallow. Most soft cold foods are on the sweet side, this was not. Actually felt like a meal not a snack. Looking forward to the upcoming days where I hear the pain gets worse, since mine has not been vad at all.

  91. Day 2 is horrible! Ugh! If swallowing my own saliva is this bad tomorrow then I want to go back to the hospital! Ok… maybe not. The food was horrible. I mean, it tasted ok I suppose.. But eating the mashed potato was like trying to eat rocks-it just couldn’t be done!
    Very drowsy after operation. On the day of the surgery I threw up the hospital dinner at about 12 am. It was mostly old blood.
    Just a bit curious.. did anyone else have a blocked nose when they came to? Mine was full of blood.

  92. Wow, never experienced pain pain like this. The doctor said my tonsils are bigger than normal so I have huge black craters in my throat. The strongest pain killer they could give me hasn’t taken the edge off at all!

  93. I’m a very fabulous 41 and had my tonsils removed yesterday. The humidifier has been my saving grace! I had EVERYTHING (jello, broth, pj’s, teas, etc…) in place except for the humidifier. I felt so horrible and DRY that my hubby ran out to get me one last night-about 4 hrs after we made it home. I have it running nonstop and instead of drinking nonstop, I’m probably a glass every hour. I had a pretty restless and uncomfortable night. Kept getting up and taking my meds. Rotating the Percocet with lortab. My hubby suggested I try the huge chair (mini love seat) with ottoman in our bedroom around 5am and I almost IMMEDIATLY dozed off, so looks like this is my new bed 🙂 this website is so great and the information is invaluable. As a military spouse, I’m accustomed to a supportive community and this site has been amazing! Here’s to fabulous healing to us all!

  94. I was 33 at the time of the surgery. Besides throat pain, I also began to experience severe tongue and mouth pain. At times, the mouth pain was worse than the throat pain. I should note that I have TMJ, and therefore had some severe bite marks on the sides of my tongue and cheeks. My jaw was also sore this day due to it being forced open during surgery.
    I took pain meds every 4 hours with Jell-o and water. I had no appetite the first three days, and really tried to stick to the recommended diet of clear liquids. I also forced myself to drink a lot of water (about 6 12 ounce cups) to aid in healing. Swallowing was very painful (pain level 8), but overall pain this day was a level 3.
    I was able to talk on this day (pain on days 5-7 made it very difficult to speak). I slept in two hour increments, and was able to converse with my friend who was staying with me.
    I am took anti-nausea meds (in addition to my requested 3-day-dose patch). I am convinced the combination of these meds, plus the Jell-o, helped prevent me from throwing up. On day three, I scratched the patch off during my sleep, and experienced nausea. My Dr. then advised me to begin eating soft foods, and refilled my anti-nausea meds.

  95. Day two
    Throat hurts real bad. I’m taking pain meds as prescribed and have not missed one dose. I have a humidifier going non stop, am icing my throat almost full time and drinking ice water. I got nausea meds thank goodness, and they have helped so much. I eat jello, bomb pops. I ate a small amount of Mac n cheese and mashed potatoes. I’m ready for this pain to let up!

  96. Im 33 and i also had nasal surgery at the same time as my tonsilectomy, big mistake! Day 2 and I’m feeling pretty good. I take it easy and drink drink drink. Thanks for that tip forum. No sleep so I’m haggard. Taking pain meds every 4 hours bc I’m really hurting, if my nose is ok my throat hurts and vice versa. Ate a little ice cream. Using tetracaine lollipops to numb my throat bc my meds wear off after 2 1/2 hours. Write that down, you’ll thank me. Mostly laying around watching tv misrerable but I did play a video game for about an hour.

  97. So this is my day 2 recovery. My first day was so easy, it even felt like I hadn’t had surgery at all! So it’s my day two, I can’t really stay asleep more than 2-3 hours. I don’t feel terrible, I feel fine besides when I swallow water, it gets very uncomfortable. Also when I take my medication, I was given tablets and they feel like I’m swallowing bricks when I take them! Im still starvin’marvin! Lol anyone else doing okay with their recovery? I just want to let people know there ARE some experiences that are not horrible.

  98. All is going well. I can talk with no issues. Just ate some mashed potatoes with some cheese mixed in. Drinking lots of water but woke up a lot last night. Pain isn’t bad.

  99. Day 2 (Australia): dozed off for a few half hour slots throughout the night, I was actually really terrified of falling asleep with my mouth open as I knew it would dry out so I kept sipping water throughout the night.

    Nurse came in to check my blood pressure etc, took some panadol and then asked for morpheme as she said I had to eat my breakfast as eating and drinking is the most important healing factor after a tonsillectomy. Once the drugs kicked in I tried to get some breakfast down. My blood pressure was low all morning but eventually got back up after another drip. I was given a huge bag of pills to take, antibiotics, Pasadena forte, steroids, extra strong painkillers and a mouth wash I have to dilute.

    Arrive home very drozy. Ate some Luke warm carrot soup which I’d made batches of prior to going in for surgery, went down really well. I’m just about to eat some 2 minute super noodles! Fingered crossed

    My top tip would be to set alarms in your phone for all the times when you should take you drugs, that way you stay on top of them and the pain doesn’t get too bad.

    Good luck.

  100. Day 2 – I’m a 27 year old healthy female and had my tonsils and adenoids out yesterday afternoon. Dr. said that he didn’t know how I could breathe through my nose since they were so gigantic. I set my alarm and took my pain meds on a schedule which I’d important, I also downed as much liquids as I could tollerate when I woke up for my meds and also have a humidifier going 24/7. I’m not in a great deal of pain, just sleepy from the lortab. I’m gonna try to alternate between lortab and just Tylenol today and see how that goes. I have to admit I read this site and was terrified before I went in, but hopefully my story is one of the positive ones! It’s obviously no picnic but it isn’t the worst thing in the world!

  101. Day 2 (including surgery day) I was worried about not being able to eat but I ate a full pizza today! Drinking lots of water too and think that’s helped 🙂

  102. Day two I woke up to a very dry mouth. It really hurt to swallow but I read that you HAVE TO DO IT. I drank tea with honey, and drank 2 venti passion tea lemonades from Starbucks. I forgot that you shouldn’t drink from a straw so when I remembered I started sipping. I tired to eat scrambled eggs but chewing was tough and I couldn’t’ get the egg small enough to swallow (maybe because the eggs where so dry). So, I ate Jell-O from the cold isle in Safeway (the room temp. Jell-O have way to many preservatives and I try to stay away from that stuff). I ate some blueberry greek yogurt (which i shouldn’t have because I read that daily is not good right after surgery because it puts a coating on the healing area), chicken noodle soup from Tim Hortons (without noodle) and a popsicle. Today I really felt like I wanted to eat pizza haha. I was very sore all day overall body weakness and throat pain…. and whenever my bend over I feel a lot of pressure to my throat so don’t do this. I took 2 demerols and didn’t puke once!!! I’m having a difficult time falling asleep and I just took a Tylenol 3. We’ll see what tomrrow brings!!!!!

  103. Day 2 – I feel like I got off light. Gently dosing with Hydrocodone – I can’t feel any side effects of the medicine. Slept plenty – had a Paczki yesterday. Hurt, but I couldn’t skip the family tradition. Pain is minimal, only when speaking do I notice really anything. Lots of sticky saliva and woo does that look pretty inside.

  104. Today is day 2 for me, I woke up feeling pretty good I must say, but I also woke up and took my meds throughout the night, and made sure to drink water each time I woke throughout the night, also had the dehumidifier running. Keeping my throat moist with water and pedialyte Popsicles has seemed to help a lot. I was able to eat scrambled eggs and cheese for lunch today, and a baked potato with a little milk, butter and cheese for dinner. As the day progresses one side of my throat clearly feels worse and is much more swollen than the other, but there’s been no blood, so I’m trying to remain optimistic and hydrated. I am a little freaked out by reading people’s hell stories of the days to come, hoping that I will continue to breeze by as easily as I have thus far.

    The worst is that I’m trying to quit smoking (no better time than when your throat is disgusto) and the craving and withdrawal is making me a little anxious, but it is keeping me eating, I am only 118 lbs so I was concerned stepping into this surgery about losing too much weight. Just trying to remain positive about the next 10 days and the smoking, please send happy no smoking mojo through the computer for me, it’s been a solid 19 years of smoking and it does really suck to stop, but I know my life and lungs are worth it;)

  105. Yesterday I had a tonsillectomy, septoplasty, and turbinate reduction. It all went smoothly, woke up in some pain and was given pain medication. Slept about two hours since then. So much great advice on this site. I think my best purchases for post surgery included a spine reliever wedge for lounging upright, a cool mist humidifier and the elasto gel cervical collar. Worst purchase was Hamilton Beach ice shaver. That thing takes forever to shave ice and you have to constantly shift the ice in order to get it to work. A blender is just as good. I made a very refreshing drink last night with a chocolate ice cream, zero sugar, lactose free protein shake, Torani sugar free chocolate syrup, peppermint extract, a few packets of Splenda, and ice in the blender, it tastes like a Thin Mint Girl Scout cookie. It really made my throat feel good. The person that recommended coating your throat with some pudding before taking the gigantic pills they give you for pain and infection is my personal hero. It really does work. Diet mainly consists of ice water, jello, chicken broth, pudding and the occasional ‘thin mint’. I have my phone set to go off every four hours for pain medication, another great idea! Gearing up for the days ahead and hope it doesn’t get too bad. I also purchased an EARDOC just to be on the safe side, because of the many complaints of ear pain I’ve read about. If I happen to need it, I’ll post about the results. Thank you so much for all the information on this site. My surgeon was great, but he explained the surgery this way, “it’s like scraping your knee”. I’ve scraped my knee on more than one occasion and this is no knee scrape. The next time I meet up with my surgeon I’m going tell him what a great help this site was and perhaps he will recommend it to his other patients. Wishing everyone a speedy recovery.

  106. Day 2 not too bad, and way better than I feared. Appetite fairly normal, probably eating more than I should. After dinner I had a go at the chocolate ice cream, not because I needed it but because I bought it in anticipation, and it would be rude not to. Funnily enough, that was the most uncomfortable eating sensation I’ve had so far, with a bit of stinging. But it was nearly 6 hours since my last drugs so probably won’t put me off next time. As the evening drew on things got a bit more uncomfortable, with saliva swallowing difficult again. Night 2 was not too pleasant. I suspect nights are going to be a problem for me, as I’m a heavy snorer, and the vibrations are right where all the healing is going on. I’d hoped that my snoring would disappear as a side effect of the op, but my guess so far is it didn’t. Still, I made it through the night and got plenty of sleep, just waking up briefly once in a while, but could feel that things were building towards the day 3 I had been building up for…

  107. Day 2 – Still going strong, pain perfectly managed with drugs, living of fear of this pain everyone says it comming!!!!

  108. I am 44 and had my tonsils out yesterday. Last night was bad…could hardy sleep and woke up very nauseated. Was able to sleep for a few hours this morning which helped a great deal, and took a pill to help with the nausea. This afternoon wasnt so bad….was up and around and kept down some soft bread and cheese. Throat hurts like heck, and its hard to talk, I’m drinking waters much as possible which I think is helping. A big thanks to whomever it was that recommended the frozen banana chips…they were about all I could eat on day 1 and felt so nice on my throat! I was able to eat some ramen noodles which went down pretty well. I am taking Tylenol with codeine every 4 hours….takes the edge off, but the pain is always present. Really happy I found this site….lots of great tips that have really helped!

  109. 55 y.o. Male, Tonsils out yesterday. I’ve spent a good third of the last 14hrs w/ the hiccups. Anyone have any brilliant suggestions? The old tried and true drinking from the back of a glass won’t work. Falling asleep (yes I really can) seems to be the only way to break the cycle.

  110. I had my tonsils out yesterday morning at 9:15am. Surgury went well and i did not get sick from the GA. Got home around noon. The pain was not that bad, just felt like a bad sore throat. I drink 8 ounces of water every hour and was able to eat popcicles and jello. Did not take the pain neds yesterday. Slept most of the night and work up only 1 time. Work up this morning (day 2) with the same level of pain. I still haven’t taking the pain meds bc I’m scared I am going to get sick. I know the 3 day is going to be mich worse so figured I would save it for then. The humidifier seems to be working although I am experiencing some flem. Hoping everyone has a speedy recovery 😉 and thanks for the advice!

  111. Day2: Very grateful for this site, I read many of the comments and concerns and it helped me prepare for my surgery. Today I woke with awful ear pain and a very dry and painful throat. Due to sleeping with my mouth open, and definant post nasal drip choking me throughout the night. I have been prescribed, Oxycodone liquid which helps I take 5ml instead of the recommended 10ml which is just enought. When leaving the hospital I requested that they call in a prescription for liquid antibiotics…so I have the pink tasty medicine they prescribe for kids 8) that offsets the horrible bitter taste of the medication prescribed for nausea and the pain meds. I eat crushed ice constantly and will be cutting back on the popscicles / icee flavoring as the increase in mucus is killer. Since I cannot really clear my throat it becomes too complicated. I have eaten softly scrambled eggs and broth. I actually had to allow both to cool off before eating them. So far so good….at least it is better than I thought it would be!! Still checking out ideas from other post. Happy Healing!

  112. Hey guys, day two after surgery now, and have to say, feel pretty good.. I tend to forget a lot of stuff, same thing with my meds, should take them 5 times a day, i took 3 today.. but, untill now, the pain is not that bad… it’s more annoying then painful… i was hungry an hour after the surgery, but had to wait about 6 hours for my first yoghourt and that went down just fine, thats why they told me i could go home the same day… last night was pretty frustrating.. every time i fell asleep, about ten minutes later some fluids got in to my throat which made me cough and wake up.. it didn’t hurt, but i woke up every ten minutes… so I barely slept… today, i ate, drank and slept.. food is going down just fine, had some mashed potatoes, jello, yoghourt and soup… so far, so good! hope this night will be better then the last one 🙂 I hate not being able to sleep 🙂

  113. Mini muffins are great from the snack food isle. I think they r little Debbie. Soft breads with no grains or crust will help too. Just make sure u take it very slow and eat small pieces.

  114. muffins? I am literally on all ends of the internet trying to find things you can eat so I can fill my stomach cause I am so sick to my stomach from the pain meds on an empty stomach. I had my surgery this morning. Throat pain is bearable but I am getting a blood drop down my throat which causes me to cough and is very annoying. and am stick to my stomach from the pain meds. I’ve tried chicken broth but these muffins sound good. could you explain where you got them or you made them please. thank you

  115. I am on day two, have been putting ice packs an a hot pad off and on my neck. i messed up and only took half of my pills because i though i would be fine because i was feeling ok, oh boy was I wrong. only things i have been able to eat or drink is applesauce, otter pops, water and surprisingly nice soft muffins. the muffins are honestly going down the best. Although everything is hard to swallow which is not something I enjoy, its like having to learn how to swallow again.

  116. My Day 2 went a heck of a lot better than Day 1. Turns out that I have some kind of immunity to codeine, so I had to stop my meds since they weren’t doing a thing for me. Advil, on the other hand, worked all kinds of wonders! The humidifier is totally making things one hundred times better as well. Steady stream of Popsicles and green tea has definitely been helping, so my pain’s been reduced to just feeling like typical strep throat. As long as I keep swallowing, I’m all good. 🙂

  117. NO CREAM! Dairy products will increase phlegm and you don’t want that! Try ice chips, an ice pack, chicken broth, and do not gargle or clear your throat. It will get better! 10 days seems to be the magic number and it hurts worse in the beginning before it gets better. Put a humidifier by you and rest. Rest a lot. Anything you can to rest because your body needs it to recover.

  118. *Continued from Day 1* Okay, so where I left off was that I had my throat cuarderized using silver nitrate after bleeding. I was sent home, and I drank cold liquids. I drank cold chicken broth because salt takes down swelling and I needed something that was food-like. I have been drinking water, apple juice, and I’ve had ice chips to munch on. They really help. I even managed to grind up a hotdog with some V8 and canned corn, which turned out to taste like Spam. Kind of odd, but I needed some food in my stomach. Once I started eating some filling soft foods, the liquid vicodin stopped making me feel nauseous. After the hospital visit and the bleeding was stopped, I picked up where I left off. My mom picked up a humidifier on the way home from my surgery, and I have had no problem drinking tons of water. My sleeping has improved so much. My advice: Neutral to cool or cold liquids the first couple of days, a humidifier, keep the pain meds in your system so that you aren’t in too much pain, and be quiet for a while. Do NOT clear your throat. Cough lightly, spit, swallow, but do not clear your throat. Do not gargle, either. Drink something salty to help with the inflamed tissue and drink enough water to counteract the dehydrating power of salt. Salinity is your friend when you have an oral surgery, but you must stay hydrated! Stay away from dairy products for the first couple of days, as they cause mucus buildup and that can irritate the surgical site. Don’t let anything get you down! Remember: If you’re an adult and had to have your tonsils removed, you have probably been quite ill. I was sick for eight months and on many antibiotics, lastly Omnicef and Prednisone together. What’s ten days of pain when you have the relief of staying away from needles and pills for a while? It is now the night of day 2/morning of day 3, and I’ll keep you all updated on the corresponding pages. Once again: Surgery was performed on 1/14/13, I am an 18-year-old female. I was sick for 8 months before this surgery, so my weight is 99lbs. I weighed less earlier in the 8 month period. My height is 5’4″ so I am not too thin, but I plan to gain 10lbs.

  119. Hang in there Justin- The swallowing problem is probably from the swollen uvula. Try gargling with ice cold water (Might be hard) and icing the area. KEEP DRINKING!!! The swelling should come down.

  120. I’m 38, and this blows! I can’t swallow, breathing is a chore and I feel like I have a ball stuck in my throat at all times. I feel like I’m drowning. Eating? Forget it! I force myself to drink and watch the clock until the next drug cycle like an addict. (Forgive my errors, I’m so out of it!)
    I can’t open my mouth to even look at my throat. My tongue and uvula hurt sooooo badly! Everything hurts and I can’t talk. Can’t wait for the next week. I’m living off gatorade and broth with a bit of cream.

    When will this end?

  121. day 2, no problem, still feels like a sore throat italian ice is awesome, broth makes me sick but runny fried eggs cut up into tiny peices mixed with the yolk was amazing. if i can eat this 2 or 3 times a day i will be cool. thinking i will need a stooll softener soon though

  122. Day 2: 12/21/12
    I was supposed to go home today but could not shake the high fever I got after coming out of surgery. My blood pressure dropped then got really high and dropped again but it could have been from the fever, meds or the amount of pain I was in. It was very scary. They decided to keep me another day to see how i do then go from there.

  123. Day 2. I came home. SO nauseated. I had the ENT write for some zofran that I can take at home. Thank goodness. Just knowing I have it makes me feel better. I just wanted to sleep when I got home. I have TMJ so my jaw pain has been terrible. I dont want to sleep with my mouth open so I think I subconciously clench my teeth together for the night. Horrible!!! Take the pain meds. The only way I can get the percocet down is if I put it on a spoon with some yogurt or pudding. Couldnt eat. Just icechips and lil bits of pudding/yogurt. Not too bad. I craked my humidifier on full blast. Not going to dry out, if I can help it. Started taking colace today too. Just in case. Between surgery and narcotics you might get plugged up a bit. Its otc and gel coated. Better than the alternative!

  124. Day 2:
    Well, I from how I felt all day, I thought the rest of my night would be a breeze, too. I was wrong. So wrong. Woke up first around 2:30 in the morning, and puked. Then again at 4:00, and a few more times after that. Of course, there was generally nothing in my stomach, so I was mainly dry-heaving. This made day three worse.
    Turns out, what was happening was a slight reaction to the liquid vicodin I had been taking every four hours, on the hour, for the past two days. Having no substantial food in my stomach and taking a heavy narcotic was definitely not the best plan, although the it did help soothe my throat… until I started throwing up, that is.
    So I had to stop taking the vicodin, and now I’m just taking two 200 mg advil every four hours, or just whenever I need them. This seems to be doing the trick. I also called my doctor and had them prescribe an anti-nausea pill, which is also helping.
    Overall, I’m keeping up with the pills, the water, and chewing gum. So far so good, as long as I don’t start throwing up again. Here we go, day three!

  125. Ok, so today is day 2(3 if u count day of surgery). I’m still taking 5 ml of roxicet everyb 3 hours, and have noticed I’m clock watching a lot the last hour or so. Cloroseptic spray and cepocal drops are my buddies, and hubby found my new best friend. He used my bullet to make me an apple juice slushy, wow is it wonderful!!

    For food I haven’t been very adventurous today. Only had 1 cup of jello and part of a pudding cup. I have absolutley no interest in food.

    My big problem today is coughing and throat clearing….. The thick mucus is gonna drive me crazy!

    I was able to sleep part of last night using a wedge pillow. Hopefully it will work tonight to.

    I am getting the beginning of ear /jaw pain. I think it’s really gonna suck in another day or so.

    Hot items are of no comfort to throat, ears , or jaw. I’ve had an ice bag non stop since the procedure, and an electric blanket for the rest of me.

    Think tonight I’m gonna try the humidifier and see how that goes.

    May you all have easy speedy recoveries!

  126. I’m 22 years old and had my tonsils out yesterday (18 Dec 2012). Today hasn’t been bad at all. The doc prescribed me Prednisone to help with the swelling, which seems to be working well, Zofran for nausea (which I’ve only taken twice–once yesterday and once this afternoon), and Vicodin, which I haven’t even touched. Plain ‘ol Extra-Strength Tylenol and Advil are doing the trick for the time being. I was surprised when my surgeon said I could take ibuprofen–he said Advil and Motrin would be fine since I barely bled at all during surgery, but to steer clear of aspirin and other NSAIDs for the time being. Last night i set my alarm to make sure I’d get up and drink every couple hours and take more Tylenol when it was time for another dose. I’ve been guzzling ice water and hot tea all day, as well as chewing gum, eating numerous popsicles and frozen fruit bars, and even half a bowl of overcooked pasta. I have a hunch that it’s going to get worse before it gets better, but for the time being this isn’t half bad.

  127. My 18 y.o. son had a tonsillectomy yesterday at 7am, we were home by 10am. I gave him 15ml of Lortab elixir every 4 hrs and 400mg of liquid Advil in between. He basically, slept for 26 hrs, except for me waking him for meds, water and bathroom. Today, he took a shower, drank a Carnation Instant Breakfast and joined me on the couch. At 2pm, he decided he wanted Taco Bell! So, against my advice, (I had mine out at 31 and was miserable for 2 weeks), he went to TB. He ate 3 soft tacos!!! And he’s fine! WTH??? He just ate a big bowl of angel hair pasta at 8pm. Is he just sailing through this, or is the hammer going to come down on Day 3? I’ll let you know, but as for right now, he is doing amazingly well. Maybe because he has suffered so much with strep throat this year, this, is like a walk in the park.

  128. Day 2 feels similar to day 1. Continuing to take Lortab every 4 hrs. Not in a terrible amount of pain but noticing there is more swelling in my throat. I can feel my uvula resting on my tongue which feels awkward when swallowing. Able to eat brothy soups though which is great because I haven’t lost my appetite so far. Humidifier and sleeping propped up on the couch really helps keep my nasal passages clear. So like day 1, day 2 isn’t as bad as I thought.

  129. I had a tonsilectomy yesterday and today it’s so hard to swallow, I barley want to take my Codiene it barley even works it just makes me a little tired, and sleeping doesn’t help me. Makes my back pain to away that’s about it, I managed to eat a little cup o apple sauce and half a jar or banana baby food, which made it burn my throat so I think that was a bad idea. I am craving a nice juicy ribeye I’m so mad I cannot eat I just want to cry. Drinking water is very hard for me to, I can barley get down my own saliva. 🙁

  130. I’m on day 2 also Stephanie and about like you. I had to have a diet pepsi this am due to the horrible caffeine headache. Felt nausea coming on last night and quickly had 7- up and it settled. Mucous is starting and I find myself clearing my throat a lot. My plan is to take a bath with eucalyptus to see how that does. Thanks for the ice- pack reminder. Will do that too. I am on percocets every 4-5 hours and pain is managed so far! Keep us posted on how you’re doing.

  131. Day 2…so far ok. Didn’t have too much trouble yesterday, but sleep eluded me. Propped my head up to allow drainage but kept waking myself up from the snoring/gurgling…assuming from the swelling of the uvula. Have popping in one ear like fluid bubbles. Gonna try ice packs for the facial swelling and sucking on some hall breezers.

  132. Just putting this here for future readers. The spit cup is a BAD idea. The more you swallow, the BETTER! It actually makes it hurt LESS to keep swallowing. Seems counter-productive, but it’s true. You can spit out mucus if you need to, but for regular swallowing you really need to just swallow. It is actually recommended to chew gum because it forces you to swallow more often (and it works your jaw so it’s by stiff).

  133. I had my tonsillectomy yesterday morning (Dec. 8). I’m on day 2.
    It sucked since i woke up. The pain is really tollerable. I just keep throwing up. And it hurts like hell!
    I know the worst is yet to come, but GOD! 2 days and it’s already really bad.
    Hope we all have a speedy recovery!

  134. Day 2. I talked a little too much yesterday with caused a sore throat but no other issues to report. All is well! I’m ready to take on day 3.

  135. Day 2 not so bad as yesterday. Sleeping with throat coated in pudding really helped. Wet oatmeal also helped make pills easier to swallow. Ate oatmeal, mashed sweet potato, jello, pudding,Cheetos puffs ( they melt) for the salt cravings from drinking so much water, a flour tortilla with microwave melted cheese and blended black beans, and part of a double protein Jamba Juice. I am trying to keep my strength up for when the bad pain comes.
    A tear opened up through the cauterized tissue along the edge of my palate so now I have a hole about 3/4in long. I hope the string of tissue falls off back to the edge so I don’t have to have it clipped out later.
    The humidifier helps. Sleeping propped up helps especially if you have reflux because that really burns an already sore throat.
    Don’t bend over, it hurts. Don’t pick up or carry anything heavy. Sit up to drink so you don’t choke or get liquid up your nose.
    Using a nasal irrigator (or neti pot) with distilled water and saline packet really helped wash the snotty crud out of the back of my throat . I ran some from one nostril through the other then pinched it off so the saline washed across my throat. Then repeated other side. It was cleansing and soothing.
    Ear fullness and pain started in earnest today. Right ear pops when I chew and swallow. I will try an ibuprofen tonight to see if maybe it helps the swelling some.
    Good luck all.

  136. Hi, I had my tonsils out on Monday 26th November 2012. So now in day 3.I have experienced pain as expected, but what I thought might be useful for you to know is I have been gargling with a sea salt solution which has helped flush out pussy stuff from my sinus and back of throat snd has alleviated some of the pressure in my ears. The stuff that came out was yellow pussy snot or phlegm. So nice to see that out rather than in. Also drinking lots of herbal tea. Celestrial Teas make a lovely throat tamer tea. It really helps sooth the burned bits! As well as the pain meds, its become more comfortable to deal with. Good luck to everyone, its not nice, but you’ll get through it!

  137. Tonsillectomy/Adenoidectomy was on Wed., did not sleep much that night, up every 1/2 hour to pee because I was drinking so much water (which is good I guess), and to take pain meds during night. The next day (Day 2), just felt like a really bad sore throat. Since I had to give up the Lortab (Vicodin) due to vomiting and dizziness, I switched to Children’s Tylenol liquid, 4 tsp (640mg total) every 6 hrs. Seems to work for me. Today my stomach finally started growling, after not being hungry at all for a day. So for dinner I finally ate some real food. Mashed potatoes and gravy, very creamy, yum! They went down fairly easily, with sips of water. I also had some frozen yogurt and a strawberry Del Monte Fruit Chiller Tube — double yum! Nothing like real fruit pureed into a popsicle! 🙂 Very easy to eat and made my throat feel better. Pain today was about a 5/10. My uvula looks humongous, and like it went through a war! I hope it goes back to normal when this is all over!

  138. Had my tonsils out on Thursday, ate toast an hour after the op, had sausages for tea then Friday got home and ate fish fingers and potatoes. I dont find it sore have took 2 painkillers since Thursday now on day 2, tired but eating solid and not that sore 🙂

  139. I was operated on yesterday and got discharged from the hospital today. I had to spend the night due to complicating health issues. My uvula is ridiculously swollen, laying on my tongue making me gag when I talk or walk, yes seriously… So far, the uvula is the most annoying thing after the operation.

    This is what I know so far:

    Swallowing and talking hurts a lot
    There is beginning ear pain
    Fevers come and go
    I feel very tired and beaten up
    It is hard to breathe sometimes due to guck in my throat and swollen uvula, very uncomfortable
    I get very annoyed very easily
    Drink as much as you can
    Take your pain meds
    Do not eat solid food, I get my on slimfast shakes / calorie shakes etc. genius!
    My tongue is also very sore after the clamps
    I have a bed that is adjustable, am very happy about that as I can sleep (almost) comfortably

    All in all not a horrible day but not looking forward of what is to come, especially with the lurking ear pain that I’ve heard from others. I can not drink or eat ice or ice cold anything due to other health issues, but I recommend it for feeling better, especially ice pack on the throat. I can’t tolerate any pain meds except for Paracetamol/Tylenol, yes, good times….

  140. Well day 2 is here and I’m still feeling pretty well. I’d say the pain is a notch worse but I keep drinking and taking my 2 percocets every 4 hours without fail. I’ve been able to eat freezy pops and fruit chillers which taste great! Able to get down some warm soup with little pasta noodles. I’m actually hungry and fantasizing about food which I wasn’t expecting. The thing I noticed today is the dreaded mucus which is just an annoyance but eating as well as chewing gum really helps that. Tomorrow is the dreaded day 3 but it’s probably best not to worry about it. What happens, happens.

  141. Hello All!
    32 year old male again who had his tonsils removed Monday, October 15. Day two was not bad at all. Just a repeat of day 1. Ate Mconalds, went shopping. I think I am healing at light speed. At 36 hrs after surgery I already had my scabs forming, Thin while film on the entire tonsil bed. I just hope that SOMEONE is reading this and it is making them feel better because I did not hear one story like this reading on the internet. I may be an extremely rare case but still a case. Pain day 1 and 2 = 3 TOPS. 2 or 3 when i swallow.

  142. Morning was especially rough. Going so long without drinking water while sleeping is tortuous. It’s tough to start drinking again, but worth it once you do. Was up at 7 and decided to start taking meds on the hour again. Tried a blueberry smoothie, but the milk made me too phlegmy. I stuck with chicken broth, jello and popsicles. Drank a ton of water, as much as I could. Refilling the camelpak three times by 5pm (over 2 gallons). Ate some salty instant mashed potatoes and cried at the joy of real food for the first time since Wednesday evening. A few hours later, I ate plain pasta with olive oil and salt. All the water makes me crave nothing but salt. Tried to do a few glasses of gatorade for the electrolytes as well. I know the worse days are coming up, so I’m trying to eat now to get my strength up.

    Not being able to laugh or talk is getting rough. I can only communicate with Daniel through g-chat and text message. I feel totally trapped. I have hilarious anecdotes about my recovery and can only write about them in this log when I’m not passed out on the couch like a beached whale. I have not said anything hilarious. Maybe they’re just funny in my head.

    Foods eaten:
    chicken broth
    scrambled egg
    mashed potatoes
    plain pasta with olive oil and salt

  143. 1st day after surgery. Yesterday afternoon was pretty alright, a bit sore but ok. This morning, throat feels swollen, hard to swallow water. Popsicles are easy, jelly too. Am eating frozen yoghurt even though I am phlemy as I need substantial food for the meds. Slept slightly propped up on a couple of pillows, woke about 3-4 times in the night. Off to have a nap now will only be short I’m sure.. Good luck everyone 🙂

  144. Oh and forgot to mention that my leg has been twitching now for over 48 hours. Everytime I fall asleep it wakes me up. Has this happened to anyone else? Oh totally weird thing… Praying that I am not jinxing this but I haven’t taken my asthma a preventative or allergy pill for 2 days and I feel great! Hopefully it stays that way. . . . . Great I think I jinxed it, I feel like my chest is closing in on me now.

  145. I am just finished with day 2 (not including surgery day) and this is harder than I ever could have imagined. First off, the pain. So far it’s been just like a bad sore throat but after reading other people’s experiences I am ready for the worst. I sleep sitting partially up which I think helps keep my throat moist and my humidifier right next to me. I stopped taking the pain meds yesterday cause I couldn’t stop puking and I couldn’t keep anything down. I’m on Tylenol now and spray my throat with numbing stuff and that helps for a few minutes. Flem keeps getting caught in my throat and I panic cause I think I am suffocating. Everyone I know still has there tonsils in so nobody understands! I feel bad, my husband is taking care of me as good as he can but I can tell he is bored and feels helpless because the only thing making this pain stop is going to be time. I think my best friend just thinks I’m playing it up. I haven’t bathed in days, I’m so bored, I can’t talk. Reading other people’s experiences is giving me strength though. I know it will be over eventually and hey, look at the bright side, I have lost like 5 pounds in 2 days! Down side, I just look unhealthy.

  146. Morning was especially rough. Going so long without drinking water while sleeping is tortuous. It’s tough to start drinking again, but worth it once you do. Was up at 7 and decided to start taking meds on the hour again. Tried a blueberry smoothie, but the milk made me too phlegmy. I stuck with chicken broth, jello and popsicles. Drank a ton of water, as much as I could. Refilling the camelpak three times by 5pm (over 2 gallons). Ate some salty instant mashed potatoes and cried at the joy of real food for the first time since Wednesday evening. A few hours later, I ate plain pasta with olive oil and salt. All the water made me crave nothing but salt. Tried to do a few glasses of gatorade for the electrolytes as well. I know the worse days are coming up, so I’m trying to eat now to get my strength up.

  147. Day 2 wasn’t too bad. I have been rating my pain throughout each day. There is next to no pain except when swallowing or talking which has ranged from 3-5. I gave up talking and am just writing things for my family to read. I am intolerant of opiate pain meds so I am only taking Ultram & Ibuprofen (which my doc recommended along with rotating in Tylenol). Woke up with slimy, phlegmy feeling in mouth and throat. Also lots of lymph swelling under jaw and down my neck. Fluids feel like they’re going up the back of my nose. I was very confused, shaky, stumbling around, and having problems with focusing and memory but it improved as the day went along. I took a 2 hour nap in the morning as I’d not slept much the night before and around 8 PM because I just felt like crap.

    I ate some sweet potato, avocado, mashed boiled egg, mashed cauliflower, and applesauce. I have been able to take my meds in pill form without much problem. It feels good to open my mouth wide, stick out my tongue, and move and stretch everything around before taking them. At bedtime, I started getting some reflux but I’ve been sleeping propped up so it wasn’t too bad. Here’s to a great, better than ever expected day 4!!!

  148. so far day 2 is pretty good. Throat sore, sometimes feels like swallowiung shards of glass. Meds are paracetamol 3 or 4 times a day + one 100mg Voltarol (diclofenac) suppository. Eating and drinking just about normally. Dreading day 3 because of everyone else’s experiences…

  149. 48 hours since my tonsillectomy (im from the UK) Woke up with a really swollen sore throat, must be because i wasnt drinking much in the night. Feeling tired, but eating fine at the moment and drinking plenty of water. My Uvula is very swollen and sitting on my tongue, which is annoying because i keep thinking its a peice of food. Taking paracetamol every 4-6 hours,ibroprofen every 8 hours and codine sulphate every 6 hours.

  150. Day 2 Friday
    I woke up at midnight and 4am to take my liquid Tylenol with codeine. Surprisingly I slept well, other than being awoken to take my pain meds by my alarm clock. When I took my meds at 4am I was experiencing hiccups which wasn’t pleasant. Thankfully I took my meds and fell back asleep quickly. I’m up and at’em at 6:30 and my throat isn’t terrible. In fact I can talk without experiencing too much pain.  I’m going to have some jarred fruit baby food and attempt to have a boiled egg mashed then take my pain meds at 8. 

    Took a nap early morning then had mashed potatoes with ginger ale after awaking. The ginger ale felt nice on my throat with the carbonation. 

    I had a lean cuisine lasagna for dinner cut up into tiny pieces with garlic bread. It was so good to have something hearty! I didn’t have any trouble swallowing or getting it down. I’m hoping the remainder of my recovery is this easy. 

    Before my midnight medicine intake I ate half of a biscuit with sliced strawberries and whipped cream. So fortunate to have an appetite!

    So far I wouldn’t say this recovery has been worse than some bouts of strept I encountered. 

  151. Day 2

    22 years old, got my tonsils out yesterday. This morning was more painful than yesterday but still not too bad. Im alot more swollen today and it is harder to talk. The stitches are also starting to annoy me. Today I ate a popsicle, some tapioca pudding an some ramen soup(mostly broth) and drank a ton of water. I mostly watched tv and slept. Codeine is awesome but makes me kind of out of it.

  152. This day went better for me. I ate a little but it still felt really strange. I tried oatmeal but ended up choking on it. Other than that, I slept for most of the day again. Yay for codeine! Hydrate hydrate hydrate.

  153. UPDATE: So the nausea took over and I got sick 🙁 The good thing is, it wasn’t any worse than throwing up without a sore throat. The bad thing is, I had just taken my pain meds and my antibiotics 30 minutes ago. I’m thinking of taking another dose of the pain meds. I didn’t take the max dosage anyway, but I’m also afraid it will make me sick again. I called my doctor and she is calling me in a prescription for percoset, which shouldn’t cause nausea, but the pharmacy will be closed before I can pick it up tonight. Currently, my stomach feels better but my throat is in pain. Looks like I might be in for a night of hell…

  154. I’m going to have my fiance pick up some mucinex (the kind without acetaminophen so it doesn’t react with my current meds) for me tonight and see if that help with the drainage/congestion. I’ll let you know how it works.

  155. I had mine out yesterday @230 night time was the worst I would wake up suddenly coughing up mucus it feels gross. Every time I try Applesause or ice cream it feels like its stuck

  156. I’m 21 and got my tonsils out yesterday, so I guess I’m on day 2. I got them out yesterday afternoon, spent the night in the hospital and came home this morning. So far it’s really painful, I’ve been eating ice cream, broth, jell-o and lots of water. I can’t imagine the pain getting any worse than this… I feel so weak and everything hurts! And on top of it, I feel the need to cough up the phlegm in my throat… Ohh well…

  157. I’m on day two…I woke up at midnight to take my roxicet and then woke up every few hours because my throat was dry and sore or because I had mucus in my chest. I finally got up at 4am and went to the living room because I didn’t want to keep my fiance up all night with my coughing or movement. My throat was in extreme pain, but I stilI had another 2 hours before I could take more pain medication. I made some cream of chicken soup which helped a little. When 6am came around, I took my pain medication along with my first dose of liquid amoxicillin (which was yummy compared to the roxicet). I propped myself up at an angle on the couch and fell asleep for a while. I woke up about ever 30-45 minutes to take a sip of water because my throat was dry and sore. At noon, I ate some chicken and stars soup (I wasn’t ready to go for the full size noodles yet) and took another dose of pain killer. After an hour, I got really nauseous ran to the bathroom. I came really close, but did not throw up, thank goodness! I didn’t want to know the feeling of throwing up right after a tonsillectomy. I went back to the couch and fell asleep. I woke up feeling a little better. Swallowing is still difficult today and the pain is the worst as I get close to hour 6 when I can take another dose of medicine, but I’m surviving. Sleeping on the couch at an angle is giving me a headache and neck cramps, but it’s better than waking up choking on saliva or mucus from laying flat. I really hope day 3 is easier, but I’m not convinced it will be.

  158. 33 year old here. Day 2 and feeling ok so far! I got a call from the doc last night and she said my tonsils were so large that she was able to use some of the mucosa to stitch together instead of completely burning the area. As a result, I have less burned membranes and I should heal faster. I am lucky to have found a doc that thought to do that! If you can, remind your doc before going in to surgery to do this for you, because I can tell it’s made a world of difference for me!

    So far, the pain is completely manageable and just feels like a strep throat. It’s still difficult to talk and my tongue is a bit swollen. I can now feel scabbing on the burned areas around my uvula. I’ve kept ice packs on my throat since the surgery, per doc’s order. Also taking liquid vicodin every 4 hrs and gargling a thick lidocaine syrup as needed. Been able to eat pudding, yogurt, ice pops, and a Jamba Juice. Drinking a LOT of water to keep hydrated and membranes moist. Chewing gum once in a while too.

    I’ve got to say, for someone that doesn’t take pain very well, I am doing fabulous! lol!

  159. Didn’t sleep at all, hiccups all night. Terrible, painful, horrible hiccups. 14 hours straight. Apparently a result of anesthesia and narcotics. I know what every single movie on Netflix is, all of my email is caught up etc. because I can’t sleep. Pain is bad but meds help a lot. Was able to eat 2 scrambled eggs and a soft brownie. I did get an hour nap sometime this afternoon. Able to speak but it is painful after a while. Tons of water and trying to swallow as much as possible. Pain is definitely not better than yesterday. Feels like a bad case of strep right now. Jaw is sore and basically trying to keep my mouth shut for the most part, which my wife is happy about. If you have had a throat access opened up, it’s about twice as bad as that pain. I am 31 years old and should have had this done 20 years ago.

  160. Well, its day two…I got a good 6-7 hours of sleep last night. I woke up, took the pain meds and went back to bed. My neck, shoulders, and abs are pretty sore like I worked out big time yesterday. Not sure if its from the surgery or sleeping on a couch. The pain is worse, but not too bad. Probably a 4-5 out of ten. I don’t notice it if I don’t move.

  161. My day two experience was not bad at all.

    The pain was barely there, although I still found swallowing tricky. I had been advised to eat normal foods, so I tried to eat a banana and some bread, but really I just nibbled, and ended up on soup. Swallowing was an uncomfortable sensation, not really because of the pain (as there wasnt much at all) – but more the fear that somehow the gulping is doing some sort of damage. It was almost like a reflex that I just needed to get over.
    But honestly, day two was very manageable. The worst thing was the unpleasant taste in the back of my throat, so things could be a heck of a lot worse.

  162. Today is Day 2 for me, and for the most part the pain has been pretty manageable. I can tell when its close to my next dose of pain meds because the pain gets very bad. There are 2 things that I am noticing today that are actually bothering me more than the pain in my throat. First is my swolen uvula. It is so big that I feel like I am choking on it sometimes, and I feel like sometimes it makes me unable to breathe correctly depending on what position my head is in. Also, I have noticed that every time I am about to swallow, I clench my jaw together and then after I swallow, I forget to unclench my jaw, so my jaw has spent the better part of the day clenched, which is causing pain. I have tried relaxing my jaw a lot but it isnt really helping. This morning I was able to get a scrambled egg down when I took my morning dose of pain meds. I have also eaten a lot of italian ice and applesauce. I also drank some chicken broth which actually helped with the pain a lot more than I thought it would. I am really not looking forward to tomorrow though.

  163. Day 2 was quite bearable on one painkiller every four hours. Also, I’m constantly hydrated – one tall glass of water – even throughout the night with an alarm set for every two hours. Throughout the night, I had a warm magic bag covering the ears, and the frozen magic bag around the front of my neck. Crossing fingers for day three but nervous.

  164. Day 6- actually did better for a bit but hurt again to swallow. However something that is now helping is that every for hrs I take the loratab elixir and then in btw at the second hour I take liquid motrin (nothing with acetomenophin in it) to help and I actually feel a lot better doing it. the scabs are beginning to somewhat fall off so maybe thats some of the pain but my ears and jaws are still KILLING me! Again, maybe more TMJ related. RIght now is the best I have felt, hurts the most to swallow now though but swelling went down. I seem to cough the most in the morning and again that hurts quite a bit too. May the motrin helps, but I am ready for the pain to settle more!!

  165. To follow up- day 3 was just as bad, but add more ear pains and jaw pains. I really think my TMJ has flared up because every time i open my mouth (even the slightest) you can here poppop. Looks like after I heal from this I will be making a visit to the dentist if this doesn’t go away on its own soon. I already have had my wisdom teeth removed (like four years ago) but it feels similar to that pain…just add the ear, throat, and swallowing pain on top of it too. I am just wishing some of these things would lighten up a little. Instead of constant pain, I feel mild pain for the first two hours after I take pain meds, but then after that its like a battle of throbbing pains go on through my head and neck. So now (approx. day 4 I suppose?) it;s okay two hours, then bad two hours. I had my first bowel movement since before my surgery and that made me feel a lot better. Seeing that peppermint tea helps a lot, so may look into that tomorrow, and I am craving a good grilled cheese. Had a little soft chicken today and bread but it was a major challenge to get down, and was the only thing I ate today. I have been good about staying hydrated, I really hope that pays off. I have been avoiding dairy bc I have dealt with so much drainage, but may slowly ease in by having a grilled cheese or watered down yogurt. I want to make sure I do not get thrush, I just feel like I was hit with enough. My glands on my neck are still super sensitive and swollen. Wondering when that will go down too. I have been gargling daily with salt water, surprisingly does not burn but I wonder if it will now that I feel bits and pieces of my scabs coming off. Just a warning- it is a grimy bad taste to have in your mouth. I would chew gum but that would hurt my jaws even more (even though I’m sure it would help alleviate the stiffness) and swallowing hurts so bad. I already carry around a spit cup. Being a sorority girl in the south, I feel like I have succumbed to a new all time low having to do that. Honestly out of everything, the spit cup is what I despise most. Something that has helped is taking a warm shower and gargling salt water in there, and then when I get out put the shower on full hot water, turn the fan off, and just sit in there like a steam room. It seems to help break up some gunk, blow my nose, open my air passages a little more, and since I don’t have a humidifier it helps moisten my nose and throat, and esp. helps take the ringing pain out of my ears. So ready for this week to be over, and since day 1-3 were horrid, I am hoping 4-6 improve or at least not worsen anymore from what I have already dealt with. I need a break!!! As soon as I get better, back to work and class I go.

  166. I got my tonsillectomy July 2, and from the moment I woke up, I have felt horrible since. I was not scared at all going in the surgery, but I woke up in a panic when I was choking. I had tears running down my cheeks because it hurt so bad to cough btw. all the drainage and swelling I had. I woke myself up in recovery gasping for air. It resulted in nurses giving me a spit pan- which I filled up 3 times with phlegm and blood, them pounding on my back, and putting something in my IV. And little did I know the pain would only get worse. It was a b*tch to swallow anything, but I am continuing to force down liquids praying that staying hydrated will pay off for something soon. I am beyond exhausted, but I will only sleep every two hours or so. I take amoxicillin (antibiotic 3 x a day) and loratab elixir every 4 hours but it does not feel like it is enough. My glands are so enlarged around my neck I can’t move my head side to side. There is so much pressure on my ears they hurt by feeling clogged and the slightest pressure changes want to make me scream. My uvula is so enlarged it rests on my tongue. I have TMJ and I am wondering if the clamps from surgery did something to affect my jaw bc I can’t open my mouth bigger than the width of two of my fingers. I have so much drainage that I am terrified to even try pudding bc of the milk in it. I have only been drinking water and gatorade. It hurts to much to crunch and swallow ice chips now. I have been icing my neck, gargling epsom salt, and drinking at least 12 oz of water of gatorade every hour. The pain won’t go down, the swelling is still there -if not worse at certain times- and I can’t even open my mouth to check for thrush or what my tonsils look like. I gargle with salt water and sit in the bathroom with the water running completely hot to steam up and help try to break up this gunk, and I am a college student- I can’t just run out and buy myself a humidifier. My air pathway is so slim and I can’t reduce the amount of drainage. It is safe to say I am beyond pissed- I went in expecting the worse but I feel like I was just handed the worst with no mercy..and it is only day 2. So much for a 4th of July. Concerned I will have to drop my summer class because I am already missing two days (one summer class is equivalent to a weeks worth of class in a normal semester) esp. if this pain and other issues do not light up soon. I just want to cry in bed. I don’t know what other things I can do to help. I can hardly get down buttered noodles, but that too made me choke and if I don’t get something more on my stomach I am concerned I will begin to get nauseous.

    Sincerely, 19 and miserable

  167. Day 2< woke up with two sharp pains in my throat. I continued to drink clear liquids although more difficult than day one. I tolerate jello fairly well. There is a lot of mucus at the back of my throat, so I've started taking muscinex which has help loosen the secretions. I have also been more fatigued today. I also have a Halls periodically, and gum is good for keeping your mouth moist, avoiding jaw stiffness, and helping to swallow, I have also been using a humidifier constantly. Please remember to consult your physician before taking any advice, different pain relievers have different drug interaction warnings.

  168. I am 32 years old and just had my tonsillectomy 38 hours ago. Thank you to everyone here for giving me an idea of what to expect ahead of time. Overall my experience so far has been good.

    Straight out of surgery I was hungry and ate a Popsicle, 2 cups of jello and half a turkey sandwich. I was able to eat a bowl of rice krispies for breakfast and stuck with Popsicles and jello and sorbet for the rest of the day. I was able to eat some turkey and mashed potatoes with peas and carrots for dinner last night.

    I slept 7 hours last night without waking up (which scared me because of the hydration issue), I have only been taking Tylenol every 4-6 hours along with my antibiotics. I did notice it was a little bit harder to talk this morning my voice has gone very hoarse. Also it seems like I have a bit of sinus drainage going on which makes it hard when I lay down.

    Like all of the rest of you have mentioned I am not looking forward to day 4, and I am taking this day by day!

  169. Day Two is almost over, and it was not bad at all!!!! I started the morning w/ a scrambled egg, topped that down w/ blueberry/carrot/apple juice freshly made in my juicer. For lunch ate some butternut squash soup and for dinner good ol’ mac and cheese. With that being said, yes, my throat is very sore, but not unbearable. I have been continuing my meds every four hours and drinking water non-stop. I have also been sipping on iced-green tea which was recommended by my doctor. She said iced-tea has some worth while healing properties- we shall see! My only issue as of now is constipation due to the percoset. I started taking a stool softener so hopefully that will resolve itself (probably TMI, but want to share in case someone else has had this issue, too.)
    I am still bracing myself for what lies ahead- the dreaded days 4 through 10. I am hoping, though, with the right preparations it won’t be too bad- tons of liquids, humidifier, meds, ice pack on neck, and healthy eating (as much as possible on such a limited diet).
    So onto Day Three I go!

  170. Thank you for the advice! I went ahead and took some ibuprofen and already notice a difference. Better yet, I am now able to sleep for an hour at a time, which is perfect b/c it allows me to continue drinking the fluids. I do think this whole surgery is ALL about the fluids!!! I also added the ice pack, per your advice and it feels very soothing. I am crossing my fingers for a semi-smooth Day Two. Now off to bed I go to one more hour of sleep before my little guys wake up!

  171. Amy, I took children’s ibuprofen every 4 hours and I thinked it helped me tremendously. Some doctors are opposed to it because they think it causes excessive bleeding. My Doctor recommended it and I didn’t have a drop of blood.
    Sounds like you’re doing all of the rights things, humidifier, etc. I iced my neck and sucked on ice cubes as much as possible as well as drinking water non stop. Do not sleep more than 2 hours at a time. I took ibuprofen every 4 hours and pain meds every 4 hours. Which meant I was taking something every 2 hours. Eat soft foods for the first 2 weeks. I had popcorn at the end of the second week and it scratched my throat. I thought I had damaged my throat because the feeling lasted for days. Eat baby food, scrambled eggs, pancakes soaked in syrup and anything else that doesn’t require much effort.
    You wants to keep the scabs on as long as possible. Mine came off on the 7th day as I was inhaling Mac n cheese. If they come off too early, you risk bleeding.
    Good luck!

  172. Me: 40 year old female, had tonsillectomy @ 8:30 this morning, now 10:34 P.M.

    First, this website scared me to DEATH, but, it also helped me to prepare more than I would have if I did not come across it, so thank you everyone (I think). Humidifer is running non-stop, I am laid up in a reclining chair versus a bed, and I have been drinking fluids all day. I am also taking percasets (1 1/2 every 4 hours, religiously). Biggest complaint as of now is that I cannot sleep. The second I fall asleep I wake up with an awful scratchy feeling in my throat, and snoring because my uvula appears to be very swollen. And, I have two little boys in house, a 3 year old and a 6 year old. So they tend to be a little loud. Other than that, today has not been too painful. I am NOT looking forward to the second phase of recovery- scabs, etc. Question for anyone who may have an answer: Two weeks prior to the surgery I was not allowed to take advil. Once the surgery is done, can I take it? I am wondering if it will help with the swelling?
    Thanks for any answers and also tips to get through the next two weeks!

  173. Day 2, June 23, 2012. .Started Roxicet slowly since narcotics usually make me sick. Every four hours. It seems to only hold off the pain for 2 hours at a time. So I also take 325mg of tylenol when it starts wearing off. I am careful not to exceed the 4000mg of tylenol a day rule, as roxicet also contains tylenol. Swallowing is a 10 without the pain meds, about a 3-5 with them. Tried some buttered toast, but it was quite sticky in the back of my throat. I have been eating boatloads of Blue Bunny Banana Popsicles. That and ice water. Gatorade, Powerade, etc all seem to burn. I am having a heck of a time with thin liquids trying to go up my nose every time I swallow. I always have ice applied to m neck, the most I keep it off for is 10minutes. Fever of 100.6F has been steady all day. Tried some noodles, they might be my go to choice for food.

  174. Hello, I am a 50 yr old Male. Surgery was Thursday, 6/21. Septoplasty, Bilateral Partial Inferior Turbinectomy, Sinuplasty, Ethmoidectomy, Sphenoidotomy, Tonsillectomy, Adenoidectomy, Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty.

    It’s been about 48 hours. So far, so good. I assume this is the calm before the storm. Staying hydrated with water and Gatorade, and keeping a strict med schedule. My only discomfort so far are hiccups. They started last night just after I took a Promethazine pill for nausea. They come and go, annoying but not painful. Eating chicken broth with ditalini pasta, Popsicles, Italian ice.

    I feel good now but fearful of what’s to come in the next few days.

  175. Had my tonsils and adnoids out June 22 at about 8:15 when I got out of surgery i drank a whole glass of water and felt great (:when i got home I was eating and drinking like crazy .!! I ate Mac n cheese which was GREAT (: and chicken nuggets .!! I slept a lot to. I found going to sleep at night was horrible , I wake up about every hour or so . My throat feels horrible and it’s hard to drink and eat but don’t want to get dehydrated 🙁 I need more advice please .. HELP.!!!

  176. Day 2 is no better than Day 1, pain-wise..
    Having been starved from the day before, I was determined to get more things pass through my painful throat. That morning, I managed to eat several portions of jello, a cup of cornflakes softly soaked in soya milk, and a cup of ice cream. I learned that vanilla ice cream is much better than the chocolate chip. I could barely swallow the chocolate bits that was in the ice cream. The pain was still very very excruciating, but I grew accustomed to it.
    I was discharged from the hospital in the afternoon, and went home feeling very very exhausted.
    Once at home, I finally managed to get some sleep. Woke up some time after midnight feeling hungry, but I didn’t feel like eating at all. I only took my meds (which I soaked in water till they get dissolved), drink a few sips of water & went back to sleep.

  177. I forgot to mention another tip that has woed for me. Eating anything hurts so I use the chloraseptic spray before and after I eat. Doing it before makes it easier to eat. Then by the time I’m done eating, I use it again, take my medicine, lay down with a humidifier and pass out. The spray also helps get rid of excess food that might have not gone down by spitting the excess.

  178. Day 2 was better than day 1. I had minor shakes from the anesthesia leaving my body. I was able to get a few popsciles down at the beginning of the day, and a little bit of chicken broth (which all tasted amazing). I found that every time I would sit up in my bed, Id get the hiccups or start burping! Both were rather strange to me. The day prior, the hiccups would start right before I started vomiting. So Im really not sure maybe they just needed to get out of my system…
    I wet a face towel (leaving it pretty damp), put it a sandwich bag then stuck it in the freezer. I used it for my neck, and it was amazing! It was cheaper than getting an ice bag or trying to keep the ice tray filled.

  179. hi, i had my tonsils out fri evening 1st june, 2 das ago, pain has been managable but struggling to eat much, altho im drinkin loads of water it hurts, ive discovered the corsodyl mouthwash is helpin numb the pain for a while so thought id share my discovery.

  180. Day 2 – Morning into afternoon: not awful. My throat is sore, but honey drizzled over shaved ice helps immensely. Try it!!! My first piece of black stuff came up- that was disgusting, to say the least. I’ve had a can of Ensure, and it’s helping with the dizziness of just the pain meds in my system. Taking the pain meds every 4 hours. I’m still not sleeping well, but perpetually sleepy. Started chewing gum today, too. I’ve heard mixed reviews about this- right now it is helping my throat not feel tight but I’m just hoping it doesn’t make it hurt more later. Humidifier is going 24/7. I’m hoping tomorrow will be better. The last hour before it’s time for pain meds again is killing me.

    Evening/Night: Awful. I can’t sleep because of nasal drip, which is causing my to snore and/or feel like I;m going to choke. Pain in throat is really bad tonight.

  181. day 2
    cant open my mouth! my throat is fine no pain if i dont swallow! slept for a few hours and snored my heart out! i dont snore normally! i feel very emotional, really bad jaw ache and ear ache, tried to look at my throat but i cant open my mouth wide enough 🙁 note to self set alarm for meds ! dont miss a single pill like i did!

  182. Day 2 has been fine for me. I’m on Roxicet ever 4 hours and the pain usually starts creeping in an hour before I’m allowed my next dose. I went to the store today and bought some pineapple juice at the recommendation of the anesthesiologists assistant who said the bromelain in it helps with the reduction of swelling and sore throats and it also is good against germs and viruses. I’ve mixed that with peach juice as it’s too acidic straight. I was able to eat some luke warm soup today without any trouble so both my belly and me are happy. So far so good. Hope it lasts.

  183. So far day 2 is like day 1 for me… Not bad at all. I have been waking up every 2 hours to drink water and ice my neck. I take my pain meds very 4 hours and children’s ibuprofen in between pain meds. The nurse said the children’s IB helped her and I’m finding it’s helping me too. I’m also eating baby food oatmeal just to get food in my stomach.

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