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Effective Sore Throat Home Cures

home remedies for sore throat
home remedies

Home remedies for are a good alternative to more costly options, when appropriate. Nurturing a sore throat can typically be accomplished at home as long as the individual has ruled out strep throat. If a sore throat persists after over-the-counter medications and home remedies for sore throat have been used, it is wise to seek medical attention to ensure the condition is not more serious than simply a sore throat.

There are numerous home remedies for sore throat. These remedies are generally effective on children elementary ages and up, as well as being effective for adults. If the sore throat is accompanied by a fever, the condition is potentially contagious and the person should consult with a physician or pediatrician for a sore throat remedy.

Gargling with Salt Water is a Simple Solution

Salt water is one of the timeless home remedies for sore throat that has been used for generations by many families. Gargling once an hour with warm salt water can help to relieve the pain and discomfort of a sore throat until the condition has run its course. Many people wake up in the middle of the night with a persistent sore throat during times of the year when the temperatures change dramatically. A quick salt water gargle and rinse as a sore throat remedy has provided numerous people with nearly immediate relief from the discomfort of a sore throat.

 Lemon and Honey

Lemon and honey have natural ingredients in them that help people to fight a number of minor medical issues. Lemon and honey has long been recognized as a helpful remedy for sore throat. A favorite home remedies for sore throat, lemon and honey may be combined with herbal tea or hot water to treat sore throats. People have been using lemon and honey as a valid sore throat remedy for many years and numerous people stand by this treatment. People can also use a combination of lemon and honey and gargle with salt water to obtain a very effective sore throat remedy practiced at home.

If a person is using lemon and honey combinations as a sore throat remedy, it is a good idea to drink a lemon and honey once an hour.

 Maintain a Clean Home to Keep Germs Away

Home remedies for sore throat range from the obvious and simple to the absurd.  During common cold seasons, it may be necessary to stock up on a germ-killing spray, as well as sanitizing wipes to clean counters and door handles. Drinking a lot of orange juice is also a great sore throat remedy. Keeping a home clean and sanitized and investing in citrus juice can lead to a helpful sore throat remedy that also helps to prevent the germs from spreading to other family members.

There are multiple home remedies for sore throat people can take in order to sooth painful throats and to keep the germs from spreading. Taking preventive action is also a good plan for an at-home sore throat remedy.


5 thoughts on “Home Remedies For Sore Throat

  1. Adding some peroxide to the salt and water gargle can help kill bacteria too. Just be sure not to swallow it if you use peroxide. Peroxide is safe to use as a mouth rinse but you’re not supposed to consume it.

  2. Raspberry leaf tea. Make sure it has real plant parts not just artificial raspberry flavoring.

  3. u can do gargles with the mixture of hot water and salt ….

  4. I did a surgeon of tonsils, my problems is after 5days of the procedure, it started to be so painful, I even went to my family Dr for 3days for injection to easy my pain, After the an hour of the injection, I would feel much better but it only lasted for 8hours then the pain will start with dizziness.

    After 10days still feeling the pain but it was moderate, but in the morning around 2am, I started bleeding, I drunk cold water and it stoped, the following day the same thing happened and I was scared as the bleeding was more than yesterday, I did the same procedure of cold water after few minutes it was moderate, I then went to bed, immediatetly when I lay my head, there was the bleeding again, I woke up again doing same procedure and clots blood was coming, I thought of calling the ER24 but I decided other wise, I went to bed and I ddnt bleed again.

    Know am worried if am going to bleed again tomorrow or what? And should it happen wht must I do?

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