Child Tonsillectomy Recovery Story

Hi there, my son had his tonsils removed on 30/06/2017 And what a day he had. There is me thinking it’s a minor operation and that he would be in theatre/recovery for a total maximum of 3 hours, I was wrong. After being in theatre for approximately 7.5 hours he returned back to the ward. My son had a primary hemorrhage and had to go back into theatre to stop the bleed. I never, ever thought a simple operation could be like this. He had bled quite a bit in recovery and they could not stop the bleed. I just knew something was not right when post op patients were returning from theatre before him…..he went to theatre just after 11am and returned to the ward at 7pm. He stayed overnight for monitoring and his now home. I keep checking his tonsils beds in case there is a secondary bleed. He is taking diet and fluids okay and we are trying to keep on top of the pain. I know he is having a rough time, but in the long run I am hoping he will reap the benefits after years of having really sore throats

Your Thoughts?