good tonsillectomy experience

Kathy’s Tonsillectomy Story

 I finally had the tonsillectomy that I have spent 20 years avoiding. The were periods of time in the last […]

good tonsillectomy experience

Good Tonsillectomy Story at 16

Levi Tells a Tonsillectomy Success Story So for about 12 years I’ve had tonsil stones, and they have only gotten […]

good tonsillectomy experience

44 year old tonsillectomy.

am a 44-yr-old female with no history of major surgeries other than wisdom teeth removal. It’s been 9 days since […]

Tyra’s Tonsillectomy

Hi everyone, I am a 20 year old female and am on day 11 of my recovery. I want to […]

A Good Tonsillectomy Recovery

From a Reader: I’d like to share my recent tonsillectomy experience for those of you who are nervous. I was […]

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