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In 2008, at the age of 44, I underwent tonsillectomy surgery. As I struggled to prepare for the surgery and recover from it, I was frustrated by the lack of quality content available on the internet for tonsillectomy patients. I was also frustrated by the general public’s assumptions about adult tonsillectomy surgery, and the lack of compassion from my health care providers. I was ill-prepared and struggled through recovery with minimal support. For this reason, I created a website to provide information to adults considering or recovering from tonsillectomy. It was called, “My Big Fat Tonsillectomy.” I later added a forum where other patients could share their experiences, questions, pain, and compassion.

Since then I’ve learned a great deal about tonsillectomy, and also about web design and search engine optimization. After reading thousands and thousands of posts to the forum, I have amassed a fortune in knowledge and insight into the experience of adult tonsillectomy. I’ve learned even more about the beauty and resilience of the human spirit.

This new site is intended to be a place where people considering or recovering from tonsillectomy can arm themselves with information and become their own best advocates. But it’s also a community. Every page allows comments and questions. The tonsillectomy forum is pure, free form venting, asking, crying, sharing, and mingling.

I read every single comment left on the site. (over 20,000 so far!) Responding to each one has become increasing difficult. My goal is to respond to EVERY comment on THIS page.

Keeping the site going is a labor of love to be sure. In addition to time, it does cost money. If you’d like to help keep the site going for others, please consider making a donation of any amount.

Thank you!

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  1. Greg THANK YOU. I am 45 and on day 8 of recovery. I have an extremely high unusual pain threshold. I too have been very let down by a lack of clear and organized help for recovery. I got warning and predictions and suggestions, but I didn’t get what I needed still. Here I am researching it when I should be able to rest. My doctor did nasal surgery on my husband the same day so he KNEW we didn’t have caregivers at home.

    Here’s my thoughts:

    There should be discharge packs including

    1) A 12 page recovery packet broken down by “Day one of recovery”. This would have helped keep focus on the progression of healing rather than just pain. Each page should have had a medication log. I’ve been so doped, pained and sleep deprived that getting confused would have been likely.
    2) A small styrofoam cooler to keep next ice packs to the bed at night (getting up was almost impossible and dangerous because I was shaking from pain and too distracted to balance and every single second I woke and had to wait for ice was an eternity)
    3) A ice pack that could be wrapped around the entire lower face- my ears were on fire and my tmj muscles were worse because the pain made me clench worse.
    4) A smaller ice pack that could be slipped inside a turtleneck.
    5) Chloraseptic
    6) A Humidifier (or 3. This should never be a mere suggestion. It’s a must for safety concerns)
    7) Prescription pain killer
    8) Stool softeners to go with those pain pills

    My doctor / nurses heard from me 3 times this week about my allergies to other pain killers than hydrocodone. They knew of my unusual pain threshold (I was at work days 4-8)and that my “caregiver” was in his own recovery. They knew I was a teeth grinder and had nasal surgery at the same time, which made recovey even more painful. They knew I wasn’t able to sleep at all due to steroids and pain ALL WEEK and that I cried on the phone at one point asking for more help with pain.

    The pharmacist even mistakenly told me to try more acetomenophine, which is a major bad idea as top loads of it are already included in the hydrocodone she just filled for me.

    Get this- maybe only you can understand my rage at this: After a simple f*ing Google search and a call to my pharmacist, I asked the doctor’s office today if they could write me a prescription for a higher ratio of hydrocodone to acetomenophine. They said yes and it was that simple.

    Apparently I’m the doctor of the year or a pain management expert. Seriously. 8 days for me to get my needs met, figured out by googling in a moment of sleep deprived desperation. Zero medical training.

    1. Hi Jennifer! Sorry you’ve had to go through all that. I’m glad the site has helped you. I really like your ideas. Would you mind if I shared your comments as a post?

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