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In 2008, at the age of 44, I underwent tonsillectomy surgery. As I struggled to prepare for the surgery and recover from it, I was frustrated by the lack of quality content available on the internet for tonsillectomy patients. I was also frustrated by the general public’s assumptions about adult tonsillectomy surgery, and the lack of compassion from my health care providers. I was ill-prepared and struggled through recovery with minimal support. For this reason, I created a website to provide information to adults considering or recovering from tonsillectomy. It was called, “My Big Fat Tonsillectomy.” I later added a forum where other patients could share their experiences, questions, pain, and compassion.

Since then I’ve learned a great deal about tonsillectomy, and also about web design and search engine optimization. After reading thousands and thousands of posts to the forum, I have amassed a fortune in knowledge and insight into the experience of adult tonsillectomy. I’ve learned even more about the beauty and resilience of the human spirit.

This new site is intended to be a place where people considering or recovering from tonsillectomy can arm themselves with information and become their own best advocates. But it’s also a community. Every page allows comments and questions. The tonsillectomy forum is pure, free form venting, asking, crying, sharing, and mingling.

I read every single comment left on the site. (over 20,000 so far!) Responding to each one has become increasing difficult. My goal is to respond to EVERY comment on THIS page.

Keeping the site going is a labor of love to be sure. In addition to time, it does cost money. If you’d like to help keep the site going for others, please consider making a donation of any amount.

Thank you!

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  1. hey Greg im a Weed chainsmoker and just got my tonsils removed today i was wondering how long till i can get back to regular smoking like before? i know i should quit but thats a conversation for another day i guess
    all the best

  2. hello:) i’m 19 & got my tonsils taken out roughly 10 days ago. & it has been hell, i prepared myself pretty well considering & i have a high pain tolerance but this is by far the worse pain i’ve experienced. i’m deathly terrified i’m going to bleed or have an infection, since my cousins tonsils bleed & she had to have emergency surgery again to stop it; the doctors said she was one of the rare ones that’s throat reopens but so far im looking good. i have a lot of questions, some i feel are stupid like this one, i’m a smoker so when can i smoke again? i’ve looked up so many things on a tonsillectomy and other people’s experience which is how i found your story and it has helped me tremendously so thank you kind sir. i’ve eaten nothing but ramen to be honest because broth was really gross, but a few nights ago was taco night so i had a soft taco; no bleeding or anything. i’ve also had a cough the entire time because i was sick prior to the operation but when i can eat normal again? i am over this soft food diet & ready for some real food. i’ve craved food so don’t even like since this operation, is that normal? are the scabs going to come off soon since tomorrow will be day eleven? i have a doctors appointment friday and praying everything is good to go. recovery for this has been the hardest & im so over this. thank you for listening to my rant.

    1. You’re going through just what I did. Hang in there!! Eat what you can. Avoid sharp foods like Doritos but if you can, I’d say eat it. I’m not a doctor- just someone like you who has been through it.

  3. I’m 39 years old and had an adult tonsillectomy about a month ago ( Monday) will be a month. I had a pretty easy recovery going off over the counter pain meds on my 9th day ( couldn’t take the prescribed medication, it made me so ill) I notice a funny taste in my mouth about 2 1/2 weeks ago and it isn’t going away. It’s a salty taste and I was wondering if anyone has experienced this too? Thanks

  4. Day 10 + 11. What a difference. Day 10 was a lot easier. I was able to speak better and to move my tongue. I still had bad ear pain after I ate. I put a heating pad on my ears and laid in a fetal position until it eased up. Throat still raw. Day 11 I fell on my knees for joy. Now it’s just like a bad strep infection and there is still white slough in my throat, with a couple of specks missing. Once little pieces come off it hurts like a fresh wound for a while. I was able to eat some soft honey toast this morning. The best I’ve ever had. During the day my throat constricted once in a while and drinking cold water was painful, room temperature felt better. Still not myself but so much better. Thank you Greg for putting this forum together. I was so thankful to hear testimonials and to see that this ferocious pain was normal. I thought there was something seriously wrong with me until I found this site. I was ill prepared for the surgery and recovery and friends and family were not very understanding about my agony and “slow” recovery. It’s JUST a tonsillectomy. I’ve given birth to two girls, unfortunately no pain killers and it was super easy compared to what I just went through. For all you in the beginning and middle of recovery. There is relief just around the corner. I did it and so can you. Keep your throat moist and don’t try to tough it out without pain killers. Get different pain killers from the doctors if you have bad side effects. Take care. I’d also love to hear the long term health benefits…..and if you think it was worth the trouble.

  5. Your site is literally keeping me sane. Thank you so much for providing it. I’m day 5 haven’t gotten any food down in 2 days but know there is light ahead. Thank you again. Julia

    1. You just made my day. Thank you!! Hang in there Julia! This is temporary!

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