Tonsillectomy Survival List:

Tonsillectomy Recovery
Tonsillectomy Recovery

Tonsillectomy Checklist:

Tonsillectomy survival list:

Tonsillectomy survival list:
Tonsillectomy survival list: checklist
  • Water Bottle to spit into, dont waste swallows spit out mucus, swish and spit into bottle after eating to keep germs away- clean out sugar/salts
  • HUMIDIFIER- keep it on all day and night on the highest setting, keeps your throat from being dry, better quality of sleep and helps with healing
  • Cough syrup- tastes horrible but reduced phelm and mucus at night.(better quality of sleep)
  • Luke warm water is easier to drink than ice cold- cold stuff contracts muscles in the throat
  • Diet: water, Apple sauce, campbells chicken noodle soup, and Flintstone vitamins
  • Take meds and set alarms so you dont forget or overdose
  • Stay away from: menthol cough drops, dairy, and cold dry air
  • Keep an Ice pack to wrap around your jaw line on both sides- this really helped after eating or before eating, or while eating

I hemorrhaged on the 1st day(felt like a nose bleed in the back of my throat), went to the ER and had to have surgery to stop the bleeding, this probably added a day to my recovery but once i got a routine things healed quicker and easier, mornings still suck, after eating still hurts but laying on my side always made things better. (28 year old Male day 6)

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