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Sara Shares her Tonsillectomy at age 18 Story – Day One

Hello everybody, I just wanted to share a brief story about my experience today with my Tonsillectomy.

It was my first surgery ever, I am 18 years old and it was my first time going under but all I remember is the doctor asking me questions about my personal life and then next thing you know I shut my eyes and I was out like a light. I woke in the recovery room about an hour later really dizzy and shaking from the gas, and you really cannot talk at all right after because your Uvula is so swollen you basically are choking on it and the back of your throat is just very tender and sore. They make you stay in recovery for abut two hours to make sure you have no bleeding.

Also I am not someone who can tolerate liquid medicine very well so heads up, they give you a very strong medicine that does not taste good what so ever. Your breath is going to smell foul for awhile because the back of your mouth just taste so darn awful its nauseating. I am only on my post operative day, haven’t even started my second full day. So far I feel completely okay, but I know for a fact as the days begin to go on my throat and neck are going to become very sore, but the only thing I am excited for is when I can finally eat some soft foods instead of ice.

I don’t even like swallowing anything, not even water because it literally just slips down your throat but your doctor will push you to stay hydrated as much as you can especially before bed and when you wake up. Also try borrowing a misting vaporizer for your room from a friend or go buy one for like $25 it will help keep your throat moisturized during the night when you sleep incase your someone who tends to sleep through their mouth and not their nose. All in all if its your first surgery there is noting to be worried about besides making sure you call off of work or school for a minimum of two weeks and making sure you have someone to care for you because you really shouldn’t be using too much energy. the medicine they gave me just makes me want to sleep all day.

Anyways thank you for taking the time out of your day and reading this. I can promise you if you have to go through a tonsillectomy everything will be okay, and that’s coming from me the biggest baby when it comes to pain tolerance!

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