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Tonsillectomy Recovery Experience

Ann Tells The Story

My 15 year old daughter had her tonsils removed 10 days ago. It’s been hell. Three days of nonstop vomiting. Eventually motilium kicked in. Only thing she could drink in sips first 3 days was chilled water & popsicles. Had to abandon difene & solpodol from day 3 as was too hard on her stomach so switched to paracetamol (calpol liquid form) & liquid nurofen. Would be lost without this site as the doctor never described the symptoms. The constant mucus was unexpected so the only solution was to spit it out constantly. On day 7 ate a little chicken broth but eating & drinking caused severe ear pain. A hot water bottle against the ears helped ease the pain. Teeth & jaw hurt really badly too. She has been chewing gum from day 2 to help excerise the jaw/throats muscles. A strange thing is that because her jaw is a little locked & her tongue is swollen we haven’t been able to see the back of her throat. Has anybody else suffered from a partial lock jaw? On day 7 we weighed her & she had lost 16 lb. A godsend from day 7 onwards was cut up small pieces of watermelon. She ate this constantly. We got through 2 whole watermelons in 2 days. She started getting down from day7-day9 saying she hated her life and there was no end in sight & why did we ever get her tonsils removed. I combated this by getting her to shower, standing outside for 2 minutes in the sun & then on day 9 letting her go on a short walk. From day 8 the horrendous bad breath abated. Didn’t really feel the scabs coming off but she did spit up droplets of blood on day 8 after sucking on ice chips. Gargling with cold water stopped the bleeding. Currently on day 10 & although pain still there &!4hour pain relief is very important still there has been a big improvement. She has more energy & ate very eggy French toast & had a friend visit for 3 hours. Another strange thing is that her speaking voice is very slurred, I presume this is due to her swollen tongue & partial lock jaw. Onwards & upwards!

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