Sophie’s Choice to Have a Tonsillectomy

good tonsillectomy experience
good tonsillectomy experience

Im 20 and i had my tonsils removed on the 13/08/18 due to a tonsil cyst and repeated bouts of tonsillitis. I weighed 9 stone 7 on the day of the operation. (i’m 5 ft 6). I managed to eat every single day and plenty. except for the operation day. 
The operation was 2 weeks ago now. Here is my experience. It wasn’t great but I don’t regret it at all. 
After having the operation and waking up from the anesthetic I thought wow, this is nothing I can hardly feel a thing I was up and talking. I couldn’t wait to tuck into my food that the hospital provided. I took one bite of mash and it came over me very quickly and i was sick…loads! Think that was just the reaction i had to the anesthetic but it wasn’t pleasant. There was also blood in my sick and it carried on all through the night so they kept me in. I didn’t eat anything that day. In the morning it wore off and I was sent home(without any medication or painkillers). I still felt ok though and managed to eat and talk. Everything was going fine until day 4 to 8. These were my worst. The pain was 10 out of 10 on these days and it was keeping me awake at night. Most of the pain was in my ears. one thing that helped massively was a hot water bottle. It was my best friend through the 2 weeks. once i put that on my ears the pain went away. I don’t know why this helped so much. 
during days 4 to 8 i couldn’t speak. I texted instead to get my mother and my boyfriends attention. I took strong co-codomol on these days which I got from my GP. your breath will also stink and you will taste a horrid taste. I used minty chewing gums. my GP also noticed it may be infected on day 7 and gave me antibiotics to take. 
Day 10 i found was like magic the pain reduced massively on this day it came all of a sudden! I was back to speaking again with more energy.
from then on the pain has gone less and less and today its not painful at all. im back to my usual self and back at work.
as for food I cant say it enough! eat as much as you can and hard food. I Know how that sounds but trust me. macaroni, soup, spaghetti,beans, anything you think would be good stang me! I couldn’t bare to eat anything wet with strong flavors. foods helpful to me were pancakes, sandwiches, cereal,crackers and cheese and mint ice-cream. Every time you eat something hard its like a relief on your throat because it scrapes the scabs away. i’m sure if i carried on eating soft food i would still be ill now. it done me no good. but i cant speak for everyone. I only lost half a stone in the 2 weeks. which compared to most people isn’t much. so i’m happy with that. hope this helps and dont think halfway through WHY HAVE I DONE THIS. because when its over you will be very happy and glad you went through the pain and its over.

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