Lori’s Story -Tonsillectomy and Recovery

Cold Method Tonsillectomy Surgery

On November 17th, I had my tonsils out due to tonsil stones that I had been dealing with for almost 20 years. I am a 51 year old female, mother of 2 adult girls and 1 tween girl. Today is day 7 post tonsillectomy. I came across this website searching for information about pain levels for day 7. I am glad I did.
Lots of confirmation of others pain quite similar so I decided to share as well. I awoke feeling like my head was going to explode I was in so much pain. Yes, the worse pain ever. Childbirth does not create this much pain and is over once baby is born. Never in my life have I ever had to consume so much acetaminophen, ibuprofen, and oxycodone, alternating each one every 2 hours since November 17th. Did I mention these are all liquids! It is so hard to take my daily, tiny allergy pill and Omeprazole. I am mindful that everyone’s pain tolerance is different. I typically can handle pain without whining about it. This is different. I am writing to share that the “informed or I told you so” pain is real. It’s horrible and unbearable at times that it brings tears to my eyes….. even crying hurts.
I have been drinking lots of water, devouring dozens of sugar free fruit bars, some ice cream, a few containers of my favorite green yogurt and even attempted a little bit of Thanksgiving dinner….. with lots of gravy….. NONE of which I could taste. I have not been able to taste anything but the nastiness of the liquid acetaminophen. YES it hurts going down, some time more so than others. I just keep drinking and downing the ice bars for numbing. I sleep somewhat propped up and mostly on my sides as lying on my back makes me feel like I cannot breathe. My husband said since the surgery, I snore again. (Used to snore as I was 70 lbs heavier) Soaking up the naps during the day; snuggled on the couch with my heated sherpa throw, my cat curled up on my lap and watching Hallmark Channel movies. Best post op therapy! When I first met with surgeon, I was thinking I would be back to work a few days after procedure was done. Oh how I was wrong. He was insisting that I take at least 2 weeks off from work. I begged to go back 10 days post op. He was reluctant to give me approval.
Today, I now understand why he was reluctant. My advice: listen to the doctor; be assertive with drinking lots of water, eat crushed ice, frozen fruit bars, even though it hurts. Take pain medications routinely and write down when, how much and when next time can be taken. Thank you for reading and good luck to others who have or will be enduring this journey for whatever reason. Here’s to water and frozen fruit bars! Cheers!

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