20 days of Tonsillectomy Recovery- a Photo Journal 2019

Video after tonsillectomy
Video journal of tonsillectomy recovery from day one to day 20

Many thanks to a reader who shared this pictorial of her recovery from tonsillectomy surgery from day one to day twenty.

tonsillectomy photo journal
photo journal of tonsillectomy recovery from day one to day 20


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  1. Day 10 post op and still feel like I’m dying. Starting to wonder if this will ever be over. Also had a low grade fever of 100.6 tonight but the dr doesn’t believe I need an antibiotic. I hope he’s right.

  2. Day 6 PSt operation 2020 so I guess most of these posts are from years ago I’m 24 and having my tonsils out was worse pain than my c section with my daughter my jaw is locked I dribble to sleep I wake up evrey morning crying because I hoped I would wake up and the pain would be over 🙁 hopefully in the next 6 days my pain will be over

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