Tonsillectomy Shopping List

Preparing for Tonsillectomy -A Shopping List

I’ve put together a collection of items that I think will help make your recovery from adult or child tonsillectomy go more smoothly.  Having been through it myself, and read the stories of thousands of patients, I’ve learned that recovery can be very difficult.  The items in this collection can help ease pain, allow you to sleep better, stay nourished, and keep your mind off your discomfort.

I’m a big fan of Amazon, so I went ahead and found each item in the Amazon store and created a link.  Amazon is nice because, A. it’s secure, and B. shipping is fast.  I also feel confident buying through them because of their return policy.

Take a look through my tonsillectomy shopping list.  You may already have some of these items.  Get them out and have them ready.  If you don’t, consider buying them here.  If not, try to find them locally.  In my opinion, a humidifier, ice shaver, chewing gum, throat spray, and neck pillow are among the most important items to have on hand.


If you would like to add your own suggestions, please do so in the comments section at the very bottom of the page.  Thank you!



For a full list of helpful products, visit the Tonsillectomy Store

Read a book, watch a movie, or post on the Tonsillectomy Forum. I wish they existed when I was recovering!
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Tonsillectomy Shopping List

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5 thoughts on “Tonsillectomy Shopping List”

  1. Does peppermint help? I’m pre-op, showtime is next week. I grabbed a bag of these (rather richly flavored, more so than the typical holiday candy canes) “peppermint cuts” and they helped the soreness of the bum tonsil quite a bit. I’m trying to find what teas will help as well. Or at least what to avoid…like rosehip tea, which made my throat feel worse.

    Thank you Beth for the tubesock tip. Funny, when I moved in to the house we’re living now, the previous tenant left this long rectangular bluegel pack in the freezer. It never completely freezes solid but holds the cold for a half hour at a time and wraps around the neck nicely. Used after the biopsy, I’ll be using it more for sure. For anyone interested, it’s a CVS Reusable Cold Pack, but I don’t have an item number or UPC for searching it. Might save wear and tear on water ice supplies, keep your recovery spots cleaner and dryer. I’m going to try Beth’s tubesock tip and take it one step further…..putting that in the leg of old (clean) pantyhose and tying/clipping it onto the neck (loosely), so it won’t slip and fall off, especially when sitting up.

    One more thing…. a “Temporal Artery Thermometer” is nice if you can spring for one. Takes temperature by running it across the forehead to the temple, bypassing all the sore and healing places. Discovered it at the ENT, they use one, found one on sale at Target. Plus this one uses a regular 9V battery, nothing exotic like those mini therms do. (Our old minitherm died of battery explosion) For us it’s a plus, since this will hopefully sit in the medicine cabinet for years after this is over, and all we’ll need is a 9V (which we routinely have) to use it again.

  2. Bags of frozen veggies (peas/corn) for around outside of throat. Cheap and invaluable. I was lucky to get a cheap little cotton sleeve with vectors closure from my hospital after the procedure. Perfect to stuff frozen veggies in and hold on neck. But even a large tube sock or a small pillow case/dish towel will do in a pinch.

  3. Lollipops! For anyone else who have a lot of difficulty swallowing afterwards. I could barely handle liquids but could handle lollipops, also helped with the bad taste.

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