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Tonsillectomy Scabs


After Tonsillectomy – When do scabs fall off?

Tonsillectomy Scabs coming off
Tonsillectomy Scabs

One of the most common questions I get from tonsillectomy patients is about scabs. In particular, people want to know whether their throat looks normal. Some folks get downright obsessed with their tonsillectomy scabs. It’s almost like loosing a tooth- the tongue just can’t seem to stop exploring the new space created. And so it is for patients recovering from tonsillectomy. I personally never cared to look back there, but I think I was the exception.
Seagate Olive Leaf Throat SprayI’ve seen many tonsillectomy scab pictures. Everyone heals differently. Sometimes the scabs are white, like the ones shown here. Sometimes they take on a more greenish color. It’s also quite common for the uvula to swell considerably, especially in the first few days following tonsillectomy. All of this makes it difficult to swallow, but it also makes it very important to swallow. Using those throat muscles helps speed recovery. Drinking cold liquids and sucking on ice cools the tissues and reduces inflammation. That’s two wins!

With special thanks to the young lady who contributed these tonsillectomy scab pictures, I present the following: One example of how the throat can look on day 1, day 2, day 3, day 4, day 5, day 6, and day 7, post tonsillectomy. Feel free to comment or ask questions at the bottom of the page.

Usually between days seven and ten, it’s common to see tonsillectomy scabs falling off.  As the tonsillectomy scabs are coming off, some bleeding is common.  Gargling with cold water will usually stop the bleed.  If it does not, seek medical attention. I’ve read that about 5% of tonsillectomy patients have bleeds that require treatment.  It usually happens in the first day or as tonsillectomy scabs coming off tear the tissue.  Don’t try to “help the process along,” by poking at or rubbing the scabs.

Did you take your own pictures of your tonsillectomy scabs? I’m always trying to add to the resources for other patients. If you have good quality photos of your throat as you recovered from tonsillectomy, connect with me on Facebook: Tonsillectomy Resources Support Group

Thank you!

Take care and stay hydrated!
-Greg Tooke 

Tonsillectomy Scabs- a photo journal:

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  1. Hi I’m on day 6 and one of my scabs fell off on the right side at first it was bright red and now it’s back to being white. Is this normal? ( I’m so tired of the bad breath i want these things gone)

  2. Hi everyone, I’m hoping someone may be able to put my mind at ease a bit. I’m 24 and had my tonsils out about 5 weeks ago and still have what appear to be dissolvable stitches and now a lump on either side that almost look like small tonsils. I’m wondering if this is normal swelling that’s part of the healing process or if it’s possible my tonsils are growing back that quickly? I’ve heard of that happening to people and I’m absolutely terrified 🙁

  3. Aloe Vera juice has done wonders! Lots and lots of aloe juice blended with ice.

    I had my tonsils removed at 16 years ago and was that 1% the bleeds out. I wound up going back twice for bleeding and was hospitalized for three weeks the last time.

    Fast forward 12 years my three year old and husband are doing back to back tonsillectomies. Our three year old was up first. She refused to eat or drink much till one week. All she drank or would take was milk and the dr didn’t care so we went with it. We had to get suppository Tylenol for her and her recovery was rough but she’s great now.

    Now my husband who is 29 has his done 4 days ago. Water burns he said so I’ve bleended up aloe juice and ice all day every day since day 1. Pain medication it on a 4 hour schedule with Percocet every 4 hours, Celebrex 2x daily, Stool softeners and L-lysine 1,000 mg once a day.

    Food consumption is liquid and warm – cool temperatures. Jello, protein pudding with whipped cream, okios tripe zero yogurt, and lots of soup and bone broth. The nutrient rich diet seems to be helping with stomach issues and healing.

    Twice now I’ve had to tell him to get his ass in bed and relax because he feels great. I honestly think the aloe juice and l-lysine have been making a huge difference. That and I make him chug fluids and have a humidifier in his face while sleeping sitting.

    Every person is different along with doctors. My child was only prescribed a suppository Tylenol. Same this as over the counter. I had tylonoal codein and my husband has Percocet and celebrex. Just remember the pain is temporary and this too shall pass. I by the way have a very high pain tolerance but my husband doesn’t.

  4. My tonsil scabs are a dark green color and I’m on day six I’m still having horrible time sleeping I woke up theirs morning at 3:00am with extremely painful throat and I have a empty Gatorade bottle that I’m constantly spitting up light brown mucous and I can barley talk like it take all my strength to swallow move my jaw and mouth and my ear are a entirely different story…

    1. Try chewing gum to help stimulate saliva. Also helps with the jaw pain.

  5. Wow, reading through all of these have made me thankful that my nearly 3 year old is doing so well, woke up after op with an appetite and eaten non stop since, she’s not in pain but taking regular meds, on day 5 now and her throats looks like it’s slowly clearing, don’t know if it’s already scabbed or is due to scab! She has a little cough but otherwise she’s her normal self. Not sure if it’s because she’s used to the pain from having tonsillitis once a month before her op.

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