Tonsillectomy Scabs Fall Off

Tonsillectomy Scabs- How and when do they fall off?

Regardless of the tonsillectomy method used, some sort of scab is going to form over the the area from which your tonsils have been cut, coblated, and/or cauterized.

It’s normal. It is normal.  People often become obsessed with the appearance of the tonsil beds as they recover from tonsillectomy.  Almost like a recently lost tooth, it can be hard to resist the temptation to explore the new landscape.  This too is normal.  I strongly advise against molesting the area with foreign objects.   Those scabs will fall off on their own.  Touching, poking, or scraping on them increases the risk of hemorrhage and you don’t want that.

Tonsillectomy Scabs Fall Off

Tonsillectomy Scabs Fall Off around day 7 or 8

Many Otoraryngologists, or ear, nose and throat, (ENT) specialists recommend eating a somewhat rough diet, (think dry toast), to keep the affected area clear of excessive tonsillectomy scab build-up.  This advice is most often given in the United Kingdom and Australia. Most ENT’s in the United States advise a soft diet.

Which ever route you take, there will likely be formation of tissue that covers the tonsil beds.  I recommend following the advice I give in other pages of this site; keep the throat moist, avoid sharp foods, stay hydrated, take pain medications on schedule, sleep upright if possible, and leave those tonsillectomy scabs alone.  They will normally begin to slough of at about day seven or eight of your recovery.

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What Happens When Tonsillectomy Scabs Fall Off

You may feel a sharp pain occasionally as the tonsillectomy scabs fall off. This is common. This is normal. There is a slight increase in risk of bleeding while tonsillectomy scabs fall off. If you do have some bleeding, try gargling with ice cold water. This will usually stop the bleeding. If this doesn’t work, and bleeding becomes profuse, call 911 or get to a hospital immediately. Don’t panic. In there relatively rare cases, health care professionals have great success at stopping the bleed.
Seagate Olive Leaf Throat SprayOne of our readers has shared photos of how her throat looked after tonsillectomy in a daily recovery photo journal. Take a look:

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  1. I had mine removed on the 17th and was told to take tylenol… should I be take oxycodone too? Did my physicians screw me over? 18 year old male btw and I too am salty that I can’t eat on thanksgiving :((

  2. I’m 39 years old and had my tonsils removed on 11/14. I read so many horror stories prior to surgery and I was scared sh&$less going in to it. I’m glad I read such horrendous stories, as it prepared me for the worst. But thankfully I have had a very easy recovery so far. This is now day 8, and I am constantly eating ice and have the humidifier on full blast all day. I take my oxycodon about every 6 hours and children’s Tylenol in between if needed. I have tried eating several things, but not always easy to get down. Last night was by far the best, as I was able to eat a few bites of super scrambled eggs. Tasted like the best eggs or thing I’ve ever eaten!!! Maybe I’m weird or have a high pain tolerance, but this has not been what I expected at all. I’m able to sleep at night and get up once to take a dose of medicine. My throat sometimes feels like it’s in fire, but I just bear with it until pain meds kick in.
    I’m hoping the pain will be minimal once the scabs start to fall off — which hasn’t happened yet .
    I’m just really sad that I won’t have Thanksgiving food this year :(. Maybe I can blend the Turkey, potatoes, green beans, stuffing and pie into one big thanksgiving drink! Haha

    Hope everyone has a speedy recovery! Just remember this is only temporary!

  3. Had mine out on 11/14/17. Ended up in ER 2 nights ago because I couldn’t tolerate pain anymore. ER was surprised that ENT only gave me tylenol with codeine. They prescribed some children’s motrin (since I can’t swallow pills) and gave me a shot, which I now call the miracle shot. I ate 2 bowls of chicken soup and jello, before effects ran out. Then 8 hours later, back to hell. My throat and ears burn so bad. It’s this stinging, knife cutting pain. Even chewing on ice makes it burn. I don’t know how long more till this pain goes away. Positive note: I’ve lost 10 lbs. Negative: Thanksgiving is in 3 days!!! No turkey this year.

    1. I had mine out on the 16th and have been religiously taking Oxycodone (1omg every 4 hours) – it really cuts the pain. The pills are tiny so they might be easier for you to take or to crush and swallow in a drink. No turkey for me either!

    2. You and me are in the same boat, I got mine out on the same day. The pain isn’t too bad but they prescribed me oxycodone so that helps plus I take children’s ibuprofen in between, I tried eating mini corn dogs yesterday but it hurt way too much, so I’m just gonna stick to the smoothies till I feel better but I’ve lost a significant amount of weight but I’m also going to the gym as well so hopefully I can sleep better and feel better all at the same time.

  4. Im 16 I got my tonsils & adenoids removed on the Nov.9,2017 a day after my birthday. This has been the worse uncomfortable surgery ever😪❗. Day 6 I had 4 hours of sleep, WORSE DAY I cried so day 7 I demanded to go to hospital lol I had to i thought something was wrong. I was dehydrated from all the spitting & not drinking the night before the insisted on an IV they tried 3 times digging in my skin till the point I gave up. I guess you can say 3 shots for nothing😂, I’m currently on steroids so I’m doing okay I’ll come back with an update!

    1. My scab came while I was eating & the back of my throat stung from the food so I tried white bread which did the trick hopefully I’ll get sleep
      (Tips: don’t miss taking the medicine, start hydrated, don’t gargle..chew.. or drink out a straw, also try not to cry even though in my opinion its impossible, BEWARE OF 6TH OR 7TH DAY) good luck. Lastly the scab falling off is the last stag but stay on soft foods for 3 days for complete healing then you’ll be fine.

  5. I’m 49 and had my tonsils removed on Nov 3rd in the morning. This is after 41 years of bad colds, ear infections, and sinus infections, a semi successful sinuplasty, and a long discussion with an ENT doctor. I slept in my recliner until day 8. I also bought an ice pack wrap and slept with a gel ice pack on my neck until I moved back to the bed on Day 8. Days 6-9 were pretty much pain unending. I was so tired when I went to the doctor’s office I wanted to cry. This is the end of day 10 and I’m up at 1:30 in the morning after waking up to a horribly dry mouth. I’m pretty sure one of my scabs fell off (Day 10). Yay! But now that side of my throat burns a bit even after an icy pop. I’ve been drinking lots of water and had a humidifier in the room with me. The only thing that really worked for the pain was the adult liquid acetaminophen I bought on a whim in CVS. I’m thinking it is because it was also coating my throat with it. The reason I say this is I ran out yesterday and the pills are not making a difference nor did the prescription tylenol with codeine tablets I tried earlier in the week. But if you use liquid tylenol make sure to quickly follow with water or you will start coughing. I’ve eaten so many icy pops I can’t begin to tell you how much I never want to see one again. If you can, chew gum; it gets your mouth working and the saliva flowing. I liked the bubble mint since the mint sort of made my throat feel cool. Other foods that have been good besides soup is mashed potatoes and oatmeal. I highly recommend not putting meat or rice in your soup. And make sure you do not take any ibuprofin or asprin. I can’t believe someone posted on another blog they had been taking both acetaminophen and ibuprofen; then they were surprised when they wound up back in the hospital from the bleeding…twice. Everything I read says at least three weeks for any aspirin and aspirin-like products but ask your doctor about any medication use. The ginger tea is totally a godsend for nausea. Also don’t drink citrus products…it will burn even if it is a little bit…Juicy juice fruit punch has tangerine juice. I also found apple juice mixed with flat ginger ale was soothing to the mouth. The doctor also recommended ginger beer which isn’t actually carbonated but I couldn’t find it locally.

  6. Hi! 34 years old and just had my tonsils out on Nov. 6th. So happy reading everyone’s stories here. I thought there was something wrong with me! The pain from this has been horrendous! I knew it was going to hurt but sometimes even breathing too fast makes my throat feel like I am trying to swallow shards of glass. Plus my tongue hurts like crazy. I did just discover that parts of my tongue were cauterized and I am assuming that is the cause of the pain. Anyways just rambling here but sure did feel good to know I am not alone! Get well soon all!

    1. Got mine out on the 7th. I’m on day 6 and the sharp pains are agonizing. Feels like my tongue is a razor blade. Ughh I want it to be over!

  7. Im a 28 year old female and because of swollen tonsils and tonsil crypts i decided to do tonsillectomy.
    before going under operation i was so frightened because of comments of other patients
    but i just tried to fool myself with the thought that I’m different and I’m gonna recover soon with minimum pain…
    and blv me it worked and i never experienced any unbearable pain after my tonsillectomy im on day 7 and i barely feel any pain at all… on day 1 to 4 my pain was a bit severe but it was bearable ..i just kept eating and drinking as i water apple juice pineapple juice pudding ice cream apple sauce in day 1 to 3 …and started eating scrambled eggs, mashed potatos ,soft noodles, soft bread,toast in milk Today i had mushroom and spinach omelete sandwich with cheese …
    Never forget to drink water every 2 hours in your sleep favorite drinks at nights was ice water or honey and water…it helps you so much to keep your throat moisturized during the night
    Also it is sooooo important to have a humidifier beside you while you are asleep.
    After eating any meal brush your teeth ,floss and use mouthwash…keeping your mouth as clean as possible is so helpful and your wounds will appreciate you!
    i think the key to your recovery is in your mind the struggle you should take to not to be defeated by pain…just keep thinking of recovery every single moment and give thanks for that..
    And note this ,the sooner you start eating the sooner your scabs will heal and fall off…so just try to eat as much as you can
    I never thought it would be that easy for me to handle and I after reading all that sad and devastating comments was expecting pain, agony and being burned and tortured in a hell called tonsillectomy.
    I will go through it again if i have to..cuz it so happy that i finally removed my tonsills and got rid of all those tonsil stones…
    hope u have a very fast recovery with minor pain too❤

    1. My recovery has been the exact same. I drank 20 oz water before leaving hospital. 60 oz plus per day of water and Gatorade. Put Two humidifiers in my room, up every hour to drink, eating soft foods, take pain medicine before pain kicks in. (Every 3 hours at first). The steroid helps significantly!! Kept gum in mouth during night to keep moist. I even got my house deep cleaned!!! I thank God for such a smooth recovery. I had several people praying over me….The prayers helped ❤

      1. Also, I’m 30 yr old female with constant infection in tonsils since 20’s. Going on day 4 post op. So happy they are gone!

  8. Got my tonsils removed on the 16th. The first 3days were okay, but now I am in all kindza hell. Tongue is swollen, throat is swollen, trying to swallow my saliva is agonizing so I stay spitting it out. The ear pains are just constant, cant sleep without drooling all over the place. Can’t wait for this nightmare to be over.

  9. I had both of my tonsils out on October 9th because the ent was concencerned one was a bit suspect, I also had tonsil stone constantly and every other week tonsillitis.

    I’m now on day 13 and still in agony… is this normal? It’s been the worst thing I have ever had done and the worst recovery, since my hospital stay I’ve had 2 lots of antibiotics for a chest infection from the anaesthetic and an infection of the throat.

    I just want to say if it wasn’t for this forum, I would be lost…

    Also when is it possible to eat again and taste anything? X

  10. Had my tonsils removed on the 19th oct im now on day 3. The pain yesterday was horrific. Struggling when i take my pain relief as i ferl sick. My ears hurt and crackle too, is this normal? I keep feeling like something is stuck in back of my throat did anyone have this?
    Some advice would be greatly appreciated

    1. I had mine out on the 18th. I still feel like something is stuck in my throat, but I think it’s the scabs you are feeling. Everything you describe is how I’m feeling too so it must be normal.

    2. That’s exactly how I feel. Like something is stuck behind my throat/nose. I had mine on the 23rd and it’s been a roller coaster ride with pain and discomfort. My uvula swelled and caused small amounts of food to enter my nasal passage whenever I swallowed. Doctor says that’s what I was feeling.

  11. Hello, my 4 year daughter is on day 3 and she’s starting to feel the scabs . My fear is that when it starts to fall if she will swallow them, all her mucus if in her nose. I’m terrified… what happened when t falls off? Do you guys spit it out? Throw up? Or what?

    1. I had just one tonsil out because I only had a problem with one. I am so glad I did even after everyone kept saying just do both! I am diabetic and got use to not having sugary things. I got so sick of popsicles and Jello and things I was told to eat, even though I got sugar free they still had a lot of carbs. I was starving for something healthy!on day three my brother suggested baby food! If your doctor allows this I highly recommend it! It’s so much easier to swallow!and gives you a health benefit. I also got a drink called body armor! I don’t like Gatorade. Body armor has lots of vitamins and coconut water.

      1. And even if you have to sip…..DRINK THAT WATER. I figured id take a sip every time I had to swallow, it helped get more water in me. Also taking a sip as soon as you wake seemed to help.

    2. My 4year old just threw up a big scab on day 6 at 4 in the morning. Poor girl was terrified. She said it felt like she had a rock in her throat. She is now drinking her second cup of cold water. She won’t eat anything but soup broth and a bit of soft bread and my wife and I can see that she has lost weight. How did your little one do?

  12. I had my tonsillectomy on October12th, I’m on day six in the healing process, after reading this I have no idea who in the hell would ever tell anyone to eat DRY TOAST while recovering!
    Don’t follow that, please don’t,
    I’m able to suffer down some soup with veggies, as well as popsicles and cold water, but other than that my throat, tongue, and neck are swollen, sore, and stiff.
    I can’t take any pain meds, so the only way I can get any relief is with ice packs on my throat, and cold cold water/popsicles,
    My advice is just REST, keep your throat as cold as you can handle, and at night NyQuil can be your best friend it’s helped numb my throat, ease the general pain(headache,stiffness,sore/sharp throat pain) and get to sleep, which otherwise would be impossible.
    Warm baths have also helped, but please bring an ice pack and ice water with you, if you get the area too hot it can open up the wound and you can start it bleeding again,
    I hope some of this helps,👌

    1. Hello!
      I had my tonsillectomy on the 15th Nov so this i day 6 for me.
      I live in Sweden and reading your stories the main difference seem to be I was prescribed strong painkillers in form of Oxicodon (type of morphine) and Paracetamol. On top of that I also got medication towards inflammation, reduction in bleeding and pills again opiate induced constipation. These painkillers are a blessing for the pain and my recovery!
      Reading your stories it doesn’t seem to be the same procedure in the US? What were you prescribed?
      Speedy recovery!

      1. I had mine out on the 16th here in the US. I was prescribed Oxicodone (10mg every 4 hours) and I can supplement that Tylenol as well. The Oxi really helps. It’s saved my life so far. I couldn’t imagine not having it – and reading that some who have posted here don’t makes me so sad for them. I hope we all get through this!!

      2. You all are lucky. I got Tylenol with codeine, enough for 5 Days. Nothing for inflammation. Then i took a trip to emergency room. Now I have to use over the counter children’s motrin (40mg) and alternate with over the counter extra strength tylenol. Pain is ridiculous.

  13. I have been fighting day 5 now with no relief from my triple surgery, a septoplasty, tonsilectomy, and a uppp! One surgery at a time ive been told is horrid but I ended up with three at one time, I have tried many things to ease the pain for even just comfort, I have only drank two ensures and water a day. To night was so horrid that I just didn’t want to deal anymore. So I cleared my head and got to thinking what would sooth the pain but not hinder the healing process or maybe even help, I thought about aloe and I just couldn’t do it, then I seen my coconut oil and I said it has healing, hydrating, soothing properties why not I took a teaspoon and instantly the pain was taken away it is now tolerable! It doesn’t last long but enough to get through for a bit. Just don’t drink water after It! Of course it’s cold pressed, organic oil! If you can handle the oil feel I would try It! But ask your doctor first of course, as I am not a doctor. All the benefits of the oil and now helps with pain I will be buying more in the morning! Hope this helps, happy healing and best wishes!

  14. Had my surgery Oct 12th so this is day three for me. Did anyone have scabs falling off around day 4/5? I have one that feels like it may come off but idk if it’s wishful thinking. I was able to eat super soft foods day one and two but this morning the pain was intense. Now later I the day not so bad I haven’t taken my meds as of yet and feel okay without them.. wondering am I healing fast or am a gullible duck that should prepare for the shit storm still to come.

  15. I had my tonsillectomy on Oct 6th as well. The pain Intensified overnight! I’m changing up my routine by gargling with lukewarm salt water. Wow that helps so much!! It’s amazing! Also I am going to buy a humidifier and put it right next to me as I sleep propped up at night. The dry air is terrible for the throat tissue. I haven’t taken any of my narcotic pain meds. Just Tylenol. Hang in there guys!!

  16. I am on day 6 of my tonsilectomy recovery. I am now able to eat more solid foods and I am drinking plenty of fluids. My scabs are now begging to fall of and when they do they bleed , anybody else experienced this ?

    1. I’m on day 6 and one side of my throat feels like a itch and dry I can’t shake with some throbbing at times and yes I’ve been bleeding off and on its bright red then it fades to pink. I’m worried. Not sure if it is normal.

  17. I’m a little worried after reading all of these. I had my tonsils taken out on Oct. 6 and it’s day 6 post op now and I haven’t been able to consume more than 1 tea and 1 popsicle a day which I make myself have. No sipping water at this point the pain is so bad I’d rather die? So I have a tea and it’s better. One day I had two teas because it felt actually nice. The pain is so unbelievable I’ve lost certainly 10 pounds. I have not pooped nor will I take the stool softeners because that’s just more things going into my throat. I don’t think I have anything to poop out? I don’t feel bloated at the mean time. I did mix powder laxatives into tea one day but nothing came from it. My tongue is the worst it’s so swollen and it feels like it’s cut up on the sides and it rubs on the scabs when I open my mouth. I don’t know what to do I’m taking my medicine but it seems it should be every 3 not 4 hours because that last hour I am wiggling in bed in pain it wakes me up at night even. I haven’t slept more than 2 hours straight in a week. Isee posts that everyone by day 6 is eating pasta and eggs?!?! Is that less painful then pudding and popsicles because that’s already unbearable. I tried mashed potatoes that wasn’t happening either! Someone help me.

    1. That’s crazy, I had mine taken out on the 6th as well and I haven’t felt like eating but I am able to eat very little amounts of bread and pasta for dinner. And my pain is still there but I’ve eased up on the pain meds a lot
      Maybe speak to your ENT about it? I hope you get better soon!!

    2. I just had my tonsils out and this happened to me.I didn’t eat for the FIRST 5 DAYS after my surgery.My mother, who was taking care of me, was worried and called my doctor and he said that it’s normal after a tonsillectomy.I have lost over 30 pounds in just two weeks.I haven’t ate a whole lot but I have slowly began eating at least one meal a day.I didn’t poop that much either, but I did pee a lot.I didn’t start eating a whole lot until maybe 12 days after my surgery.My doctor said that as long as your drink, you don’t have to eat a whole lot.So just DRINK a lot and you should be okay.Each recovery is different,so don’t be alarmed if someone didn’t have this problem.Hope I helped.If you don’t began eating on your 12 day, than check up with your ENT doctor.

    3. I too am very rough I know I have to swallow the meds but brings tears to my eyes each time its like swallowing razor blades. I had mine done on the 12th October and im dreading the next few days.

      1. Try a teaspoon of cold press coconut oil, it soothes on contact, doesn’t last long but helps with the break through pain I am no day 5 from, my uppp, tonsilectomy, and septoplasty. Give it a try it may work for you!

      2. I had mine out also October 12th I find eating crushed ice first thing when I wake up helps soothe my throat and feels like it’s taking the swelling down. I crush up my 600mg Ibuprofen and put it in plain yogurt or applesauce. I haven’t taking my oxycodone since Sunday. I’m able to eat watered down chicken noodle soup minus the chicken , mashed potatoes minus salt and butter very bland. I’m experiencing ear pain but the ibuprofen takes care of it. Waiting for the scabs to fall off

    4. Hi! I had my surgery Oct 13. I’m on day 6. I don’t eat much besides maybe a popsicle and some soup broth but that’s about it every day. I also have had some pudding. I get down as much water as I can but it hurts really bad. I haven’t lost any scabs yet. I have to take my pain meds often and I am with you on that, my mouth hurts like hell when it’s the last hour! I haven’t popped either and I’ve lost about 6 pounds. My mouth feels okay but my uvula feels swollen and I keep choking on either that or the scabs. I hate this and can’t wait to be feeling better

  18. 34/yr old F…Just got double -surgery last Monday (Oct.2nd) tonsillectomy and septoplasty (to correct deviated septum) I also had the adenoid removal, turbinate tissue reduction, and had a bone spur up in there that needed to be filed down/removed- whatever TF they do….I got some s**t goin on up in there, to say the least. I have been experiencing some things that aren’t fully explained by posts I’ve found on just tonsillectomies alone. Today is my Day 7 post-surgery. I have scabs and all the fun stuff; I still have my plastic stints in my nose, but throat pain is unreal, frickin’ unreal. My surgeon explained why my procedure would be worse in terms of pain because with the septoplasty alone causes dry/sore throat from mouth breathing, but together with the pain from tonsillectomy, I have been miserable for the last 5 days. The worse thing I’m experiencing at the moment and for the past 3 days especially, is coughing up excess phlegm and having an overwhelming compulsion to hock up loogies(like sucking up phlegm from sinuses into the throat and then spitting it up) it’s effing disgusting, but there’s always blood in it and it’s also chunky-ish mucous so I can’t really tell if it is my scabs coming off slowly or just my nose draining down my throat as the septoplasty wounds are healing. This is all gross! I haven’t thrown up; I have a pretty strong stomach in general. The pain is worse after sleeping or being still for a couple of hours. Up until my 5th day I could not get more than 15-20 minutes of sleep at a time. Being forced to mouth-breath from septoplasty would make my mouth and throat so unbearably dry that I would wake up gasping for air sometimes until i sat up and drank water. The severe dryness makes my throat burn like Satan’s asshole after a burrito, foreal . And this is while still being properly propped-up in bed as recommended! I have been hungry enough, and already in intense pain enough, to go where no tonsillectomy patient has gone before with food….i actually choked down a bacon n swiss buttery jack burger from Jack in the Box on Friday (Day 5) i cut it into 4’s like lil sliders and choked that mutha down. My friend Shawnna just watched me wince in pain with every bite i took and shook her head. Dude…this is not at all recommended. I may have scratched the sensitive tissue on my throat but i didn’t have bleeding from it, it just hurt like B****. Only lost 5-6lbs the first week so not too bad. Taking the pain meds certainly helps when eating, and likewise eating helps the pain meds absorb quicker and greatly minimizes nausea. I Neti-potted for the first time before finding this message board. Got a couple of smaller clots to flush out but still not enough to feel a huge difference. It still helps clean/sanitize everything up in there regardless. The Neti-pot is a must!! Mine is more like a Neti-squeeze bottle. Anyhoo if there is anyone reading this that has successfully recovered from a dual surgical Tonsillectomy/ Septoplasty procedure and has some advice, please reply!! Thanks and get well out there

  19. Im 32 y o, female. I had my tonsils and adenoids taken out on October 3 so this is day 5 for me. I had no vomiting, thank goodness. Pain was up there but stayed on top of my pain med and water. Didnt eat anything fully until day 3 which was jello, applesauce, and popsicles. I brought scrambled eggs into my diet today, day 5, which tasted amazing. Youre not suppose to cough, clear throat, and I choked on my water which made me scared because my ent doctor told me it can cause bleeding so I got scared. But no bleeding. Earlier I felt a sharp pain in my mouth as I was waking up and noticed scabbing now. So Im counting down on when they’ll fall off! Im reading horror stories and its making me nervous. My ent doctor said theres a 2% chance of people bleeding more and going to emergency room so Im hoping Im not in that 2%. Im using my humidifier and ice pack which are helping. Ive lost 14 lbs which isnt good but when you have no appetite or pain, you dont feel up to eating. The doctors say with age, it gets worse for tonsils and adenoids to heal up and I believe it. My little cousin was back to herself in less than 10 days when she had hers taken out. I had my removed due to sleep apnea so Im hoping this will all be worth it! So stay hydrated, take your pain meds, eat soft foods for 2 weeks unless dr says otherwise, and best if luck to you all! Speedy recovery for all!

    1. I did forget to mention I had ear pain like no other!! So my pain med really helped on day 3 and day 4. Im able to talk more without getting sore. Sleeping upright does help me out.

    2. My surgery was Oct 2! I tried scrambled eggs on day 4 i think and it felt like it actually crumbled and got wedged in my tonsil scabs and swollen tissue. It was awful! I thought eggs were a soft, safety food for us! I had to gently gargle with warm water until it felt like the crumbles weren’t stuck and scratching my throat

  20. I’m 21 years old and I had my tonsillectomy on 9/28/17. The day of my surgery was scary for me since I’ve never had surgery, which mean I have never been put under anesthesia. When I woke up, it just felt as though I had a slight sore throat. The doctor said the infection was a lot deeper than he antisipated but there were no complications and all went well and I did not have to have my adnoids taken out because they were small. I went home about an hour to an hour and a half after I woke up. Throughout the day I had some pain and I started taking my pain meds, which didn’t really work the first few days. I woke up about 4 times during that night. Day 2 I was in a crazy amount of pain. I read that the first two days aren’t terrible, but not everyone recovers the same. I called the doctor and he told me to take my pain meds and Advil on and off and that seemed to help a little bit. The second night seemed to be about the same as the first considering I slept sitting up. On day 3 the pain was overbearing. It hurt to eat anything and all I could do was drink water all day. I opted to sleep on the couch with my head on the arm and i only woke up about twice during the night. The next couple of days were ok. The pain wasn’t too bad and the meds seemed to be working together. I felt pretty drowsy throughout this recovery as well. I’m not on day 6 post op and I’m decreasing the amount of pain meds I’m taking because the pain is pretty bearable. I’m hoping, within the next few days, I’ll be feeling a lot better. My main advise is that water will be your absolute best friend throughout your recovery. Just be patient. You’re strong lee than you think!

  21. I had my tonsillectomy on 9/28/17. The surgery went well and about 6 hours later after I got home and the pain meds wore off I was in some pain. Day 2 I actually felt great not to much pain. Was taking my pain meds around the clock which honestly didn’t help too much for me and it kept me awake instead of sleeping. Day 3 was the worst of the pain. I slept all day long from morning until night. I also had a slight fever on day 3. I was so swollen it was hard for me to keep myself hydrated. Day 4 I woke up with some pain still which could have been caused from acid fly sleeping with my mouth open and becoming dry. Towards the afternoon of day 4 I started to feel a bit better. I am now on day 5 and the pain isn’t to bad today. When I cough or yawn it hurts. The scabs are still there and doesn’t look like they will be falling off anytime soon. I rotated Tylenol and Motrin every 2 hours which helped way more than the pain meds for me. You also don’t want to take the pain meds around the clock if you can stick it out because you can become constipated. The experience is not a fun one that’s for sure. But a few people I have spoken with have said it is def worth it and once you start the process there is no going back besides sticking it out and being a tough cookie. But lots of fluids, pain meds, and soft and cold foods. 🙂

  22. 27 y/o. Had mine out on Sept 14-I am Day 7 post-tonsillectomy. I stopped the Tylenol/Hydrocodone on Day 4 due to nausea and vomiting. IT WAS AWFUL. first surgery/anthestia and I was honestly scared to death. As of today, my right side is the only painful part and that is at every swallow. It’s manageable but irritating– and the ear pain… I feel like it’s never ending. Day 6 I was able to talk more but the more I talk the more sore I get. I pray the scabs fall off soon and that my right side starts to feel normal again. I was just given an inflammatory medicine to try to help with that and it taste like complete acid. (Not that I know what that tastes like but it’s disgusting)

    Day 3 to now I was able to start eating macaroni and oatmeal (cooked and then let cook till cold) and I also have been drinking ensure and slim fast to get the nutrients.
    Also ate a crap ton of applesauce.

    As the days goes by you will keep wondering when it will end. I hope it’s worth it because it has been the worst experience ever.

  23. 21 female. Had mine removed the 14th. Worst pain of my life. Popsicles hurt, broth hurts, homemade broth is good. Water hurts, ice hurts at times and the medicine only made me sleep. Didn’t take pain away. Currently taking Advil every 6 hours, takes the edge off and every 4 hours take tylenol. Still haven’t been able to eat anything. It’ll be a week tomorrow and I do notice it getting a slight bit better, but not a miraculous change. I feel the scabs in my throats when I swallow and get sharp pains from time to time through out the day, ear pain is horrible, jaw pain not too bad. I can’t wait to eat regular food again.

  24. I’m 21 , had my tonsillectomy/ adenoidectomy on the 12th , I have been wondering if it’s normal to feel like absolute shit afterwards. Smh.
    I have been drinking constantly & still have been having a fever for 3 days , my lips are swole , my tongue hurts , having horrible ear pains & the most disgusting taste in my mouth from the scabs coming up. It’s disgusting & I really hope this surgery is worth all this pain and discomfort in the end.

    1. Yes it is normal to feel like absolute poo when recovering. I had my tonsils removed on 9/8/17 and today makes it day 14. My everything hurt after the surgery. The next day my whole body was sore! I know you won’t want to but sip water as much as possible and eat so your painkillers don’t make you sick. Don’t know if you’ve thrown up yet or if you will but I did twice during the first week of recovery and it was a very nerve racking experience, luckily it didn’t cause any bleeding. They may have happened because I didn’t eat enough before taking the oxycodone. I found that spoonfuls of applesauce before and after taking the pain meds will help coat your stomach. The applesauce will likely burn going down but delicately gargling with warm salt water afterwards will help remove the food from the wound. I gargled w saltwater after everything I ate. Sleep w a humidifier to keep your throat moist as you sleep. Everytime you wake from your sleep take a sip of water. remember, if your throat dries out too much it can cause excess bleeding and you’ll have to get the wounds re-cauterized and start right back at square 1. I took Tylenol in between the doses of oxycodone. Sleep proped up because sleeping on your back will feel like you’re choking. Popsicles will be your bestie! I had banana because I feel any other flavor will burn going down. Nap whenever you get tired and get as much rest as you can, it helps you heal. You will be spiting a lot but at one point around day 6 I found that swallowing spit also helped my throat feel better. Don’t speak unless you have to. Use index cards or something to communicate. That ice pack bib thing they give you will help comfortable you and may make eating and drinking feel a bit better. Had cream of wheat one day during the first week and scramble eggs on another day. It took forever to eat but it was good to have in my stomach. Let anything cooked food u eat cool before you eat it. Just know you will get better. Once the second week hit I was still on broth and popsicles. I ate a hotdog buns around day 6 and that was sooooo satisfying!!! Didn’t eat anything else solid until around day 10 where I had plain hot dogs w the bun that went down fine and didn’t burn. Day 11 had Soft bread w mayo, avocado, and tomato it didn’t burn but still had to take small bites and eat slowly. Now at day 14 it still hurts a bit to swallow but not as much and I haven’t taken any pain meds other than Tylenol. Being off the oxycodone now I feel like I’m back in my body and less loopy..I’m still a bit tired though but it’s all getting better. Get your rest and peace and love to you!✌️

  25. 37 yo f. 6.5 days in from surgery day and just had some first scabbing come up. GROSS! Now I know what’s causing such a foul taste in my mouth. Worst experience of my life. When you think you had a good day, you didn’t, the worst is coming… usually at night. The ear pain maybe worse than the throat pain. So tired. So hungry. So scared. Want this over.

  26. Day 5 – Tonsilectomy and Adenoidectomy: Happy Birthday To Me – Not!

    Woke up at 4am with crazy ear and throat pain. Took my hydrocodone and after 20mins knocked back out. I woke up at 10am okay … not hurting as much. I drank a yoohoo fine but still had not ate. My appetite isn’t really there yet. Since it is my birthday I figured let me get some air and head to the movies – I was feeling great. An hour before I was about to leave my ears acted up again. I laid back down before I left with a heating pad on my neck and ears. Got up after my nap and went to the movies and 10mins left of the movie massive ear and throat pain but only my right side. I figured the massive pain was because I’m starting to scab. I went home after the movies ate some homemade chicken soup (just the pasta and broth) had two table spoons and had to lay back down because I couldn’t deal with the pain. Same pain again on the right side but it was throbbing this time. I stayed a sleep for 3hrs with the heating pad on my neck and ear. When I woke up I took my meds and was okay for an hour of that (normally it knumbs me for 3-4hrs) So I was pacing back and forth in my room feeling like I wanted to cry cause it hurt So bad. So I switched the heating pad for a cold ice pack on my neck and that’s whats working at the moment, but I’m sure I’m going to have a restless night. I’M OVER THIS!

  27. I’m 14 and I had my tosils taken out on the 29th, it’s now day 5. My pain isn’t too bad compared to day 3 and 4. The only time it hurts is when I eat or talk. I take Tylenol every 4 hours so it minimizes the pain. The worst is when I get up in the morning while having 12 hours without Tylenol. I recommend drinking lots even tho it hurts the water will help heal faster, also drink Gatorade to help with your electrolytes, but make sure to have a glass of water after the Gatorade as it makes your throat feel thick and irritates it, as for me anyway. I don’t recomend eating a doughnut as you may think it’s soft and easy to eat, but it was actually quite difficult and sore

  28. Hi there all! 46 yo male and I had a full tonsillectomy/uvulacotmy/adenoidectomy. So here goes my observations:
    Day1/ Not bad, a sore throat comparable to a bad cold’s sore throat. Was very thirsty , some bleeding that night and painful to swallow but not awful.
    Day2/ A cake walk, was eating soft food, pain was reduced 80-85%. No problem there.
    Day3/ Same as day 2
    Day4/ Here’s where the trouble started…Lots of pain, could barely swallow, lost my voice, couldn’t sleep.
    Day5/ Same as Day 4
    Day 6/ a little more bearable than days 4 and 5.
    And so it goes on…
    Here are some warnings/suggestions….
    They will tell you to drink LOTS of water. Great, except for the fact that by doing that you have washed all of the electrolytes out of your body and your entire upper body with get BAD muscle cramps. Take magnesium and potassium supplements with your water. It cured my muscle aches, which were horrendous.
    Fisherman’s Friend Throat Lozenges help quite a bit too. Its not a cure all, but makes it more bearable.
    Your two choices in pain meds (Percocet and Advil) both have shortcomings. Percocet will take away a lot of the swelling, but leave you feeling like a zombie, unable to think or be awake. When it comes to taking Advil, swelling comes back (even after upping the dose by a factor of 2), but at least you will be able to think more clearly. Neither one is a great solution but at least you know what youre getting yourself into.
    I waited on the ice cream until day 4. I suggest you do the same.
    Good luck and best wishes to all of you.

  29. Thank you for this I’ve been struggling with eating and loosing weight from the pain but if I can get through it I can eat what ever the hell I can stand to get down my throat right and it will not harm me as in rip my stuff open I had my tonsils removed plus my upper plate uvila

      1. Me to I’m on day 2 I’m so scared it’s like I can’t spit up I have to swallow this is not good, hope it works out in the long run

  30. I’m 20, had mine taken out on the 11th (8 days ago). I will say the first five days were absolute HELL. Terrible nausea from pain meds (percocet and x-strength Tylenol). May also have been from not eating enough. The strongest advice I can give is KEEP DRINKING WATER. It will not be easy to get down but after day 6, I am now able to eat mostly normal foods and have minimal pain. My mom has noticed white scabs (checks my mouth occasionally) but I have yet to feel any falling out and I am almost done day 8.

    1. hi, mine taken out at 17th, now is day 6, still feel pain but i can eat soft porridge and jelly with minimal pain..hopefully will feel better

  31. Im 19 and had mine taken out 5 days ago, and as of now the pain isn’t too bad, it only gets bad when I try to eat even semi solid foods. I tried to eat Mac and cheese last night which absolutely killed. Does anyone have any suggestions for good soft meals that will at least get me some protein or carbs? Not looking forward to the scabs falling off in two days.

    1. try drinking ensure shakes, they have lots of protein and vitamins, it makes your saliva a little thick which is uncomfortable, but a small bottle sized portion is a good way to fill you up without the pain of eating

    2. I’m 55 on day 7 from surgery day. Scrambled eggs and protein drinks, jello and baby food is what I can gag down. Lots of water in small sips.

  32. I had mine taken out august 10 and it’s now the 18 I feel fine scabs are falling off and it feels like I’m choking I get earaches those don’t really feel good

  33. I’m 20 and I am now on day 10 and I feel great now . I won’t lie after the surgery , when I was in recovery I was in the worst pain you could imagine I would say it was a 9/10 in pain for me . Docs tried to get me to eat sandwiches and I couldn’t and I couldn’t drink either but eventually gave me stronger tablets and I managed ice cream. Day 2 to 8 I would say was the worst days of my life where I wished I never got the surgery and I thought I was close to dying. I couldn’t eat, drink or talk I had to suck on popsicles but doing that was hard too as my tounge was swollen. I was also scared to sleep at night because waking up was the worst and being so dry so I had like 10 hours sleep in 6 days no joke. I haven’t noticed or felt any my scabs falling off but I’m on day 10 and I’m so glad it’s over with now. I take meds in morning as I wake up with a little sore throat still but take them and I’m fine and can live again 🙂 but if I can get this surgery I can do anything as it was the sorest pain I have ever felt in my life! And don’t wish it upon anyone .. all I say is it’s hard to start with and gets worse before it gets better. When u get to the end your so relieved and just want to stuff your face. Glad it’s done with. Good luck everyone!!

  34. I’m 24 had my tonsils out on the 3rd of August so I’m on day 8, yesterday morning day 7 my scabs fell off ! It wasn’t pleasant at all but since then I have been feeling much better and have nearly stopped my pain meds, I only really need them for during the night ! My surgeon recommended eating rough foods and I believe this has helped! There has been days I haven’t eaten at all as the pain has been so bad! But when I can I have been having a slice of bread with butter. Highly recommend it ! I’m hoping the pain will be completely gone in a few days !

  35. Something may be wrong, I’m 19, on Day 8, and feel no pain whatsoever. Scabs are still there and have been eating fine for a few days. After going through all these comments i’m very confused.
    Day 4 and 5 were agonising, I ate nothing for the first 3 days and survived off water and pain meds, but now everything seems fine. Is this just the calm before the storm?

  36. im 16 and on day 7. Day 1 was probably the easiest and every day up until this point was pretty bad honestly. i’ve been on hydrocodone and motrin the whole time but i now switched to tylenol instead of hydrocodone. Today my scabs began falling off which came with some pain and spitting up blood. I lost 8 pounds so far and haven’t been able to take much food down up to this point but im hoping the pain will diminish in the next few days

  37. 16 years old. Currently on day 12, I had my tonsils and adenoids out. I feel great! Although that is because I forced myself to eat at day 4 (McDonald’s fries at 11pm because I couldn’t take eating applesauce for a second longer) Potatoes and chicken were my best friend. The more I used my muscles in my throat I found that it was easier to bounce back. I started talking since Day 2, and it was very hard at first. I, luckily, never bled however i had an instance where my uvula did pop out onto my tongue. I learned the hard way that uvula swelling is normal. I often stood over the sink and constantly spit up. It helped get the scabs out rather than knowing you swallow them. I constantly drank iced Gatorade and water, but what worked wonders was a Slushee from my local 7/11. I understand some aren’t as lucky but the key is a very good doctor! I wish you all a speedy and safe recovery.

  38. 17 years old here. I’m trembling at the thought of being over 20 and having this surgery done. Most defidently the worst thing I have ever had to endure even through splitting my head open. I am on day five and constantly spitting up tiny pieces of gross ass scab. Along with little amounts of blood. The worst is waking up In the middle of the night to take the meds at 3 6 and 9 and that pain is indescribable. I have lollipops that numb everything which is amazing and I’m on oxycodone. Drinking water is hell. I haven’t eaten in two days. Even popsicles is terrible pain. I just want chicken nuggets and to sleep a full night fuck.

    1. Hey, I’m 17 too! Just got mine out. Today will be Day 7 for me. It really is the absolutely worst pain I’ve ever been through. The scabs coming off smells horrible and tastes even worse. I’m down 10 pounds. And I can tell you now I’m not really at a good size to be losing weight! About an hour ago, I sat in the middle of the kitchen floor and silently sobbed about how sad I was that I couldn’t eat all my favorite foods. It’s really been tough. We can only hope and pray it gets better I guess!

  39. I’m 18 and had my tonsils and adenoids out on the 13th, so I’m on Day 6. Like ten minutes ago, I sneezed and a small brown scab came out of my left nostril. I was wondering where that came from because it looks like my tonsil area still has two white scabs. Also I’m only getting pain on the right side of my throat and was wondering why.

    1. I have had the random scab and blood question myself, it’s most likely from your adenoids, no big deal, as long as it’s not bright red and coming out by the liter don’t stress. Just drink ice water.

      Pain is going to come in all shapes and sizes, just sit back relax and wait for your next medication dose. Make sure to drink a ton of water.

    2. You can actually drink water and have it come out your nose as well. Doesn’t happen all the time but isn’t uncommon either. Will eventually heal. Probably something lifted up by fluid and carried out through your nose .

  40. I am Day 6 post-tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy. I stopped the Tylenol/Hydrocodone and Ibprofen on Day 4 due to nausea and vomiting. I am now only taking liquid Tylenol, which seems to be enough to take the edge off the pain, but it only lasts about 3 hours. At this point, the pain seems to be subsiding, but the scabs have taken over as the major issue. They are disgusting. I can’t even get down water anymore because I can still taste the nasty scabs. I’m trying to drink flavored things to mask the taste a bit. Not much solid food yet…some mac & cheese, a couple of pancakes. I get hungry, but eating is so painful and such an effort, that I don’t get much down. Can’t wait for the scabs to come off, even if it means more pain for a bit.

    1. By the way, forgot to write in my post above that I am 51. The issues that all of you 20-somethings are having worries me a bit. If it’s that bad for you, how is it going to be for me?

      1. I’m female and 49 I’m on day 13 and it’s been fine. Not much worse than the bouts of tonsillitis I’ve been plagued with for eight months. Tongue and uvula swelled at beginning but It’s been sore rather than painful. My discomfort was in my mouth rather than throat. Left side sorer but my tonsils were huge. I used solpodeine every 6 hours and Keral twice a day. Set alarm and take painkillers during the night. Use a humidifier next to your bed, it makes all the diffrerence, drink as much as possible. Chewing gum helps keep saliva flowing and muscles working. Swallowing feels a bit raw for a few days but gets easier. I’m down to panadol extra morning and night. Still hard to yawn but mouth opens fine other than that. I’m just glad they’re gone. 🙂 Good luck.

      2. I’m 48 an on day 8. It is hard and scary at times . Key is to relax take scheduled pain medicine , and from day 6-8 its a Roller Coaster . Mainly uncomfortable but you will survive.

    2. This happened to me too yesterday, day 4 for mw. I sucks so bad but we will get through it. My mom put an icepack on my throat and it slowed down, then i sipped water and spit it into the toilet. Now everything tastes like blood and the scabs were disgusting to pull off. My nurse says she will be REALLY surprised if it happens again, so that’s helping me some.

  41. I am 21 and had my tonsillectomy on the 10th, so this is technically day 7, since I was rudely awoken by my scabs coming off. I woke up to warm liquid pouring down my throats and felt like I needed to cough (thank God I didn’t.) i made it to the bathroom and managed to cover the whole counter and sink with blood for a few minutes, screamed my mother’s name, and then ran over to the toilet. It was pouring out of me, but I feel like I ended up swallowing a majority of it because gravity pulled it down my throat instead of back up. The blood got thick and dark for a period, which I’m assuming was the scabs. I had to manually pull it out of my mouth, though, because my tongue has been so swollen that it just got caught. Gargling or drinking ice water was out of the question, honestly.

    Spit, spit, try not to think about how much blood you’re staring at because then it’ll become vomit AND blood, and spit some more. when you stop crying and shaking, drink or gargle. i warn you: drinking hurts like hell. but hey, this whole process has hurt like hell pretty much, so you’re a pro by now!

    The wounds themselves feel like they did when i first got out of surgery. I just don’t have a nurse here to conveniently yell “THE PAIN IS AN 8” to right now. I’m laying back down, water and spit bucket in hand, just drinking and spitting til the blood disappears.

    I know weakness, shaking, and lightheadedness come with losing a large amount of blood, but I’m sure eating less than 100 calories a day and only having water or apple juice doesn’t help either. Also, shoutout to my ENT for not warning me about anything like this, and actual shoutout to all of you who have helped me through this process. Prayers, Y’all.

    1. 😔 that’s what I’m scared of being sleep while the blood and scraps come off what if I choke? Or swallow it ? I’m so confused and shout out to my ENT because I wasn’t aware of any of this as well

  42. 24 yr old male. T&A both removed, septoplasty and turbninate reduction done.

    5 days post op

    maybe I’m just lucky, or it hasn’t hit me yet, but 5 days in and hardly any pain, (knocking on wood)
    Some initial adjustment pain, getting used to swallowing, inner ear discomfort as well as my nose being completely closed shut with scabs from my sinus surgery.

    I spit up tiny bits of blood throughout the day, really more of annoyance then anything to worry about.

    I drink over a gallon of water a day, diet has been ok, doctor adviced me to tough it out and stay consistent with a soft diet until my recovery is over, so I have been. Apple suace, jello, popsicle, ramen is actually really nice ( just a pinch of seasoning and brothe), had some refried beans today, felt fine. I’m gonna stop pushing My luck here.

    I go for a walk around the block 2-3 times a day, I spend every other moment next to my humidifier, and gallon of water.

    only 5 days down so I might be a bit preemptive here. But if nothing changes I will tell you the #1 key to my luck.

    I spent 20-30 hours researching all the surgeons in my area and found mine after to have the best reviews, track record, and overall notoriety.

    It’s easy to read and find out what to do for self care during your recovery, but if your gonna have a surgery of any kind, go get the best in the field.

    Good luck to everyone, look forward to the future

    1. Update day 12

      Been an easy recovery honestly
      Very minimal pain, except for my check up with my doctor where he looked at my sinuses and pulled out my stints and spacer, painful but quick.

      Not a bad recovery at all, scabs 98% gone, eating most stuff fine, sharp still hurts, but acid doesn’t.

      Still taking care of myself, medicine, water, walking, humidifier.

      Tips, find a good surgeron, be serious about your recovery, pray for the pain not to be to bad, tough it out for 2-3 weeks, enjoy the rest of your life.

      Peace and love to everyone

  43. 28 yr old female-I had mine removed on 7/10, so I’m on day 5. Doc gave me hydrocodone and a steroid to use just on days 4 and 6 (with no explanation???). Anyway…been needing the meds pretty regularly but able to eat st least yogurt everyday. Worried about running out…I don’t know if my scabs have come off yet (honestly I’m afraid to look in there and can’t open my mouth that wide yet) and I saw some people are taking ibuprofen?? I was told Tylenol only since ibuprofen thins blood and can make any bleeding worse, to avoid it “or else.” However Tylenol does nothing for me (never has…chronic pain sufferer here ftw). Is ibuprofen in moderation alright? (Of course my doc can’t be bothered on a weekend…). I have no weird health issues other than my current lack of tonsils. Also I’m terrified for the pain upcoming that I keep reading about! Thanks!

  44. Hi all! 30 yr old male here. Doctors are Having my tonsils removed because of my sleep apnea and overly-aggressive strep throat I was prone to getting.

    I Had my tonsils removed on the 5th of July. So I’m on day ten now.

    The first few days were easy. Painful, but bearable with meds.

    Come day 8: pain was too intolerable to eat anything. Which garnered a massive headache. But around 7 pm I went to lie down and almost immediately felt a rush of warm liquid in my throat that was filling my mouth very quickly. I sit up and lean over my cupped hands and out pours the blood. I run over to the sink in a panic and try to get some ice water down but the blood is coming out too fast for me to even swallow. I have my mother, who is taking watch over me during his time, call 911 and by the time the ambulance arrives (in about 5 minutes) I had lost more than 30 ounces of blood. I know this because I had a vomit bag from the ER I was bleeding into which happens to have measuring lines. By the time I got to the hospital it had topped off well over the final measure of 40oz. My hands and face were covered in blood and it looked like a vampire who just had a meal.

    The bleeding ended up clotting and stopping on its own so they had me gargle with ice water, spit, and repeat for about 20 minutes until the on-call ENT doc arrived and applied numbing spray so she could recauterize with silver nitrate sticks. I gagged so hard I accidentally hit her face while trying to push her hand out of my mouth. (She handled it like a champ)

    After observing me for a few hours I was sent packing with new pain meds and slightly positive outlook.

    Less than 24 hrs later on day 9:
    I had a smoothie in the morning and soy yogurt with applesauce in the afternoon as a vessel for my Percocets. When 6 o clock rolls around I feel the same sensation in my throat as I did the evening before and I knew immediately it was coming. And it did. So I reach for another bio bag immediately, open my mouth, and the nightmare begins again… I had my mother drive me to the ER this time as I felt a little more confident I wouldn’t bleed to death. The volume was half the amount from the previous night and clotted a lot faster, thankfully. I was still admitted to the ER to be safe.

    They were going to perform another operation but decided not to since the bleeding stopped on its own. So they gave me an epinephrine mask treatment in an attempt to constrict the blood vessels and sent me home.

    So here I am Day 10. Just praying to every god I can think of that I will not have to make another trip to the hospital or morgue.

    And after reading over 150 different testimonies on here and other sites regarding this procedure, and seeing no accounts with anything even close to mine, I’m going to have to assume my doctor made a grave error during my procedure. So folks, make sure you have a really good doctor if you’re considering this surgery.

    1. I’m not sure you’re a religious man or believe in god but I will be praying for you. I hope and pray that you make it through without anymore issues.

      1. Thanks everyone for your thoughts and support.

        Day 11 here, 2 days after my last ER visit.

        I’ve been feeling very weak. Getting up to do anything is proving to be very difficult. The pain is very prominent where my wound came open, and it resonates deep into my ear canal any time I drink anything.

        With that said, I’ve been drinking ice water non stop in an attempt to make sure my wound will stay closed and I think it’s been working.

        Ive only been able to drink my meals still. Yesterday I had one and a half of those “Ensure” nutritional shakes, a small cup of soup, and a popsicle. Felt good to have something in my system, but the boost is short lived.

        I haven’t been taking pain killers as the relief hasn’t even been close to worth the agony it takes to get them down.

        I tasted blood again just now for the first time since Friday. I can feel the scabs in my throat, some coming off, some stuck.

        Trying to keep a positive outlook is tough considering every time I’ve felt good I end up in the ER. So I’ll stay realistic about all possibilities and just hope for the best.

        I’ll keep you all posted as the days go on.

        Wishing you all the best.

    2. Update: day 12

      2am: I shoot up out of my sleep to the same sensation as before and sure enough. Blood again. Im already so familiar with this routine I’m practically dancing effortlessly all the way back to the ER. Thankfully the amount of blood this time was nothing compared to the previous visits.

      So little in fact the on-call ENT doc didn’t need to come in. But I was given another epinephrine mask treatment to constrict the blood vessels once more. And after a few hours under close watch I was sent home with the words “I think you’ve made it through the worst”. As relieving as it was to hear those words from the doctor, I’m not going to hold my breath just yet.

      Surprisingly enough, from what the eye can see, my throats looks like it’s healed almost completely. But it certainly feels the opposite of how it looks. Anyway, I’m praying the doctor is right. I can’t go much longer without eating solid foods.

      I hope y’all are doing better than me.


      1. Man, 99% positive you had a botched surgery/ bad doc. Good on you to make it through a experience like that, stuff of nightmares, enjoy the future.

  45. Day 12 of recovery. Got off the pain medicine yesterday as it became manageable. All that managed yet to eat were loads of soy ice cream and blended puree veggie soups (room temperature) which actually is really quick and easy to swallow so nothing gets stuck in the scabs and cause more pain. Noticed some bleeding on one of the tonsils but seems to not to be major so hoping that will stop. Hoping it heals soon and thinking I’ll try solid foods next week.

  46. 30 yo female. Just had surgery on 7/7. Days 1-3 were definitely the hardest so far. Day 4 and 5 felt very manageable with alternating hydrocodone and ibuprofen, but then had a little blood in the evening on day 5. This freaked me out big team but luckily it stopped pretty quickly.

    In looking at my throat it doesn’t look like my scabs are starting to come off at all which is depressing. I’ve eaten soft foods since day one, pushing through the pain to try to help. I’ve had soft bread and butter, jello, popsicles, macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, applesauce, slushees with snow cone syrup, lots of soups and broths (warm feels so much better than cold), and tons of water.

    1. What day of recovery did most of you see scabs coming off?
    2. What helped with ^^ process to reduce chances of bleeding and pain?
    3. On day 6 (today) my left side hurts pretty low into my throat, my left tooth and left side of tongue is tingly. Is it normal that one side heals differently or was this anyone’s experience with an infection?
    4. How long were you guys constituted for?

    Thanks and good luck to all. I’m totally hoping this was all worth it in the end but this recovery is worse than anything I’ve experienced. Keep in mind I had mono/strep at the same time, kidney stones, and a c section. Parts were way better than I predicted (waking up from surgery, being able to eat, sleeping, and I had no nausea issues). Parts have been way worse though (the level of pain- and I have very high pain tolerance, the referred pain in your ears, head, jaw, tongue and teeth, and the way medicine burns but missing a disengage is brutal)

  47. 21 year old female, had my tonsils out July 5th 2017 (so I’m on day 7) and it’s been pretty excruciating. First few days were painful but I slept a lot. By day 4 I was in a lot of pain and each day after that it progressed and each day I thought would be the worst of them but I was wrong. Day 6 was ACTUALLY the worst. I ate about 3 bites of applesauce all day just to be able to take my meds and any sort of talking, drinking or eating was hell. Cold foods never felt good so it didn’t matter what temperature just swallowing in general sucks. Doctor doubled my pain med dose bc of my pain but now I’m almost out of medication. I’ve lost 8 pounds and I only weighed 130 to begin with. I’m hoping things will start looking up soon bc all I can think about is pizza.

  48. Okay so I’m 15 and had my tonsils, adenoids and tonsil stones removed on July 6th and the pain has been pretty bad except for day 1 and day 3. I’m on day 4 and it hasn’t been too bad except for this morning. I’m on Vickadin and Predisolone (prednisone). I can hardly swallow so i kinda have to force food down or i wont eat and ill lose weight. My mom is also getting me to take 3 Ibuprofen every 6-12 hours. I do sleep most of the time to cope with the pain. I can’t wait for the scabs to completely fall off.

  49. I’m a 21 year old male and today om July 6th I had my surgery I was in an out in 4 hours, I think my doctor was amazing he is the head of the teaching department at the university of British Columbia so I think I had luck that I got him! I’m 6 hours after surgery and the freezing has worn off I have no pain at all ? Is this normal ? I have just a bit of irritation when I swollow but it’s nothing major will the pain get worse as the days progress ? I am so confused cuz I walked out talking and smiling and was even able to drive home myself like I don’t feel like I had surgery at all! So strange

    1. I’m 21, too and had mine out on July 5, 2017! I have hardly had any pain. The first day was actually my best. I felt great and was talking fine out of the surgery. I woke up and they told me to rest, but I wasn’t even tired until I got home.
      The past few days haven’t been “fun,” but they haven’t been horrible for me like a lot of people on here describe. I would say this site prepared me for the worst and I’m grateful for that, but it hasn’t been that bad.
      As long as you drink a lot of water, try to eat, and take your medicine on time you will be fine. I’m currently on Day 5 and I’m actually laying by the pool, just taking it easy. It’s all about self care. If you take it easy and treat your body to what it needs, you will heal faster and with less pain. I have eaten mashed potatoes, Mac n cheese, soup, and of course popsicles and jello. (Mashed potatoes with cheese taste so good to me and help me feel more normal.)
      I haven’t looked at my throat and I don’t really want to because I feel like it will worry me, but it feels wet back there which is a good sign. Anyway, I feel good and the only time I have any pain is when I wake up in the morning. I’ve been healing well, so there is hope that it will be easy to get through.

    2. I had my tonsils, adenoids and tonsil stones removed on the 6th as well. The second day was almost unbearable. 3rd day i could swallow, talk, and eat for a couple hours but today i can hardly do any. I tried hot showers, salt water gargle, and sucrets but nothing is really helping. Im 15 and this hurts some days

  50. Okay So I’ve had my Tonsils removed on June 26th 2017, and it’s been 8 day’s and I’m not on any of the pain killer’s seem as if the pain gets worst at night…. Also i keep getting this burning Sensation around my left jaw line to my left 👂 and it’s still a little painful to swallow on day 8 but overall can’t wait til the scabs fall off completely… I’ve been talking Tylenol daily to cope with the pain that i am having… Still on a slidder food diet but I’ve managed to get down chicken nuggets hamburger even though i knoe i know they say dont do it but my ENT told me hey if you can get it down then go for it…. Still sound a lil funny when i talk also i guess when the scabs form and or are on their way to fall off Dont panic! You’ll probably feel like you have hair stuck in you’re throat… Stay drinking water!!! Hope this information was helpful……

  51. I did live through it. It took about 3 1/2 weeks to feel 0 pain. He told me he was going to shorten my uvula. After a healed completely, I found my uvula completely gone. I have nothing hanging in the back of my throat. It is an odd feeling. When I drink any fluid, it feels like it tries to go into my nasal cavity. It reminds me of getting water in there while swimming. I am 100% recovered and am glad. For those just starting or thinking about it, it can be very painful and you wonder if there is light at the end of the tunnel. It will get better. Good luck.

    1. You guys are so lucky being on your final days post surgery. I am barely onto day three and the pain is becoming intolerable. I have a high pain tolerance and have previously gotten my wisdom teeth out, and this is seemingly compatible to that.

      I’m 21 years old and I’m hoping the tonsillectomy will all be worth it in the end.
      The most stressful part is not being able to sleep and recover because if you choose sleep, you wake up with excruciating pain. And if you choose a hydrated throat you will never get better.

      The hunger has gone away for me, which sucks because you need to eat when taking lidocaine, otherwise, headaches and earaches all day.

      I’m hoping Day 4 goes better as far as eating, through I truly doubt it.

      I just want some pizza and something spicy, but it doesn’t look like it’s gonna happen haha. Also holy constipation.

      1. YOU CAN DO IT! My surgery was June 20 and Day 7 was by far the worst–my first day of tears–I couldn’t eat anything at all; it even hurt to drink water. So I just slept all day. The difference between Days 7 & 8 was like night and day. I did a complete 180 and even stopped my pain medicine. I’m now on Day 11 and have just a few scabs left! Still am not able to eat sharp things, but I can eat and after 9 days of popsicles, warm tea, and ice water I’ll take the W of eating other soft foods. But when I got really hungry I started a list of all the foods I would eat once I could and I started tackling it yesterday, it’s been great.

        1. Quick update!!

          I’m going into day 6 of post op days and I am shocked by how much of my tonsils have healed!! My right side of my throats is almost completely healed of white scab, my left side is the one causing most of the pain as the scab is still forming. The pain is maybe at a 7/8, and super dry a humidifier does nothing to moisten the throat. Luckily, day 5 was not horrible for me so I was able to pack in some calories for the upcoming days. I so far have been able to eat:
          A hostess jumbo honey bun
          Chili cheese fries from weinerschnitzel (unhealthy I know but whatever)
          Soft pasta with bland meatballs
          Uncrustable pb and j with some coffee
          Warm to hot tea
          I think my recovery is pretty fast compared to others tbh and I’m hoping that shows in terms of scabs. Just a reminder to anyone it there not to follow everyone else’s timeline for recovery, as we are all diffferent and THERE IS HOPE!!

  52. i am 35 year old male and have removed my tonsils 5 days ago,so overall it has been a difficult 5 days, not because of eating or anything, for me sleeping has been the biggest problem, last night was the worst pain i have ever felt, the throat hurts obviously but it not unbearable, what is unbearable is the ear pain which makes the head explode specially when u are trying to sleep and the jaw pain on the side, i took
    acetaminophen 500mg it did help a little but in a matter of 2 hours it was back again, for some reason during night time the pain gets to maximum level and during day all is good just come and goes, to all my fellow comrades i say power be with you, dont give up, fight it and there will be glory, dont get upset or angry thats the main reason it triggers and will choke u before u know it, fight it and remember there are far more worse things out there that people are struggling, peace and mich love to all ya.

  53. I had this done when I was 8, in 1977, and I can remember vividly my mom bringing an R2D2 toy to the hospital after the procedure. Star Wars had come out and was really taking off. I cannot remember recover, just some ice cream and then back to school a couple of days later. Honestly don’t remember pain or anything like that. The benefits of being a kid! Now that I have pre-teen kids myself, I am watching them closely for tonsillitis, but they don’t seem to ever get sore throats. Back 1977, it seems like every kid I knew had them out.

  54. i had laser tonsillectomy on 8th june 2017. i am a 21 year old male and suffered in college due to recurring tonsillitis (6 times in a year). finally had it done. my doctor was really nice , he said he could discharge me right away but its ok to be under observation for 24 hours. they kept me on pain killer drip (best thing possible). i felt like as if i am healed but when i was discharged and taken off those pain killers and was given tablets instead, it came back to bite me. i was in so much pain every morning and now it has reduced a bit. ice creams , yogurts and milkshakes are your best friends. i started eating semi solid since today. i hope the pain goes away soon. i caught cold in the morning, worst thing that can happen to anyone after tonsillectomy. sneeze and cough are the worst enemies. it can tear your stitches inside. i was advised by my doctor to not wash my head so as to not catch cold and it helped. its painful but i know its going to be ok. good luck everyone.
    and honestly, the pain, i had more worse tonsillitis pain than this. i had extremely painful throat, once it hurt so much even after i was on pain meds, i didnt drink water for 1 whole day even though i was thirsty because i knew i wont be ale to swallow it and fever rising upto 104F and the body aches and chills. i hope it never happens again.

  55. Today is June 8th and I am on day 7 of a tonsillectomy. I am a 35yr old female and I have 4 children. I have to say this is the worst pain I have ever felt in my life. 3 of my children were natural, only one with epidural, and 1 was an emergency c section.
    Today was the first day I had food which was basically gagging and choking down half a can of chicken noodle soup over an hour span. The pain is in my entire head. I wish I would have decided against the operation now. I can not believe that this is done as an outpatient procedure for adults. Pain meds don’t work, best bet is honestly 800mg ibuprofen alternated in frequently. The only positive I see so far is that I have lost about 10 lbs in a week. Good luck to everyone going thru this cuz I feel your pain. At this point I would not recommended having this done as an adult.

  56. I’m 47, had my tonsellectomy May 25th. Honestly it took me two years do decide to do this! But I ultimately had to due to my complications I had because of them. THE WORST EVER! I’m pretty high with pain tolerance and I’m pretty positive but I’m really really over this! I’m on day 6 today is my first day I’ve ate anything, I’ve had incredible pain, my ears, jaw, tongue, throat, and neck. My uvula is very very swelled so i can not sleep laying down. I have only been able to sleep 1 half to 2 hours at a time because it feels like the pressure from laying still is going to make my entire head, mouth, jaw, etc explode!!! I’ve never taken anything stronger that Motrin so last night I found out it has constipated me and I was in more pain. I will not take anymore, strictly tylenol from here no matter what! Today, day 6 has been my best day yet. Throat is much better, still painful but I can actually swallow with very minimal pain. Just seems one day im ok and can deal and then out of the blue bam it hits again. Ugh getting frustrated want to go back to work and just get better. I really don’t even care about eating I just want to get better. Sores have been there but starting to slough which is causing raw patches that makes it difficult to drink even but at least no blood, yayyyy.

    1. Oh my….had mines taken out on May 24th of this year and I totally agree that at 41 yrs old this is worst than child birth…I’ve experienced the exact same things as you have with no sleep, one day is better than the next and so on…I’ve slept in a recliner for 5 days and I’m sick of everything I stay nausea due to the drainage and sometimes it’s so bad I do vomit. ..but I’ve noticed that eating ice, applesauce soup and Popsicles helps and a humidifier by where you sleep helps….and take your pain meds on time every 6 hrs and brush your teeth 3 to 4 times a day and gargle and put cotton in your ears to help with the throat pain….hope you get better soon and sorry it’s so rough for the both of us….

  57. I had my T&A and also tubes in my ears done on May 16th im on day 15 and let me tell to this has been the worst thing i have ever had done..

    Day 1 and 2 i was admitted into the hospital for observation and pain management durning the initial 7 days cold fluids felt great, my life saver was light blue Gatorade with crushed ice, about the only thing also orange sherbert push pops life savers! I was able to tolerate. Until day 8 i was given oxycodine for pain which helped a little, no matter how much paid medicine you take there is always pain, even when in the hospital they were giving me IV diladid and roatating every 2-3 hrs with a oxycodine pill and i still was in unbearable pain. Durning the course of recovery i have found that frosted flakes that have sat and got very soft are easy to eat with cold milk, yawning is the worst it feels like i am rippimg the middle of my throat out everytime i yawn. Between day 5,6, and 7 i started feeling pain in my jaw and on each side of my mouth in the crease of my lips but doctor said that was from surgery from the tools they use to keep the mouth open.

    Day 3 Pain unable to eat (cold drinks help)

    Day 4 pain unable to eat (cold helps)

    Day 5 pain unable to eat (cold helps)

    Day 6 worst pain of my life

    Day 7 worst than day 6

    Day 8 cold drinks started hurting switched to luke warm tea which felt amazing.

    Day 9 tried eating some solid food made to pieces of toast was able to eat half of one

    Day 10 starting to feel normal ate a normal meal of chili and crackers.

    Day 11 follow up apt with the doctor says everything looks great still wont allow me to go back to work.

    Day 12 i go back to work against the doctors suggestion

    Day 13 did ok pain but manageable

    Day 14 same as 13

    Present day 15 may 31st i woke up this mornimg in several pain on the right tonsil and ear side about as worse pain as day 6 i have called off work and contacted my ENT but he is in surgery all day, i am trying to manage the pain until he is available as i do not want to go to the ER because they are not specialist in this field. I am trying to sleep but that pain is so bad bearly able to drink anything or eat.

  58. I had my tonsils out about 8 days ago. The scabs are falling off but right by my uvula i have a lesion or cut. But its not bleeding unless i touch something to it. Not sure if i should go to the ER or just let it be.

  59. I had my tonsils removed on 25th of May and the first 2 days was horrible, couldn’t eat barley drink anything. I am now on day 3 and it feels like somethings in my throat and gagging me, any suggestions on making that go away? And pain killers r keeping me up not putting me to sleep, so I’m tired and can not eat to much. I’m just now able to eat mashed potatoes can someone please tell me what’s or when’s these scabs coming off? And how is gonna feel?

    1. Try taking some liquid Tylenol with your paid meds, im on day 15 and starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. My best advice is stay hydrated the only thing that truly helps

    2. I got mine out on the 25th as well. I drink as much water as I can and raw aloe Vera juice. I was able to eat the next day. I love sour dough bread. Pickles are yummy. Sometimes food taste gross. I’ve had tender beef ribs on two days. I don’t eat a lot overall but as much as possible because I read that helps recovery. I constantly hawk up bits of the scab. Gross. The gag sometimes turns to saliva throw up (I hate the way they feel behind my tongue) Today a bigger chunk came off. I saw it hanging after chocking up. It was like moist thick snake skin. I’m on day 7. I can’t wait for these things to come out. Gross. A lot of gagging.

  60. 28 yrs, female, on Day 5. Today has probably been the worst thus far. I started eating right after surgery. (Had sloppy joes for dinner) I’ve actually gained weight since the surgery. I guess I have a fairly high pain tolerance. It is still the worst pain I’ve ever felt. (I’ve had strep and mono at the same time, delivered 2 children with no drugs, had wisdom teeth out.) I am downing water like a champ. Today, it actually burns a lot to swallow. Milkshakes are my friend. I stopped taking the hydrocodone on morning of day 3 because they made me feel so out of it. I’ve been alternating ibuprofen and tylenol every 4-5 hours and that seems to work just as well without making me loopy. Was back at work day 3. Like I said, i’m eating pretty normal foods, it’s just taking 3 times longer to eat than before, as I’m chewing very thoroughly. I have an infant, so waking up in the middle of the night a lot anyway and drinking water and taking more meds if I need to. I have been having horrible ear pain and my jaw is really sore. I honestly could deal with the pain, I’m just tired of my mouth tasting disgusting and nothing tasting like it’s supposed to. No bleeding. Not really sure if my scabs have started to come off. Glad there is a light at the end of the tunnel though. Good luck everyone!

    1. Ok, on day 11 now. I can honestly say that days 6 & 7 tied for the absolute worst days. Day 8 I woke up and was immensely better. It’s still painful to swallow and if I eat too much and abuse my throat, I don’t feel very good. Overall pain in my ears and jaw has mellowed as well. Whew.

  61. Hey 19 year old male here. Had my tonsils out 17th May so exactly a week ago. pain doesn’t seem to be getting any better but it is bareable. Taking ibuprofen every 4 hours. I am very much into my fitness so i was scared to loose weight after this operation due to not being able to eat and work out! However after 4 days I was able to return to my normal diet despite the pain being hurrendous (it took me 45 mins to eat some chicken and rice). I’m now back at the gym too just being careful on what I lift. I’m hoping one morning I wake up and my throat is back to normal but most u guys are saying at least a few weeks. My advice to anyone reading this is just try and eat what you’d normally eat as you will feel better for it in the long run. I find a nice cup of tea is really soothing also. But avoid chocolate as this made my throat bleed!

  62. Hi everyone! I’m a 30 year old female and did the surgery may 16th (a week ago). This pain is absolutely out of this world and makes me so miserable. The doctor prescribed me Tylenol #3 and that barely works. I found out maybe 5 days in that ibuprofen 400mg alternating with Tylenol 1000mg works WAY better! I don’t know if it has anything to do with the ibuprofen reducing swelling.
    I’ve been able to have ice chips, water, mashed potatoes, Mac n cheese and scrambled eggs. I tried to do soft dinner rolls but that was a mess as it would get stuck in my mouth. I found that using hot packs for the ear/jaw pain helps a bit. Warm showers help me as well. Sleep has been miserable as I wake up every hour or 2 hours.
    The scabs are starting to fall off and it has me choking every few minutes. Yawning feels like I am being choked and losing oxygen. I had a septoplasty as well with my tonsillectomy so my nose is stuffed at the moment and I’m not sure if that’s the reason why it feels like i can’t breathe. I hope this gets better because I feel absolutely miserable

  63. Hi!! I’m Savannah, age 16. I got my tonsils out on May 12, 2017. I. Hate. It. So. Much. I’ve had an amazing recovery so far, with minimal nausea and easy to manage pain. Granted, I’ve been on Oxycodone the whole time. I was able to eat solid foods instantly as long as I completely chewed them and swallowed with water. I’ve slept well and the worst pain was in the morning, but 30 minutes after I took a pain pill I was fine. But today (day 5) it’s all gone down hill. I woke up this morning in the worst pain I’ve had so far. It felt like my tongue was being ripped out and my ears were going to explode. In a panic, I took two Tylenol, two ibuprofen AND an oxycodone. I started shaking and I felt like I was going to throw up. Luckily, my mom is a nurse and she knew I would be fine. I was able to take a pill for nausea and two Benadryl, which calmed me down within 20 minutes. Since then, I’ve been very irritable/angry. I’ve started to get sharp tings in my throat which send me into coughing fits. I think they’re from scabs coming off, but I’m not sure. Right now, it’s 2:19 am and I woke up because of one of those coughing fits. I’m ready for this to end so I can be better!! I’m going crazy!!!

  64. I’m Brenna and I’m 20. WHEN DOES IT GET BETTER?! I got my tonsils out one week ago from today.. I have felt better today even without being on my liquid hydro and just being on an Advil/Tylenol rotation but I just want a time line to when I might be back to my normal self eating yummy food and not laying around all day. I didn’t sleep at allllll last night because I was so anxious about waking up and being in terrible shaking pain which had happened the mornings previous. That was not good because today I have just been yawning all day and hurting the back of my throat. Someone please just tell me when they were back to feeling normal 😭

    1. I’m 20 too and had my tonsils out May 8th and I feel this so hard!!! I just want to be healed already!!!

    2. OH MY LORD! This is the worst thing in the world. I would not wish this on people I hate. My ENT said that it would be less painful than removing wisdom teeth, which I had done last summer and had no problem with, so I thought it’d be fine. I have a normally high pain tolerance, but this is by far the worst thing I have ever been through in my 19 years. If I knew then, how I would feel now, I would not have done it.

      I’d also like to know when people were back to feeling normal. Like after the scabs come off does the new, raw skin still hurt? When does that pain go away?

      I got mine out on May 9th, so a week ago today. I have a follow-up appointment tomorrow. The scabs are gross and starting to fall off and sometimes they bleed, but it usually doesn’t last too long. They taste and feel gross. I started out trying to eat applesauce and chicken noodle soup, but was so nauseous for the first 5 days that now I can’t even look at either of them. The past two days, I’ve been living on soft pretzels, Nutri-Grain bars, mac and cheese, and SmartOnes fettuccine. I’m trying to keep eating but it hurts so badly, drinking anything is literally fire, and swallowing hurts like a …….

      I had liquid codeine, but stopped taking that around day 4 because it gave me the worst headache, now I take 3 acetaminophen every 4ish hours and then take amoxicillin 3 times a day to prevent infection.

      I sleep for maybe 2 hours at a time, which also makes me tired and causes me to yawn the next day which is equivalent to little imps sawing at my throat.

      Does chewing gum really help?
      Does anyone have any other suggestions?

      At this point, I think I’d rather have my foot continuously run over by a semi-truck. Or maybe be stranded and cut off my arm like in 127 Hours, my sincerest apologies for being overly dramatic.

      1. @Lizzie I’m 42 and I Had my tonsils taker n out May 8th..the 1st few days were rough bcuz I didn’t have the proper meds…i was then given hydrocodone/Acetaminophen which is now my new best friend… the meds keep me feeling good…on day #2 I ate soft baked fish.. the next broiled chicken then crab legs…i don’t even go to the mirror to look at my wound so I know it won’t bother me….it doesn’t feel like I had surgery….

      2. I am 27 and had mine out the 11th I just found my new best friend SORE THROAT SPRAY!! I was scared thinking it would doesn’t I’ve been using it non stop!. My scabs are coming off and even swallowing my saliva hurts feels like I’m swallowing glass. I have spots of blood every where and I’m so ready to eat some food!!

        1. Thank you so much! I wish I knew that earlier! I’m finally starting to feel better! The scabs falling off is gross and I can definitely relate to the feeling of swallowing glass!

          To anyone new who is just reading this, IT GETS BETTER! There is a light at the end of the tunnel. It’s too early for me to say for certain whether or not the surgery was worth it, but the pain will eventually get better. But be prepared to know that it might get A LOT worse before your start to feel any sort of relief!

  65. Well. I wish I’d found this, or a similar site sooner. As much pain as I am in, I think I am actually doing very well!!
    * I am a 69 year old female.
    * I had this surgery to help my sleep apnea:
    – C-pap did not significantly alleviate my
    problem, tried for 9 mo before my “Sleep
    Doc” suggested an
    – appliance to pull my jaw forward. I loved it
    for several years, but developed TMJ. My
    Doc gave me the name of a “gifted
    – In two weeks he performed two
    surgeries. (Possibly one more if this does
    not do the trick. Something with the back
    of the tongue.)
    1) Endoscopy to check my airway and
    repaired a deviated septum. While
    there he removed a piece of “floppy
    tissue” at the back of my nasal
    passage. All went well.
    2) A week later, he performed a
    tonsillectomy, tightened my soft
    palette. (Again “floppy tissue.”) and
    removed the uvula. Throat looked a
    little barren on day 2 when I first
    All my treatment began at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas, when I was about 40 years old. (30 years ago) I first went to a neurologist, believing I had narcolepsy (doctor said, Idiopathic Hypersomulance).
    All along the way sleep studies were done, diagnosis’s were adjusted, and treatments were changed. Baylor doctors have stood by me, and I believe will be able to “fix” my apnea. At my age, I know numerous individuals who simply ignore their sleep problems, which can destroy their their quality of life, if not their life.

    This the early morning of Day 9: My post-op complaints sound like all the others I have read about here. Most painful surgery ever, lost about 10 lbs, have had some panic attacks, eating only soft foods, problems with pain meds, etc. At 69, I think I’m doing very well. My complaints sound like the 25 year olds and I’ll take that!!
    Those with apnea, just keep working at it. It is worth the effort.
    Laura in Houston

  66. I’m on day 24! I feel about 80% to where I was prior to surgery. A couple days ago, I developed a head cold. Sinus drainage, coughing, runny nose, and sneezing. This isn’t helping my recovery. Still a little uncomfortable to swallow but I can eat about anything unless it’s very spicy. My ears pop when I swallow but i thinks it’s due to congestion. I wondered if I would make it through. I did. It wasn’t very easy at all. Keep your chin up even though it hurts.

  67. I still can not eat anything and today is my day six. When I did eat some broth yesterday I threw it all up. I’ve now lost 18lbs. I’m still in so much pain, and I can’t talk. Is anyone else experiencing this?

    1. Have you tried anti-nausea pills? They’re what keep me going! I’ve been eating and drinking since day 1 and only vomited the night of day 2. Also… Try doing jaw exercises (opening/closing mouth) very slowly and a little bit at first, gradually working up to opening your mouth all the way.

  68. My ear pain is so painful. I had my surgery on May 4 and it is the worst pain I have ever felt in 30 years of life. Does any else have any issue with not being able to open the jaw wider than entering a toothbrush?

    1. Hi Nia. Yes that’s common. During the surgery the doctor wedges the jaw open. That seems to stress the joint. Should improve soon. I know it’s hard Try to remember this is temporary.

    2. Hi, yes and I feel like they towed a car with my tongue. What meds did they prescribe you? I received liquid Lortab and it works great if you can get it down. I’ve actually mixed liquid Tylenol with the Lortab. Makes it easy to take.

    3. I had my surgery on the 5th of may. I feel the same as you. My jaw and ears and under my chin hurt so bad. It’s worse then the throat pain. I haven’t eaten anything accept water since Thursday at midnight. If lost 15lbs. I’m in so much pain and the pain meds just seem to barely take the edge off… I’m ready to feel better.

  69. Someone please help. I cant swallow my scabs and they are stuck im almost 2 weeks in….no solid foods will stay down. The scab bring stuck is making me vomit. Im trying to drink as much as possible. These scabs are being stubborn. How can I soften them up to fall off. PLEASE HELP

  70. Day 5 including day of my surgery, felt significant pain the day after i got home, however i no longer need pain killers at night. make sure you sleep with your mouth CLOSED! and drink water!! on day 2 i was already eating mashed potatoes. you will be fine

  71. Hey everyone, so I when I first got my op, which was Tuesday 2nd of may (I’m Day 7 if you include op day), on day 2 I was reading all of these and freaking out because of the crazy blood stories and bought all these liquid foods that were recommended and stuff like that…
    My BIGGEST advice, as much as it hurts EAT SOLID FOOD AND CHEW CHEWING GUM. Doesn’t matter what food, as long as you chew it! Because using those muscles strengthens the area and heals quicker!

    Day 1- woke up, slept a little, had a salad sandwich and two icy poles whic hurt but I was okay. I got home around 3.30pm? The anaesthetic made me really drowsy and weird, so I slept on and off and pain was about a 2/10.
    Day 2- woke up still feeling weird, ate eggs for breakfast and a boost smoothie. Read all these things and anxiety hit me like a train as I prepared myself for what was to come. I also hadn’t had any pain meds yet either, no Panadol, I’m not medications biggest fan. I had a warm shower, and apparently heat makes your blood pump, and then I had a little bleed so we went to ER but it stopped before we got there.
    Day 3(Thursday)- was in a bit of pain had one panadol, got a boost juice, ate some jelly, feeling quite sorry for myself and a bit sick in the belly. Went to sleep, slept on and off, woke up at 1.30am with this intense tickle in my right tonsil area, had water, felt quite strange and sick in the belly. Got up and had water, then coughed and felt blood on my tongue, checked, then I pulsed and raced to ER (dad was so unhappy at 2am) and they had to thicken my blood through IV, ENT specialist called in at 4 am and he pulled off and burnt a blood clot. Kept me in that night, Friday and Friday night to give me anti biotics and fluids. Scariest night of my life so far!!
    Day 4- Friday I woke up in hospital, I was fasting in case of surgery. It was a blurry day. Ate liquid lunch and liquid dinner… pain.
    Day 5- they let me out at 11! ENT saying “solid food!!” So I had hungry jacks! Chips and a burger mmmm. It hurt yes, but moving that muscle is amazing. Solid dinner… chewing gum! I also got a humidifier, it’s pretty. Started regular panadol, but it’s been manageable pain.
    Day 6- macdonalds banana bread for brekkie yum! Woke up dry and stiff but fine after water. Went to the shops quickly for an outing, KFC wrap for lunch, pizza roll with chicken for dinner… pain about a 3/10? I also eat A Lot of cookies!
    Day 7- woke up after a two hours sleep then a solid four hour sleep, dry but relatively okay. Ready for breakfast! Really hoping that things are getting better!

    Good luck to everyone recovering and anyone reading these about to get the op done! Eat solid food! You won’t die I promise xoxoix

  72. I’m 18 and on day 8 or 9 I think and Im finally able to eat super soft noodles, Mac and cheese still sucks. I end up not being able to fully swallow it and just “cough” it up. I don’t cough it up I kinda like rumble it up kinda it’s hard to explain. I havnt really noticed my scabs falling off at all, They are def getting smaller I guess but I just want these scabs out lol! They’re extremly annoying and food gets caught on them all the time, Causing even more pain until I’m able to get the food off that area. I do not believe In these pain meds they gave me as my parents got hooked on drugs from oxycodone and it turned into heroin, Meth, And crack later on. I fear I will get attached to these the oxy so I have only taken it like 3 times within these 8 to 9 days. don’t get me wrong, It hurts like a motherfucker without pain meds and I highly suggest taking them. I’ve got an addictive personality and I do not wanna mess around with big pharma drugs as those are the REAL gateway drugs.

    Day 1 was fine but my uvula was swollen to the size of my mouth and I could barley talk. I sounded like a complete tard talking, It was extremly annoying
    days 2-5 were the worst!!!!! I didn’t eat a single bite of food as it would just get stuck and I would spit it all up. Nothing would go down except for water. my ears hurt sooo fucking bad aswell omg, It was even worse than my throat pain, I was banging my head on my door holding my ears for hours. It wouldn’t stop and no matter what I did the pain persisted for around 4 days straight. REMINDER – I did not take my pain meds so I kind of did this to myself
    days 6-present day have been on and off pain but it’s soooo much better as in being able to eat small noodles like Lipton noodle packets as you can just drink the noodles without chewing. I tried mashed potatos yesterday but it was just wayyy too much for me, The mashed potato would tickle my throat and get stuck where the scabs were and would cause extreme pain. Fuck them potatoes, I wanted to try and eat cream of wheat but my experience with mashed potatoes puts me off severely. I wake up every morning with a raw throat and need to drink water, I havnt had troubles with sleeping though and tbh here I’m sleeping around like 12 hours a day to make time go by faster. I’m just glad I’m able to eat some foods… I’ve lost 25 pounds ever since the surgery (My metabolism is crazy and I NEED 4000 calories a day to start gaining weight instead of the normal 2000) I just can’t wait until this is all over… my stomach hurts and I feel kinda dizzy from not getting enough food in me, I’m gonna eat sooooo much food once I recover omg…

    The first few days are the worse but it does get better from there. Anyone who is about to get a tonsillectomy.. Don’t be scared, And the pain will go away after awhile. You’ve just gotta power through it. if I’m able to do it without any pain meds, I think you’re able to do it with pain meds.

    1. Oh I would also like to add that I have been vaping (ecig) Ever since day 3 of my recovery because well… I’d hate to admit but I’m addicted and I couldn’t stand thinking about not vaping for over 2 weeks, Fuuuckkkkkk that!!!!!! So I bought some menthol juice as that usually always helps sooth my throat and it Def helps sooth it (: But be careful as it dries the throat so drink plenty of water if you’re a vaper!!!! But as a little hint hint – Nicotine slows down the process of healing, I knew this and accepted the risk of having a longer recovery so I don’t go through cravings. Best of luck to all of you!!!

    2. So it’s been like 10 days for you and still pain? I’m just trying to figure out when the pain stops. It’s been 6 days for me now. I’ve lost a buttload of weight as well which makes me happy but that’s about all that I’ve got going for me right now.

      1. Hey! Big tip, chew chewing gum! I’m from Australia, and they recommend eating solid food and honestly it helped. I had liquid food for three days-terrible pain. Started chewing and eating solid food and it sucks but I feel better! Xxx hope it helps!

  73. Mine got worse around day 5-7. I am 44 so I’m not sure if that helps. I’m at Day 14 and trying to come off pain meds.

  74. Had my tonsils out on Saturday after suffering for a week with them. My ENT said that my left tonsil was so infected if was necroptic. The post surgery pain is more severe than I thought it would be. It’s been two days now. does the pain get worse?

  75. I’m on day 13 and not near 100%. I’ve not had any bleeding, thank god. I lost 15lbs the first week. Soup and water has been my only company. I’ve been on hydrocodone since day one. Keeping control of the pain is easier than loosing and trying to regain. My prescription said every 6 hrs as needed and take ibuprofen in between. I closed the gap to 4 hrs and that seemed to help. He also had me on antibiotics and a steroid pack for swelling. Staying hydrated is very important but when you’re swallowing lava it’s hard to do. I am sleeping better at night now. Get a humidifier. It helps keep your throat from drying out while you sleep. Just hang in their. It will get better.

    1. Sounds like this is how mine is going plus sounds like we were prescribed the same meds. Where you nauseated as well? Mind if I ask if you were able to go to the bathroom. My stomach is what giving me severe issues!

  76. Had my tonsils out in the UK on 24th April and i’m now almost 7 days post surgery – this website is amazing because it’s keeping me sane knowing I’m not alone.
    I’m 35 and I was warned by my ENT consultant, Pre-assessment clinic nurse and everyone inbetween that a tonsillectomy is possibly the most painful adult surgery but nothing prepared me for this.
    I’ve lost 10lbs in a week because eating is so difficult and painful, it burns so bad even water is very uncomfortable to swallow. I was discharged from hospital the day after surgery and was told to take no more than paracetamol and ibuprofen as stronger meds may induce nausea and vomiting but I’m not coping very well at all, night is the worst time and I can’t work out why exactly but after 11pm things seem to escalate to another level of pain again…. I had to take 2 tramadol tonight which I found at the bottom of my medicine box left over from a previous bout of severe tonsillitis and still no relief.
    All I want is to turn a corner and feel like I’m starting to improve (I also feel like a bit of a wimp coz there’s other people suffering in the world with worse etc etc) but writing all this down has actually helped so much. If there’s a light at the end of the tunnel I’ve yet to catch a glimpse 🙁

  77. Nothing tastes like it should. I’m at one week as of this morning since surgery. I go in for a follow up tomorrow and I believe I now have thrush. Like the pain from tearing out tissue that’s been in there for 44 years wasn’t enough. Thrush is common after a tonsillectomy because of the environment and I’m on antibiotics. I’m going to eat a big juicy steak when I’m back to normal.

  78. Hey I had my tonsils out on 20th April for the past 3 days I have had a foul taste in my mouth it is actually making me not want to eat any food it is that disgusting is this normal

    1. I just got mine taken out last Tuesday, so I am on day 6 and when i tried to eat jello, it tasted HORRIBLE. i’m currently drinking an ice cold sprite, feels weird on the throat, but no pain. just sip on it. It tastes sooo good!

    2. I’m day 3 and just now able to eat mashed potatoes but it’s difficult cause I can smell my breath. Does it get better? I’ve been up all night from pain killers keeping me up but I’m able to drink today compared to the first 2 days

  79. I am 13 and got my tonsil out 6 days ago. I am on day six and today and yesterday were probably the worst days but let’s start from day one.I woke up from the surgery crying but my throat did not hurt. Day one was probably the best day the drugs were still active that they gave me at the hospital. The only bad part about day one is that your jaw will hurt from them holding open your mouth. The first night is also the easiest so far. The second day I got my narcodics which were $150. The rest of that day was pretty fun the drugs helped and I drank a freeze from taco bell and got tropical smoothie. Day three I woke up in the worst pain at three in the morning this pain was stinging and burning and I cried and even after drinking hot cold and room temp water neither of them worked and I did not want to bug my mom to get me tylenol three with codine the drugs they gave me so I payed their and watched youtube on my phone until finally I went to bed. When I woke up the pain was not that bad until about noon when I asked really told my grandma to go get me tropical smoothie. It really helped. That night I actually grew the balls to go shopping with my mom and Imwas fine but the only bad part is that you can only take the drugs every four hours and they share off in two so you take the pills which where off in one so you have a hour of hell. Day four my sister had a dance competition and this was friday so I payed at home all day until we had to pick her up from school to bring her. I mostly slept all day but set a alarm so Icould wake up to take the drugs. We also picked up my friend from school and brought her to the dance competition and at the competition Insat in the lunch room of the school and drank a smoothie and almost fell asleep. We then brought my friend home and I went home and went to bed. Day five I was home alone I I kept coughing up brown dried up blood and my mouth tasted like a sewer. But the pain mess helped. Day six I woke up and ran to take my pain meds because of the stinging I then went back to bed then got up a hour or so later and my mom went to meijeir and we stopped and got a gyro from arby’s and i actually ate it the coughing still kept up. And my pills ran out but I finnaly pooped which i had not sense the morning of surgery and it was really water with chunks. As of right now typing this ,y throat hurts a little and I am laying on the couch. Some things to let you know is that peeing can be hard so if you can’t pee jumping up and down several times helps me and I stopped pain meds for half a day and peeed fine and normal and pooping is hard do take milk with manesia it helps and the next morning your ass will be a volcano. Good luck and I hope you feel better and don’t feel like hell.

  80. Well I must be the dumbest one of all. I am a 44 year old male truckdriver first of all. I’ve been driving for 20+ years. I’ve noticed in the past 6-8 months I’ve not been sleeping very well and very tired during the day. So I raised my hand and was diagnosed with Sleep Apnea. CPAP was my next step. It didn’t really seem to help much. So then I was referred to an ENT. He looked and said those need to come out. I should have walked away. I had surgery last Monday 04/17/17. I am going on day 7. I’ve never been in so much pain in my life. I’ve forced myself to eat near regular food. I had Penn Station the next day. Some meals included pork roast, and sausage. I’ve eaten twice in 5 days. Mac and Cheese is about all I can stand. Applesauce was tolerable at first but not anymore. Anything acidic is a no no. My water has to be room temp and it is still like swallowing lava. All my meds have been in pill form. By the looks of it, my scabs are almost gone. I’ve been on antibiotics from day one but I think I’ve gotten an infection anyway. An ice pack on my neck keeps me from loosing my mind. I did very little research before hand. I had shoulder surgery about three years ago and that was a walk in the park compared to this. I’ve tried to stay hydrated but when you have to choose drinking lava verses a dull pain…you can guess. I’ve read a few stories on here but I didn’t see any at my age. I know it will get better or I’ll die. Either way I’ll have relief. It would be nice if I had my mom around. I lost her 11 years ago to cancer. Good luck and try to let this be your last resort.

    1. I am a 41 yo female who is 7 days ahead of you (surgery was on 4/10/17). I couldn’t agree more with everything you’ve said, but I pushed the water and it really did help. I was really surprised at how easily I got dehydrated which made things even worse. Outshine makes these fruit and veggie pops that were about all I could eat for a week and a half, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Keep up with the meds and drink water like crazy. The throat ice packs really helped me from losing it too. I’ve had 3 kids in the last 7 years, one with no epidural, and I’d do that a thousand times over before the tonsillectomy again. Yes, it’s scary, but it does get better. Good luck to you!

  81. Hi guys day 10 major part of my stabbing came off today. Not painful but I ridiculously nauseated. Is this normal? Anyone else have this issue

  82. So I’m on day 7. And day 1 I had very bad pain but I ate a frosty and this calm the pain I took the meds they gave me. Day 2 I was eating Apple sauce and mixed fruit that I rinsed the juice off I didn’t like the meds the seem to make it worst. day 3 omg the worst ear,back,neck,head pain ever I was trying to cry.I couldn’t eat I thing and still took my meds. Day 4 I went to my doctor to ask her what was going on and found out I was dehydrated and lost 11 pounds and still taking the nasty meds. Day 5 I cried all day this pain was like I was swallowing flaming nails and by the point I was still taking the meds and I did not sleep at 6 I woke up about 11:00 am after I just couldn’t take the pain on day 5 and the sleep took over and I tried to eat soup and water and everything tasted like it was well mixed with salt. I couldn’t take it. So I went to the md who took out my tonsils and he gave me more meds. Mind you the 1st dose I had was at 11 and I had to take it every 4-6hours. And after 11 I forgot to grab it when I left the house. So I went all of day 6 only taking meds once and I felt great no pain at all and I loved it even though I didn’t eat anything but later that night I got sick as I was going to bed and I threw up stomach acid. But still didn’t take anything I called the md because I coughed up blood but.he told me to gargle cold water and this helped after an hour. And I fell asleep soon after. On to day 7 and now I feel like I swallowed rocks my throat feels hard and I can’t sleep. But the tonsils being taken out really was ok.,all spit a lot like every 10 seconds and it was like thick chains of water. I lost 19 pounds so far and I don’t think I will be taking anymore meds unless I’m crying in bad pain. The meds were the worst part I felt every time I was dying and the meds was like fire on a lit wound. I loved the fact the later on day 6 I had finally sucked up the pain and drank some ice cold water and it was wonderful. But I tried doing it about midnight at day 7 and about cried so I am drinking a cup of room temperature water that I let sit out. No meds and in very little to no pain.

  83. I’m 18 and I had my tonsils taken out on April 3rd, so I’m currently on Day 6. Day 1 I could barely breathe because it was so swollen, I didn’t speak to anyone for 3 days because the pain was just too much. I’ve tried my best to eat solid foods, and day 5 I thought I was getting better, but on Day 6 I woke up in the worst pain I’ve ever been in. I can feel the scabs when I swollow and it’s so frustrating, I just want them gone. I wake up at the same time every night with siliva everywhere, because I can’t naturally swollow it in my sleep due to the pain. From what it looks like, the experience is different for everyone, but I’d rather have tonsils than go through this again. Good luck to anyone having this operation. It’s horrendous

    1. im going through the exact same thing as you are i got mine removed the 6th, i wake up with syliva everywhere and my mouth is super dry, it hurts to talk let alone swallowing or eating anything and i have the worst ear aches, head aches and the sharp pains in my throat is horrible although its not as bad as when i had my tonsils, they got so big it closed my air way had to go to the er, or and then icu and was breathing through tubes but this is like a whole different and worse pain i cant sleep at night without taking the t3s they prescribed and even then i wake up every 4 hours in pain. just want this to be over in so tired of being in pain 24/7

    2. I know how you feel the scabs are just starting for me and I feel like I can’t sleep cause I’m chocking on rocks. My friend is trying to get his out and I told him to keep them unless the really need to come out.

  84. Well guys. It’s day 8 post op and I woke up choking on blood. My throats was bleeding so bad. I gargled ice water and it did nothing. After I was on my way to the er a huge scab and clot broke off and then bleeding slowed. I wish I had never done this. My throat is now super sensitive its sharp pains every time anything hits it. I lost my last big scab about 30 mins ago luckily with no bleed. I got a small amount of liquid laticain(sp) while I was at the er which helped very little and tasted very bad. Hopefully this is the last bit of trouble. Maybe making my throats adjust to new things is the last hurtle. I am sorry for everyone going through recovery. This was a very hard process with 2 er trips, 15 lbs, and next to no real food. Good luck all!

    1. I just had a hemorrhage on my day 7 of recovery. I had to go to the ER and then they transported me via care flight to a nearby hospital with available space in the OR to perform a second surgery to cauterize the bleed. Honestly, it was the most terrifying day of my life. That was 2 days ago and I feel like I’m living in constant fear of another bleed. I just want to be better.

  85. Hey guys
    I’m on day 10 post op.
    pretty rough time day 4-6 being the absolute worst! My scabs have been coming off the last few days as I assume the little pointy things that hurt at the back of my throat are them. However I hve felt from day 8 it’s got a lot easier but today now with no scabs my throat is so sensitive! Anything touching the area even water in freshly healed skin makes it agony! I can’t even swallow water cold because it’s so sensitive to the new skin! Ahhhh!

  86. I’m 33 years old just had tonsils removed last wed 3/29. Awful pain since day 1. Can hardly sleep. Last night (Sunday) I thought the pain had gone down and then abruptly during the night I woke up with stabbing pains in my mouth. Perhaps the scabs starting to come off? Any suggestions? Today is Monday, 6th day in. :/

    1. i am 27 and got mine out 30th. i got really dehydrated and got an infection and wound up in my er saturday i woke up sunday and felt sooo much better after antibiotics and fluids. Well I woke up this morning and I am in so much more pain. From what I hear its normal to have a good day and then the metaphorical rug get yanked out from underneath you the following day. My doc said Its possible to have a good day and several bad ones or just have a bunch of good ones. But hydration and slightly abrasive foods. mashed potatoes, krystal burgers, stuff to gently pull off the scabs. My uvula is swollen so much that when i eat jello or pudding its too much and i end up choking! I hope your recovery goes fast!

  87. I’m 12 and got my tonsils taken out March 23rd I think. I’m currently on day 10 I’m pretty sure. I feel okay, except my throat is clogged slightly which is really annoying. I still can’t drink soda or eat food I usually ate. I can eat mac and cheese and kind of spaghetti. On Day 7 or 8 I was staying up. I did something really stupid and tried to cough up everything in my clogged throat and began bleeding a lot. I freaked out, but wasn’t taken to the hospital, since it wasn’t new blood. My mom said a lot of my scabs came off at once because I dried my throat from my heater. I don’t know if all of my scabs have fallen off. (I really fucking hope so.) I have extreme ear pain and I can’t swallow much since it hurts my ear so much. My mom bought me a heating pad which kind of helps, but eh. I can’t wait for this to be over, I miss eating food that doesn’t taste bland. I’m just glad I didn’t have to go to school for a week.

    1. C.c , I had to chuckle at your “I really f*** hope so” 12 years old, brings me back to the day… I’m 59 and on my 7th day…they say say it hurts more when your older (who “they” are I don’t know 🙂 ) From what I’m reading I think it hurts bad no matter what age. Surprised you didn’t have more time off! I work in a school and the doctor gave me 2weeks…I’m taking every one, it falls into Easter vacation so ill have even more time off…I want to avoid getting sick on top if this…nasty germs in school…Good luck and speedy recovery!

  88. I am Day 6 now and I keep getting sharp pains in random little areas of the scabs. Is this the pain of those parts coming off? It feels like a wet sponge is plugging my throat toowhen I swallow – not very painful but really annoying and weird. Is there any way of making them come off quicker?

  89. I am on day 5 and all of a sudden I got stabbing pains in the bottom corner of my tongue. Does anyone know what that is

    1. Im a 30 year old, I’m on day 10 and the stabbing pain in my tongue is the worst part by far. It’s been going on for several days now. I’m not sure if it’s actual theist pain but the nerves make it feel like my tongue, or if my tongue got scraped or something during the surgery. Either way, it hurts so bad!

    2. I had that too and my doctor said he never heard of it. But it could be the pressure that is on your tongue is settling

  90. Tae 23. Just got my tonsils removed on March 21st and man or man does this suck. I was ready for some pain but not like this. This morning I swear im choking on nothing at all. I can see the scabs in the back of my throat but I keep cough and am terrified that I’m going to swallow my stitches or blood or worse pop a stitch and be rushed to the hospital. I choke on everything water, jello, icy and ensure. What can I do to stop this before I end up back in the hospital??

  91. Hi I am currently on day 4 and I’m feeling good. Day 1 I was able to eat noodles with a little butter and drank lots of water and ate sherbet and applesauce.
    Day 2 I ate a little noodles and some sherbet but mostly water
    Day 3 I was able to eat cucumbers with out the skin or seeds with a little bit of ranch and water and some ginger ale. I can eat with no problem and I take my pain medication every 5-6 hours. And I also talk a nauseous pill every 8 hours if needed. And I take my infection medication to prevent the wounds getting infected. Other than that I do feel a little loopy when I walk and it is sore to talk but I’m doing good and I’m able to sleep until it’s time for my medication. By the way I’m 14.

  92. I am 26. Day 12 almost 13 post op (surgery date 2/22/17). This has not been as terrible as I was anticipating. I feel great and wish I could go to work tomorrow. But my scabs have not fallen off yet. Will they soon? Will it hurt? Or am I most likely in pretty good shape?

  93. I had sinus surgery, deviated septum fixed and tonsilectomy on February 10th. I’m 49. And this is mt second tonsilectomy. This has been rough! I ate mostly puddings, jellos with or without cool whip, pasta type foods. I personally liked the way diary made throat feel, it took away scratchy dry feeling. I tried chewing gum to keep jaw moving and mouth moist, but i don’t like it when I’m not hurting so that was a fail. I took 1 to 2 5-325 percecet every 4 to 6 hours and 2 ibuprofen every 6 hrs. Never a time without pain, but knowing with time it will get better makes it doable. I still have the scabs, I’m eating pretty normal now even tho throat still hurts, scabs are thin at nite and then thick again when i wake up. Sinus surgery has added another level of pain. But both are healing Ann’s i can tell the constant infection I have had for years is gone in tonsil area, I just feel better, even with only being 1/2 thru recovery. Good luck too all. Remember the bad pain is only for a time and then you will start to heal and feel better.

    1. I also wanted to add i drank allot of sweat tea refigerator cold, no ice after day 3, till last couple days. Same with drinking mtn dew. Water felt luke razors, so i did not drink it, last few days i have been tho. Dr preferred more water, but he said as long as i had plenty of other fluids he was ok with it…

  94. You just have to be patient, they have to come off when they’re ready or you risk bleeding. That being said a lot of mine came off when I had warm soup (not hot just warm!) but be careful! I found that by the end of the first week warm things were much more soothing that ice cream or cold things. Hope that helps!

  95. I am 27 and I just had my tonsils removed last Thursday the 16th. This is the worst pain I’ve ever been in. Haven’t eaten yet. Only water and apple juice have been my very best friend. I sleep about 3/4 hours a time. Mostly because I set alarms to when I need to take my pain meds. Which to me don’t seem to be working, but that’s just how intense the pain is. In order to help me sleep I do rub some vapor rub under my nose to help. I wake up coughing sometimes so please please please make sure to sleep with your head raised. Sore throat lozenges worked just a little. Anything with dairy did not work for me. I don’t know why they recommend Ice cream. It just made me feel like I had to spit all the time. Which is hard to do when you can barely open your mouth. Sherbets did help. As long as it’s nothing red, purple or orange. So you don’t mistake it for blood. Hot showers also helped sooth my throat. It may be a task, you may drool, and it may feel like you’re dying, but brush your teeth every chance that you feel up to it. Especially your tongue. Day 4… a few more to go 🙁

    1. Mine were also taken out last Thursday! My scabs are falling off and there is some bleeding. Is this normal? Are you experiencing any bleeding?

  96. I’m a 19 year old female and I had my tonsils taken out on Valentine’s Day. The day of surgery I felt pretty okay, I ate some Mac and cheese and thought it would be easy, I was very wrong like most of us are. Day 2 I got sick from my pain meds (liquid hydro) and figured I just needed more on my stomach. Then came the severe headache. I quickly realized I was having caffeine and nicotine withdrawals which was hell to say the least. Days 3 and 4 were also hell. I got sick again from the pain medicine and decided to go off of it. (Ps I also had Oxys but those also made me sick even with nausea medicine) Then I had to deal with the pain meds leaving my system which was not fun. I switched to Tylenol and ibuprofen. Every night I sweat through 4 to 5 shirts which is actually still happening. Yesterday was day 5 and I was in a lot of pain but was feeling positive because I thought it was almost over. I showered and tried to floss my teeth, and when I went to gargle some water I choked and all of a sudden was gushing blood from my throat. I live alone so this was very very scary. I tried to calm myself down to keep the bleeding under control but it was apparent that it wasn’t going to stop based on the globs of blood coming out. I got my mom over and she called an ambulance. I suffer from severe anxiety so my panic attack was making things much worse. Apparently it was a blood clot that had bursted on the right side. The hospital said the clot had already started forming again which was “good” but I can’t see how that can be good. Anyways today is day 6 and last night sucked. Crying and hyperventilating came back to bite me in the ass. Ive been very good about drinking ice water through the whole experience and also keep a humidifier right next to me at all times but it still feels like razor blades are in my throat. Trying my best not to lose hope but it has definitely been an awful experience. I’m having the same pains every one else describes (severe ear pain, jaw pain, etc) and I think my scabs are starting to come off. Just wanted to warn some of you, if you don’t think you can gargle, DO NOT DO IT. Hoping to feel better soon because I’m desperately craving a burger. Good luck to you all

    1. I also got my tonsils out on Valentine’s Day! How are you doing now? It’s currently our day 9. I was just curious, even with the blood clot, you didn’t need to go back into emergency surgery to get it recauterized?

  97. I just had surgery Feb 13th. It’s only been 6 days and the pain is horrible without medication and manageable with it. I’m still on pain medications. Dr. Prescribed me oxycodine with acetaminophen and I take 1 pill every 4 hours. Prescription says take two, but I’ve been managing with one so far. Since it is in pill form I do crush it and add it my watered down apple sauce. That helps instantaneous and I’m very thankful. I also stay hydrated. Drinking water from the moment I got out of surgery and even now. I am overwhelmed and tired of the pain. I still am able to only eat watered down apple sauce, cream of wheat (watered down) and bread. Whoever said ice cream is awesome after surgery must’ve never felt the mucus that comes after it. My mouth inside is white and my breathe wreaks. I play around and tell my family to watch out for the stink bomb. Lol. But seriously, I brush my teeth, floss and swish watered down mouthwash and my mouth still smells like poop. I’m only on day 6 and even though it hasn’t been a walk in the park I’m anticipating the days when my mouth no longer stinks and my strept won’t be as bad. (I got stept 9 times last year) I’m glad I got this surgery, but the pain is intense. It’s uncomfortable and very irritating. I’m starving and trying to force myself to drink ensure or slim fast yet the drink is too thick. So, I just tell myself I paid for one expensive weight loss program. Hahaha. But seriosuly, ice your neck, take your medications on time (crushing the pill & putting it a watered down apple sauce is amazing) stay on top of your water and you should be fine. I haven’t been confined all these days to the house, i have gotten out. I do light housekeeping. I play with my kids. All of this is capable. My throat does hurt and my ears feel like their on fire but I’m just looking forward to better days.

    Oh, and these scabs are disgusting. I sometimes feel like their is a hair in the back of my throat. Yuck. It will get better. It will get better just tell yourself. I’m happy to have the surgery regardless of all the pain I have to go through to get it. I believe it’s totally worth it. I hope this helps you and I wish you a happy and healthy recovery.

    1. Hey Melissa! I had my tonsils out 3 weeks ago and I can honestly say days 6/7 were the worst. I ate solid foods really crunched up as it helped start taking small bits of the scab off – nibbling ginger biscuits was particularly helpful. Ice pops were also good and warm tea when the scabs started falling off. Also I would recommend taking some kind of laxative/very low dose because the codeine did horrible things to my stomach on days 9-10.

      Hang in there! You’ll be so pleased in a couple of weeks!

      1. Hi Jess… thank you so much for your encouragement can you please tell me how to get these scabs to come off sooner? My throat is so dry and I drink gallons of water yet because of the scabs it’s not touching my throat. It’s been hard. Lately I’ve been coughing and its horrible. It’s overwhelming

  98. My name is Erica I had my surgery done on February 9th postop day three. My right side of my throats hurts to swallow more then my left. I have bad breath even tho I brush my teeth. I get headaches in the middle of the night. My jaw hurts in the middle of the night. I just started spitting up white stuff out of my mouth.

  99. Had my tonsillectomy on the 8th of February 2017. 2nd day post op. I cant even drink water. My jaw and my throat hurts so bad! I wish theres something to numb my throat.

  100. I had my tonsillectomy last feb 1,2017. today is my 6th day but i am still in so much pain.i can’t even eat properly. my diet is only porridge and water and apple juice. yesterday my sister said my my breath smells very bad even i brush my teeth and use mouth stresses me out because even i don’t open my mouth,they said it still has a strong bad smell.any one who has same experience? i was about to go back to work on thursday but this bad smell freaks me out..😭😭

    1. I’m on day 4 right now. I got 9 hours of sleep some how. My throat is almost always moist. Last two days I didn’t have to take pain medicine because it has little to no pain. (I’m 13 on the 20th) I’m scared for the descabbing process my diet is apple juice, porrage, water , jello. Swallowing barely hurts today it’s just uncomfortable

      1. Jacob,

        You been lucky but of course your age helps! I was hospitalized first 2.5 days. I wasn’t able to sleep more then 4 hrs. Key is stay on pain meds whether or not you need it. Drink plenty of fluids. I didn’t even notice mine came off. I’m 36 be 37 in a week! I ate Mac n cheese that was extra creamy

  101. If anyone is a few days post op or about to have a tonsillectomy then number one thing as you’re coming off the pain killers, especially codeine – remember to take a laxative or stooo softener. Im 10 days post op and feeling great with my throat – all scabs gone and everything healing nicely but I have been in agony for 32 hours with constipation from the codeine!! The doctors didn’t tell me about this specifically so please please take something as a precaution! I can’t tell you the pain!

  102. I’m on day 7 and my goodness I did not think it would be this hard … I was throwing up everything day 2+3 blood water whatever. I stopped taking my pain kills after this for a day or so unless I was going to sleep. I haven’t been able to eat since the second day I can barely sallow water!! I did go to the doctor on day 4 and she said they looked fine but gave me a letter to go back to a+e if I kept throwing up. I haven’t slept last night and spat up a little blood this morning and I am hoping its the first signs of the scabs coming off…I can’t wait for this to be over 😫

    1. i just literally been coughing out blood minutes ago and i was so scared.this is my 6th day after the op.i hope it wont happen again as it is really scary..goodluck for our fast recovery. i am regretting already of having tonsillectomy..😭😭😭

      1. Ivy,

        I’m 46 days post op! It was the best decision I ever made in my life. I was hospitalized for the first two days as a reaction to the anesthesia! Couldn’t eat or swallow till the fourth day! It was a struggle but managed to get food down. The night I came home I spit up a blood clot and flew back to hospital. Some blood is normal. Just keep a close eye on it! Try using ice chips and drinking cold water to clot it! If not head back to hospital. It gets better and you won’t regret it! Best of luck and best wishes in a speedy recovery

        1. Bryon,
          The blood stopped now and i truely wish and pray that it won’t happen again. by the way, did u have any experience in having a very bad breath after op? i am having that problem now and it stresses me out. My sisters said that they really can smell it even i didn’t open my mouth yet.😥😥

          1. I had bad breath for about days 6-12 when my scabs came off it pretty much went away. I didn’t feel my scabs come off. It was bad even brushing my teeth.

  103. I’m 13 days post op and felt pretty much perfect by day 7, even though I still had scabs. I’m on a completely normal diet now. My scabs are almost completely gone now, but my throat is starting to hurt. Is it just because the skin underneath is fresh and sensitive? Anybody else experiencing this?

  104. I’m 7 days post op and this has been the worst. Coughed up big lumps of scab today which left one of my tonsil sites completely uncovered, although this didn’t bleed (yet) the pain left from the hole is horrible and I found the only thing that helped was a ice pack and, ice water stings so bad now! Im a bit worried about the size of the hole left and hoping it will start to close up soon??? Anyone got any experience of this!?

  105. Hi im 24 yr old female im on day 6 postop. Did my surgery on 1/25 todays now 1/30 . I notice the right side of where the scabs are it feels on fire and it burns like a bitch. I also have a ticklish dry cough why is this someone help me. . .

    1. It’s because your throat is healing!! Cough drops, cough drops, cough drops. My throat itched horribly around day 4-day 6 and then was somewhat better, but still itchy until day 10. You have to stop it so you don’t cough off your scabs. Tea was good for soothing my throat 🙂 I’m day 13 post op, 22 years old and pretty much healed.

  106. I am a 21 year old female who got her tonsils and adenoids taken out on January 11, 2017.

    Day 1 (surgery day)
    I woke up from surgery at 9:30 AM with minimal pain, felt like a sore throat. I ate a cup of applesauce and drank 2 cups of apple juice that the hospital provided for me. When I got home i ate a pudding cup and a full pack of ramen noodles (not too hot). I slept and had another pack of ramen for dinner. Drank iced water and blue Powerade throughout the day. My dr prescribed oxycodone-acetaminophen (5mg). I took half of a pill every 4 hours. Didn’t sleep that well that night due to enlarged uvula (felt like i was choking on it).

    Day 2
    Woke up and had some trouble swallowing. Uvula was very enlarged. Ate a pudding cup, got a shower, and then ate a bowl of chicken noodle soup. Started taking the full 5mg pill every 3 hours which helped a lot along with a senna-laxative pill. Took a nap and ate mashed potatoes with gravy when i woke up. Continues to drink water and blue Powerade. I tried eating scrambled eggs for dinner but they tasted bland. I was starting to get sick of the Powerade. Chewed minty gum to get the gross taste out of my mouth. I was able to eat canned peaches and little spoonfuls of peanut butter which made water more desirable. Towards the end of the night my left ear started ringing so i slept with a warm pack under my ears. Slept a lot better this night. I found that it is easier to sleep on a few pillows stacked up.

    Day 3
    Woke up the same as the day before. Tried to eat a pudding but couldn’t, ate canned peaches instead. Ate a pack of Ramen for lunch. Able to eat little Hershey’s chocolate bar for a different taste in my mouth. Today I mainly took my meds, slept, ate, repeat. I was able to eat a slice of cheese pizza for dinner (cut into small pieces and chewed very well of course) and ate 2 kosher dill spear pickles. Noticed some new white scans/sores form around my throat. Able to eat mashed potatoes with gravy and apple sauce before going to sleep. Slept well throughout the night.

    Day 4
    Woke up with slight burning in my throat. Still took meds with applesauce. Ate mashed potatoes and gravy and egg salad for lunch. Continued the pattern of meds, sleep, eat, repeat. Ate leftover pizza and ham and bean soup for dinner. Finally had a bowel movement this date!! (i thought i was never going to have one.) Throat pain was minimal throughout the day, but still took pain meds.

    Days 5 & 6 i was finally able to sleep through the whole night without waking up with pain and needing pain meds. Pain has been decreasing but my head and the back of my neck aches now. Able to swallow whole pain pill on day 6.
    Now i’m just waiting for my scabs to fall off.

    **my best friends throughout this recovery:
    -SOUP!! (chicken noodle, Ramen, ham & bean) they were tolerable to eat and kept my mouth moist during eating so it was easier to swallow. Nothing too creamy.
    -Applesauce. I found it very easy to take my meds by crushing up my pills and putting them in applesauce.
    -Powerade & apple juice.
    -Any type of laxative. I got a little constipated from the meds & applesauce.
    -Mint gum. The sugary snacks got old fast and I would have a gross taste in my mouth so i would chew mint gum. Helped with the awful taste plus kept my throat moist and helped with ear pain.

  107. If you see fresh blood, call the hospital! I had a bleed on day 4 and again on day 6 (10mins of blood coming out my mouth before it slowed and stopped after chewing and spitting out ice chunks)
    Both times I went straight to hospital after it happened – even tho the bleeding had stopped – and was kept in for 24hrs obs.
    So glad I did because while i was on obs the second hospital admission, I had yet another bleed which didnt stop despite medical intervention! I was rushed back to theatre and it turned out to be an arterial bleed from the tonsil bed and ended up with stitches. So glad I was in hospital and able to be rushed to OR!
    Bleeding is an uncommon complication of a tonsillectomy and should be taken very seriously

  108. Hello! I’m 39 yo and on day 11 post op. I did good the first few days because I mostly slept. Then days 4-7 were ok not a ton of pain but not great. Day 7 was hard and very painful. Day 8-11 have been pure HELL! I have been throwing up foods when I eat. I can’t stand to drink anything because it abut kills me to swallow now. I should be forming scabs but the areas in the back of my throats are still moist and wet not drying at all. I work in a hospital and am supposed to go back to work at the end of this week and there is no way I can do that. I can’t keep my fever below 99. I have already taken one round of antibiotics and still having problems. I have no energy and like I said over the last few days started throwing up when I eat. I just do not understand how something so freaking small in your body can cause so much freaking pain. I had NATURAL CHILDBIRTH with my son and honestly, that hurt less than this!

    The pain is still terrible and drinking anything (hot or cold) hurts. I would think this much post op I should be feeling lots better instead of worse.

  109. I’m 35 and I am on day 6. I have been doing good to get down jello, applesauce and water. Everything else hurts. This is more miserable than I thought but I am praying once I am healed I don’t stay as sick. Any other advice?

    1. Cheryl, I’m on day 20. My first four days was a bear. I couldn’t eat drink or swallow. Finally got some apple juice down. Just hang in there it does get better. I’m 36. My throat still hurts a lil bit but not as bad. Just keep fluids going in. I’ve noticed it depend one the technique the doctor uses. Good luck on your recovery

  110. Hi, I’m day 3. I’m 38 years old 🙁 it’s a very hard operation to recover from. I’ve been keeping on top of my pain med’s and nothing I had could help the pain when having to swallow, even spit. Dont even try to sleep laying down, your neck just swells up and throbs. I have found an ice pack on your neck helps bring swelling down a lot ♡ I won’t lie, it’s not easy

  111. My son aged 4 , on the 3rd Jan, had his tonsils and adenoids removed and grommets inserted on the 30th of December ’16- so we are on day 10 are present.
    It’s been hard trying to get him to eat from day 3 to 8- at first he was fantastic! Today I thought we were turning a corner, eating, sleeping, happier but now complaining of pain and thought it might be the scabs, got to say that I was shocked at the look of them, the smell and his voice too 😦.

    I feel for you all and wish you all a speedy recovery.

  112. Hi everyone. I’m on day 13 of my recovery! Day 1-3 was my worst. Not being able to swallow, take meds, drink etc. on day for I finally was able to get a large mouthful of apple juice swished around and forced down. It hurt, but afterwards I felt so much better. I drink Gatorade, orange and lime. Lots and lots of jello. Day 5 I was able to get Mac n Cheese down! I had a lot of mucus coming up from day 1. Even at day 13 but not as bad. I’ve basically eaten cream of mushroom and chicken soups as well as mashed potatoes. I started mixing ramen noodles. My doctor suggested me to stay away from milk products. I’m 36 and it’s been a challenge but I wouldn’t done it differently. Hang in there it’s going get better. Hope this helps.

  113. When they start to fall off I found that warm liquids are way easier to swallow. Cold anything will bring a burning sensation directly on that new tissue and it hurts. Warm water or tea soothes the area.

  114. I’m on day 5. I’ve been eating cool chicken broth with soggy crackers and scrambled eggs, also oatmeal blended into bits and then cooked runny is alright. I stopped taking pain meds as I don’t think they are doing much good anymore but expect to need them again when the scabs start falling off. I’m 34.

  115. I’m 23 too and today is day 7, I was doing perfectly fine until last night . I went to eat some Mac n cheese and then the burning started . I’m not sure if this is normal or not . But I see the scabs are now falling off . I can’t eat anything now , or it stings so badly . Does anyone know how long this will last ? I think it’s already depressing that I can’t leave my house but now I’m so hungry and can’t eat :/

    1. Im 17 and had mine done on the 22nd. At about 9:00 tonight I had a small cough that I caused part of my scab to come off and it hurt a lot but after managing to get down some cold water and about 15 minutes later l was much better. My pain now is like a 2 and when the scab came off it was like an 8 or 9. I hope you feel better. As far as food goes just get down anything you can. Even if it’s only liquids, just try to drink things that have calories; vibe been drinking juice and Powerade. This way, even if you aren’t getting any food, you at least get some energy.

    2. Hi, Uche! I’m going through the same thing. I’m on day 9 and it still hurts very badly to swallow and eat. Last night, I had a scrambled egg mixed with rice and was able to get that down and had some jello after to try and soothe pain from eating. My brother told me you can go for a week without eating (if you had to) but just make sure you’re drinking lots of fluids. I’ve been drinking water, Gatorade, and Apple Juice.

      Thank you!

      1. I feel you Amyd05, it’s so frustrating not to be able to fully eat. I thought I was going to start crying yesterday eating some mashed potatoes . Did it hurt eating jello ? Lol that’s solid information to know . My go to is Powerade , I’m going to try some tea later . Wish me luck

        Thank you !


        1. I tried soup on day 6 and I find that I can’t eat hot food/liquids yet. Jello feels good but I was only able to really start eating it on day 5. Good luck!

  116. I’m 23 and I had my surgery on the 20th I’m currently on day 8. The first 4-5 days were painful! Talking to my doctors office they advised me to talk as much as possible and to make sure I ate and kept ice packs to help with the swelling. It may sound crazy but eat what ever you feel you may want (this is what I was told by my doctor) this is to help your body heal. This way your body is getting all the proper nutrients it needs. I kept ice packs under my neck to help with swelling and ate and drink lots of frozen drinks and Italian ice. I also ate whatever food I thought I wanted I just stayed away from spicy or salty foods it really hurts if you get salt or spice in it. Make sure you drink PLENTY OF WATER!

  117. I am on day 8 today and I am still in so much pain. Hardly any of my scabs have fallen off and my throat hurts so badly every time I swallow. Whenever I swallow, it also feels so sharp in the back of my throat (I’m guessing it’s scabs but I’m not sure). I’m still not able to eat a lot. I had some potatoes and rice last night because I was so hungry but swallowing is so painful that it’s so hard to force myself to eat. When I swallow, it feels like I’m swallowing shards of glass and razor blades.

    I’m drinking lots of water, and apple juice. I’m sucking on ice chips a lot. I’ve been taken as much pain meds and Motrin as I’m allowed to and even with all of that, I’m still in excruiating pain. Last night was the first night that I got a decent night’s rest.

    Can anyone recommend any tips/tricks for helping my throat to feel less painful when I swallow? I thought that by now (day 8), I would at least be feeling a little better.

    1. I use ice packs around my neck, around my ears & that helps. This morning I was in severe pain so I found some lemon cough drops – it didn’t burn so I went with it. I’ve also discovered today that hot tea with honey help & cold things hurt…
      Good luck!

      1. Thank you for info. I tried numbing cough drops (cepacol) last night and I didn’t find them to be helpful. I tried the ice pack today (I used ice packs on days 4, 5, 6) but when I used it today, I didn’t find it to be helpful. Thanks again!

    2. I’m 36 and on day 8 if you count surgery! I am eating mashed potatoes and Mac n cheese. I basicly for pain here’s what I do. I made some black tea decaffinated and put about a half of cup of sugar in it. Stir cool dramatically with ice. Place in fridge. Once it is cool I use a straw to put enough in my mouth to coat my throat then gorse it down to swallow. I take my pain meds consistently every 6 hrs. My scabs are still on and I hope they get better soon. I’ll keep you all posted. But that’s how I’m coping with the sore throats

    3. Salty foods actually will help it. It’s like having a cold sore on your tongue, if you swish Salty water around , it’ll help the inflammation to chill out a bit.
      I found the best way to help me for the whole day, is to drink some warm, NOT hot, chicken broth in the morning. It helps soothe the nightly aching and, for me, some of the oncoming day’s shit. I’m on day 8 or 9 now, myself…I feel okay, just keep drinking loads of water. I have loads of mucus too, and Apple juice, milk, and oj really seem to mix with the phlegm in my throat, so you might want to stay clear of those? Idk. Hope this helped some.

      1. Hi, I’m on day 3 with this surgery and I feel like nothing is working. I can kinda talk but not too much. Apple juice is burning the back of my throat so I stopped drinking it. I was drinking ensure but it seem to be a little too thick for me to drink. I’ve tried pudding but its too thick for me to swallow and I don’t know what else to do… I’m in tons of pain and the tynole and cod isn’t really doing much for me.. Can someone please tell me what else I can do? I’ve tried ice packs and slushies it all seems useless 😭😭 I’m 19 years old

    4. Please try a numbing chloraseptic spay. I was very nervous to try as I didnt want to cause more pain but it works well. I am on day 9 and in the next to last stage of scabs coming off. I also recommend lots and lots of water or tea, for a flavor change. I also started off with beef and chicken broth and pudding or jello and cool whip. Hope this helps. Ware almost there and I know I can not wait to eat a real meal and not have a sore throat. Good luck !
      I am 49 and live in South Carolina, USA

      1. Day 10 and I think the scabs are gone! I still have a lil pain on my left side. Still coughing up mucus and I still continue to take my pain meds and antibiotics like prescribed. I ate pancakes and scrambled eggs last night for the first time. It still rough at night but I’ll get there. I look back and glad I made the decision to do this. My right side was so enlarged it was blocking my air way. They also took part of my uvula as well. Lots of jello, and mashed potatoes. Tea decaf and Gatorade, Powerade, ensure . 36 yr old from Ohio. Hang in there it gets better

  118. I am 18 and had my tonsils removed on the 15th. I read so many horror stories and was absolutely terrified. I’m pretty much all healed and I have to say it wasn’t nearly as bad as I had thought it was going to be. The day of surgery and the first day post op I was perfectly fine, just had an extremely swollen uvula. My doctor gave me nausea meds while I was still under as well as a scopalimine patch that I kept on for three days after surgery. After the ansethia wore off on the second day, I felt somewhat sick, but it passed. The 3rd and 4th days were the worst, however not what I thought they were going to be. The ringing in my ears was my main source of pain but Tylenol seemed to do the trick. Overall my experience wasn’t half as bad as I had anticipated and I only needed my pain meds once on the 4th night. For the first 4 days I stuck to apple sauce and mashed potatoes. After that I could eat pasta and other various soft foods. One week post op I was fine, it felt like a sore throat from past tonsillitis experiences. My voice is a little nasaly and it does tire my throat out after I’ve talked for a while. I’m not sure if I have a high pain tolerance or I’m just used to having sore throats all the time that it just felt like one of those or maybe I was completely blessed with a simple recovery. I also do know that the technique of the procedure done can impact the recovery as well. I do advice to sleep upright until you feel safe not doing so and use a humidifier it makes all the difference! I also drank at least 5 water bottles each day and I think that made a huge impact on my recovery! I’m wishing everyone a safe and fast recovery!

  119. They really should warn us about the bleeding. I’ve never seen that much bright red, fresh blood come out of my mouth before. It was like a crime scene in my sink! Then I had to cough up the scab or clot and threw up, which was even more gross than the blood. I thought I was going to pass out from the pain after vomiting & I thought I would never get the taste of blood & vomit out of my throat. Holding ice water in my mouth did make the bleeding stop & my lidocaine spray stopped the temporary pain. All better now, but seriously thought I was dying a few hrs ago.

    1. My husband is on day 9 recovery. This scab/blood every where process just started for him. Didn’t get any warnings either. We ended up going to the hospital. Any tips to keep bleeding down you’ve tried. It has been bleeding on and off all day. Causing him to vomit as well isn’t helping.

  120. 40 years old, on day 5 after my tonsil removal. How the hell are y’all eating food? My throat & uvula are so swollen that I can barely get ice cream down. It took me an hour to eat 1 pancake & it hurt like hell after. My scabs seem to grow bigger everyday. I’m taking prescription pain meds liquid, a steroid pack pills (they are so tiny but still scares the hell out of me swallowing it), phenegran for nausea, & I started taking liquid Benadryl hoping it would help with the swelling. I’ve had the humidifier going so much that I’m waiting for my wood floor to buckle & an ice pack around my neck several hours a day. The pain has been pretty nonexistent until this morning. Last night, the pain started moving into my ears & now hurts constantly like a really bad ear ache with sore throat. I still can’t sleep sitting up because I choke on my uvula. All this & it’s still better than the horror stories I’ve heard from friends & family!

    1. Hi i am 41 years old i had tonsilecty the first to days were horrible.Couldnt swollow at all my ears hurt.After the next days i hurt but not as much.Day 7 came….i wad dying of lain everytime i swallowed…hope this pain goes aeay tomorrow.I cannot sleep try to drink lots of water but i hurt so much.Maybe the scabs are fellimg off,i cannot open my mouth to see it jurts to much.

  121. I am 22 and just got my tonsils out a week ago on Dec. 19th and the past couple days have been horrendous. I feel now as if there is something hanging in the back of my throat that just keepso bobbing back up when I swallow. Is this possibly a scab? The liquid pain meds have been horrible to me. They make my mouth dry, make me gag, and when I was really swollen it went straight up my nose instead of down my throat 🙁 I don’t know if this is normal… but I keep getting food caught in my pockets and other than sharp coughing, I am unsure how to get it out? I just really want this recovery to speed up and be over with… I am a college student and today (Christmas) was the first day I’ve been able to even get out of bed

    1. I’m 20 years old and just had my surgery on the 20th. I’ve been running a humidifier all the time espically when I sleep it helps my throat not to dry out as quick. Also try setting an alarm to remind you to take your medicine. I wake up every 3-4 hours in the middle of the night to drink water it helps alot. Also before I try eating I ice my neck/throat, the coldness feels good.

      1. I’ve been taking my pain meds religiously (as awful as they are, I’d rather take pills but my doc won’t let me) and spend almost all day and all night with an ice pack on my neck :/

        1. just got mine out the 21st Dec as well I’m 17. I carry around that ice pack like it’s my best friend. Do NOT mess with the scabs. That is what makes you bleed and have a trip to the ER. I couldn’t swallow my pain meds so they prescribed me a Lidocane and it saved me! I wish We knew about the nausea patch prior to having to make the 1st trip to the ER.. Xmas eve.due to severe Nausea and running out of liquid pain meds, due to the pharmacy not having enough on stock when they filled the script : /. . And my surgeon being on vacation — the on call DR. Told their answering service he could not help because I was not his patient ? I can say he is lucky he was not near my Mother…. 2nd trip to the ER on day 6 was due to dehydration, not being able to swallow too swollen too sore. THis is when I was given the Lidocane, and a script for it…. Now on day 6 I don’t know what is happening in there, but if feels as if the scabs are coming off. pain — definatly. Merry 🎄 CHristmas. NEw Years will be Better😘

    2. That’s your uvula bobbing around. I thought the same thing. Try using a syringe medicine dropper instead of a cup. A also use the syringe to lightly rinse my pockets after I eat, or put some water back there and let it sit & then spit. You have have to repeat a few times. I used a turkey baster last night – I had a noodle stuck & it wouldn’t budge. No swishing cause I’m afraid I’ll knock a scab off. Try an ice pack around your neck, by your ears, to help with the swelling. Ice water or ice coffee can help with swelling too.

  122. I am about to be 17 soon, and I had just got them out on Friday December 23rd and it totally sucks! Yesterday and the day I got them out I was completely fine basically. The doctors said I recovered so good at the hospital they said in their office they normally have the patients stay for about 2hrs – 2 1/2hrs after surgery I was out of there after about an hour and 1/2 because of my quick recovery response. However I feel like I’m just getting worse I’ve been waking up a lot more in the night. I’m allergic to hydrocodone so they gave me Tylenol with cod. In it, and I feel like I’m waking up because that wears off and it’s not keeping me to bed anymore. Yes it does hurt, but don’t let anyone scare you it’s bearable 🙂

  123. On day 9 here, and I’ve been reading a lot of different boards for help. I’ll be honest, I’ve been really bad at the eating thing until today. I’ve been doing my best to eat, but for me it had been extremely difficult. It seems like everybody is having different things that are working for them, so here are some extra things to try that I got from other boards that seem to be working for me.

    Around day 7 (which was the absolute worst for me so far) I switched up my meds a bit. Instead of doing the 15 ML every four hours, I did 5 every hour and a half to two hours. In actuality, it drastically cut down how much I was taking because I could actually take it when I felt like I needed it rather than having to wait, and I noticed I wasn’t taking it as much anymore.

    Also, I let go of the ice cold stuff around this time and switched to room temperature and warm (not hot) drinks. The ice was great the first week, now anything cold burns. If the cold is still working, stick with what works. But if you’re noticing the cold burning while the scabs are coming off, try something warm. It’s been soothing for me.

    I agree with not messing with the scabs, however, does anyone have any advice on how to dislodge them? I’ve got one hanging by a thread at the bottom of the tonsil bed and it’s hanging down my throat. It feels like I’m choking.

    Okay, to address a gross, but necessary topic. If you’re having trouble going to the bathroom because of your meds, try laying on a heating pad after taking some softeners. The softeners alone did nothing for me, but the addition of the heating pad did wonders.

  124. I’m coming onto day 6 now of recovery, I’m 23. It took a long time to get here, back on day 3 I was crying because I knew I had such a long road before any possible relief. The first day was okay painwise, but days 2-4 were THE worst for me. Constant pain, throbbing, and could not swallow. These days I struggled most to sleep, I’d fall asleep for about 15 minutes and wake up, rinse and repeat for hours on end. I also slept sitting upward on two pillows, or slanted up on one side carefully with my mouth facing up so my throat didn’t close. I also cannot really open my mouth as it hurts too much to. Moving my tongue hurts as well, and whenever I try eating this causes my mouth to swell even more. So eating takes me about an hour with breaks inbetween. Day 5 I had the most throbbing pain and it wouldn’t go away with pain meds. It’s all the way into my ears and jaw. Also at this point, cold temperatures are now painful. Only today have I started attempting to eat real food like chicken noodle soup, but it still gets stuck in my throat and hurts for about 15 minutes. I use an ice pack switching back and forth on both sides of my neck almost constantly. My pain meds make me nauseous so I have to use anti nausea pills and be careful with them, and I’m also slightly allergic so I have to take Benadryl. Don’t expect to talk at all, it hurts way too much. I would HIGHLY reccomend sleeping with an air humidifier, since it helps prevent dry throat from sleeping! And keep water near at all times. Also a mild laxative is a must, I haven’t pooped in 5 days. The first few days I compared the pain to my worst case of strep throat last year, but at this point, yes I’m in pain, but I’m also just super irritated at how dragged out this is and how old it’s getting. I’m stuck in this hell thats just on repeat and times moving slowly and ever slower while I suffer forever. Good luck to anyone going through this.

    1. I just got my tonsils out on the 19th so I’m on day 5. I also have the throbbing problem but I’m sick of how sleepy the hydro makes me. It also makes me nauseous. I wanna be able to enjoy Christmas with my family but I am in SO much pain. (I’m 15 years old) Is the pain any better for you now?

      1. I got my tonsils out on the 20th so you’re one day ahead of me. Im 16. The pain is the worst at night for me. Mainly the ear pain is what wakes me up in the middle of the night. I’m missing out on all of my families christmas celebrations and i just wanted you to know that youre not alone and we can get through this! No one around me understands the pain im going through and its so frustrating so it’s nice to come on here and see people who can relate.

      2. It’s much better now, I’m on day 11 and I woke up without throat pain! It’ll start slowly improving after day 6/7! When your scabs start falling off it’ll sting, so watch out for that, and then the ear pain will continue but throat pain just keeps getting better after day 6! Then about day 8 for me was when everything just kinda came together and I felt like myself. Hang in there! Also I discovered gargling salt water is great

      3. I tried responding to this but I think something happened? I feel so much better now, I’d say after day 7 it slowly improved, mainly with throat pain. Ear pain was bad for a While though, and then when the scabs come off it stings a bit. Day 9ish was like a complete turnaround for me and I felt almost normal! Hang in here. Also, start gargling with salt water! And drink warm water with honey!

  125. I’m 28 and just had mine out last friday. Which puts me on day 5 of recovery. Day one I came home and had Ramon noodles with cooked carrots and cream of chicken mixed. Day 2 I was eating bean burritos. Day 3 I ate pizza. Day four was a chicken sandwich from hardees. And tonight I had beef roast with green beans. I cannot eat popcicles or anything sugary it makes my saliva way to thick. Lots of ice water ate every bite… brush my teeth and tongue regularly. I can say it caused my ears to hurt a bit but nothing horrible. This experience for me wasn’t half as bad as what everyone made me think. I have only had 2 pills today for pain. Very excited to seen the difference once I’m all healed.

    1. I’m 19 and had mine out on the 16th so I’m on day 5 as well. The only pain reliever I take is children Motrin and Tylenol every 3 hours alternating. I didn’t have much pain as well, It gets worse when I first wake up and right after I eat. I was expecting to be rested up in bed not moving for weeks but on day 2 I wanted to go shopping! Today I ate Chick Fil A nuggets which I have to admit was kind of irritating to my throat but over all this wasn’t the worst pain I’ve ever experienced! Glad I’m not the only one!

  126. I’m 32 years old on day 7. I’m glad I had the surgery but I would not wish this for anyone. My mom said that I never had tonsillitis as a child.

    I have to say that water is my friend.

    Ice cold water to start with and later on room temperature.

    Eating a teaspoon of solid good quality deflavoured coconut oil kept in a fridge does wonders.

    I haven’t really slept when the scabs started to come off. It’s terrible to wake up with burning pain and knowing that drinking water is the only thing that will save you is truly a nightmare.

    Today I went to the doctor and he told me that all the scabs are off and that I am able to eat anything I want as long as it’s not to spicy.

    From day 1-4 I only ate apple puree and scrambled eggs. The apple puree at least taste kind of good and very easy to swallow.

    Later on I added watermelon and papaya. Both tasty and easy to swallow.

    At day 5 I started feeling a little braver and I was really hungry. Real soft bread with butter and syrup. Removing the crust.
    I found that bread and baked goods has a tendency to get stuck in the back of my teeth. Very painful to get out.

    I then started eating raw carrots. It works beautifully. It’s rough enough to get the scabs off as well as easy to swallow. Also takes that foul taste from my mouth. 🙂

    I’m still eating apple puree. It is my comfort food.

    I really hope to get some sleep tonight. I’m still hiding away from every one as it is very difficult and painful to talk and people start feeling offended if you don’t say anything to them when they are trying to make conversation with you. 🙁

    The basics of my tongue is still very sensitive. I really hope that it would get better soon.

    My plan is to start eating normally as soon as I can move my tongue freely without too much discomfort.

    Good luck to anyone who takes this challenge on.

    Every day is different and has its own surprises.

  127. I am a 29 yr male. I had swollen tonsils, always felt like there was a lump in my throat all the time, i would get nauseous often, was constantly fighting bad taste/ morning breath, tonsill stones, etc. So I went to the ENT doctor, he took one look and said “you have cryptic tonsils, I’ll definitely remove them.”

    Today I am on day 5 of tonsillectomy recovery. Pain and slinging m swelling has decreased significantly. Not looking forward to scabs falling off. I read up online and followed doctors orders. Here’s my advice, what has worked for me so far and what didn’t.

    1. Avoid or at least drastically limit dairy (cheese,milk,yogurt,pudding,ice-cream) and excessive sugars. Both will very quickly thicken your mucous which makes swallowing a challenge. You’ll want stuff to go down as smoothly as possible.

    2. Take your pain medication as directed and on time. Not early and not late. Your body will adjust to the accurately timed routine. SKipping a pill you’ll probably regret it, pain. Take an extra and you’ll probably feel sick, elevated body temp, nauseous, headache, this is last thing you want to feel is any worse. After surgery I was given a pill at 1440 and given a prescription for 5mg Percocet. I took those every four hours on the dot… 18:40, 22:40, 02:40, 06:40, 10:40, 14:40 every day. If you skip a pill or take an extra or take it late or early you will throw off your bodies adjustment. Strictly adhere to the prescription. Also i have found this advice especially useful, it’s counterintuitive, but when you go to swallow the pill, look down and lift your head up as you swallow. It’s a good trick that makes it go down easy.

    3. Drink water. Ice cold water. Lots of water, constantly. Little sips. But lots of little sips. I have been drinking about a gallon per day this way. I therefore have not experienced dry scabs because of this, and that’s because I don’t want to. And I swallow my saliva, I’m not spitting. Fluid retention and throat moistening is the goal. I just sip and swallow through the pain. The pain eventually goes away. The more and more often you swallow, the more tolerance you build up and less pain you feel. At night i try to wakeup and take sips and swallow as much as I can so that im not spending an extended amount of time allowing my scabs to dry and lose out progress on swallowing tolerance and endurance.

    4. Best foods for me were soups and canned chef boyrdee pastas. Even on day one. Cream of celery. Cream of potato. (Use water, not milk). Chicken noodle. Spaghettios with or without meatballs (I chose with because I’m a carnivor). Beefaroni. Spaghetti. Frozen meals like tuna casserole. Soft bread and butter. Oyster crackers softened in soup. Oatmeal and I add bananas and brown sugar (not too much). Coffee is good, no problems, had both hot (on day 5) and iced (earlier days). Iced tea (supposedly has healing properties). Stuff like Popsicles, jello, etc were not as good for me as they thickened my mucous and made me feel kinda sick, I still snack on those but those are not my primary meal options like some other people have said.

    5. This one is a real life saver. If you feel like reaching for another pill skip that and try this. It’s a natural analgesic with antibacterial and immune system stimulating effects. And do this daily, regardless of whether you need to, you’ll heal faster and less painfully. Put about 3-4 tbls of pure (lightly filtered) honey (I use Ambrosia raw and gently filtered pure honey) in about 4oz water. Microwave on high for 30 secones and sip on that. No mucous problems experienced. Follow up with pure ice-cold water.

    6. Get as much rest as possible. But don’t sleep continuously without waking up to take drinks. Sleep somewhat elevated on two pillows. It helps. I’m normally a side sleeper. But this week I’ve been sleeping on my back on two staggered pillows ( bottom pillow for shoulders, top pillow for head). Don’t walk around too much or talk vocally at all. If you go to the store (walmart) almost everyday with your girlfriend to get out of the house like I did, take an electric cart, there’s no shame. I walked around one day and my throat swelled up and i felt really sick, probably from elevated blood pressure. Take it easy. Take my advice.

    7. Arm & Hammer simply saline nasal mist is excellent way to keep your nose and upper airway moist and help loosen up thickened mucous. I use this stuff often. No side effects. No burning.

    8. Gently gargle with warm salt water. Swish around mouth also.

    9. Brush teeth after meals.

    10. Ice pack on throat to reduce swelling.

    11. Take mini power naps when you can.

    12. Netflix and xbox one.

    Hope this helps someone.

    1. This is very similar to what I’ve been doing and are all excellent suggestions – I’ve mostly experienced discomfort rather than pain like a lot of the people complain of. The most surprising thing for me were the referred ear pain. But I would sleep very often thru the day when it was aching so I never suffered

  128. Hello Everyone,

    I am on day 5 of my surgery and i will say today and days 3 & 4 were the worse days of my life. i’ve never had so much pain. Since Day 2 my throat, chest, ears and ribcage have been in so much pain. But Day 4 my ears felt like someone had tried to pull out my ear drums with tweezers!! I had my tonsils taken out because i had tonsil stones that were the size of dimes and i was suffering from really bad nausea. Now that i got them taken out i feel like i should’ve just kept them! I haven’t been able to talk and every time i sleep i choke on my uvula. Pain meds aren’t helping too much either so i’m going to request something stronger. Cold foods and ice also burn my throat so i think i’m pretty much going to die lol. only thing i’ve been able to eat is jello so i’m just going to have to buy more of that. Good Luck everyone.

  129. Hi, this is my 7th day and I think the scabs are beginning to fall off. What happens after they fall off completely? I thought it was supposed to feel good after they fall off, but some things I have read seem to say the opposite. Also, when will my uvula stop being so swollen?!? I still can’t speak and I wasn’t prescribed steroids to help with it.

  130. I’m on day 10 and still a lot of scabbing and pain. I has my tonsils done, my uvula, and palette reshaped. The pallete hurts the worst. I’m still barely getting food down and my doctor says see you Wednesday??? I’ve had liquid backlogging into my throat and anything ice cold hurts like Heck!! Way worse the I thought it would be.all research I’ve seen says two to three weeks recovery yet I’m expecting back to normal Monday. All the wanted to give me was liquid Motrin. But I finally got Percocet 5 in PILLS! THIS seems it shouldn’t still be an 8/9 on pain scale? Help???????

    1. Wow I’m 5 days behind you.exactly the same thing. I stop taking the oxi it block me up. Surgery on wed now its Sunday and I still haven’t pooped yet. For pain been using ibprophen. And it’s my bestfriend now. Tubes out tomorrow and then the process for the scabs.

  131. Had my tonsils removed October 19th, 2016 and I’m thinking why? It was necessary because I was always getting strep throat yearly, but the pain. OMG! I can remember asking the doctor to admit me and just give me pain meds in my I.V. Sounds silly, but I knew medication would get to me quick. When can I smoke?

  132. Hi.. today is my 5th day.. of my surgery 31 the others day were with a lot of pain but know. That I can’t talk because a horrible smell comes from my mouth. . Even when Imy breathing I can smell it… I don’t know what it is.. but it makes me want to throw up.. I don’t know what to expect no more . I’m scared. I can’t really eat.. hard time to drink too… I hope for this to get over soon..

  133. 35 years old with Tonsillectomy and Septoplasty done at same time one week ago. Waking up from Surgery was easy as can be with next to no pain. Discharged from hospital with liquid Vicodin around 3 hours later. That first day was extremely easy and I had no problem eating scrambled eggs, pudding, jello and bread with copious amounts of jelly. I also preferred drinking room temp liquids if possible. My easy recovery maintained itself through day 6 by following my physician’s care plan. I made sure to take my pain killers EVERY 4 hours even if the pain wasn’t too great. By doing so I was able to get out ahead of the waves of pain that came later. I continued to eat knowing that food and hydration will prevent more problems later. I also slept upright in a recliner.

    As I said before, all was good (even if a little painful) up through day 6. That night, my second where scabs were coming off, I had a hard cough and sent a chunk flying across the room. What followed was the spitting of clots for the next couple of minutes. As scary as it was, I made it a point to keep track of the bleeding by spitting all the blood into a measuring cup. Luckily it stopped rather quickly and the total blood loss was about 1/4 cup. I saw my doc immediately the next morning and he said he couldn’t see where the bleed was any longer. My nose was finally healed at this point too!

    By day 9 almost all of my scabs were off and all the pain was gone. I was able to eat and drink without discomfort or pain for the first time. Prior to this it always felt like my throat was on fire and I had to swallow twice to get anything down my throat. I think that I expected the worse case scenario and have been fortunate with the results. Good luck to the rest of you!

  134. Hello 38 years old and I am on day seven of my tonscillonom. Day 1 and 2 were a breeze but day 3,4,5 were hell the pain in my throat and ear had me in tears the majority of the time. I almost wish I would have never had the surgery because the pain is unbearable. I have never experienced pain like this ever before in life. The only thing I can eat is jello and sherbert. Been trying to eat crushed ice but that hurts just as bad. Can’t really swallow liquids so my intake is very little. Yesterday day 6 was a lil better than any othef day. Had pain but not as much took pain meds twice. Today is day 7 and I feel like I felt yesterday with less ear pain.

    1. I know the worst thing you can do is succumb to the pain and reduce fluid intake. Even if excruciating, it is vital you force yourself to drink about 8oz per hour when awake. Dehydration will not only cause fever but will hinder your healing as well as increase pain because of inflammation. DRINK, DRINK, DRINK! Keeping well hydrated allows your body to function optimally and is your best bet for a speedy recovery. Cold drinks help with restricting blood vessels and reducing inflammation on contact. Avoid warmer drinks because it encourages blood flow which isn’t good when your already at risk of bleeding at the site or when the scabs slough.

  135. I’m 34, and just had my tonsils removed 4 days ago. Day 1 post surgery, I was still out of it most of the day, but it seemed to take a long time for the day to go by, because I was in discomfort. Day 2 actually went well; I was able to eat yogurt and mashed potatoes, but later that day I got a fever, so after noon I was sleeping on and off most of the day. Day 3 (yesterday) I had a fever again, so I was eating on ice chips and Popsicles all day. I had some vegetable soup, but all I wanted was the broth, and ate some malt-O meal.
    Today is day 4, and right now I’m feeling somewhat okay; I’ve had to stop taking the Norco that I was prescribed because it gave me shortness of breath, so I take OTC Tylenol Extra Strength, and it works just fine.
    My goal is to stay hydrated with water, also, tea helps sooth my throat. I don’t really want foods right now, the smell of good food does it well for me so far LOL; I’m just going to stick to broths and ice for another few days.

  136. Hi, I am 45 years old and had a tonsillectomy seven days ago. This has been a much better experience than what I was expecting; however I did experience some pain and discomfort. My left side had no pain after day two, but my right ear was in continuous pain until day seven. The liquid pain meds, Hydrocordo/acetaminophen, tasted awful and burned my throat going down the first couple of days. The scab on my right side broke on day seven (today) and I am now pain free! My diet has consisted of jello, applesauce, sherbet, and Popsicles. I tried mashed potatoes and soup but they both made my stomach upset. I will continue on a soft diet for the next week while I’m waiting for my left scab to break.

    1. Hi vericonica, im violet im 44 n i just had tonsillectomy 4 days ago. My recovery was not so nice as i was still quite sedated after coming out n the nausea got the best of me for 5 hrs. Everytime i woke up to sit up i felt like i was gana be sick it was so horrible but the gave me anti nausea drugs in the end i came right after that. Could only eat ice cream dat night. Woke up every few hours thursday morning, had porridge, bread, apricots n coffee for brekkie. They let me come home. Am now resting up n just going thru what everybody else is, im on paracetamol, ibruprofen tylenol, throat spray but i feel like something is missing.

  137. I am 18 and I am day 8 of my recovery. I have never been in this much agony in my life. Days 1-4 were ok, I was able to munch on ice pops and rice pudding and soft potato rolls. I was prescribed Tylenol with codeine for after my surgery, but on day 5 I woke up vomiting terribly. I felt my scabs touch the very back of my tongue each time I heaved. That was hell. For the rest of the day I had nothing but a Popsicle. I stopped taking the codeine but normal tylenol does nothing to help my pain. I have pain in my throat as well as my teeth and ears. I also have a lymph node lump under my arm from surgery. I am full of mucous and I spit up phlegm every minute and that is not an exaggeration. I pulled a muscle in my stomach from how often I spit up. I am having diarrhea from the immense amount of pain and stress I am in. I am allowed to have Motrin once a day because it is a blood thinner and that is my only slight relief from the pain. The most I’ve slept in the past 4 days was 45 minutes. Every time I wake up I have a dry throat and excruciating pain. It’s almost not worth sleeping at all. Because of the lack of sleep and immense pain I have been going insane. I rock back and forth for hours. I hit and punch things and hear things that aren’t there. If someone came into my room with a gun I would beg them to shoot me. The stage I am currently in is the scabs are starting to come off. This hurts more than any of the throat pain I’ve had in the past 7 days. If I could go back, I wouldn’t have this surgery. The infected giant tonsils and getting sick constantly sucked, but not to a point that I was thinking about death like I am now.

    1. Hi Danielle. I’m 19 and I’m on my 7th day of recovery. I have had the worst experience with my tonsillectomy. The 2nd day I was puking. I spit up very thick saliva/mucus every minute. My ear pain is so bad. I’m constantly taking hot showers or putting a heating pad over my ears. I think it feels good. I can sleep, but not for very long. About and hour or so at a time. I wake up and my throat hurts worse. I have lost 10 pounds since surgery. It hurts terribly bad just to try to swallow water. I’ve had only Popsicles to eat, but not recently because of my ear pain. I don’t know what my scabs look like because I can’t get my mouth open. It hurts too bad to try to put my tongue down. This is the worst pain I have ever been in. I’m miserable. I wish I would have never got them taken out. I’ve had thoughts that I’d rather be dead too. Hopefully you’re okay now & hopefully it won’t take me long to recover. Thanks for sharing.

      1. Have you tried ear drops? My ear pain was causing unbearable headaches so I bought some ear drops and have finally been able to get relief.

        1. Its my 4 day since i had my tonsils out n im starting to get sore ears. I hv an infection in my left ear im just using a hottty for now it seems to help

  138. Hi! I’m 25 years old and I am on day 5 of my recovery on day 4 I developed thrush and was given a liquid ” swish and swallow” to do 4 times a day for 10 days. I stopped taking the pin medication on the 3rd day it was making me sick and I even threw up the anxiety that gave me was enough for me to push through the pain without any medicine. For the first 3 days I ate chicken broth with small bits of bread soaked in the broth and sherbet. Starting on the 4th day and today I was able to eat some cereal and small bits of chicken nuggets. I’m not in a tremendous amount of pain and aside from not being able to talk properly ( due to an insane amount of swelling) recovery isn’t as bad as I expected but I also didn’t expect to barely be able to open my mouth let alone speak. I think the scabs are slowly starting to come off but it’s such a disaster in my mouth I honestly have no idea!

  139. I am about a week after my tonsillectomy and I’m still not eating solid food, but I’m keeping hydrated with lots of water and a humidifier. As soon as I woke up after the surgery I felt fine, pretty great actually. The next day I was having trouble breathing and was unable to swallow due to my uvula being so swollen it was impeding my breathing and swallowing. My mom took me to the ER because she was afraid that I hadn’t drank anything all day or night. They gave me an IV and a shot of steroids in the butt for the dehydration and to stop the swelling. Overall not too bad. The following two days I tried to take the steroids and pain meds but I would frequently get them caught in throat and end up choking on them, so I stopped using them. Milk and ice cream cause too much mucus for me to handle but overall the pain isn’t terrible but all I’d really like in life right now is to eat a giant cheesy pizza from literally anywhere at all.

  140. I got my tonsils and adenoids out Wednesday with today being my 5th day. I went to the hospital terrified thinking of how awful the recovery will be but honestly its not as bad as I imagined. After the surgery I woke up in the recovery room crying in pain so the nurse gave me the strongest pain meds and an ice cold water. I fell back asleep after finishing my water and when I woke back up had another cup. The same thing happened again and the nurse kept asking if I wanted anything to eat but I was not hungry at all. Two hours after the surgery my mom and I left the hospital. My medicine made me very tired so I kept falling asleep and waking up with a dry mouth. I also had a nose surgery the same day so my nose is plugged and I have to breathe out my mouth causing it to get very dry. Throughout the night my mom woke me up for my pain meds and by the second day the pain was a little worse. All day long I would eat ice which helped a lot and I didn’t like being without it. I had to take these pills later on that my mom mashed up and tried mixing it with chicken broth. It was the nastiest thing ever and I wouldn’t swallow it so my mom tried mixing it in a milkshake but that wasn’t any better. Lucky for me the doctor said I didn’t have to take them. To get the gross taste out of my mouth I tried eating jello but after one bite I threw up. I haven’t had jello since. Moving on to my third day i wasn’t sleeping as much and the doctor told me every hour I had to walk around my house so I wouldn’t get blood clots. My mom bought watermelon to see if that was easy to eat and if you cut it into little pieces it really is good. My fourth day, or yesterday, I went to my dad’s house. I was talking a little more but not as much as I was today. He got me a smoothie from Dunkin Donuts but it was too thick and hard to swallow so I didn’t have a lot of that. Then he grinded up ice for me which was was really good. It tasted like snow pretty much, but not bad to eat. Then my sister bought me some mashed potatoes and I have never been more in love. That was the best thing I have ate since the surgery and I highly recommend buying it. Today the pain wasn’t too bad just when I woke up it was. I had some yogurt for breakfast which tasted really good but it was rich causing it to be hard to swallow. Then my sister bought me some ice cream which I had a few bites of but that as well was really hard to swallow because it was rich. Then later on I had some mac and cheese which I took little bites of but I managed to eat it all and it was pretty good. The best advice I can give is too take your pain medicine and don’t buy rich foods even if they are soft and seem easy to eat. A lot of people have been telling me to buy ice cream but it is just too difficult to eat. Mashed potatoes were defiantly my favorite and the watermelon was very good too. Also eating ice helps a lot and make sure to have ice cold water to stay hydrated.

  141. I’m having the most hell of my life guys. I stopped taking prescription medications because they did nothing for me. I just bought a lot of 32 oz Gatorades from Family Dollar and 200 Aleve tabs for $15. Even though I was told not to take Motrin, it helped better than the Hydrocodone/Acetaminophen or the Oxycodone/Acetaminophen they prescribed me. I like Aleve better though. I had my surgery on 6/2/16. My biggest complaints are uncontrolled excessive drooling and spit ups, pain and swelling, and tough swallowing. There were times I ate solid foods, jello, oatmeal, and cinnamon applesauce. I’ve made a couple of mistakes by drinking 100% cranberry juice from Ocean Spray. I know it’s the summertime and ACs are necessary but if you can get a Cool Mist Humidier, it could help with dry throat. If I could go back I would have never went through with this. To me, it’s not worth it. But I hated the tonsil stones and sore throats. I know so many have different experiences with tonsillectomy recovery, some good some bad. I wish everyone well and hope their recovery is faster than normal. God bless you guys.

  142. day 11 of my recovery….had a couple episodes of violent bleeding when some scabs came off..terrifying when that happens but talked to doc, gargled ice water, and after a few minutes of time it stopped. I did go to ER the first time as recommended by my doc, they only monitored though in case the bleeding did NOT stop and then they would’ve had to put be back under and re cauterized the area. Luckily I did not have to do that. Still have a lot of scabs to go but it is getting better.
    I have found that you must drink tons of water and stay away from anything that might cause dry mouth as that will make it worse.
    can not wait to get back to my normal routine and eating habits….really craving tacos!

    1. I can defiantly relate to what you said about being excited for a normal routine again. Even foods I hate look so yummy right now.

  143. I’m on day 6.5 and am going nuts from feeling the scabs touching the back of my tongue. To me that is the worst part, not the pain or lack of good food. I just want to pull them out of my mouth because I want to gag and the feeling is awful ! 😣
    I don’t see the end of the tunnel and mentally that is tough…

  144. Today is day day 11 for me post surgery and its gotten a tad worse pain wise. I feel like I have a scab on the right tonsil that is too sharp so its poking the adjacent wall where the tonsil was. I can see it protruding and the pain is there even when I am just sitting and doing nothing. Sometimes I feel like taking a tweezer and pulling it out -.- I stopped all painkillers around day 5 due to the constipation from the Vicodin. That was not fun. The worst is the loss of weight. I lost 10lbs because of this liquid diet and I am not a big guy so people notice it right away.

    The pain was manageable and I started eating solid food around day 8. The bad taste/smell from the scabs went away after day 9 for me. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel but not yet unfortunately.

  145. I am ending my day 5 and it has been horrible I think pieces of scab has fallen of and now in those areas even water stings like when you put alcohol on a cut but my tonsil beds actually look like those photos of day 10 and 11 combined except my uvula is still big .. Anything that can soothe the raw skin feeling in the back of throat it makes me cough sometimes I am scared of bleeding

  146. I’m on day 6 and after reading about everyone’s experience with scabs falling off I’m only concern with the amount of spitting, sleep and pain levels going down. I’ve taken the regular 4 to 6 hours regiment of prescription pain pills but haven’t slept for more than 15 minutes every few hours since. Are those related?

    And what about the spitting? Does anyone else spit about a mouth full every 15 minutes?

    1. im on day 8,on day 6 i was in extreme pain and went back to my doctor. He told me to throw out my spit cup, everytime you have spit in your mouth take a little sip of water and swallow it. He said the spit was filled with good stuff your body needs and spitting it our only means you have to drink more water! Don`t spit!

  147. Hi. I’m on day 12. So far so (very) good. It’s been a little painful to wake up a couple of mornings around day 6-11 because my throat was so dry. But at that point, it was also about 12 hours since I took my last painkiller (I didn’t bother taking painkillers in the night). All in all – I worried for nothing. Pain has been completely bearable. It hurts, yes!, but nothing like the horror stories I read everywhere on the internet.

    I promised myself to write about it if I made it out “alive” :p I was so horrified after all the stories I’ve read, and it really wasn’t all that bad. If your tonsils are bothering you, get em out! I can’t promise you your story will be the same as mine ofc, but I’m just saying that it isn’t necessarily “a pain far worse than childbirth”. Some people (like me) find the pain very manageable. I’m turning 26 next month btw.

    A few survival tips: Voltaren (diclofenac) had amazing effect on me. Without it, I could barely moist my mouth in the morning. With it I can eat and drink just fine. The difference is insane. Make sure you get a Voltaren-like painkiller after the surgery from your doctor/surgeon! (do not take any other painkiller than the ones you got from the doctor ofc! that’s dangerous)). So ask for it. I think it’s standard, but you never know.

    Andolex (mouthwash) also worked really well for me. Just gargle for ~1 minute before you eat, and you won’t feel much (together with the Voltaren). You can also use it in between Voltaren-dosages if the pain gets to the point where you can’t moist your throat. Just gargle for a minute, and you’ll at least be able to take a few sips of water here and there.

    Paracetamol+Codeine I used much more sparingly because the effect wasn’t really That big, plus I didn’t really Need that much of it on top of the Voltaren. But it’s a nice “filler” between the voltaren dosages if you feel the pain starting to return. I didn’t take nearly as much of this as I could, but it’s nice to know that there’s more pain-killing available if you should suddenly need it. I usually took about 1-2 pills of 500mg+30mg each day.

    I’m still not through though. Day 12. But it looks like 50% of the scabs are gone already, so I would think the worst is over for my part. It’s been quite an experience. Oh last tip: If you’re like me, you may actually get a minor congestion — the combination of little movement & dozens upon dozens of suppositories can make you a little .. congested. But a few doses with Duphalac (anti-congestion medicine) (thick yellow/transparent goo) mixed with whatever-you-like did the trick for me. The congestion actually had me worried more than the throat a couple of days haha.

    Even though the pain is manageable, I would urge you to have someone take care of you the first ~14 days. It really helps to have someone there who can help you and to talk to when the pain is bad.

  148. Hello I’m am 5 days post o.p an let me tell u this has been help i expected pain but not to this extent i can’t sleep eat or anything ended up back at er today on day 5 due to pain my doc was not the best an have me weak pain meds today after getting hydromorpine I was able to make homeade chicken soup two hole chicken legs an some carrots went down fairly smooth.. Although my throat was infected the antibiotics could be why the pain isn’t so bad but the first an second day was not to bad just the sleeping part I had to get up every 30 mins to sip water if not the pain was unbearable. Few times I woke up crying due to pain .. The only thing I can say is super ice cold water has helped .. An gragling with warm salt water also it feels like its never gonna get better at least for me anyway but I seen the light ..u have to just push through it an find what medicine works for u

  149. Well its now been exactly one week since my tonsillectomy and the scabs have started to fall off. This does leave a nasty burning sensation in your mouth and swallowing feels like broken glass running down, however this is no where near as bad as I was expecting and more than manageable, especially with strong pain killers. The worst thing for me has definitely been the taste in my mouth. From day one I have had a disgusting metal like taste in my mouth that gets worse when you try and eat. I say ‘try’ as that’s exactly what I did for 6 days, I couldn’t eat anything as it made me gag and heave (the sweeter the food the worse it tasted) I did drink plenty of water from day one although this still tasted horrible. I’m hoping this is going to end soon as the scabs are falling off and supposedly this is the time the bad taste goes away. Anyone thinking of having this procedure and debating it I would say do it. Yes you’ll have 7-10 bad days but surely better than have tonsillitis 6+ timrd a year like I was.

  150. Am just on day 5 post OP and really struggling with the pain. I have the same feeling of having food stuck somewhere back in the throat and it not wanting to dislodge. Guess it’s normal…

  151. I’m on day 10 now, I’m guessing scabs are falling off. Throat still hurts but it’s more managable. Sort of like an unpleasant sore throat from a cold or something. Only issue I’m having is eating. I keep getting stuff stuck in my throat. It’s like it won’t swallow down. I end up having to rinse out my throat with a salt/baking soda water mix in order to get it out. Has this been a problem for anyone else? Does it get better?

  152. hey there

    im on day 7 post op. today some of my scabs started to fall out. this is a disgusting process, but when they start to fall i can already feel most of the pain going away. the worst days for me so far have been day 4 and 5. i have been able to move freely, and am going back to class/work tomorrow. im on hydrocodone 7.5. im on my second round. my best advice is too keep a positive attitude. im 22 years old and yes this recovery has been very painful, and its only worse with a bad attitude (i can attest). ice cream sucks, stick to slurpees, popsicles, and sonic slushes. the worst part about the recovery for me has been the scabs falling off, not because it hurts! but because its literally disgusting. bleeding is common so dont be surprised, i hacked up a blood clot yesterday and was able to play poker with friends and family a few hours later. i wouldnt reccomend this surgery to anyone over age 30, because im 22 and its definitely the most painful process ive ever physically gone through. and yes the scabs falling out will make you throw up. good luck to anyone considering this prcedure!

  153. I’ve been really lucky. I had my tonsillectomy on 8/18/15 and I was fine from day one. I was able to walk, I didn’t feel drugged, and ate as soon as I got home. The next day I did throw up, but most likely because I took my pain meds before eating something. That night I had spaghetti for dinner. The next day I had chicken for dinner, and the night after that I had steak. I stopped taking my pain meds after 5 days. It’s been a little more than 3 weeks and I’m eating just fine, but sweet things taste more salty now (a common side effect that should go away within a few weeks to a few months).

    My suggestion to anyone getting their tonsils out: DRINK WATER!!! I woke up every hour and drank a few gulps of water. I had a humidifier going at all times. IB Profen is your friend. If you take this with the prescribed pain meds you should have no problems. I slept in my recliner because I sleep best at an incline. I got honey-lemon chloroseptic and lots of honey-lemon cough drops. DO NOT EAT ICE CREAM. Eat ice pops instead. I walked every day, just inside the store on day one and two, but on day three I went to a museum. After that I walked at least 3 to 4 miles a day, always drinking water every 30 minutes, even if I was not thirsty.

    The only time I was in pain was while I was eating. I do suggest chewing until it feels like the food is a liquid. This will feel like forever with each bite, but it’s worth it. Stay away from anything briny (pickles, sauerkraut, etc) and do not eat fruit at all. I made this mistake and it felt like acid boring a hole through my throat. Water, IB Profen, and time (about 3 minutes) made everything better.

    I hope my tips help someone else have a wonderfully successful recovery from their tonsillectomy.

  154. I am almost 46 years old and have had to take antibiotics for “tonsillitis” ( quotes because I don’t think I have ever tested positive for strep) at least 3 times a year for the last 20 years or more, and I am on my 4rth round this year alone. The solution seems to be a tonsilectomy – my quality of life is so poor that I am unable to work – however I am very apprehensive especially after reading all of your comments; this apprehensive is coupled with the fact that I have been on long time pain management and have a huge tolerance to pain meds. I have been on suboxone for 2 years and though I have had other surgeries and had to switch to regular pain meds – my ENT is giving me liquid 7.5 hydrocodone for post up and I am very worried that this will not be strong enough to control my pain and I have a very low tolerance for pain. All that being said my questions are these: will this procedure make my life better and does anyone have thoughts on the pain med?
    Any and all thoughts are appreciated as the surgery is scheduled in a week and a half – thanks ahead of time….. Cynthia

    1. I am post op day 7. My scabs have not yet fallen off. With the amount of pain I’m in, and it’s supposedly going to get worse, my advice is DONT DO IT! I’m not sure it’s worth all of this agony and frustration. 2 Vicodin every 4 hours is barely affecting this war zone n my throat. I want nothing to do with swallowing food nor does anything taste other than metal. Even ice cream is crap. If you knew me you would be shocked. I love food! Also, to anyone else reading this, 10 days off work is a MINIMAL AMOUNT to take off work. I recommend 2 weeks at least.

    2. I recommend gargling with 1/2 water and 1/2 peroxide a couple times per day. This cleans out the bacteria in your tonsils. I’m 34 and just had a tonsillectomy,, no fun,, but for me I know in a few weeks it’ll all have been worth it.

  155. Day 5 was the worst. I had gone three days without eating or drinking which landed me in the ER getting IV fluids. I left with a new pain medication and feel great. I am now on day 7! I am eating (a little) and drinking fluids with hardly any complication. Reading these posts though are scaring me that it’s going to get worse again…

  156. Today is day 7 for me. I have been waking up several times for the past few nights with pain. When will the scabs come off? And will I know when they come off? When does the pain stop. The pain just doesn’t seem to go away 🙁

  157. Day 8 and still in so much pain but now it is not only my throat but my left ear as well. It seems the pain has decided to just be on the left side. This earache is worse than the entire experience so far. Anybody else having this type of experience? Not looking forward to the next week.

    1. Hi Nina, Sorry you’re having a rough time. Ear pain is very common after tonsillectomy. Try chewing gum or placing a warm compress on the area. Hang in there! Things will improve soon!!

    2. I’m on day 5 of recovery and both of my ears have been killing from day one! It feels like the worst ear infection of my life, and when they hurt, it’s worse than my throat. However a heat pillow on my ear really soothes it! I also have been eating hardly anything. I’m not hungry and can’t stand the pain.

      1. Im 23 and I had my surgery on July 11th on day 5 (day 6 of post op) and my right ear won’t stop hurting and my right side of my throat. I woke up in a lot of pain but as the day goes on I’m finding some relief. I had to switch from the strong drugs the doctor gave me because it made me feel really sick and not have a BM. I switched to children’s Tylenol (15ml tho). On day 4 I switched to the gel adult Tylenol which seemed to help the pain a little more. Yesterday I ate some French toast and pizza rolls which went down fine and I thought I was making huge progress until I woke up this morning. My ear is on fire and it feels like I’m swallowing glass. I hope I feel better soon because this pain is bad and I want to enjoy my summer.

  158. Holy crap I cannot express how much pain I am in right now and I’m day 8 of recovery. The last two days have been particularly awful – worse than the others – I think because the scabs are coming off. It hurts to drink water, and I just ate some mashed banana because I’m so hungry and it feels like shards of glass stabbing me at the back of my throat. I am still on heavy painkillers but they just take the edge off. I’ve got a pretty high pain tolerance and have had a few operations in the past (caesarian, gallbladder removal, wisdom teeth removal), but SH%# this hurts and possibly trumps them all.

    1. Hi ! 27 year old female here. Got mine out the 1st of August. Day 2 I threw up. As you can imagine it was excruciating. Day 5/6 have been absolutely horrible. I ran out of pain medicine day 4 but thankfully they gave me a refill. My ears starting to hurt on day 5 and now on day 6 they hurt constantly. I can’t eat solid food still even if I chew my bites up very well. I’ve learned mashed potatoes and gravy mixed with extra milk is surprisingly satisfying, since I can only eat broth, ice creme, pudding, and jello so far. Enjoy your first few days they are probably the best! Tip: I asked the doc to call me in a nausea Meds and even though I did actually throw up in day 2 I feel like they have helped. Best of luck to everyone !

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