Tonsillectomy Recovery Time | How long does it take?


How long does it take to recover after tonsillectomy?

Tonsillectomy recovery time is unique for each patient. The recovery timeline for children is much shorter than for adults, with seemingly less pain. My own eight year old son was back to his old self in less than a week after his tonsils taken out. This may have fanned the flames of my unreasonable expectations of my own  recovery time as an adult. His was fairly typical of a child his age. Children’s bodies heal faster than adults’ do.

Tonsillectomy Recovery Time

What to expect after tonsil surgery

The timeline for recovery for an adult is a different story. Age matters. In fact, it appears that the older an adult is at the time of their tonsillectomy, the longer the recovery is, in general. Based on my own adult tonsillectomy recovery, and the stories of thousands of my readers, I’d put the average adult tonsillectomy recovery time at approximately 10.43 days. Yes, I’m that good!
Humor aside, ten days seems to be pretty typical. I added the .43 because so many people, myself included, thought they had it licked and went back to work around day ten, only to find they weren’t quite ready. As scabs slough off in second week of recovery, many adults experience a bit of a pain relapse, just as they thought they were almost recovered. This is a really tough period for many. They’ve spent almost two weeks with minimal sleep, minimal nourishment, minimal activity, and lots of pain medicine. It can be downright depressing for adults recovering in this second week.

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I do hear from many adults whose recovery times are closer to a week – perhaps due to my good advice, perhaps due to genetics. It’s hard to say why some adults’ recovery timelines are shorter, and their experiences less traumatic. There are also cases that drag out further. If you’re one of a small minority that requires re-cauterization for bleeding, or don’t take the proper precautions, (many of these are outlined here and in my book), your tonsillectomy recovery time may be as much as three or four weeks. I want to make an important point here- one that I cannot overemphasis: Stay hydrated! Keep drinking fluids! Dehydration is the worst enemy of the tonsillectomy patient.

My advice: ask your employer, your family, your friends, and the rest of the world to give you two weeks for your adult tonsillectomy. You may surprise them, hopefully for the better.

tonsillectomy recovery timeRecovery is unique to each individual- sure.  We know that recovery time for adults is longer, and maybe harder, than for children. I remember my own son bouncing back in less than a week! My own experience taught me that ten days off from a job that required lots of talking was a bit light.  I generally advise two weeks.  As I’ve said, most employers will let you come back early.  That’s easier than asking for more time after the fact. I’ve read the accounts of thousands of tonsillectomy patients- most of them adults. I’ve learned that the time required varies. I wonder though, how many tonsillectomy patients never really post about their experience.
Are you one of those quiet ones lying in the weeds? I’d like to get a better feel for the average adult tonsillectomy recovery time. Please take a moment and share your own experience in recovering from tonsillectomy surgery. You can help us all!I’ve put together a collection of items that I think would be helpful, if not essential, to making tonsillectomy recovery a little more pleasant. Check out the
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-Greg Tooke 

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  1. I’m currently Day 5 post tonsillectomy and it feels like this will never end! I really was not prepared for the level of pain I’ve experienced

  2. Hi, I am 42 years old and get strep every three months or so . I am contemplating on wether I should get the surgery or not? Any thoughts? Thanks !

  3. I’m almost twenty and got my tonsils and adenoids out ten days ago. The pain has been terrible. I had a twelve level spinal fusion a year ago and this recovery is significantly worse- I’d rather have back surgery again. It’s emotionally draining being up every four hours for pain meds (keep up with them though!!) and being hungry and unable to eat. Drinking and eating ate so tough too but it is important to do both. I had done a lot of research on recovery so when at 11pm Wednesday night I spit up some blood I knew something was wrong and a bigger bleed was coming. I was right. At 3am blood started pouring out of my mouth in clots. After about twenty minutes and a filled sink later I got it to stop with ice water. We called the doctor in the morning and I came in. He couldn’t tell where the bleeding was from so he had me gargle ice water and the bleed started again. There was so much blood. I clogged their sink, it was on the walls, the ground, and quickly filling a bowl they had in front of me as they gave me four shots in my throats (OUCH) and tried to cautherize with a long, burn t, wooden match looking thing. It stopped briefly but I was immediately brought to surgery and they found a hole in my throat which they stitched up and they cauterized an artery and pumped my stomach because there was so much blood in it. Surprisingly, I feel so much better today. I couldn’t talk before it or really eat. One day post op and I am eating and talking almost normal. Terrible process but hopefully will be worth it. Know that if you have a small bleed a bigger one is probably coming and call your doctor as soon as you can.

  4. Hey! I’m 19 years old. Got my tonsils removed July 18th. 12 days post op & this is just a little bit of my experience. I was okay after my surgery I was in pain but I slept the whole day and it went on up until my 3rd day. That’s when the pain really kicked in and lasted till my 7th day. I got pneumonia after my surgery which I didn’t quite understand how. I was back & forth to the hospital all because I couldn’t swallow any types of fluids or meds. My meds would go up my nose and burn so much. After 8 days, I started feeling a little better and my scabs were coming off. I’ve lost 20 pounds after my surgery. I still haven’t been eating. Even soft foods just because I hate the discomfort feeling of a sore throat. That’s what my throat feels like right now. Every time I would swallow liquids or even my own saliva, I felt like there was a scab stabbing my throat but my ENT said there was nothing there and it should start to heal within a few days. That started around day 7. It might just be a cut at the very end of my tongue which I can’t see. The pain is still there but it’s basically almost gone. I ate watermelon yesterday for the first time and it was amazing! The sore throat feeling is super annoying but I’m hoping that it’s just gone within the next two days! Just remember guys, the pain is always going to get worse before it gets better. STAY AWAY FROM DAIRY ! My biggest mistake and I didn’t even have my adenoids taken out. I had so much flems and when I was having so much ear pain it was the worst trying to spit or swallow my flems. Stay hydrated and keep up w the meds. I was given hydrocodone to take every 4 hours but I took it every 3 hours because I don’t tolerate pain very well. Switch off with some children tylonel as well so the stronger meds don’t make you feel nauseous and all types of ways!

  5. 19yo female, day ten of recovery and the pain is starting to ease up but still frustratingly sore, days 5-8 were absolute hell, at one point breaking down in tears/ drooling while my boyfriend rushed to get me endone (OxyContin/ percocet). This is all from someone who generally handles pain quite well – having my severed thumb sewn back up without anaesthetic was preferable to the second week of tonsillectomy recovery.

  6. I’m 30yrs female, day 7 post op and been on higher painkillers than what the hospital gave me after visiting my GP and I feel absolutely shocking. My ears are in such agony I wondering why did I get this done. Is there anything anyone can advise to help ease the pain? Ibuprofen, codiene do not seem to be doing the trick at all.

  7. I’m a 43 year old female on day 13 post op. I am still in pain both throat and ear. I’m taking regular painkillers also. Not all of my scabs have come off yet. Is this normal? Don’t want to bother the gp unless necessary. Also due back at work on Monday as a teacher. Use my voice all day!! Is this wise?

  8. I am 28 years old, currently on day 13 post op and still experiencing unbearable pain in my throat and ear ache so painful, it feels like my ears are going to burst . I have been taking my pain meds as prescribed by my ENT specialist, however they do not last long and the pain comes back worse, even though it’s not time to take the next set of pain meds. Is this normal?

    1. 26 year old female and currently on 7th day post operation – the pain has steadily increased since day 2 with days 4-7 (so far) making me say ‘surely it can’t be worse than this tomorrow’ each day…oh but it can. I have pain in my ears and the pain upon swallowing is only outdone by the pain when the scabs start to fall (which happened on day 5) – if anyone can tell me quite why this is so excruciating i would be keen to find out! I had a (fairly minor) bleed on day 6, which has made me paranoid as it initially looked terrible but ice water did the trick…happened after a nap so now I’m even more terrified of both sleeping and bleeding – hooray. I ate properly initially (UK docs advice) but am reducing to jelly and ice pops for the last few days.

      When will this fresh hell end? If anyone can tell me when the light at the end of the tunnel is going to appear it would be so welcome right now!!

  9. I’m 46yrs old and had my tonsillectomy on May 2nd (1 1/2 months almost) and am still feeling the effects a bit much from my surgery. Mostly its my soft palate area that feels extremely inflamed or feel like it has dropped because everytime I swallow I can feel it, which is so horribly uncomfortable & sometimes even painful at the same time. I asked my ENT about this the last time I visited him a week ago and he said the skin at the roof of my mouth has stretched due to my tonsils being removed and he showed me clearly how my uvula has pulled up much higher as a result of my upper mouth skin stretching (I plainly asked him earlier that visit did he remove my uvula because it was so short now and he said no and showed me in a mirror why my uvula was so short now as a result of the stretched skin at the top of my mouth). So now it looks like I have a nub of a uvula there, and the top of my mouth where my soft palate is feels inflamed & extremely uncomfortable on a daily, and makes it extremely difficult for me to eat even soft foods, so I’m still on eggs and mushed potatoes diet, and high calorie count ice cream since I can’t eat much and am either still losing weight or finding it hard to hold the 127 lbs I’m now at. Every other day or so my right side where my tonsil once was & my throat still causes me pain from time to time on top of this horrible soft palate issue I’m wrestling with on a daily. My ENT said all of this stuff I’m still experiencing is normal for patients my age and that it sometimes takes longer to heal for ppl my age, but says it will get better over time. I, like a few others, have fallen into a depression as a result of waking up like this every day, thinking I’m now just stuck like this and have a hard time seeing any light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve searched around to see if anyone else experiences these issues with their soft palate area & swallowing difficulty. I try to keep my faith up by listening to Dr. Charles Stanley and reading the Bible but its really really hard dealing with this on a daily. I really hope no one has to experience this like I am.

  10. 24 year-old female typing this as I finish up day 2 post-op. (Surgery was morning of May 31)/ I barely had any pain after surgery, maybe a 2/10. I was shocked, because I expected much worse. That same evening the pain increased a bit, but not too badly. Day two (today) I was fine all day, and over the past two hours or so the pain has gotten to be much worse. I’m absolutely terrified of the dreaded day 4. I’m hoping for a speedy recovery. I’ve noticed I see okay during the day and much worse at night. Trying to force fluids and rest! Good luck to everyone else healing!

    1. Hi I’m Day 7 post op, how are you now? I feel the same get ok during day and during night after 3ish I’m in severe agony.

  11. I am 19 years old and on day 9 post op. This is probably the worst pain I have experienced. My doctor told me this would be a terrible recovery and he was absolutely right! I was able to eat ice cream, apple sauce, and eggs on days 5-7 but starting today I can’t even drink a sip of water due to really bad burning at the back of my throat. Every time I try to drink or eat I feel the burning. I was told that the burning should get better soon, but that has been the toughest part.

  12. I had my tonsillectomy on May 18. At end of week one the pain was manageable. Today, May 28, the pain is worse! My situation was further complicated by my ENT doing cauterization of my sinus turbonates at the same time. So, I can’t breathe out of my nose, only through my mouth, further drying out my throat and causing pain. My post-op visit is May 31. Hopefully the next three days will show improvement.

  13. My surgery was last Monday evening 21st may And I’m now on Sunday 27th may so 6 days later or 7 if you include the day of the op.
    Yesterday was absolutely awful and today is not much better. Prior to that i was managing ok. I’m dreading this pain continues for the next few days. It really is horrendous. Everyone who had a tonsillectomy kept warning me and I kept thinking how cruel however now I realise they were trying to prepare me. Cried and threw up with the pain yesterday. Today I’m staying in bed.
    Good luck peeps. Will up date in a day or two when I start feeling better!!!

    1. 21 year old adult male here, had mine out on 21st too, so day 7 now. I’m fed up of the pain, some of the scabs have started to fall off but everything just stings to drink or eat. It’s just a contstant burning pain, and when I look at my throat it still feels like there’s miles to go it’s so spirit crushing. I just want to pain to stop and to have some normal food. I’ve barely eaten anything the entire week. I’m hoping that in 1 weeks time I will be fully healed.

  14. I’m 20 years old & i had my tonsils removed 8 days ago & i thought i was finally having a turn around but the pain today has really tender in my throat. I drink tons of water & try really hard to eat even with the pain, but I’m just wondering when is this gonna be over. It’s awful!!

  15. I’m 34 years old and on day7after op. I feel miserable I have ran out of pain meds. I survive on pain medication, cantr eat anything. hungry very hungery.

  16. Im on day 10 now and still utterly miserable. First thing in the morning is always the worst in terms of pain as ive been sleeping with my mouth open and its as dry as the Gobi Desert down there. Im 52 years old and i got them out in the hope it might help with my chronic snoring and sleep apnea….. before the op i was willing to try ANYTHING to help matters but now im having second thoughts….. Ive used up all the pain relief that the hospital gave me to take home with and just want it all to go away.

  17. I’m 46 years old and had surgery 20 days ago and still not 100%. scabs still in back of throat and the more I talk the more my throat hurts. Not to mention minimal bleeding if I try to hack up something due to allergies or dust from work. Still working on getting my voice back to what is was prior to needing this procedure. I’m told my healing is normal but was originally told 2-3 weeks for my age.

  18. I’m on day 16 and my throat still hurts. I get these really sharp stabbing pains on the left side of my throat. Does anyone else get those pains?

  19. 30 years old here. Had my tonsils out Thursday April 19, 2018. I was fine for the most part day 1 through day 5. Expected pain, couldn’t eat, couldn’t drink, all normal and healing well. Well day 5 I tried to eat a bit of soft cold food to help my energy levels. By that night I had a fever. Day 6 through 8 I dealt with the fever, saw the doctor early and everything was great but back to the liquid cold diet. Here I am on day 10 and I’m pretty sure I’m in the clear, fingers crossed. Worst day of pain for me was day 7, day 3 coming in second. Best advice, sleep and drink. My pain is always worse at night so I save the nights for a pain pill. After day 7 it progressively gets better. So I’m looking forward to day 11 tomorrow. I’m so grateful I had no complications or anything unexpected happen. Still not sure why I had the fever but it’s gone now.

  20. I’m 18 years old, female, and my tonsillectomy recovery has been some of the most traumatic stuff of my life
    I thought I was in for a speedy recovery because I was able to drink liquids a lot sooner than they said I was, I was extremely careful of what I ate and even stopped taking my narcotics early because the pain was manageable and I hated how itchy, emotional, and nauseas my pain meds made me.
    But on day 6 of the recovery, ibuprofen and water went down the wrong pipe leading to a very violent spit take that ripped off some of my scabs. It bled and I was terrified but the bleeding stopped and I sipped cold water and I seemed to be fine, so we forgot it.
    Then over the second week of recovery I had occasional bleeding fits from the scabs in the way back of my throat that hadn’t come off yet. I went to my ENT for my post-op appointment during this and he said that I looked fine, and as long as bleeding stopped within 5 minutes then it was okay and I had no worries. He also said my throat looked good and I’d be back to normal in 2-3 days. This was on recovery day 8.
    On recovery day 10, I began to bleed and it didn’t stop. It soon clotted and choked/gagged me, and the blood I swallowed made me sick and I puked a clot up the size of a golf ball. So I ended up in the ER crying and shaking and they ended up putting me back under and re-cauterizing both sides on the back of my throat as well as taking out the blood clots. I had to stay in the hospital overnight for monitoring, but I didn’t feel too bad the next morning.
    However it is now recovery day 13 (3 days after my traumatic ER visit) and I am back to being in so much pain that I’d start the narcotics up if it weren’t for how much I hated the way it makes me feel. I’m taking ibuprofen in safe but regular doses and the pain is intense enough to travel to my ears and jaw. Additionally I had to return to eating only the softest things rather than progressing my diet.
    What’s most upsetting about it is the fact that I was extremely responsible with my recovery and very careful, there is no rhyme or reason for my recovery to be this god awful but here I am, depressed in bed and probably having to spend a 3rd week out of college which you can imagine to be awfully stressful.
    I stay hydrated and I eat so ibuprofen doesn’t upset my stomach and I did everything I’m supposed to, yet I’m still in excruciating pain.
    Even the doctor who re-cauterized me, which luckily enough was the one who did the surgery in the first place, was completely unsure as to why this happened. He said it was highly unusual because in most cases of bleeding like this, it’s one vessel that had burst or been irritated but in my case it was almost all of my vessels for no reason, creating a “general ooze” as he put it.
    On top of that, thanks to surgery tools and what I’m assuming was a surgery done in haste to stop my bleeding, my mouth is a disaster zone. I have a huge cut on my tongue and it makes it hard to eat or even talk because it’s swollen and makes me lisp or even accidentally bite it. I also have a cut on my lip and just general scrapes and bumps from both the original procedure and the one done in the ER.
    I’m so jealous of everyone with a better recovery than me, I just want to get a full night’s sleep without waking up in the middle because my throat hurts so much I want to sob; but of course sobbing isnt an option because that would hurt too much.
    And I’ve been craving tacos since the damn day of my surgery (my soft diet leaves me tragically devoid of salt).
    So I suppose, if you ever think you’re recovery is going poorly or that you’ll never come out; at least you’re not me!!
    I just wanted to put my story out because I needed to rant about how bad it’s been for me because I’ve had not many outlets for this frustration!

  21. I had my tonsils removed on Tuesday, today is Sunday(day5/6) and I’m actually amazed at how good I’ve been feeling. In general the pain is nothing compared to the worst case of tonsillitis I had not long before they came out. I’m taking a single endone at night and panadol during the day when needed, plus antibiotics and anti inflammatory perscribed by the doctor(not sure if it’s for my lungs or throat or both). I find the absolute worst pain is when I yawn or hiccup it’s like all the sores re-tear or something – youchies.
    With all this said I was stuck in hospital after the operation for four days due to consolidation on my lungs and a slight collapse from the operation(very uncommon side effect the dr said), so I was on IV antibiotics and a nebuliser for that time. Maybe that has something to do with the healing process? I also started eating normal food (if you call hospital food normal) the day after the operation, not Much just a little bit of a toast and cereal, it hurt but I think it helped!
    This morning I thought it would be a good idea to go and do some grocery shopping (I’m single and live alone) but that was a horrible disaster that ended in tears, not due to pain but a general feeling of all over sickness. So I guess the key is to find a great Netflix series and get comfy in bed until your body repairs itself!
    Good luck and fingers crossed like me you’re aren’t in a world of pain!!!

  22. I’m almost 18 Years old and on day 6 from having my tonsils removed. Honestly I feel great, one of my scabs fell off on day 3 and the other fell off of on day 5 but oh my i was so sore from it. I’m starting to taking the medicine they prescribed me every 5-6 hours since the pain isn’t really there but sometimes swallowing would make my ears hurt. Talking doesn’t really hurt, only sometimes but I limit myself on talking. Now I’m wondering if I’m actually healing faster than others or my high pain tolerance is that good but I do still eat soft foods and I’m pretty sure my mom is scared for me to try other things to eat but I’m feeling better day by day.

  23. P. S. I just had Kellie for the first time, and it hurt!

    All in all I had a pretty good u til it hit night time… pain is back.

  24. Hi all. I’m 27 years old and I’m on day 5 of recovery. This is absolutely horrible. I think I’d rather give birth. This morning, my mom tried giving me baby food (the banana one) and nearly wanted to die. It burned so much. I’ve been sleeping with a humidifier. All I can have is soup that my grandmother made, applesauce, G2, water with ice, and Gatorade popsicles. I’m too scared to try anything else. I brush my teeth twice a day because I hate the smell in my mouth. I do feel like after reading some other comments my pain is not anywhere near some others, or maybe I just have a high tolerance. Either way, I have one question. Does it really get worse on day 7-10 painwise? I feel like everyday I am a bit better.

    I’m supposed to start work on day 11 and I’m so scared because I can barley talk and my job requires much of that as I work in a school. I’m taking Tylenol (just switched to Motrin) an antibiotic the doctor prescribed me for swelling that I need to take 2 times a day. And oxicoden for pain. I take that one at night to sleep since that’s when my pain hurts the most. Please share with me what has helped and what hasn’t as well as your own recovery time. Thank you and food luck to all.

  25. I’m on a week from my operation of having my tonsils out, I’m now on antibiotics because I have caught an infection in my mouth I can drink but just water as everything taste weird in my mouth, I can eat I had kfc and a Chinese but couldnt eat it all as my mouth is still sore and hurts when I swallow, my ear ache is really painful 🙁 I’m a smoker and haven’t had a cig for 9 days does anyone know when this will start to feel better??

  26. Hi im on day 13 post op, the pains gone and im feeling ok now. But whats driving me nuts is how weird inside my throat feels now, my uvula is still swollen and chocking me… will this ever go away? It’s driving me nuts
    And everything just feels weird inside my mouth still.
    I can’t sleep on my back yet as i cant breathe through my nose yet, and there’s so much flem in my mouth and feels like somethings stuck in my throat non stop. Plus my voice is weird
    I hear everyone saying 2 weeks and there fine, ok your fine but do you still feel any of these things?
    Will all this go back to normal?
    Cheers Graeme

    1. I had mine done January 4,2018 it is now February 11 and I still have an area on the left side of my throat that feels like there is something stuck in it and my left ear still feels clogged. My left side was really bad, Primary doctor thought I had an abcess on the left but my ENT said it was a lesion..I will be calling my ENT tomorrow.

    2. i feel your pain. i also heard 2 weeks and i’ll be fine. i had mine done january 23. my uvula is still swollen, my right ear still hurts, horrendous taste in my mouth and i still wake up with a dry throat. i was told to be patient and continue to drink lots of water because i’m still in the healing process.

    3. Hi! Did the weird feeling on your throat went away? I got my surgery 17 days ago and i have the same feeling.

  27. I had my Tonsillectomy 1 week ago today. Let me just say that I am beyond ready to see the light at the end of the tunnel…

    I am a 22 year old female, I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, and I try to maintain a healthy diet and moderate exercise.

    My recovery has been TERRIBLE! An absolute nightmare.

    First, I got stuck with a needle 8 times prior to my surgery because my veins kept bursting so now I have very large bruises on my hands and wrists.

    When I got out of surgery and I was in recovery I remember just crying and begging the nurse to let me go back to sleep. Before I left the hospital they gave me a dose of pain medicine that would hold me over until I got my prescription filled. I was prescribed 7.5ml hydrocodone with acetaminophen.

    The day of surgery I slept a good portion of the day, but that night one of my best friends picked me up so I could stay at her house. *Let me interject really quick and say I would not be where I am in my recovery if it we’re not for her* She did everything from making sure I was taking my medicine around the clock, and when the prescription was doing nothing to touch my pain she reached out and called my doctor. Finally my doctor prescribed me liquid Demerol. After this medication, I was able to sleep through the night. I also tested my limits on this medication and regretted it in the days to come. The Demerol knocked my pain out dang near completely and as a result I started talking, and that was not smart.

    I now have not talked for almost 5 days, and when I try talking it feels like I’m swallowing shards of glass.

    As stated above my surgery was 1 week ago today and although today is the best day I’ve had it’s not saying a lot.. I have a constant earache and toothache. My throat hurts everytime I swallow. I’m just trying to avoid talking at all.

    I stopped taking my pain medicine because it makes me nauseous because I haven’t been able to eat a whole lot.

    I’m just hoping this ends soon, because I’m over it.

  28. My son, aged 19, had one tonsil removed at age 13. Yup, you guessed it, he needed the other one removed now, too. 12/22/17 was the day of the surgery–doctor said it was the biggest tonsil he’d seen (5cm). I was with our son and drove him home from the procedure. He’s a college student at a campus 2 hrs from our home. The doctor said it would be fine to drive him home, again 2 hrs. away from the doctor. I asked how to reach him if we needed to. I said I was concerned because of the holidays and being so far away. He gave me the number of the office number . . .

    12/24 at 6am, my son woke us up quite panicked because he was bleeding. I had asked the doctor about how to know if the bleeding was too much. He had said, “You’ll know.” Well, we knew. We raced into the ER. By God’s mercy, the bleeding subsided long enough for us to get there and for the new shift of docs/nurses to get in place. Then my son said he felt it starting again. It was like a faucet. I’ve never seen anything so horrible. Someone else on this website described it looking like a horror movie . . . that’s an understatement.

    This hospital had no Ear, Nose, Throat doctor on call. However, they were able to find an oral surgeon who was willing to come in on his day off (not on call). The ER doctor intubated my son and plugged the bleed with medicated gauze. They gave him a unit of blood immediately because of how much he lost. They took him to OR and cauterized the bleed. All of the people are my heroes because they stayed calm, moved fast, and gave their all to keep my son alive.

    Myy son stayed intubated and was on a ventilator for 24 hrs to protect his airway. He was only lightly sedated because his blood pressure runs low and they were freaked out by that–understandable, but he was awake for much of this and so very uncomfortable!!!! He was in ICU for two days and two nights, in the hospital for 4 days total. His hemoglobin (I think) had been 14 something when we came in. AFTER a unit of blood in the ER and 24 hrs had passed, it was still low at 7.5 so they gave him 2 more units of blood. The doctor said they wouldn’t replenish blood 1 to 1 at my son’s age, so he lost a lot of blood! He then developed a fever of 102.6 so he ended up staying an extra day while being given an antibiotic.

    Absolute nightmare.

    We had a follow up with his original doctor who said that the tonsil was so big and it had really big vessels. While he was surprised this all happened, it wasn’t really that surprising to him because of the size of the vessels. We took his ER doctor a bouquet of flowers and a thank you note last night. She said his case was the worst she has ever seen. She was so happy to see him smiling and doing well.

    So, the take-aways are:

    –You can spray a little bleed with Afrin nasal spray–directly on it. Our doctor had given this info in writing, but I had not anticipated needing this info. And in the moment, I didn’t have the mindfulness to go read through the paperwork.
    –If it’s more than a small bleed, go in to the ER!!!!!!! Don’t waste any time!!!!

    1. Yikes, the only thing worse than going through a miserable event personally is watching your child suffer! Makes me thankful that it is me and not my kids.

  29. I am 51 y/o female and on post op day 16 after tonsillectomy. This has been a long and hard recovery. I started feeling okay around post op day 9 but then on day 10 I had a relapse that I am just now recovering from. I am finally tolerating some very soft foods and soups but my taste buds are still raw so everything tastes like cardboard. I have lost 15 pounds (this was not a bad thing) but I would have preferred to lose the weight in a healthier manner. My throat is still raw and I still have some light scabbing. I have been very careful and stayed in bed and kept myself hydrated. My husband and daughter were excellent caregivers and have done everything possible to help me. I wouldn’t recommend anyone trying to recover without help for at least 10 days.

    I previously had 13 eye surgeries due to glaucoma and 2 of those surgeries were very intense and long. I only mention these surgeries because none of my recovery from those surgeries was as painful or as long as recovering from my tonsillectomy. I am a very healthy and strong lady who generally doesn’t stay down too long for anything but this recovery has been a kick in the teeth.

    In my opinion, any adult wanting to have a tonsillectomy, should anticipate 2-3 weeks recovery and if you feel better sooner then you have truly been blessed! My tonsillectomy was necessary and I’m glad that it’s over with.

  30. I had my tonsillectomy done on December 20th. I am 24 years old. I am a teacher so I decided that Christmas break would be the perfect time because I have exactly 13 days off of work and my 14th day is just an inservice so no students that I have to teach yet. I didn’t think that missing out from holiday foods would be as hard as it was. So far my timeline is

    Day 1: absolutely horrible, I couldn’t keep anything down including the water and gaterode I was drinking. I believe it was anesthesia lingering. I took the pain medicine before I went to sleep and that was it. Then I was constantly waking up having to take sips of water almost every hour it seemed.

    Day 2: Not nearly as bad. I ate Jello for breakfast with a freezer pop to follow. I didn’t take any pain medicine. I drank so much water so my 3 hour ride back home to see family had a few stops along the way. I could talk for brief moments of time before I thought I was going to gag. I tried to eat ice cream and some luke warm Mac and cheese, it tasted good at the time but my body didn’t agree with it at 2 in the morning.

    Day 3: I decided to not take any chances of getting sick that day so I stuck to jello and freezer pops. I could barely talk because my tongue was so swollen. My family had a little Christmas gathering and I hated watching them all eat “real food” as I’m sitting there eating Jello. I felt slight pain but not enough to make me feel like I needed the pain medicine. I slept okay that night, I still was waking up taking sips of water but I was starting to get use to that.

    Day 4: I decided to try and eat my chicken noodle soup and it actually went better well. I had a popsicle after. I didn’t have much pain in my throat except for when I woke up in the morning. I could talk a little better but now I noticed that I could barely open my mouth. As every night before I would wake up constantly to take a drink but I also noticed that I was drooling all over the place way more than I ever have in my whole life, it was gross.

    Day 5-6: Well it was Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I still haven’t had to take any pain medication. I was talking the same way that I was the day before. I decided to step it up Christmas morning and eat a bowl of cereal ( keep in mind cereal was extremely mushy) I had some mashed potatoes during dinner and I had to constantly drink to get them to go down. (Some advice – never stop sipping water throughout the day) We finally got home and I was exhausted from all the running that I ate a popsicle and went to bed.

    Day 7-8: I woke up with an earache and so much jaw pain that lasted the entire day. Still didn’t have my voice back and it was getting frustrating. I tried to eat chicken and biscuits but I could barely get passed the 3rd bite. I stuck to eating popsicles and soup for the rest of day 7 and all of day 8.

    Day 9: Today I cant seem to keep myself from constantly coughing. I am trying to hold it in as much as I can. I even try and drink to keep me from doing it but for some reason that isn’t enough. Because of coughing I’m so worried with bleeding that I went into the bathroom to spit like every hour just to make sure I’m fine. I decided to say goodbye to Jello and started to eat some chocolate pudding which went well. I still finish every “meal” with a popsicle because it seems to help my throat. I’m still not in much pain, well at least yet. I talked quite a bit but my voice is still off and I just want to get this over with. I’m nervous though I know that my scabs haven’t really fallen off yet and that can cause pain when they do. So here is to 5 more days of recovering and until I see my doctor again.

  31. So I had my tonsillectomy 15 days ago. I’m a 45-year-old woman and I work in a job that does require quite a bit of talking. I took 10 days off and should definitely have taken at least two full weeks, as I am still not quite ready to be at work. The talking and the higher stress levels really have slowed the healing process, I feel. I’m just now beginning solid foods (I had a massive hemorrhage a day and a half after the surgery which, thankfully, we were able to get stopped so it did not require recauterization, but which has definitely resulted in me taking things very slowly!). I still have quite a bit of discomfort though at this point it’s mild enough I’m not taking pain meds any more.

    The timeline for me has been:

    Day 1 – felt great, pain meds were working well, was able to eat jello, popsicles, and even some scrambled eggs (once they cooled). Begged to go home that day even though I was supposed to stay overnight. Made myself so charming to the nursing staff that they backed me on that and convinced the dr. to send me home that evening. Victory! (Spoiler alert: I’d pay for that later.) (Also, I now realize a huge part of why I felt was so great was the steroids they were pumping through my IV. That’s some good shiz right there, y’all. I need that every single day just so I can get stuff done.)
    Day 2 – Still felt great (still on steroids), ate about the same way as Day 1. Wanted to resume normal life; husband who knows me too well wouldn’t let me. Probably still overdid it. (Spoiler alert: I would pay for that later, too.) Went to bed convinced I was halfway to healing and this whole process wasn’t a tenth as bad as everyone made it out to be. (Spoiler alert – well, you get the gist.)
    Day 3 – Woke up just after midnight choking on blood. How much blood, you ask? Well. Have you seen the elevator scene in The Shining? Or the prom scene in Carrie? Or basically any horror movie ever involving power tools? Yeah, this made them look tame. We considered just painting the whole house red instead of trying to clean this up, it was that bad. I wasn’t sure if I was going to bleed to death first, or choke to death. Paged the doc on call who said “rinse with cold water”. Advised him I was currently hosting a Wes Craven version of Old Faithful in my mouth and wrapped up that fun interaction with a trip to the ER. Got the bleeding stopped without recauterizing, thank God. Left the ER with instructions to take it very easy and limit myself to only cold food and drinks (which of course I’d already been doing, but hey, thanks for the heads-up.). Never went back to sleep because in my mind now sleep = blood. Pain was slightly increased that day but the pain meds worked well, and I stayed in bed, pretty much terrified to do anything for fear of, well, bleeding.
    Days 4-8 – pain was worse,(including a great deal of jaw and ear pain) but still pretty well-controlled with pain meds. Food was limited to cold, soft things like jello, sherbet, some canned fruit, and cold mashed potatoes on rare occasion. Very little activity as the pain meds and lack of sleep (did I mention sleep = blood to me now? I only slept when it was daylight and then only fitfully) kept me very very fatigued. There was some breakthrough pain but mostly just if I allowed my throat to dry out. I cannot state strongly enough the importance of not going more than about 15 minutes without at least sipping water! I did try an ice pack around my throat when the pain returned before it was time for more pain medicine; it worked better than I’d expected. I did nothing whatsoever these five days. Thank God for Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. I did make some hilariously awkward Facebook posts that my entire circle of acquaintances will laugh about for years or at least minutes. (Did I mention the pain meds worked great? They make me very affectionate, apparently. Guys – I love you guys.)
    Days 9-10: I was going back to work on Day 11 so I started trying to go without the pain meds on Day 9. I did okay for the most part. Food was still limited to the same things as Days 4-8 – I wasn’t scheduled for my post-op follow up appointment until Day 14 so I wasn’t making any changes until then (see: now-solidly-entrenched phobia re: bleeding). By this time I was hungry and exhausted and super depressed because I couldn’t see or feel any real signs of improvement. Netflix and APV had lost their charm and I was reduced to staring into space and questioning every life choice I’d ever made. My Facebook posts grew less funny and more bleak (guys – I love you guys even though love is an illusion and life is a cruel joke and the universe hates us all) and I was still not sleeping in the dark. I started trying to do actual stuff but mostly failed. Shout out to my husband who rescued my halfhearted attempts at laundry from mildewy oblivion. You’re the real MVP, babe.
    Day 11: I went back to work and talked way too much. I left early, went home, and had to take pain medicine. I was super discouraged by this, BUT (PLOT TWIST!!!) I woke up on Day 12 feeling dramatically less pain than on any previous morning. Finally, progress! Sort of. Celebrating is less fun when all you can toast yourself with is Jello.
    Days 12-13: I started gradually introducing a tiny bit of solid food like very tender roasted turkey, eaten in tiny tiny bites and chewed to oblivion. It was exhausting but it felt great to eat “real food”. I still had pain after any significant amount of talking, chewing, or swallowing, but I was off the pain medicine entirely and the pain was bearable. I gritted my teeth and stayed at work all day both days, though I did refuse to speak to people very much. That wasn’t really because of the pain, it was just a convenient excuse to not talk to people I don’t like. I’m planning to milk that one for a few more weeks.
    Day 14: Dr. said my throat looked great, I was ok to eat whatever I wanted (just take it easy and don’t do anything painful). [I was very very very excited about this until I remembered that oh yeah, everything’s still painful. Yay Jello.] He said that the risk of bleeding was “mostly gone”, though it was still a slight risk until about three weeks out. (So we’ll stick with the nightlight for now, then, shall we?) He also mentioned offhand that I could expect another 4-6 weeks (yes, WEEKS) of pain in my jaws and ears due to how wide they have to open the jaws during surgery. I didn’t punch him in the throat, so I kind of think I deserve a medal for that really. I’m basically Mother Theresa or possibly Gandhi.
    Day 15: Still in pain. Not severe, and I’m gradually moving up to more solid foods (yay baked potatoes) but due to the amount of chewing involved, I don’t eat a lot. I still sound like a smoke a LOT and a full day at work is still a bit too much.

    TL;DR: This is hard, it takes way longer than you expect, and it hurts. Bleeding is bad and apparently can happen if you blink too hard, so lie perfectly still and try not to breathe a lot. (Kidding. But do take it very easy even if you feel great.) Water is your best friend even if it hurts, and work should wait two weeks if not longer. Get people to do things for you because doing things is not your job till you can swallow without screaming and say your full name without pain – this may take weeks. For the love of God allow at least one week of doing no things, and allow two if you can possibly manage it. Find something better than TV to distract you because it gets old fast. Take all your meds as instructed and try very hard not to sneeze or cough. You can do this, and it won’t kill you or drive you crazy, but you will be very very tired of Jello or whatever your equivalent go-to may be, before it’s all said and done. And good luck!

    1. Thanks for the great information. I am definitely not looking forward to this. The ENT doctor and my family doctor did say it’s going to suck. The ENT doctor had his tonsils removed when he was an adult. So he told me all about it.

    2. I just entered a post about my son’s experience . . . he had found your post when he was in the throws of sleep=blood.
      Your post was so helpful for him to know that he wasn’t alone. Thank you and I hope you are fully recovered!

  32. Hi everyone, I am 40 y/o female. Had adenotonsillectomy and turbinate surgery in one go.I am now on my 17th day after my first surgical procedure and still the excruciating pain on my left ear,left molars and left tonsil is unbearable. I have had an operation on the 10th of November i felt numb, all sores all around my mouth since i had a very enlarged tonsils, tonsillitis and tonsil stones became an issue my doctor decided to remove them. My inferior nasal concha surgery didn’t give me any problem, only stuffy nose and that’s it, Problem occurs when i need to use my mouth for breathing and that dries out my throat, pain occurs..

    The day after the operation i was sent home(11th of Nov.) , all is bearable till i started coughing..I had sleepless nights since the surgery, itchy throat that makes the surgical site more painful not even a single moment that i rested. I had soft diet, pureed, ice pops and jello are my saviour not to mention 2L of water daily.

    On the 5th day (15th of Nov.) i was coughing hard then i felt blood coming out from my mouth, it was oozing and uncontrollable i tried to stop it but i didn’t manage,,blood on mouth and nose free flowing .I am so terrified i am living abroad alone, i knocked on my friendly neighbor with a piece of paper on my hand saying call an ambulance, i vomited almost 2 cups of blood..the ambulance came the Dr. was surprised how tranquil i am that i didn’t t need a stretcher or wheelchair probably being a dentist I am used of seeing blood during surgical procedure. At the ER i was under observation for 12hrs, pain relievers and dextrose was given,pain on my throat increases as i cough every single moment and i was tired of that.The following day i thought i’ll be sent home, they gave me a room and let me stay,bleeding stopped. Pain is still present and gets worse, i was given ice pops and all pureed meal all cold 🙁 i don’t have a choice i need to eat or else i’ll be weaker and weaker because of sleepless nights as well. The following day I am still in the hospital, first time i was given a semi solid food,scrambled eggs and vegetable puree,plus ice pops.The taste of egg feels like heaven,i can swallow it good but drinking liquid is still painful.That was my first real meal.

    17th of Nov. at 3am coughing still, i started to get notice of tiny blood as i spit then it gets heavy in volume, the coagulation was disturbed i saw a chunk of blood on my disposable emesis basin which i can consume at least 5 of them during the night because of phlegm and blood, pile of gauze was always at bay. I called the nurse’s station 5 of them came including the Dr. I was rush to OR again, gave me general anesthesia and re-cauterized the left part of the old surgical site. I was awake at recovery room, feeling restless weak and heavy mucous on my throat and some post nasal drip from my turbinate surgery, i’m feeling miserable.This time it doubled or tripled the pain can be 10/10..I cannot talk, yawn or sneeze without tears flowing in my eyes, the earache and toothache continues. whenever i swallow water or saliva i feel like drowning, it took me ages to swallow water but i need to keep hydrated even its too painful. I spent 8 days in the hospital on my 2nd surgical procedure.

    Now i am home, its the 26th of Nov. my apetite went back i can eat normally but tiny bits and slowly,but still in so much pain,still coughing and wasn’t given any cough syrup at all(i assumed because of the codeine content).I can open my mouth as normal, I don’t have any infection at all but coughing contributes to the painful healing process. Only the 1st and 2nd day of the first surgery i felt better, but beyond that all is nightmare.

    All i can say is water and humidifier are my best friends, pain killers and paracetamol every 4hrs alternate gives temporary relief, as of now my nose is fine the smell of old blood is noticeable, still having bad breath i tried a swirl of sodium bicarbonate dissolved in water for disinfection, saline solution for cleaning the nose …my throat is calm during the day probably because i kept eating ice pop and water my throat is wet all the time, morning is still a nightmare swallowing saliva and water is crucial..

    During the night i am awake coughing and sitting on bed so not to feel the swollen uvula coming closer to my soft palate and tongue, i sometimes feel gagging. I will see my surgeon on the 5th of December for follow up, i hope i am pain free that time. I cannot see myself in 2 weeks recovery period with this coughing sessions the road to recovery takes time.

    Goodluck to all of you in this forum, nothing is worse than having cough while u’re recovering from adenoidectomy and tonsillectomy not to mention i am living alone.Thanking my friends who slept with me in the hospital, my supportive neighbor and friends giving me daily meal. My bf who’s living away from me gives me courage and support as he saw me suffering on my first surgery while he was staying on my bedside.

    Drink plenty of water, gargle with sodium bicarbonate or salt with water dissolved it in warm water then add iced cold water. If you have tongue brush or scraper its perfect(lessen the bacterial infection that contributes to foul smell) Stay positive, we can surpass this big challenge for a healthier you and me.

    1. eek looks like its a good thing my ENT is taking out my Uvula too, at least i won’t have that to contend with. I hope you are doing well now and totally mended!

  33. I remove my tonsils on the 16 November 2017, I wasn’t scared. I called my self one of those strong guys. After being awake from doctors hot knifes, I managed to eat ice cream and I drove my suv home. Just at night I felt pain that I never experienced in my life. Day 3 I had a pain in the ears and I could not swallow anything before chewing bubblegum to easy saliva. I’m on day eight I’m still feeling heaviest pain on next and ears. I can eat but not salty food because they burn inside mouth. I use those pain killer that you put in the buttocks(panamor),I don’t know how long I will recover but 2weeks I’m given I assure you is not enough. Now on day 8 the only thing I glad is weight loss hey as I was hitting the gym almost every day I can see improvement on weight loss while lying on bed.

  34. Hello Everybody Lisa here,
    I am a 40 year old woman that just had surgery on November 17th. I’m now at day three and wanted to share some of the things I’ve done to ease the pain. I’m taking the pain pills that they’ve given me but I find it much easier if you dissolve them in warm water you’ll feel the effect of them a lot quicker than crushing them. I’m also taking green tea because green tea health benefits help reduce swelling. I also am trying Cardamom tea, it helps also with swelling and digestive /when your stomach decides to not cooperate because of all the meds this added some relief. I also gargle with warm salt water in the morning and throughout the day as my throat feels stiff. Being that I’m on my third day the pain is not as bad as I thought it would be and I’m not sure if trying some of these other remedies have helped but I have managed to have some solid soft foods like a pancake a piece of smashed up chicken. And the swelling on my tongue is down I can see a white film on the back of my throat. So hopefully this can help someb.

  35. I am 35 and what I would consider a healthy female. I had a tonsillectomy 12 days ago and it has been absolute hell since. The day of the surgery went okay until evening. My throat was so swollen and I was in so much pain that I couldn’t take my pain medication. Needless to say I ended up in the ER at 3 in the morning. They gave me an IV and pain medication. They sent me home with liquid medication this time instead of pills. Even that was hard to get down though. Some people have days that are good and days that are bad. Unfortunately for me pretty much every day has been terrible. The swelling in my tongue has finally going down some so that I’m able to see my throat. It looks like it is healing nicely, just slowly. I also did have a little bit of a complication during surgery. My uvula swelled up to the size of a golf ball so they ended up cauterizing that as well. I’m not sure if that played a role in the pain being so severe during recovery. I’m so thankful I took 3 weeks off from work because there is no way I would have been ready after 2 weeks. If I could go back in time there is no way I would go through the surgery again.

  36. I am a 61 year old female and am on day 15 of tonsillectomy and sinus surgery. I still cannot eat! I eat soft foods and still drinking continuously. I had tonsil stones and very enlarged tonsils the Dr said it was some of the worst he had ever seen. Today I started running a low grade fever and still taking pain meds. How much longer is my recovery time? I was told 2 weeks but when I went for a pre-op he said more like 3 weeks! I am so ready to feel better I am not one to lay around and do nothing but this has kicked me in the rear!

    1. I totally feel your pain. I had my surgery 12 days ago and it’s been an absolute disaster. I’m still only able to get down broth. And everything comes out my nose so I have to plug my nose when I swallow. I just can’t believe how bad the pain is still.

      1. What type of broths are you drinking? I haven’t successfully eaten anything in 13 days…meaning I’ve had total one apple sauce cup in almost 2 weeks. I’ve lost so much weight and it’s scaring me because it really hurts to eat but I don’t want to die from malnutrition. It hurts to drink as well but I can tolerate ice water,that’s about it.

    2. I had both tonsil and sinus surgery oh boy if I could have chose I woulda got the tonsil first then the sinus! And I’m on my 5th I’m 28 yrs old so younger I feel a lot better than I have still have the nasty white scabs that’s what’s getting me it’s so hard to eat tasting and smelling that plus not to mention my tongue still swollen I choke when I try to eat rolls and rotisserie chicken 🙁 and it looks and taste so good but it’s so hard to eat. Got my surgery the 30th of November. Hoping within the next couple days things will start looking up.

  37. Hello. I’m a 30 yr old female in the US. I have always had slightly enlarged tonsils, but in early August of this year, found myself for nearly 2 months with multiple bouts of tonsillitis requiring antibiotics and lots of crying, feeling that I would never recover! I finally did, but one tonsil remained enlarged, taking up about 1/2 of my throat. Although it was soft and non tender at that time, my ENT advised that I would likely need a tonsillectomy eventually if it did not decrease in size.

    Needless to say, I wanted them out but was extremely nervous!!! I have an anxiety disorder and everyone around me was saying horrible things and not being reassuring at all!!

    Some were upset that I needed the time off work, some said “oh, I would never do that, its horrible, you will be in so much pain, you’ll bleed!” Etc….

    Luckily I have a psych doc and was able to be prescribed some Xanax. Only needed it twice, but it was nice to have!!

    The day of surgery FINALLY CAME and as soon as I was in pre-op all my fears went away.

    So beyond the physical things that you purchase prior to surgery, I think its also important to take a moment with yourself if you are nervous and congratulate yourself on how brave you are for doing something that you don’t really want to do. Be kind to yourself and don’t beat yourself up for being anxious! Everybody is at least a little nervous before any surgery and you are doing a great job!

    Somethings that I wondered, but didn’t see a lot of people talking about in these support blogs:
    1. Its a same day procedure in the US so you go to a same day surgery center. You where a gown, but keep your underwear on. Bra has to go ladies.
    2. They give you a relaxation medication right before you go to the OR through an IV. It burns a little bit, so don’t be surprised, but then you feel very relaxed. You are awake enough to slide over onto the OR table. Then they put a mask near or on your face and tell you to take some deep breathes. Its not scary, just relaxing. Then you are out!
    3. You will NOT wake up intubated and there is no cotton or gauze in your mouth. You will probably have a mask on your face when you wake up, but mine was blowing mist (humidified air).
    4. You are intubated during surgery and they pin your tongue down and may pull it out of your mouth to keep it out of the way. Your tongue will be kind of numb for a while!
    (Going to click a submit before I lose all this. The wi continue below)

    1. (Continued)
      Erin here.
      I woke up with some pain, but mainly everything was numb!!! I rested for a few minutes and the nurse called my mom back to post op. I was groggy but after a few minutes, my mom and dad took me home.
      The doctor prescribed liquid hydrocodone 7.5 mg/Tylenol 325 mg. Its a common narcotic med. He had a difficult time getting it because it was liquid. Honestly, if your doctor prescribed it in pill form, it will be fine, just have some plastic sandwich bags and a blunt object and you can crush them easily.

      Day 0(day of surgery) to day 3 are kind of a blur…
      First, always eat something before taking the medication. It can be two spoon fills of pudding, doesn’t have to be a lot, but something.
      Second, set an alarm on your phone or watch for 6 hours and take the medication, even if you feel ok or only a little bit of pain, take the pain meds. If you wait until your pain is more than a 5 (out of 10) it will a 10, 2 minutes later! When the meds wear off, they wear off quick!!

      I actually took between 5-7.5 mg of the narcotic with a separate dose of liquid Tylenol at the same time. 325 mg of Tylenol isn’t much since one tablet is usually 500mg. So I would take the prescription med plus another 350 mg of liquid Tylenol. This seemed to work very well.
      Just don’t consume more than 4000 mg of Tylenol in one day.

      Buy a humidifier that blows mist and never turn it off!! You don’t want the air to be dry, and don’t use a ceiling fan!!!! It blows air in your face and dries out your mouth.

      If you can, buy surgical masks. They are the type that cover your mouth and tie behind your head or behind your ears. You want to keep all of the moisture in your mouth at all costs! Saliva, ice chips, drool!! LoL. You want your mouth very moist.

      Ice chips!!!! These are your best friend. See if you can stay with someone who has an ice machine or plan to make very tiny ice cubes for a week prior to surgery. Keep ice chips at bedside 24/7. Ice cubes are too big, you need to have the cube crushed.

      Food: despite the stories, ice cream was too cold for me. Better: jello, pudding and yogurt.
      I also drank an ensure diluted with milk.
      Nothing red or orange. Stick to vanilla pudding/yogurt. Best yogurt: light and fit vanilla Greek yogurt. Perfect consistency!!
      And lots of water and ice chips!!! Ice chips!!!! Have I said that enough.

      Strangely, my tongue and jaw/ear area hurt more than my throat. You can let the ice melt in your mouth and it reduces tongue and ear pair.

      (Going to save and continue)

      1. (Continued)
        Erin again!!

        Something that NOBODY told me or discussed was the difficulty swallowing. I don’t mean pain swallowing, because obviously it hurts… But for about 48 hours I had very poor motor function/coordination to swallow.
        I work with speech pathologists so lucky I knew that you need to tuck you chin to your chest and swallow 2 or 3 times hard and quick to avoid aspiration. I can’t be the only person who had that issue!

        Well, I think I covered some stuff I didn’t see in other posts.

        In currently post op day 8. Feeling a bit better everyday.

        Hope everyone feels a little bit everyday too.
        Email with any questions!!

  38. Well now I’m scared to death!!! I am having my tonsils out this coming Tuesday. My left tonsil is 4 times the size of my right one and very hard, antibiotics didn’t do anything. The doctor was very honest and told me he is very suspicious that it’s tonsil cancer, then adds most all head cancers start as tonsil cancer. Well thanks doc. So yea I’ve been freaking out scared for a few days. I have barely slept. Of course the thought of cancer scares me to death I’m only 42 and I have a 13 year old daughter. But I am also so scared of the pain. I am a HUGE baby when it comes to pain. So I am just trying to stay calm not scare my little girl. My other doc upped my anxiety meds cause I was having worse panic attacks.
    I really hope I can be strong like some of y’all. And I truly hope it’s not cancer either.

    1. Do you smoke? Very unlikely to be tonsil cancer if you don’t smoke. If you do smoke. Quit before surgery. No smoking after surgery!!!

  39. 19 years old female
    My surgery took place on nov 10 2017. I had super enlarged tonsils with abscesses. I delt with this issue for a couple months (chronic tonsilitis since AUGUST). I was told it was MANDITORY for these demons to come out. It is now nov 14 2017 and the pain i deal with to eat or drink is HORRIBLE especially when you first wake up it feels like you just licked sand or you were in the dessert for 3 days with no water. Waking up is really rough to even want to stay hydrated (YES i know i half to and yes after allllll day staying hydrated with cool liquids does give some relief) on the side note i also wake up a couple times through the night to sip on some water to try and help this. Doesnt help😑. Eating….. well ive been on a diet of unsweetened applesauce and jello. Great times. I also was a smoker of 6 years so not being able to smoke is also crap. BUT with all this going on i wouldn’t dare take the chances of sparking one up 1. You could make your healing process even longer or start bleeding after smoking and go back to the hospital. NO THANK YOU. But on that note to anyone who has had an adult tonsillectomy and you did good with very little complications you are one BLESSED individual. All in all to anybody who is about to have this surgery take your meds on time, relax, stay hydrated, and hope for the best.
    Good luck!

  40. I’m am 18 year old male.

    I had undertaking a tonsillectomy on Thursday passed. Therefore I am on day 5 of the recovery period. I am curious as to how much longer I am going to have to undergo this excruciating pain. It is getting to the stage where it is unbearable as I cannot even drink water at this stage.

    Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi Matthew. For many, 8 or 9 days of this is common. You’re young. Persons you’ll fare better. I know it hurts but you MUST drink- even if you have to drink room temp. Dehydration is NOT your friend. Hang in there!

  41. I’m a 23 y/o female and had my tonsillectomy 25 October. I’m on day 6 or recovery and am feeling better as the day goes on. I was awake at 3am this morning in agony wanting to take more pain relief, but had only just taken my last dose at 1am! Hoping now I’m feeling more myself, I will only begin to feel better as days 2-5 were hell!

  42. I’m 32 and on day 7 first two days were a breeze. I thought this isn’t so bad. I actually ate a lot of apple sauce, jello, popsicles, etc. By day 3-5 I wanted Olive Garden soup, Panda Express noodles and a nurse told me a lot of people like Little Ceasers cheese pizza (I love it but was skeptical, of course I had it haha) it was really good! Don’t eat the crust of course. I’m glad I’m taking off two weeks at work as you can tell I’m up at 2-3am is when I need to take pills and my recovery isn’t fully over. Staying hydrated thus far has been key. Overall I’ve been able to sleep just fine and my pain is minimal but I take pain better than most. Hardest part like some have said is barley opening the mouth, not talking with a normal voice (slow talking) spitting thick spit, bad breath, nauseous from pain meds after day 2+. I like most try to get up and act as normal as a day as I can, to get my body to not be in sick/sluggish mode! Shower, get dressed the relax read, etc. Best of luck to everyone I knew it wouldn’t be easy but thank God for modern meds, doctors, friends and family and co-workers who are killing it while we’re out.

  43. I had mine taken out 4 days ago and it’s been an experience. I have been in rehab for Opiate dependency so I opted out of taking any narcotics for the pain. I really regret it, but I will survive. My tongue was damaged during the surgery and hurts to move, but it is numb on the top. Just keep praying that the pain ends soon.

    1. Matt,
      That’s pretty incredible. You are strong. But you’re right, you will survive. I think the hardest part when I had mine out this past summer was that I didn’t know when it would all be over. Just remember that it WILL end. The pain will go away and you’ll be back to your normal life before you know it. Keep pushing through. In the meantime, praying for you. Best, Chloe.

  44. I had my tonsils taken out 4 days ago, I had to stay in hospital due to my sleep apnoea, when I came out from my operation I bounced back, a few hours later I was crying in pain, later on that day I managed two slices of toast, they gave me codeine to help the pain, I went home early the next day, I had a bath and slept for 6 hours I felt rough, I started to come round abit and later on in the night I managed 4 slices of toast! The day after the pain is just like a sore throat, I manage 3 slices of toast and a packet of salt and vinegar chipsticks, I can talk I have been talking most of the time, I managed a small portion of cottage pie last night too! During the night I wake up coughing and when I first wake in the morning my pain is probably at its worst, I’m doing a lot better then everyone thought, I’m just making sure I take pain relief exactly when I should!

  45. I’m currently recovering from adult tonsillectomy. I also had septoplasty done at the same time. I am on day 7 and I am miserable. I have had So much pain, they already had to refill my pain pills. I’ve been hudrating, eating ice chips, only eating pudding and apple sauce- anything else is painful. I don’t have any sense of smell or taste currently. My tongue is very swollen as well so it’s very difficult to talk. All I want to do is sleep but I can’t even sleep bc I can’t breathe and I have to wake up tonwither pee or drink more fluids bc my mouth is open while I sleep and drying out. This makes me wonder if it’s even worth it.

  46. Hi all

    I have been sat reading all these previous comments which has gave me some comfort as I feel I’m going through all the post opp mess myself!!

    I’m on day 5 of recovery, been given paracetamol, ibuprophen to combat pair for tonsillectomy. On day 3 I went back into hosp as it was infected 🙁 so now on a course of anti biotics too.
    I feel like I’m in a bubble of ‘when will this end’ – not an appetite at all, managed a few swallows of ice cream and yogurt (don’t know if that’s good or not) lost 6lbs so far. The pain is incredible before during and after taking meds! The swallowing is so hard I just screw my eyes tight. Sleeping is ok until about 3am then I wake up with THE STING – the worst stinging pain ever that takes hours to wear off! And then there’s the breath…! My breath is horrible death breath!! I know it’s all the mucous and possible infection in throats but that smell/taste itself is making me feel like vomiting! I really hope their is light at the end of the tunnel, and I’m dreading the recovery time of up to 4 weeks! Help Ma Boab!

  47. I’m 22, and I ‘ve had my tonsils out recently. 7 days ago to be exact. It hasn’t been fun but it hasn’t been the worst either. I’d like to take some time to thank God for modern medicine.
    I can’t open my mouth very wide and I’m afraid to speak… Ear aches and headaches are very real.
    I’ve been given two weeks to recover, till i return to the workforce and it’s a good thing because I’m still in the thick of it. I knew I was going to be slow at recovering.
    Worst part is not getting to eat real food!

  48. On day 7. And the pain is getting worser. As i read from other forums, this is normal. I still cant yet see the light at the end of the tunnel. But are hopeful…

    Note. I also cleared out one side of my sinuses. This may or may not be affecting my recovery.

  49. Hi Barbara,
    My thoughts are with you! I had my surgery at the beginning of the summer. Not fun. This is one nasty experience, huh? Hang in there. It might seem awful right now but remember that it WILL end! There’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Stay postitive! Wishing you a speedy recovery.

  50. Hi I’m 55 and female from Baltimore on day 6 of recovery from tonsils and uppp surgery. First few days weren’t so bad. No appetite but kept plenty of liquids down with ice cream and popcicles. Yesterday day 5 all hell broke lose and swallowing brought tears to my eyes. Major pain right on schedule from all the recovery blogs I have read. Scans must be getting ready to fall off. Sleepless nights, A few little projects around the house until I get lightheaded. Only want warm drinks for now so microwave soups, Mac n cheese, but takes all I have to swallow and get down. Pain meds every four hours now with water and ice pack around my neck -throats helps. Wake up about every hour with throats pain. Hope this stage moves on by day 10 when I see doctor for a follow up. Planned to go back to work around day 14-15. Have not talked since day 4 when pain began worsening and ear aches are a major everyday appearance too. Gargling with plain water every day helps and seems to be helping with removal of some tissue or scanning (?) Hope I’m normal with recovery and not the 3-4 week abinormal patient! All for severe sleep apnea and this has about an 80% success rate. Fingers crossed. Probably should have had them out years ago but better late than never!

    1. Hi Barbara,
      My thoughts are with you! I had my surgery at the beginning of the summer. Not fun. This is one nasty experience, huh? Hang in there. It might seem awful right now but remember that it WILL end! There’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Stay postitive! Wishing you a speedy recovery.

  51. Hi I’m jade, I’m on my 4th day of recovery. I was in hospital 3 hours after my operation and then I was allowed home.
    I’m eating normal foods and drinking normal. Not had no bleeding but it’s healing quite quickly. They say the better you eat because obviously something has been removed from your mouth so your mouth hurts more because there’s changes at the back off the throat, so your throat is just getting used too all the space.
    I’m on ibruphen and co-codomol. Through out the day the pain ain’t that bad, I brush my teeth 5 times a day because of infection, I also gargle with salt water and drink plenty of fluids.
    I’m suffering with earache and headaches in a morning and at night and I find my throat hurts more before I go bed. I’m doing everything like I would do normallly through out the day keeping my self busy, the longer you lay around I find it will take longer for healing.
    I’m in tears in a morning because I can’t swallow or talk so it hurts so much. So I get up so my teeth, take my pain killers, rinse with salt water and then have a brew and then I’m back too normal. I can see my scabs coming off my mums a sister on A&E and she said that the normal food you eat the quicker the healing because your scabs will just fall off.
    I can’t wait too be back in work 🙂 the only time I go back bed is when it’s bedtime lol. I just do my normal activities through out the day 🙂 it takes my mind off the pain. I’m just wondering when can I actually start smoking because it’s my 4th day without a fag and I feel like killing someone lol. It’s very hard this none smoking too everything is healed lol.

  52. Hello! I am a 20yr old male and I am currently on day 7 of this wild surgery recovery. I always heard recovering from a tonsillectomy is one of the worst pains you can go through (in respect of both painfulness and it’s long time). My entire experience from day one has been nothing but miserable pain.

    Though it has been a full week now and I still haven’t eaten too much, I found it odd and a little relieving that I wasn’t remotely hungry at all during the first maybe three days. I didn’t even think about food. I think that is maybe a side effect from post surgery and with all the medication.

    So they have me taking oxycodone every four hours along with two rinses; chlorhexidine gluconate (which tastes like a mind mouthwash) and lidocaine viscous soln. Now I use to actually take all three every four hours however the pill already hurt enough to swallow and the rinses would leave me spitting never ending sticky spit into my sink for a good minute. The lidocaine rinse was so unbelievably gooey it’s like trying to mush pudding between your teeth, and it only hit my mouth so my throat was even being treated right. The rinses were also a nuisance to take because I realized my breathing through my nose was altered. I could only inhale through my nose, and if I tried to exhale it was like my soft palate was so inflamed it stopped me from doing so.

    I remember trying my best to blow my nose with what power I could force and bloody chunks would come out. And also, something I never even thought would be a problem was the amount of stinky mucous. My breath STINKS. I’ve tried brushing my teeth to help prevent the stink but really it’s not use, it’s my torn apart throat.

    My doctor recommended to sleep up straight, so I do try that, because I’ve noticed from sleeping on one side I’ll either drool or a lot of the pain will shift to one side of my throat. Trying to sleep sucks. I wake up every few hours from coughing/choking on mucous. Even though it hurts I try my best to just hock whatever flem is in my throat out into the sink. I know it sounds nasty but I have to be real here.

    As it goes for eating, what I’ve managed to eat best was some pudding, lobster bisque soup, pancakes, mac n cheese, and of course ice chips. I did go through a small ice chip faze however after a while the coldness begins to hurt my throat. Talking is also very very limited. I miss talking! Or at least talking in my regular voice. A lot of the times when I even try to speak it just hurts and I can’t get the first few words out right away.

    Over all what I miss the most is just being outside and being productive. I hate sitting inside all day and not having many people to talk to. Some moments are far worse than others. Mainly when I eat or attempt to is when I get a lot of problems. So I’ve refrained from eating only unless I’m miserably hungry. And I try to drink enough water to stay hydrated. I just can’t wait until this is over. I am ready to tap out.

    1. your experience sounds a lot like mine. im on day 11. I still have sharp pains at the base of my tongue after i eat and bad in the morning. i still see small white scab pieces attached and my reg doc took look and said i had a lot of scar tissue back there. my diet has matched yours, i try regular food but revert to the pancakes, eggs, applesause because of the scratchy pain. im almost 60 and am tired of all the yearly antibiotics. im also quietly hoping it will help a chronic cough and snoring. good luck to you.

  53. Hello. I’m a 30 year old female. I’m on Day 10 post adenoid and tonsillectomy. I would’ve preferred to give birth to both my boys over the last 10 days than endure this!! Pain subsides faster, and you have quite the gift. 🙂 If you have 2 little ones like me, call in your village!!! My husband is amazing, but I know how hard it is to do it all, and he would still need to work a bit! I prepped frozen meals and grocery shopped so all ingredients for other meals were ready for him to make. Stocked up on snacks other caregivers could give my kiddos and take with them on outings, and of course many things for myself that I thought I may need. Finally today I felt good enough to let my husband take a nap while I was with them for a few hours.

    Night 2 is when the pain started settling in and finally gave me a bit of relief Day 8. It started with the throat and then the stabbing ear pain is what really got me. I could not sleep longer than a half hour without waking up in excruciating pain. I’ve graduated now to about an hr of sleep at a time, but at this point nighttime has become a bit of an anxiety induce even though my pain has improved. Tonight, Day 10, has been a hard night of worrying how I would feel if I fell asleep. I’m so tired by this stage of recovery!

    I was prescribers liquid Vicodin every 4 hours at first. By Day 3 my husband called the dr to see if there was more I could take. It would last about 2 hours only. We added childrens liquid ibuprofen to alternate every 3 hrs knowing that if bleeding were to occur I’d need to stop the ibuprofen. That change helped a lot!! At first, I only wanted cold things and ice packs. As the hard days dwindled on, cold started hurting so I switched to room temp/warm water and a heating pad. The two things I always have next to me as of Day 10 are a cup of crushed ice and a cup of warm water. I’m not sure why the coldness of the crushed ice doesn’t bother me, but I’m going with it! I found myself saying many prayers of strength in my hardest days and reminded myself this was only temporary. My husband helped me through the worst nights just by being there, handing my medicine and water, etc. I also visited this page often on the middle of the night, as I am now. It brought me comfort! Afternoons seemed to be when I felt best each day with mornings being hard to slough off and evenings things would start to hurt a bit more.

    Day 9 I decided to replace the Vicodin with liquid Childrens Tylenol, as I felt it was keeping me in a funk. That helped me feel more myself. I also took a few bites of “real” food…..the outside, moist bits of a small muffin and some soft white fontina cheese. Day 10 led to watery oatmeal, mac n cheese, summer squash (well cooked with skins off, eaten when warmish) and cottage cheese. Dairy did bother me in those hard days bc it left so much mucus in my throat. Drs orders also recommended using a humidifier and coating my mouth with honey a few times a day. I had to stop the honey for a while bc the sugar just hurt too bad. Drinking warm broth and Panera”s broccoli cheddar soup further puréed to the last few hard days was a lifesaver! I also used the Notes app on my phone when talking or even whispering was too hard. Luckily my 5 year old can read so we could even have conversations like this jay he thought were quite fun!

    I know each day will get better from here but trying not to overdo or rush it. If you are waiting for your surgery or in the thick of it now, remember in the large scheme of life, this really isn’t that big of s timeframe. I have seen my dad suffer through and beat 2 cancers within a year and a half. If he can do that, I can make it through this!

  54. Im 28 and had my tonsils and uvula removed 10 days and I’m still miserable. No sleep, tons of pain, and like a full, went back to work 6 days after surgery in a job where i have to talk all the time. Nothing seems to manage the pain either.

  55. Hi guys im 20 i am on day 7 of recovery and honestly before the surgery I watched YouTube videos && read so many stories and heard nothing but negative things about the recovery but my pain has not been all that bad so far but im sill waiting on my scabs to completely be gone i know that is when the pain will come i have lost 7 pounds so far im proud that i am already talking and out moving around the worst thing about this is all the mucus build up yuck !

    Good luck everyone

  56. I’m a 21 year old female and currently on day 10 post op tonsillectomy. Honestly the days are starting to blur together but I I figured I would do more of a post on some tips or things I was surprised and not really prepared for during this time.

    Before hand I would be prepared to have someone who can take care of you for AT LEAST the first week if not the full two weeks. You will be surprised how just getting out of bed to get a drink can make you feel so awful. Also make sure you have lots of your favorite drink ready and in the fridge (mine was Gatorade). Everything tastes different and off for a while be prepared for that. Take a shower the night before because honestly showering was horrible even on day 3. I wasn’t able to shower again until day 7 because just standing made me so nauseous and dizzy. Have pain pills and a notebook ready beside your bed to keep track of when you take your meds.

    Day one is probably the easiest day I had, you come home still drugged from the anesthesia and other good pain meds they give you there. I remember just sleeping a lot but it was a little hard to talk and drinking was A LOT harder than I expected it to be.

    The next few days kinda blurred together but days 2-8 just got worse and worse each day. My biggest advice is take your pain meds as percribed and If okay by your dr also take Ibuprofen along with it. I was taking my pain meds every 4 hours and trust me I knew when that 4 hour mark was coming because the pain would become brutal. One of the things I was most surprised with during these days were was the amount of mucas and saliva I had in my mouth. Also I don’t so super great with pain meds and considering the most I would eat was a popsical my stomach was empty and I got super nauseous. It got to the point where I was throwing up anywhere from 1-4 times a day. At times I was throwing up blood but hardly any so it wasn’t anything serious.

    I can’t remember what day it was I believe Day 4 that got the best of me but I ended up getting a blood clot and was very dehydrated. I ended up having to go to the ER and get put on an IV where they gave me morphine and fliuds for the dehydration. They wanted me to stay overnight to watch over the blood clot but it was visible enough that my mom (a nurse practitioner) could watch over it. My biggest advice for this is to stay hydrated. I really failed at this.

    Also another huge thing that caught me off guard was how HORRIBLE your mouth tastes when the scabs are forming. It seriously tasted like a dirty diaper (sorry I know it’s gross) but seriously your breathe will smell horrible and taste even worse. Honestly it was probably the main cause of me throwing up the taste and chocking on the mucas and scabs.

    I didn’t expect drinking to be so horrible either, If it’s too cold it hurts! Also i couldn’t drink more than a sip at a time for the first 8 days. Eating is pretty much impossible. I didn’t even try most days more than a popsical.

    Coughing has become an issue in days 7-10 I find myself getting in coughing sprees and it hurts. Feels like something’s stuck in my thoat.

    Today (day 10) I ate some very soft noodles and some potato soup and it actually went down decent so I got cocky and tried one of my sisters McDonald’s fries (it was even very soft) and it hurt pretty bad. I feel basically back to normal other than the fact it still hurts a little to swallow my own saliva and liquids and the fact that I still can’t eat super solid foods. Hoping within the next few days I will be able to eat more stuff. That’s the hardest part right now cause I just want to get back to normal and it’s frustrating!!

    I just weighed myself and have lost 15 pounds in 10 days. (I’m only 5’1 so that’s a lot of weight). Today I have only taken 3 ibuprofen earlier in the day and nothing besides that. The pain is definitely tolerable. It really just feels like a sore throat at this point. Sadly today’s the first day I have actually got out of the house and did something without feeling awful. My two week checkup is coming up in a few days so I’m hoping dr says all is looking good and I am able to get back to normal activities.

    Sorry I know this was a super long post but honestly I wish I would have read some of this before had because the littlest weirdest things caught me most off gaurd and I didn’t feel fully prepared. Hopefully this will help someone in any way!

  57. I am on Day 24 post adentonsillectomy today. I still have intense pain on the left side of my throat, mainly on swallowing. Still hurts to talk more than a few minutes, yawn, sneeze etc. I have a lump on the left side of my neck. GP thought infection so put me on antibiotics 5 days ago. Will see my surgeon later today for his review. Will post back with his thoughts on my pain. Was expecting to feel a lot better by now – right side of throat has been pain free for nearly a week now. Still very tired, needing panadeine a few times a day, heat packs at night etc.

    1. Surgeon said what I’m experiencing in normal as we forget the tonsil beds extend almost halfway down the
      Neck. If we broke our arm, they can put it in a cast to help it heal but they can’t do that to our mouths! Perhaps I’m a slow healer? I was expecting 2 weeks of pain and then once the scabs come off it’s all good… no it’s not. It’s still going to hurt after 2 weeks. I’m experiencing enough pain to need Oxynorm (oxycodone 10mg). I’m 30 and had both adenoids and tonsils removed on 25/5/17.

      1. Hi Caris. I’m so sorry you are having trouble. The bulk of my pain went away around day 26. I was like you. The right side stopped hurting much earlier than the left side. I’m still taking Tylenol about every 6 hours and today I’m on day 31, but the pain is only like a very small sore throat now. I found that putting arnica salve on my neck/under my chin really helped for the uncomfortable lumps and pain. I didn’t start comfortably yawning or sneezing until about day 29. With talking, really give it time. Once it comes back it comes back quickly. I found that carrying a water bottle around everywhere and chewing gum helped. The moister you can keep your throat the better. Sleeping was an issue for me up until just recently as my throat would get dry at night. My humidifier saved my life. Sending prayers and healing your way. Don’t lose hope, you are so close to feeling normal again. Wishing you the best!

  58. Im 30 now and had my tonsils out and it has been one week.

    I had to spend one night in the hospital due to sleep apnea. I had pain right away, for the first 5 days I had two t3’s every 4 ish hours. I normally have a very high pain tolerance but this recovery sure sucks! Now taking two Extra Strength every 6-8hours.
    I am just drinking liquids, cant eat food yet or swallow Tylenol. Vanilla pudding is my favorite so far. Anything with fruit is too acidic and I cant eat or drink it.

    Decided to work the next two days, lets see how this goes!

    I am limited to pudding, ice cream, slushies and water. What I would do for a rack of ribs or something right about now….

  59. I just had my tonsils out this morning 5/30/17. And I feel great just feels like a bad sore throat which I had a lot of them growing up so this is really nothing new. I would a went to work today but couldn’t talk so decided what was the point. I basically sit at a desk doing estimates and quotes for printing jobs for people. I have only taken 10mg of the liquid pain meds they sent me home with 5mg twice. So far my experience hasn’t been a bad one. I even went back to work after having all my wisdom teeth out. I think I have a high pain tolerance. Good luck to any one out there that will be going thru this process.

    1. Hi Zhentay- Thanks for posting. Be careful – Day one can be a bit of a honeymoon. Stay hydrated and don’t overexert yourself. Please keep us posted!

    2. Sounds like me – I felt fine immediately after the procedure but got progressively worse. I’d recommend rest regardless of how good you feel. Be sure not to push yourself too hard in the first week as it will hit you like a tonne of bricks! All the best with your recovery.

  60. I’m on day 14.. this is absolute hell. I just want to eat! as of the past two days it doesn’t hurt as bad and my dr prescribed me liquid vicodin and I’m trying not to call and ask for a refill just to see how I can deal with the pain. During the day it’s a solid 6 but everytime I wake up from a nap or just from sleeping at night it feels like I went to hell and back. I am 21 years old and it’s just getting. Ridiculous! I’m honestly not sure if I experienced the scabs yet because I have not had any bleeding or feeling of something stuck in my throat nor did I see any scabs when I looked at my throat (looked up pictures to know what I’m looking for) I’m slowly eating.. mac and cheese, mashed potatoes. I did a really soft cookie that I chewed up really good. Makes you realize how much you don’t really chew your food up normally. Also it does still hurt to swallow, right side hurts more than left. I’ve lost 7 pounds so far but I haven’t weighed myself for about 6 days now so who knows. My ear aches are bad. I got random times where everything seems loud. Talking seems Loud and I got some earplugs for when that happens. This is the end of my two weeks and starting on my third week tomorrow. When will this end?!

  61. I’m a 21 yr old female, I had my tonsils out on the 1st of May. I had been having issues with my tonsils for about 1 1/2 years.

    I didn’t read any online stories, I had a friend whom had a terrible tonsilectomy post op. She pretty much had the worst case scenario.

    Waking up after surgery, I thought I was going to die. I was in so much pain. They gave me alot of morphine. I continued to be given morphine and tramadol till the next morning at the hospital.

    Day 3 was hell. By then all the good pain relief has worn off. Could hardly talk the entire 2 weeks recovery. Then I had the ear ache on day 5 and that is very painful. The waking up in the morning and the 3 am wake up are by far the most painful. Drinking water and swallowing saliva is like swallowing razor blades. I also had huge trouble sleeping I couldn’t really sleep. I’d just take naps when the pain relief had kicked in then a couple hours at night and the morning if I was lucky.

    I was fortunate that I didn’t have any bleeding. Probably bc I didn’t eat much at all. Pretty much everything tastes awful! I did eat sushi rice mostly and I had really odd cravings. I did also have to scoop food out of one of my wounds for about 4-5 days, it was disgusting.

    I’m now just over my 2 weeks recovery, it still hurts to talk, sneezing is so so painful and to touch outside of my neck hurts. I’m still very exhausted I also think I’m getting sick with a cold/fever, due to the post op recovery.

    Overall I completely underestimated the pain I would be in, I’d much rather break a couple bones again. I’m due to see my specialist in 1-2 weeks time. Good luck everyone else with this post op recovery!

  62. I’m a 25 year old female, I smoke. I had my tonsils and adenoids out on the 8th May, I woke up in the worse pain I have ever felt in my whole life. And I have a good pain tolerance. I would rather have my wisdom teeth taken out again, that was a walk in the park! I took 3 endone tablets and nothing else. I recovered so quickly from it.
    I had to see my doctor who also did the procedure 4 days after, so the 12th May 2017. He was really impressed in how my throat looked and that I could talk. He said usually patients aren’t like this until around day 10-12. He said it’s a miracle. Okay, I can talk, yes. I noticed on the Friday when I woke up how moody and agitated I was, I popped a 5mg endone. I’m suppose to take 1 tablet 4 times a day. I only took the one as I was on a war path with anyone who even just looked at me. Crazy, huh! This isn’t me I thought. Maybe it’s the lack of sleep and these endone making me go crazy. Day 7, 15th May I could hardly talk. Since day 1 the pain has been a lot worse first thing in the morning and when I want to go to bed at night. There’s lots of phlegm and mucus stuck in my throat and always traces of blood in it. It doesn’t look alarming but I am a little concerned. Today 16th May, 8 days after surgery I do not want to go to work this afternoon. I am so depressed I just want to sleep all day and forget the pain. It’s winter so it’s cold!

  63. Iv just had my tonsils out On the 6th of may 2017 , I have been able to eat and drink abit up to now but day 3 has been horrible for me I have just woke up in the middle of the night needing pain relieve I had been struggling for hours but couldn’t ask for any tablets as I was to ill to get up dreading day 4 and on wards

      1. I’m on day 14. I’m 21 years old. It’s a long recovery. Not to make you upset but just warning it’s definitely not over but everyone is different

  64. I am a 40 yr old male. I was told straight up by my surgeon what a bitch my T and A could be. It has been a complete f**(*((( nightmare. After witnessing my agony for 10 days my dad said he would rather have his nuts cut off than tonsils out. I came home from surgery feeling ok. Then, complete hell. My enlarged tonsils were huge. The holes are huge. Lots of incidental nerve damage. I was told that my severe ear pain was had because of nerve damage. My brain was confused and was sending messages out that my ears had been cut off. Wtf!!!!! And thats just what it felt like.

    I spent the first 10 days in the kitchen taking my pain meds early and generously and microwaving hot wet rags which i would get so hot i coukd barely touch them and then i would hold them against my ears. Then i would go place ice packs on my throat.
    I dont think i slept 5 hrs in 10 days. I was terified to fall asleep and miss my meds and wake up scared to death to take that first swallow from hell that would bring me to my knees and my eyes tear up.

    It felt like someone had their fingers in my wound and was just pulling down hard and tearing my flesh.

    Im on day 14. I have only missed a few doses of pain meds along the way. I will have taken a full 17 days off from work when i return in 3 days.

    Humidifier is awesome! I have a cool mist and it feels great.

    Vanilla cold pudding has been my go to. I take a small bite, then take a sip of water and as i do mash the pudding with my tongue. Then i swish and greatly further thin the pudding before swallowing.
    My mom made a greasy hamburger steak, mashed potatoes, and smothed squash. By puting all in one gross looking bowl, adding water- and by taking bites with water and chewing and chewing before swallowing – it was great. I learned that greasy food was perfect becsuss it lubricated my throat.
    On day 8 I woke up as i was sitting in my bed. I had a warm sensation in the back of my throat. I thougt it was my thing in the back of my throat or maybe i was swallowing mucus. Then, i went to the bath sink and it was thick blood! Red alert! I ran and woke up parents and to the ER at 2am. I had no idea how much blood i had possibly lost.

    ER put me on IV drip and my bleeding stopped. I stayed in ER for 6 hrs until my surgeon came in and checked me out. I lost 2 pints.

    Good news: I had severe sleep aptnia and obstruction. I havent snored yet! Even as i sit here 14 days later, at a resting state on the couch, my breathing is easy- not labored- my air intake feels nice and I already feel better overall.

    No doubt that i wish i had done this when i was 5, but i am already reaping the benefits. Nonetheless, with as much suffering as i have experienced – the worst time in my 40 years of life- i would NOT do the surgery again. I would just get a c- pap and call it a day.

    On Day 9 the pain was so severe all i could do was rock back and forth and loudly groan. I was sleep deprived. Anytime anyone would make a suggestion to me i wanted to kill them. I was on tge edge of insanity.

    In this day of modern medicine, surely a more humane method and aftercare is posible for this barbarric exercise.

    First, 2 large hunks of flesh are cut out of throat, then the flesh is burned with fire. Then the scabs fall off and expose new, raw, tender flesh. Have fun!!!

    1. I also forgot to mention that so far Ive lost 21 pounds. Also, in the ER i got a shot in each ass cheek. Joy!🤕

      1. Your story has made me laugh so much that I might pass out with holding in the laughter and the pain! I am going through all of this and flip I will take childbirth everyday of recovery than a tonsillectomy recovery- absolutely horrendous

    2. I’m on day 14 now! You are quite a bit older than I (I’m 21) but I have yet to read anyone past day 10 till I read yours! When did you completely heal to where you could eat normally? Anything bad after day 14?

  65. My name’s Amanda and I’m 22.

    Pre story
    On April 19th I went to a walk in clinic. I was informed there it was strep and a high fever of 104. I was given a prescription for an antibiotic called cephalexin. I started taking it. Saturday the following day I felt even worse. The worst I’ve ever felt having strep. My dad drove me home from my mom’s due to the severe pain I was feeling that night. I was miserable. I awoke about 4am. Called my mom and told her I needed to go to the ER. She took me.

    The story
    At 4am Sunday the 23rd they told me at the ER, while I was in SEVERE PAIN. THE WORST I HAVE EVER FELT. IVE ALSO HAD A CHILD WITH NO PAIN MEDS. I had an absess on my tonsils. First he numbed with spray and tried to drain it with a needle. That was unsuccessful. They decided the only other option was emergency tonsillectomy. They had me prepped. Put me under. Did the surgery. When I awoke I felt 100x better than before. Even after the surgery. Which speaks volumes about the pain I was in before. The doctor said my​ tonsils were extremely infected. They sent me home about 530 pm.

    I was beginning to recover…

    Some days harder than others. Yesterday I believe on day 10 of recovery I awoke about 4am once again to swallowing blood. I got up and it was ALOT. Luckily I have stayed with my mom since the surgery so she drove me to the ER. They got it to stop bleeding by holding gauze and pressure. After three hours I was sent home and told to call the doctor who did my surgery to schedule a check up the same day. I did they were able to see me. I went to the appt. The doctor said wow. It looks great. I will prescribe you more meds since you are low. Have a good day. I am walking to the car in the parking lot.. I spit. Oh my god. It’s blood. And before I could think here it comes again… A tremendous amount. Mom called the doctor they sent a nurse down with a wheelchair. They decide to put me under again to cauterize my throat again.
    So that happened. And after a few hours I was home again. The doctor said bleeding like that is about a 4% chance. And to bleed again is only a 1% chance.

    I am praying that now basically I am back at square one after being almost finished it will not happen again.

    1. Amanda, I am 18 and our stories are almost identical, abscesses, bleeding, pain, and all. It is so comforting to hear of someone who has gone through the same struggles as you. My apologies and empathy go out to you wholeheartedly. I am currently on day 16 from the initial surgery and had to be recauterized day 14 (this past Tuesday). I started bleeding on and off starting day 11 (at my graduation- joy). On day 14 I finally had a BIG bleed that just would NOT stop (the bulk of the bleeding was from the side that was still infected from the abscesses. Doctor said the side still infected was more vascular). Pure misery, very traumatic. Trip to the ER, saw my surgeon, and had to go back under at about 1am. He told me I wasn’t starting back at square one, just fixing some bleeds; however, I am in a tremendous amount of pain, incredibly tired, and very discouraged. I was wondering if you bled again after being recauterized and how quickly you healed after the whole ordeal. I am trying to stay hopeful, but it is not easy. Praying you are feeling better.

  66. Hi I’m 27! Had my tonsils out a week ago today! Pain has definitely gotten worse as the days pass. So beyond ready to feel better. Trying my hardest to stay strong but the pain is definitely a battle. I’ve been able to eat here an there nothing extream. Really missing my food! Really missing my life! Got two young wild energetic loving boys who are jus to little to understand mamas pain at the moment. Have another week off work preying I feel better to be able to go back when the two weeks are up. Preying I don’t get the bleeding junk everyone is talking about that could possibly happen when these discusting scabs come off. Happy it’s done an I’m on day 7. Prey I’m free from all the pain it was causing prior to surgery. But it’s definitely hard! Stay strong fellow tonsil getting outters! Lol! Hang in there An stay focused on the prize!

  67. I’m 21 and on my 5th day of recovery. I can safely say I have never ever experienced pain like it in my life. The first couple of days pain was minimal and was bareable and I was eating normally and sleeping a lot. Today and yesterday have been the worst pain I’ve ever experienced, along with my ears and jaw hurting as well. I’m minimal drinking because it hurts so much and no food, because I can’t bare the thought. I’m trying my hardest not too swallow either! I’ve been on morphine and codine since I’ve had it done and still am in so much pain. I cannot wait for about the 10th day like everyone is saying, because right now I regret getting them out! On the plus side I am of god work for over 2 weeks!

    1. You got to drink! Drink drink drink! Get a big cup An fill it to the top with ice An a little juice or whatever you want to drink. Little sips are better than nothing. It will get worse the dryer your throat your scabs will crack 😷🤔🤕 so do your best to fight for your health An DRINK! -take care-

  68. I am 31 had mine out 6 days ago still having a lot of pain more at night and in the am hurts to talk and bad thing was today was my first day back to work and it sucked I talk on the phone so it’s worse my son who had his was back by this time I just want to heal sick of the pain

  69. My name is Phyllis I had my tonsils out four days ago. Just recently I’ve started waking up with a dry throat and drool all over. It’s embarrassing!! In the mornings I feel like I’m dying the pain is almost to much to handle. During the day a lot of mucus forms in my throat and my body tried to cough up it up which hurts soooo bad it’s unreal. I’m 19 years old and I really just want the healing process to be over. Any advice

  70. 33 year old woman 8 days post op. I went to my ENT 3 weeks ago thinking I needed high power sinus meds and was scheduled for a tonsillectomy instead. I had strep in January 2017 and apparently it didn’t go away after two rounds of antibiotics. So for 3 months, I had been developing larger tonsils. At the time of my surgery, the doctor discovered mid surgery how infected my tonsils were and I had huge masses of abcesses under and behind my tonsils (which could have led to terrible consequences if untreated). Due to the infections, doc couldn’t get my throat to cauterize and old school stitches had to be used. My healing time has been normal. Day one I can’t recall much, lots of pain meds, liquids, humidifier, throat spray, ice and cold packs on my neck. Day 2 and 3 were similar with added Italian Ice cups, popsicles and gatorade. Day 4 I added runny mashed potatoes, runny grits, jello and stool softener. Day 4 had massive headaches and earache and toothaches. Day 5 I was having slow cooked chicken over well soaked rice. Day 6 I finally had a bowel movement and added more solid foods. Day 7 I was having toast (heavy on unsalted butter and drenched in jam and well chewed). Today is day 8 and I am eating soft, but normal foods. Hot stuff and really cold stuff hurts, but it’s not much different than before surgery. My breath is terrible but my appetite is improving. Everything is still a bit swollen but it is nothing compared to the pain and swelling of before surgery. I am off the narcotic pain meds as of day 7 and I am taking ibuprofen 2 or 3 times a day. Today my energy was back and I was able to go grocery shopping, cook, and work in my yard. I am being careful not to do too much and to tag team with my spouse when I get tired before finishing a chore (cooking or dishes). Having a good support system has been a life saver and having an understanding employer also. I go back to work in 5 days (boss is making me wait until post op medical visit to return to make sure I can’t spread more strep throat around our office and per our FMLA regulations). I am a bit stir crazy at home and have done deep cleaning of several rooms (mostly because I could smell a foul odor and it took me several days to realize it was my breath and not something foul in my home). Sadly, there is nothing I can do about the breath until the scabs finish falling off and it goes away. I do find myself brushing my teeth several more times a day than usual hoping it will be better. I had a rough surgery and rough tonsil experience pre-surgery and although I felt rushed into surgery, it was a very good choice to make. I may have cabin fever, but I feel so much better than before. My fears have been centered around my voice. I am a singer and I worry how it will affect that ability as I continue to heal. Currently, I can speak fairly well but I get strained easily and have to resort to a notepad or texting my spouse next to me as communication. Overall, I found my first week to be a blur but progressively getting better. I am beyond ready to get back to work and get back to my normal routine. If anyone questions getting a tonsillectomy, consider how much better you will feel weeks or months afterwards. I already feel better on day 8 post op than several weeks pre op. Best of luck to everyone!

  71. I’m just verging on 40 years old and had a procedure for a sleep disorder on March 1st. This involved having my uvula decreased by 50%, my toungue cauterised and my tonsils removed for good measure. I was ok for the first three days what general anaesthetic and hard core pain killers were in my system, but nothing could prepare me for the agony on day four. I was told to eat ‘scratchy’ foods to take the white residue from the back of my throat but come day four, this was impossible. I did try this initially, although accidentally eating tomato salsa in a chicken wrap was the most excrusiating pain I have ever known. I was doubled-up on my sofa for a good ten minutes.
    Following that and all the pain killers I was on I found it hard to eat anything at all. I lost 10lbs in six days as I could only stomach three teaspoons of ice cream for most meals as swallowing was just so painful. Setting alarms for painkillers also took its toll and when you are sleeping badly anyway, this resulted in feeling very low during the day. Keeping hydrated definitely helped and luckily being in the UK during the winter I didn’t need a humidifier although I can see how that could help.
    We are now at the end of the first week of April and it’s been six weeks since my operation. Although it doesn’t hurt to swallow anymore, I still feel like I have a lump in my throat and certain foods can trigger pain especially very salty foods like crisps. It also took me three weeks to get back to work as at one point, I couldn’t even speak. My 18 month old son was not a fan of this especially as it meant I couldn’t read to him.
    Overall, I’ve had some injuries and scrapes in my lifetime but nothing can prepare you for how much this sucks.
    I am glad I found this website as it was very therapeutic.
    I know everyone is different and perhaps the other procedures I had increased the pain, but to whoever is going through this now, you have my sympathies. I hope you feel safe in the knowledge you will get through this and remember to never miss your meds and drink water…LOTS of water!

  72. I’m 29/fem and getting my tonsils out tomorrow. I’ve been needing my tonsils out badly this past year. I don’t look forward to the recovery time, but I’m glad to have found this website. Depending on how much I sleep the next few days will tell how much I will be able to update. I’ve been prescribed phenegrin, numbing lollipops, antibiotics, and pain medicine. I’m taking the advice I’ve read to have comfy pillows to sleep on, ice packs, and varied soft foods. I hate to say that I kind of hope to lose weight while recovering, as I am about 50lb overweight! It just is what it is…
    I hope I can update in a couple of days.

  73. I’m 23 and on day 11 of my tonsillectomy.
    Day 1 (post op) i just remember being very thirsty and had very little pain which was probably from the anesthesia and pain meds they gave me after surgery.
    Days 2-3 – moderate pain in my throat but the ear pain is what was really getting to me. My uvula and tongue were really swollen as well.(pain level 7/10)
    Days 4-6 – complete blur. The pain in my ears was way worse than my throat.( Pain level 10/10)
    Day 7-9 – huge turn around and started feeling much better. Still pain but nothing a little pain meds couldn’t fix 🙂 (pain level 6/10)
    Day 10-11. Stopped my pain meds. Scabs are about 90% gone now and I still have swelling but it’s going down day by day. Still can’t eat very much but I am drinking water by the gallons. I will say I think my saving grace has been water. Every time I think of it I just take a sip. (Pain level 3/10)

    I still don’t feel all that great and I am getting dizzy spells which is probably from the lack of food and the meds. I have my follow up appointment in a few days so hopefully he can tell me how he thinks it’s healing!

    My best advice is to drink water, run a humidifier at night, buy a neck pillow, and just relax! Don’t push yourself and wind up going back to square one. Take it day by day and you will get through it. Wishing you all the best of luck!

  74. I’m 16 and Im on day 5, after my operation they told me I have to eat scratchy stuff because it helps to get all the white stuff off. So the day I came back I ate crisps and crispy chocolate although it took me so long to eat it did help, I did that for two days. Day three I couldn’t even drink water it wasn’t because it was painful it was because it went the other way and felt like I was drowning, I still tried though as it’s more painful to let your throat dry up, I didn’t eat anything on day three or day four which was yesterday, It’s extremely painful to swallow now and I don’t want to talk.
    Not eating makes you feel so much worse
    I’m weak and dizzy and bright light hurts my eyes.
    My jaw and my ears hurt a lot and my mouth tastes horrible
    I have to admit reading all these bad articles makes me feel worse but it is different for everyone.
    No one will have the same experience
    Gargling salt water is disgusting and I refused to do it and it makes my throat hurt for a bit afterwards but at the end of the day it helps and make you feel so much better even if it’s only for a little bit.
    Sneezing is horrible, I cried the first time I sneezed because it hurts so much but the pain will go away if u can’t help but do it.
    My neck, back, head and shoulders hurt a lot, but as I said it is different for everyone and I haven’t helped myself but not eating.
    People are writing about how horrible everything is and how bad their experience is and I’ve read hundreds of articles and put myself in a state about it
    As I said I’m only on day five and I’m not looking forward to the next couple of days but I’m hoping it’s over soon
    And I know it will help me in the long run
    Just think positive no matter how hard it is to do so because that’s the last thing I’m doing
    I wish everyone well.

    1. Hi, I’m 17 and on day 3 of my recovery, not very far I know. But i can’t help but read up on the recovery time, but it keeps making me more nervous about it. I just need to know, how long until it’s completely healed. 100% healed. I can’t take the drink going up my nose, it’s beyond annoying, and food getting stuck on my throat.

  75. This is Sarah
    I’m 20 years old and I’m on day 7. I’ve been going through tremendous pain for the past 2 days; before that I thought I was feeling a little better. I have not been able to sleep at night and when I do I wake up sweating. It hurts to take my medication and sometimes when I do I have a coughing fit which was and is the most pain I’ve been through since i can imagine. It’s helping me reading everyone else’s stories and making me feel better and that I’m not a special case that feels this bad. Sometimes I cannot swallow and sit by the trashcan and just have to drewl. Does anyone else have to ever do that? I sometimes physically cannot get myself to swallow the pain is so bad. Sometimes to take the medicine I’ll drink hot coco with a spoon and slowly sip the hydro on the side. But i make sure the hot coco isn’t too hot at all. The lollipops they gave me, which are numbing lollipops, help me way more than I thought I did so I asked for a refill on those they didn’t seem to help at first then i realized they really were helpful are helpful I should say. Thanks for reading and sorry about my confusing wording

  76. I had a really bad bleed on day 11 and had no one around to take me to hospital… I had no choice but to call am ambulance and then received a bill for $1,174. Moral of the story is make sure you have ambulance cover or are covered by your private health insurance in case you need to use them! I thankfully am covered with my private health, otherwise I’d have been really upset by this!

    1. Bled a lot on Day 11? How old are you if you don’t mind me asking. I’m 31 and getting a tonsillectomy in 2 weeks

      1. Hi Kristina, I’m 34. I’m not going to lie, the recovery is pretty awful but i am now out the other side and it is so worth it! Just keep your fluids up, rest and most of all don’t push yourself before you’re ready. Some days you might feel ok but be wary of taking this as a sign that you’re better until you really are. Good luck with it!

        1. Thank you. I had it done yesterday & I was fine. Today not so much… throat, ears, jaw & neck all hurt. I slept a lot of the day and it has been very hard to drink and eat. I drank water and it went up through my nose. I have over 2 weeks off from work.. and I will be resting I just don’t want to bleed!!

  77. 32 years old, Day 9 post op. Still some discomfort, but have not taken the narcotics since day 7. They helped the pain, but made me VERY nauseous. I threw up several times in the first week, and that was awful! Day 7 seems to have been the peak of pain for me. I was sobbing, it was so horrible. I really hope that was the worst of it. Scabs are still present, but appear to be fading. The pain is mostly on one side now, sharp, and radiates to my ear. Ibuprofen is working well to take the edge off, and warm salt water gargles are my friend. I’ve been able to eat some solid foods, if I take small bites, chew very well, and follow with a (room temperature) drink. Also noteworthy, I haven’t pooped since before surgery, due to the pain meds. I’m drinking apple juice now, and a stool softener may be needed if I don’t go soon.
    I started back to work on day 7. Although, I work at a desk, from home, and don’t do a lot of talking (besides to my cats). If I had a more strenuous job, I definitely would have stayed off through today, as originally planned for.
    I’ll add an update if things change.

  78. I am 26 and on day 5 of my tonsillectomy and I have to say apart from the pain on one side of my throat and what feels like earache I have been getting on ok. Pain killers are working wonders, although have ran out today so off to docs to get some more! I have been using a hot water bottle for the pain in my ear, sleeping propped up with pillows, making sure I’m drinking plenty of water and most of all keep swallowing, because apparently your saliva is what heals you faster. I have been eating solids since I got out of hospital on day 2 which is also good for you as helps with the scabs. It’s not a nice op to have but all I keep thinking is no more tonsillitis 🙂 🙂 :)..

    1. Hey Lauren this Wednesday will make a week for me since i did tonsillectomy. Im in a lot of pain my throat feels like its on fire and its stinging and burning. Any ideas for why this may be any advice you can help with ? Im a 24 yr old female. Thanks so much in advance

      1. Hi Aneika!

        Well you’ve done a week! I’m now on day 13 and I’m back at work and back to normal! As you are between day 6-10 there will be some discomfort and pain. Are you drinking lots of water etc? When I hit Day 6 I had awful pain due to the scabs coming off and I couldn’t drink ice cold water but had to change to luke warm water (boiled water cooled down), that helped a lot . I believe that the reason you are in pain would be because of the scabs coming off and new skin underneath, keep drinking fluids and try to eat as normally as you can. I know it’s hard but I didn’t have soft food at all, I powered through as it helps so much in the healing. Make sure you’re taking your painkillers at least 30-40 mins before eating as that’ll help too! Ice packs are also good to hold on your throats with the pain! It gets easier I promise, hang in there! Lauren xxx

      2. I hear prescription lidocaine helps although I am past the burning phase and used ice SHREDDED TO SNOW CONE CONSISTENCY because it requires NO SUCKING and just comfortably and soothingly melts AND HYDRATES 🙂 Also, once the stinging’s gone it’s still nice and can be flavored with a pinch of powdered drink mix although too much flavor can sting again so go light at first. I’ve also learned that any surgery can TRULY take an AVERAGE of ONE YEAR to completely heal (American Academy of Otolaryngology.) I am age 47 and on week four – been in college and active since week two but paying dearly for it… feeling nauseated daily. I had some light bleeding that seemed to stop during week 2-3 but after reading this article tipping on “recauterization” I believe I will go back to the surgeon (who said I looked great after 2weeks) and see if he’ll see me again (free due to surgery follow up) and make sure all is closing properly and that it’s not blood swallowing that is making me nauseated. I will also hydrate more due to this article and must say that this procedure was LONG OVERDUE because I did not know the power of seeing a specialist vs my regular family doc; who said and I am paraphrasing “everything looks ok…most patients just dig out the tonsil stones is all. We can TRY a specialist but I don’t believe removal of tonsils will be approved.” Apparently my tonsils were hideously infected to the point of deterioration! Also: please please patient/reader; stick to the soft foods for 4weeks minimum. It really is very tender for a very long time and taco lovers like myself need to be tough and go for the super creamy bean/cheese burritos for quite awhile. God Bless.

  79. I am a 21 year old female and I am on day 8 of my tonsilectomy recovery. On the worst days, days 5 and 6, the healing process felt slow and like it would never end. Thankfully, on day 7 I felt minimal pain. Today I feel almost no pain at all, just a little discomfort when swallowing or when I speak for too long or too loud. I found that ice packs on my throat and on my ears were an absolute live saver. I took several hot showers a day and the steam felt wonderful. Also definitely recommend a humidifier. Slushies and water were the only things I could swallow for days, the ice from the slushies felt amazing on my throat. Easily the most painful experience of my life but I believe it is worth it to no longer have tonsillitis multiple times a year.

  80. I’m a 34yo female and had the tonsillectomy on 9th Jan 2017.. So I guess I’m upto day 7 today. I’ve had ups and downs with pain but mostly just battled with boredom. The days seem to last forever and I tend to load up on the drowsy painkillers so I can just sleep through the whole experience! One tip I can suggest that helped me a lot was putting an ice pack or ice cubes on the outside of my neck to soothe/numb the pain.

    1. I’m 48 now had my surgery on December 29th rough road. My Birthday was January 12th that was my two week mark I still have trouble in my throats feels like hair or something is in there. I’m going to hang in there. Reading your post I wish I had did the ice packs when I did it was on day 10 I’m just happy there is a end of this tunel.

    2. Hi. Have read a fair few of the comments and experiences here, including yours Kate, and i just want to say thank you.
      It is my wife who is going in for her surgery tomorrow, and because of my own anxiety condition i can’t be there for her so for me there is a lot of emotion just hoping she gets through the operation (i worry a lot, and my wife has sleep apnea and asthma so there are risks involved, even though minor.)

      Once my wife (age 33) returns home ……..yes, i am being positive here……we are hoping that the recovery falls into the category of the least issues possible. I am worried about bleeds as i can’t just get my wife to the hospital, and neither of us drive or know anyone who can help. Not being able to cope in a hopsital myself it would destroy me having to leave her to deal with complications alone so the better the recovery can be, the calmer and stronger i can be in my supportive role. Have made a mental note of a few tips, and no doubt my wife will be given advice when allowed home.

      Will post more if and when necessary.

      All the best to anyone who is still enduring the effects. There is a light, and for some this arrives quicker than others.

  81. Over view if you dont want to read all.

    1. Pain meds made me sick use doramamine to help with nausea

    2. Invest in a pill grinder so you can have pills ground up in apple sauce. (Apple sauce hides the flavor ask doctor before grinding up certain pills)

    3. Freeze gatorade in ice cube trays to be ground up into small ice chips. They are great for extra flavor and coolimg your throat.

    4. Use your ice pack 24/7

    5. Invest in a cold mist humidifier

    6. Sleep with head propped up

    I am on day 10 post op and am almost nearly back to normal. However there are some thins not quite normal yet. My throat feels tight. I still cannot open my mouth as wide as I used to be able to, but I feel that will come with time.

    My recovery was a miserable wreck, but was over as quickly as it had begun. Most people say that day 1-3 are fine and they are able to do normal activities, however for me I was unable to do anything and that even included talking. For about the first 7 days I said maybe 10 words. The fix to this was a used a handy dandy app on my phone that i typed into and it spoke for me. The pain the first couple days was so bad I could barely swallow my liquid pain medication. Day 3 I started spitting out the top layers of my scabs. Once day 4 came around taking medication or drinking anything gave me the stabbing pain of death because my scabs had begun falling off.

    The pain medication made me nauseous so to counteract that my husband would give me a doramamine ground up in apple sauce. I would swallow that and follow it with my pain meds.

    Most people say stay hydrated, but I couldnt bare through the pain to be able to drink water. The doctor said I could have childs tylenol on top of my pain medication, I was unable to swallow it because it was too thick. The fix to that was to mix it with water. I would take my oxycodone and 2 hrs later the tylenol if i was in pain. 2 hrs after that I would take another dose of oxy. I always had ice chips close by just in case the pain wont go away. It seemed to numb the area quite well sometimes, it would also help clean out any apple sauce left over back there.

    So seeing as I wasnt able to drink or eat anything and my recovery was still quite quick in comparison to most I would have to say it was due to the fact that I bought a cold mist humidifier and started in my house 3 or 4 days pre op. By the time my operation came around my house had already been being “humidified” for a couple days. The other part is I slept on my back with my head extra propped up. I used the ice pack supplied by the hospital 24/7 all the way through day 7. I froze gatorade in ice cube trays and would blend those up into ice chips for extra flavor, that only lasted about a day or 2 until it burned to bad to drink gatorade.

    All in all I lost 16 pounds… that is a lot for me I am 5’8″ 130 lbs now.

  82. I’m a 32 yr old and on day 4, almost to day 5. I don’t know what the deal is, but this easy peasy! I don’t want to jinx it and I heard that the scabs falling off is painful…but this is only about 50% as painful as the last round of strep (with abscess) that I had. I wish I would have done this years ago! To everyone reading the horror stories, keep that PMA (positive mental attitude)! Haha I hate that saying, but it’s working for me! For everyone in misery…I wish you a quick recovery and am praying I don’t start to feel that way. Just think – no more strep or tonsillitis ever again after this!!!

  83. I’m a 19 year old female. I had my tonsillectomy 12/12. It has been about 3 weeks. I stopped taking narcotics last week sometime, but Tylenol itself is not enough to help with my pain. My scabs started to fall off around day 8, but it just gets raw and rescabs. I still have scabs. I only stopped taking the narcotics because I had to be able to function as a human… drive and go to work mostly. I’ve been eating “solid” food, and by that I mean soft solids like burritos, for about a week. I had pizza the other night at work (I’m a nanny) because they didn’t have other options and I cried. The pizza sauce burned in my open wounds.
    I generally heal quickly (from like burns, cuts, normal injury) and I also tend to have a high tolerance for pain (I have 2 large tattoos, one on my rib cage and one on my lower stomach toward my hip) and neither caused pain, despite sitting in the chair for 9 hours between the two. I mean one time I burned my arm on a hot pan and didn’t notice until the skin was boiling and charred. I was definitely not expecting to have a hard time with this given those things. However, this is really kicking my butt.
    I came to this site wondering really what “recovery time” meant. Should I still have open wounds after 3 weeks?
    Note that I had my tonsils removed because of an infection I’d had since August so my immune system is probably sub-par, and my doctor cauterized rather than stitches

  84. I’m a 25yo male and got my tonsils out 8 days ago on the 19th of December (tis the season for tonsillectomies it looks like). My first surgery under general anaesthetic so I was leery but the procedure was easy and I had very little pain afterwards. Immediately once I got home I had a McDonalds meal and pretty much ate as normal with really not much difficulty at all. Even had a couple cheeky cigarettes that night and basically felt like I usually did save for some pain when swallowing and a hugely inflamed uvula that gagged me a bit. Waking up at night was occasionally quite painful but I stayed hydrated and didn’t have very many issues for the first four days. Was smoking regularly (and feeling guilty about it), my diet had not changed at all and I was even singing quite a bit around the house. Probably should have gone easier on it but the pain was low and I felt quite blessed to have such a good recovery. I was given 10mg morphine during the surgery and 10mg after but my guts can’t tolerate opioids very well so after that I stuck to paracetamol (acetaminophen) which has done the trick.

    Bit personal and gross here but I have some physiological issues with my bowels and do daily douche enemas so the daily #2 is a time of pretty reasonable physical exertion as well as very sensitive privacy and embarrassment, so I’ve been worried about triggering a bleed during those times (I also have a lot of anxiety around these normal human acts, so the idea of being in an ambulance-worthy situation during such a private affair has been scary). Basically this sort of happened on Friday ( the fourth day) when I had a significant bleed on one side. Got a cup out and probably bled about 100ml (3oz) of blood from my mouth. Was preparing to go to hospital but by the time my ride arrived the bleeding had stopped. Had a cigarette and went about my day with no issue.

    The Saturday was fine, the pain had been getting worse very slightly but was never less than manageable up to this point outside of maybe in the early mornings before I got up (stabbing pains in the neck, probably from a dry throat – water sorted them out – and LOTS of referred pain in the eardrums). Saturday night/Sunday morning (aka Christmas Eve & Christmas… happy holidays huh) woke up to take a piss at about 3am and hoiked into the toilet bowl, saw that I’d been spitting pure blood but in my half-asleep state was like “ain’t got time for this” so just swilled some water and went back to sleep. Luckily that bleed wasn’t very intense so I got to sleep fine, though Christmas itself was a pretty painful day and the first one so far that felt like what everyone else complains about. Lots of banging, throbbing referred pain in the ears and around the back of the jaw (though actually not very much pain in the throat itself). Parents roped me out for Xmas dinner so I ate quite a bunch, had a beer and a few cigs and got home full and tired with my throat and ears hurting quite a lot, hoping that the process was hurrying up and my scabs were starting to fall off (though I couldn’t notice much difference)

    Went to sleep around 10:30pm on the Sunday and woke up dazed and confused an hour later feeling like I had to spit real bad, so I went to the bathroom and promptly started haemorrhaging violently – much worse than the bleed on Friday (which could have been a ‘heralding bleed’, though it was on the opposite side of the Sunday bleed…hmm…). Both super tired and super scared I called up my mother to ask for a ride to the hospital while alternately spitting up blood and drinking cold water to try to stem the bleeding, which didn’t stop. I started spitting/gushing into a measuring cup, trying hard not to swallow much blood as I’d been told it would make you vomit, though at this point doing that was somewhat unavoidable so I was gagging heaps as well. Eventually the bleeding appeared to stop so I lit up a cig to quell my anxiety considering it didn’t restart the bleeding on Friday (bad idea) – immediately the bleeding started again, even worse. By this point I’d bled about 500ml (1 pint) and a lot of the blood in my mouth and throat had started clotting, making it harder to breathe without gagging. Ambulance came, took me to the hospital looking like texas chainsaw massacre, didn’t stop bleeding from around 11:30 to 1am or even later. Vomited a few times as well, thick black-red stuff, having swallowed a fair amount of blood accidentally. They gave me some anti-nausea stuff at the time apparently, though it must have been intravenous. Was put on a drip of tranexamic acid and saline to encourage my blood to thicken and clot faster and to replace my lost fluid, and had an on-call ENT guy stab me in the throat with a bit of adrenaline-soaked gauze on a stick (after spraying my throat with xylocaine, which tastes fucking disgusting). Luckily my heartrate and blood pressure didn’t vary much over this time (except when I was vomiting at which point it got up to 110bpm), to the doctors’ surprise because all up I lost about 2 litres (4.2 pints) of blood by the time the bleeding finally stopped in earnest. I begged the doctors to let me go home to sleep a few hours before I’d wake up considering my anxiety surrounding my bathroom routines, but they put their foot down and as a compromise offered to admit me to a private room with its own bathroom, which I accepted with major reservations but by that point it was about 5am and I desperately needed to sleep.Throughout this entire drama I had little to no pain.

    Anyway, I woke up after three hours, still on a tranexamic acid drip. Was on nil by mouth but I was stressing out about the impending bathroom odyssey so kept taking sneaky gulps of water. Was severely constipated from the anti-nausea meds/vomiting so the bathroom experience was apocalyptic and I had an anxiety attack, which they gave me diazepam for. This just made me grumpier and more alert, which I think was the opposite of the intended effect, though at least I stopped crying. The ENT came back and (as he should have been lol) was very judgmental and stern about the smoking etc and wanted to keep me for another 24 hours though I was desperate to sleep in my own bed that night after the terrible hospital experience and anxiety-inducing upheaval to my routines. I managed to strike a deal with him that if I didn’t bleed by 6pm I could get discharged, with the room kept for me til the morning if I relapsed while at home. He made a point of noting how pissed off he’d be if it happened again once I got home so I was immediately paranoid about setting off another bleed. My discharge papers noted that a large amount of the eschar/scab was missing from the left tonsil bed after the bleed, though there’s quite a large clotlike feature there now so I can’t really tell. I picked up prescriptions for tranexamic acid tablets, amoxicillin+clavulanic acid antibiotics and got some 3% hydrogen peroxide for good measure as I’d heard h2o2 gargles can help stem bleeds.

    It’s Tuesday now, 24 hours since I was discharged and I haven’t bled since. Today in fact I’ve had absolutely no pain – nothing – which has made me a bit suspicious. Basically just feel an inflammation in my throat which is slightly uncomfortable but even yawning doesn’t hurt today. Have been trying not to speak too much or move too quickly and have given my cigs and wallet to my parents so I’m not tempted to smoke for the coming week until most or all of the scabs are off and I’m out of the woods-bleeding wise. Now that I can’t smoke I’m just tempted to eat more so I’m trying to restrain myself. Deathly scared of another bleed happening as I don’t want to repeat the process again. So anyway, 8 days in, hardly any pain or change to lifestyle though 2 bleeds, one potentially life-threatening. So my recovery’s been a mixed bag I guess. The scabs still look reasonably thick, can only see pink through some spots. The ENT said my healing was going a lot slower than it would have been had I not been smoking.

    I realise that most people don’t post back once they’ve recovered so this site is basically a catalogue of tortured souls frozen for eternity in the depths of their worst pain… which hasn’t helped my paranoia because if anyone judged from the comments left on here adults with tonsillectomies would never recover. But I guess it’s gotta happen someday so I just hope it’s soon – guess I don’t have too much to worry about as I’ve experienced a fraction of the pain most have but I’m just scared of having another significant bleed (and getting yelled at by the ENT if I have to go back in).

  85. I am an 18 year old female, and I am on day 7 after my surgery, I can see improvement but I feel like I keep getting worse when it comes to drinking anything. Everything stings really bad and the only thing I can really drink/eat is chicken broth. Cold things aren’t really soothing my pain and I am worried I won’t recover in another week.

  86. I am a 45 year old female, and had my tonsils and adenoids out a week ago today. The day of surgery and the day after were a breeze for me. Day 3 the swelling started and it has gone downhill from there. Every day since day 4 I have been saying was the worst day so far. Yesterday was Christmas, and I cried all day. It hurts to talk, swallow, laugh, brush my teeth… and forget eating because I just can’t do it. The last 48 hours have been straight popsicles and room temperature water only. I have done everything I was instructed to do. I drink a LOT of water, stay beside my humidifier, and set my phone alarm to take my hydrocodone every 4 hours, and ibuprofen in between. I despise depending in these pain meds, but if I miss that 4 hour window by more than a few minutes, I pay for it for hours. As of last night, there seems to be much less scabbing in my throat, so maybe that is why my pain is increasing. I am utterly miserable. I have had 2 children, and would rather go through childbirth 10 days in a row than recover from this surgery. I know I will be glad that is did it at some point, but right now I am just getting through each hour and praying for the pain to start decreasing.

    1. I really feel for you. I was feeling like you not to long ago. I felt literally at rock bottom… sleep deprivation, lack of food, constant pain and being high on medication broke me. One day in particular I pretty much cried all day and it hurt to cry, then I’d cry even more because of the pain and frustration!

      Anyway today is exactly 2 weeks since my op and yesterday afternoon was the first time I managed to finish a plate of dinner and have a pudding! Today I’m pretty much eating as normal albeit a slight bit of pain but no where near as bad as it was.

      Reading your comment made me chuckle a little with your giving birth 10 times remark as that was exactly the same thing I said to my husband.

      It’s tough but in a few more days you should start feeling a bit better.

      Best wishes!

      1. Thank you so much. It’s nice that you understand, as some of my friends must think I am exaggerating, because I “should” be feeling so much better by now, they say. Until you go through it, you have absolutely no idea how intense it is!

  87. I’m 19 years old and had my tonsillectomy a week ago today so Friday dec 16th. I suffer from reoccurring several times a year severe swollen throats that are always just “viral” and occasionally strep. Today is day 8 and I’m just wondering when this pain is going to end…I’ve lost 8lbs so far from not being able to eat and the pain has gotten worse yesterday/today…what day did you notice a large difference in pain going away??? I almost regret this surgery… This is getting really old 🙁

  88. Hi all. Im a 30 year old female who has recently undergone the dreaded tonsillectomy on 12th December 16.

    7 days in and I feel at breaking point.

    The pain over the last couple of days has been the worst, yesterday in particular where I took myself back to A&E on 18th Dec as my Uvula (dangly bit in the back of your throat) had swollen so big in size I felt I was choking on it and was finding it harder to breath. Lucky me!!! apparently I have a slight infection even though I have been taking high strength antibiotics since my surgery (I don’t understand that). I was given a steroid shot and it brought the inflammation straight down and I was given another 7 days worth of antibiotics (I hate taking antibiotics)

    Today the pain has been better. I only managed to eat a small bowl of cereal this morning but fluids seem to be going down ok still but dont get me wrong its still a struggle. Although now I have a burning sensation everytime something touches the operated area.

    I think back to that glorious Monday 12th when I was laid up in hospital after my surgery (haha) when the consultant came to me and said…. ‘the pain will most likely not peak until 6-8 days and you will think to yourself why on earth you had this procedure’ at the time I sat there just nodding my head thinking yeah, yeah but he was totally right. It’s hell. Lack of eating, drinking and sleeping do not help with your mindset and I’m trying my best to keep calm but it has to be one of the top hardest things I’ve ever been through.

    I’m currently listing in my head when I can swallow pain free again which type of drink i will down a pint of first. The top choice is water but a close second is something fizzy and naughty like coke. Then I’m gunna seek me out the best restaurant in town and gorge myself! Having this surgery does make you appreciate food and water a lot more.

    So my question to all you lovely people who said they recovered from day 11, what does that mean? Does that mean you were pain free????

    If so I’m counting down the days!!!!!!

    Best wishes everyone! We’ll all get there 🙂

  89. I’m a 29 yo female. as a child I did suffer from tonsillitis constantly but living in P.N.G. , my dad was not going to let them take them out there. Everytime we traveled to Australia to visit Family he would try have them removed the but no one wanted to do it. so years later i no longer suffered from tonsillitis but my large scarred tonsils started to form tonsil stones ( Tonsilloliths ). very smelly yellow balls that would pop out of my tonsils. If I didn’t clean them out, my tonsils would become inflamed and infected. the only real solution to rid myself of this was to have a tonsillectomy. Im on day 5 post surgery and I honestly don”t feel any better. the pain is horrible. I Cant eat or Drink much and my vomiting caused a small bleed. I’m at a point where I wish I hadn’t gone through with it. I came here to read about other recovery stories but I guess everyone is different. I was aiming to head back to work on day 9 but I think im gonna have to call up the boss and say no can do.

    1. Thank you for sharing – I had mine removed for the same reason (swollen tonsils/tonsil stone issues).. I’ve also learned that swollen tonsils can be a leading cause in sleep apnea later in life if it goes untreated.

    2. Hi my name is sara and i had my out and am 30 and am on day 13 and i feel great a little pain but that it and am back to eat food and i feel great and i had tonlis stone so i got my out and i couldnt eat on the first 3 days cause it hurt so bad but now am eatting but it hurts a little but i still wont eat chips or anything that hard dont what to hurt it

  90. I’m 39/female and had my tonsils removed because of reoccurring tonsilities 12x in one year. I recovered by day 10 but during the time period it was extremely excruciating for me to tolerate the agony of swallowing plus the ear pain along with it. Felt like at the same time razor cutting my throat and my right ear. The oxycodone only helped to put me to sleep and hoping I would avoid to swallow. Regardless I kept drinking water to stay as hydrated as possible. The pain was severe that I had to go to ER to numb my throat as I’ve been terrified to eat anything or even drink for that matter. The scabs have slough off a lot by day 14. If you plan to get tonsillectomy done be prepared for long hours of darkness. I did kept my mind busy by cleaning house even though the meds kept putting me to sleep I was able to avoid doing too much activity. I mostly ate oatmeal, applesauce, sorbet, breakfast carnation drink. I lost 8lbs from not being able to eat enough due to painful swallowing even with taking meds. Day 15 I can tolerate swallowing without meds but have slowly eating solid food into smaller bites. I hope this cures me from constantly getting sick every month. Good luck to everyone.

  91. It is quite disturbing and frightening to see mostly negative comments about peoples experiences for tonsillectomy recovery. I am 21 years old and I had my tonsils taken out because i had 3 very severe tonsillitis in 4 weeks. The first time my right tonsil created an abcsess,the pain was extreme i lost 9kg as i could barely drink water for 4 days. I was alone in UK as i am an undergraduate student and my parents flew from home to see what’s happening as i couldnt talk for 3-4 days,i coulndt swallow the antibiotics so i was hospitalised for 2 nights with intravenus antibiotics which made me a lot better. I am telling this story because the pain i felt for 4 days from the abscess is way worse compared to the tonsillectomy pain.
    I am in day 6 post op. I am recovering smoothly with pain peaking to 5 out of 10 and going from 2-3 out of 10 during the recovery. Even though day 1 and 2 were a bit difficult due to the recovery of the anesthesia i could eat and drink with not so many difficulties,not what i expected to be. The doctor said to me that day 5 will be the worst but i guess he was wrong. I keep getting better but i believe 10-14 days will be the perfect recovery period. I don’t really think i am an exception but on the other hand i got used to the pain as the abcsess gave me 7-9 out of 10 pain.
    Keep going strong,drink and eat as it will help in the healing.

    1. Thanks Minos- It’s great to hear a story that’s not so bad. I’ve often wondered if those with the toughest recoveries are more apt to write. Mine was brutal and I created an entire website! lol. Take care!

  92. I am now on day 8 post op, having had my tonsillectomy done in a private hospital in Australia.
    I have been eating normally since day 1 (as instructed by Specialist) & drinking at least 2 litres of water a day. Eating is still a struggle but worth the pain as i feel much stronger & generally quite well. I was only taking Panadol for pain until day 6 & have taken nothing since.
    As a mother i have been doing the school run, cooking, cleaning as normal since day 2.
    The worst part for me has been lack of sleep due to waking regularly to drink. And loosing my voice completely for the first 5 days – it has returned now but still croaky & sore if i talk too much!
    Planning to be back to work on Monday (day 10).
    All in all the pain & suffering will be worth it to never have to suffer tonsillitis as regularly as i have done.
    Hope this helps!

  93. I had my tonsils removed 7 days ago, and I can honestly say that this has been the most painful experience in my life. I’m a 24 year old woman, and I feel like I’m losing my mind. I’ve barely gotten any sleep, I’m nauseous, hungry, and just tired of being in bed. It hurts to eat, so I mostly just sip water instead. However, my pain medication makes me sick to my stomach on occasion, due to it being empty, and I’ll vomit. Not fun. None of this is fun. I wouldn’t wish this even on my worst enemy!

  94. So my biggest question is are you able to talk? If I run a one person office where its just me if I limit my talking is there anyway I can only miss about 5 days of work, I am 51 years old and I am terrified, that I will not be able to do this surgery as it could cost me my job being out of work that long

  95. I’m 28, female, UK. As far as I’m aware, my tonsils were cauterized and I had it done privately.

    It seems the post-op advice they give you over here is different to that in the US. I’ve been signed off work for 2 weeks and was told on the day of my surgery to eat as normal, drink as much as possible and avoid acidic foods.

    This is day 6 for me and these past 2 days have been agony. Days 1-4 went from bad to better with no pain or experience TOO notable. But I woke up yesterday (day 5) no longer able to eat without extreme pain in my jaw and ears which radiates round my head. I’m glad that I ate as normal days 1-4 because I’d be shrivelled up by now.

    I’ve had this really thick saliva for days as well which is horrid. Constantly want to spit it out but I know that I should be trying to swallow and keep my throat moist as much as possible.

    The mornings are the worst if I’ve slept with my mouth open (which I generally do) because my throat has subsequently dried out. I THINK my scabs have mostly fallen off by now because it feels different today. It’s still all white but more smooth and empty looking at the back of my throat.

    I’m hoping that by day 8 I will be over the worst of it and notice a massive difference. I’ve been out of the house only once in 6 days and done as little as possible. Yes, it’s extremely depressing and disorienting to be cooped up inside and be almost totally inactive, however I think it’s worth it to avoid infection or unnecessary stress to the wounds (I’m EXTREMELY paranoid about bleeding).

    One thing I will say that I have not noticed anyone else trying – which I believe has helped to soothe me at times – is eating a couple of small teaspoons of a good, pure honey. Not a cheap blend, but a good pure one from an apiary (these are easily accessible at any standard supermarket). Honey is known, and has been used for centuries, to be a great healing product and has been used for open wounds externally on the body with great effects. I thought that if it works externally, it can work in my throat as well. It has definitely been soothing, at least.

    I suffered with tonsillitis since the age of 7 and had it twice in quick succession in May of this year. The first episode ended in a stay overnight in hospital with quinsy, which I never wanted to get again. That’s why I went to get reffered to have them taken out. At this stage, I’m wondering why on earth I did it, but I know it will be worth it in the long term. No more loss of earnings, no more ruined dates, no more worrying about being laid up in bed for 2 weeks on horrible antibiotics every time I feel a sore throat coming on.

    I think everyone’s healing process is different but I think I’m having a pretty standard time – as painful as it is right now!!

    Good luck everyone, we are in this together and it’s time worth suffering – or so I’m told!!

  96. I am on day 6 of my recovery now and I see no changes.
    When I woke up from my surgery I played around in my mouth (While still feeling the effects of Morphine (I wouldn’t dare to do that now)) and I managed to eat a whole box of chicken nuggets from macdonalds about 30 minutes after being released.
    The first night and the second day were excruciating, the pain is unbearable and still is, but I was on 60mg of codeine and 1g of Paracetamol every 4 hours accompanied with an anaesthetic throat spray. I ran out of codeine on day 5 and had to resort to over the counter Codeine which gives me 1g of paracetamol and a measly 16mg of Codeine (Co-Codamol), plus the fact that it is effervescent meaning it has a high salt content means taking the actual Co-Codamol burns my throat to pieces. One noticeable change from the day of surgery to now is that the pain is different, it’s more intense, but different. It is now more of a bruising pain rather than a constant searing burn pain. No blood yet thank god, and I am eating nothing but soup and baby food pouches with loads of iced water, but I’ve even had to cut the chicken soup out today because the Sodium seems to be getting to me now. Sleeping has been horrible too, wish I had money or a supporting family to get a humidifier! The best thing to do I find when sleeping is to sleep upright with your neck in a relaxed position and set an alarm for every 4 hours to drink a pint of ice water and take pain meds, other than that sleep isn’t your friend at the moment.

    I am 18, male and had my surgery done in the UK in a private hospital.

  97. Just got mine out earlier today at 10:00 i don’t really know how to feel , the pain is kinda annoying and the pain medicine isn’t lasting long enough for me and swallowing is getting difficult . I hope it gets just a little better in the next couple days or I don’t know what I’m gonna do with myself

    1. Hang in there!! I just had mine out about 3 weeks ago. The pain is extreme but around day 10 you’ll feel better again. It will get worse before it gets better unfortunately. It was a strange recovery. I actually stopped pain meds all around on day 4 because they were making me nauseous. Started ibuprofen and tylonel every 6 hours. Ibuprofen I found to be better than pain meds actually. Drink lots of fluids, maybe even set an alarm every two hours to drink fluids and take care of yourself!

  98. I had mine out 8 days after Jake and i am a 13 year old male and let me say i barely talk barely eat and i hate fluids so i only drink about 3 cups of water a day. I am on my 6th day of recovery and it sucks even tho i have heard much worse stories i dont know exactly how quick this recovery will be. People say after a week you feel better but im not feeling it. I mean 6 days in and it still hurts… But i never threw up after surgery but i did have some stomach pain. It hurts to turn my hear and i have alternating pain in my tonsils. MORNINGS ARE THE WORSTT!! I recommend waking up drinking some water eating eggs or cream of wheat then take pain medications ASAP then finish that water from earlier that pretty much takes out most of the pain for the time period. I feel as if the pain doesnt hit me as much as others i just hope for a quick recovery. I hope this helps somebody and i will post again when i am all healed

    1. It is now my 15th day of recovery and im eating anything i want and i have been since about the 11th day. I rode my bike on the 9th day and that really helped because the quicker you get into routine that faster you heal and it worked like a charm. I had a graduation party my tenth day and i had chicken and pulled pork and anything i wanted. I just recommend doing things as early as you can because you heal quicker

  99. I had my tonsils removed last Friday. Let me just say I wish I got them removed sooner, and I’m only 13. The last week was hell for me! Before I’ve fractured my back, broke my hand, had many teeth pulled, had a bone sist, and I had my spline removed and tonsils by far is the worst pain I will ever know. I don’t think I am close to recovery because I am on day 6. I am barely able to eat, sleep, drink, and talk. I am having a lot of food cravings that are killing me. Seeing food commercials are the worst. I am taking pain pills (vikaden) idk how to spell it) and I don’t want to take them because it absolutely hurts my mouth. My surgeon said my tonsils were in the top 1% in size. Idk if size of the tonsils matter but it seems like it. I’ve puked three time last night, and that was hell. There is pain all around my throat, jaw, and ears. I hate it. Something that I found easier to consume liquids is taking a serringe and putting it back behind your what once were your tonsils and squirting it in the back of your mouth. I’ve been eating cream of wheat, applesauce, jello, pudding, Raman noodles, Mac n cheese, Alfredo and mashed potatoes. I know that it seems like a lot but I’ve been consuming very little of each. I don’t recommend drinking anything milk based drinks because I makes more mucus in your mouth and makes it harder to swallow. I haven’t been yawning! But I’ve started coughing a lot the last two days. Idk if I had the worst of it yet but it deffinatly feels like it. I have become depressed. I want to wake up tomorrow and have all the pain be gone and dig my jaws into a well cooked juicy fat peice of steak. I like to do things to keep my mind of the pain like reading or doing math. I cry even tho it makes it worse. I hate sleeping cause when I wake up my mouth is dry and painful. I don’t have much taste at all and my tongue is white and swollen. I’ve been communicating with my parents through text because it hurts to open my mouth. The medicine I’m taking makes me dizzy, and I hate it. I recommend staying hydrated or else it’s 10 time worse. I consider my self with a high pain tolerance but this surgery defiantly made me rethink that😂. What I’ve been doing basically all since my surgery is laying on the couch watching tv. I hate the smell of food cooking because I know I can’t have any. I regret getting my tonsils removed. It seems like it will never end. I would kill to be out of this pain. I have noticed myself becoming increasingly angry at my siblings. I am so miserable. Honestly I would rather have strept 4 times a year by now. I’m a male btw

  100. I just got my tonsils out Tuesday morning (June 7th). The first 2 days were peanuts. Each day the pain has been getting slowly worse. However I still haven’t taken any of the oxycodene that they prescribed. The pain is tolerable and more annoying & uncomfortable than anything. I haven’t been sleeping well at all which has been making me exhausted. I have a high pain tolerance & as long as it keeps like this I think I can manage. I have the grossest taste in my mouth from the cauterizing it literally tastes like the smell of burnt hair. I can’t wait til this is over all I can think about is all the different foods I want to eat. Hoping everything goes smoothly from here. Luckily I’ve been having a good recovery so far aside from the uncomfortableness.

  101. I am on Day 8 and have had no improvements. I am worried that my scabs will never fall off as they are still thick and white. This has dragged on so much pain has slowly increased for me every day and it’s getting me incredibly down. I have strong pain meds and am taking endone every 3-4 hours and haven’t missed on lot yet and it isn’t doing anything anymore. I’m 19 and had a few surgeries before but this is far the worst recovery. Someone please tell me when I’ll notice some improvement.

  102. My name is Carolyn and I am at 19 year old college student. When my ENT informed me that my tonsils needed to come out he recommended I stay home for the summer as opposed to taking summer classes at my college. I followed his advice, feeling it was a bit overkill, BUT BOY I WAS WRONG. I am on day 7, 1:20am chewing ice and pressing an ice pack to my neck. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy! My family had been very surprised because I have an incrediblely high pain tolerance, but this has whooped me. The day of my surgery everything went perfect! I woke up perfectly, received pain meds in my IV and went home. That night was a living hell. My mom and I soon learned I cannot take Loratab. It makes me VERY hyper and agitated. So I was up all night with no pain relief. I got some Oxy and have been doing good with that. The REAL magic is in the “MAGIC MOUTHWASH”!! It has numbing medication in the liquid and it’s so wonderful. Buy bags of ice from Sonic, Zaxbys ect; always have a cold press and heating pad handy. Take it easy, don’t EVER get over heated wether in the shower or moving because you will get sick. Rest up! You are in for a ride!!

  103. Im 20 years old and had my tonsils taken out 7 days ago. (May 11 2016). Days 1-4 really werent that bad. Took pain medication every four hours as persrcibed. Even managed to eat mashed potatoes, corn, and beans. I also left the house for about an hour or two each day to get some fresh air. Ears not bothering me and able to get almost a full nights rest each night. Other than that I relaxed and stayed in bed watching movies and staying very very HYDRATED. Days 5-6 however have been terrible. Scabs fell off leaving a burning sensation every time I try to drink or swallow. Finally had a melt down today, just wish I could sleep for the next week until I feel better. Ears still not hurting though. Cant really sleep. Still trying to stay very hydrated and managed to eat half of a very soft enchilada. I suppose in comparison to other people my recover really hasnt been all that bad, but I definitely think staying on top of liquids and pain medication has helped. Every time I think I’ll manage without them the pain gets worse. All I can really say is even when you wake up in the middle of the night drink water! When you think about it, drink water! Im not talking yet (or at least it hurts to do so) but hoping to be able to do so on day 12. Have a plane to catch tomorrow which should be interesting…

    1. I got the surgery same day! i count the day of surgery as day 1 so now it is after 12 am so it is m 9th day. day 1 and 2 was not really that bad i just thought this is one of those typical sore throat i used to get, slept a lot and took medicine as instructed and was not in much pain. overnight i did have fever because i was dumb and talked a lot to my mother which made my throat to swell and develop fever. day 3, i decided eat some bagel because ive been craving them and took small bites each and had them. i did take tylenol for fever and it brought my temperature down to normal. i might have gotten my scabs to fall out from eating bagel and some meat when i went to church that night, but i was not bleeding, just burning pain. day 3-4 was just really bad 4th day i woke up in pain, didn’t get much sleep. had to take my painkiller with tylenol pm to get few hrs of sleep then extra strength tylenol during day time with painkiller to handle the pain. day 5-6 was not as bad, mixing two med has kept me sleeping at night (i wake up once every night to use bathroom; also when i take med again and hydrate). been eating boiled rice for couple days nice more scabs fell but was not as painful. Then day 7, i woke up with horrible burning pain it is probably from throat being dried over night although i drink lots of water. had to wait till med kicked in before i had meat; it was thin and i chewed it until almost liquid. i may have few more scabs fall out because i had this incredible burning sensation around night time, couldn’t really eat dinner but i did have frozen yogurt and ice in between. took another med and im just waiting for med to kick in so i can sleep a little. i was planning to go to work during recovery since i work on campus and it is summer break; hence not much to do but my body required more rest and sleep than i expected so i skipped work all week and literally stayed in bed most of times except once or twice this week to meet my bf. my summer course started and i haven’t had chance to really do much hw or assignment. I already have chronic depression but jeez this made me feel like it will never end and i’ll always be in pain and never get to eat normal food. it is miserable! i just want to sleep till day14 or whenever this pain is all gone! hopefully day 9 and upcoming days will be soooo much better!

  104. Im 24. Had a tonsilectomy on the 28/4/16. Initially all was good other then a bit of uvula swelling which was irritating more then painful. Was eatinf solids straight away. I was very tired though which is normal after an operation. Spent all the first week sleeping. day 2 i spiked a fever and was given higher dose antibiotics. Day 6 noticed bad pain after eating (particualrly acidic food) radiatinf straight to the right over). Day 6-8 were awful because of it. But started improvinf after that. The pain decreased each day. On day 15 i sneezed and opened up my wounds bleeding quite heavily. Went to the emergency department given transamic acid and hydrogen peroxide mouth wash which stopped it. Got sent to see an ENT dr who put a camera down my nostril saying the bleedings stopped and i can go home or stay in hosptial. I prefered home rather foolishly. Roll onto 4 am day 16 and i wake up having choked on fresh bleeding. Rushed to the emergency department for the same treatment which stopped it (the bleeding is very heavy if it happens. It wont be streaks of blood. Itll be spitting out mouth fulls of blood and clots every fer seconds). transfered to see ent who have kept me in over night which is where im at now. Pain is fine though. Just dont sneeze!!!!! My throught looks much better with most cauterisation white bits gone. So far ive had 2 weeks of sick leave and am now probably gunna be off for another

  105. I have no pain at all. when I swalled solid diet I feel pain.then I started to drink juice only. but firstday was horrible.

    I am feeling better now. recovery day 4th day from operation.

  106. I’m 27 and am finishing day 7 after my tonsillectomy. Worst. Pain. Of. my. life. There is absolutely no way to describe it. I had tonsil stones pretty bad, so I got my tonsils out. I’m not saying I regret doing it, I’m just saying I would rather go through labor again than have this surgery. The actual surgery went fine, and the first day my pain was only about 5/10. Days 3-5 were the absolute worst. 6 started getting a bit better, and today so far is the least excruciating. I had early bleeding on day 3 & went to the ER. They were no help. My bathroom sink looked like someone murdered a hamster. For 6 days I was literally incapacitated. I laid in bed all day, every day. The pain meds barely did anything for the pain, but sure made me sick, dizzy, and nauseous! I feel like it only helped with ear pain, which also makes me nauseous, and it would wear off after about 2 hours. Forget about sleep. Once your throat Dries out, that’s the end of it. It feels like some sort of tiny animal trying to claw it’s way out of your throat. And food? What’s food… I’m STARVING. I can’t eat anything without it feeling like I’m swallowing nails or glass. I just… I don’t know a word strong enough to describe the feeling. The ear pain just intensifies everything. Like the constant feeling that your ears want to pop, mixed with someone shoving an ice pick in there. The only relief I seem to get is from staying hydrated. Also, putting an ice pack on my neck area where the tonsils were, helps to calm the swelling. Otherwise, I got nothin. To anyone pondering this surgery, good luck, and God speed.

    1. It’s day 8 for me and the effects have me up at 3:25am suffering.. This pain is from hell and I cannot take it. Today I tried to eat a baked potato ( once it cooled down) and that took me into a pain attack. I would have rather my neck detach from my shoulders so I could not feel it anymore. Since the scabs have come off ( some of them) everything I eat hurts, burns my throat. I am trying to stay hydrated and the ice pack on the neck trick helped me aswell. No bleeding, vomit, or dizziness. Just bad PAIN.. OHHH how can I forget the EAR PAIN. My ears feel like swimmers ear infection.. Combine the throat pain with the ear pain and that’s my experience. Hope I get better before my B-day on Aug 6th I want to have a party lol 😂

  107. I’m a 30 y/o female on day 11 after my tonsillectomy. Everything up to this point has been a breeze. Starting day 7-8 starting have really bad pains on one side. I was afraid maybe I broke my stitches or something. Cold & hot stuff would burn like the dickens and it would be excruciating pain in my ear. Today I went to my doctor for a post op & he said I’ve actually healed faster than expected and I was not on any eating restrictions now. I do still need to take pain meds tho. He said take them until the pain stops. The side that is hurting is open, meaning the scab is gone, which in turn causes the pain when I get something in it. I’m hope day 12 – 16 will only get better. Until then, I have hydrocodone at night & liquid Tylonel during the day so I can go to work.

    Another note, this website & the forum posts have been so helpful. It has aloud me to know what to expect some.

  108. My situation seems fairly normal. Pain at the end of every pain relief cycle and felling that the pain relief was no longer working. I am on day 7 and had a better sleep last night but I still haven’t eaten anything really. This has caused me to loose 16lb in a week. Just cant face the pain eating causes. Trying to drink as much as possible but this is still excruciatingly painful. I can only hope things will get better soon. Good luck. X

  109. I had my tonsils and adenoids removed on Feb 20. The first day was a blur as the medical staff had me well medicated for the return home. I stayed up on all my meds through day 5 and was very comfortable. It wasn’t as though I was 100%, but I felt like about 75% of myself. So much so that I tried eating more normal foods. Around day 7, the mucus really set in and the frustration increased. Water and sports drinks didn’t seem to help but you are not to try to cler your throat. Food was the only thing I found to really clear it all out for a bit. Day 9, I woke to severe ear and neck pain. The pain is dizzying and very uncomfortable. I am looking forward to relief as I find this to be the most difficult period thus far. My diet has been broth with VERY soggy crackers, Apple sauce, and Jello for the first 5 days. Later, I added scrambled eggs, Lipton extra noodle soup, and soggy cereals. About day 7, I started to eat. Small portions of soft foods like turkey lunch meat, avocado, mashed potatoes, peas, ramen noodles, etc. Small portions means I had maybe 3 or 4 bites a meal but it was better than a liquid diet. So far, the worst has been the 2ND week but it is survivable and I agree with taking 2 weeks off for recovery.

    1. My surgery was delayed and I wound up having it Tuesday. Omg. This is bad. So so so bad. But I think the reason I made it this far is from day one I’ve been pushing water water water!!!

  110. Male age 44 tonsillectomy.
    Immediately post op. I was in a lot of pain which was only just dealt with by oromorph. I was close to being admitted to the High Dependency Unit for IV morphine. I was kept in hospital overnight.
    The next day the pain had subsided and I was given ibuprofen and paracetamol to take home, prescribed by the surgeon.
    The only thing that helped the pain was some ice cream.
    The pain day 2 and 3 was 3/10, nothing worse than a normal sore throat and I was able to eat reasonably normally.
    Day 4 I woke with my throat in much more pain. I had very dense scabs in tonsil spaces, some of which sloughed off after a bit of food. Swallowing became painful.
    Day 5 the pain was now up to a 9/10 and the meds. had no effect. Not sleeping and unable to eat or drink. Swallowing sips of water was excruciating.
    Day 6 early hours the pain was 10/10 and almost unbearable. Couldn’t even think and was desperate. Went back to emergency dept. at hospital. Put on IV paracetamol drip and Diclofenac with oral liquid co-codamol. Pain then eased to bearable level in emergency room.
    Prescribed 1000mg tablets of co-codamol, 50mg Diclofenac, anaesthetic throat spray and advised to also take Tramadol when pain was bad. Also given antibiotics in case of any infection.
    Day 7-9 pain was 10/10 unless I took all the prescribed meds. which completely knocked me out, either to sleep or floating around the room. Was scared to sleep as this dried out my throat and when I woke it felt like my throat was being blow torched, until the next meds. took effect.
    Days 10-11 had the pain slowly easing off enabling me to drop my meds dosage, come off the Tramadol and co-codamol. Finally being able to eat small amounts of food, though swallowing still very painful.
    Day 12 had the pain drop to a background of 4/10 and meds. down to 2 Diclofenac a day.
    Day 13 was first day I started to feel a bit like myself. Energy levels returning and able to do some normal low level activities but still with background pain around 3/10.
    Day 14 was the first day background pain occasionally became unnoticeable, though swallowing still hurt but only at a level around 3/10.
    Day 15 was first day without and meds. Occasional background pain with swallowing at level of 2/10. Able to eat and drink normally for the first time.
    Day 16 and 17 has background pain only on waking up for around first half hour. Swallowing pain getting slightly better each day. Able to function normally.
    Overall, a much worse recovery than anticipated, with several days where even swallowing was so painfull I couldn’t eat or drink anything – getting dehydrated and an unbearable background pain, taking me back into hospital. The only answer was to get so dosed up on painkillers I was completely spaced out.
    Now on Day 17 and still recovering, with typical sore throat level pain when swallowing.
    Scabs now just thin covering of tonsil spaces. Uvula almost back to normal size.

  111. I’m 57 and had a tonsillectomy for stones and snoring. Recovery was fairly smooth but eeven after over 5 weeks my back palate still feels rough. No pain, just a feeling of having to hack and spit something out. Feels like it goes up into my nasal cavity. I heard tonsillectomy in adults can be rough with a long recovery and mine was no exception.

  112. Im going on 3weeks since surgery I feel ok now still get pain but nothing I cant handle and I had the same problem with feeling like something was stuck in the back of my throat and I was told it the uvula the thing that hangs from the roof of your mouth mine was so swollen and all I wanted to do was swallow which made the pain worse … it does get better good luck and hopefully you have a fast revovery

    1. Thank you it really hurts when I try to swallow now but so far I’ve been alright and I’m even going to attempt going to school tomorrow. Hopefully it works out alright

  113. I am 17 years old and I just had a tonsillectomy Tuesday December 30. At first I was ok. I was able to talk but my throat was a little bit sore and I had a horrible taste in my mouth. I was also very dizzy and could barely walk. I got home and I was really hungry so I tried to eat noodles it was going fine but then I started feeling nauseated so my mom gave me one of the pills that’s supposed to help with that. Needless to say it made it worse I wound up throwing up in the hallway. That hurt like heck. Pain didn’t hit me really badly until the day after my surgery. Then it was unbearable. I would feel better and then it would come back feeling 10x worse. Then on New Year’s Eve I wanted to watch fireworks and I was feeling pretty good so my parents let me. I regretted it the next day because I woke up at 3:00 in the morning crying my throat was hurting so bad. The past few days I’ve been able to eat a few solid things. I actually found that if you eat cabbage while its still warm it works wonders for your throat. This morning I woke up crying again but this time it was because not only was my throat hurting but it feels like there’s something stuck in my throat and it hurts really bad when I swallow. Does anyone know what it is?

  114. I’m 17 and I had my tonsils out on Dec. 23 so I am on day 7 now. The first few days weren’t so bad because of the pain meds but then I decided I had to get off it around day 4 or 5 because it was making me so naseuous and confused. Right now the pain isn’t that bad (I’m taking Tylenol every 6 hours) but I am worried about my lack of appetite and anxiety. I have lost about 10 pounds so far (which hasn’t hurt me as I can stand to shed a few) but I am worried about not getting enough nutrition because I hardly eat. I’m also having a lot of anxiety, especially when I am trying to get to sleep. I get to the point of being almost asleep and then I wake up feeling panicked and it takes me a while to get back to sleep. Was wide ring if anyone else was having these problems or knows when my appetite will start to come back? Thanks

  115. I got my tonsillectomy done on the 19th of December 2014 because I had tonsil stones and my tonsils would always swell up whenever I got sick or stressed out. AND MAN OH MAN, I thought I knew what I was getting myself into after reading all these experiences but I was so wrong.
    First day after the surgery everything was fine, no bleeding, sore throat but pretty tolerable. I was out for 2 hours after the procedure and was pretty woozy. I got home, took my meds (which hurt to swallow) and went to bed waking up at the right times for medication.
    2nd day, pain progressed. Was on fluids because nothing else could enter.
    3rd-4th day pain was the worst…i couldnt see an end to this. I havent spoken since the procedure nor eaten solid foods.
    by the end of the first week the pain was still there when i swallowed anything but not as terrible. still couldn’t speak. First week sucks basically. Just expect to do nothing.

    Right now I’m on my 11th day and the worst part is the scabs. Youd think after the scabs have formed, the pain would be less but once those things start falling off it’s the worst. I wake up at night from the pain in my throat that reaches my ears and there’s no calming it. Just gotta wait for it to subside. It is so painful and depressing. These scabs are SOB’s man. Cold water is my enemy because it hits the scabs and the perfect spot that brings back the pain. I stopped the pain meds about three days ago because they were making me nauseous and constipated lol. Now Im on extra strength tylenol which my doctor suggested.
    I have a doctors appointment tomorrow for my 2nd post op.
    This surgery sucks guys. Like really sucks. Im hoping by the end of this week I’ll feel better. JUST NO MORE SCAB PAIN PLEASE.
    Its like a sickness that won’t go awat and Im bored of it!
    For those planning this surgery, just know that reading about it is not the same as experiencing it. Its just…I can’t even describe it enough.
    A knee surgery would have been less of a hassle lol.

    1. update: it’s been 3 days since I wrote this and it’s like night and day. I feel 100 times better and just a small scab on the back of my tongue on one side. My doctor said I should be back to normal within a few days!
      Also I forgot to mention, I’m 22 years old.

      1. i just got a tonsillectomy on monday the 29th and boy am i in a lot of pain 🙁 i am 23 years old and am acting like a huge baby! i had the same issue as you with the tonsil stones and my tonsils were always inflamed so it was time for them to come out. Today is my 4th day and by reading your comments i am dreading the “scabs”. The only foods I can sort of tolerate is oatmeal, chicken noodle soup (cut up) and rice. I have lost 5lbs so far so I guess it could be a good thing, haha. What day are you on again? And how do you feel? I am a nanny and supposed to return back to work on monday but not sure if that will happen..

  116. Hi I’m 18 years old and just had a T&A on Monday. Lucky enough I’m on Christmas break from university and I was able to request two weeks off of work for recovery. To say this has been the worst experience of my life is an understatement. I was prepared for pain and discomfort..but not this excruciating and unbearable. I was experiencing such pain in my ears neck and throat on Christmas Eve I went to the ER only to have them prescribe me new meds and send me on my way. I’ve hardly ate anything since Monday and when I have it’s been only Popsicles. The Pain meds don’t work and I’ve grown accustomed to just tolerating the pain, it’s more of an annoyance at this point…I’m on day 6 of recovery and feel no end in sight and I don’t know if it’s the pain meds, the isolation or the lack of food, its making me so depressed. I just want it to end. The worst part is this taste in my mouth. I’ve read about a foul taste but no one has seemed to emphasize on it..It is TERRIBLE. The best anaogly would be a rotting decaying dead animal. It’s awful. It’s so strong and pugnant. I don’t know what to do to relieve myself from this pain…. Does anyone have any suggestions? Has anyone else dealt with this? sos

  117. Im on day 7 and im miserable im so hungry and still in so much pain and when I swallow it feels like there is something stuck in my throat and cant swallow it down im thinking its that thing that hangs from the roof of your mouth idk I cant stand cold stuff as ive tried plenty times to eat it but it does nothing for me also hiccups are by far the worst I cried because I had them so bad and btw im 27

  118. tonsils out wed. today is saturday. i’m 61 . jaw aches, teeth ache, ears ache. found that 800 mg ibuphrophen (spelling?) helped a lot…more than percocet, oxy etc.

  119. I just had my tonsils out yesterday, and im looking for a little help/info. Is it normal to choke on thin liquids like water.

    1. Just an update. I cqlled my dr, and they told me to take benadrly. Im allergic to prednisone, so they,couldnt give me that for swelling. By the end of the day, my tongue no longer hung out of my mouth, and i could swallow reasonable things.

      1. Yes, it’s normal to choke a little on fluids initially. It’s important to keep drinking, hard as it may be to swallow. I found that ice chips/pellets were a lifesaver.

        For swelling, use ice packs around the clock. Really helped me.

  120. despite my first 2 days being horrible i am at the end of day 3 and have not felt any pain today other than when i tried to eat a cabbage roll. is this normal to be pain free so early? i think the reason i may be responding so well is because i have been forcing myself to eat and drink. i ate pork steak while crying last night but i think eating real food helps. also gargling salt water is amazing, i am 21 btw

  121. Hello, I’m 20 years old and had my tonsillectomy 16 days ago. The first week was hell, and then some. The second week may have been even worse. Not because of the pain, but because of the blood. I lost about a cup of blood in 3 days. I was really worried and went to the hospital the first time I stated to bleed. The doc at the hospital suctioned out the clot and sent me on my way saying I was fine. The next time I was bleeding it stopped right after I got up and I only lost about 1/4 of a cup of blood. The next time I started bleeding, I lost about a half a cup and we tried to get a hold of my EMT. They never called me back so finally, fed up and thinking I’m going to die, I just went to my EMT’s office. He saw me and reassured me that I wasn’t going to die and told me that if I bleed again to go back to the hospital so they can recauterize my wound. He also told me that with the 20 something years he’s been doing the surgery, he’s never had a bleeder after day 14. Luckily I’ve been 3 days without bleeding, however I still have the blood taste in my mouth and think I’m going to die. Maybe I’m just paranoid now. I would never recommend this surgery to anybody. The worst thing ever. If I could go back in time, I would.

  122. Hello. I am on day 7. What a horror! Im 32 yrs old. Never had so much pain!
    I woke up with a cold this morning. What do i do now?
    I sleep 1-2 hours a day. So soooo tired!

  123. I’ve just had my tonsils out yesterday. Just found this forum today, kinda makes me scared of what is to come but at least I won’t be surprised! I can only talk in a hoarse whisper. So mostly I just don’t talk. I am finding that TOO MUCH swallowing seems to make the pain worse. Def talking does! I usually have my 2 yr old grandson but without being able to talk it would be hard to have him here. Was hoping he could come back by tomorrow or Thursday at latest but from what I’m reading it seems it will be next week earliest. Hopefully it won’t take more than 10 days, we have a 6 day trip to the desert planned on 9/10!

      1. Sounds like a good idea for when we are actually inside but we will be all day actually out on desert launching rockets. Guess lots of water will be my friend! Actually it already is as I drink two 64oz containers a day usually. But with it being so painful to swallow I have drastically cut back..gues I better work on getting that back up there. Lots of yogurt, froyo, and slurpees so far but I cut out sugar months ago so now I’ve had more sugar in the past 2 days than I usually have in a month! That even aggravated the throat, too much sugar. I’ll go further back in these forums for more tips over next few days too. If I eat too much cold stuff that hurts too. Gotta find a happy medium

        1. I strongly suggest that if you eat frozen yogurt DO NOT put toppings on it! Especially coconut flakes. Got pineapple froyo and put shredded coconut on it and it gets struck in all the places where I have scabs forming. NOT a good feeling!

  124. I’m on day 9. Still in so much pain. The main thing is hunger. I’m so damn hungry. I was prescribed one bottle of Difflam but I’m on my third. Ice pops are great. I’m drinking a lot of milk with ice in it for the protein to fill me up but I spend the next couple of hours feeling nauceaus afterwards. I keep a spit cup by my bed to constantly spit the excess saliva in to as swallowing it makes my stomach full of it which makes me even more nauceaous. It’s my birthday today, ugh. I just want it to end. I want to get some sleeping pills or something as I wake up three times a night. God help me I never want to see another spit cup again. Sorry to be moany but it’s 6am and I still haven’t slept. Buy 2 ice packs. Put one on your neck and when that warms up the other one will be ready to go with rotation.

  125. I’m 29 and this is day 5 post surgery. I know it will hurt like hell to drink but ice water and lots of sleep seem to do the trick. I wake up each morning about 2 am in pain but I simply take my medicine and hop in the shower. Seems to relax my body from the pain and I’m able to sleep. I found sleeping up right in a recliner or your bed is the best sleep position. Glad I got this done! Can’t wait to eat something! GOOD LUCK hope this helps.

  126. Hey,
    I am a 20 year old female from NZ and I had a tonsillectomy done 8 days ago! Like most people I did my research on this procedure but in all honesty nothing could prepare me for what it was going to be like. I have had my fare share of surgerys over the years e.g Rhinoplasty, shelf osteotomy, had my ears pinned back and so on and with all that came alot of pain! But this operation has to be by far the worst one yet.
    Day 1: I had my surgury done at night so I was lucky to be able to stay in hospital over night and have a nurse look after me. I was quite sore in recovery and very nauseous but they soon made that go away.
    Day 2: I woke up In alot of pain! Usually in NZ nurses would give you Morphine for the pain but I am unfortunately allergic to it so the next best thing is Tramadol… but recently due to a prior procedure we had found out I am also allergic to it! Unfortunately for me I didnt notify the nurse and he gave me Tramadol…. the nausea kicked in and so did the vomiting. This was soon corrected and I was discharged and on my way home.
    Day 3 and 4: I was so tired and hungry, my throat was in so much pain and my jaw and tounge were very swollen( felt like I had been beaten up). I was taking a liquid paracetamol, liquid antibiotics, Codeine and Voltarin rapid every 8 hours for the swelling. Fair to say my stomach hated me, and regular vomiting was added to my list of pain, yay.
    Day 5: was good throughout the day and things were looking up, I had stopped taking the liquid paracetamol as we figured out it has something in it that doesn’t agree with me and replaced it with Parafast. I had been drinking a cold gatorade all day to give me some energy and managed to eat a tostie. Night time was the worst time yet! I couldn’t sleep because Parafast has caffeine in it and I had been drinking gatorade which also has caffeine in it, because I was so energized none of my pain killers were working, I had a really dry throat because I refused to swallow my phlegm! Fair to say day 5 was the worst night by far! Meds have changed for a 3rd time now just on plain paracetamol, Voltarin every 8 hours and Codeine only at night.
    Day 6: I have now woken to a foul taste in my mouth…ohh goodie the scabbing process! Means it is healing. I find chewing gum and sucking a strong lolly throughout the day takes the taste away completly ( no more gagging lol )
    Day 7: Was a great day, had minimal pain as I constantly sipped away at my water bottle keeping my throat moist and stayed on top of my meds, even managed to leave the house for a few hours to get fresh air. I even managed to eat a cheeseburger! 🙂
    Today is day 8: lastnight was hard, woke up a few times to severe pain but forced some water down and just sucked away at some soothing lozenges, they seem to help the pain alot!

    From what I have read from everyone else’s posts, looks like it will just keep getting better from here on out. I have been taking a photo of the inside if my throat everyday so I can see the progress. It is still a white sort of color where the tonsils were but the majority of it has gone so I am guessing that is half the scabbing gone?…
    My main advice is dont stop drinking water!! Try to stay away from energy drinks as they just keep you awake at night and take the pain meds every four hours!
    Good luck to anyone wanting to go through this as it is far from pleasant!

  127. Hey. I’m 20, and had some giant tonsils taken out today. I’m so incredibly sad and in pain. It’s so hard to get water down because it phlegms everytime I drink. My throat is also so itchy. They gave a Popsicle in recovery and it burned like anything so I’m prettified to eat. I’ll take any helpful tips. Please tell me this pain gets better.


    1. Try low sodium chicken broth! It has been my life saver because everything seems to burn. I’m on day 8 after a tonsillectomy and still in pain.

  128. I was one that had this procedure after age 40. I found that keeping a cold pack on my neck when I had discomfort, really helped with swelling. Don’t eat normal foods too soon. You may think that you can, but keep it soft and not too hot. Cold feels good. Keep medicated. If you miss a dose, the pain can easily become unbearable. God bless and good luck. Bottom line is, I am glad I had the procedure.

  129. I just scheduled a Tonsillectomy for June 14. I’m 27 years old and getting a little scared. I’m sure I’ll be back here after the procedure.

    1. Honestly isn’t as bad as you think. I”m day 5 into and other than extreme hungry today I haven’t wanted to eat because it hurts. Drink lots of ice water and don’t TALK! Be prepared to be out at least a week. Good luck

  130. My husband made me beef broth and chicken broth popsicles. They were delicious, probably because i was starving! But, it felt good going down…also ask for some “magic mouthwash” prescription med. it worked great for me! There is also a home remedy magic mouthwash with about the same ingredients…benedryl for swelling, maalox to coat and sooth your stomach and throat and cherry tylenol. Just swirl it around, lay down and let it slowly make its way down your throat. I laid on my left side as that was the side that broke open and needed to be restitched.

  131. I just had mine this morning. I am almost 24 years old and 108 lbs. On e i got home i have been absolutely beyond miserable. I cant drink, i cant eat. Seems the only thing my throat can semi-handle is ice. I have taken vicodin for the pain, but did not help for more than an hour/maybe 2. So now i am tryin tylenol with codein. I need any suggestions and home remedies out there to help comfort and soothe, coat and protect. Thank you

    1. Hi Victoria, Sorry you got off to such a rough start. I know it’s hard to drink, but it’s very important that you do so. Ice or frozen popsicles are a great way to get hydration and sooth the throat. Stay with it! You might also try a little throat spray to take the edge off. (Cepacol makes one) You might also try icing the area with an ice pack.

      Good luck my dear. Hope things improve for you.

    2. Hi Victoria,

      I hope you are doing better in the 3 days since you posted this. I have some advice. Take your meds right on time. Set your alarm to take them 15 minutes early if the pain is bad but not too early. Drink, Drink , drink tons of water. Try to get some food down. I know it hurts but try to get something in your stomach. I have been living on mac and cheese and mashed potatoes for the past week! Try and have something to look forward to…like a show your going to watch, or your post op appointment. I am currently on day 7 of recovery and am making a list of things I am going to do once i am fully recovered. For me the pain has gotten slightly better each day but its still painful. Hope you are healing up soon and I hear that people in their early to mid 20’s heal quicker than people like me(in my mid 30’s).

      1. Russ c i had my out and am 30 and on day 14 and i feel great a little pain but that i can hand that and no pain meds or any i had my out on the 11 and i feel great have them out

  132. Adult tonsillectomy is not to be taken lightly. It’s a world different for an adult than for a child, and it’s not just age, it’s SIZE! Scar tissue and tissue removed is much more substantial as an adult. I’ve just gone through this and it made me sad to read all the problems people are having. Rule #1 is drink, drink ALOT!!, I know it hurts trust me I do, but you have to keep your tissues in your throat wet! If your throat dries the pain becomes much more intense and you risk bleeding which is an ER trip. Every two-three hours through the night drink something. Scar tissue will start coming off day 5-7 and it’s an awful nasty couple days. Hang in there, it’ll get better soon! Best of luck to you all.

  133. Im a 20 year old and I’ve heard that I shouldve gotten my tonsils out sooner. Im on day 4 and I havent slept in 2 days. Worst pain ever. I cant swallow liquids other than my meds which keep being changed and nothing has helped with the sores on my tongue. I need sleep! Any suggestions?

  134. Well I’m on day three ans my pain is horrible… Wen I woke up today I wanted to cry I had gotten a good night’s sleep the night before and I guess I dried my throat out… Nothing worked and I still had an hour 1/2 til med time… I keep coughing up this really thick greenish brown mucus… And I just found out my antibiotics are making me break out lol… But I did eat vanilla pudding today and it was sooo good and smooth going down.. suck on ice chips it helps with the swelling and a ice pack around ur neck helps.. lots of water and chicken broth that’s warm helps a lot… Popsicles haven’t really helped the syrup from the flavor is super thick on my tongue and it’s just nasty…

    1. Dear Whitney – I am on Day 6. Worst day yet for me. I have had two hospital visits in the past 48 hours and both were for my throat drying out (didnt know that till i got there). I am sure that you are staying dehydrated, and I was, but no matter how much water I drank or ice chips I ate every morning I got up it would get worse. When this first started happening I asked over the phone for a better pain reliever. I was put on Lortab right after surgery, wasnt much help. Switched to Oxy, worked for two days then stopped. After that I had my first 1AM ER trip. I woke up feeling like someone took a jagged razor blade through my tongue, throat and ears. The pain was unbearable. When I got there they said “Yeh, a little dry. Not too bad.” WHAT??? Just a little made me feel that way? I dont EVEN want to know what a REALLY dry throat would be like. They gave me diladud and an IV immediately. Within seconds I could feel the back of my throat feeling cooler and the pain subsiding. I spent about two hours there and was home feeling like I was semi-human again. The reason I am mentioning this is, like you, I had pain RIGHT AFTER surgery, on day 3 it really really started to become unbearable. I thought I could get through it, no problem (well mininal problems) and take my pain meds as scheduled, drink water, get passed another day. I was WRONG. SO WRONG. The jagged razor is an elementary description to how I felt on my way to the ER. I don’t want anyone to go through this AT ALL if it can be avoided. If your taking your pain meds and you are still in a substantial amout of pain please go see someone. The staff at the ER were SO understading and nice. As soon as they could understand me try and say “Tonsilectomy day 6” they ALL rushed to help. I hope you are feeling better now but if you aren’t there is any reason you shouldn’t be. Thats what my nurse said anyway, and hey, I think she is right! 🙂

  135. Hello all, I had my tonsils removed this past Friday, in the 13th of December. I had them removed due to reoccurring tonsillitis as well as tonsil stones through the year. I am 20 years old.

    Overall I would say I am rather surprised at how slow the recovery process is taking. Today is technically day five and I feel about the same as ever, though from what I’ve heard I suppose it can be a lot worse. On the second day I ended up throwing up, and haven’t had an issue with nausea since.

    The pain hasn’t really been dulled, I am on oxycodone due to the nauseous reaction I’ve had to Vicodin in the past. I’ve found that an ice pack to the neck with continuous ice cold water helps a lot, but swallowng will always be unpleasant. I have to cut the pills in half to swallow them easily, but that’s not a large issue.

    Some foods I’ve taken to, I thought I’d share. Jello was my first go to, then sherbet, then pudding. Eggs I’ve been able to do from day one. Currently I am eating pumpkin pie and loving it, doesn’t sting or burn in the least bit. Other foods I’ve had are Wendy’s frosties – which aren’t thick and easy to swallow (I believe this is because it’s more yogurt than ice cream) and fruit smoothies. Also Kellogg’s protein chocolate shakes are to die for, as they actually manage to make you feel full.

    Other foods I’d recommend would be pasta, I had fettuccini pasta the second day, but I suspect something in the sauce upset my stomach. Non the less, it was easily swallowed and eaten.

    If you do throw up I recommend grinding up some Tums and swallowing that. Throwing up really burns the location where you had your tonsils removed and Tums helps neutralize the stomach acid without making your stomach more upset.

    I have a humidifier and I don’t know how terrible waking up would be without it – swallowing burns extra bad first thing in the morning. I recommend ice water as soon as you get up. Also I have my alarms set four hours apart so I can continually take pain meds – and drink about a glass eacht time, even through the night. I think that helps a lot.

    Something weird to note, on day one my tongue was rather swollen and numb, and achy. It has since gone away.

    Can anyone recommend me some more foods? As well as some personal insight on when I can start eating more solid food again? When will the pain start dulling?

  136. I’m 40 years old and I had my both my tonsils out on the 31st October and I’m now day 10 of recovery! I think had I read all these post before my surgery think it would have put me off getting it done but then again no one told me about day 5. lol Day 1 was ok could still talk, was abit pukey and the after care at Guys hospital in London is totally shocking had to discharge myself earlier. I didnt realise that the same nerve that runs from tonsil to ears would be affected and I suffered quite badly of the spins and vertigo hence the contant being sick. Day 2 I felt ok and I thought this isn’t to bad so I decided to browse round the shops but contantly looking around made me well get the spins again. My dad in his wisdom decided to give me chicken curry for dinner and all his chicken, I think he meant well. Just ate the rice so all I could manage was cold cups of tea, water and milk oh and ice cream. I found it better to sleep upright maybe when you lay down gravity creates a pulling sensation and it was just as well because on day 6 in the early hours of the morning whilst asleep woke up choking on my own blood. I manage to stop the bleeding by cold press on the throat and drinking cold milk.

    I went to see my doctor who gave me some antibiotics I think just to be on the safe side and my mouth was compleatly white and reading posts here and there I now know thats thrush. Don’t tell you about that do they before the op so I guess these posts are good to read so you know what your suffering with is considered normal. The next day I brought up some dead smelly tissue, Oh and if you go outside and the weather is cold put some cotton wool in your ears because you will get bad earache after. I did get strange clicking feeling in my ears on day 3 and 4 but that soon past too. None of the hospital imformation tell you the pain has to get worse before it gets better and days 4,5,6 and 7 is the worst in my opinion. Taking 30mg of codeine is crap dosnt really control the pain and I took paracetmol in the early days but the only thing worked for me was ibupfrofen on the worst days. Deflam throat spray is rubbish also but I did get some tyrozets lozenges they help abit.

    Although initially ice cream works in the early days of recovery I found now I cant tolorate anything cold if anything it triggers off a bout of instant pain oh and trying to talk feels like your tongue has got knots in it. The pain only seems worse for me now only morning and night so I’m only taking painkillers then. I’ve noticed since the swelling off my tongue is slowing going down and I’m not speaking like quasi mo do as much that all the nerves in your tongue are more sensitive. Maybe its because when they clamp your tongue nerves are regenerating. For me sore tongue and gagging on the scabbie bits far more annoying. As for the scabs that are their now, feel like bloody shards of glass and getting a strange tightening of the throat. I might be brave later and attempt a pizza but sod will I eat the crust tho thats just asking for trouble. lol I think in total I’ve lost about half a stone so I think now its more of a case of lack of food and weakness. Personally in my opinion 2 weeks off work isn’t enough time to recover. So being that my job is a cashier and involves alot of talking I booked an extra week off work just to make sure im recovered compleatly. I had planned whilst I was off to do abit of decorating in my flat, but who was I kidding. Think that idea is truly gone out the window because I dont think I’ll have the energy! I hope this post helps give someone and idea how you might feel after but hopefully I’m now over the worst. Oh and I forgot to mention if you fancy anything sweet have some marshmallows. 😉

  137. First let me say it has been really helpful to see others that are adults and who are in my same age range (35-40) who have recently experienced this type of surgery. I am one of those who had strep throat every year since age 16 and most recently 5 to 6 times a year. I simply could not take it anymore and with the high rate of exposure to others and me being a mom of two young children now, I really had to think about how having this surgery would not only impact me but also impact those around me. So I had the surgery on Oct 29th. After everyone including my own Doctor trying to talk me out of it due to the pain they described that I would go through, I had the surgery and am glad that I did. I haven’t reaped the rewards just yet, but I know they will come. Right now, I like many of you am experiencing “guck mouth” which I describe as a mixture of intense saliva, feelings of scabs stretching and hanging deep in my throat, ear pain that is absolutely ridiculous in the mornings or after bouts of sleep and oh yeah can’t forget the dreadful taste and smell that is in my mouth. My hubby keeps trying to kiss me and I shutter away in embarrassment…smile. But honestly, overall it really has not been that bad. I expected it to be intolerable based on what everyone said and shared in the many stories that I read, but it hasn’t been that bad for me. Don’t get me wrong…it has been very painful!!! but not what I would have expected. I had my wisdoms taken out a few years back and that to me, was far worse. With my constant regime of ice water, smoothies, noodles and pain medicine (literally every 4 hours) I’ve been able to handle it. I can’t let that medicine lapse though LOL….and I agree with the individual who said that sleeping can be the worse. Right when you get into a good sleep….something wakes you and all of a sudden, the pain hits then spreads throughout my entire mouth cavity. I think the most aggravating aspects is my swollen tongue…it’s sticky and constantly moist in the back….Just feels like I am walking around with a wad of guck in the back of my mouth and it does make talking really hard. My youngest (2 years old) keeps looking at me with this sad look, like “why won’t you talk to me mommy?”….smile. I am hoping week two won’t be that bad. While I am resting and trying to sit still (even though I did have to go out and get some air which helped a lot), I need to get back to work…but health comes first….Hope this helps someone….

  138. I’m 35. Today is Friday and I had mine out on Monday. I tried doing as the dr suggested and pushed through the pain to eat on day two. Screw that. I’ve spent the last few days drooling into a towel. The pain meds are useless. They knock me out, but don’t touch the pain. So my sweet husband gets the joys of me jerking awake from my sleep each time I swallow. A few hours of uninterrupted sleep resulted in crazy green gunk lining the roof of my mouth. I’m on my fourth drool towel. I’ve found that the lime Popsicles, and the cocoanut water ones don’t leave that slimy film that makes breathing harder. I’ve tried ice chips, Gatorade, noodles, mashed potatoes… Nothing has flavor and nothing has been worth the pain of swallowing it. I would’ve been content to remain sedated for another week. 0_o

    1. I had mu surgery on 10/25/13 and I fell like crap. I’m so hungry. The pain meds don’t help. I just realized two days ago I could use an ice pack. I have four children and I woyld sell anyone of them to make my ears stop hurting. I hope its gets better soobn because I’m tired of being asked how I feel everyday.

  139. Hi I am a 41 year old female who recently had a tonsillectomy 5 days ago. Let me just tell you I am hating life. Days 2-3 seem pretty good then 4 and 5 everything hurts and the pain is extra. Im hungry, I got diarrhea, cant sleep good, always got to swallow but don’t want to cause it hurts. My throat feels like its full of flim. I have been staying hydrated and taken my meds every 4 hrs. I did all my throwing up on day 1. I hope days 5-10…14 max gets better, I am so ready to see these scabs fall off. Thanks for listen!

  140. I’m 36 years old and on day 7 post op. The first day was pretty rough. I was vomiting all day. I was fearful of taking the Rx I was given because I was just so sick that first day. I was also afraid of bleeding but after the 5th vomit session I was all better. I would only take extra strength Tylenol for the next 3 days. I finally gave in on day 4 and took the prescribed medication but I would only take 1/2 of a pill every 3 hours. I guess I could say I have a pretty high tolerance of pain. I have read so many horror stories that people had so much pain. I wouldn’t say I’ve been in so much pain but just very uncomfortable. The 4th day I had severe cold symptoms (congestion and strep throat like feeling) I did not get much instruction from my doctor so I did a lot of research. ICE your neck and jaw area for the first couple days. The best tips I can give is hydrate with LOTS of water and ice chips, to limit irritations. If you gargle with warm salt water after every meal and every morning and night it will really help reduce bacteria and infections. Brush your teeth and scrap your tongue regularly. Liquids for the first 2 days. Eat really soft foods for the next 5-6 days. Add more texture as the days pass. NO CRUNCHY OR SHARP FOODS for the first two weeks. I bough extra OTC meds just in case I needed them such as, Tylenol caplets, liquid Tylenol, ear drops, Nyquil, throat spray, and cough drops. These were all used at some point. So here I am on day 7. I have read that day 8-10 can be bad but I don’t believe it will be that bad at all since I really have been coping with the pain thus far. I see some of my scabs are starting to fall off. Remember to log your medication doses and times so you do not over medicate and try to remember to hydrate every 30 min, even through the nights.

  141. I am 1 month shy of 49 yoa and I had my tonsils removed on Oct. 1st. The first 2 days were smooth sailing. Pain was minimal, no meds on day 1 and only used Advil on day 2. I sipped on ice water and ice chips for both days and ate Jello, popsicles, and ice cream. Sleep was minimal first night, and about 3 hours at a time the second night. Day 3 was much worse. Pain more intense and could not talk above a whisper. Swallowing was very painful. I chewed gum to keep my throat moist. Increased Advil, but still no prescription pain meds. For me I found low fat ice cream to be the best pain medication. It numbed my throat and made it feel so much better. Day 4 things went down hill. I woke up in horrible pain. Oh yeah…I have been sleeping in my recliner. I thought it would help with swelling. I set an alarm for no more than 3 hours because I didn’t want my throat to dry out. But I think getting up every hour to drink or chew gum will help. Tonight I am doing that. Today I started taking 1/2 a Percocet every 2 1/2 hours. I am afraid to take a whole one since I am a single mom to a special needs child and need to be alert. I am not able to eat today, the pain is too severe. Drinking is hard so I am chewing gum. I still cannot talk above a whisper. It is hard to open my mouth very wide. I have had NO bleeding and it appears to be starting to scab over. Tomorrow is day 5 and I don’t know what to expect. I am hoping the pain eases off some, but for some reason don’t think it will after reading several other posts. Overall, I think this recovery is going well, but I won’t lie….the pain is intense. Thank goodness there is about an hour of some relief after I take a pain pill before it starts increasing again. Its been a long few days. Hopefully I will turn a corner soon, at least to be able to talk.

  142. I am a Tanzanian (East Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro).. I’m sure that rings a bell 🙂

    This is day 6 following my tonsillectomy and it isn’t getting any better. The pain is severe and sleeping is a real challenge now but I find sucking on ice really helps.
    It is true icecream gives me mucus and I plan to switch to popsicles + am afraid to put on weight.
    I have found cocopops have really helped. i soak them for an hour until they are completely soggy but it works for me.
    i find soups especially from the supermarket that are sodium based really irritate me and have had little luck with anything else.

    I wish you all the best.

    This too shall come to pass comrades

  143. I had bilateral Tonsillectomy surgery 8 days ago. Initially day 1-3, as long as I took my pain medicine within the hour it was tolerable during the day. However, sleep at night was a different story!! Sleeping sitting up and my mouth being shut for to long caused extreme pain to radiate into my ears! Day 4 & 5 was still a lot like 1-3 but the pain started to become more persistent during the day, so I had to up the dosage to every four hours (from every 6 hours). Day 6-7, I thought I was getting some relief because the ear pain and sides of my mouths started to feel slightly less painful, but day 8….directly center of the throat the pain has returned at full throttle!! I’ve loss 6 pounds, minimal sleep, and get exhausted easily. Who would thought swallowing saliva would be so intense! Definitely the worse pain I’ve ever encountered in my life and I JUST HAD A BABY!!! No exaggeration! Hope this is helpful for someone out there….

  144. I’m 17 years old and I had my tonsils removed 2 days ago. I could talk as soon as I woke up and had no bleeding aside from a glob of blood that was leftover from the surgery. I can eat solid foods now. I ate chicken noodle soup and mashed potatoes yesterday, and today I’m carefully eating french fries. I heard that for people my age, recovery time to start eating solids or even get out of bed takes about two weeks. It’s weird because I always experience the rare side effects but this has been problem-free so far! I’ve heard stories from friends of not being able to open their mouths for days, or vomiting up blood, but not of that has happened to me. I guess everyone’s different! I wish everyone here the best of luck in their recoveries and pray that your pain goes away soon!

  145. I am 47 1/2 years old and had a bilateral tonsillectomy on the 27th of September. This for me is the worst surgery that I have ever had in my entire life. I would much rather go through child birth again than to have my tonsils taken out again. I am now into day 5 of recovery and I am still taking pain meds every 3 1/2 to 4 hours around the clock because of the pain. I am just barely able to swallow anything because of the pain, so any type of food is out of the question, I don’t have any type of an appetite anyways. I have lost almost 20 pounds and will probably lose more because I am unable to eat. Ice water does not help with the pain at all, anything going down my throat causes severe pain. I am trying to stay hydrated, although this is a problem because of the pain. I still have a tremendous amount of scabs in the back of my throat and my uvula is extremely swollen so no talking for me. I completely lost my voice yesterday so throwing things at people is how I have to get their attention…lol!!!! Hopefully this will get better over the next week or so and I will finally be able to sleep a full night.

    1. I find sleep to be the enemy. When I sleep, I wake up in worse pain because my throat dried out. I know you’re exhausted beyond belief, but a full nights sleep will be the absolutely horrible when you wake up. I highly recommend a COLD air humidifier if you sleep with your mouth slightly open like I do.

  146. I am 43 and had my tonsils and a bone spur from my sinus removed 3 weeks ago. The 2nd week was the worst. I was in bed for 2 weeks straight. I questioned why I had the surgery. My scabs did not fall off until day 12-13. I went back to work after 2 weeks and could not work a full day. I am still constantly tired but did manage to work a full day (day 20). My throat still hurts when I swallow and I do take a pain pill at night but it is manageable. I did have an excess amount of scar tissue that had to be removed from prior infections so that may be part of the problem. If you are going to have this done don’t spend 20 years of having strep 5-6 times a year before you have your tonsils removed.

  147. Hi I am a 20 yr old female and I got my tonsils out 10 days ago because I got reoccurring peritonsular abscesses. Over all, the recovery has been very smooth and not nearly bad as expected. I got my tonsils out in the morning so the first day consisted of drinking water and sleeping. After that I slowly started eating soft stuff and I had no problem staying very hydrated. About 5 days into in the throat pain got worse but nothing the pain meds could not handle. I am now 10 days into recovery and I can still see the scabs in the back of my throat and I am wondering when they are going to fall off and I can get back to working out and being 100% back to normal. I can talk fine and eat anything except toast and chips and stuff. My uvula is a little swollen so I sound kinda funny when I talk. I put on some weight expecting to lose some during this surgery but I lose none since I was able to eat pretty adequately every day except for the day of surgery. Hoping to be 100% with in the next two days or so!

  148. Ok first of all I got my surgery 4 days ago I’m only 13 I got it because if I didn’t I would have had a ear infection once a week for the rest of my life everyday so yah the reason was good enough my family has been the best ever for these last days besides them taking so many pictures after my surgery I recommend apple sauce It is the most less painful thing I could eat for now I could only last a minimum of 4 hours without pain medication I was warned about the pain before the surgery on the 2 day I was thinking o this isn’t so bad but the 3rd day was terrible advice eat your food before taking your medication because I threw up my medication and food and it hurt worse than swallowing now it started to hurt to swallow by the 3rd day the most important thing is stay hydrated even if you have to shove the food down your throat stay hydrated the pain of swallowing is for me hurts me thoat then goes up to my ears even if I am just drinking water it hurts to swallow pudding ramen noodles jello apple sauce and water is the best thing to have after surgery thank you for giving your time to read my comment I hope it helps you I wish you good luck for your surgery I don’t mean to scare you with this it’s just the truth I hope you get strong pain killers 4 days down 10 to go happy recoveries 🙂

  149. Oh the pain the pain If I ask nicely will someone put me out of my misery. I just want to drink prune juice to get rid of the constipation and Im scared to swallow. Day 4 after surgery.

  150. I am an 18 year old female and I had my tonsils out Friday May 31st and it is currently Thursday June 6th so I am on day 7. First of all, despite all of the things that I was told, I was completely caught off guard by the level of pain. I don’t think anything could have prepared me for it, though. Pain meds will be your best friend- although I have never felt completely pain free even on days when I took pain meds every four hours exactly on the hour. Ironically, the first two days after surgery have probably been the easiest for me. Since then, sleeping has been impossible, swallowing even worse, and the ear and throat pain on a scale of 1-10 has been a consistent 7-9 despite pain meds. ‘ve been able to force down some room temp soft foods like mac and cheese and noodles, and of course some water ice and ice cream, but nothing is easy. Swallowing water is even a daunting task. I’m really hoping I start to feel better, I’ve been miserable and irritable and bored! (And I’m sure my family is sick of me laying around feeling sorry for myself), Wondering if it will get any easier with days 8 onward? One can only hope!!! This is definitely the worst pain I’ve ever experienced in my life.

    Best of luck to anyone getting theirs out, hang in there!!

  151. I had my tonsilectomy on Feb 22nd, 2013. I am a 45 y/o female. Unfortunately, I am allergic to Tylenol and was not able to take a mixed drug. This required me to take the full narcotic Hydromorphone. I took a anti-nausea with it from the start, to prevent nausea. My huge warning to you is drink a lot of water. Popsicles are good, but dairy will make you feel sick. The reaction of the cautery with the dairy is nauseating. I ate a lot of thick soups, like split pea and butternut squash. Don’t eat anything hot, but room temperature or slightly warmer. The side effects of the anti-nausea and the pain meds, made me dizzy all the time and I absolutely could not have driven until I was completely clear of the drugs in my system. I was on the Hydromorphone for about 2 weeks. The pain subsided about day 14 or 15 and did not come back. What happened after that was severe constipation that was extremely painful. When I took a laxative that should have been mild, I felt nausea and felt like I would vomit for days. I did, but only one time. I thought the nausea would never end and the anti-nausea did not relive the feeling. Please make sure that you are taking in enough fluids and also taking a probiotic or eating yogurt. I ate coconut yogurt for the first 2 weeks, since dairy did not agree with my system. You will want to brush your tongue. Do not be agressive and activate your gag reflex. I brushed my tongue on day 12 and it was the best thing I did. I had a thick layer of yellow crust on my tongue. It was from the cautery. For days it tasted like I had sand on my tongue, after I brushed it. My nausea improved a little after brushing my tongue too.

    I praise God that I did not have any bleeding. Yes the recovery was about the worst experience I ever had, but I will say that the problem I was having of feeling like there was a constant lump in my throat, is gone and it will ultimately have been one of the best decisions of my life. Do not eat scatchy, hard or crumbly foods for about the first 4-6 weeks. The new tissue in the back of your throat is very soft and sensitive. Tiny seeds from strawberries and other berries, can make you feel like they get stuck and choke you. I also had difficulty with rice, until just a couple of days ago.

    Do not be afraid of the surgery or recovery. Be aware that your body needs to get stronger after you are on bed rest for 2-3 weeks. Give yourself extra time and don’t rush your daily activities. Don’t go back to a heavy exercise routine to quickly. I continued to have dizzy spells and ear congestion until just days ago. I would not say that you are truly back to normal until week 5. I would not say that recover is 100% age related. I know someone in her early 20s that had as much, if not more trouble than me with recovery.

    A couple more things. Your ENT may say you can use a throat spray like “Chloroseptic”. Don’t do it. It dries out your throat and makes it much more painful when it wears off. There is a lidocaine rinse that your physician can prescribe. It is very thick and can make you feel nausea, but it does help to decrease the pain, if it is unbearable. Swelling can be very scary on day 4 or 5. Use an ice pack on your neck as long as you think it helps you. Eat cold foods and ice chips. They do a lot of manipulating your mouth and throat during the surgery, and I am sure there is a great deal of trauma that occurs to your entire neck, throat, ears, jaw, tongue and uvula.

    I really hope that my recovery tips help others.

  152. I’m 16 years old and on day 5 of recovery. I have a very difficult time swallowing. It’s like my mouth can’t open wide enough for food because of my jaw pain. I also have pain under my tongue. I’m trying not to be too down in the dumps about this but goodness, its just so painful. I’ve been relying on liquid hydrocodone to offset the pain but it doesn’t really do much except make me tired and eating a little less painful. Does anyone know how long this pain lasts for? How do you know when the scabs fall off? just want this entire thing to be over and done with.

  153. I am a 20 year old female and I had my tonsillectomy on March 12th (two days ago). The surgery itself is nothing to be scared of. I have been terrified of even the THOUGHT of surgery for years, but it was a lot less scary than I had anticipated. My throat recovering feels very similar to the sore throats I used to get due to my tonsils, so this pain is familiar to me. The one mistake I have made is forgetting to take my meds routinely. I now have an alarm set for exactly every 4 hours so it is impossible for me to miss a dosage and end up in even more pain. I also requested liquid pain and antibiotic pills to make swallowing and digesting a bit easier. The first night, the antibiotics made me sick. Vomiting with the majority of your throat being an open sore is NO GOOD. Lastly, the humidifier is a good idea. It keeps the air you’re breathing in nice and moist so that your throat won’t dry up and become more painful. I wish everyone a simple recovery!

  154. I’m a 42 year old femail on 1st night post tonsillectomy and UP3. I was prepared for the pain but I can not swallow without everything going up my nose and it is causing me to panic. How long should I expect this to continue? Any and all replys/answers are welcome. Thank you.

  155. Today is day 3 for me, had tonsils removed 2-28-13. 21 yr old female; today the pain has been much worse than the previous days.. I woke up not being able to tlk due to my tongue and uvula being so swollen. Not to mention my ears feel like they’re going to explode. I’ve been able to eat solid foods since day 2 ( yesterday) today I had pizza.. Which I don’t think was a good idea, warm foods and broths seem to make it hurt worse so I’m sticking to cold foods now. Pain meds made me real sleepy today so I decided to go for a nap.. Well I didn’t anticipate the nap lasting for 5 hours which I missed taking my pain med at the sch time.. Woke up in the worst worst pAin yet. Although this is the worst pain I’ve felt, I don’t regret the surgery. For all those who are going to go through with surger, to me it is worth it, but there is no doubt you will be in pain for days..

  156. Hi all,
    I am a 40 year female and had my tonsillectomy 7th Feb 2013. I have never experienced pain quite like it. In 10 days I lost 10kg due to not being able to eat anything and only consumed water. Days 6-10 were incredibly difficult and i thought the pain would never end.It has been the worst 2 weeks in total and having a 30 labour 6 years ago delivering my son was an absolute breeze. Its the fact that you cant sleep,eat and drink and taking pain meds is difficult.I read someones comment on here that his wife said he was a baby and should try labour… well Im here to confirm that it is by far the most excrutiating pain for anyone to go through.. and families and friends should be encouraged to read this forum to help understand that whoever has had the operation that they arent babies and its 100 times worse than a bout of tonsillitus. I would like to say a huge Thankyou to everyone who has posted on here as I constantly read this forum during many early hours of the morning when in pain.
    I would also like to say A big Thanks for this website, Its a godsend and truely helps.. I am day 23 and am able to eat now… look forward to eating pork scratchings etc. My throat is still sometimes tender but by far better than it was. had 20 days off work and feel this was just about adaquate. I wish you all a good recovery and highly recommend asking your GP for a Difflam throat gargle.It numbs the throat……

  157. I’m on day five of recovery and I ran out of my Oxicodone for pain two days ago and awaiting a refill, they have prescribed a Tylenol pain reducer which I just ran out if today as well. My ears and my gland area around my throat have been really sore at times but it comes in waves. I’m 31 and at this point don’t see things getting better for still another week or so. I’ve attempted some foods, because I’m starving, but quickly lose my appetite because my tongue is so swollen and I’m not able to open my mouth fully yet. I’m afraid to sleep because the pain is so horrible when I awake. The pain meds make me nauseated and weak too.

  158. This site has been extremely helpful in aiding me before my procedure and while I am recovering. Today is day 3 post surgery and I am feeling nauseated even though I take an anti-nausea med with my pain medication. I now know after all the reading that it is due to all of the mucus that is collecting in the back of my throat. It is AWFUL to attempt to cough or get the mucus to move. I have often awaken due to me choking or having the feeling that I was going to choke because of the mucus. So, I will cut back on the sugary, sllushees I have been so dependant on getting me through…..move to water with lots of crushed ice and try to be neural to avoid vommiting at all cost. My ears are hurting far worse today than they were yesterday and I am hoping that this too will subside as the dy goes forths. I do keep them covered because just a whisp of cool air inside was making a very noticiable change.

  159. How often would anyone advise to drink water? I had mine out today and think it would be a good idea to set my alarm during the night to drink water? Any suggestions?

  160. I am on day 6 post-op; still unable to open my mouth fully or even enough to allow a spoon to enter it. While I was aware that everyone has a different rate of recovery, I find it hard to believe that I am going to be ready to return to work on Monday!
    I am a 52 yr old white female; I also am diagnosed with “Mixed Connective Tissue Disease” which in my case encompasses RA, Sjogren’s, Raynaud’s and Scleraderma. Common sense tells me that with these additional health issues are playing a part in my recovery, I’m wondering if extra recovery time (beyond the typical10 days) should be requested?
    I work in a stressful healthcare facility that at times is very fast paced. The physicians are demanding and cause the staff a good bit of anxiety. I’m not sure that I am ready to jump right back into that. Any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

    1. Maureen-I am on day four and also have auto immune health concerns that I believe will lengthen my recovery time. My ENT expects 14+ days due to RA and Lupus. I would suggest talking to your doc again to get more time off work for recovery.

  161. I am a 21 y/o female scheduled for my tonsillectomy in 6 days, and have done a lot of research on how to improve my recovery.

    I have cleared my schedule and plan on really relaxing and allowing my body to heal after surgery.

    11 days after my surgery, I have secured a fantastic opportunity down in London with a prestigious barristers’ chambers. As a budding barrister, this will be an invaluable experience which I do NOT want to miss.

    I understand average recovery time is 10 days, so I hope to be well enough to attend the meetings. My question is, what can I do to really speed up my recovery?

    I want to be fighting fit and able to give a good account of myself, and the last thing I want to do is cancel (although if I am seriously ill, I will obviously have no other choice but to do so). Is there any steps I can take to help a speedy recovery? I do not care if they are painful or cause discomfort, I’m willing to do whatever is necessary so I don’t miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime!

    Looking forward to your answers!

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