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  1. I’m 19 and I’m on day 5 of recovery. Today was one of my worst days in regard to pain. At first, the doctor had me on an antibiotic but after one day we realized I couldn’t swallow the huge antibiotic pills so we had to get the pharmacy to switch it to liquid. I am alternating every two hours between T3s and ibuprofen for pain. My throat seems to be getting worse and I can’t swallow the pills anymore. If I go to the ER would I be able to get a prescription for liquid painkillers? I also haven’t had a BM since the morning of my surgery. I don’t feel like I need to but it’s worrisome. I’ve been drinking water, ginger ale, apple juice, drinkable yogurt, and chicken broth. Sometimes I’m able to get frozen blended strawberries down, but other than that I haven’t eaten much. I tried Kraft dinner and alphagetti but I couldn’t swallow more than a few bites. I can’t have freezies, ice cream, or Popsicles because it makes my saliva so thick I start choking on it. I also tried pudding and apple sauce but it’s very hard to swallow it since it’s so thick. Please help me. I can’t handle the pain and I’ve tried everything I can think of.

  2. Can anyone tell me if they have lost their sense of taste post tonsillectomy? I’m 22 days post surgery and I have to say recovery has been a breeze compared to some of the horror stories I read. The pain subsided by day 2 and I had no need for the liquid Tylenol with codeine. The main issues I had were sleep deprivation and starvation. My uvula was so huge I would choke on it and it also prevented me from swallowing my own spit. I felt like a man who chews tobacco and has to spit every 20 seconds into a cup. It prevented me from sleeping unless I was in a sitting position. The first 2 weeks I only slept 1-3 hours a night if I was lucky. I kept myself hydrated for fear of bleeding, but couldn’t eat anything besides unsalted chicken broth for almost 2 weeks and lost 7lbs. Now I’m back to my normal routine even lifting and training hard at the gym, but my sense of taste is off. It’s weird to know what a food is supposed to taste like, but it tastes nothing like that. Also my teeth seem to be incredibly sensitive to sugar. If I eat anything with sugar the pain in my teeth or gums is unbearable. My doctor said that has to do with the intubation and it will subside, but just wanted to know if anyone else is experiencing any similar issues???

    1. I’m on day five of recovery and I noticed some tooth sensitivity two days ago. I just assumed it was from all the ice I was eating. I tried using sensodyne toothpaste which has helped a lot. It takes a few times of using it before you see results but I find it has been much better.

  3. Yes talking definitely helps. I also liked the ice chips too because if i wasnt talking then i needed to be swallowing. My specialist said the more you swallow the better you heal.

  4. Hi
    I am now a month after my surgery and finally healed… Almost. The first week is pretty rough I’m not going to lie but it does get better! Rice, mashed potatoes, chicken broth, jello, and crushed ice are your bffs. After a while I got so hungry I couldn’t handle it. Don’t hurt yourself. If you HAVE to eat something and are so hungry for food actual food then eat cooled noodles, It is the best. I unfortunately recover very slowly so it took a whole month. My tongue and uvula were swollen the entire month but have now gone down. Don’t worry because I was kind of a special case. It usually takes a week or two. Feel free to email me if you need maddiemeadors97@gmail.com

    1. Hi there that’s a great help. I’ve had to eat because I feel sick if I don’t and couldn’t bare to me sick with the pain. I think ice cream and jelly are great I’ve only had toast I’m going to try mash now I find it a lot better when I keep talking because when I keep my mouth shut it hurts a lot more!

      Thank You , Tiff 🙂

  5. I am on my 7th day of recovery from having my tonsils removed everyday the pain gets stonger dont matter how much painkillers I take its getting worse and worse I can’t sleep eat all im really abel to do is drink I feel I have avbig lump in my troat I feel like I need to get sick but I do have to stop my self please if anyone knows of anyway to help with pain reply

    1. Hi there
      Wonder if you could please help me as I’m still scared.
      It’s 4 am and I had my tonsils removed yesterday. I’m on anti sickness. Pain killers. Ibuprofen , I’ve woke to eat and take tablets I plan to take every 4 hrs. What am I to expect. I managed a ice cre yesterday but this morning it’s excruciating its all bruised I feel like I have no throat left. What food do people recommend if you could please help it was my first ever operation I’m only 21

      Thank you
      From Tiffany

      1. hi Tiffany. dont be scared. be prepared. read through the pages of this site. I’ve been where you are and got through. then I write about it- 100 pages. then over 7000 people commented with their experiences.

        1. Hi there thank you for your help much appreciated I’ll read through it now 🙂

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