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  1. Thinking of getting my tonsils removed. I keep getting tonsil stones and it hurts so much. Don’t know if I can go through the pain of it much longer. Ready to be done with it… but I already habe really bad allergies. I hope me getting them removed won’t make it worse.

  2. I am 17 I’ve had tonsil stones for a long time and they only get worse around December and January when it’s cold and dry but I will not get a tonsil or lymp nod removal because the tonsils are your body’s way of fighting bacteria I find if I gurgle warm salt water it makes the stones get soft then they come out Easter it also helps to drink alot of water and milk will help the stones compact more so they come out Easyer since they are partly calcium

  3. Im due to have my tonsils out in 2 days. On one hand looking forward to it but still nervous also. I would get so sick I would be admitted into hospital on I.V antibiotics steroids and fluids. One time it was so swallen I could not drink it would run straight out my nose. I would gargle in my sleep (apparently). Hopefully the recovery isn’t as bad as what I have read.

  4. After having strep throat almost continuously for a year straight my doctor recommended having my tonsils removed at 19. The surgery went well and recovery was rather quick, about a week and a half. I’m 48 now and haven’t had a case of strep throat since. If you are struggling with reoccurring throat infections I would highly consider having your tonsils removed, with the recommendation of your doctor’s supervised care of course.

  5. Hi there. I am new at this and am wondering if anyone has had this problem. My tonsils are so large they have been choking off my tongue. My speech as been affected as well as my sleep. Not enough oxygen and my body is just tired. And they are debating about taking them out. This is no quality of life. I am a 49 year old female. Any others have this issue?

    1. Yes I am 28 yrs old and just got out of the hospital for strep and tonsillitis my throat swelled up so bad that Everytime I layed down I felt like I was suffocating I ran a fever of 103.4 and have been taking steroids and antibiotics for the last two weeks it’s better now but still hurts alot I’m hoping to have my tonsils removed as well bc the pain you go through is unbarring

  6. Im at the day 12 of recovery but still cant smell anything but my taste buds are good. I cant smell chocolate, soup, milk, coffee, everything!! The doctor said that my case is very unusual.. Now im scared . Hope it wont last forever. Hope something can help..

  7. I had mine removed at age 44 last year. Went back for a sleep study last month and got the results a few days ago. No more sleep apnea!! Worth the pain to be rid of the CPAP. I was told by the Dr. that I’m one of the lucky few that a tonsillectomy has completely relieved my apnea. A few months after my tonsils were out my wife mentioned my snoring had stopped. Now I still snore, but nearly as bad as with my tonsils.

  8. I had mine removed at age 46 in 2012. Have not looked back! Only downside is pain/recovery but that becomes a distant memory. My allergies were slightly worse afterwards (a phenomenon I read about online), but after the first year, that no longer was the case. I have no regrets.

    1. Thanks Beth, reading about it online can cause me anxiety. I’m 2 months and 6 days after my tonsillectomy. I thought for sure all issues was supposed to be gone by 1 month. I still have a couple of white patches (Not sure if that’s scabs or scar tissue) but I’m still having issues with dryness and like something in my throat, swallowing. I have to Carry a bottle of ice water wherever I go. I’m just hoping this feeling goes away but encouraging that you have seemed to healed.

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