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  1. I am 17 I’ve had tonsil stones for a long time and they only get worse around December and January when it’s cold and dry but I will not get a tonsil or lymp nod removal because the tonsils are your body’s way of fighting bacteria I find if I gurgle warm salt water it makes the stones get soft then they come out Easter it also helps to drink alot of water and milk will help the stones compact more so they come out Easyer since they are partly calcium

  2. Im due to have my tonsils out in 2 days. On one hand looking forward to it but still nervous also. I would get so sick I would be admitted into hospital on I.V antibiotics steroids and fluids. One time it was so swallen I could not drink it would run straight out my nose. I would gargle in my sleep (apparently). Hopefully the recovery isn’t as bad as what I have read.

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