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  1. Im at the day 12 of recovery but still cant smell anything but my taste buds are good. I cant smell chocolate, soup, milk, coffee, everything!! The doctor said that my case is very unusual.. Now im scared . Hope it wont last forever. Hope something can help..

  2. I had mine removed at age 44 last year. Went back for a sleep study last month and got the results a few days ago. No more sleep apnea!! Worth the pain to be rid of the CPAP. I was told by the Dr. that I’m one of the lucky few that a tonsillectomy has completely relieved my apnea. A few months after my tonsils were out my wife mentioned my snoring had stopped. Now I still snore, but nearly as bad as with my tonsils.

  3. I had mine removed at age 46 in 2012. Have not looked back! Only downside is pain/recovery but that becomes a distant memory. My allergies were slightly worse afterwards (a phenomenon I read about online), but after the first year, that no longer was the case. I have no regrets.

    1. Thanks Beth, reading about it online can cause me anxiety. I’m 2 months and 6 days after my tonsillectomy. I thought for sure all issues was supposed to be gone by 1 month. I still have a couple of white patches (Not sure if that’s scabs or scar tissue) but I’m still having issues with dryness and like something in my throat, swallowing. I have to Carry a bottle of ice water wherever I go. I’m just hoping this feeling goes away but encouraging that you have seemed to healed.

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