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If you like what you’re reading PLEASE click the Google Plus one button-Thank You! Tonsillectomy patients often peer into their throats and wonder, “is this normal?”  What they see is never pretty.  For some it can be quite disturbing.  Since I’ve started the forum, the description of post tonsillectomy throat has been one of the most common discussions.  Believe it or not, people send me post tonsillectomy pictures of their throats all the time.  Of course I appreciate it.  Here is s series of photos from one tonsillectomy patient from each day of her tonsillectomy recovery.  A warning:  These tonsillectomy pictures may not be for the faint of heart! To enlarge the pictures simply click on the image.

Check out our new tonsillectomy recovery video- Caution: Not always pretty

-Greg Tooke 

Tonsillectomy Pictures

Tonsillectomy Pictures


Tonsillectomy photos

Tonsillectomy photos

———————————————————————————— Previous Comments on Tonsillectomy pictures: On February 8, 2013 at 12:32 pm Kimberly said: Just had my tonsils removed yesterday. I don’t even remember being out to sleep. All I could hear was my own giggling. I was having weird dreams and when I woke up in recovery, I kept thrashing about. I didn’t know where I was and why I couldn’t breathe normally. Nurses had to give me lots of morphine to heal the pain. I next woke up in the room I started in. I was the last one to have surgery and was the only patient there. The nurses were extremely kind to me (had it done at the Victoria General Hospital in Winnipeg). For anyone else getting this procedure done, I highly recommend you drink an extreme amount of water. I woke up and had a (literal) reptile-like tongue. Swallowing is really hard to do. If a piece of Popsicle breaks off, put your face down. You won’t be able to get it out with your tongue like you may have done before the surgery. The tonsils aren’t there to stop it from sliding down your throat. I hope this helps anyone else reading this! I really love the pictures. It’s nice to know what my recovery should look like. (Edit) Respond to this On February 6, 2013 at 10:54 am Amanda Farrell said: I am due to go into hospital to have my toncils out at 8am! I live in liverpool and I am having it done privately! I am so so worried about the pain and sleepless nights after the op! I suffer panic attacks and I have been having them all week! All I keep reading about is how painful it is x help!!?? (Edit) Respond to this On February 6, 2013 at 11:00 am Greg Tooke said: Amanda- Hello! Try to relax. Do you take anything for anxiety? Most people who do are able to continue those medications before and after surgery. if you don’t, it might not be a bad time to try them. Short of that, I always recommend that patients take time to mentally walk through the day of surgery to remove the unknown. Even driving to the clinic and walking to the waiting area- This really helps make the day of surgery less scary. It’s a really simple surgery and almost always goes smoothly. The recovery will be a little rough. It’s true. Bear in mind though, the people with easier recoveries rarely post about their experience. You’ll be fine. We’ll be here for you. Good luck! (Edit) Respond to this On February 6, 2013 at 11:05 am Amanda Farrell said: Thank you so much for getting back to me so quick! I have been struggling with panic attacks since I was pregnant with my little boy who is 14 months old! I have had really bad post natal depression since my little boy was 2 days old and I take 40mg of Citalopram once a day which is an anti depressant! Hopefully this will help keep me calm! One can hope! Since I have had post natal depression kicked in I have to be in control of everything and with being put to sleep and someone in my mouth is not me in control I panic even more! I’m so scared! Xx (Edit) Respond to this On February 6, 2013 at 11:07 am Greg Tooke said: I understand. Do you have help lined up for your little guy during your recovery? You will need it my dear (Edit) Respond to this On February 6, 2013 at 1:32 pm Greg Tooke said: If you’d care to join us on Facebook, a few people have offered their input about anxiety and tonsillectomy. (Edit) Respond to this On February 8, 2013 at 4:26 am Amanda Farrell said: I had them removed yesterday!! The op went well! Struggles to eat anything as I have quite bad earache and chewing makes it worse! Slept well last night! However this morning I woke up gagging as it feels like I have a massive clump in my throat! Is this normal!! It’s making me gag quite a lot breathing or attempting to talk x (Edit) Respond to this On February 8, 2013 at 7:38 am Greg Tooke said: Hi Amanda- Yeah, your uvula is probably swollen. That will go down- ice water might help too. (Edit) Thank you for the tonsillectomy pictures.  Is there a way I can submit photos of my throat after tonsil surgery?  Thanks! On February 6, 2013 at 11:34 am Jess said: Hi Amanda! Before my surgery, i spent hours here, reading comments from day 1 to 10. It helped me to know what to expect. Don’t worry to much. It’s not going to be pleasant for a while, but you’ll get through it. Everybody has a different experience, but I didn’t experience to much pain (it really was bearable) and was able to sleep every night. i just had to wake like 3 times a night to drink a little bit of water to keep my throat moist and keep up with my pain meds. Good luck for tomorrow! (Edit) Respond to this On February 6, 2013 at 12:09 pm Mairi Lindsay said: Hi Amanda, First of all relax, don’t stress. While yes tonsils out for teens and adults is a big surgery it isn’t as awful as all these horror stories you’ve probably been reading. As with any surgery you will get nervous beforehand and yes it will hurt, but not horribly like you think. It is about as bad as your worst case of tonsilitis. A few tips i learned, trust me they work, have your medications written down on a timeline when you get discharged, i had diclofenac, dihydrocodeine and paracetamol prescribed, which i would take one of each in 8 hour intervals. Make sure to follow the instructions but also to have your pain management spread effectively through the day (if you get pills, hide it in a teaspoon of jello, goes down easier than if you try to drink them down) the chart also helps with if you get strong pain meds and you forget when you took them that you know so you dont take too many, This next one sounds sadistic but i lived by it through recovery, toast, that’s right, dry toast. While just after your surgery you will think this sounds nuts, trust me, when you hit day 5 or 6 when the scabs start healing and falling off you will be greatful for this, the toast helps scrape away any excess in your throat and actually worked almost like a pain reliver for me, try to get back to eating normal foods as quickly as possible, while a diet of soup, jelly and ice cream sounds great, it will not help your throat heal.(just avoid tomatos) Another tip, don’t stress, the stress will delay healing, and just set up all your fave, teddies, movies, shows, mags whatever it is, but i guarantee all you will want to do the first wee while is sleep. But one thing i forgot to mention about the meds, Make sure you wake up in the night to take them!also to hydrate, nothing wose than your throat getting dry. You will get to a stage where you will be slightly depressed, feeling it’s never gonna end, don’t worry, this is normal, it will end! Keep reminding yourself that, around day 10/11 you will start feeling better. Keep that goal in mind, get cuddles when you want, people forget this is a big surgery, but not one to be scared of My name is Mairi, i’m 21 and in november i will be 3 years post op. i can honestly tell you the surgery was the best thing i could have done, i had tonsilitis 21 timesin 18 months and had glandular fever, my quality of life was non existent. Here i am 3 years later and i just had my first sore throat since surgery and life didn’t stop. Don’t worry. Honestly, everythingis manageable if you look after yourself, my tips worked well for me and a lot of others i know. I had my surgery done by the NHS. Good luck and I hope you have a great recovery and future Mairi (Edit) Are there photos of the actual tonsils after tonsillectomy?  I appreciate seeing what the throat looks like after tonsillectomy.  I thought I was a freak!  Lol.  Hope all are well. Respond to this On January 22, 2013 at 3:38 pm annie said: Hi I’m due to have my tonsilectomy 31st jan and I’m really worried as my pain freshold isn’t that great and really worried about the recovery process not to mention the actual op istself just wanting to know is it bareable and any recovery tips that might help x (Edit) Respond to this On January 25, 2013 at 7:52 am Anonymous said: I had my tonsillectomy on 22/01/13 so today is my day 4 post op and to be honest I’m fine I’ve had toast and biscuits for 2 days. On day of surgery I had ice cream, jelly and mousse. Only advice I can give you is don’t let the docs give you codeine it made me sick straight after my op and I was sick 9 times but as soon as I stopped taking codeine I was great. Just taking 2 paracetamol and 2 nurofen together every 6 hours and it’s working well. No trouble sleeping, just gettin a bit of a foul breath but that’s supposed to be normal and avoid pasta because that stuck to the tonsil scabs. You will be ok if you stay positive and drink plenty (Edit) Respond to this On January 30, 2013 at 1:36 am Anonymous said: Hi Annie, I had my tonsillectomy Jan 24 so I’m 6 days post op today. I was very anxious about the procedure. I’d never been under a general anesthetic before so I also feared some horrible side affect. I can honestly say that it was nowhere near as bad as I anticipated. The needle went into my hand (the smallest prick) and out I went. I awoke in recovery 45 mins later and it was all over. I spent 1 night in hospital and then came home with my medication. At times the pain has been nasty but most of the time when I keep on top of my meds it’s ok. I’ve been able to eat things like pancakes and avocado and sorbet. I suck on ice and drink loads of water. My medication makes me sleepy but I’m slowly feeling better so I’ll probably be off them soon. Even though yes, it can be a painful recovery, for me, it’s better than 12 more years of recurrent infections. I think it’s pretty normal to feel uneasy going into theatre but it will be worth it. Hope it goes well for you and you make a speedy recovery (Edit) Respond to this On January 1, 2013 at 7:27 am Catherine said: Greg, I am 15 days post op and still have the thin white coating on my throat. I can’t seem to find anywhere that people say what happens after week 2. How long until my throat is pink and normal again? (Edit) Respond to this On January 1, 2013 at 8:22 am Greg Tooke said: Hi Catherine. It’s possible that you have oral thrush – Thoughts? (Edit) Respond to this On January 3, 2013 at 2:12 am Kelsey said: I still have mine too, I’m on day 14 of my recovery. It looks as though my scabs are still there, just really thinned out, & taking their time coming off. At my post op check up my doctor informed me that some people’s scabs come off a lot slower than others. My friends were almost gone by day 11, & my throat still looks gross. Nothing to worry about though, as I am eating normal and they are slowly coming off. I think this whole surgery turned into more of a waiting game than anything for me. Hope it helps! (Edit) Respond to this On December 26, 2012 at 10:35 am Karen said: I also want to thank you for your pics. My child is on day six and I was kind of freaked out by the white coating. But good to know it’s normal. She also is having more pain on left side. And we are about to refill her pain meds because she is still on a regular schedule. (Edit) Respond to this On December 22, 2012 at 3:19 pm Judy D. said: Thank you for these pictures. I really had no idea what my tonsils were supposed to look like. What a great resource, thanks so much for the time and effort to set this up. (Edit) Respond to this On December 22, 2012 at 7:28 pm Greg Tooke said: Thanks Judy. It’s a labor of love. I hope you are well. (Edit) Respond to this On December 2, 2012 at 9:46 am Norma said: Hello all . I just wanted to say that I am 51 years old and I just had my tonsils removed and let me tell ya it hurts .. I am just about finished taking all the medications that the doctor has prescribed to me .and I am not feeling any better . I would also like to add that I am a type 2 diabetic and I know that things work differently on different people . But I am having problems with my tongue . its swells up on the ride side of my tongue it hurts like crazy . I just wonder if its from that surgery or from something that I have eaten .. I still have problems swollowing anything . and I have found out that even though he the doctor took out my tonsils he didn’t remove my all because he said that they were gone already .But anyway . I am drinking lots of fluids even doing hot and cold to help relief some of the pain in my mouth .I don’t fell like I am getting enough sleep these days as I would before I had the surgery .Please help if anyone has any ideals to help me with the pain that I am feeling . Thanks Norma Ivie (Edit) Respond to this On December 14, 2012 at 2:27 am Autumn said: Hey Norma, I had severe pain in my tongue up until day 14 or so. It lessened after that point, but even towards the end of the third week moving my tongue in any way, whether to swallow or try to feel around my mouth was painful. Even now, trying to touch the roof of my mouth with my tongue hurts. More than likely it’s just from surgery rather than something you ate. It’ll go away eventually, replaced mostly with a general stiffness of the tongue, at least that has been my experience. It sounds weird, but staying as hydrated as possible helps. I drank as much water as I could as often as I could. There were a couple hours where all I did was sip water and watch the Food Network. Other than that, Chloraseptic spray and Cepacol lozenges help to numb the tongue. Hope your healing progresses quickly! (Edit) Respond to this On December 14, 2012 at 2:29 am Autumn said: Cold water over hot or warm. (Edit) Respond to this On October 1, 2012 at 12:43 am Christina said: I’m on day 6 and mine look like day 11 – so I must be doing alright! (Edit) Respond to this On October 2, 2012 at 4:13 am Anonymous said: What are you doing to be recovering this well? (Edit) Respond to this On September 23, 2012 at 5:41 pm Jessica said: I just wanted to say that I appreciate the pictures that were posted. I am on day 5 post-op and the doctor had talked about a white cast, but I didn’t know if what I was seeing was the “right” type. I didn’t know what to expect even though it was it was explained. I think I need to stick with softer foods because I realize how sore my throat is after I get done eating. Thanks again for all the info!! (Edit) Respond to this On September 8, 2012 at 11:35 pm Dominique D said: I’m NOW on Day 10 & my scabs look like there all almost off (Edit) Respond to this On October 2, 2012 at 4:16 am Anonymous said: Do you taste them as they come off or you don’t even notice it coming off? (Edit) Respond to this On August 6, 2012 at 7:12 am Greg said: Hello RW, sorry you’re having such a rough time. Your doctor needs to do more follow up with his patients. Day 8 is still very painful for MANY patients. The white you see is that scabs that formed. They will fall off very soon. There is a little sharp pain associated with this sloughing off, but you are correct. It does get better after that. You’re close. Hang in there. (Thank you for the nice feedback about the site) -Greg (Edit) Respond to this On August 5, 2012 at 2:59 am Rob said: Sorry for the repost. After submitting i realized i didnt check the boxes asking to be notified of responses, as i greatly need input again, sorry for the repost. RE Firstly, I wanted to thank all the contributors to this website. It was quite informative both preop as well as post op. ESP when I freaked out on day 6 when I woke up feeling like death, worse than any previous days post op. I have looked over your site thoroughly even the pictures and I still have one question. When will the white looking stuff leave the back of my throat? My physician will not give me any more pain meds because he said on day 8 I shouldn’t have any pain yet I welcome him to feel the pain I am in right now. As of now chloraceptic is my best friend. Idk if this line of thinking is correct or not but my hopes is when the white stuff leaves my throat it won’t hurt anymore. Please help, any info is greatly appreciated!! RW (Edit) Respond to this On December 14, 2012 at 8:42 am Sharon said: Your dr. Sounds like a yahoo! So day 8 and you should feel better? Thank God you found this site or you might just worry something is seriously wrong with you! Day 8 was one of the worse days for me. I think your dr. Should review this site! Day 11 still on pain meds. Hope you are feeling better! (Edit) Respond to this On August 5, 2012 at 2:56 am Rob said: Firstly, I wanted to thank all the contributors to this website. It was quite informative both preop as well as post op. ESP when I freaked out on day 6 when I woke up feeling like death, worse than any previous days post op. I have looked over your site thoroughly even the pictures and I still have one question. When will the white looking stuff leave the back of my throat? My physician will not give me any more pain meds because he said on day 8 I shouldn’t have any pain yet I welcome him to feel the pain I am in right now. As of now chloraceptic is my best friend. Idk if this line of thinking is correct or not but my hopes is when the white stuff leaves my throat it won’t hurt anymore. Please help, any info is greatly appreciated!! RW

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  1. I’m 21 years old and on my 6th day on recovery. My right tonsil scab seems to be healing pretty normally but on the left side of my face i have the most pain in the throat and ear. my left cheek also still feels very swollen. Do some scabs heal faster than others? Is this due to sleeping on my face?

  2. I’m 15 years old and I’m on my sixth day of recovery the pain is slightly easing off one of my problems is that I can’t swallow very well not due to pain but when I swallow I feel Asif I haven’t swallowed anything and the saliva is still in my mouth . Also my tongue is yellow any ways to fix that ?

  3. Don’t eat raw cookie dough because I think it rubbed against my tonsils and made them bleed don’t scratch your throat at all it will make u bleed.

  4. I just got my tonsils and adenoids out a 7 days ago when I woke up from surgery when I was going home and I got froyo and I threw that up I threw up 🤮 8 times in one day and that isn’t good when u get your tonsils out but I didn’t go to the hospital when I threw up it kinda made my throat feel good. So my brothers doctor called my mom every day to check up on me and my brother. I take ibuprofen when my throat Harts most of the time it doesn’t work. So I take hydro and a Nicosia pill and it kinda works I can’t wait till after these 2 weeks are over. If u get your tonsils and adenoids out drink lots of water and chicken broth. Oh the pain gets worse so all ways have medicine with u and stand up and walk around it helps a lot. Sometimes I open my mouth and close my mouth like a exercise but do it when your laying down on your back it kinda helps. I I can’t wait to get this over with. When your hungry sometimes u can eat raw cookie dough, cupcakes, 🥛milkshakes, 🥞pancakes, 🍨ice cream, and soups.😭😭😭😭

  5. Lala here again did i forget to mention the ear achs and teeth achs u get from a tonsillectomy like , you can kill me now please thankQ 😘 xx

  6. 19yr, Female, I had my surgery on 16/06/17 at the fremantle hospital in perth , and let me tell u the experience i had so first off i arrived and everything was allgs i sat there for about 2 hours and then i got called threw , i was very nervous and scared and didnt know what to expect, a lovely nurse there carmed me down which i was so greatful for. So we proceed to go to the surgery room they put a drip in and told me to breath and then i just passed out😂. Um waking up from surgery was a struggle for me i end up having a seizure and passing out for about 15-16 hours , when i finally woke up i had a breathing tube down my throat and its safe to say i thought i was dead lol but i wasnt. ah the pain at that point i had no idea i had gotten my tonsils taken out i had no idea why i was in hospital they pulled my breathing tube out and they asked me a few questions , i didnt know my name or where i was etc. A few hours go by and i realised im in hospital in ICU , and im freaking out but a nurse came in and carmed me down aha i didnt really feel the pain at all at the hospital that much but i stayed there for about 3 days being monitored alot. I was then visited by the surgeon and she then went on to tell me that my tonsils where so infected that it was tough to get them out. And my throat is very damaged which sucked. Let me tell you tho when i went home and the pain meds wore off jesus i was in a whole new world of pain i could eat and drink but as the days went by it got harder and harder for me to eat or even drink water or even talk my voice has disappeared which is scary , its about 8 days post op now and i havent eaten for about 3 days and im in a world of pain like next level type shit pain. Like im in tears everynight because of pain , it hell to anyone who get a tonsillectomy god dam bless yo soul. You gone need it…..

  7. I’m a 19 year old female and got my tonsils removed on April 19th too! Coincidence lol

  8. I’m a 19 year old male and I had my tonsils removed on April 19th, 2017. Unlike most, and much to my doctors surprise, I was up, walking, and talking immediately after a short nap following my operation. My scabs are currently falling off and I’m DESPERATELY seeking releif, for every second that I’m off percocet the pain is overbearing. Keep in mind, I didn’t use percocet until about day 5 – the day my scabs started to fall off. moreover, can someone explain to me why i had absolutely no white gunk over where my tonsils once were?

    Let me know, thanks!

  9. I’m a 33 year old female .I had tonsil stones for almost 4 years. I had to clean my tonsils almost every day to avoid the stones from getting bigger and start smelling. It was annoying and frustrating because it didn’t matter how good I cleaned them my family would still tell me that I have a bad breath. My doctor didn’t want me to remove my tonsils, but finally I convinced her that I had to do it and I went to the specialist and he had them removed last week on April 13, 2017. So today is my 6th day after the surgery . I’m very happy that I won’t have the nasty stones in my mouth, but the hell im going through now 😰 My first 2 days I couldn’t move, I couldn’t walk , I was very dizzy and week. All I needed is to sleep. I slept for 2 days , was waking up only for an hour and was going back to sleep for 1-3 hours again. And now, it’s so painful!!! I can’t eat, I can’t drink , I smell like death lol. My teeth became very sensitive, they hurt when I brash . I smell so so so bad. I brash , I wash, I use mouth wash, hydrogen peroxide mixed with water, but nothing helps. I need to go back to work tomorrow !!! I don’t know how I’ll be facing people…
    well , it’s a hard recovery I guess , but I know it’s worth it and I’ll just wait for another week or few and then I’ll be so happy 😊 I’ve lost weight already . So it’ll be my fresh start to get ready for summer – diet , sport and health !
    Cheer up for those who is going through this now , I know it’s hard , but after we all will be so proud of ourselves 😊

  10. GT- those are my initials ! You are not alone. I was right where you are and I can tell you- this. Is. Temporary. It will get better! It hurts to swallow- yes, but you absolutely must drink. Try warm water or broth. Whatever you can because dehydration is even more painful. How about popsicles or jello?

  11. This is a very old post, but I’m literally on my bathroom floor in worst funk I’ve been in in my 33 years living. Today is day 7 and “pain” is an understatement. I can’t eat. Swallowing my own saliva feels like I’m swallowing razor blades and all I can think about is the food I can’t eat. I hope I don’t ultimately regret the surgery, but this shit here is depressing. I honestly don’t see any light at the end of the tunnel. People say “stay hydrated”, but I literally canNOT drink water without it feeling like I’m swallowing acid. I don’t want anything, really. Just reading the post out of desperation and yours most related to where I am currently. Say a prayer for me if you get this. Hope you don’t regret having the surgery. And honestly, if you do and ever respond…please lie to me. Thanks 😔

  12. I am 18 and I had my tonsils and adenoids taken out on Feb 21st, 2017. Right now it is day 8 but still hurts a lot. But I have had some good healing. My scabs are starting to go away ever so slightly. But my doctor did not given me enough pain meds to last me. So I’ll have to start taking Tylenol instead of NORCO. But the first day wasn’t bad because I was all drugged up, first thing I did was eat mashed potatoes. The worst day actually had to be my third day because both my throat and ears were in so much pain. Any loud noise would make my ears scream, and my throat just felt like forced me to swallow glass. I’m trying to stay positive towards this though. It will be over before I know it! 🙂

  13. My tonsils and adenoids had to come out a few years ago after years of tonsillitis and strep almost every other month and then trying to rupture. I was 53 when I was told it was a have to situation. My doctor said the risk were higher due to my age. So he was going to use the gold laser. The pain and recovery time would be cut in half by using the gold laser. Watching my son go through the older conventional method years ago, I was sceptical. My procedure went well,. Yes there is pain and learning to use those muscles takes strength and trust that you can do it. Eating and drinking is the key to healthy and quicker recovery even when you don’t feel like drinking or eating. I was told not to use milk products for a week as they put a film on the scabs as they try to form. I had a mouth rinse off cold water and peroxide to use every time I hurt, to gargle this mixture. I had a liquid pain medicine plus a prescription sucker that instantly numbed my pain with only 2 licks on this sucker every 30 min or add needed. I was prescribed an energy drink with aloe Vera, aci berry mango and vitamins also from health store. I ate a small sweet potato with butter on it the evening after my surgery drinking fluids every chance I got. My doctor also recommends sleeping slightly elevated and under a cool mist humidifier so your throat won’t dry out. I got up during the night to drink fluids also. Gotta keep those muscles in your throat moving. Recovery was so much better than I expected. Good luck. And be positive. You will feel better

  14. Hey I had my tonsils out 5 days ago and today is the worst pain so far just like the Dr warned. I was a high risk case and spent a day in intensive care for close monitoring as have type 1diabetes and addisons disease on top of other issues. Within 2 hours of surgery i had drunk 3 cups of water and eaten 2 pieces of toast and when they found my crutches was walking around- I really shocked everyone!! Tonsillitis ruined ny life for many years (I’m now 32) and don’t regret having it done at all even though was warned I might not wake up as I’m very high risk. Anyone else in my position trust your endocrinologist and the theatre staff – they are amazing!!! This is now the beginning of my life even if I am on a lit of pain killers!! If tramadol and codeine make you sick ask for oral morphine it’s amazing!! I’m taking soluable paracetamol, codeine and naproxen as well and doing ok. Difflam throat rinse stings the first use but really help so give it a go. Good luck to everyone out there reading this who’s waiting on surgery you’ll sail through by being positive!! I also want to thank the staff at the Royal Gwent Hospital in Newport who were fab!! I was the trickiest calculation ever but they persevered without hurting me even if it did go in my neck!!! (I assure you all this is very rare and unlikely to happen to you!!)

  15. Have you been using throat spray of any kind I saw were a lot of people are using it but I was not told that I could any input would be great I’m forty-six 8 Days post op and I am feeling horrible my throat looks awful it hurts to swallow and I have a lot more greenish color to mine then the white in the pictures

  16. hi I am 46 and day 9 post op I feel as if I’m going backwards than progressing forward. Terrible pain my tonsils look nasty gross and I just wanted to know if that’s normal and can throat spray be used I was not told that I could use throat spray but I’ve seen a lot of these comments that people are doing that

  17. I had both my tonsils removed on Tuesday (4days ago). Today is the first day I’ve felt half human. Yesterday was horrific. I spent a lot of the day crying and sleeping. Drinking ice-cold water is honestly the most comforting thing. Also, I found that if you sleep as upright as possible, and wake regularly for water to keep your throat moist, then you actually sleep pretty well and dont wake up wanting to cut your head off. I have barely eaten this week. Yesterday I couldnt even swallow soup. Im hoping today to eat some shepards pie. I dont know how you’re supposed to eat normally when just swallowing your own spit hurts.

  18. I had my right tonsil removed and also my u vulla on Monday 25 janruary 2016 it is the worst pain I have ever experienced in my life I am on codene, paracetamol, today is 6th day pain is still same I am eating as normal and eating ice lollies

  19. My tonsillectomy and adnoids were done Aug 17, 2015. PAIN!!!!! The most relevent word. Discomfort ans uncomfortableness also. Pain can range from very severe to mild, and I am a 41 year old female who has been having constant throat problems, strep, sore, colds, pain for months over and over repetitively with the occasional and painful bouts of thrush thrown in. This surgery was necessary yet very difficult and painful to get through. On day three my tonsils look normal compared to other photos you have displayed. However the pain gets so bad sometimes I don’t know what to do for my self. Cold drinks seem to be the best but some slightly warm liquids, tea and soup broth seem to add soothing also. I am nervous though as the days for the scabs to heal and come odd are coming…..that seems very difficult to soothe and get through. Sleep is a rarity for me right now as I cannot stay asleep and the pain and discomfort become too much….especially when laying down!!! Sitting up some helps. Anyone with any further tips or encouragement please let me know. Thank you. Nervously, Sandy M

  20. its been 6 day now since i took my tonsils .when my doctor told me is was going to be painful i never thought it will be a nightmare .day1,2,3 i was in pain but the medication did help a bit
    they told me to take 1 pill twice a day but i could not bear the pain was to much for me i cried day in and out day 4 it was hell they took me to the ER i was in pain .i spend a night in hospital the next day i saw the doctor and he told me i overdoesed the med he gave me was for a week .shoo i felt as if i was going crazy .crying due to pain but now i am following the doctors instruction 1pill after 8hours .the pain is still there but now i try to be strong but if i now it will be hell i would not have gone for the operation .i am recovering

  21. I am 41 and I am on day 20 post-op. I still have thrush despite being on Nystatin 4x a day since operation. I’m ready for that sweet smell to be gone! Right now that is the worst part. I still have what feels like a bad sore throat (hurts to swallow). I also have trouble getting food down, as it seems like I can’t get my throat muscles to do what I want just yet. I was in a fog until I weaned off the pain meds, which the dr. Required by day 13. I probably could have used a few more days but I am just now awake throughout the day and starting to get some energy back. I have to eat small bites, chew well, and drink to get food down, but tonight i finally had pizza again, and pizza crusts aren’t exactly soft food. I found this website so helpful going into the surgery and since. I hope my posting helps someone else who imight be older going through the surgery. i am healing very slowly, but happy to be done with mess!

  22. I had my tonsils out April 9th. I was told it would be the worst pain i’ve ever had in my throat. I to would get viral, bacterial,necrosis and tonsillitis infections. This operation is by far the worst pain i have ever had in my throat. I wish i never did the surgery. I am on the night of day 7 and it feels as if i’m swallowing razor blades. I’ve barely eaten a thing the entire seven days. On day 4 i returned to the ER dep. seriously de hydrated. I was given two IV’s and a liqiud Oxycodone for home. I ran out today and am very nervous about taking the same meds in pill form. They dont seem to work as well and ware off quicker. I also added 800mg. of Ibrprophen myself. My tongue is also very sore and there are two sm. blisters on the tip. I came upon this website because i wanted to see if i’m healing up okay. Thankyou for all the info. Sorry mine sounds so grim and it’s not even over yet.

  23. my son is now 7days post-op. he was doing pretty well, except for the past two nights. he has been waking up saying his throat is on fire. he is on round the clock pain meds. i am glad that you posted pictures of what the recovery looks like. i was a little concerned about the white patches, but now see that it means healing. he does complain about his tongue feeling “big”. i have noticed that it is swollen. but glad to read that it to will pass. his doctor said NOT to use any motrin or tylenol for at least 2weeks after his surg, due to risk of increased bleeding. and only having a “soft” diet for 2wks after.
    i guess my major concern is that, i dont think he is drinking as much as everyone eles on here is. he has been sipping on gatorade. and has been sucking on popcicles. and was eating like a champ until yesterday. is it because of his scabs? any advise would be great. thanks!

  24. I am having a meltdown. Omg this is day 7 and I am still in major pain with no relief in sight. Had the surgery feb 20th, 2013.

  25. I had my tonsils out two days ago and im on 3 different pain meds. During the day the pain is bearable however at night time it is incredibly difficult to swallow and i get terrible earache throughout the day. I can barely speak, which is awkward as i have two rescue dogs that need caring for and giving commands hurts, though thankfully they seem to know im in pain so aren’t too naughty. My main issue is everything i eat and drink tastes foul. I was told by the nurse by day 3, which im on now, my taste should have returned to normal but all i taste is “burnt flesh” which is stomach churning. I have been drinking at least 2 litres of liquid a day, mainly very very weak juice (the water in ipswich tastes very nasty by itself) even if it hurts. A friend suggested difflam spray which has been a god send. it contains a local anesthetic which numbs the area and helps reduce swelling too. Used 10 mins before eating i can eat hard foods with no problem as long as i take little bites and chew well.

    Thanks for posting this thread. I thought i was being a bit of a wuss with the pain but to find so many people find this surgery uncomfortable i feel a bit better knowing im not the only one whos having a bit of a rough time with it. The studies do show that a tonsillectomy is one of the “worst” feeling operations for adults.

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