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Tonsillectomy Pain

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Tonsillectomy Pain and Recovery Tips:

Kris Shares Tips

If you’re reading this then there is a high possibility you’re trying to research what to expect? Well, my experience was/is extremely painful.
I don’t want to scare anyone, but this operation is horrible, so I’ll share some tips on what has helped me deal with the recovery.

My initial concern wasn’t the operation, It was being put to sleep. This was my first ever operation. Turns out being put to sleep is a doddle.
When I came around I remember the pain being brutal, but being in a hospital I had the option of morphine, which of course I took. Two vials of the stuff, which as you’d expect put me on cloud nine. So within an hour of surgery I was eating and drinking.
My operation was quite late in the afternoon which meant a night at the hospital. That’s one thing to bear in mind, if your operation is late in the afternoon you’ll more than likely stay in. They like to monitor you for at least five hours after.

The day I came out of hospital I was feeling sore, but other than that eating and drinking was relatively easy.

Day two was roughly the same as day one, uncomfortable and sore but I was still able to eat. In fact I had a McDonalds, ok it took me about an hour to eat it but I managed.

Day three well…this is where the pain really started. The pain was incredible and I was completely reliant on my pain killers. Which I’m taking every four hours, and boy do you know when they’re wearing off.

Day four was even worse. Drinking water was becoming almost impossible and as for eating…forget it. I know all the advice is to eat as normal, but for me that wasn’t possible, and this dry toast malarkey…well whoever said that clearly hasn’t had this op.

As for my meds, I was taking 8mg/500mg of Co-codamol every four hours and 400mg of Ibuprofen every six, but on the evening of day four I got my timings wrong. My pain meds had completely worn off by 1:30 in the morning and boy did I know about it.
I use this term lightly I have never experienced pain like it! I had extreme shakes and excruciating pain. I was left with a dilemma, do I take more pain meds and risk the same problem the next day because I’d be over my dose for the day, or try and sleep it off? That didn’t work either. Cold water didn’t work, sorbet didn’t work, in the end I sat in the shower for about an hour. The steam seemed to help my throat.
The problem you get is when you’re awake you can keep your throat wet, which helps A LOT. Obviously the opposite happens when your sleeping.

So to wrap this up. Day five so far has been easier, there’s a peak that you have to overcome and I seem to be just about over it. I’m still very sore and eating is difficult but its getting easier.

My top tips would be avoid Dairy I found it sticks. Sip tea or coffee, it helps with debris. Buy a humidifier it will help with sleeping. Honey also helps.
As I’ve said, this is my experience so yours may differ. Good luck

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