Tonsillectomy Diet Tips

What are the Best Foods to Eat After Tonsillectomy?

The tonsillectomy diet can be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, the nutrition derived from solid foods is essential for out overall health and recovery from tonsillectomy surgery. The very act of swallowing also helps the throat recover. On the other hand, pushing foods past the raw and tender area of the tonsil beds after they’ve been cut and in many cases cauterized, can cause excruciating pain and, even bleeding. We need to go slow.

Eating after tonsillectomy

Slushies After Tonsillectomy- Just Do it!


Liquids: The best friend of any tonsillectomy diet

Liquids. Let’s start here. Since you’ll be drinking at least 8 ounces per hour during  tonsillectomy recovery. Put some thought into what you want.   Sport drinks are good. They provide electrolytes and needed calories. Since most of the calories are from sugar, you’ll want to try some other drinks too. Avoid anything acidic, caffeinated, dairy, or thick for the first week. I was amazed by how many things I drank went down like battery acid or left a troublesome film on my throat. (tonsil bed) Water is always good, but it’s hard to stay interested in it. I also enjoyed chicken and beef broths. Don’t heat them beyond, “fairly warm.” Hot has an inflammatory effect on tonsil area tissue. 

how to make peanut butter smoothies

Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie Recipe

Gelatin was the first thing I was given to begin eating after tonsillectomy and I thought I’d gone to heaven. It tasted wonderful and, for some reason, I found it easier to swallow than water. It’s cool, soothing, and counts as hydration. Hands down, Jell-O, Jelly, or gelatin is my top pick for foods for a tonsillectomy recovery. For the first five days I didn’t venture too far beyond the liquids and gelatin. It’s contrary to what your mother might advise but, like sleep, a normally healthy endeavor can result in an hour of searing pain. I tried mashed potatoes on day two and had tears in my eyes.  For about a day after that, I stopped eating .  I don’t recommend this.  Maintaining a good diet is important for several reasons.  Nutrition, activation of muscles in the affected area, and feeling of well being are all benefits of a smart plan. Also keep in mind that most prescription pain killers can cause nausea, especially on an empty stomach.  It’s important to get some kind of food down before taking pain medicine, even if it’s just a liquid food like Ensure.

Try to add as many calories to your day as you can. As your throat allows, try some foods like oatmeal, macaroni and cheese, (NOT al dente. cook it!), ramen noodles, mashed potatoes, gravy, or cous cous. Oatmeal was, without question, my breakthrough food as I began eating after tonsillectomy. I’m still eating it almost daily, probably because of the good feeling that  it gave me in my second week.

When I was recovering, I used to daydream about eating steak.  It seemed so unattainable.  I couldn’t even handle mashed potatoes.  When could I ever enjoy a nice juicy Steak??  I told myself, once I got through this, I would reward myself with a delicious slab of beef.  To this day, I love my steak. I’ve put together a collection of items that I think would be helpful, if not essential, to making tonsillectomy recovery a little more pleasant, including items for your tonsillectomy diet. Check out theGeneral Store. -Greg Tooke  

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  1. I’m on day 3 I’m from the uk so it’s a rough diet back ASAP but that isn’t gunna happen I came out of surgery and 2 hours later had 2 yougharts a bowl of soup and mac and cheese with Brussels spouts now my throat hurts when I eat but I’ve also found its hard to go to the bathroom(I dunno if this is the painkillers though ) I advise you not to go for the flavoured water as it dries your throat out go for plain tap water if not plain bottled water I’ve been eating pink panther wafers and malteasers which I find easy to go down and if u manage that toast does help honestly ….rolls as well Just in little bits like the toast make sure it’s got plenty margarine on it and I find it easier with jam cups of tea as well cheesy wotsits I’m just trying to let you guys know what I’m finding easy all I say is have tissues on hand as I have water dripping back out my mouth after drinking and don’t push yourself just stay in bed if you can …. I haven’t been dying for any food in particular but I only stopped smoking the day of my operation and I’m dying for a cigarette but DON’T DO IT IT’S TORTURE !!! I been told chewing gum is good has anyone tried Anything I haven’t mentioned that works please let me know as I want to get this better soon x

  2. Hi my name is Christy & I’m 34 years old & had a tonsillectomy on January 15 2014. I suffered from throat infections for years & had a chronic one that lasted 4 months & 4 rounds of antibiotics, so I was convinced that a tonsillectomy was the next (& only option). The first 3 days were ok & I was eating the diet my Dr. had suggested, when I choked on my liquid pain meds. I had a 3 hour coughing fit that led to me rupturing an artery on the left side of my throat. I was rushed to the hospital & lost half my blood volume. I had emergency surgery & 2 units of blood. Now I have a blood clot in my arm from the IV & the dr.’s can’t prescribe any blood thinners for fear of another hemorrhage. I thank God I’m here to see my two children again. All I can say is please do your research to make sure it is absolutely pertinent to get your tonsils out. My Dr. had preformed over 4500 tonsillectomies & I was extremely confident in his skill. If you do have this surgery, water down ANY medicine you get & try not to cough excessively! Almost dying has given me a new lease on life & I will never take a breath for granted again.

  3. Hey I had my tonsillectomy yesterday- I’m 27 and a mommy of two little girls ages 4 and 7 wks. There seems to be a big discrepancy between what doctors say for the most part between the UK and US. I did a lot of reading and UK drs advise slightly scratchy food and a return to the normal diet ASAP. Many drs in the US say NO WAY and to only eat soft, mushy things. I live in the US but thankfully my doctor prescribes to the UK approach. I was offered soda and crackers when I woke up from short term anesthesia (I declined both because carbonation sounded awful and I have food allergies) but did pick up some soda water and chips that I could eat on the way home.

    It is actually easier to eat soda water and slightly crunchy foods than mashed food for me. The softer the food is, the more it gets caught in the pockets where my tonsils used to be. However, I seem to be having a better time recovering than many of my peers. I drink a ton of water and Gatorade and have a warm mist vaporizer by my bed. I have had chronic tonsillitis every 6 weeks or so for the past nearly 10 years. Already my throat feels more open (even with the swelling and coughing up bits of tissue) and I feel better. Yes my throat hurts but it’s not any worse than the tonsilitis I’ve been experiencing.

    One very positive thing I noticed immediately after surgery was that I could hear better. I’ve had a post nasal drip for years and it sort of would get stuck by the swollen tonsils, dry out and block my ear passages. Within an hour of coming home, I spat out some old gunkie mucus blocks and now I have less pain/pressure in my ears than I’ve had ever.

    My advice, drink a ton- especially green or white tea with cinnamon and honey. Every time you swallow, it will sting a little less- whether you are drinking water, chewing ice or drinking juice. The tea, cinnamon and honey will soothe and are naturally anti-inflammatory. I usually do 1-2 Tbs honey with 1 tsp cinnamon for an 8 oz mug of tea. If you can, alternate between the Rx and ibuprofen (ask your dr first since Motrin has been known to thin the blood a bit). Try drinking lightly carbonated drinks (I like club soda because it cleans out my mouth/throat without leaving sugary gunk behind) and try a few well chewed crackers or chips (sun chips have worked the best for me- less bready and can be well chewed without being too sharp- unlike potato chips). Jello is soothing but pudding (particularly rice or tapioca) seems to get stuck and build up on my throat. Gargling a little sea salt in water a couple times a day also helps. No one wants to get an infected site because of food buildup.

    ** IF you have extremely yellow scabs or bright redness, you probably need an antibiotic. I’ve seen a lot of peoples recovery pics online and I want to say that at least 40% look infected at one point or another. I am not a doctor but I grew up in the medical community and can’t stress this enough- if you feel like you have a fever, chills, extreme nausea, bad odor or there is ooziness or extreme inflammation/redness on a surgical site, see your doctor about getting on an antibiotic. It’s going to hurt any time you have surgery but any of the above symptoms signal something is wrong.

    Overall, and yes I know I’m only on day 2, I am so happy I did this. I nearly backed out and was having major panic attacks for the few days before my surgery. There are way too many horror stories and gross pictures online. I read people say that this surgery hurt more than labor. For me, that wasn’t true at all. Labor was way worse, recovering from a c-section was way worse, having kidney stones was way worse and having back surgery was 10000x worse than this for me. I have had a lot of health complications and surgeries over the years. This one hurts but it’s not end-of-the-world-just-shoot-me-right-now kind of pain. For me, so far, it just feels like I have a bad case of tonsillitis or strep with a few ulcers on my throat. As long as you keep swallowing (even in nothing is in your mouth) active swallowing every 30 min or so seems to keep things from getting to painful.

  4. I thought I would have a read here to see if there were any clever ideas for food the first week post op. I am a breastfeeding mum to a 5 month old who is not yet on solids. I NEED good nutrition from day one post op to maintain a good milk supply which will already be compromised by stress, pain and drugs. I had hoped that dairy would still be fine; thought about blending soups; baked beans with poached eggs; and mash. However, from much of what I’ve read has now really concerned me. If anyone has clever ideas on food please reply.

    1. Hi Kim. My first thought is a supplement drink like Ensure. I might also suggest a breast pump to stock up a bit. Do you have someone to help you during your recovery? I hope so…

      1. Hi Greg,

        I’ve been pumping and storing since I saw the ENT, however, at best, I can only get one feed a day as I am anxious about the surgery and being separated from my boy (stress affects ‘let down’). I have received great advice about how to express and feed my boy, but I still will need the best nutrition, ummm, actually food in general, to keep up my supply. Also, breastfeeding makes you hungry!!! That is why I need to figure out how to eat food.

  5. I’m on day 7 of my recovery and I can say I’d rather go through childbirth again than have to deal with this pain! It hurts to drink, eat, or swallow. I attempted to eat yogurt this morning and my throat felt like it was on fire! I’ve tried warm soup to freeze pops and nothing helps. I also have an abundance of saliva sitting at the top of my throat. Oh did I mention I also had a thyroidectomy done the same day. I’ve only experienced a swollen & stiff neck from that recovery. Will I ever start to feel better? I want to eat and drink but it hurts so bad!!

  6. I had my tonsillectomy 2 years ago and from day 1 I was on solid foods I had toast and a roast dinner the first night! From then on I ate normal food crisps, kebabs, anything and you know what? I was fine pain was minimal never had the backlog of scabs building up and this was the advice from my surgeon and nurses in the UK so I don’t believe liquids is the cornerstone of a tonsillectomy diet.

  7. Hi I’m Mark, 24 years old. I had tonsillectomy on September 17 2013 and I am on my 6th day since the operation. I can really say that this is the worst pain I ever encountered. Swallowing is really hard plus getting rid of the phlegm/saliva every morning can be very disturbing. Going on the the 7th day, I am already craving for real food. My doctor only prescribed me to take an icecream diet. But, who cares if you wanna try mushy mash potatoes or some cooled overcooked noodles. It is actually all about controlling the pain and keeping yourself hydrated. Meaning, cold water is a must for a smooth recovery.

    For those who are about to undergo tonsillectomy and are searching how others are coping, I really can say that reading all of the experiences of others create fear. But for me, there is just a sense of victory after I overcame the surgery. I keep diverting my attention so as I will not focus on the pain. Also, it helps if you calm yourself.

    No pain, no gain. I am optimistic that I can soon get a good night sleep without having to experience recurring tonsilitis.

    Good luck. And keep that big juicy burger in mind as motivation for your complete recovery. 🙂

  8. Day 1-3 just ice water and popsicles, day 4/5 moved up to applesauce and pudding and plenty of ice water. Had a scrambled egg for dinner on the 5th. Some room temperature soups like chicken and stars. Mac and Cheese on day 6/7 not hot, cooled down. Noodle soups and bouillon. There was a turning point around day 8-9 where I no longer wanted cold things other than the popsicles. I wanted warm liquids, bouillon soups and noodle soups and warm tea with honey. On Day 15 I had a fig bar and some vegan chicken and it was great. I still have some swelling and pain on the left side but the right side appears mostly healed.

  9. I had my tonsils out August 23, 2010. The first 7 or 8 days were not bad at all. But I couldn’t taste anything. Nothing at all. I had more surgeries than just a tonsillectomy though. I also had a nasal turbinate reduction, septum straightening, and a soft pallet reduction (including removal of the uvula). Not sure if all that also had an impact on my ability to taste. I couldn’t smell anything either. Day 9 a scab came loose and I gagged it up which was the worst experience of my life. Immediately the pain set in. It was severe pain whenever I’d drink or try to eat. I had 4 scabs I think that came up that way over the course of a few days and each time the pain was severe when trying to eat. It took a few weeks for the pain to fully go away and a little longer for my sense of taste and smell to return. I ended up with thrush though. I think it was because I was on IV steroids in the hospital, plus antibiotics, plus I was drinking nothing but sugar pop. So all that caused thrush. Those horrible lozenges my GP prescribed hurt my tongue and roof of my mouth so bad! I could only do a few days of the 14 days and I finally had to stop due to the severe pain from THAT! But luckily it cured the thrush in that short amount of time so I didn’t have to try anything else for it.

    I do remember that the only food I could eat was very cooked macaroni and cheese once the first scab fell off. Before then I really didn’t have much of a problem eating normal foods. No I couldn’t eat sharp pointy things like chips but I don’t recall having much of a problem otherwise.

    My surgeon prescribed tylenol 3 at first and that did not touch the pain so he then prescribed percocet I think (or was it vicodin?). That helped a lot. I had itching from it as I always have in the past but I think I may have also taken benedryl for it. I’m not allergic to those meds though. It just helped the itching. My pain meds were pills and not liquid. It did hurt some to take the pills but it wasn’t severe. Oh and my surgeon prescribed that numbing mouthwash/gargle stuff. I can’t recall but I think it actually burned to use it. I didn’t use much of the large bottle. I’m not sure why since it’s been so long since my surgery. Either it had a bad taste, bad texture or something, though I’m not sure I could taste it since I couldn’t taste anything… *shrugs* But I did live on mac & cheese for quite a while. I couldn’t even handle scrambled eggs after the scabs started falling off.

    My tonsils were electro-cauterized. I had to remove my piercing jewelry. I had some in my ears and my nose ring. To this day I have not gotten re-pierced. I miss them though. I wish you all going through this the best of luck and a lack of pain!

    Oh I got my tonsils removed (and the soft pallet reduced) due to sleep apnea, which fixed it! I guess I’m one of the 40% that the surgery was successful for. 😀

  10. I’ve discovered that I can eat Ramen Noodles (3rd day). I just heat them up normally in the microwave, put the beef/chicken flavoring in, and then put it in the fridge until I feel it is cooled down enough to be just about warm. The noodles are thin so they don’t bother my VERY swollen uvula. and it’s nice to taste something like chicken/beef instead of popsicles.

  11. I am in day 4… feelig really panic but forcefully trying to eat some fluids food like overcooked rice after blinding … and soup but the pain beeing hard and ear beeing like block and more panic. Hoping will be alright in few days…. very bad experience I am having… How many days more????? Frn think before tonsillectomy if u r living alone out of country or home for work propose.

  12. I am 37 and was terrified of having mine removed. It has been about 11 days or so since the surgery now. The first 9 days were so brutal it was almost a blur. I know some days were a little better than others and I was able to get applause down and maybe an instant carnation with soy milk. But there were days that no food made it down my gullet. Water was sipped slower than when my kids were babies drinking out of their sippy cups for the first time. I’ve tried runny mashed potatoes, which some days were okay if I chased it with a sip of water, which reminded me of college days. I have had the extreme burning when I take the liquid pain meds, which always gives me pause to take them. I’m finally now up to needing it only every six hours as opposed to every four. And I can get away with only needing the lesser amount of 2 tsp instead of 3 tsp. Which is progress I think. The past two days are the first since I got home that I have had to constantly use ice against my left ear. This whole time my ear has felt like someone put a mini chainsaw inside and set off without anyone paying attention. At times I wanted to pour ice water into the canal just to get some sort of relief. I’m thinking I’ve finally turned a corner. I haven’t been able to open my mouth wide enough to see scabs so I don’t know if I’m there yet, but I’d like to think this tightening, itchy feeling that is occurring is the culprit. Good luck everyone.

  13. Ok I need some help here. I’m on Day 9. (I count the surgery as day 1)… Pain is SLOWLY starting to break but is still coming in waves, specially in the mornings…..but here is the biggest issue.

    I can’t sleep laying flat still. I can’t lay down! Every time I get a TON of slavia which I swallow then I feel like I can’t breath. As if something (which I sure is) blocking my air from my nose and mouth! I wake up, if I am asleep, in a panic! I feel like I am drowning then. Does this stop? Or is there something wrong that I need to call the doctor about? I just don’t want to live the rest of my life sitting up! lol


  14. I had mine out nov 21st 2012. I wasn’t worried about the pain. I would just take as much as I needed and get something stronger if need be. My problem was about day 6 when my tounge had a white coating stuck on it. Once it came off, my taste was gone. Everything tasted like crap or copper. I loved diet coke and it was horrible, meat tastes crapy and only plain plain chicken was on. I read and read and seemed like ifcwould never come back. It does slowly after months and months. It does come back just ave to be patient

  15. I had my surgery on april 4th. I had no pain till tonight and i am eating easliy. When i was coming home from op i had a hashbrown and a bacon and egg mc muffin and i had been drinking water, coke, cordial and also been eating scrambled eggs, pumpkin soup with bread, ice- cream. Havn’t sleept much but eating nad drinking like a champ had some bleeding went to hospital and they said nothing. I am really craving maccers and kfc so bad and wanting to talk like crazy but i can’t and i have heard that i cant do this till 2-4 weeks after and thats too long. I am 14 atm turning 15.

  16. Day 6 – No joke this recovery. I was able to eat only minimal pain meds yesterday (OXY/Acet) but then ended up taking one every four hours all night and still not being able to sleep with the pain. The drugs cause lucid dreams and even auditory hallucinations, but hey, if I get some relief that is okay. I am going to walk outside for the first time today to get the mail. It is really painful to be awake.
    I am posting because I discovered a great food for these early days. Heat a cup of beef broth on the stove and when almost boiling pour one beaten egg into it. The egg will cook out very soft and stringy and will give you some substance so that you can take your meds without vomitting. I vommitted on Day 3,4, and 6 due to medications. I can’t wait to be able to thoroughly enjoy a big plate of nachos!
    Does anyone have experience drinking vegetable juices?

    1. My meds burn my throat and when i swallow it i have to drink something after. I take a pill up the rear and it helps alot which i think is the only thing making me eat.

    2. I am on day 11 cannot get any juice down its like razor blades . Last night I had bleeding suddenly and had to go to ER. I also am tired of liquid diet (vanilla ensure keeping me alive) I want navho’s too!

  17. My 6 year old daughter that’s going to have her tonsils taken out soon. Lately she has been freaking out about the littlest things. (Other then popsicles, Ice, and drinking plenty of fluids) How can I help ease her pain? How fast should I graduate her to different things and foods? Please help!!!

    1. I’m 32 and just had mine out on the 1st. Slurpees have been one thing that has helped me the most, even more than popsicles and water ice, which I also have frequently. Other good tips I’ve picked up from this site that have helped are holding an ice pack on the outside of your throat and applying heat for ear pain. I’ve also read some people ease jaw and ear pain by chewing gum, though it hasn’t seemed to work for me. Another miracle pain reliever was the ‘magic mouthwash’. Its basically a prescription mouthwash that numbs the mouth and throat, I’m not sure if there’s an age issue with it do that’s a question for her dr. The name on the bottle is magic 240 I believe, and it’s safe to swallow so you wouldn’t have to worry about that. I got it from my primary care doc when my surgeon wouldn’t return calls for more meds, and i wish i had been given it from the start. As far as food goes, I’ve heard kids bounce back much quicker but I’ve managed jello, instant oatmeal with a lot of extra water to help it slide down easier, mashed potatoes, soup and soft boiled eggs. I’ve also gone through 2 jars of applesauce because it’s the best way for me to get the pain meds in, plus it’s cold so it’s soothing. A spoonful of honey also temporarily soothes it a bit. Definitely use a humidifier, especially at night, I actually borrowed a second one and have 2 right next to the bed and night times haven’t been too horrendous, the hardest part is sleeping propped up instead of flat, but again all of this may be different in kids. Everyone I’ve talked to who had it done that young barely remembers it so it’s probably a really good thing they caught it now, even though it doesn’t feel good to have too go through it. Good luck!

  18. I had my tonsillectomy on March 15th . The first day was pretty painful. Day 1 and 2 all I had was water and gatorade. Gatorade was my savior. Popsicles too. Day 3 I started drinking Ensure. It was perfect. Filled me up, nutritious, and caused minimal pain. By day 4 I could eat mashed potatoes with gravy and mac and cheese. Now it is day 5. The pain is worse than ever. Still loving the Ensure, Gatorade, and pudding. Hope this helps someone out there.

    1. I am a 25 year old female, and this is day 2 from my tonsillectomy, so far, Ive only been able to eat popsicles and ice cream. I had some soup yesterday which was amazing! I woke up this morning with the worst pain ever, taking liquid Ibuprofen helps me, I stopped the liquid APAP/Hydrocodone because it made me nauseous. I hope for the best outcome from this surgery, never again will I want to suffer from Chronic Tonsillitis.

      1. You took liquid ibuprofen? I got mine out today and I was told no ibuprofen related products because it could cause you to bleed more.

      2. I also was told no Ibuprofin. It causes blood to thin and therefore more bleeding. My daughter is 3 and had hers removed on the 29th of April. She is loving scrambled eggs that I made and then chill in the refrigerator and oatmeal room temperature. I make the oatmeal and then add milk to make it just a little thinner and bring it down to room temperature. Please call your doctor and make sure you are not causing any harm with the Ibuprofin.

  19. I am 18 and had my tonsils taken out as I CONSTANTLY had tonsillitis. The pain isn’t that bad I was able to swallow crisps on the first day.. Ever since I left hospital I can smell scrambled egg and been craving a curry
    The only thing that is painful is to talk!!

  20. I’m 42 and had my tonsils out on 3/1/13 and I’m doing better than I imagine except the coughing and my tongue hurts like heck! I stayed on clear liquids for about 3 days. Oatmeal on day 4 was a bad choice but refried beans and cheese did the trick. Alot of vitamin water, fruit bar popsicles did the trick but I am craving tacos. Despite what others may say REST as much as you can. The liquid pain meds (tylenol w/codeine)will make you sleepy. Prop yourself, don’t sleep flat and if your throat “punching bag” is swollen open your mouth and get your sleep on! When you wake, drink some room temperature water and eat a popsicle or Jello. Eat plenty and drink often, by day 6 you will feel much better.

  21. Had my bad boys taken out on 2/28/13. I am 24 year old male. WOW…. what a terrible decision this tonsillectomy thing was. I have been drinking basically water only. I had a milkshake, pudding, and jello on day two. Day three i had some scrabbled eggs and soup so far. I am watching tv constantly and keep seeing food commercials….. not cool. Ive lost 6 pounds in 3-4 days.

  22. I am 65years old and had emergency tonsillectomy on Feb. 27th. I have not been in a lot of pain and am able to eat most of the liquids mentioned above. Yesterday I tried a mashed banana and some mac & cheese, both were too ruff for my throat. mashed potatoes and Campbell’s chicken noodle soup work the best. My doctor was the best, she gave me liquid pain meds as well as antiboditicis, so they go down real easy. I guess I’ve been blessed not to have had the pain most people get after surgery.

  23. Its 2 am on I guess trchnicall day two. Had my surgery yesterday..thursday 2/28. This is by far the worst pin I’ve experienced and my history includes intestional remival..hernias..multiple bowel obstructions and 2 csections. Almost everyone says it gets worse…ill die of pain if thats true. I’ve got percocet..dilaudid (hydromorphone) gum..throat sprays..loszenges etc. For me cold stuff is impossible. Chammomile tea with rwal honey…chicken broth and cream of chicken soup are more soothing luke warm so I’m sticking with those. I’m also using trameel homeopathic drops and heel bhi for inflamation. Oh and 600 mg ibupofen. So far since waking from surgety I’ve slept 20 mins. I’m so terrified of the next week if its worse then this…ps I’m a 37 year old female

    1. I’m 22 years old. Had my surgery exactly a week ago. Pain wasn’t bad the day of surgery, the next day I was in the ER because I couldn’t keep anything down. I mostly had been eating mashed potatoes, very cooled down, ice chips, scrabbled eggs and pudding. On day 5 I was doing pretty well. Only taking my pain meds at bedtime and wake up time. I did eat a cheeseburger yesterday. It hurt like crap but I was determined!

      It hurts so bad the first couple days. And all I wanna do is eat real food. I can’t wait for a full day of eating.

      I kept an ice pack around my neck for 48 hours.

      My only problem now is my uvula is so swollen it’s gagging me.

      1. My uvula is super swollen too. And obviously the areas they operated on. I’ve found cold hurts a lot worse. Hope you feel better soon

  24. hi, my name is laury, and I am 21. I am having a tonsillectomy tomorrow, along with removal of a cyst on my vocal fold.. all in one day! I honestly do not know what to expect, or what the pain level will be. I would love some insight on foods to stock up on and such. thank you!

  25. Hello my name is bre for nickname I am 13 years old I had my tounsils out on feburay 14 2013.I am on day 6 today it hurts worse then it did on day 5 which I don’t think is a good thing.:( chewing gum help just don’t swallow popcicles oatmeal jello pudding applesause apple juice gatorade ice water broth from soup (chicken or beef).my neck is swollen and i m really craving stuff like toast chips pizza and scarty thing anyone know how long till I will be recovered and be able to eat what I want ! 😕

    1. Hi Bre, At 13 your body is very resilient. I would bet that, with the next couple days you’ll start feeling much better. (I hope so! :))

      Try to keep drinking and using those throat muscles, eating what you can. Be careful though- don’t eat sharp things like Doritos!

      Hang in there!

  26. Hi Guys, Im on my fourth day after my op and so far my routine is take pain meds every four hours and eat food I would normally eat before the op. Im also chewing gum and trying to drink water as often as I can. Im avoiding spicy foods as they irritate my throat. I found that when I take the pain meds around 30 min before a meal its much more bearable. according to my ENT his advice was eat normal foods as this will aid the recovery process.

  27. Had tonsillectomy on Thursday 31st Jan. Now day 5 and not great. Been eating toast every day since day one. Managed fishcakes and curly fries on day 2 but everything tastes really salty. I have found chewing gum really helps to clear spittle and other rubbish from mouth. Had an ice pop today which was divine- cant believe I hadnt tried one before day 5. Have lost about 9lbs in weight and am totally not interested in food at all. Luke warm tea really helps me too!

  28. hello, my 10 year old daughter JUST had her tonsils and adenoids removed this afternoon. She has already managed to eat rice noodles, jello, ice pops and frozen banana slices. The banana slices I use to do for her when she was teething as a baby and it worked like a charm them and did now too 🙂 She was STARVING but I was afraid to push her stomach plus I did not want to give her anything that could hurt her so she sucked on some banana slices, chewed them up when they thawed. They soothed her throat and filled her belly at the same time. Plus, for those with upset bellies bananas are the perfect remedy. I will try making her some homemade juice tomorrow so that she get essential nutrients in her. My older daughter went through this but unfortunately she bled out at day 15 and need to be cortirized. I am trying to avoid that to happening to my little one (can’t live through that horror again). Any other kid friendly ideas? She is gluten free which causes issues of food choices.

  29. I had a tonsilectomy on 1/16/13. Today is my best day yet, with yesterday probably being my worst. Day three is awful. Today I was able to have a little scrambled eggs, very cool and chopped up. Stayed down ok. I’m worried that it has been three and a half days and I haven’t had a BM yet. Any suggestestions on what I can eat to get things moving without killing my throat?

    1. Hello there, I had the same issue and needed some help ‘going’ after 4 days of non stop Lortab use. I ended up purchasing MoM (milk of magnesia) only because I knew it a) wouldn’t burn my throat (though it does have a milky/chalky taste) and b) wouldn’t cause cramping and make me run to the bathroom. It got things moving again within a couple of hours. I’ve also heard about Mirolax; it’s a clear liquid that you can mix in with other liquids. I’ve never had it though so I can’t speak from personal experience as to whether it burns going down or causes cramping.
      Hope this helps and you feel better soon.

    2. You could also take colace capsules. They are very small and slide right down because they have a gel coating. You could probably get them down easier in some jello or apple sauce. Most importantly, you have to keep drinking water and stay hydrated. The reason you are having trouble is because all pain meds cause dehydration. Also don’t be afraid to get suppositories. Fleet works best. It makes it much easier to go. Honestly you don’t want to let it build up because it hurts like hell when you finally have to. Trust me I know because I had a major neck surgery back in July and had the same problem. Good luck!

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