Tonsillectomy Days 1 – 3

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Tonsillectomy Recovery- the first days

I had my tonsilectomy on the 10th feb 2012, so I am on day 3 if you include the day of surgery. I was very nervous for this surgery after reading up on these forums and was dreading the operation so much that I cancelled it twice.

On the first day of surgery I can honestly say I had no pain at all to the point that I actually asked the surgeon if he had even done the op. I could eat and drink normally. I did have a bit of a bleed on the first day after eating toast and the surgeon had to remove a blood clot, but it was really not that bad at all.

Day 2 was dicharged from hospital and was given once over by surgeon to make sure the bleed had stopped. The pain yesterday was not too bad once I had the medication, although slightly worse than the first day, was still tolerable. not had much sleep as trying to drink throughout the night which I think is key to keeping the pain at bay.

Day 3 the pain was a little intense this morning but nothing that I could not tolerate, after taking medication seems to have been relived. After reading this forum am expecting the pain to come but so far it has been manageable perhaps this is the quiete before the storm. I will update tomorrow. I am based in the uk and am a 35 year old male.

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