Tonsillectomy Recovery Day by Day

 Day 9

A collection of various experiences of adult tonsillectomy patients on their ninth day of recovery

From thousands of post comments to the tonsillectomy recovery forum, I have assembled a sampling of various accounts and impressions of tonsillectomy recovery for each day. Below I share comments about tonsillectomy day 9. These comments are taken from tonsillectomy patients who were kind enough to share their experiences to help others as they navigate the bumpy road of tonsillectomy recovery.
Many will experience depression toward the end of of their tonsillectomy recovery.

Depression after tonsillectomy
Depression After Tonsillectomy?

Please feel free to add your own experience with tonsillectomy day 9.
-Greg Tooke 

Tonsillectomy Day 9
Tonsillectomy Day 9


Tonsillectomy Day 9 : Thank you Lord!

Tonsillectomy Day 9 : Pain hasn’t changed, but something’s different. I’m going walking-So Day 9 was overall much better than any day so far of this recovery. But the pain came back tonight in force. Urgh. Back to the painkillers and junk TV.

Tonsillectomy Day 9 : My throat felt a lot better last night, it was moister and clearer than it has been in a few days. THANK YOU HUMIDIFIER!! The Tylenol I’m slowly easing off of, and the pain is almost gone in my throat. My ears still hurt, but definitely not that bad. I didn’t eat much today because of the panic attacks again, but I kept drinking through them because I know I need to keep a moist throat. I actually went out today!! I went to the mall with my mom which felt very liberating after spending so much time confined to my house.  The only semi-new symptom is stinging in my throat. Every time I drink water it stings a lot and I’m not sure why. It could be because it’s healing and still raw; but I’m not really concerned. My dad looked in my throat today and he said almost all of the scabs are gone. He did see a few small red bumps in my throat, but I’m not quite sure what they are (another question to ask my doctor about)! Otherwise I’m feeling okay today.

Tonsillectomy Day 9 : day 9 and today I was able to talk a bit without pain. I haven’t napped at all today and am fading fast. It was nice to have friends visit me but also exhausting.

Tonsillectomy Day 9 : day 9 (today i feel better again)I had bled quite a bit last night before I went to bed which scared me a lot because it was more than a tablespoon, however I kept rinsing my mouth with ice water and sucking a piece of ice and after 5 minutes it stopped.

Tonsillectomy Day 9 : Day 9 – hallelujah… feeling so much better in myself. My throat still feels sore and im still on my meds., but I find I’m not willing for the 4th hour to come to pop more in. It’s also a little easier to talk today (something I have not done for the past 8 day’s and believe me it’s been hard having 2 son’s 5 & 2yrs) I went to the doctors yesterday to make sure thing’s where as they should and all is well.

Tonsillectomy Day 9 : Day 9/10 is slightly better than the last couple of days. The white in the back of my throat looks a bit more transparent, so I think it’s slowly sloughing off. There’s a red rim where it used to be. Everything is still sore, but not as bad. However, my right ear and the area behind my right jaw are KILLING me. It feels more like an ear infection than referred ear pain, but my temp is normal, so I’ll wait to bring it up at my post op on Monday

Tonsillectomy Day 9 : first day I’ve spent most of the day alone. No much to report, but that is a good thing. My appetite is returning a little bit. I had some chicken noodle soup last night, and tried some mac n’ cheese for dinner tonight. It was a little painful getting tonight’s dinner down, but not to bad. Pain levels are still about the same. I tried talking in a fairly normal voice for a little bit today, but didn’t maintain it very long, it did get a bit painful. In the interest of tracking my recovery and health i will share the following story. Had my first BM in a week yesterday, was fairly constipated.

Tonsillectomy Day 9 : Day 9 and I am waking with a bit more energy.

Tonsillectomy Day 9 :Day 9: The skies opened, and the angels sang! I felt good! (by good, I mean much better than the previous 8 days, but not “back to normal”) I could eat, with some pain, but actually consumed a breakfast, lunch and dinner. I stopped taking Lortab and haven’t been back. This helped get my head cleared up, and also helped with my extended absence from the bathroom, if ya know what I mean 😉 I was able to do some work (from home) and really started to feel like myself again.

Tonsillectomy Day 9 :Recovery Day 9 (post-op day 10):
I have lost the majority of the scabbing on my right tonsil bed but my left side still have massive scabs. my uvula was so huge it was resting on the back of my tongue but it seems to finally be starting to shrink a bit but when i do talk it makes me sound a bit slurred. Pain today is not nearly as bad as it was during the first 8 days. Was able to eat 2 over easy eggs today


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  1. Day 7 post tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy. Still excruciating pain in my throat and ears. Soreness in my tongue comes and goes, somethings a throbbing feeling other times just sore.* I did have a cold going into surgery with a congested nose and cough and it still hasn’t gotten better. Blisters and sores on the sides of my tongue even before surgery made it so painful to swallow. I am getting my tonsils out due to the constant infection of strep every other week. I’ve had it 4 times the past two months. I was told when I was younger I was a strep carrier when I had it 3 times in a row, but getting my tonsils out weren’t necessary. Oh how I wish I Convinced my parents it was the right decision while I was young. Day 1: after surgery I felt fine, things were a little stiff but overall little pain. Got into the car and immediately threw up the little I had in my stomach, ice water and half a popsicle. It was probably the anesthesia wearing off. Got home and went right to bed. I could easily talk and my throat wasn’t in major pain. It actually felt easier to swallow my pills since they normally would always get stuck on my tonsils and cause me to choke them back up. Day 2: woke up in the middle of the night with my jaw throbbing. The pain immediately went from a 4 to a 9. It was unbearable. I was sitting up in my bed with my humidifier blasting and just moaning in pain. I actually had to have my mom sleep with me and calm me down for a few nights. Lol, I’m 21, almost 22 let me remind you. That’s how awful th pain was. I even had to listen to lullabies to keep me calm, so weird. I am a nanny so I am used to playing them to help the kids to sleep so I guess it also relaxes me. I usually leave it on repeat all night. I try and change my ice every 1.5-2 hours or else I wake up with throbbing pain in my jaw. My throat and tongue are usually all dried up and will hurt to swallow water, but feel a relief once I apply another ice pack. Throughout this whole time I was usually able to get up and help myself to water and any food I could get down. I noticed some times my throat would soothe with cold drinks and other times it would feel relief with warmer drinks. Either way, still very painful to swallow and want to take in the fluids I needed. Day 3: same thing, woke up every 2 hours in throbbing pain of my neck, jaw, and throat. This day I did not get out of bed. I couldn’t move my neck or barely talk. My back ached because of how upright of a position I slept in. I mainly slept all day with waking up to take my meds every 4-6 hours with occasional Advil to help the swelling. I noticed hives occurring all over my body in my sleep and called the doctor. I had an allergic reaction to the Percocet and had to switch to hydrocodone. I guess that’s not as strong as Percocet, so just my luck. I do have a high level of histamine in my body though, thus I must take two allergy pills, antihistamines, every day. Day 4: I actually felt pretty good. I had my friend come over and bring me some edible Mac n cheese. I thought it was the perfect way to get high and be mellow. Oh how I was wrong. I either ate too much or it was just so strong I thought I was going to die. That combined with my pain meds gave me the spins. I was so irritated I wouldn’t let anyone touch me to comfort me or anything. It was just a feeling of being really really really uncomfortably high. I thought I was going to throw up but managed to hold it down. I know you aren’t really supposed to have any dairy the 1st week but what else did I really want to eat. I am also lactose intolerant so it gave me a huge stomach ache but I was so high I couldn’t even pay attention to that. Around 11pm I came down from the high starting at like 2pm and I felt a little better. My throat was still throbbing and now became a sharp pain. My cough was not getting better. I usually get a whooping cough at the end of my period of being sick which sometimes makes me cough till the point of gagging or even throwing up. So
    I woke up around 1:30 complaining of a stomach ache. I became to hyperventilate and couldn’t breathe. I was also having a cough attack which made everything worse. I became dizzy and eventually went to throw up in the sink. Crying hysterically, I went back to my room and there is where I started throwing up blood. First it was a couple drops then it became a darker red. I usually don’t get freaked out by blood, but already panicking it made things worse. I begged my parents to take me to the ER. It was an hour away and I knew I was going to be car sick. So at 3:30 my dad and I hop
    In the car and begin our drive to the hospital. 10 mins away from our destination I wake up from a deep
    Sleep and instantly projectile vomit, missing the plastic bag I had in my lap, all over my moms car. It was a dark
    Vomit with visible blood clots. At this point I couldn’t even think straight. It just kept coming up and up and even out of my nose. When I was finally able to catch a breath we were about there. I could barely talk from the gagging and coughing and just the constant tension on my wounds. Extremely dehydrated and sleep deprived I get into the room and they do blood work and star an iv: 2 liters of fluid and then the nurse comes in and add steroids to decrease the swelling and a nausea medicine. The reason why we think I was puking was because my medicine makes Your bowl movements usually back up. So I hadn’t pooped in 5 days. I was supposed to be drinking laxatives but I could barely get any liquids down as it is. It’s very important to take those laxatives though or else it can lead to other issues! After being there for about 2 hours I was in and out of sleep.
    The iv was super uncomfortable and I couldn’t really notice a difference in the pain of my throat. My stomach had settled but I was worried about getting sick on the ride home. Thankfully I was so exhausted I passed out until we got home. By this time it was about 6am and Dad and I were both drained. My mom had eye surgery so she was at home all worried about me and waiting upon our arrival. I felt a little better being hydrated, but the pain in my throat still felt like swallowing knives. Day 6: waking up I felt wayyy better. I was able to actually eat pancakes today. Along with oyster crackers if I let them become mushy before swallowing. It was still
    PAinful to swallow and often the harder food would get stuck in the sores so that was extremely uncomfortable. I would have to rinse out my mouth after every meal. I noticed my cough just became worse and worse. It’s a cough that you can’t stop and have to let it run it’s course until it’s finished. That caused extreme pain especially after I already reopened my wounds from puking earlier before. This day I couldn’t eat anything with the slightest bit acidity. Apple sauce was too painful. I couldn’t even drink Gatorade. Basically just water or tea. Even the ice cold water was too painful
    to swallow. The ER doctor prescribed me a naseua medicine and a stool softener to help my bowl
    Movements along. Also a steroid to help the inflammation, which after day 1 hasn’t felt any different. Overall I felt like the pain meds only took the slightest edge off of things. They barely made me drowsy and took the pain from a 10 to an 8.5. It’s an awful recovery and I’m sure my recovery will be longer than the 2 weeks. I have my post op appointment in 2 days so I’m very curious on what she has to say. She did a wonderful job In making me comfortable and getting me all the information I need to know. I actually babysit her kids almost every weekend so she’s been super helpful with my current strep cases and now my surgery. It’s now Day 7 and I feel like things aren’t even getting better. During the day I feel a little better, but once it hits night and I’m not asleep by 10 pm it’s just straight pain. I’ve been sitting here writing this, procrastinating on taking my pain meds and one Advil pm for about 40 minutes. The thought of swallowing after coughing super hard for about 20 of those minutes I am DREADING. Good luck to anyone over the age of 20. It’s soooo painful. If you don’t need it done, DO NOT do it. At this point I wish I still had my tonsils in. I have a really high pain tolerance, but this level of pain and discomfort doesn’t even compare. Sorry to scare anyone but it is what it is!! Just do what the doctor says and things can only get better from here!

  2. When can you switch to Advil for the pain relief?

  3. Day 8/9! I feel great. Went out on day 5 for a bit and had friends over at the weekend. Now Tuesday and I’m spending the night at my grandparents. Ate salmon, carrots, peas and mash for tea with no problem. Parsley sauce definitely helped it down. And a mini roll and hot chocolate in the evening. Speaking is becoming much easier and swallowing barely hurts now. However my tongue is a bit sore. Over all I feel great!! Can’t wait to get back to college and tap,ballet,jazz,contemporary and Zumba next week. Glad to feel like myself again!!!

  4. Hey, im 9 days (including my surgery day), im 15 & holy crap has this been so hard. Its finally getting a little better & reading these posts everyday have definitely helped me feel better because i know other people are going through this & a lot of people have it worse than me. well 1-3 was horrible, they were definitely my worst. The pain was so unbearable, i drank so much water too. i definitely was taking my medicine every chance i get, they gave my mom OXY but im only 15 and you’re supposed to eat with it but chicken broath is not food. i took motrin every 6 hours & piggybacked it with tylenol as needed. 4&5 were horrible but gradually better. i was able to eat the noddles in the chicken broath. And i needed something cold so i went to the store and got dairy free chocolate ice cream and yes it was amazing.Day 6…. DONT EAT TOAST!!! Some person on here said that their doctor told them to eat toast to help the scabs move along, yeah they sure did fall off and i bled so much and ended up in the hospital but they sent me home soon after because it was “normal” ummm yeah okay i went home and threw up so much blood, like soooo much. believe it or not,y throat stopped hurting as badly & throwing up felt so good after swallowing all that blood and it sitting in my stomach. day 7, i was terrified to eat so i didnt, i litterly slept the whole day, not really too much pain, i didnt take any medicine and i only drank like 3 water bottles compared to the 7 i was drinking on previous days. i was just way too scared to do anything because of how much i had bled. day 8, my mom forced me to eat half an egg and a cup of jell-o, it didnt hurt and i didnt take medicine, i was still nervous about bleeding. i was very very dizzy because of all the blood i lost and because i wasnt eating. today (day 9) was okay, i ate jell-o and a whole slushie & some smoked white fish thing that litterly melted in my mouth. i was very dizzy and no medicine again. its so crazy house some guy on here said he was eating buffalo wings on his day 9, i wish. i lost about 15 pounds so far which actually was pretty good. i had a lot of right ear pain through this. today is the first day im talking and it is a little sore but its okay. People say that the scab days are the worse but i really didnt mind that feeling.

    remember to not eat toast.

  5. 24 y/o male
    Day 9 post op. Tonsillectomy on oct 13th.
    Well day 9 and I’m too the point where I really just want this to be over so I can eat normal and sleep normal without being afraid to sleep bc I know I will wake up in pain. Overall my experience hasn’t been that bad of one. Days 1-5 wasn’t that bad for me. But day 6-now have been worse. My scabs are lookin good. 1 whole side is pretty much almost gone and the other side still has a good bit. Waking up is the worse and I wake up and take my meds and usually soak in the tub or shower to help with ear pain. Also ice packs and heat has helped me with ear pain. It usually goes away within 5 mins. I’m still taking my meds like 3-4 hours it helps a lot and during the day I’m fine after I wake up until at night it hits me hard again. My biggest help has been soaking in the tub. I was prescribed 325 mg of acetaminophen, 5 mg oxycodone, 100 mg celecox which I think worked the best but I took every 12 hours for that one, and docusate. I didn’t have to poop until like day 6 lol. Took the docusate for two days before it finally worked. Also a throat numbing pink medicine which has helped a ton. Also been enjoying the two weeks off of work from the Army haha. Even tho it’s been chill/sometimes painful. I finally gargled with warm water and salt after I showered day 7 and it helped a lot hacking out pieces of scabs nastyness here and there. On day 4-6 smoothies was my best friend. I had strawberry even tho it was red. I havnt bled yet and today is Day 9. I just got nauseous the past few days like if I went ride in the car day 5-7 with my wife to get something. My overall recommendation for this surgery is make sure you can rest at home for two weeks, take meds every 3-4 hours, drink water, eat drinkable soups, get popsicles, anything that’s cold in the early days helps a ton on numbing your throat, set alarms to wake up and take meds, or try taking short naps so the pain isn’t as bad, get ice packs/heat packs (both helped me with ear pain and made it go away quick) soak in the tub or shower to help with ear pain as well, gargle with salt water when you think you can, make sure to chew your food really good so it doesn’t get stuck like rice got stuck in my throat yesterday and I had to gargle with warm water to hack out 10-15 pieces bc I didn’t chew it well and tryed to eat normal again. Hoping the next 3 days goes by and I get back to normal. Bright side I have caught up on a lot of football, basketball, and watching some baseball.

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