Tonsillectomy Day 9

Tonsillectomy Recovery Day by Day

 Day 9

A collection of various experiences of adult tonsillectomy patients on their ninth day of recovery

From thousands of post comments to the tonsillectomy recovery forum, I have assembled a sampling of various accounts and impressions of tonsillectomy recovery for each day. Below I share comments about tonsillectomy day 9. These comments are taken from tonsillectomy patients who were kind enough to share their experiences to help others as they navigate the bumpy road of tonsillectomy recovery.
Many will experience depression toward the end of of their tonsillectomy recovery.

Depression after tonsillectomy

Depression After Tonsillectomy?

Please feel free to add your own experience with tonsillectomy day 9.
-Greg Tooke 

Tonsillectomy Day 9

Tonsillectomy Day 9


Tonsillectomy Day 9 : Thank you Lord!

Tonsillectomy Day 9 : Pain hasn’t changed, but something’s different. I’m going walking-So Day 9 was overall much better than any day so far of this recovery. But the pain came back tonight in force. Urgh. Back to the painkillers and junk TV.

Tonsillectomy Day 9 : My throat felt a lot better last night, it was moister and clearer than it has been in a few days. THANK YOU HUMIDIFIER!! The Tylenol I’m slowly easing off of, and the pain is almost gone in my throat. My ears still hurt, but definitely not that bad. I didn’t eat much today because of the panic attacks again, but I kept drinking through them because I know I need to keep a moist throat. I actually went out today!! I went to the mall with my mom which felt very liberating after spending so much time confined to my house.  The only semi-new symptom is stinging in my throat. Every time I drink water it stings a lot and I’m not sure why. It could be because it’s healing and still raw; but I’m not really concerned. My dad looked in my throat today and he said almost all of the scabs are gone. He did see a few small red bumps in my throat, but I’m not quite sure what they are (another question to ask my doctor about)! Otherwise I’m feeling okay today.

Tonsillectomy Day 9 : day 9 and today I was able to talk a bit without pain. I haven’t napped at all today and am fading fast. It was nice to have friends visit me but also exhausting.

Tonsillectomy Day 9 : day 9 (today i feel better again)I had bled quite a bit last night before I went to bed which scared me a lot because it was more than a tablespoon, however I kept rinsing my mouth with ice water and sucking a piece of ice and after 5 minutes it stopped.

Tonsillectomy Day 9 : Day 9 – hallelujah… feeling so much better in myself. My throat still feels sore and im still on my meds., but I find I’m not willing for the 4th hour to come to pop more in. It’s also a little easier to talk today (something I have not done for the past 8 day’s and believe me it’s been hard having 2 son’s 5 & 2yrs) I went to the doctors yesterday to make sure thing’s where as they should and all is well.

Tonsillectomy Day 9 : Day 9/10 is slightly better than the last couple of days. The white in the back of my throat looks a bit more transparent, so I think it’s slowly sloughing off. There’s a red rim where it used to be. Everything is still sore, but not as bad. However, my right ear and the area behind my right jaw are KILLING me. It feels more like an ear infection than referred ear pain, but my temp is normal, so I’ll wait to bring it up at my post op on Monday

Tonsillectomy Day 9 : first day I’ve spent most of the day alone. No much to report, but that is a good thing. My appetite is returning a little bit. I had some chicken noodle soup last night, and tried some mac n’ cheese for dinner tonight. It was a little painful getting tonight’s dinner down, but not to bad. Pain levels are still about the same. I tried talking in a fairly normal voice for a little bit today, but didn’t maintain it very long, it did get a bit painful. In the interest of tracking my recovery and health i will share the following story. Had my first BM in a week yesterday, was fairly constipated.

Tonsillectomy Day 9 : Day 9 and I am waking with a bit more energy.

Tonsillectomy Day 9 :Day 9: The skies opened, and the angels sang! I felt good! (by good, I mean much better than the previous 8 days, but not “back to normal”) I could eat, with some pain, but actually consumed a breakfast, lunch and dinner. I stopped taking Lortab and haven’t been back. This helped get my head cleared up, and also helped with my extended absence from the bathroom, if ya know what I mean 😉 I was able to do some work (from home) and really started to feel like myself again.

Tonsillectomy Day 9 :Recovery Day 9 (post-op day 10):
I have lost the majority of the scabbing on my right tonsil bed but my left side still have massive scabs. my uvula was so huge it was resting on the back of my tongue but it seems to finally be starting to shrink a bit but when i do talk it makes me sound a bit slurred. Pain today is not nearly as bad as it was during the first 8 days. Was able to eat 2 over easy eggs today



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  1. Day 9 – I feared that last night would be painful, but I turned the AC off (finally cool enough) and had the humidifier on high, and woke up without much pain. I’m still completely off the pain killers, and today I resumed some activities (VR boxing, adult hugging, long walk) and got a sweat going. Feels good to be able to do that. I keep spitting up scab tissue which is annoying, and mild pain with prolonged talking, sticking my tongue out too far, opening my mouth too wide, and caustic foods, but I’m doing pretty well. I ate a croissant without much issue. Overall, things are looking good.

  2. I had my surgery on 6/29. I can tell you that I grossly underestimated the pain. Days 1-2, I was feeling ok. I was having a lot of pain, but I was optimistic and tried to eat mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes. I had a coughing fit on day 1, which was horrific!! Days 3-4, I was in terrible pain and I didn’t want to eat anything or drink anything. I was eating popsicles, Pedialite, and ice chips. Tongue, ear, and jaw pain started now too. Days 5-6, still terrible. I honestly felt like I was dying (yes, dramatic)! I was in terrible pain, wasn’t eating much or drinking! I stopped taking my Hydrocodone on day 5 because it started making me nauseas. I have since been taking liquid Tylenol and Motrin every 6 hours and also “the magic mouthwash” each time. My throat started scabbing around day 5, which added it’s own challenges. Also, I went to acupuncture on day 6, and it helped me with my nausea and I finally went to the bathroom for the first time! Day 7, I went to the ER because I was incrediblely dehydrated. I was able to get a bag of fluids, which helped. My throat was burning today every time I eat or drink. My doctor called me after I got home from the ER and said the burning is because the scabs are starting to loosen. I’m currently on Day 8, which has been better. Since day 6, my coughing fits have occurred more often. I am still on my routine of pain meds, but at least the pain is not causing tears today! My scabs on my left side of my throat started to fall off. The right side still has the scabs and my right ear has been hurting. I also have been having nausea again today. I was able to get about 10 noodles down on my left side. I’m also finding that when I was chewing my noodles, the teeth where hurting (probably because I haven’t chewed in a week). So I’m optimistic that I am finically getting over the hump!

  3. I am so glad I found recent situations of people who have recently had tonsils surgery.

    Hi my name is Jennifer (33) and I had my surgery on 6/26 and it now 7/3. I am about 7 days post op and I am in the most excruciating pain ever. Swallowing my own saliva hurts. I am on 7.5mg of hydrocodone and .325mg if Tylenol all of the liquid kinds and I am so depressed because this pain is unbearable.

    Day 5 I had to go to the er because I was spitting up bright red blood but had stopped when the doctor had me rinse with cold water, but every since then that side of my mouth has been the most hurtful side. The pain meds they gave me makes me feel funny, I have shortness of breath and my chest hurts.

    Nothing is helping. I am regretting this surgery altogether. My scabs still look just as white as the day I was discharged, how long will I have to endure this pain. I can’t even eat soup because it hurts let alone any liquids. (Cries)

    1. Wow I had my surgery done 6/28 and went to the er on my 5th day as well for bleeding and pain that just wouldn’t go away. They gave me hydrocodone 7.5 as well and a steroid. The hydrocodone makes me itch really bad and doesn’t really seem to work. (Though I was dissolving it in water because it hurts to swallow) at the er they admitted me for the night to watch the bleeding. The doc said the pain probably wasn’t going away due to me dissolving the med before I took it so they gave me a liquod when I discharged 7/4. Tried to go to Walgreens to get the script but they said the strength is to high and they don’t sell. Seeing as its 7/4 a holiday I’m outnof luck till tomorrow. So now im just online reading all the comments and figured I’d reply becausebit seemed kimd of similar lol from what I’ve read on others are pain is just getting started the 8th & 9th day!!

    2. I had mine out on the 26th as well. I’m 37 and have found I’m 3-4 days behind what most people are reporting online as far as healing goes. My scabs just started to fall off yesterday, and I have had incredible amounts of ear pain for the past 3 days as well as a massive chronic headache. I’m still on Tylenol and Oxycodone. I’d hoped to be only on Tylenol by now. The one thing that’s helped with the ear pain is a hot water bottle. Gargling with warmed, salted coconut oil has also helped dull the pain in my throat, especially in the mornings. I hear you about the depression. I have bipolar disorder, and the narcotics, pain, and change to my routine have thrown me into a major depressive episode. It’s kind of nice to know there’s someone else going through this. Best of luck, internet stranger!

  4. I’m on day 7, this has been the worst experience of my life! Had to have tonsillectomy due to a tumour I’m the right tonsil that became very enlarged. I’ve always had issues with these bloody glands but abvoided the op
    because I knew how bad it was I’m adults! Wow the pain is indescribable everyday I’ve been on all medication even morphine! Today I feel totally drained seem to be able to eat less and less! The smell of my breath is atrocious to say the least, like a rotting dead anomal!

    I’m at my wits end now not feeling very positive and constantly in pain 24/7!

    1. Hope your day 8 is going better. I’m at the same day as you are. First I consume an otter pop: bite off an inch of it at a time and let it melt at the back of my mouth, then I’m able to drink some water with no pain and this lasts for about 2 hours till I have to repeat the process again. Have the himidifier on 24/7 by my bedside. Been taking 2 Advils and 2 Tylenols together every 4 hours and the pains been kept well inder control for me. On day 6, I used up all my Liquid Vicadin and the doc refuses to give me anymore. Just keep your throat constantly wet and suck on those ice pops. Hope your feeling better!

  5. My day 9 of tonsillectomy recovery was awful. I woke up not being able to swallow my own saliva, not only was it painful but just wouldn’t go down. tried to eat a little bit of soup broth and ended up spitting a little bit of blood shortly after. it got worse to the point where huge clots of blood started just spewing out of my mouth and i couldn’t stop it. I had to get rushed to the hospital and they put me under an emergency surgery and corterized my throat again. now i have to start the recovery process all over again which is the worst.

    1. I’m in the afternoon of Day 9 and I still can’t eat anything of substance. Had some hummus and pita bread for lunch. The scabs are still there, and after reading your entry, I’m trying to gather myself – hoping the same thing doesn’t happen to me. I wish you well for a speedy recovery.

    2. Oh dear I feel so bad for you! I truly wish you the best! Please keep us updated it must be so awful for you! I don’t think anyone who’s not been through this operation appreciates how major and serious it is. I was never prepared for the amount of pain or suffering I’ve gone through and I think I have a fairly high pain threshold I’m 45. I hope to never experience anything like this again.

      Good luck

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