Tonsillectomy Day 4 Post Op

Tonsillectomy Recovery Day by Day

 Day 4


A collection of various experiences of adult tonsillectomy patients on their fourth day post op of recovery


From thousands of post comments to the tonsillectomy recovery forum, I have assembled a sampling of various accounts and impressions of tonsillectomy recovery for each day. Below I share comments about tonsillectomy day 4. These comments are taken from tonsillectomy patients who were kind enough to share their experiences to help others as they navigate the bumpy road of tonsillectomy recovery.

Please feel free to add your own experience with tonsillectomy day 4.
-Greg Tooke 

Tonsillectomy Day 4 post op

Tonsillectomy Day 4


I’m currently at the end of Day 4 since my combined tonsillectomy, balloon sinuplasty, and septoplasty. I’m 25 years old This has by no means been a walk in the park so far, but it honestly isn’t as bad as I had feared it would be. Back in October I had an abscess inside my tonsil that I had to get lanced, and the pain from this recovery so far has not been quite as severe as the pain from the abscess. On the day of my surgery when I got home, I slept for 95% of the rest of the day. Woke up around 2am in a lot of pain and had to migrate from my bed to the recliner and continued to wake up every 45 minutes or so. I think this first night was definitely the worst for me because I had packing in my nose from the sinus surgery so I had literally no choice but to breathe out of my mouth. My tongue was like sandpaper (gross I know) even though I tried to drink as frequently as possible. I did not eat anything that first day and just drank water when I could. At 8:30 the next morning I saw my ENT to get the packing removed from my nose thank God. It took most of the second day for the congestion to clear up but once it did it was a big relief for me. Day 2 I would say my pain was around a 4 or so during the day. I was able to eat some popsicles and cream of wheat which tasted like heaven. Again, the middle of the night and first thing in the morning were the worst for me. I was prescribed liquid hydrocodone and a steroid for the swelling. I alternated the hydro every 6 hours with extra strength liquid Tylenol. That seemed to help most of the time. Day 3 was pretty uneventful, tried to incorporate mashed potatoes into my diet but it made my jaw pretty tired and sore. Went to bed, woke up at like 2am again in a lot of pain so I took more meds and put ice packs on my neck which helped me go back to sleep. Today, day 4, the morning sucked as usual but once the steroid kicked in I was feeling much better. Pain was probably at a 3 most of the day. Today I was also able to leave the house to grab a couple of things from the store and made an appearance at a family gathering. I was able to eat some more “real” food there which included potato salad and a roll. After being out of the house for about 1 1/2 I was EXHAUSTED. I guess I’m still building up stamina. Tomorrow will day 5 and hopefully things continue to go smoothly. I know a lot of people say the pain is worse when the scabs fall off so I won’t be super shocked if I start to go downhill but I’m trying my best to stay positive and am overall pleasantly surprised at how well I’ve been doing!

Tonsillectomy Day 4 post op : OMG! I am dying!

Tonsillectomy Day 4 post op: Oh, so THIS is the pain everyone’s talking about.

Tonsillectomy Day 4 : Well, last night was the best night so far – which is nothing to brag about. The ear pain last night was even worse; so far, that is the nastiest part of this recovery. I did however wake up coughing due to a tickle in my throat. As most of you know, coughing and clearing your throat is a no-no…but to me, it was a yes-yes. There was absolutely nothing I could do, but cough! I was drinking water, but it wouldn’t stop. Thankfully, that didn’t trigger any bleeding! The morning was alright minus the _ _ _   _ _ _ _. That’s right; you got it, the EAR PAIN! And I ended up thinking that I made the wrong decision about just sticking to children’s Tylenol. I decided to nix the child Tylenol idea, as it was doing almost nothing for me and moved to taking extra strength Tylenol – obviously I had to crush it up and mix with it with ice cream. I got my mom to call the doctors office to see if there was anything else I could be prescribed. The doctor faxed a prescription for Percocet’s to my pharmacy and I was extremely happy. At this point I could talk a little bit, but very low and even then it hurt, so I had a pad of paper and a pen with me at all times (I guess I’m lucky I got 100% on all of the spelling bees in elementary school)! My mom came home with the Percocet’s and I could have kissed her! It said I could take 1 to 2 pills every 4 hours, but decided to start with one because I heard that they were super strong. I couldn’t swallow it so I crushed it up into applesauce and consumed it that way. Not even 10 minutes later I started getting a stomach ache and got incredibly dizzy. So dizzy that I couldn’t see straight and my eyes felt like they were crossing. My mom called the doctor’s office up and explained the symptoms. He confirmed that it was normal. NORMAL? Is that what you call normal? I felt like I was seeing double (I have glasses, so would that be considered quadruple?) Nevertheless, if I knew of the severity of the symptoms I would have battled with the codeine! I decided to lie down for about 2 hours and woke up with pain still in my stomach; I guess the only good news is the dizziness was gone. Once the Percocet wore off, I dumped the rest of the prescription in the toilet (or the majestic bowl – however you want to refer to it). I ate some chicken broth today, with a cracker that I broke up into a million pieces and softened it in the soup. I got most of it down, so it was pretty good. The ear pain was getting a little hard to manage so I decided to use ear plugs and a heating pad. Both of them together helped to muffle and alleviate the pain. As of right now, I need 2 Tylenol every 4 hours, but it does work better than the children’s Tylenol!

Tonsillectomy Day 4 : 4th morning..and I was miserable…

Tonsillectomy Day 4 : 4 days post-op and overall it’s not as bad as it could be. As long as I take the Roxicet every 4 hours (even in the middle of the night) and the steroids every morning, the pain is bearable.

Tonsillectomy Day 4 : 4 days post op and today was the worst as far as just pain. I’m attempting Mac n cheese here in 5 min. But overall the pain isn’t too bad. 🙂 but then again I’m only 4 days out.

Tonsillectomy Day 4 : To date the hardest part of the recovery are the panic attacks i get. I believe they come from my inability to clear my nasal airway. My nose has splints in it to keep the septum straight, so along with the swelling my nose is constantly  congested. The pain has not been an issue yet, but i did a little research and heard from the doctors office that the pain comes typically around days 5-10

Tonsillectomy Day 4 : Day four–out of anti-nausea meds, felt like sick again after taking pain meds. Decided to forgo the pain meds and take advil and tylenol alternating, like my doctor recommended. Throat hurt A LOT but I felt like a human being. Still not eating much, popsicles and smoothies too cold, soft boiled eggs were the BOMB!

Tonsillectomy Day 4 : Day 4- woke up in pain, felt better during day- night was painful.

Tonsillectomy Day 4 : Days 4-6: Very small, almost imperceptible, improvements each day. I was able to drop my Lortab doses from 15ml down to 10ml and even stop taking it during the days and just took Tylenol. The evenings were rough for me though, and I still needed the Lortab (hydrocodone and acetaminophen). Sleep was intermittant, and required me to get up and re-hydrate and take more Lortab. Food intake during these days was very very little. I did OK with oatmeal and instant pudding, but that’s about it. Make no mistake – these were difficult days.

Tonsillectomy Day 4 : I was able to sleep a little bit during the night. Taking the liquid benadryl helps. Pain was bad. Started to be able to feel the scabs in the back of my throat very well today. Ear pain increased a bit and chewing Dentyne Ice gum helps a bit for that. Had horrible diarrhea during the afternoon but was also relieved at the same time because it was the first time I was able to go number two since the morning of surgery. I was able to actually eat a bowl of cream of wheat today and ate some chicken broth with soggy oyster crackers in it. I get bad hiccups at times which hurt really bad. Swallowing is still very tough to do.

Tonsillectomy Day 4 : Day 4: I am out of pain meds and I want to cry. I have been taking 2 vicoden pills every four hours and it is barely helping with the pain. The pain meds are making me very tired and itchy all over so my husband has went to the doctor’s office to get me something different. The nurse at the doctor’s office told my husband that I was not going to feel better for at least a week. Wow, I feel hopeless right now. I was relieved when the hubster came home with Percocet. Percocet has worked a little better and now the pain is bearable.

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  1. Day 4 and I just want this to be over and done with!! I felt better the day after surgery and have just gone down hill since. The pain in the ears is horrendous and the pain relief they have given me doesn’t seem to be working at all. Hot water bottle on my ears and a heat pack on my neck is the only thing that is working. Trying to walk around a bit but as soon as I sit down the horrendous pins and needles start in my legs even though i need to rest. I thought I would be much better by now. Still sleeping on 5 pillows!

  2. Day 4 – I thought there would be pain and suffering by now. I’m uncomfortable, but not in pain. Stool softener I took last night allowed me a small bowel movement today. I ate a baked sweet potato that I put into a food processor with butter and salt, and it tasted like candy. That was my first warm, semi-solid food. I’m not interested in rushing to solid food and risk injury yet. It looks like the scabs are starting to thin out, and I otherwise feel fine. I’m down to 10ml instead of 15ml of Lortab, and still no difference.

    I do have a recurrent bad taste in my mouth that is helped by a tongue scrapper, drinking tons of water, and brushing my teeth, but I suppose that won’t leave me for longer than an hour. Might be thrush but it doesn’t look that bad…

  3. Monday 6/4: Today is day 4 post-op, or day 5 if you count surgery day since it was in the morning – surgery was Thursday 5/31. I got the best sleep last night since the procedure! I woke up once to take my medicine, but was able to sleep through the night for the first time other than that. Since yesterday, my pain has shifted from sharp pain in my tonsils to also including aching and soreness in my jaw and ears. The first couple hours after taking my meds are fine, but then the pain gets more intense toward the end of my dose. Today my pain is about 6 or 7/10. I’ve been icing my jaw and drinking lots of water which helps quite a bit. I’ve switched from Hydro/Tylenol to just children’s Tylenol to avoid the nausea from the opioid. For me, the worst part is this ear and jaw pain today. Hopefully today is the worst, but I think I’m still managing okay.

  4. Its my 4th day since my tonsils have been removed. i woke up in pain around 5:30 this morning but so far i’m feeling okay i took my pain meds at 5:35am and haven’t taken one for 9 hours now and i’m not in that much pain. I’m 21 and this is my first surgery and this was by far the worse. I’ve lost 9 pounds because eating is hard sometimes. I miss the real food. I have to wait 14 days to eat real food again. 10 more days left and it feels like hell. I’m so hungry for real food. My pain level is at a 2 1/2 right now but the pain meds really work.

  5. I just had my out yesterday but in the past I had 8 surgeries when I was very little it’s the 2nd day I can talk like two words at a time I have push a sentence out sometimes it’s. The 2nd I feel like their clear flem in a glob in my throat I try to get it out by coughing by it gets up to the point I gang and it goes back down I’m only 12 and 2nd night without I’m in my bed crying my eyes out silently asking God why me 😭😭😭😭😭

  6. My daught got her tonsils out 4 days ago shes 11yrs old and she is in so much pain..she hardly wants to eat..her ears are hurting so much..she also is spitting up clear phlegm and black stuff..her tongue is also black on the top..if anyone knows if this is normal please let me know???

  7. Day 4 has definitely been the worst. My throat & tongue are so sore it feels like they are burning. I have been drinking plenty of water. I would hate to know what it felt like if I didn’t.

  8. I woke up about a half hour ago to excruciating pain! Today by far was the worse morning! I definitely feel a headache coming on and my ears will not stop ringing. I just took some of the oxycodone so hopefully I start to doze off because I could use the sleep! 😭😫

  9. Day 4 was the worst so far. I got a pounding headache out of nowhere that spread to my neck alongside the throat pain and I was feeling like I wanted to puke all the time which was freaking me out as I did NOT want to vomit with my throat feeling like this. I honestly didn’t think I was going to make it through that. I also thought maybe the headache was caused by overdosing on pain meds but think that was just panic attacks from all the meds. I was taking them as normal and they just weren’t doing anything, I literally could not talk or open my mouth or even function and then the weirdest thing happened, at around 8pm I took my last dosage and suddenly, no pain! Like, almost nothing! This is so strange, I went to the maximum pain I’ve been in this whole ordeal to almost no pain at all. I took this chance to eat some spaghetti and some ice cream as I’d been running on empty the whole of today. I went to bed feeling pretty good considering, I now know night times involve waking up feeling like death so I’m making provisions.

    I can’t emphasise this any more than anyone else but – DRINK WATER! I mean seriously, if it feels sore and rough just push that water through IT WILL make it better. I’m sleeping with a bottle next to me, as soon as I regain consciousness I just force some water down to hydrate it, it makes it easier waking up for sure.

  10. Day 4 eh today is a mixture of pain and no pain. I think today might be one of the better days…I mean I should be asleep but I’m gonna enjoy the fact that I’m not in pain the whole time….I mean I hope the rest of the days are like this bc this is not too bad at all. I was actually able to eat real food thank God. And I’m going to continue to eat real food bc I’m so hungry

  11. Day 4: slept so much better last night. But woke this a.m. in pain (mouth breather). I feel like I’m suffocating because of the mucus but I can’t clear if. On day 2, I ent back for emergency surgery because I hemmoraged. No available beds left in the hospital so I had to come home. I am 38yrs old, and this has been the WORST experience of my life. Staying on top of pain meds and the anxiety meds so I don’t have a full on panic attack. My uvula blocks my airway when I lay down so sitting up to sleep and everything and it’s getting old. I’ve lost 12 lbs. I’ll be glad when I am healed!

  12. This is day by far the worst day. I had my operation on Thursday and haven’t been able to drink,eat let alone swallow anything. My ears feels like there’s an ear infection in them and my body is just weak. I’ve tried taking children’s Tylenol and that’s not doing anything;I’m chocking and spitting every 5 minutes(even though they tell you not to It’s kinda hard). I’ve been keeping a cool compress around my neck and ears to try and tame the pain and it’ll work for a little. It just feels like absolutely nothing is working and I’m so ready to get over this pain. Always take the medicine your Dr prescribe and if that’s not working ta9 yourself to the er.

  13. Day 4. The first 3 days were hell. I didn’t not had any good days since I left the surgery room. I walked back into the emergency room on Day 3 because I was feeling dizzy with a fever of 101.2. I was not eating since the pain in my throat was unbearable and meds would just make me sleep. It was too hard to even take down water. I was in the ER for 9 hours after giving me a bunch a meds. They finally gave me staroids and OMG! It was amazing!! I was able to talk, eat and take down anything. They asked me if I wanted to stay since I was feeling better but with my luck, I know that it was going back to hell as soon as I step foot out of the hospital. I decided to stay the night and sure enough, I woke up this morning at 4am and they are giving me more meds. I am so glad I decided to check my self in for overnight observation. Please go to the emergency room and ask for steroids if the pain is still unbearable. At this point is the only thing that helped me.

  14. When I woke up the 4rth day I had a really sore throat and my ears were banging. Pain scale probably 5/10. I drunk a painkiller immediately and covered my ears with the bed blanket. After a couple minutes the pain was gone and I slept again. During the 4rth day I was very exhausted and my stomach felt too “watery” with the liquids I had the past days. I made an attempt at night to eat some very soft and boiled chicken after I chewed on it really well. It didn’t hurt much, actually pain scale 3/10, and it made me feel like really better! Like I got back some of my energy. After that I checked my tonsils to see if there is a bleeding and there were only red spots there and there so I drunk plenty of cold water and all went fine.

  15. Day 4.. ugh it’s never going to get better, ate a squished boiled egg today well kinda I smooshed it around in my mouth, felt like razors goin down..I AM STARVING and even drinking anything is painful. An my ears! Here’s got to be a better way!!!!!

  16. Worst day by far. Horrible ear pain, meds working for two hours max…. How will I survive 10 more days like this 🙁

  17. Morning of day 4….. omg, what ear pain!!!! The worst pain day ever. I thought I was one of the lucky ones that had minimal pain…. not as of today 🙁 I hope it subsided by the end of the day.

  18. I’m on day 4. I think worst by far. My ears are hurting so bad as if I have a double ear infection. My chest hurts from needing to cough and all the mucus buildup. (It’s horrible) My neck feels and looks swollen. I’m using a cold ice rag for under my neck and it makes it feel a little better. I’m taking my Hydrocodone every 4-6 hours. I try to extend the time a little so my body doesn’t depend on it. Noticing I get a fever of 100.8+ before my meds are due. So yeah that’s my lovely recovery.

  19. Day 4: age 32 f
    Frankly this blog scared the crap out of me prior to the surgery.
    I am on day 4 post op and trust me, if you have had acute tonsilitis, this pain is nothing compared to those infection days.
    *Try to stay in the hospital for 1 day after surgery if possible
    *Ask your doctor to prescribe liquid meds, mine includes an antibiotic(8 hr cycle) and ibrufen(6hr cycle)
    *Do not skip your meds
    *Drink arnd 8 to 12 glasses of water daily
    *Only drink fluids the first day, add icecream and custard jelly oats rice pudding to the list the next day and start having biscuits toast eggs cold soups pasta from day 3
    *Avoid spicy or tangy food for the 1st week
    *Do not lift any heavy weight
    *Do not bend over
    *wear protection mask for atleast 1 week cox of open wound

  20. Age16 female

    Day 4 was absolutely terrible. I couldn’t physically eat anything and tried to drink but maybe got a total of 10 oz down in the whole day. I was in a lot of pain. My ears,head,stomach, throat obviously. I tried to take some of my regular anti anxiety capsules and I threw them up along with 8oz of water. I hadn’t eaten a solid or liquid meal in almost 24 hours. I was really craving real food and started a list of things i want to eat once i could eat again. I took a warm bath in the evening and OH MY GOD it was so nice. I wanted to stay in it for hours. I definitely did not have enough to drink and not eating anything day 4 is a mistake, i felt extremely faint through the night.

  21. Day 4, post op ||
    18 year old female

    I think I’m starting to get sick of being in bed all day. I didn’t sleep much last night. Woke up at 3 am to take my children’s Advil and was in probably the worst pain so far; still manageable, but not great. Currently trying to eat a bowl of oatmeal, I’m just nervous the pats are going to get stuck in my sores. Also, I can’t stop yawning, and it’s awful, I think my body hates me. I feel like my ears are starting to hurt which is a little nerve racking. I took a tramadol so hopefully the pain will start to diminish.

    Overall pain wise, today is the worst day so far

  22. Day 4 Post op | 23 years old female. I woke up with a tolerable pain and started to feel that earache everyone was talking about but I managed to drive for three hours with no problems.
    Brufen 600mgs twice a day does the trick for me. I haven’t eaten anything solid only ice cream, sorbet, apple juice and custard. Also, drink plenty of water and don’t be afraid to cough. I was so scared when i read people talking about coughing and how painful it is but trust me you’ll be relieved. Sneezing was a nightmare though. My ears popped when i sneezed and the pain started crippling in the back of my tongue but it was time for my second dose of medicine anyeay.
    I have no problem sleeping (since day 1) I sleep like a baby and breathe so easily through my nose.
    Don’t skip your meds (i hate taking them) but theyve helped me sleep.

  23. Day 4 was bad but honestly it will be worth it when you’re out the other side. I had my tonsils out the end of february this year at the time i thought ‘what have i done?!’ But now it was worth it. Keep sipping fluids as often as possible and as painful as it is try to eat toast. You need to eat for it to recover and to reduce risk of a bleed. So as little and often as possible. Get the pain killers down you so you can eat. Rest and be kind to yourself. You can do this and it will get better!

  24. Day 4 has been the worst day for me yet. I woke up with the worst pain I can barley swallow anything and I want to throw up so bad but I’m scared to do that as well. I can barely talk and the only day I don’t want to eat I’m depressed and miserable

  25. Currently on day 4 and it has easily been my best day yet. I had a lovely 11 hour sleep and woke up to little pain at all. I then ate three hot cross buns as breakfast (which seems a lot but when you haven’t eaten for three days, you tend to take what you can get), my whole day went by so easy. I managed to have a shower, do some coursework, and eat other snacks such as a packet of crisps and some toast, I’ve even transferred from water to Coke Zero. It’s only now as I sit down for dinner that I can feel the pain creep in 🙁 ah well, hoping tomorrow goes on similarly to today.

  26. I’m post op day 3 going into four and believe it or not I have not had ANY THROAT PAIN! My Tongue has been the cause of my Agony! I’m not sure what the surgeon used to maneuver and restrain my tongue but what ever it was has me nearly in tears. I’m on 15ml of Lortab for pain, had a dose of a corticosteroid for inflammation which was 30% alcohol (Yuck, I don’t drink), and zofran for Nausea. I took the zofran once because I noticed once I entered the sun I immediately experienced a head so I stopped taking that. Other than that the 1st 3 days I’m taking Lortab for my swollen sore tongue around the clock. When I swallow I feel no throat pain lucky me! (Maybe there are different procedures surgeons use that end up more painful and in addition I gargle my mouth with listerine and at times some salt water throughout the day to keep the germs away cuz germ build up will cause more unesscarry pain in addition to when your mouth and throat dry out.) so my advice is treat for pain brush your teeth n rinse about twice a day with listerine or salt water through out the day and keep your mouth moist. After awhile cold water begins to hurt so I use Luke warm water n Imeverything feels great! Good luck to you all. Be optimistic the pain won’t last forever!!!

  27. It’s Monday morning at 4:00 AM. I underwent my tonsillectomy last week on Friday in the morning ,around 6:00 AM at the Nairobi Hospital in Kenya. The procedure took about 1 hour. Spent the Friday night in hospital for observation. The surgeon explained that they needed to observe and ensure they was no bleeding.

    It has been a bliss. While in hospital pain was managed with paracetamol and tramadol administered intravenously. Infection via Augmenting,. The doctor found it necessary to issue Nexium and Sufracrate to manage acidity which I have a history of. Discharge drugs were the same, except the surgeon added Aceclofenac.

    I have been sleeping like a baby. Just woke up to take my paracetamol dose not because I am in pain, just not to miss the dose.

    I sympathise with those who have had bad experiences. But it seems to me it does not have to be that way. Going home same day seems I’ll advised, at least to me unless cash is a big issue.

    All the best fellows. I will post here in case of something dramatic, otherwise thanks for sharing and quick recovery.

  28. Morning of day 4, day 3 was great I started having long conversation. Eat scrambled eggs, soup popsicles, my pain was very little even half way threw the night, so I decided not to take my pain meds…. I learn my lesson and woke up with morning with another throat and ear pain that are just about unbearable. I feel the scabs now at the back of my throat.
    I can’t wait to get back to normal.

  29. im also on day 4 and lets just say its WAYY better than those hell days 2-3. Still haven’t eaten much. only thing i ate today was half a popcicle. drinking my hibiscus from starbucks. life saver. throat is starting to itch like crazy man!i cough very gentle so i dont break my scabs. 13 female currently dying:)

  30. Im on day 4. I had a coblation method tonsillectomy . I am taking percocets and antibiotics. Honestly the pain is not that bad. Ive been taking ear drops to preemptively stop this ear pain I’m hearing about. Humidifier and water are my best friend. Ive also been making a weed chai tea with honey which is incredibly soothing and helps me sleep. My tongue is pretty sore and swollen at the back, and my sense of taste is dulled for certaim flavours. Im glad I had the procedure done, though, as I haven’t breathed this easy in years.

  31. I’m a 19 year old female, I’m on day 4 now, not too bad. I haven’t had to take a pain killer since this morning (It is now 5pm). My throat hurts, but I’ve definitely had far worse sore throats. I haven’t had the ear pain yet, AMEN, but it’s still the beginning. I don’t wanna jinx myself and say that I’m a lucky case, but so far so good. I was able to eat solids since day one (noodles with soup). And can still eat solids like soft scrambled eggs, noodles, mashed potatoes, mac n cheese, and grits with cheese! (not too fond of sweet things, so I’m staying away from jello, pudding, ice cream and sorbet) Last night i even managed to eat a plate of lasagna! I wake up every two hours in the night to drink, and take pain killers if I feel like I need it. I highly suggest waking up every two hours to at least take one sip of water and wet your throat. My doctor prescribed me liquid tylenol and liquid Oxycodone, and these medications are god sent! I probably drink about 2 gallons of water a day, hydrate hydrate hydrate! So far, so good. Just nervous for the days to come, because from what I’m reading, the pain should sky rocket soon.

  32. Round two…..I had my tonsils out when I was 26. Over the years the left side grew back. Last Thursday it was removed. My experience 20 years ago was horrific so imagine my anxiety when the doc said they needed to get my 3rd tonsil out. HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE……Italian ice, sherbet and scrambled eggs. Take your medicine as prescribed. Do not try to go without the pain medicine, you will regret it! Rest, HYDRATE, rest some more and HYDRATE. Staying ahead of the pain this time has been my primary goal. My husband has been wonderful and has made sure I took the steroids as prescribed and the 1st night actually woke me up to take my pain meds. This time has been much better than I anticipated!!!

    I’m not looking forward to the scab coming off, I recall that memory vividly. Not fun.

  33. 21 yr old male
    I recently had my tonsillectomy on the 2nd this now being day 4 post op. To be completely honest it hurts like a b*tch. The pain has now started to travel to my ears but still no nausea. The liquid hydro given to me has lasted me up until tonight and my mom will be calling the doctors tomorrow for me. I’m telling you guys from here to the 10th day is when u will experience most of your pain. Also depending on the severity of your tonsils, like mine for instance the surgeon told me all he did was squeeze them a little bit and u could see the infection just coming out of mine. I’m tellin you water, broth (chicken or beef), were my only friends in the beginning but now it’s mashed potatoes and Ramon noodles best advice keep the scabs moist stay hydrated and try not to kill those around you they only want to help you so don’t be too mean they know your in pain lol. Also sleep wise I can’t sleep on the liquid hydro but I have been taking Tylenol pm to give me that push to get some sleep

  34. OMg I cant take this crap anymore. I feel so horrible last night to make things better I had an excruciating stomach pain(have no idea what was that about) my head feels like it’s going to explode, my throat is unbearable, and so is my ear pain. Never felt like this in my life, and don’t even mention that disguisting taste in my mouth from that yellowish/greenish thing on the back of my throat. I’m trying everything I can to feel better but it’s just I can’t compete with it can’t wait till this misery is over so I can get back to eating, and being me again! Not even brushing my teeth couple of times a day works with salt water gargles.

  35. O yeah and if all fails USE THE ICE PACKS THEY HELP ALOT it might take a minute but trust me it makes the pain smoother !!

  36. Hi I’m a 17 yr old female and I’m on day 4 of my recovery the pain level is only high in the mornings and when my medication starts to wear off the pain is tolerable but very very very uncomfortable usually I would be able to eat but not today it’s a little more sore than normal to be completely honest I just can’t wait until this is fully healed !!!

  37. Day 4 and this is so painful I haven’t experienced any ear pain yet but I have been having to eat crunchy foods as I’ve been told by my surgeon that it scrapes away infection and scabs and that hurts so much I’ve had my adenoids out to and I’ve stopped taking my medication it was making me feel like I was going to vomit and every time I was reluctant to take it because it just doesn’t agree with me so I moved on to really strong painkillers tablets and they are working just as well but they hurt to swallow but I like it a lot more than the liquid medicine. I can’t wait for this to be over it is so sore I can’t deal with it for much longer

  38. Day 4 the worst day of my entire life the pain is unbelievable my ears burn and my body feels if it is giving in im 17 years old and if i had one wish i would wish to not have my tonsils removed day 4 the pain 😭😭😭😭 crying doesn’t help just sayin it makes it worse.

  39. Day 4: when I woke up I was in so much pain. Honestly a lot of pain. I tried so many medications but it didn’t work. But later when half the day was over I could talk way better. I could open my mouth wide. I was surprised and amazed. Though I still had ear pains when I swallowed but I had ice packs with me to make it go away.😊😊😊😊😀

  40. Day 4. My daughter (11) and I (35) both had tissue-welding T&As on May 25th. Day 4; we both continued our meds (Toradol and Hydrocodone/Acetaminophen for me H/A and Ibuprofen for her). We are both up later in the morning, but able to get up and get dressed and go to mass. Daughter is getting worse and I am concerned that I am being babied by my meds, which are stronger and that I am going to feel like I got hit by a train in a couple of days when I am out of the Toradol. We both make it through the day, still being able to eat and drink.

  41. Day 4 I woke up at 4 in the morning choking holding my neck trying not to cough because I know they say not to but it was unbearable. I was in so much pain I couldn’t even get up . From a 1-10 it was at 11.5 . I made myself go back to sleep and woke up with a ear ache in my right ear and the right side of my throat hurting painfully . I wan to cry so bad day 4 has been the worst for me !

  42. Day 4 was basically a continuation of day 3 except now I know my routine which makes it easier. Every four hours – Take liquid pain meds, eat apple sauce/shertbert/mash potatoe/egggs and gatorade and a liter of liquids within the first hour after taking pain meds. Then sleep for 2-2.5 hours. Then with 30 minutes remaining before the next round I wrap my throat with icepacks and suck on sonic ice chips Rinse, repeat. Really gunna try to push meds on day 5 to help with pain and anticipating fever with the falling off of the scabs.

    The only other things are I still haven’t had a bowl movement and my tongue is swollen (started day 3). I brush my teeth and tongue. I also gargle with cool water and then swallow, that helps with the phlegm. I also found that sleeping is basically sitting up in bed or on the couch. I can feel scabs in the back of my throat. It is like like there is a layer back there. They look whitish and gross.

    Found that Ricola Honey Lemonade with Echinacea are wondrous and really numb my throat!

  43. Had my tonsils removed 5of April on day 4 now no pain today eating toast and potatoes and chips mild eat pain

  44. My tonsill ectomy was good but on the third day I was crying and was so sore I’m glad go be sharing this with you and I feel much better I hope you guys read it thank you.

  45. Hi Frank- I’m so glad to hear that your recovery is going so well- amazed actually! May I ask what your diet has been, and which method your doctor used?

  46. I am half way threw day 4 and I have basically no pain which I am very thankful for after reading this post. I never had ear pain and the pain killer I have been taking is over the counter liquid Tylenoal. Hopefully this just isn’t the calm before the storm but my experience has been very easy and almost pain free so far.

  47. Hi Tiffany! It sounds like you’re doing things right and have a GOOD ENT. Hope all goes well in the days ahead. Please keep us posted.

  48. First I want to say this blog has been really helpful before I went into surgery. I am on day 4 of post op and the pain has definitely increased. In a different way than days 1-3. It’s as if my throat is more sensitive, when I swallow and my ears are also throbbing. Luckily for me, my dr prescribed Oxycodone, and liquid Tylenol. I have been taking each every 4-6 hours alternating. So really I am taking something every two hours if that makes sense? Day 1 was horrible with nausea and had to be prescribed an anti nausea pill so I take one of those every 8 hours now. My dr gave me enough meds to last two full weeks which I highly recommend. Also an ice pack that wraps around my neck has been extremely helpful with pain. Eating has been limited to applesauce, jello, bone broth, and Popsicles. Everything else burns as it goes down. Im taking one day at a time and concentrating on knowing this isn’t permanent.

  49. Mine is better today than it was yesterday I slept great last night woke up feeling amazing wat really works is pickle juice it gives a great taste in ur mouth and it cleans out ur wounds so it heals faster cuz theres not alot of pain

  50. Went in to get some stronger meds, ended up an hour late on a dose of meds. BIG mistake. Generally not a pain med taker, but quickly realized the importance here. Now have alarms set every 4 hours for meds including overnight.

  51. Hi, My name is Katie and I’m on day 4 of recovery from a tonsillectomy. On day three, I got ambitios and had some scrambled eggs in the morning because I was so hungry. Also, I had a little bit of mashed potatoes. I was taking regular recommended dosages of liquid hydrocodon 7.5/325 every 4 hours (2-3 teaspoons). At 3pm of day three i began to experience nausea, headache, fever (around 100-101). A couple of hours after I began vomitting. Called my doctor’s emergency line, but he just had his secretary advise me to each ice chips. I couldn’t manage that and as the day went on I couldn’t even think about taking more pain killer even though I was in pain. It would just cause more vomitting. I ended up in the emergency room at midnight where they gave me pain killers that actually worked and anti nausea medice which was a MUST. I went home at 3am and slept like a baby. Woke up early, continued the anti nausea meds and eat pancakes on day four. Started to take only 2 teaspoons of the medicine and further apart. So far I’ve been feeling great. I rinsed my mouth with salt water and some gunk came out. It’s 5pm now. I’m hungry again. Pancakes were a good choice with lots of syrup and butter :). I may have some more.

  52. Day 4: I’m better then i was last night, last night wasn’t the terrible pain everyone is talking about, it was bearable and even so today it’s fine. However, the one thing that is getting worst is the weird tingle in my throat and I can’t tell if I was to cough or swallow, I always swallow because coughing is a big NO and I’m very cautious and don’t want to die from bleeding 😂 anyway, what is thing tingling feeling? (It feels like my throat is slowly peeling itself)

  53. Hello all,
    I am currently recovering on my fourth day post op. To summarize, day 2 was not bad at all pain wise. In fact, i took a little field trip to the zoo with my mom. Day 3, also not terrible however I did get ringing in my ears. We managed to go out to dinner and I ordered soup and cheesecake, both of which went down easily. Today is the morning of day 4. I have been waking up every two hours throughout the night so I can rehydrate and keep my throat moist. For the most part, this has been helping- I have not bled yet! Anyways, this morning I woke up with ringing ears, and a very painful throat accompanied by a burnt flesh flavor In my mouth. THANK goodness for anti nausea medication. I read this increase in pain was normal and had something to do with scabbing. So hopefully this is a blessing in disguise and it will all be over sooner than later! Wish you all the best

  54. I’m on day 4 post op and I have been so nauseous I tried to eat oatmeal this morning but my stomach didn’t agree to that I stopped taking the pain meds cause they made me sick… But I’m sick to my stomach and I haven’t taken them.. Everything tastes so gross… I got sick last night should I expect to get sick a lot more?

  55. I am on day 4. My first day was horrible but mostly my fault. I didn’t spend enough time with the dr discussing pain meds and what he originally gave me produced a horrible migraine. I spent most of the first day vomiting and feeling like my head was going to explode. Since then I have been uncomfortable but it’s not unbearable. Does it always get worse? Also is there anything soothing I can gargle with like aloe or coconut milk. My throat is so itchy and I am desperately trying not to cough.

  56. I’m on day 4 and I’ve noticed my throat gets soar and then better a cupple hours later then soar again and I hate that every thing taste horrible and every thing hurts to swallow or just do to any thing. I can’t really talk yet and I’m still eating jello and soft stuff like that. But I don’t wanna take that nasty liquid antibiotics I don’t know what to do, could I have to go back in the hospital if I don’t take it? What could happen? Can any one help me?

  57. I’m on day 4…the pain is worse today than it has been since my op on sunday..i can’t eat..cant talk and my whole throat is swelled up feel like I shud go back to hospital?thought I shud be getting better not worse? Help x

  58. Today was somewhat rough, pain wise. I can feel the scabs forming so I’m hoping things will only improve from here. I did manage to eat some plain pasta today, hopefully I get more solids soon.

  59. On Day 7 – still on Tylenol and Ibuprofen round the clock. Had diarrhea Day 3,4,5 and then 2 days off – now it is back. Anyone else having this issue? Eating very small amounts of boring food, soup, ices, noodles so nothing in system. Help!

  60. oh wow. yeah i guess i’m not keeping great track of my pain meds. I write down every single med that I take and what time but I do not set an alarm for them. I pretty much just wake up force myself to eat and then take the pain med. Then I take it usually every 4/5 hours. When I first wake up that is when the pain is the worst but like most people I can’t handle vicodin or anything like that on an empty stomach. So far today has been bad since I suffer from asthma and my wheezing and coughing is pretty bad. I took 1 pain pill so far about 2 hours ago and it has done nothing 🙁 Desperately counting down the days that this nightmare is over!

  61. I’ve been eating pretty regularly but nothing elaborate – last night it was homemade macaroni and cheese and a side of applesauce. For lunch I had a creamy chicken soup and the day before had had oatmeal and scrambled eggs for lunch, egg noodles in gravy for dinner. So nothing elaborate – protein is the goal for today. I’ve had rice as well by way of rice pudding I find that getting it down is a bit of a task but helps me use those swallowing muscles. Today I’m feeling pretty well – made the decision to sleep through the night without rising to take meds – resulted in 12 hours sleep, woke up one time at 2:30AM and took some ibuprofen, nursed a popsicle and slept some more. I’m feeling like I’m coming around. Next goal is get off the codeine all together.

  62. thanks! hope you feel better as well! i have been drinking lots of water and lukewarm tea. my doctor prescribed me prednisone, a liquid antibiotic and vicodin for the pain. I have been suffering from a lot of mucus today and i have no idea how to get rid of it! i keep clearing my throat (which i know is a big “no no”) it is literally driving me nuts! i can’t wait for this to be over! When i first got home from surgery the nurse told me i could eat french toast and i was thrilled! I went home and ate pancakes and afterwards was horrible because the morphine started to wear off. Pretty much all I’ve been able to eat is chicken noodle soup (cut up), oatmeal, popsicles. I had soft flounder with rice last night and that was another mistake and tonight I had chinese rice with cut up broccoli and brown sauce (another mistake). Looks like rice is not my friend right now. I keep getting ahead of myself but I just need to realize that liquids are really best for me right now. Have you been able to eat much?

  63. thanks! hope you feel better as well! my doctor prescribed me prednisone, a liquid antibiotic and vicodin for the pain. I have been suffering from a lot of mucus today and i have no idea how to get rid of it! i keep clearing my throat (which i know is a big “no no”) it is literally driving me nuts! i can’t wait for this to be over!

  64. Day four – turned some kind of corner today. The scabs have formed in earnest today – they are thick and itchy, I cough occasionally as a result, but having them has profoundly changed pain levels. Was able to eat egg noodles and gravy last night along with some rice pudding. Today I have had a creamy chicken soup. Drinking a lot (sink of drinking, frankly), but staying ahead of hydration seems to be key. Today’s biggest change is going to be altering the overnight medication regiment. Waking up every four hours for Lortab appears to be doing more harm than good – I am responding well to Ibuprofen which also helps reduce some of the swelling of my uvula. Planning to take my dose at bedtime and then keep the ibuprofen if I wake up in middle of night. Pretty tired and drowsy today but all-in-all, not the nightmare I read this to be prior.

  65. I’m on day 4 also, mostly i am struggling with is so much mucus! I also got my adenoids removed. Yesterday my ears were hurting very badly and i was running a fever. Today i still have that fever my ears don’t hurt as much but the back of my head feels as if someone hit me with a bat. I really am wishing for thins to be all over soon!

  66. I’m backtracking on purpose here to hopefully help others to not suffer like I did beginning on this day. Here is a ritual I have been using to soothe the scabs. From this day forward, tending to the scabs will become your life. If you don’t tend to them, they will let you know in a BIG way.

    Steam became my friend. Fill your favorite mug 1/3 full and microwave it for 1-1 1/2 min. Inhale the steam opening your mouth as wide as you can inhaling deeply. Continue doing this until you feel relief. Sometimes, I had to reheat the cup of water a couple of times more.

    Even water began to burn my throat. I found tepid/lukewarm (don’t make it hot—–could bring on bleeding)plain decaffeinated tea was a soothing lifesaver. The fancy flavored teas that I love had spices which burned. Insomnia is already a problem. Be sure to use decaffeinated. I would chase water with the tea, so that I could continue to stay hydrated. When my scabs screamed.

    When ice doesn’t soothe anymore, turn your surgery ice pack bag into a hot water bottle. This is to soothe that resonating ear pain.

    Chicken noodle soup with a heavy broth thoroughly coated my throat. If you live where you have a Hy-Vee grocery store, have someone pick up their brand of chicken noodle soup. It tastes homemade and works wonders. Campbell’s is okay, but the broth is thicker with the Hy-Vee brand. You might could use the Campbell’s and add chicken broth to it.

    Acid and bacteria will build up in your mouth making you feel like you have hundreds of ulcers. Gargle with 1 tsp. of salt to 2 cups (500 ml) warm water 30 seconds for each sip twice a day (thank you to the person that noted that on this site).

    If you follow this regimen, as well as be timely with your meds., you will be a survivor.

    Hope this helps.

  67. I called my doctor yesterday because the oxycodone isn’t cutting it. I nod out for 30 min then I’m i pain the rest of the 3 1/2 hours until I can repeat the process. The doctor gave me Celebrex… Reading up on that drug it doesn’t seem like it should Be used after surgery or for this kind of pain. I decided not to take them. Is this normal? Did anyone else get prescribed these? I also asked for a steroid for the extreme swelling of my tongue and uvula and was denied that. My throat looks much gnarlier that the pictures posted here. Kinda of concerned. Their are little cyls everywhere looks really sloppy
    I’m on day 4and as we all know it when the real pain starts to peek into . It’s not like I’m trying to score drugs. I just want to not be in such intense pain.

  68. Day 4 was not as bad as yesterday. Today was my first day back to taking care of the house and kids on my own again. My husband went back to work and my mom went back home. So long as I remember to drink my water and keep on top of my pain management, I’m ok. I did over do it a little in the morning. Trying to talk too much and not resting enough. It’s hard, though. By the end of the day, I was feeling pretty miserable and swollen and hurting. I was in bed as soon as my husband got home. I still can’t eat any food…. just ice water, and those Atkins french vanilla protein shakes. Tried pudding, too thick. Tried Jello, it stings. Maybe tomorrow.

  69. well it is the night of day 4. i was in a lot more pain today which was expected because yesterday i felt no pain. i think that i am losing my scabs already which my dr said is entirely possible because i have been recovering really well. but the pain during my recovery so far has never been unbearable i have managed to eat and drink through it all which is extremely important. yes it hurts like hell but if you want to have the quickest recovery you will push through. the people that suffer for 2 weeks are the ones who live off jello and the occasional sips of water, you have to eat and drink!!!

  70. I’m on Day 4 post surgery I though I was really doing well yesterday had a sandwich for lunch which was a struggle but I got there. Then last night found myself choking with a feeling like barbed wire in my throat and really intense pain in my ears and head. Still had the same pains today haven’t even managed to eat anything. Taking 2 x codeine every four hours, and 1 x ibuprofen 3 times a day only problem just had my last one.

    Gonna try some icecream in a bit see if I can manage that if not go back to the water. Just starting using a humidifier for night hope it will help. 🙁

  71. Woke up today coughing and feeling like I was choking! I couldn’t stop! All I could do was try to calm down and sucker on ice chips. Pain was really bad. Im assuming it was from my throat drying out. I woke up in the middle of my sleep feeling like I swallowed a small ball of cotton. Anybody else experience this?Finally fell asleep a few hours later and was able to sleep for 2 hours. Pain is the same as long as I stay strict on my liquid Norco every 4 hours. It looks like I have enough to last me until Monday which I will be calling the doc for more. The biggest issue today was feeling like I’m constantly short of breath. Its frustrating. I’m a little disappointed that my voice is a little worse. I think I overdid the talking and strained myself yesterday. Not making that mistake again!

  72. I had a coblation tonsillectomy on 6/20/14, so this is day 4. Definitely the hardest one yet. I spent most of the day in bed. It was hard to sleep last night (my nose was stuffed up again), and I had more pain today as well. It was breaking through well before my next scheduled medication time. I’ve been taking 2 ES Tylenol and one 5 mg (I think?) oxycodone every six hours. The prescription says I can go up to 2 oxycodone every 4-6 hours, but I am trying not to do that since I don’t like the way it makes me feel. I had quite a bit more nausea today and had a hard time eating. The horrible taste in my mouth is not helping with the nausea, either (though Dentyne Ice helps with that) – I don’t think I absorbed just how gross that would be. I haven’t had much ear pain, at least so far. And even though the throat pain is pretty strong, I would not say it’s any worse than having untreated strep throat, which most of you have probably had, and it’s less pain than the strep + abscess I had in the spring this year. Still, I feel like crap overall. I think the constipation is not helping – I’ve had to take some zofran to deal with the nausea, and even with stool softeners and Miralax, nothing is moving. Hoping to get past that soon. I’m staying hydrated and keeping the humidifier on all night. We will see what tomorrow holds.

  73. Tonsillectomy Day 4: Take a stool softener, even if you think you are immune to the binding effect of narcotic pain relievers. After taking my scheduled does of Percocet to keep on top of the pain, I began feeling nauseous. Each does has left me feeling more drunk than the prior ones. I finally realize it is because nothing is moving through my intestines, so eating doesn’t help, and actually makes it worse. I’m hitting the stool softeners now!

    Pain is worse, a steady 6 or 7, maybe worse… My tongue is so swollen I cannot see into my throat. It feels like my tongue and throat have been slashed with knives. There is no other way to describe the pain when I move my tongue or try to swallow. It’s like dumping lemon juice on a paper cut that covers my throat! I’m really hurting right now. I’ve decided that I will take 2 Percocet as my next dose to see if that helps. I’ve only been taking 1 every 4 hours. Right now, the nausea is better, maybe things are moving again with the help of the stool softener?

    Can it really get worse? I pray against it!

  74. I am four days out of surgery. I spent the night after in the hospital and left with the feeling that this wasn’t going to be as bad as everyone warned me about…boy was I wrong. As time goes by the pain is worse. I have almost a constant headache and a spit cup by my bed because it hurts to even swallow my own saliva. I am sleeping off and on and trying to stay hydrated. Ginger Ale seems to be working as it is vey refreshing as long as I do tiny sips. Pudding and ice cream do not help as they cause too much mucus build up and cause me to cough. I have found that Ramen noodles with a lot of both and cooled down considerably and rainbow sherbet are the best things. The noodles tend to just slide down my throat with little effort on my part and the sherbet is really cold and soothing without the residue of milk products. The best pain reliever I have found besides the magic mouthwash is the ice pack on my throat, it’s calming and it takes the swelling down. I sleep with a CPAP machine and the humidifier in it is a God send, the times I have fallen asleep without it I have woken up in excruciating pain from my throat drying out, the humidifier helps keep everything moist and lubricated and helps everything not be so painful. I’m really nervous about the coming days with the scabs coming off and bleeding being an issue. I guess I will try to keep those scabs as long as possible, even though they are uncomfortable, so that the skin underneath has enough time to heal.

  75. 31 year old female, tonsillectomy 5/22, traditional cauterization method
    Morning of Day 4: My experience so far.
    Everyone says to get ahead of the game while the effects of anesthesia are still working right? So I thought it was a smart idea to bring a cooler to the surgery center and upon discharge, I immediately began drinking coconut water. Aaahhhh, coconut water. Better for hydration than regular water and way more soothing to the throat. Highly, highly recommend. I think I drank 6 bottles on the first day.
    I was originally prescribed liquid Tylenol with codeine but after the first two doses on the first day, knew it wasn’t going to cut it. Called my surgeon that evening and he switched me to liquid Lortab. Sooooo much better!
    After the switch in meds, days 1 and 2 weren’t so bad. Able to eat applesauce, those Liptons soup packets, and coconut water. Played mind games out of a book and worked on a puzzle. Found these are particularly helpful because the pain starts to intensify about an hour before the next scheduled pain med dose and the games help to stay distracted so that I’m not focusing on the pain.
    Yesterday however, day 3, I made a mistake and took the codeine instead of the Lortab for my morning dose. This was because when I woke up overnight to take my scheduled pain meds, I found that I had chest congestion and an intense urge to cough (big no, no with wounds in the throat!). I thought maybe it was a side effect of the Lortab and wanted to be safe so I took the codeine. Big mistake and the worst way to start day 3. The pain must have spiked to an 8 and it took the next two doses (8 hours) to get it back under control. After talking (well someone else talking for me) to the surgeon, turns out that the chest congestion was being caused by sleeping while lying flat. Staying elevated helps to keep fluid out of the lungs. Tried sleeping that way last night and much better now.

  76. Day 4 tonsillectomy on 5/16/2014. Today was by far the worst of all and by that I do not mean any throat pain. This entire time my throat has felt completely fine (except for the 8 hour hiccup fits I’ve been getting), but because of the nausea I’m experiencing, I can’t get food in and because of no food, the amoxicillin and hydrocodon haven’t been playing well with my stomach. So, let’s just say that as soon as I attempted to eat some French onion soup, the kitchen had been covered in all liquids taken within the last 5 days. The vomiting went on for about three hours straight and after having raging ups and downs of pain, my entire family decided to make my favorite meal that they rarely will make, and little old me can’t eat it, let alone smell it without tearing up. So off to the bedroom for me to have another netflix marathon and hopefully dream of fried eggplant, cordon bleu, and all the other tasty foods I can’t consume for another week. The terrible stomach acid burning is not only I my throat, but also in my nose (GRAPHIC SCENE ABOUT TO COME UP) I’m assuming because without my tonsils, everything will just come right out wherever it can (except the one place I want it to. Stupid constipation) and ten to twenty tissues now have onion pieces on them. Hey, at least with all the water I’m drinking my pee is coming out crystal clear. Maybe this whole thing will convince me to drink and eat healthier in the long run.

    Nah. I’ll probably just remember the taste of a mcdouble and forget about all things liquid and or sauce like.

  77. Day 4: I am able to walk around my house and shower without feeling like I’m going to pass out, so I would say that’s improvement. Attempted to eat fish and a baked potato today. Forced down mice-sized bites despite the pain. It is better to stick to frozen things, although it’s killing me! The jaw and ear pain today is ridiculous. It feels like someone has their hands wrapped around my throat while they are stabbing me with a knife. Also, I’ve had difficulty breathing, probably because my throat is swollen to the size of an NFL players’ thigh. I have high hopes for tomorrow..

  78. Female (36) – cauterizing method, constant tonsillitis since I was four, tonsil abscess last month
    So today I am at the end of day 4 (tonsillectomy on Friday 5/9). So far, no pain really to speak of (like a constant 1). I keep up with my minimum roxicet dose every 4 hours just in case, but I probably will just try regular Tylenol tomorrow. I read practically every post on this website a month before my surgery and it has really helped. The few things I am doing I think are working, 1) during the day I keep ice on my neck all the time – ice pack held on with a simple neck-collar thing. I change the ice pack every 30 minutes or so, 2) I started eating solid food right away – I had 2 McDonald cheeseburgers on the way home from the hospital and two the next day, and I have also been eating Stouffer’s mac-n-cheese, pot-pies, muffins, ravioli in a can … (I am usually a kale-shake/salad kind of girl ), 3) during the day I drink water and Gatorade all the time, but the weirdest thing I am doing is 4) sleeping in the basement bathroom on a comfy lawn-chair thing and blankets with the cool-mist humidifier pretty much all the way up (meter says it gets to something like 80-90% humidity in the room) – I wake up every hour to drink water and every 3-4 hours I also have some apple sauce squeeze pack and roxicet. Seriously, I wake up in no pain – although my blankets are slightly damp!

  79. I believe he used the “cauterizing” method? I think that’s the word he used. Said that as he cuts, the heat seals the vessels so there is little to no bleeding. Did it in like 30 minutes.

  80. Great to hear Cassandra! Thanks for update May I ask -What method did your doctor use?

  81. Day 4 is almost over for me. I feel the same as day one: great! I still can’t believe I was so worried about the pain. I’ve even started skipping doses of my pain meds. Instead if every 4 hours, I’ve taken it only twice today. On at 6 AM and another at 5pm. I wasn’t even in much pain but I still wanted it in my system just in case. I was even able to eat Krystal on day 2. So for those who are scared out of your mind, don’t be. I know some people go through hell, but it’s not always the case.

  82. POD#4 wow, this pain is the worst! The pain seems to involve the whole lower half of my face and my head. Also, I’m having excessive saliva. I tried chewing gum, however, the taste of several different gums were not agreeing with my pallet. Nausea is creeping in, not sure if I’m not eating enough and/or my reflux (crap). Thank God my doc called in dissolvable Zofran. I’m exhausted, but this pain wants to stay up and party 🙁

  83. Day 4 post op for me and the pain is worse today. I take 200mg celebrex for other issues and I’m finding that is the best pain relief, much better than the oxycodon they gave me which didn’t help much with pain and made me vomit. I’m managing some soft foods but it’s hard to swallow. I feel very lightheaded still and still struggle to get up out of bed. I don’t know if this is lack of food or a side effect of the anaesthetic because I had a bad time waking up and had issues with very low blood pressure post op. The worst thing for me is the taste and mucous in my mouth and the yuck factor of what is sitting in my throat. Makes me feel very sick knowing it’s there and feeling it when I swallow.

  84. Hey Russ! Thanks for the update. A little bleeding is normal. Try gargling with cold water if it happens again. That usually stops it. I think you’re doing this recovery wisely. Keep up the good work. Don’t get discouraged if you backslide a little. There’s usually an ebb and flow to the healing process. Take care!

  85. Day 4 is here. Some thoughts. The pain seems slightly better each day. Woke up with pain level of 6 but was quickly able to get it to a 3/4. When I eat is a 5. I had a very small amount of bleeding today, which concerns me bc its only day 4 but I drank some water and it stopped.
    At the advice of many I took something to help me go to the bathroom…i took a little too much! I think I am ok now though.

    I ate pancakes for breakfast, soup for lunch and pasta for dinner. I have been eating since day 1 but nothing but soft foods. I took a small dose of the oxycodone today for the first time in 24 hours. Still taking the tylenol ES every 6 hours though. I have also continued to take the anti nausea meds.

    Watched a lot of TV today and took in the trash and helped pickup after dinner. I do get tired very quickly though. Hoping the scaps stay on for now. I hear day 5/6 it can get worse.

  86. day 4 and for me it has been not as bad as I thought. everyday is different but getting better. hardest part is staying off the cigs. first day after op I woke up and was in so much pain but I got my meds and was ok s later on in night I ate a sandwich and some sweets. Second day I ate normal meals like chicken and veg and cheese burgers mainly so I could be discharged from the ent ward. just keep on top of pain with meds and keep drinking and youll be fine. the more you eat and swallow the faster you will heal. hope you all get better soon.

  87. Day 4- Overnight I got fed up with a large hanging piece of scab (only attached to the remainder of the scab by a single point) and managed to carefully cut it off. It made swallowing easier, as it was no longer getting caught, Pain steadily increasing, almost always using a full 10mL dose of perc at this point. Sucked it up and ate some cheese-its (crushed up) since I had a craving. More broth and chicken and stars. Eating anything warm immediately triggers the referred ear pain; If I east warm I now immediately ice my neck at the same time. Thank god for jello and popsicles

  88. Day 4- my tongue and throat have swelled so much that it is difficult to swallow even water. Pain meds only last a few hours now. The nausea is really setting in now due to not eating anything. The zofran (for nausea) isn’t doing much for me. I’m hoping this is the beginning of the scabbing process and that I’m headed in the right direction

  89. I was given 4 days worth and had to ask for more and got the huffy attitude. The doc gave in due to my uvula almost being torn out by too large a suction. I am so happy they are out but as you all know it was rough healing. I had the blow torch in my throat for about 8 days. They are out and I am rarely sick anymore.

  90. So yesterday was day 4. Still needing to take pain meds every 3 hours and only getting about an hour and a half of relief from each dose. I was feeling just well enough though and figured if I timed the meds right that I could make it to my church’s Christmas eve service (yes, a they were doing it a day early.) I took the hydrocodone just before we left and felt pretty good throughout service. I did not even attempt to sing or talk to anyone, but I did stand, clap, etc. When we got home, I helped my husband make a quick dinner for the kids and then realized something was wrong. I checked my temperature and was at 101. I started getting really bad chills and my jaw was chattering. My post-op instructions said to seek help if my temp hit 101.5 so I figured I would try to get it down on my own. I figured I could take just a little bit more acetaminophen before I hit the 3000 mg daily max so I took my next dose of hydrocodone plus some extra acetaminophen and started drinking ice water. Eventually the fever came back down! I was so glad I did not have to go to urgent care or the ER. I learned my lesson of not overdoing it until I am actually healed.

  91. On day 4 now, and still waiting for the “real” pain to kick in, so to speak. I woke up after surgery to a bunch of people shouting at me to breathe (they sounded properly stressed out about it, too, haha), and then a comment I don’t think they thought I’d remember that they’d forgotten to numb my throat and give me painkillers before leaving the OR (I was told I’d wake up to a choking sensation, but I woke up to a burning sensation instead). Woke up in a _LOT_ of pain, felt like they were burning out my throat (which, I guess, they were). Ended up staying a while longer than expected, spent all of it out of my head on morphine, and then fainted as I was leaving. It wasn’t ideal, but because I’d read that the first and second days were nothing at all compared to the pain of the days to come, I think I was expecting something like that initial experience or worse. So far it’s been a good thing, because no matter how much it hurts I keep expecting it to escalate.
    I’m not trying to scare anyone (this all sounded a lot less dramatic in my head)! I lived trough it, and the nurses were attentive and good at making it better.

    Very little bleeding, little trouble swallowing (if I take painkillers and use the mouthwash like a good girl), sleeping all right, feeling generally run down and tired otherwise.

    Still waiting for the other shoe to drop, but all in all it could be worse. Could be better, too, but could be worse.

  92. Day 4 has been almost bearable, at best, and downright miserable most of the day. The medication clearly and distinctly wears off 90 minutes after I take it, and the hour gap until the next dose kicks in is pure hell. It feels like there is a direct, open wound in the back of my throat that goes all the way to my brain and ears. The pain is raw, pounding, and barbaric. Finally broke down and called the doctor, who agreed to give me something stronger. We’ll see how that goes. My tonsils were gigantic when removed, and I can only surmise that the size of the open wounds has contributed to the intensity of the pain. IF I knew that it would be better tomorrow, even just a little, that would make today a little easier to handle. But I’m terrified that the worst is still yet to to come. Eating wise, I was able to get down two smoothies made of sherbet, sprite, and ice blended together. Tasted glorious and felt so good on my throat. I also tried some room temperature soup, but that seemed to irritate things. Still drinking water like a pro. Can’t imagine how much worse this would be if I became dehydrated. So done with watching TV and movies, and I am too high on narcotics to read coherently. My favorite activity is to just sit with someone by my side. My wife has been unbelievably good to me. This has renewed my downright adoration for her. If you are considering this surgery, you MUST have a reliable caregiver ready for the first few days. I would be lost without her. For real. We also farmed our kids out to family these first few days, and that has been a tremendous help, too. Despite the unrelenting discomfort, I am finding how blessed I really am. Or maybe the drugs are kicking in. 🙂

  93. Day 4 was the worst, by far. The pain was more intense and the medication seemed to do the least. At the same time, I felt like I was turning a corner.

    Woke up Day 4 in extreme pain. Just miserable. Within a couple of hours pain was under control and I retreated to my normal medication induced shuffle.

    I spent considerable time on day 4 trying to sleep. Finally about 8pm I dozed off. Woke up at about 10pm feeling remarkably rested, and without extreme pain. I wasn’t due for meds and I am trying to eliminate them anyway, so went back to sleep. Woke up at Midnight, again feeling a lot more rested. Pain was at a 9 however and was forced to take meds. I set my alarm for 4am and I woke up without it…not in extreme pain. Went back to sleep until 5:30. Once I started to get up, started trying to drink anything or swallow, I woke up my throat and that pain started again. Took meds and here we are on Day 5.

    I feel as though I have turned the corner and may be able to manage most of this pain. I know I am sleeping better, not snoring…maybe this was a good idea after all.

  94. Jamie,
    So much better without the Lortab. I got 650 mg Tylenol and it helps the pain almost as fast as the Lortab. I have still been very foggy and feeling flu like. I think it’s from the anesthesia ?

  95. I’m 38 and on day 4 post-op tonsillectomy. All things considered, this could be much worse (which isn’t to say this is good or I even want to get out of bed). My throat hurts of course, and I have a bit of an earache, but as long as I stay on top of the Roxicet every 4 hrs (including waking up at night with an alarm), the pain is manageable. The Roxicet keeps me pretty lethargic. I’ve been running a vaporizer 24/7 and eating Greek yogurt (for protein), vitamin water, smoothies and ice cream. I’m hoping this doesn’t last too much longer and I can cut back on the meds.

  96. Wow, didn’t think I was gonna have a hard time. Last night (around 3 am) I woke up freaking out! I had an overwhelming sense of panic – I thought there was no way in the world I was going to make it another week or so-my sleep has been very little and between the lack of sleep and the Lortab, my mind had had enough!
    I decided to stop taking the Lortab. I’ve never been one to take pills quickly .
    I was very worried about going off the Lortab quickly but here is is 16 hours since my last dose. Taken 2 650’mg of Tylenol (6 hours apart) and I must say I am doing great!
    My throat was killing me earlier and had only been able to get jello and applesauce down. But at this moment, I feel better than I have since the surgery.
    Hoping to make it through the night without interruption.
    This is much harder than I thought possible

  97. Can anyone tell me how long their doctor prescribed Meds? I had my tonsillectomy on Monday and would like to. Prepare for next week before the weekend. By the way, I am in hell. Throat KILLS.

  98. Day 4 tuesday and this definitely was a painful day. I woked up with alot of pain but still only tried 2 paracetomol and a mouth spray. .. I tried to delay eating as long as possible until after noon so I can keep the pain to a minimum. I ended up eating half bowl cooled ramen noodle which still hurt like hell. I took one oxycodone and 2 paracetomils after this meal and it really helped reduce the pain. I waited another 4 hours before taking another oxycodone and 2 paracetomls before eating dinner which was the remainder of the ramen noodles with some fish meat followed up by some chicken and corn soup. I also tried a frozen blend of watermelon juice I prepared the other day which was great. So the pain is definitely increasing consistently and consequently I need to start taking the oxy more frequently. I found reading up as much as possible on other peoples recovery through blogs and forum posts like this site helps to keep the mind strong and motivating to endure through the pain.
    Pain 6.5/10

  99. Well woke up as normal decent night sleep so a little sore so did my usual routine of meds water and ice pop! Just as I thought things were getting better I got a horrible taste in my mouth so went into the kitchen to spit out oh my god I started haemorrhaging! Soo scary! My husband dialled 999 and I was taken to hospital! In very severe pain in the afternoon as hospital gave me no painkillers until 6pm! I had to stay in and was also nil by mouth which certainly didn’t help with the pain! Kept in overnight with antibiotics and a drip!

  100. Day four: I can eat some buttery soggy waffles. The pain isn’t as bad, but im dreading day 5. It hurts to talk but im trying, and water has become my best friend. I still just wanna lay down and sleep. Like I said, the tongue and neck pain arent as bad, I just hope I can survive day five.

  101. DAY 4: 30 years old and had tonsillectomy (with adenoids removed too).
    I haven’t said one word in over 24 hours…and I don’t even want to speak. My throat is on fire today as the scabs are forming. It looks like a horror movie in the back of my throat. I had one incident of bleeding last night but got it under control very quickly, which was a relief. No bleeding today yet, so I am hopeful that the hellish cauterizing from yesterday actually solved the issue. Today has been my most loopy day so far though. I have been on a steady rotation of pain meds for 4 days now and I pretty much just sat on the couch today watching movies (or trying to) and coloring….that is literally the only activites my mind can focus on, and I’m not focusing on those very well. Pain level is about a 5 today off and on. I don’t plan on weening myself off the pain meds until after the scabs start to fall off. I am a baby when it comes to pain, so bring on the drugs. Also, I ate mashed potatoes today and they were AWESOME!

  102. Day 4 – oh my goodness! I honestly feel like giving up. I hope it doesn’t get any worse than this. Most of you are probably thinking ‘what a drama queen’ but it had different affects on different people. But talking, eating and swallowing is the absolute worst! Thankfully I’ve not had any ear pain. But honestly, I just wish that after the operation that’s you good to go – no pain just back to normal (except obviously no tonsils) but the family couldn’t be more helpful. But hopefully on the 10th day, I’ll be feeling 100% Good luck to everyone that’s going to be getting it in the near future! The pain will be worth it (can’t believe I just said that and there’s me saying the pains worth it and me, myself can’t even cope with it haha)

  103. I’m at the end of the fourth day. I Woke up in the morning with a severe burning pain in my throat and under my tongue, as well as in my ears specially the left one..
    it took me alot to be able to even swallow jello.. and later i was eating chocolate ice cream but UGH!!!!!! it hurts like hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! burning gets more and more painful so i stopped and went to rinse my mouth..
    i also got a truamatic ulcer in my lip from the surgery and another one in my tongue as i bite on it when i was sleeping after the surgery, so my whole mouth became so painful, and i feel that my tongue is swollen..
    I hope good days are coming soon 🙁
    but i’m glad to find this page and to read others experiences, that’s helping.

  104. I woke up crying from the pain today. I could barely get the Tylenol with codine down. One I got it I forced myself to have a popsicle too. I was sitting in bed playing a game on my phone and I had my headphones in because it was really early. I didn’t see or hear my mom come down the hall. Needless to say, my mini scream of fear hurt like hell! The Tylenol with codine made me really dizzy today and I can barely keep my eyes open but I have that empty starving feeling in my stomach. I think I might try a pudding cup and some jello, and hopefully that’ll calm my stomach down from feeling empty…

  105. Its been a while since I popped in. I had my tonsils out the end of December 2012 and have not been sick since. I do not regret the surgery or the pain. It was the best thing I have done for myself besides stop smoking. I never developed scabs. I kept my mouth closed at all times at much as possible. This kept my throat from drying out and developing scabs. The pain is not fun but the end result is so worth it. Chicken Noodle soap and bread dipped in the soup was the best thing for me during this time. My dog and I would share the bread. 🙂 This board really helped me while I recuperated..Hang in there.

  106. I had my surgery on the 25th (pm) and today I am wondering what pain everyone is talking about?? Granted I couldn’t eat a 3 course meal but I am really not having any difficulty at all….and I havent had any pain meds for the past 7hrs. I have only been taking over the counter pain meds as doc didn’t give me any script. But who knows, tomorrow could get worse? I think the key for me has been lots of rest so far and HEAPS of water

  107. Oh my goodness, I feel like I could die! I had my surgery on the 24th at noon. Today is by far the worst day so far. From what I hear it just gets worse. I can barely drink water today, the swelling is so bad. Yesterday, I was able to eat warm chicken broth with soggy crackers. Today I have no appetite. The Lortab isn’t helping much, but my fever finally broke. I can’t get comfortable to sleep and when I do, I wake up ckoking.

  108. Days 3/4 have truly been a breeze. The biggest discomforts I’ve experienced is nausea and dizziness from percocet, and my mouth burning after eating. My diet hasn’t changed so I’m eating what the rest of my family is eating. Sometimes the seasoning irritates me. Outside of that I’m fine. Yes my throat hurts, but I’m definitely not in the worst pain of my life. Hopefully I don’t take a painful turn, but if I do I’ve already made peace with it.

    What has helped so far is:
    *Eating like normal. My doctor wanted me to eat soft foods day of surgery then return to my regular diet the next day.
    *Staying hydrated
    *Cool mist humidifier while I sleep
    *Chewing gum.
    *STAYING ON TOP OF MY MEDS!!! I stagger percocet with ibuprofen. This has been a great combo. When one is starting to wear off, its already time to take another.

    The method I went with for my tonsillectomy is tissue welding or thermal welding. I think this is the biggest reason my recovery has been easy. Won’t get too confident yet, I’m not quite of the woods!

  109. One thing I haven’t mentioned before this is that I have two distinct lines from where they clamped my tongue when they took my tonsils out. My tongue has hurt as much if not more than my throat at most times. My tongue bothered me the most on Day 4, probably because I might actually be on the downhill slide for pain with where my tonsils used to be. I’m still taking my scheduled pain meds every 4 hours which is helping immensely; and I still have my humidifier going all the time which has been a god send!
    I have moved on to macaroni and cheese, but I have discovered that it gets stuck in the pockets where my tonsils used to be. After eating I have to go to the bathroom and use a q-tip to dig out the food so that an infection (or horrible smell) doesn’t develop.
    It was a pretty okay day but I’m still planning on going in to the doctor’s office in the morning because the sides of my tongue are still pretty numb and my tongue is just sooooo incredibly painful.

  110. Day 4: well at night I’ve been so scared to sleep so I have set an one hour alarm for myself to wake up and have a sip of water. Day 4 (with day 1 being surgery day@7am) I slept from 3am to 5 am, oh boy oh boy, I wondered how I could be that stupid!! I woke up at almost 6 am and I had the worst pain ever so far (I said it on day 3 but this is way worse). Granted I am a nut case who stopped prescription pain meds right after surgery day (I only had three dosage total so far and plan on keeping that way). So on a scale from 1-10 with 10 being the worst pain, I gave it a 12 maybe 1: for yesterday, but today?? That number almost doubled to 20!!! I had to keep something in my hands to squeeze in order to “control” the pain, and. Had tears coming out, the tears of pain. Part of my tongue is still swollen badly and numb, but I braved in some solid food today. Very fine meatballs, stir fry carrots (very soft), cucumber (a bit crispy) and some oriental black fungus. Iate like a camel with my mouth half way open since the tongue is still somewhat insensitive, and I have the secretion out of my mouth exactly like camels do!!! Oh we’ll, I apologized to hubby and guests, and they all understand!! I was able to chew up some huge chunks of watermelon and cantaloupe today which I’m really happy about. I have a bit diarrhea because of the frozen blended watermelon and prune juice i drank but I don’t care, it’s better than constipation. Oh, I think I might start to scab cuz I feel sth back in my throat and they are kind of hard. I’m not sure if it is a little too early to scab but it sure feels like it. I’m going to day 6 and another night begins… Wich is when all pains go extreme. The NOY thing I knew hat to expect for tomorrow is probably waking up with excruciating pain again and it should subsidize as the day comes. Will post more tomorrow night. Hang in there everyone. We’re more than half way through the worst week!!! Oh, I took my fires post op shower and it was sure good!!

  111. I don’t doubt that eating, drinking, and moving are the secret to recovery, you’re on to something there. but I personally haven’t been able to eat anything since my surgery on the 23rd because of a combination of pain, as well as food allergies. I’m allergic to around 20 different types of food, and its impossible to find something to make that wont scratch my throat that 100% doesnt have something im allergic to in it. Even allergic to Ensure, but I’ve had 2 since surgery (then i start feeling sick. defeats purpose). I’m working on getting carrot juice down bc thats supposed to promote healing, but its sips at a time, and then a lot of ice and cold water and i made a liquid painmed slushie the other day. but i’m hoping to get a pain rx suppository prescribed this week because whenever I try to take my liquid vicodin, i either end up choking on it and it burns my throat, or it ends up getting swallowed up my nose (does that happen to any of you???) and that burns too. much rather stick something up my bum to relieve the pain and stick to ice chips and water on the throat.

  112. Day 4 I saw the pain rise from what I now consider a 7 to about an 8. The pain got worse in every way imaginable, but the WORST part was the ear pain. Good god, it was like having an ear infection in both ears but even worse. Both ears had sharp pain in them like someone sticking a long metal ice pick through them, and my throat literally felt like someone shoved a curling iron down it with it turned on high. Even more upsetting, due to my lack of eating anything but my large intake of pain meds, my acid reflux was in full force. I couldn’t find a comfortable position to lay in to save my life, if it wasn’t my ears or throat, it was my damn esophagus.

    At this point even Jello was becoming painful to eat, and water felt like swallowing glass. Oh and did I mention stupid me forgot to take my percocet at 5am? Yeah, not a fun way to wake up after your humidifier ran out of water and you’ve been sleeping for 8 hours. I’ve never been in so much pain in my entire life.

  113. Day four is a little bit better than days two and three. I’m mainly in the most first thing in the morning and late in the evening. My tongue is still swollen which makes my mouth hurt quite a bit, and I still have lots of ear pain. I think it helps that I’m still keeping up regularly on my pain meds and alternating it with Tylenol. I have very little appetite still, but I’m trying to eat little bits of food anyway, and I’m keeping up on the fluids. I’m definitely getting more tickling sensations in my throat where the scabs are forming. Hoping those don’t get worse. Still painful to swallow, but not as much as it was yesterday. The end feels like it is in sight!

  114. Day 4 I was woken around 3am by hideous pain, after (again) only a few hours sleep. Spent some time on this website and realised this is pretty normal. 😉 I’m still taking oxycodone every four hours (though it’s next to useless), and soluble paracetamol every six. That stuff is a god-send! I tried a cold pack on my neck but it didn’t really help. Also tried eating some bread (big mistake!) and some warm soup (yummy!) to add some variety to the popsicle and ice routine.

    Despite the early morning wake up call, Day 4 ended up being a better day for me overall. As long as I stayed upright I feel ok. It’s all the lying down that’s the problem!! I was able to reduce the oxycodone dose (morning and night only) but still counted the minutes until I could drink my beloved soluble paracetamol. 😉

  115. Over this already, I’m on day 4 recovery. Last night was awful, no sleep. Then just woke up from a nap and coughed up a clot and scab. Eating a Popsicle made the bleeding stop. But I feel like I need to cough but am afraid to. The first 3 days haven’t been to bad, but today has been rough. Now my throat is burning and scared about what to eat? Any suggestions, 37 f surgery was Wednesday at 7 am.

  116. Day 4 of my coblation tonsillectomy has been going well. Much like the first 3 days of minimal pain. Today I added mashed potatoes and noodles in broth to my diet. I just hope the recovery stays on this path since so far it has not been bad. *knocks on wood*

  117. Woke up this morning and felt okay! Pain is still tolerable so I haven’t had any pain medication in almost 24 hours. I tried Lortab for the first time post op day #3 and I was so sleepy from it. I hated the feeling so I’ll stick with regular Tylenol if I need it. So far I just had one dose of Tylenol and one dose of Lortab (liquid) since the surgery. I’m sure reading from other experiences on this site, this isn’t your typical recovery from a tonsillectomy. Yesterday was July 4th and I walked 3 miles at the beach with the husband to ease any discomfort. We even stopped at a restaurant while I ordered lobster and corn chowder. Scabs are forming more. Slept well last night. No nausea. No sore on my tongue. No fever. No upset stomach. Some ear discomfort but very tolerable! I’ll wait and see what day #5 feels. The surgeon warned me I’ll have the worst pain during day #5-#8. Most of the symptoms that I’m reading from different experiences are caused from pain medications and not eating. I think the secret is to keep eating, drinking, and moving! I’m sure it’s easier said than done.

  118. Day 4:

    Stopped taking panadeine forte as it was making me nauseas so the pain has been a little worse today. I have felt truly ill all day and the one time I did leave my bed was to vomit heavily. At least I didn’t bring up any blood. Really trying to keep on top if my fluids otherwise a hospital trip is on the cards. Hoping I’ve gone through the worst of it now I’ve never felt so exhausted or miserable before.

  119. Today has been the worst by far. But it really isn’t my throat that is the big problem. It’s my stomach! Everything I eat upsets my stomach and makes it hurt really bad! I’ve had horrible diarrhea today. If it weren’t for that, I would still be doing pretty well! My left ear has started popping off and on also, but not too bad yet! I pray this stomach thing passes quickly!

  120. This morning has been the worst so far. I woke up at 5am and started heaving my guts out – puked up everything I managed to keep down yesterday (including the anti-nausea pills I thought were working). Tried to take more pain meds and anti-nausea meds but all of it came right back up within minutes. In total I puked 4 times in 2 hours this morning – my throat held up though, no bleeding thank god. Went back to bed without pain meds and slept until about noon. Woke up a sweaty mess and was able to keep down some water and then some soup finally. The evening has been better, had some more soup for dinner and no additional nausea. I think I can feel my scabs starting to come off, fingers crossed it happens soon and healing can continue progressing quickly. My tongue still hurts worse than my throat, but swelling has started to go down so maybe by tomorrow it will be back to normal.

  121. I am 46 years old. I’ve had trouble with my tonsils all my life so I am glad I finally had them out.The worst part of this experience so far has been the nausea and migraines, not the throat pain. I have thrown up numerous times, even though this has thankfully not led to any bleeding. This morning my head hurt so bad, i couldn’t even think about my throat! And I am having so much trouble eating and keeping it down.I have figured out that the medicines are the culprits, so today I have switched to just Tylonol for throat pain. I don’t know if that will be enough, but I would rather deal with the throat pain.

    All of us poor souls need to keep our eyes on the horizon. Hopefully, we will all feel better after a couple of weeks. Then NO MORE TONSIL PAINS, NO MORE STONES, NO MORE UGLY SWOLLEN TONSILS, and hopefully, NO MORE STREP!

  122. Well it’s me again the old timer day 4 went pretty well no ear pain and my throat just fealt like a sore throat . Hope to get my biopsy report on Monday I have been getting abscesses for the sat 2 mos the left side hurts more than the right for some reason .till no ear pain or bad breath .my wife and even went outside and did a Lillie yard work .my ice bag never comes off my neck or my glass of apple cider never leaves my side still taking all my pains .i did see just a little pink on the left side but no ad pain to speak of .i only wish every body a speedy recovery as I’ve said I’m 62 years old and I am not or will not let this slow me down till tomorrow I pray for all how is going Thru this terrible ordeal

  123. I want to cry today – yesterday I felt ok. There was alot of pain but I felt that I was moving in the right direction – I had managed to eat and was drinking lots. Today on the other hand, I feel im more pain now than ever!

    Its really painful to swallow, i have a sore neck and im feeling a little bit nauseous – im hoping this is normal too.

    The main difficulty is waking up, cos ive had a septoplasty too I cant breath through my nose so Im waking up with a mouth as dry as the Sahara Desert, which in turn means i have to swallow and drink lots, and that really REALLY hurts. 🙁

    Oh well, another day and nearly been done and day 5 is close at hand!


  124. So, are we counting day 1 as surgery day? I’m confused. I’ve been starting post op day 1 as the day AFTER surgery day. Anyways, to me, today is Day 4.
    Day 1, my girlfriend drove me 5 hours to meet my Mother so I could spend recovery at her house (with my 4 yr old). I was good. Even ate at Cracker Barrel.
    Day 2 and 3 were rough. Still not as painful as the horror stories I’ve read on here, but serious throat pain…and I threw up a couple times which was no bueno. My dr have me Percocet and told me 2 every 4 hours. I set an alarm and have been on top of the pain. But yesterday, I ran out of meds. My dr couldn’t call any in here in a different state so I had to go to the ER. The ER PA pretty much told me that even though she’s not familiar with this surgery, I am taking way too much meds. She wasn’t going to give me a refill. Finally she called my dr and he gave her the ok. However, she only gave me half the amount.
    Needless to say, I’m trying to be ok without meds. Last night I didn’t wake up to take meds and I slept really well. But this morning was super painful. Although, after I did take my meds and ate some cereal, I feel better.
    Hopefully this is a sign of healing and it’s not going to get as bad as I’ve heard.

  125. day 4 – i’m 38 years old. During the night was the first time I started crying from the pain. I thought the pain was bad before, I stopped taking the prescriptions and am only doing extra strength Tylenol. I threw up all day on day 2, and anti nausea meds gave me terrible headache-migraine quality. I had to get a stool softner because I havent gone to the bathroom since surgery. So that kicked in this morning. My hears and teeth are throbbing. Am doing pretty good on drinking water, its the only thing that doesnt burn. so have been getting 60-90 ounces down a day but dont know about today. the pain has hit a new level.

  126. My surgery was this past Monday 4/1/13. Im now on day 4 and its the worst by far. I was given hydrocodone but that didnt work to well, so my doc gave me Roxicet Sol. This seems to work much better its suppose to last 4 hrs but a good 2 hrs of comfort is worth it. My first night was pure agony it felt like I was going to swallow my uvula. It looked like a big water balloon and it kept getting stuck in my throat when i would try to go to sleep. So for the first few nights I slept with my head straight up and to the side. The 4th day is here and i can now lay on my back because my uvula is not as swollen as it was. My throat still has all this white and grayish green stuff on it which im assuming is a scab. I still having problems swallowing anything even my spit. I keep a spit cup nearby so i can save myself the pain of swallowing most of the time. I know they say stay hydrated but its hard when your throat is extremely sore. Not to mention my ear pain started on the 3rd day after surgery. At this point Im suffering from all the symptoms of a tonsillectomy….. lololol I asked for it. But I just sit here and dear not complain because I know I wont suffer with repeated sore throats, peritonsillar abcess, tonsilliths and all the other weird crap that came with bad tonsils. I thank God. Will keep you all posted on post op in a few days.

  127. I am writing this all at my two week recovery point. I am close to 100%.
    Day four began a rough patch for me. Per the doctor’s orders, I have progressed to soft food. I eat Mac and cheeses, mashed potatoes, or pudding with my meds (out of sheer necessity, not due to any desire to eat). Swallowing is still painful. Have regressed to small sips.
    I began ear pain on this day, and the overall mouth, jaw, and throat pain have accelerated.
    I am making sure I am drinking water at least hourly. Pain meds reduce the pain and help me to rest. Nausea pains were no help. I got sick again on this day. Vomiting can be dangerous, but the large amount if liquids helped there to not be any stress in expelling anything.
    Pain throughout the day is a level 8. I cannot talk at this point, and make whispered phone calls to family to let them know my progress. Still suffering from sleep apnea. I went back to needing ice packs on my throat to fall asleep.
    When I went for my consultation prior to sugery, they told me there would be a day where the pain would reach a high level (usually after days 1-3) and remain for several days. This has held very true for me.
    However, I have also heard stories from others who swallowed nothing besides medicine (not even spit at times), and just had high pain throughout. I have a high pain thresh hold, and am hoping this is beginning the healing and scabbing.
    Tomorrow is another day!

  128. Im 33 and i also had nasal surgery at the same time as my tonsillectomy, big mistake!
    4th day, Best day. I actually went shopping, twice. Short trips of course but I’m moving around and doing things. Trying to take it easy but I’m feeling so good Im active. Eat some more food processor Mac and cheese and some rice for dinner. Up till 11:30 and I sleep good. Pain meds spread out a little more, every 5ish hours, going long spans at night.

    Ps: writing this all on my 9th day

  129. hi everyone… love this site by the way.. it has been full of great tips.. So I am on day 4 and it has been pretty tough today… i find that night time is worse for me..i have some ear pain today.. also a few helpful tips… i am still sleeping with ice packs and it really seems to help. also, if you are scheduled to take pain med every 4 hours.. i set my alarm for every 3.5 hours so i can have a half an hour to eat some ice cream, drink some water, and refill my ice pack.. this seems to help.. i have noticed a lot of coughing especially at night time.. i also can’t sleep that well 🙁 i can’t eat much at all, i have tried everything, and i can’t seem to have a bowel movement .. any other tips/advice… thanks

  130. just got mine out this past tuesday. they told me to chew, chew, chew! ive been chewing on mango bites and fruits, and trust me it feels so good! i cant really tell if the scabs are forming yet but theyre supposed to on day 4 so we’ll see. water has not been helping me at all. since im a fein for coffee ive been drinking iced coffee for the past two days and i find it alot easier to swallow rather than just water, probably the thickness of it. i havent really had much pain, just soreness, so im sticking to chewing fruits and drinking my iced coffee!:)

  131. Day 4: sleeping was a bad idea. Woke up with the driest sorest throat. Drank water then the ear pain started. I garbled and had thick mucus, I can now feel the scabs forming. I have constant cracklingnin my ears when I move my jaw. My only advice, when the pain gets really bad suck on an ice cube, and chewing gum! Chewing gum chewing gum chewing gum. Sugar free, it soothes and keeps the throat moist. I tell you what tho, I’m never sleeping for that long again 🙁 and i still haven’t been to re toilet, 5 days now and prune juice is not helping

  132. Post op day 4 definitely was more painful, but manageable. Still taking 1tsp (half dose) every 2 hours of liquid pain meds. I feel it is better for me to take the smaller dose more frequently (better pain control) Ear pain kicked in last night, ice packs are helping. Am eating mashed potatoes, ramen and jello. Drinking ice water and vitamin water primarily , but having frozen drinks a few times a day too. Had problems with thick stuff in my throat real early on and realized I needed to drink more fluids for that stuff to go away. Once I increased my fluid intake the “panic” feeling caused by stuff in throat went away. Hopefully I have reached the peak on the pain, but not sure yet…fingers crossed.

  133. Day 4 – little more jaw/ear pain today. I cut my dose of pain meds in half for the day and I can feel more pain but its manageable. Starting to feel more hungry which is a bummer. Still drinking fluids like crazy and the humidifier helps to not wake up with a dry mouth. Overall still not as bad as I thought it would be. Oh and sleeping with an ice pack is a huge relief it keeps sweeping down!

  134. Day #4.. I slept through the night, didn’t wake up once which was amazing! Been eating jello, soup, scrambled eggs, cream of wheat and oatmeal for 3 days now. Yesterday & today are not as bad as I thought they would be. I didn’t take strong pain killers at all, just stuck with extra strength Tylenol. Throats a little sore but I cannot complain. I was scared to wake up this morning after reading all the comments about day 4 being horrible.. Guess I have been lucky!

  135. So today wasn’t too bad, I gargled with the antibiotic the doctor has prescribed and withheld talking any pain medication till 11PM.. I didn’t take any pain meds because I get a headache from the meds and it makes my eyes look sick (like they are sinking into my face). I hadn’t gone to the bathroom since the day of surgery so I decided to take a laxative around 6pm. It still hurts to swallow but drinking a lot of fluids throughout the day. I ate soup, Jell-O, and pomegranate apple sauce. Lots of green tea with honey! I ended up going to emerg to get more antibiotic mouth rinse and got him to prescribe another pain killer cause demerol gives me a headache and t3’s dont’ really help. I haven’t tried tramadol yet and I might not even try them. Overall body aches today, and I wasn’t in the best mood.

  136. Day 4 and the pain slowly building. After taking the drugs I get comfortable within about half an hour, though swallowing saliva is still painful most of the time. By the end of 4 hours I’m just waiting for the next round of drugs, and that final sixth hour is a bit of a killer. Odd side-effect of the surgery/drugs/anaesthetic/diet, I had my first bowel movement since the day before the op. Night 4 I managed to sleep OK, maybe better than night 3, but maybe it’s more the fact that waking up at 5am I accepted right away there was no going back to sleep, so I sat up and read in bed. Swallowing water to take my drugs in the morning was as bad as it’s been, and for the first time comparable to the pain of having a peritonsillar abscess, which is what got this whole thing started. What’s keeping me going is that I survived that, and I know that things should take a turn for the better in the next 24 hours. Day 5 is looking to be miserable though…

  137. On day 4 of recovery and still feeling pretty awful. On release from hospital I ate everything, cheese on Toast, yogurt and biscuits now I can hardly put a thing in my mouth!
    I have some seriously nasty ulcers on the tongue which is making the whole thing even more painful and I’ve no appetite.
    Dreading tomorrow when things are supposed to get worse, I swear childbirth was easier!

  138. I’m on day 4 after my tonsilectomy, not including the day of the op. I feel like shit, i’m emotionally and physically drained. Last night i woke up coughing a lot and now this morning my throat is paying for that. I was bleeding a little today too and sucked on some ice chips to help. Theres a build up of phlegm in my throat and i would love to cough it all up for clear it but i dont know how without causing pain and possibly bleeding? Last night it got a little too much and i broke down crying, it’s not so much the pain thats getting to me. It’s more the not being able to eat, not being able to talk and mostly not being able to smoke. I know the last thing that should be on my mind is smoking but i would kill for one right now. Also the taste and smell of my breath is making me feel sick to my stomach. Can anyone give me any tips on the phlegm thing and also when should i expect the swelling of my uvulva to go down? I honestly wish i could just sleep through this whole thing. When i was told about getting my tonsils out i never thought it would effect me in this way, i know i’ll be happy about it when all the pain is gone but right now i wish i hadn’t done it. I suffer with depression as it is and now going through this is making me even worse.

  139. Finally able to sleep for longer periods of time. I still have not eaten, liquids only. Turns out I had thrash mouth (very, very painful) which the doctor helped with a new script. That’s part of why I could not swallow. If you have a white tongue and tons of pain at the base of your mouth, you could have it as well.
    Get a spray bottle and use it on your throat! Hot showers! The only bright part of the day. We can do this!

  140. Hi,

    Day 16 here… It took every bit of two weeks to feel somewhat normal. I didn’t have the nausea/vomiting but did bleed a little bit, mostly from clots that had formed and come loose on the tonsils and biopsied areas. Ice and gargling with cold water stopped the bleeding. If you’re still bleeding a lot, go to the hospital immediately.

    That nasty look in the back of your throat is pretty normal. You should be on an antibiotic to prevent infection. Best advice I can give you is drink plenty of liquids/water. Nothing hot. a humidifier is a MUST!, If you have pain meds, keep on schedule as much as possible, even awakening to take it during the night. Staying ahead of the pain (which really started 4-5 days afterward) was key to dealing with this.

    Hang in there… it does get better!

  141. Hello, if you spit up or bleed more than a tablespoon you have to call the doctor and go to the hospital right away if the doctor doesn’t anserw or what not. I am on recovery day 23 I think. I got my surgery on December 14th 2012. They gave me liquid Codiene which didn’t help much just made me sleep and, I would drool when I was sleeping and choke because I can’t swallow anything. But no matter how much pain you are in and how much you don’t want to listen to anyone try to drink as much water as you can. So your throat stays wet, and your scabs won’t bother you when they start to form. I didn’t feel mine come off that much just one time I let it get dry and it was a scratching pain. But then I started to drink more and more water and it got better. So whichever works for you cold or like warm… Or Mabye tea I drank a lot of that too. Also my friend made me ramen noodles on Mabye the 6th day and I was in complete heaven… I hope you feel better. And I hope this helps you.

  142. I am on day 4 and it is hell! I vomited twice last night with spots of blood and I have looked in the back of my throat and there are dry blood patches and white and green all over, is this ok or should I call the surgeon?

  143. As a caregiver to my 18 year son who is only on day 2!! Please get a humidifier it is a God send,trust me this will help a BUNCH!!

  144. Day 4 December 24th:

    I finally slept a bit! Unfortunately, upon awakening, my throat was very dry and I was in a lot of pain. The meds had worn off while I slept and breathing through my mouth didn’t help matters. After getting something to drink and my meds, I felt much better. I’m realizing that without the meds, I’d be much worse off. Still, this hasn’t been as bad as I thought it would be.

    I was able to eat some solid food today. Mac and Cheese never tasted so good! The rest of the day I felt pretty good and I napped off and on catching up with some much needed sleep.

    For me, being that they did biopsies of my tongue and nasopharynx, those ares are the most painful. Speaking is somewhat difficult and because my tongue is still a little swollen, my speech is slurred. I expect that to improve daily.

    The key for me is to stay ahead of the pain as much as possible. I stay on schedule with the antibiotic and pain meds as much as I can.

    I’m off to bed as my eyes are struggling to stay open. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

  145. Day 4: 12/23/12
    This pain is crazy. I am tired of throwing up and want to eat but can’t without throwing it up. The scabs in my throat and nose Hirt so bad I can’t even get the medicine in to keep it from drying. I can’t wait to feel better

  146. I was thinking about taking a can of broth. I haven’t managed to make it to soft foods yet, and am still on liquids. The pain has just been to much.

    Good part of the day was I realized my swelling has gone down just enough for me to see back there. According to all the pics posted here I look about normal. Hubby I think also likes having me quiet….. I can’t argue with him since even a whisper makes me run for the ice packs and pain meds….

    This site has defiantly helped me to prepare for this. Although I dreaded getting it done, I was well educated in various ways and items to make the recovery the best it could be. Just wish the family would read it so they would have a better idea of what was happening.

    Hoping everyone’s pain is minimal tomorrow and i Wish you all a Merry Christmas eve tomorrow!

  147. Bring along some Campbells Chicken Noodle Soup and some applesauce to Christmas dinner in the event you are not quite ready to eat the usual fare. Bread dipping in the soup is also very tasty… (lukewarm) I am so grateful that Greg started this site.. it was what kept me going through the pain. I reached the end.. 16 days out and am so thankful to have the surgery behind me.

  148. Day 4: After not much sleep and ALOT of pain ( the kind that leaves you shaking and /or crying)last night, I’m finding it more and more difficult to swallow today and the pain continues to increase. I’m drinking as many fluids as I can and have ice bags on my throat and ears. At this point it’s hard to say which one hurts the worst and am counting down the minutes for the next dose of pain meds.

    The thick mucus is still there and I frequently burp, have rounds of hiccups, and cough. I know the light is at the end of the tunnel somewhere, but feels like I’ll never get there at this point. Definatley don’t feel up to celebrating Christmas with the in laws yet, but I’m expected to appear, be social and eat. I can’t hardly swallow my own saliva, there’s no way I’ll be able to eat tomorrow! 🙁

    Will post more either later tonight or tomorrow…..

  149. I had my surgery on Friday the 21st. Here we are in day 3 and compared to some of the horror stories I’ve read, I’m doing pretty good. I had my tonsils taken out (for biopsy), along with biopsies of my tongue and nasopharynx. A laryngoscopy was done as well. All to help diagnose the primary in metastatic squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck. The good news is that everything looks to be Ok. The tonsils are the main suspect at this point. Interestingly enough, since the surgery, the lymph node on the left side of my neck as eased up a bit, further strengthening the diagnosis of the tonsils being the primary.

    By far, the 1st day was the worst. Sleeping has been troublesome but last night I got a good 4 hours straight without waking. I had a bout of the hiccups yesterday off and on and that was annoying. Eating has been a non issue. Soft foods and liquids are no problem. I’m looking forward to some real food though!

    The pain meds have been wonderful (thanks Doc!) and other than some discomfort uponwaking from a nap, I’m doing fine. Actually, my tongue hurts more than my throat. My voice is pretty weak but that’s to be expected. I’m just thankful that I’m not experiencing some of the awful symptoms I’ve been reading about.

  150. Okay. I think I’m doing this backwards. As I’m reading the already-posted comments, everyone’s saying that today was the day things started going downhill. However, my case has been the exact opposite.
    Today I was able to eat McDonalds!! (A $1 cheeseburger, fries, and a mocha frappe). For breakfast, I also had some french toast pastries filled with cream cheese. YUM! After not eating for four days, I was in heaven.
    The pain in my throat was also barely noticeable; only when I swallowed or spoke, and even then the pain was barely there. The night cap of day three was easy; stayed in bed all night. Not to say that I didn’t wake up, because I did a ton, but I was able to roll over and go back to sleep eventually. Waking up wasn’t the torture I was expecting. I just took some advil and went about my day. I even spent most of the day in the kitchen with my mom making tamales (which I plan on eating tomorrow), and I wrapped presents upstairs!
    I was perfectly okay with today. If I keep making process like this, hopefully I’ll be almost good to go before Christmas comes around! (I want that turkey dinner!)
    1. More ice water! I know you’re tempted to drink something else because water is boring, and personally I hate the taste, but it is probably the best thing for your throat.
    2. If you can eat, EAT. I felt very weak on days two and three because I hadn’t eaten anything substantial since the day before my surgery. After eating, I felt better immediately. And I’m not exaggerating.
    3. Rest your voice. I made the mistake of talking too much on day two when I was all doped up from the vicodin, but I payed for it during the following days.
    Good luck!

  151. You are in the war zone with the pain. A cold wrung out wash cloth helped me absorb heat from neck. I lived on Campbell’s noodle soup and applesauce. There is nothing like the pain and no one undserstood I wasn’t ready to go to Christmas parties on day 8. I am on day 15 and have been pain free for 4 days. Just know “This too shall pass” doesn’t seem like it but hang in there.

  152. Day 2: Didn’t sleep well at all. Between having to pee every hour from drinking so much liquid and the discomfort, it was pretty rough. Finally slept a bit toward dawn but pain woke me up. Did fine after taking pain meds. Got my other prescription pills down. Actually feeling much better than I thought I would considering what I’ve been reading here. Ate some scrambled eggs and drank chicken broth. Feels a little different swallowing.

    The only issue has been a case of the hiccups for the last couple of hours. Not bad but really annoying! Tried honey (which is awesome on the throat) and have been drinking to no avail… any suggestions?

  153. Day 4, pain is increasing a little bit, had to get a refill on my Lortab as I’m still taking it every 4 hrs around the clock. Getting harder to swallow geltabs like the stool softeners, my synthroid, etc. but otherwise ok. I’m able to eat applesauce, popsicles, soup with soft noodles, etc. Sleeping a lot and only when propped up on the couch. Laying in any other position seems to clog up my sinuses and makes me mouth breathe which dries out my throat and only causes more pain. Still a better recovery than I anticipated but getting anxious that it could take a turn for the worse rather quickly over the next day or two.

  154. Hi Alyssa just like you I am also on day 3 of my surgery today my biggest pain was the ears and my jaw besides the obvious sore throat. My doctor told me to drink as much water as I can so I have been surviving in pure water no matter how badly it hurts to swallow the last thing I want is a trip to the ER. I’m on Percocet and can only take 1 every 5-6 hours because its really strong just yesterday I threw up because I took two and that pain intensified my sore throat. The constipation is due to the pain meds unfortunately. I am able to brush my teeth but not to perfection since my jaw hurts and I have a tingly feeling in my teeth. Te first two days ice cold water and Popsicles helped me a lot with the pain but today I am very sensitive to cold liquids. The best advise I can give you is to drink lots of water and take your pain meds as instructed by your doctor when the pain subsides a little try to eat. I wish you a speedy recovery!

  155. hi my name is Alyssa i am on day 3 of my surgery im sitting here with a container full of mashed potatoes trying to eat but its just so hard to swallow, i squint my eyes everytime i swallow it hurts that bad, making me not even want to drink water. i just took my 3 teaspoons of codiene wich barley helps with pain it just makes me sleepy. i cant wait to eat chicken wings and a nice juicy ribeye again, im so thankful for finding these blogs i thought i had no one else to relate to, though some sound like they can eat a lot which i cannot . today when i woke up i was choking i had saliva all over and i guess the choking woke me up, i have this thick film in the back of my mouth it wont go away which makes everything i try to eat harder to swallow even water. i have not been able to go number 2 since the day before surgery so it has now been 3 days (sucks) i cant really brush my teeth either i only did a tiny bit but i cant even open my mouth up so i did my best. im trying to get the swelling to go down but it doesnt want to. idk anyone have any suggestions?

  156. Omg!!!!!! The pain was almost in unbearable when I woke up. It hurt!!! But later on this evening I found out that taking a cold ice pack on the base of my neck helped reduce the swelling. And also drink lots of cold fluids. Avoid dairy/milk products as I caused me a lot of thick choking mucus. Also try to sleep sitting up it helps the pain in the morning.

  157. Want to get a child’s size soft toothbrush tomorrow. My electric is too much Andy hand held although soft is too hard.

  158. I am post op day 4. I have to say day 2/3 was horrible. Today I have slept most of the day for about 40 minutes each time when I would wake up it hurt so bad in my throat that I couldn’t even swallow spit I would gag on water. The taste is horrible the ear pain is the worse. I have the runs prob from all the liquids, I ate coco wheats today, mostly I eat jello, Popsicle applesauce and broth. I hope I sleep well tonight and that tomorrow is a better day. This is horrible.

  159. Day 4 wasn’t that bad for me I am gradually lowering my intake of pain medicine. The scabs are starting to come off and it totally grosses me out lol but the swelling in my mouth has gone down I can actually move my tounge anround and it feels great. I’ve been drinking plenty of ice water and eating applesauce, yogurt, mac n cheese, and rice. I absolutly cannot wait till I am able to eat solid foods again!! Now I am on day five and I am praying i have a quick and great healing process from her till day 10!

  160. I wonder if I should knock on wood before posting this- all I hear is that it’s going to get so much worse at day 3 till day 7. But, today is day 4, and after a tired morning (probably drowsy from the morning Percocet) I felt good enough to get up, shower, do my hair and make up (something much more bearable about not feeling good when you don’t feel that you look like crap), and only had an ibuprofen and an extra-strength Tylenol over the rest of the day.
    My throat feels swollen, but I keep working through bottles of water (warm tea is sublime!) and I haven’t had pain that was intolerable this whole time.
    Cottage cheese with peaches, green monster smoothies, and creamy winter root vegetables are enough that I feel full, if not exactly thrilled with my current diet. So far, so good.
    *knock on wood*

  161. Last night I slept the best so far — 4 hours (2 two-hour intervals with a drink & bathroom trip in between)…woohoo! I think it really helped to have myself propped up on 2 pillows w/ my head elevated, so there was barely any mucus in my throat (unlike the night before when I kept coughing it up). I was basically sleeping sitting up. I awoke feeling more rested than the last 2 nights. My husband also said I was not snoring like I had been the last 2 nights. Today’s pain is worse than yesterday’s. As far as the scabs, they look exactly the same as always. I don’t see anything changing or coming off. My jaw is so painful I can barely open my mouth. My tongue is still sore, and feels numbed along the right edge. I hope that goes away! Throat pain yesterday was about 6/10. Today it is about 8/10. I managed to choke down a Special K Strawberry Protein Shake, which I feel good about because it has about 100% of all the vitimins, etc. that I need in a day. It did take about an hour though to get it all down. It is the consistency of melted ice cream, and I am sure that made tons more mucus, but if it keeps me healthy…whatever. I will be having some buttery scrambled eggs for lunch, because they slide down sooo easily. And for dinner, some chicken and stars soup. I will continue with my posts tomorrow (day 5).

  162. Today has been pretty much like every other day; not nearly as bad as I expected but still keeping my fingers crossed. Throat obviously hurts after I wake up and there’s still substantial amounts of mucus but I’ve found that warm tea and gum cut through it pretty well. I’ve been hungry on and off, able to eat soup and some scrambled eggs today which were delicious! I even gummed some of my favorite potato chips – yeah maybe I’m nuts but I wanted them! Still no BM but I don’t feel constipated so I’m not sweating it. Going to get through tonight on 2 percs then will see if 1 holds me over every 4 hours. Thinking healing thoughts!!

  163. Day 4 and not too crappy really. Although the night was rough, I awoke many times to not being able to breathe and drooling still because everything in my mouth is so swollen. My jaw hurts, my tongue hurts still and there seemed to be a ‘barrier’ in my throat of phlegm that I couldn’t get past when I swallowed. Really gross. I had to sleep sitting last night. My bed is adjustable so it is easy for me to do this, but uncomfortable still.

    The pain has subsided a lot. I am no longer counting down the hours and minutes until my next dose of Tylenol. (The only pain meds I can take due to allergies.) It hurts still, but it is more of a dull pain than a throbbing one, so yay to that.

    Had a short shower, no bleeding so far, greatful for that too. Uneventful day, voice is strained, it comes and goes. I’m less feverish too. I was just able to cook myself some cauliflower soup from scratch. Salty and delicious.

    I have no idea when the next pain horror hits me so I might as well enjoy all the time I can get until it worsens before it gets better. I can only hope I’m one of those who had day 3 as their worst. I’m taking care to let my mouth be moist at all times and hard candy still rocks. A little tired of them, but much better than not having anything in my mouth. And for God’s sakes people, breathe through your noses… I think half the battle lies here and in drinking, keeping hydrated.

    Good luck to all of you recovering out there. Day 4 was nothing to dread for me 🙂

  164. Day 4 woke up with a bit of ear pain. Other than that the only pain I have is when swallowing. I have been very proactive in taking Tylenol with codeine every four hours with a full glass of water. I have slept through every night except getting up twice for pain meds. I tried oatmeal this morning and other than that I have eaten chicken broth and soup with soggy cracker, applesauce, yogurt tubes, and pudding. I have a ton of mucous and my tongue is so swollen I cant see the back of my throat. I have been getting up and doing small things around the house and it is helping keep my mind active!

  165. umm im not sure but i take my pain meds three times a day , im on day 4 btw nd still my normal meals are soft rice, egg and potato with chicken sandwich , bread dipped in soup and the first day i came home i ate a piece of cake dipped in milk, could anyone plz tell me smthn, my meds are motaar, ibuprofen (children) and amoxycillin syrup…. Im 16 yrs old

  166. Trying to space my doses out to every 90 minutes, instead of every hour. Too much and my stomach hurts, and I don’t want to become dependent. I think it’s also making me depressed. It’s a pretty powerful downer, after all. After I take them I get this feeling of hopelessness, like I’ll never get better and I’ll always be sick and in pain.

    I can definitely feel that final 30 minutes stretch between doses though. Most of the pain is in my head (as in a headache. the pain is honest-to-god real. If I could make this up, I’d be a mal-magician) , then my throat and then my ears. I keep thinking how the next two days will be even worse.

    Went for a walk this morning. The air is gorgeous outside. I have to bring my camelpak with me everywhere I go. A few minutes without drinking it agony. I went for a fourblock hike with my camelbak. Then I took a nap.

    My boyfriend took a photo of my throat today– he couldn’t get one yesterday because my tongue was so swollen. It looks like new scar tissue is forming above the old scabs. Not sure what that means. I’m just trying to power through it. Pain was even throughout the day, with one big crash around 4pm. I slept on and off through it– waking to take meds and drink water.

    Tried to play LA noir with the boyfriend in the evening. It made me sleepy, and I didn’t get very far before I was sleeping.

    Foods eaten:
    Tea latte
    scrambled eggs
    chocolate frozen yogurt
    mac & cheese

  167. I’ve had my opp on the 17th of September and now it’s day 4 and I’m in pain the pain started at around 2am early morning in my jaws and in my throat and its been there since I don’t feel like doing anything I can’t eat drink sleep or speak yesterday was really good I had no problems I had mashed potatoes and I could swallow fine 🙁 how long will this pain last

  168. At least you are going.
    I am on day 4, was back in surgery for bleeding.
    I have had four days of Meds to help with constipatioand nothing has kicked in.

    Day three was my worst so far.

  169. Ear pain crept up during the day, and also, I can feel the scabs at the back of throat (which causes me to have compulsive swallowing) and the taste is terrible. Not looking forward to tomorrow 🙁

  170. It’s Thursday and I had the surgery Monday. Today wasn’t bad, as yet no real pain has hit me (I’m taking paracetamol every 6 hrs, was taking parecoxib injections for post-op pain, and now stopped that and added ibuprofen as needed). The swelling is the biggest complaint i had till yesterday, and the fact that although i wasn’t on opioids i was still constipated (last number 2 last saturday). That all changed during the night, when i started having some of the worst runs of my life!!!! Is this normal?! I spent all day eating crackers and toast, (plus lots of water and ice lollies) and still the runs continue!!! I hope tomorrow will be better, and i hope that no pain starts creeping up now.

  171. Well that was day 4, I feel guilty after reading all these comments for having had such an easy ride with my tonsillectomy. I’ve only taken painkillers to lessen the stuffy sensation in my ears and the odd ibuprofen for it’s anti inflammatory benefits, (ulvula is a little bigger than it should be). My throat hasn’t hurt one bit thus far, I’ve been eating things that might make your eyes water but maybe that’s what has helped. Today I ate tomatoes with balsamic vinegar dressing, crusty ciabatta bread, pine nuts and mozarella cheese. Later I had a big pastry pie with vegetables and between lots of crisps (potato chips) to keep my throat clear. The odd icepop and ice cream is quite refreshing. I’ve been sleeping like a log, even in the daytime (good way to pass the time!).

    I was frightened reading through this website pre-surgery, expected it to be truly horrendous but it’s really been the opposite so if you still have those monsters in your throat bear in mind it’s not always a horrific experience. (well, not yet….!)

  172. I slept without drinking much water. BIG mistake because I hurt so bad in the morning. I poured myself a little more codeine because the pain was getting unbearable. Another big mistake. I ended up puking about 10 minutes later. My throat was on fire after that… Once I forced myself to get some food in my system, I felt fine for the rest of the day.

  173. Day 4: I’m exhausted and just want to sleep. I have zero energy for hardly anything else. I woke up with a bad headache and it’s taken a while to get the pain under control. My throat doesn’t hurt much, just my tongue. My uvula is enormous right now and looks weird. I’ve also been running a mild fever and the doc said I need to drink more water, which I have been doing.

  174. Also, the last few days, I had been having trouble drinking because the fluid would feel like it was going up my nose. Today, it feels like my drinking is going back to normal.

  175. Wow, day 4 is like a fresh new day! Days 2 and 3 were absolutely horrible, but I had a good night’s sleep last night and the pain wasn’t nearly as bad. I had Carnation Instant Breakfast this morning and for lunch had mashed potatoes drowned in gravy. I’m happy to say there is absolutely no more nausea, probably due to the switch in medication. If the worst is over, I think the rest of this recovery will be tolerable.

  176. I slept well, apart from getting up every two hours do drink. But I woke up feeling great! The pain was about a 3/10 and when I swallowed it was about a 6/10, so I had a scrambled egg for breakfast and put an ice pack on my neck. Now I feel like my head is going to explode! It sucks feeling better and all of a sudden, feeling completely worse! Let’s hope tomorrow gets better!

  177. Day 4: Yesterday I was up to trying mashed potatoes but as of this morning getting water down hurts more than anything else. Feels like it was getting better then hit rock bottom. I woke up this morning with major ear pain, felt like my throat was closing and moving sent shark pains in my neck. Im trying to sip on water but I think ill be chewing gum most of the day. I feel like im starving though. Barely had anything other than yesterday and that was the smallest thing of potatoes. Sherbert/ ice cream doesnt agree with me very well. I cant swallow jello. Eating royally sucks. So far, day 4 is probably the worst day for me.

  178. Day 4 woke up at 3 am with hiccups again. Dosed off, then back up at 5 am with hiccups. This has pretty much been my day. In my time being awake today, I have found that a spoonful of sugar, gradually swallowed as to coat the throat, follow by a chocolate snack pack pudding is giving a little relief from the hiccups. Throat is the sorest it has been so far. Jaw is sore, mouth is sore, barely speaking, trying to swallow as much as possible but it is painful today. Able to eat scrambled eggs with cheese, chocolate snack pack pudding, soft brownie, ice water, Popsicles.

  179. Well its day 4 for me. And so far this is the worst day yet… The throat is the worst its been. All I can get down today is a little ice cream and a popsicle. I also woke up with a probably unrelated migraine. But still it is a migraine and I can’t take asprin to help it. The pain killers are only working for the first 2 hours after I take them. I am taking Roxicet so I can’t take liquid tylenol with it… Ice packs around my neck and jaw have been helping. Pretty much the only thing keeping this halfway manageable.

    -Matt F.

  180. Had my tonsillectomy July 31. Today is my day 4. I had an ok morning not to much pain. The bane of my existence is my swollen tongue and uvula. I literally has two large gouges on either side of my tongue along with a white hairy coating (gross). I can’t eat because food gets stuck in the back of my throat and in the tonsil pockets. Eating cold things makes it worse. I also was extremely nauseous and threw up and the bile burned my throat and empty tonsil pockets. My scabs are not smooth like most of the picture on the Internet their clumpy like scrambled eggs and boy does my breath stink. I have some referred ear pain but it’s mostly in my neck and head. I’m taking one table spoon of liquid percecet every 4 hours.

  181. Well today I started to have a little pain, probably 3 / 10 when swallowing, but the rest of the time it is quite subtle. I have been experiencing ear ache since day two but I dont pay too much attention to it (so I guess its just a mild case). I was on time with all my meds, but this time I did notice the pain start to get stronger in the half hour before I was due the next dose, which I hadnt had in days 1-3.

    I tried ice packs and drinking ice water in the evening, but that actually seemed to make things worse, the cold seemed to make my throat tighten up, and my mucus/saliva thick. But a hot bath/shower has the opposite effect, so I’ll be sticking with the heat therapy (warm drinks etc).

    Above all, the worst aspect to this so far for me is not the pain (although I’m bracing myself for days 5-7) it is actually the foul taste around the back of the mouth, which is present most of the time.

    Also, I’ve noticed that on waking up from a sleep/nap, there is a 6 minute window of bliss with no pain and no breathing trouble – take your meds at this moment!! (if it is the right time) – because the pain will creep back quite quickly as your body wakes up. I made that mistake ealier this evening and found it more painful than necessary.

    I had a lot less trouble with mucus/breathing today because I forced down some solids, which I highly recommend. It is scary for the first go, but the benefits dramatically outweigh the costs. I REALLY dont want to get an infection… and honestly, the solids dont hurt any more than the liquids (at least in my personal experience).

    Been on liquid paracetamol and liquid dihydrocodeine, which are great, taste nice, and quite soothing. Try to get these prescribed if you can.

  182. Another thing I’ve found helps with the pain is straight up caffeine pills (vivarin) in the morning. I had to try this to avoid my coffee withdrawal and the pain releif was nearly complete with the hydrocodone, acetaminophen and the added caffeine.

  183. It’s the beginning of day 4 for me and after finding this site on day 1 I’ve been ok I guess. The ear pain started today and I found that sleep was actually the enemy. I have a humidifier so that helps but I think drinking water ever hour will help more. I keep waking up with the worst ear pain and mucus in my throat. Ice cream helps but im guessing it’s causing the mucus so I’m not eating it anymore. Tea with a cough drop helps a lot. After two cups I can swallow with ease. Good luck everyone!

  184. The other major help is sugar free Halls . Not only do the help numb the throat… but they help with the awful taste in your mouth! If I feel the pain coming on (and its not quite pill time) I pop a halls and either ice or heat my neck area. Tea is very good as well. Herbals are the best to calm and soothe. Peppermint, vanilla chamomile w/ honey, and sleepytime tea. LOVE THE SLEEPYTIME TEA. Jello works too. I’ve noticed if I keep the scab moist… it doesn’t hurt as bad! Teas & cough drops are used mostly to help with the dry throat after waking up. Found that Gatorade & Sobe drinks, and even icepops make my throat sting or burn… and give me the urge to cough. Unfortunately the samethings don’t work for everyone.

  185. I feel I have been very lucky. My pain tolerance is pretty high which I’m sure helps. I’m on day 4… I have had little trouble managing the pain. I have been taking a vicodin generic… about every 4-5 hours. But I also found that adding a 500mg naproxin ( prescribed by the Dr. @ my request) once every 10-11hrs… helps the inflammation and takes the edge off the pain. The 2 mixed together can thin your blood out. Not all Dr.s will allow this. SO BE SURE TO ASK FIRST!

  186. Day 4-
    Slept great last night (like I always do) but woke up VERY sore again! I seem to wake up with much throat pain, then it typically wears away as the day prolongs. The pain tends to be the best in the late afternoon, say 5 to 6 p.m. However, it’s only Noon on day 4 so tonight may be different. As a sidenote, I’m constipated! I haven’t had a bowel movement since the day before the surgery so it’s been 4 days. My stomach is mumbling and grumbling, I feel uncomfortable and bloated, I sit on the stool but nothing comes out. I’m drinking apple juice and eating yogurt to try to loosen me up a little bit. Anyone have any experiences like this and a remedy?

  187. Yep, just as I figured…..Day 4 is turning out the same as Day 3; I suppose I am in the “thick” of things now. Good thing is that I am certain things cannot get worse in terms of pain. And, I have discovered THE miracle drug…..drum roll please……
    PEPPERMINT TEA! OMG, it feels SOOOOOOO good to sip on warm peppermint tea!!!!!!!

  188. Day 4, June 25, 2012. No real change from yesterday. Continue with ice packs around the throat constantly. Spitting up more mucous today. Pain is still tolerable. My roxicet doses make me completely high now, I feel like I’m floating. The back of my neck is warm to touch but no fever. My doc didn’t prescribe antibiotics, so I’m hoping the heat is just from the wound recovery. Taste in the mouth is completely gross, so chewing gum is a remedy. I tried some scrambled eggs but the consistency was too rough to put down anything significant. Still sticking to water, popsicles, and noodles. Set the alarm every hour to be sure to drink fluids. I hear day 6 is usually the worst. So I am trying to prepare myself for the pain to get excrutiating. For now I am watching the Walking Dead and playing some video games. The Office seasons 1-7 on netflix really give the brain something mind numbing to watch. Just don’t laugh too hard because it’ll hurt.

  189. I am on day four. I was on medication for the first two days, but the medication made me horribly stomach sick and I was rejecting the medicine, and whatever I ate previously, a minute after taking the medication. I switched over to 1000 mg of Tylenol, and the pain is tolerable. My ears have a bit of pain and it does hurt to swallow and sneeze. (Dreadfully painful, actually, I cried.) Other than that, I suggest a nice warm cup of tea and some popsicles. That’s what has been getting me by. I sure hope it stays like this because it’s not too too bad.

    I am a little nauseous, and I have been bed ridden since the tonsillectomy, but I finally moved from my bed to my couch and set myself up for a little movie marathon. Hope everyone is having an ok recovery!

  190. Day 4 was pretty cool! Pain was barely there, and I even managed to have a trip to dentist today. Running errands made me skip my pain meds by several hours though, I should have brought them w/ me where ever I go. But up till night time when I reached home, the pain was almost un-noticeable.
    Other than the ‘stuffy’ feeling I have in my throat, everything seems fine today.

  191. Day 4 brought more pain and stomach upset. I’ve been taking only extra strength Tylenol every 4-6 hours but that stopped working today. The pain meds prescribed KILL my stomach, but now the Tylenol is too. The ear pain has started & even trying to sleep propped up isn’t possible. I ate much less today, but did try scrambled eggs but it still feels like they are stuck in my throat. I am hoping that the days continue to go by quickly, I miss playing with my babies!

  192. Im on day 2 and whats mostly helped me fill muy my stomach is warm chicken broth. After only eating cold things yesterday the warm broth tastes like heaven!!

  193. Day 4; I woke up and my mouth felt really dry, there was a thick something on my tongue and it felt horrible. So i went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth and especially my tongue! After that I was swishing cold water and rinsing out my mouth. My saliva is really thick today, I don’t want to swallow. Everything taste so nasty that I don’t eat, I just put up with my tummy growling. I’ve been on Tylenol/Codeine and Amoxicillin. I can barely talk, it hurts when I do. It’s just funny, cause on day 2 I was eating and having no trouble. Yesterday I went outside and fresh air did make it better. I’m up walking around, playing video games, but mostly laying down watching Mob Wives… LOL. Day 4 sucks.

  194. day 4 finally at an end…. gosh. I awoke feeling great! until I ate breakfast then I was in bed half the day recovering from throbbing in throat and ears (pain 6/10) =\ felt alright during after noon (pain 4/10). night time sucks, but this is due to the disgusting taste in my mouth, make my stomach feel disgusting and the urge of vomiting is consistent. I am a healthy 17 year old who at the moment is searching the web on ways to settle my stomach… any Ideas?

  195. I was looking at the recovery pictures and my throat looks more ‘bitty’ and messy than the pictures. Does anyone else feel like you have bits all in your throat? It feels like ceral and some of it goes to the back of my tongue and onto my teeth. I moved some out of the way. Is it best to try and swallow it or move it if it’s not touching anything?

  196. Call it wishful thinking but I made myself scrambled eggs, toast and coffee for breakfast. It looks really good sitting on my plate. Off to get some pudding 🙁

  197. Well my 4th day is coming to a close and I decided to try my luck on GUM! OMG this is the best… My saliva has been so thick that Ive been spitting it out and taking sips of water instead. Ive been chewing on gum for the past 10 minutes and am feeling so happy 🙂 My pain is as expected, I was having even more pain before I started chewing this gum… I have no real complaints. I hope that my recovery continues to improve. I hate sitting in this house with nothing to do…

  198. Day 4 – I was warned in pre-op that days 3-5 would be the worst. Days 1-2 weren’t bad at all – I’ve been eating pretty much as normal, just chewing viciously. I was told by the surgeon and nurses to keep trying to eat as much ‘normal’ food as possible and especially eating toast as it would help take the scabs off. The logic seemed odd but I’ve been following it.

    I’m a fit and healthy 23 year old but I’d been suffering with my tonsils for about a year. An extreme bout of tonsillitis last year saw me lose 14-16lbs in a week, regular flare ups saw me coughing up blood occasionally but it’s only recently that I managed to get the operation. After the op, the surgeon told me they were the largest he’d ever operated on, being sized somewhere between a golf ball and a tennis ball… So I’m sure you can imagine, I’m at a significantly happier place without them in me.

    I’ve woken up this morning in quite a bit

  199. Day 4: Another day done. Today has been the worst day yet. My throat feels tight, and swallowing is very painful. I am sleeping as much as I can to try to heal, and setting alarms to take meds because I can’t imagine the pain without them. Ice packs on the back of my neck seem to help with the tightness, and I’m still chewing gum. My mouth is starting to taste pretty gross, but I had anticipated that. I’ve read ahead to the comments from people on the healing journey, and it looks like there’s no set time that everyone starts feeling better. I’m just hoping that it’s soon.

  200. I’m on day 4 now, surgery Friday 3/2. Honestly, it isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. The pain is manageable as long as I have meds in me. I’ve been taking 1-2 percocets with one tylenol and that works better than the plain percoset. Today I’ve been able to stretch the meds out to every 5-6 hours instead of every 4. I even had mac n’ cheese today– gosh was it good!!!

    I also had a turbinate reduction and adenoids out at the same time. The weird feeling of not being able to breath is from the turbinates I think. I haven’t blown my nose, but one of the clots came loose last night. No active bleeding just a big glob of blood and mucous. But it feels much better and I can breathe.

    I’ve been running the humidifier during the day, and yes, waking up at night to a dry mouth sucks 🙁 Nothing like knives in my throat though

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